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Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara 


ISSN 1015-8227 13 12 2012 Volume 6 

List of the hitherto recorded 
Pterygot taxa of Turkey (Insecta) 

(Temporary report of the Entomofauna Project of Turkey- 1 0) 

Ahmet Omer Kocak Muhabbet Kemal 

Van, 2012 

Abstract: List of the hitherto recorded pterygot taxa of Turkey (Insecta) (Temporary report of the 
Entomofauna Project of Turkey-io). Cent. Ent. Stud., Memoirs 6: i-iv+ 1-1649, 1 fig- 
In the first part of the specific list, totally 5282 lepidopteran species are classified under following 76 families: 
Adelidae, Agonoxenidae, Alucitidae, Arctiidae, Argynnidae, Autostichidae, Blastobasidae, Bombycidae, 
Brachodidae, Brahmaeidae, Bucculatricidae, Carposinidae, Choreutidae, Cimeliidae, Coleophoridae, 
Cosmopterigidae, Cossidae, Ctenuchidae, Danaidae, Deoclonidae, Douglasiidae, Drepanidae, Elachistidae, 
Endromidae, Epermeniidae, Eriocottidae, Eriocraniidae, Ethmiidae, Gelechiidae, Geometridae, 
Glyphipterygidae, Gracillariidae, Heliodinidae, Hepialidae, Hesperiidae, Incurvariidae, Lasiocampidae, 
Lecithoceridae, Lemoniidae, Libytheidae, Limacodidae, Lycaenidae, Lymantriidae, Lyonetiidae, 
Micronoctuidae, Micropterigidae, Momphidae, Nepticulidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae, Oecophoridae, 
Opostegidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Prodoxidae, Psychidae, Pterolonchidae, Pterophoridae, Pyralidae, 
Riodinidae, Roeslerstammiidae, Saturniidae, Satyridae, Schreckensteiniidae, Scythridae, Sesiidae, 
Sphingidae, Stathmopodidae, Thaumetopoeidae, Thyatiridae, Thyridae, Tineidae, Tischeriidae, Tortricidae, 
Yponomeutidae, Zygaenidae. Species of the orders Plecoptera, Odonata, Blattodea, Mantodea, Dermaptera, 
Phasmida, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Planipennia, Trichoptera, Mecoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, 
and Coleoptera, are recorded in Turkey. In the second part of the specific list, totally 15135 pterygot species of 
alphabetically arranged 301 families of these orders. These families are as follows: Achilidae, Acrididae, 
Acroceridae, Aeshnidae, Agaonidae, Agromyzidae, Alydidae, Amorphoscelidae, Andrenidae, Anthicidae, 
Anthocoridae, Anthomyiidae, Anthomyzidae, Anthribidae, Aphelinidae, Aphelocheiridae, Aphididae, Apidae, 
Apionidae, Aradidae, Argidae, Ascalaphidae, Asilidae, Aster olecaniidae, Athericidae, Attelabidae, Aulacidae, 
Bacillidae, Belostomatidae, Beraeidae, Berothidae, Berytidae, Bibionidae, Blattidae, Blephariceridae, 
Bolitophilidae, Bombyliidae, Bostrichidae, Brachycentridae, Brachyceridae, Braconidae, Braulidae, 
Brenthidae, Bruchidae, Buprestidae, Byturidae, Calamoceratidae, Caliscelidae, Calliphoridae, Calopterygidae, 
Cantharidae, Capniidae, Carabidae, Carnidae, Cebrionidae, Cecidomyiidae, Cephidae, Cerambycidae, 
Ceratopogonidae, Cercopidae, Cerococcidae, Chalcididae, Chamaemyiidae, Chironomidae, Chloroperlidae, 
Chloropidae, Chrysididae, Chrysomelidae, Chrysopidae, Cicadellidae, Cicadidae, Cimbicidae, Cimicidae, 
Cixiidae, Cleridae, Coccidae, Coccinellidae, Coenagrionidae, Colletidae, Conopterygidae, Conopidae, 
Cordulegasteridae, Corduliidae, Coreidae, Corixidae, Crabronidae, Culicidae, Curculionidae, Cydnidae, 
Cylindrotomidae, Cynipidae, Dactylopiidae, Delphacidae, Derbidae, Dericorythidae, Dermestidae, 
Diapheromeridae, Diaspididae, Dictyopharidae, Dilaridae, Dinidoridae, Dolichopodidae, Drosophilidae, 
Dytiscidae, Ecnomidae, Elateridae, Empusidae, Empidae, Encyrtidae, Ephydridae, Eriococcidae, Eucharidae, 
Eulophidae, Eumasticidae, Eupelmidae, Eurytomidae, Fanniidae, Flatidae, Forficulidae, Formicidae, 
Georissidae, Geotrupidae, Gerridae, Glaphyridae, Glossosomatidae, Goeridae, Gomphidae, Gryllidae, 
Gryllotalpidae, Gyrinidae, Halictidae, Haliplidae, Heleomyzidae, Helicopsychidae, Helophoridae, 
Hemerobiidae, Hippoboscidae, Histeridae, Hybotidae, Hydraenidae, Hydrochidae, Hydrometridae, 
Hydrophilidae, Hydropsychidae, Hydroptilidae, Hygrobiidae, Ibaliidae, Ichneumonidae, Irididae, Issidae, 
Kermesidae, Keroplatidae, Labiduridae, Lampyridae, Lauxaniidae, Lecanodiaspididae, Leiodidae, 
Lepidostomatidae, Leptoceridae, Lestidae, Leucospdae, Leuctridae, Libellulidae, Limnephilidae, Limoniidae, 
Lonchopteridae, Lucardidae, Lygaeidae, Mantidae, Mantispidae, Margarodidae, Meenoplidae, Megachilidae, 
Megalodontesidae, Melittidae, Meloidae, Melyridae, Membracidae, Micrococcidae, Micropezydae, Milichiidae, 
Miridae, Mogoplistidae, Muscidae, Mutillidae, Mycetophilidae, Mydidae, Mymaridae, Mymecophilidae, 
Myrmeleonidae, Mythicomyiidae, Nabidae, Naucoridae, Nemestrinidae, Nemopteridae, Nemouridae, 
Nepidae, Nitidulidae, Noteridae, Notonectidae, Nycteribiidae, Ochteridae, Oedemeridae, Opomyzidae, 
Ormyridae, Ortheziidae, Orussidae, Osmylidae, Pamphagidae, Pamphiliidae, Panorpidae, Pediciidae, 
Pentatomidae, Perilampidae, Perlidae, Perloidae, Philopotamidae, Phoridae, Phryganeidae, Piesmatidae, 
Piophilidae, Pipinculidae, Plataspidae, Platycnemidae, Platystomidae, Pleidae, Polycentropodidae, 
Polyphagidae, Pompilidae, Pseudococcidae, Psilidae, Psychodidae, Psychomyiidae, Psyllidae, Pteromalidae, 
Pyrgomorphidae, Pyrochroidae, Pyrrhocoridae, Raphidiidae, Raphidophoridae, Reduviidae, Rhagionidae, 
Rhinophoridae, Rhopalidae, Rhyacophilidae, Ricaniidae, Saldidae, Sapygidae, Sarcophagidae, Scarabaeidae, 
Scathophagidae, Scelionidae, Schizodactylidae, Sciaridae, Sciomyzidae, Scirtidae, Scoliidae, Scutelleridae, 
Sepsidae, Sericostomatidae, Sialidae, Signiphoridae, Silphidae, Simuliidae, Spercheidae, Sphaeroceridae, 
Sphecidae, Spongiphoridae, Staphylinidae, Stenocephalidae, Stratiomyidae, Streblidae, Syrphidae, 
Tabanidae, Tachinidae, Taeniopterygidae, Tenebrionidae, Tenthredinidae, Tephritidae, Tethinidae, 
Tetracampidae, Tetrigidae, Tettigometridae, Tettigoniidae, Therevidae, Tingidae, Tiphiidae, Tipulidae, 
Torymidae, Trichoceridae, Trichogrammatidae, Tridactylidae, Triozidae, Trixsocelidae, Tropiduchidae, 
Uenoidae, Ulidiidae, Veliidae, Vespidae, Xyelidae and Xylomyidae. 

In the appendix, lists of the Pterygot Insects of the adjacent countries are also given. These countries 
and the number of their recorded species are as follows: Iran (7475 species), Iraq (2090 species), Syria (2469 
species), Lebanon (2027 species), Israel / Palestine (4654 species), Jordan (1423 species), Cyprus (2033 
species), Caucasus (7581 species), Bulgaria (5555 species), Greece (6992 species). 

Key words: Pterygota, Insecta, Plecoptera, Odonata, Blattodea, Mantodea, Dermaptera, 
Phasmida, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Planipennia, Trichoptera, Mecoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, 
Coleoptera, Turkey, catalogue, fauna, bibliography. 

Frontispiece: Pedestredorcadion dimidiatum (Motschoulsky,i838) from NE Turkey, Igdir 
Province, Agn Dagi 1950m 12 5 2012, photo M.Kemal (Cesa ©) 







List of the family group names of the Pterygota of Turkey 




Other Pterygot Orders 


List of the genus group names of the Pterygota of Turkey 




Other Pterygot Orders 


List of the pterygot species of Turkey 




Other Pterygot Orders 


Selected References 




List of the Pterygot Insects of the adjacent countries 










Israel / Palestine 












ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 


Concerning the studies on the "Entomofauna of the World", the authors made their first 
attempt in 2007 (Kogak & Kemal, 2007). 1 On the "Entomofauna of Turkey", six temporary reports 
have been published so far. 2 In the sixth report, totally 11132 pterygot species of Turkey were 
listed. 3 Special reports on Diptera, 4 Hymenoptera, 5 and Coleoptera 6 of Turkey have been 
published by the authors respectively. Thenceforth, numerous new faunal additions, nomenclatural 
and taxonomical changes were made. In the present revised and expanded list of the Pterygota of 
Turkey comprises 20417 species, belonging to 5905 genera/subgenera and 1955 family group 

The following quotes by the authors are still up to date and meaningful: 

"As in the case of other projects of the Cesa, the Entomofauna of Turkey is an international 
Project with the reports of the temporary results free to all the readers. . . 

The project Entomofauna of Turkey, without time limitation, is the unique attempt in 
determining the pterygot fauna of Turkey, based upon the literary data, the collection of the Cesa, as 
well as the field studies of the authors . . . 

Turkey, our land is placed in the focus of this survey. By doing this , we should search the fauna 
of not only the neighbour countries [see Appendix, page ], but also the continents, namely Eurasia and 
Africa, as their faunal elements inhabit in various regions of Turkey in various rates . . . 

Final words that we would say are so; our Project are pure scientific; therefore it has no 

During the preparations of the Entomofauna programs, we are completely open to all 
esteemed entomologists interested in our studies. Therefore, we publish openly all the reports 
concerning our scientific activities, and the results even so they are temporary. We treat these reports 
very important, as their contents have vast information on the literary data, and the numerous original 
images of the Cesa Archive. The latter reflects not only the scientific activities of the authors during 
their field studies, but also the faunal compositions and richness of the country studied." (KoQak & 

"...Finally, this not an ordinary but a planned, long-termed study. If it is needed, the Cesa 
projects with their published reports should be compared by the readers with the equivalent attempts 
only." (Kogak & Kemal,20io). 8 


- Kocak,A.O, Kemal,M. et al.,2008, Entomofauna of Turkey. Report of the Entomofauna of Turkey-I. Cesa News 36: 13-25. - 
Kocak,A.O, Kemal,M., Ozdemir,M. & I. Ozdemir, 2008, Report on the "Entomofauna of Turkey" 2- Index of the recorded 
species of the Pterygot Insects of Turkey. Cesa News 37: 2-41, 1 fig. - Kocak,A.O., Kemal,M., Ozkol,H. & L.Kayci, 2009, Report 
on the "Entomofauna of Turkey" 3- Revised and expanded index of the recorded genera and species of the Pterygot Insects of Turkey. - 
Cesa News 40: 12- 83, 1 fig. - Kocak,A.O. & M. Kemal, 2009, Report on the "Entomofauna of Turkey" 4- Revised and expanded 
index of the species of the Pterygot Insects of Turkey. - Cesa News 41: 4-46, 2 figs. - Kocak,A.O. & M. Kemal, 2009, Report on the 
"Entomofauna of Turkey" 5- Revised and expanded index of the species of the Pterygot Insects of Turkey. - Cesa News 42: 1-38, 9 figs. - 
Kocak,A.O. & M.Kemal, 2009, Results of the Entomofauna Projects of the Cesa 6- List of the 11132 pterygot insect species of Turkey 
hitherto recorded in the database of the Cesa. Cesa News 47: 47-197. 


4 Kocak,A-0. & M.Kemal, 2009, List of the dipteran genera and species recorded in Turkey based upon the Info-system of the Cesa. Cesa 
News 51: 3-106, 40 figs. (7th report of the Project Entomofauna of Turkey). c il 

5 Kocak,A.O. & M.Kemal, 2009, List of the hymenopteran genera and species recorded in Turkey based upon the Info-system of the 
Cesa. Cesa News 52: 1-63, 14 figs. (8th report of the Project Entomofauna of Turkey). 

6 Kogak,A.O. & M.Kemal, 2009, List of the coleopteran genera and species recorded in Turkey based upon the Info-system of the Cesa. 
Cesa News 53: 1-213, 145 fig s - (9th report of the Project Entomofauna of Turkey). 

7 Cesa News 53: 2-3 [2009]. http: //archive. org/details/CentreForEntomologicalStudiesAnkaraCesaNewsNr.53 

8 Ko^ak & Kemal, 2010, Results of the Entomofauna of the World based upon info-system of the Cesa. Cent. ent. Stud., Priamus Suppl. 
18: 1-3186, 2 figs, 1 map. 


ISSN 1015-8227 

Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs 

13 12 2012 

Volume 6 

In the present catalog, totally 20417 pterygot species of Turkey, belong to 5905 
genera/subgenera and 1955 family group taxa are studied. Although the present number is not 
complete, this survey is considered by us very important and a basic study for Turkey, as it is 
incomparable among the published works in Turkey. The expected number of the pterygot species 
based upon the literary data is more than 25000 species. 

In the present study, three major lists of the pterygots of Turkey are given. 

1- List of the family group names of the Pterygota of Turkey (in two parts Lepidoptera and 
other pterygot orders); 

2- List of the genus group names of the Pterygota of Turkey (in two parts Lepidoptera and 
other pterygot orders); 

3- List of the pterygot species of Turkey (in two parts Lepidoptera and other pterygot 

In all lists, valid taxa are arranged alphabetically together with their synonyms. Specific list 
reflects the present total number recorded in Turkey, based upon the info-system of the Cesa. 
Number of the species of each province in Turkey is mentioned in Table 1. In this table, well- 
studied and unstudied provinces are discriminated by green and yellow colours. According to this, 
best known province is Ankara with the 3483 species. Least known province is Kilis with 47 

Table 1 - Number of the pterygot species recorded from the provinces of Turkey. National codes of the provinces are 
given as 01-81. 9 Number of the species are mentioned in blue. Comparatively well-studied provinces coloured with green 
(more than 2000 species). Almost unstudied provinces coloured with yellow (less than 400 species) 
[ex Cesa info-system, stand 7 12 2012] 


































































































































































Present number of the studied publications on the Pterygota of Turkey is 4200 (see selected 

At the end of this study, additional faunal lists of ten neighbour countries of Turkey based 
upon the info-system of the Cesa, are also given in the chapter "Appendix". These are as follows: 
Iran (7475 species), Iraq (2090 species), Syria (2469 species), Lebanon (2027 species), Israel / 
Palestine (4654 species), Jordan (1423 species), Cyprus (2033 species), Caucasus (7581 species), 
Bulgaria (5555 species), Greece (6992 species). 

« 01- Adana, 02-Adiyaman, 03-Afyonkarahisar, 04-Agri, 05-Amasya, 06-Ankara, 07-Antalya, 08- Artvin, 09-Aydin, 10-Bahkesir, 11- 
Bilecik, 12-Bingol, 13-Bitlis, 14-Bolu, 15-Burdur, 16-Bursa, 17-Canakkale, 18-Cankin, 19-Corum, 20-Denizli, 21-Diyarbakir, 22-Edirne, 
23-Elazig, 24-Erzincan, 25-Erzurum, 26-Eski§ehir, 27-Gaziantep, 28-Giresun, 29-Giimu§hane, 30-Hakkari, 31-Hatay, 32- Isparta, 33- 
Igel, 34-Istanbul, 35-Izmir, 36-Kars, 37-Kastamonu, 38-Kayseri, 39-Kirklareli, 40-Kir§ehir, 41-Kocaeli, 42-Konya, 43-Kiitahya, 44- 
Malatya, 45-Manisa, 46-Kahramanmara§, 47-Mardin, 48-Mugla, 49-Mu§, 50-Nev§ehir, 51-Nigde, 52-Ordu, 53-Rize, 54-Sakarya, 55- 
Samsun, 56-Siirt, 57-Sinop, 58-Sivas, 59-Tekirdag, 60-Tokat, 61-Trabzon, 62-Tunceli, 63-Sanlmrfa, 64-U§ak, 65-Van, 66-Yozgat, 67- 
Zonguldak, 68-Aksaray, 69-Bayburt, 70-Karaman, 71-Kinkkale, 72-Batman, 73-§irnak, 74-Bartin, 75-Ardahan, 76-Igdir, 77-Yalova, 78- 
Karabiik, 79-Kilis, 80-Osmaniye, 81-Diizce. 

ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

List of the family group names of the Pterygota of Turkey 

Family group taxa (superfamily, family, subfamily, tribus and subtribus) recorded in Turkey 
so far are represented by 1955 valid names. Below, these names listed alphabetically together with 
synonyms, under the two different titles; namely, Lepidoptera, and other pterygot orders. 


1) Adelidae Bruand,i850 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Adelidae Bruand.,1850 

2) Adelinae Bruand,i8so (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Adelinae Bruand.,1850 

3) Adeloidea Bruand,i850 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Adeloidea Bruand,i8so 

4) Nematopogoninae Hinton,l955 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Nematopogoninae Hinton,i955 

5) Blastodacnidae Clarke, 1962 (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): Blastodacnidae Clarke,ig62; Blastodactinae 
Sinev,i979; Blastodacninae Kocak & Seven, 1993 

6) Alucitidae Leach, [1815] (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): Alucitidae Leach,[i8is]; Orneodidae Herrich- 


7) Alucitoidea Leach, [1815] (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): Alucitoidea Leach,[i8is] 

8) Arctiidae Leach, [1815] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Arctiidae Leach,[i8is] 

9) Arctiinae Leach, [1815] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Arctiinae Leach,[i8i5] 

10) Arctiini Leach, [1815] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Arctiini Leach,[i8is] 

11) Callimorphini Walker,i856 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Callimorphini Walker, 1856 
i2)Lithosinae Billberg,i820 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Lithosinae Billberg,i820 
i3)Lithosini Billberg,i820 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Lithosini Billberg,i820 

14) Nudariini (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): 

i5)Spilosomini Kirby,i892 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Spilosomini Kirby,i892 
16) Apaturinae Boisduval,i840 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Apaturinae Boisduval,i840 
i7)Argynnidae Duponchel,[l835] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Nymphalidae Swainson,i827 (invalid as its 
type genus junior homonym); Argynnidae Duponchel,[i835]. 

18) Argynnina Duponchel,[l835] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Nymphalidae Swainson,i82y (invalid as its 
type genus junior homonym); Argynnidae Duponchel,[i835]. 

19) Argynnini Duponchel,[l835] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Nymphalidae Swainson,i82y (invalid as its 
type genus junior homonym); Argynnidae Duponchel,[i835J. 

2o)Boloriina (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): 

2i)Charaxinae Guenee,i865 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Charaxinae Guenee,i86s 

22) Limenitidina Behr,i864 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Limenitinae Behr,i864 

23) Limenitidini Behr,i864 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Limenitinae Behr, 1864 

24) Limenitinae Behr,i864 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Limenitinae Behr, 1864 

25) Melitaeini Newman, 1871 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Melitaeini Newman,i87i 
26)Neptina Newman, 1871 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Neptina Newman,i87i 

27) Vanessinae Duponchel,[l835] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Nymphalini Swainson,i827 (invalid as its 

type-species junior homonym); Vanessini Duponchel,[i835J; Araschniini Grote,i897. 
28)Vanessini Duponchel,[l835] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Nymphalini Swainson,i827 (invalid as its type- 
species junior homonym); Vanessini Duponchel,[i835J; Araschniini Grote,i897. 
29) Holcopogoninae Gozmany,i967 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Holcopogoninae Gozmany,i967 
30) Symmocinae Gozmany,i963 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Symmocinae Gozmany,i963 
3i)Batrachedridae Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] (Batrachedridae) Synonym(s): Batrachedridae 
Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] 

32) Blastobasidae Meyrick,i894 (Blastobasidae) Synonym(s): Blastobasidae Meyrick,i894 

33) Blastobasinae Meyrick,i894 (Blastobasidae) Synonym(s): Blastobasinae Meyrick,i894 

34) Bombycidae Latreille,[i8o2] (Bombycidae) Synonym(s): Bombycidae Latreille,[i8o2] 

35) Bombycinae Latreille,[i8o2] (Bombycidae) Synonym(s): Bombycinae Latreille,[i8o2] 

36) Bombycoidea Latreille,[i8o2] (Bombycidae) Synonym(s): Bombycoidea Latreille,[i8o2] 

ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

37) Brachodidae Agenjo,i966 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): Aty chides Duponchel,[i835] (praeocc); 

Chimerites Blanchard,i840 (praeocc); Atychioidae Lederer,i853 (praeocc); Brachodinae Agenjo,ig66; 

Brachodidae Heppner,igyg. 
38) Brachodinae Agenjo, 1966 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): Atychides Duponchel,[i835] (praeocc); 

Chimerites Blanchard,i840 (praeocc); Atychioidae Lederer,i853 (praeocc); Brachodinae Agenjo,ig66; 

Brachodidae Heppner,igyg. 
39) Brahmaeidae Swinhoe,i892 (Brahmaeidae) Synonym(s): Brahmaeidae Swinhoe,i8g2 
4o)Bucculatricidae Fracker,i9i5 (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): Bucculatricidae Fr acker, igis 

41) Bucculatricinae Fracker,i9i5 (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): Bucculatricinae Fracker,igi5 

42) Carposinidae Walsingham,i897 (Carposinidae) Synonym(s): Carposinidae Walsingham,i8g7 

43) Carposinoidea Walsingham,i897 (Carposinidae) Synonym(s): Carposinoidea Walsingham,i8g7 

44) Choreutidae Stainton,[l858] (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Choreutidae Stainton,[i858]; Choreutina 
Heinemann & Wocke,i877; Simaethidae Swinhoe & Cotes,i88g; Hemerophilidae Walsingham,igio 

45) Choreutinae Stainton,[l858] (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Choreutidae Stainton,[i858]; Choreutina 
Heinemann & Wocke,i877; Simaethidae Swinhoe & Cotes,i88g; Hemerophilidae Walsingham,igio 

46) Choreutoidea Stainton,[i858] (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Choreutoidea Stainton,[i8s8] 

47) Millieriinae Heppner,i982 (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Millieriinae Heppner,ig82 

48) Cimeliidae Chretien, 1916 (Cimeliidae) Synonym(s): Cimeliidae Chretien,igi6; Axiidae Rebel,igig nee 

49) Coleophoridae Bruand,i8so (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): Coleophoridae Bruand,i8so 
50) Coleophorinae Bruand,i8so (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): Coleophorinae Bruand,i8so 
5i)Copromorphoidea (Copromorphidae) Synonym(s): 

52) Scaeosophinae (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): 

53) Cosmopteriginae Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Cosmopteriginae 
Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] 

54) Chrysopeleiinae Mosher,i9i6 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Chrysopeleiinae Mosher,igi6; 
Walshiidae Hodges,ig62; Antequerinae Hodges,ig78 

55) Cosmopterigidae Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Cosmopterigidae 
Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] 

56) Cossidae Leach, [1815] (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Cossidae Leach,[i8is]; Stygiidae Newman,i832 

57) Cossinae Leach, [1815] (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Cossinae Leach,[i8is]; Stygiinae Newman,i832 

58) Cossoidea Leach, [1815] (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Cossoidea Leach,[i8is]; Stygioidea Newman,i832 

59) Hypoptinae Neumoegen & Dyar,i894 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Hypoptinae Neumoegen & Dyar,i8g4 
6o)Zeuzerinae Boisduval,i828 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Zeuzerinae Boisduval,i828 

61) Ctenuchidae Kirby,i837 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): Ctenuchidae Kirby,i837 

62) Ctenuchinae Kirby,i837 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): Ctenuchinae Kirby,i837 
63)Danaidae Boisduval,i833 (Danaidae) Synonym(s): Danaidae Boisduval,i833 
64)Danainae Boisduval,i833 (Danaidae) Synonym(s): Danainae Boisduval,i833 

65) Danaini Boisduval,i833 (Danaidae) Synonym(s): Danaini Boisduval,i833 

66) Douglasiidae Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): Douglasiidae Heinemann & 

67) Douglasiinae Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): Douglasiinae Heinemann & 

68)Cilicinae Herrich-Schaffer,[i847] (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): Cilicinae Herrich-Schdffer,[i847] 

69) Drepanidae Boisduval,i828 (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): Drepanidae Boisduval,i828 

70) Drepaninae Boisduval,i828 (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): Drepaninae Boisduval,i828 
7i)Drepanoidea Boisduval,i828 (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): Drepanoidea Boisduval,i828 

72) Elachistidae Bruand,i8so (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): Elachistidae Bruand,i8so 

73) Endromidae (Endromidae) Synonym(s): Endromidae; Endromididae auct. 

74) Epermeniidae Spuler,i9io (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Epermeniidae Spuler,igio 

75) Epermeniinae Spuler,i9io (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Epermeniinae Spuler,igio 

76) Epermenioidea Spuler,i9io (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Epermenioidea Spuler,igio 
77)Ochromolopinae Gaedike,i966 (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Ochromolopinae Gaedike,ig66 

78) Compsocteninae Dierl,i970 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): Compsoctenidae Dierl,ig70 

79) Eriocottidae Spuler,l898 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): Eriocottidae Spuler,i8g8; Deuterotineidae 

8o)Eriocottinae Spuler,l898 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): Eriocottidae Spuler,i8g8; Deuterotineidae 

81) Eriocraniidae Walsingham,i898 (Eriocraniidae) Synonym(s): Eriocraniidae Walsingham,i8g8 
82)Eriocranioidea Walsingham,i898 (Eriocraniidae) Synonym(s): Eriocranioidea Walsingham,i8g8 
83)Ethmiidae Busck,i909 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): Ethmiidae Busck,igog 

84) Dichomerinae Hampson,i9i8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Dichomerinae Hampson,igi8; 
Dichomerisinae Heslop,ig38; Chelariinae Heslop,ig38; Hypatiminae Kloet & Hincksi,ig45 

85) Dichomerini Hampson,i9i8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Dichomerini Hampson,igi8 

ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

86) Gelechiidae Stainton,i854 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Gelechiidae Stainton,i854 

87) Gelechiinae Stainton,i854 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Gelechiinae Stainton,i854 

88)Gelechiini Stainton,i854 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Gelechiini Stainton,i854 

89) Gelechioidea Stainton,i854 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Gelechioidea Stainton,i854 

9o)Gnorimoschemini Povolny,i964 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Gnorimoschemini Povolny,ig64 

91) Pexicopiinae Hodges, 1986 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Pexicopiinae Hodges, 1986 

92)TeleiodiniPiskunov,i973 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Teleiodini Piskunov,i973 

93) Abraxini W.Warren, 1893 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Zerenini Duponchel,[i845] (homonym); 

Pantheridae Moore,i887 (homonym); Abraxini W.Warren,i893. 
94)Alsophilinae Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Alsophilinae Herbulot,i962 
95)AmphidasinaDuponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Amphidasites Duponchel,[i845]; 

Bistonidi Stephens,i850; Eubyjini W.Warren,i893; Erannini Tutt,i896. 
96)Archiearinae D.S.Fletcher,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Archiearinae D.S.Fletcher,i95i. 
97) Asthenini W.Warren, 1894 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Astheninae W.Warren,i894 
98)Baptini Forbes, 1948 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Baptini Forbes,i948. 

99) Boarmiina Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Boarmites Duponchel,[i845]; Cleorites 
Duponchel,[i845] ; Fidonites Duponchel,[i845]; Selidosemidae Meyrick,i892. 

100) BoarmiiniDuponchel,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Boarmites Duponchel,[i845]; Cleorites 
Duponchel,[i845] '; Fidonites Duponchel,[i845]; Selidosemidae Meyrick,i892. 

101) Bupalina Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Bupalini Herbulot,i962 

102) Caberini Duponchel,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Caberites Duponchel,[i845]; Deiliniinae 
W.Warren,i893; Catopyrrhinae W.Warren,i894. 

103) Campaeini Forbes, 1948 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Metrocampidae Tutt,i896; Campaeini 

104) Cataclysmini Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cataclysmini Herbulot,i962 

105) Chesiadini Stephens, 1850 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chesiadi Stephens,i8so; Eucestiinae 

106) Chloroclystini Mironov,i990 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chloroclystini Mironov,i990 

107) CidariiniDuponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cidarites Duponchel,[i845]. 

108) Colotoina Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Colotoini Herbulot,i962 

109) Comibaeini Inoue,l96l (Geometridae) Synonym(s): ComibaeniniInoue,i96i; Euchlorini 
Herbulot,i962; Synchlorini Ferguson, 1969. 

110) Crocallina Tutt,i896 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Crocallidi Tutt,i896 

111) Cyclophorini Moore, 1887 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Zonosomatidi White,i8y6; Cyclophoridae 
Moore,i887; Cosymbiinae L.B.Prout,i9ii. 

112) Ennomina Duponchel,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ennomites Duponchel,[i845]; Erastriini 
Herrich-Schaffer,[i845]; Odopterini Stephens, 1850; Cingiliini Forbes,i948. 

113) Ennominae Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ennomites Duponchel,[i845]; 
Erastriini Herrich-Schaffer,[i845]; Odopterini Stephens, 18 50; Cingiliini Forbes,i948. 

114) Ennomini Duponchel,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ennomites Duponchel,[i845]; Erastriini 
Herrich-Schaffer,[i845]; Odopterini Stephens, 1850; Cingiliini Forbes,i948. 

115) Entephrini Pierce, 1914 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Entephrinae Pierce, 1914 

116) Epionini Bruand,l846 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Epionidae Bruand,i846; Ruminiinae Tutt,i896. 

117) Epirrhanthini Forbes, 1948 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Epirrhanthini Forbes, 1948. 

118) Euboliinae Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Euboliinae Duponchel,[i845] 

119) Euboliini Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Euboliini Duponchel,[i845] 

120) Eucosmiini Gumppenberg,i887 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eucosminae Gumppenberg,i88z 

121) Euphyini Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Euphyini Herbulot,i962 

122) Eupitheciini Tutt,l896 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eupitheciinae Tutt,i896; Tephroclystiinae 

123) Geometridae Leach, [1815] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Geometridae Leach,[i8is] 

124) Geometrinae Leach, [1815] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Geometrinae Leach,[i8is] 

125) Geometrini Leach, [1815] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Geometrini Leach, [1815] 

126) Geometroidea Leach, [1815] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Geometroidea Leach,[i8is] 

127) Gnophina Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Gnophites Duponchel,[i845]; Dasydites 
Duponchel,[i845]; Sionites Duponchel,[i845]. 

128) Gonodontini Forbes, 1948 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Gonodontini Forbes,i948 

129) Hemistolini Inoue,l96l (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hemistolini Inoue,i96i; Neohipparchini 

130) Hemitheini Bruand,i846 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): ChlorochromitesDuponchel,[i845]; 
Hemitheidae Bruand,i846; Hemistolini Inoue,i96i; Jodini Inoue,i96i; Thalerini Leraut,i98o. 

131) Hydriomenini Meyrick,i892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hydriomenidae Meyrick,i892 

132) Jodini Inoue,i96i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Jodini Inoue,i96i 

ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

133) Larentiinae Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eubolites Duponchel,[i845]; Larentites 
Duponchel,[i 845]; 

134) Larentiini Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Larentiini Duponchel,[i845]; 
Psychophorinae Hampson,igi8. 

135) Lithinini Forbes, 1948 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lithinini Forbes, 1948 ; Lacariini Orfila & 

136) Lobophorini Tutt,i8Q6 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lobophorinae Tutt,i8g6 

137) Lythriini Herbulot,iQ62 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lythriini Herbulot,ig62 

138) Macariini Guenee,[l8s8] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Macariini Guenee,[i8s8]; Semiothisini 
W.Warren,i894; Fernaldellini Hulst,i8g6. 

139) Melanthiini Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Melanthites Duponchel,[i845] 

140) Microloxiini Hausmann,i996 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Microloxiini Hausmann,igg6 

141) Neohipparchini Inoue,i96i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Neohipparchini Inoue,ig6i 

142) Odeziini Exposito,i978 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Odeziini Exposito,igy8 

143) Odontoperini Tutt,i896 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Odontoperinae Tutt,i8g6. 

144) Oenochrominae Guenee,[i8s8] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Oenochromidae Guenee,[i8s8] 

145) Onychorini Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Onychorini Herbulot,ig62 

146) Operophterini Packard, 1876 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Operophterinae Packard,i8y6; 
Oporiniinae Pierce,igi4. 

147) Orthostixinae Meyrick,i892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Orthostixidae Meyrick,i8g2 

148) Ourapterygini Guenee, [1858] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Urapteridae Bruand,i846; 
Ourapterygini Guenee, [1858]. 

149) Perizomini Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): PerizominiHerbulot,ig62. 

150) Phaseliina Wehrli,i94i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Phaseliini Wehrli,ig4i 

151) Phasianini Gumppenberg,i887 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Phasianinae Gumppenberg,i887. 

152) Phileremini Pierce, 1914 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Philereminae Pierce,igi4. 

153) Problepsina Wiltshire, 1990 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Problepsini Wiltshire, lggo 

154) Pseudoterpnini W.Warren, 1893 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): PseudoterpninaeW.Warren,i8g3; 
Terpnini Inoue,ig6i; Archeobalbini Viidalepp,ig8i. 

155) Rheumapterini Herbulot,i962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Melanippidae Bruand,i846; 
Rheumapterini Herbulot,ig62. 

156) Rhodometrini Agenj 0,1951 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): RhodometriniAgenjo,ig5i 

157) Rhodostrophiini L.B.Prout,i935 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Rhodostrophiicae L.B.Prout,ig35 

158) Scopulina Duponchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Scopulites Duponchel,[i845]; Aletinae 
Hampson,igi8. son,igi8. 

159) Scopulinae Dopunchel,[i845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Scopulites Duponchel,[i845]; Aletinae 

160) Scopulini Duponchel,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Scopulites Duponchel,[i845]; Aletinae 

161) Scotopterygini W.Warren, 1895 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Scotopteryginae W.Warren,i8gs; 
Ortholithinae Tutt,i8g6; Epirrhoinae Pierce,igi4; Xanthorhoinae Pierce,igi4 [sensu Leraut,iggy]. 

162) Seleniina Tutt,i896 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Seleniidi Tutt,i8g6. 

163) Sterrhini Meyrick,l892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Idaeidae Butler, 1881; Sterrhidae Meyrick,i8g2. 

164) Thalerini Herbulot,i963 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Thalerini Herbulot,ig63 

165) Theriina Herbulot,l962 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cheimatobiidi Tutt,i8g6; Theriini 

166) Therini Pierce, 1914 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Therinae Pierce, igi4 

167) Timandrini Stephens, 1850 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Timandridi Stephens, 18 50; Calothysanini 

168) Triphosini Tutt,i896 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Triphosinae Tutt,i8g6 

169) Glyphipterygidae Stainton,i854 (Glyphipterygidae) Synonym(s): Aechmidae Bruand,i8so; 
Glyphipterygidae Stainton,i854; Glyphipterigidae Rosenstock,i88s 

170) Glyphipteryginae Stainton,i854 (Glyphipterygidae) Synonym(s): Aechminae Bruand,i8so; 
Glyphipteryginae Stainton,i854; Glyphipteriginae Rosenstock,i88s 

171) Gracilariidae Stainton,i854 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Gracilariidae Stainton,i854 

172) Gracillariinae Stainton,i854 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Gracillariinae Stainton,i854 
!73) Gracillarioidea Stainton,i854 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Gracillarioidea Stainton,i8s4 

174) Lithocolletinae Stainton,i854 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Lithocolletinae Stainton,i8s4 

175) Phyllocnistinae Herrich-Schaffer,[i857] (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Phyllocnistinae Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i8 5 7\ 

176) Heliozelidae Heinemann & Wocke,[i876] (Heliozelidae) Synonym(s): Heliozelidae Heinemann 
& Wocke,[i876] 

177) Hepialidae Stephens, 1829 (Hepialidae) Synonym(s): Hepialidae Stephens,i82g 

178) Hepialoidea Stephens, 1829 (Hepialidae) Synonym(s): Hepialoidea Stephens,i82g 

ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

179) Hesperiidae Latreille,l809 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Hesperiidae Latreille,i8o9; Pamphilinae 
Butler, 1870 

180) Hesperiinae Latreille,l809 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Hesperiinae Latreille,i8o9; Pamphilinae 
Butler, 1870 

181) Hesperiini Latreille,l809 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Hesperiini Latreille,i8og; Pamphilinae 
Butler, 1870; Adopaeini Clark,ig48 

182) Hesperioidea Latreille,i8o9 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Hesperioidea Latreille,i8og 

183) Heteropterini Aurivillius,i925 (1879) (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Cyclopidini Speyer,i87g; 
Heteropterini Aurivillius,ig25 (i87g); Carterocephelini Orfila,ig4g 

184) Pyrginae Burmeister,l878 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Pyrginae Burmeister,i878; Achlyodidae 
Burmeister,i878; Eudamidae Burmeister,i878; Thymelidae Burmeister,i878; Telegonidae Burmeister,i878; 
Pyrginae Speyer,i87g; Erynninae Tutt,igo6; Erynnidae Swinhoe,igi3; Carcharodinae Picard,ig47 

185) Pyrgini Burmeister,l878 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Pyrginae Burmeister, 1878; Achlyodidae 
Burmeister,i878; Eudamidae Burmeister,i878; Thymelidae Burmeister, 1878; Telegonidae Burmeister, 18 78; 
Pyrginae Speyer,i87g; Erynninae Tutt,igo6; Erynnidae Swinhoe,igi3; Carcharodinae Picard,ig47 

186) Incurvariidae Spuler,i898 (Incurvariidae) Synonym(s): Incurvariidae Spuler,i8g8 

187) Incurvariinae Spuler,i898 (Incurvariidae) Synonym(s): Incurvariinae Spuler,i8g8 

188) Incurvarioidea Spuler,i898 (Incurvariidae) Synonym(s): Incurvarioidea Spuler,i8g8 

189) Chondrostegini Tutt, 19 02 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Chondrostegini Tutt,igo2 

190) Gastropachini Neumoegen & Dyar,i893 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Gastropachini 
Neumoegen & Dyar,i8g3 

191) Lasiocampidae Harris, 1841 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Lasiocampidae Harris,i84i 

192) Lasiocampinae Harris, 1841 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Lasiocampinae Harris,i84i; 
Malacosominae Tutt,igo2 

193) Lasiocampini Harris, 1841 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Lasiocampini Harris, 1841; Malacosomini 

194) Odonestini Tutt,i902 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Odonestini Tutt,igo2 

!95) Poecilocampini Tutt,i902 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Poecilocampini Tutt,igo2 

196) Selenepherini Tutt,i902 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Selenepherini Tutt,igo2 

197) Ceuthomadarinae Gozmany,i978 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Ceuthomadarinae Gozmany,ig78 

198) Ceuthomadarini Gozmany,i978 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Ceuthomadarini Gozmany,ig78 

199) Lecithoceridae Marchand, 1947 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Lecithoceridae Marchand,ig47; 
Timyridae Clarke, ig55 

200) Lecithocerinae Marchand,i947 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Lecithocerinae Marchand,ig47; 
Timyrinae Clarke, ig55 

201) Lecithocerini Marchand, 1947 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Lecithocerini Marchand,ig47; 
Timyrini Clarke,ig55 

202) Oditini Lvovsky,i996 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Oditini Lvovsky,igg6 

203) Torodorinae Gozmany,i978 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Torodorinae Gozmany,ig78 

204) Lemoniidae Dyar,l896 (Lemoniidae) Synonym(s): Lemoniidae Dyar,i8g6; Lemoniidae Staudinger & 
Rebel,igoi; Sabaliadae Hampson,igoi 

205) Libytheidae Boisduval,i833 (Libytheidae) Synonym(s): Libytheidae Boisduval,i833 

206) Limacodidae Duponchel,[i845] (Limacodidae) Synonym(s): Limacodidae Duponchel,[i845] 

207) Limacodinae Duponchel,[i845] (Limacodidae) Synonym(s): Limacodinae Duponchel,[i845] 

208) Aphnaeini Distant, 1884 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Aphnaeini Distant,i884 

209) CelastrininaTutt,[l907] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): CelastrininaTutt,[igo7]; Lycaenopsina 

210) Eumaeini Doubleday,i847 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Eumaeini Doubleday,i847 

211) Everina Tutt,[i907] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Everidi Tutt,[igo7]; Cupididi Tutt,[igo7] 

212) Everini Tutt,[i907] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Everidi Tutt,[igo7]; Cupididi Tutt,[igo7] 

213) Lampidina Tutt,i907 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lampidina Tutt,igo7 

214) Lycaenidae [Leach], [1815] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lycaenidae [Leach], [1815] 

215) Lycaeninae [Leach], [1815] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lycaeninae [Leach], [1815] 

216) Lycaenini [Leach], [1815] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lycaenini [Leach], [1815]; Athamanthiini 

217) Polyommatina Swainson, 1827 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Polyommatina Swainson,i827; 
Cyanirina Tutt,[igo7]; Plebejina Tutt,[igog] 

218) Polyommatinae Swainson, 1827 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Polyommatinae Swainson,i827; 
Cyanirinae Tutt,[igo7]; Plebejinae Tutt,[igog] 

219) Polyommatini Swainson, 1827 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Polyommatini Swainson,i827; Cyanirini 
Tutt,[igo7]; Plebejini Tutt,[igog] 

220) ScolitantidiniTutt,[l907] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): ScolitantidiniTutt,[igo7]; Glaucopsychini 
Hemming,ig3i; Iolanini Riley, igs6 

221) Tarucina Verity,l943 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Tarucidi Verity, ig43; Leptotiti Wagener,iggs. 

222) Theclinae Swainson, 1831 (1820) (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Theclinae Swainson,i83i. 

ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

223) Theclini Swainson,i83i (1820) (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Theclini Swainson,i83i. 

224) Tomarini Eliot, 1973 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Tomarini Eliot, 1973 

225) Zizeeriina Chapman, 1910 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Zizeeriina Chapman,i9io 

226) Arctornini Holloway,i999 (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Arctornithini Holloway,i999 

227) Leucomini Holloway,i999 (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Leucomini Holloway,i999 

228) Lymantriidae Hampson, [1893] (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Lymantriidae Hampson,[i893] 

229) Lymantriinae Hampson, [1893] (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Lymantriinae Hampson,[i893] 

230) Lymantriini Hampson, [1893] (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Lymantriini Hampson,[i893] 

231) Cemiostominae Spuler,i898 (Lyonetiidae) Synonym(s): Cemiostominae Spuler,i898 

232) Lyonetiidae Stainton,i854 (Lyonetiidae) Synonym(s): Lyonetiidae Stainton,i854 

2 33) Lyonetiinae Stainton,i854 (Lyonetiidae) Synonym(s): Lyonetiinae Stainton,i854 

234) Micronoctuidae Fibiger,2005 (Micronoctuidae) Synonym(s): Micronoctuidae Fibiger,2005 

235) Micronoctuinae Fibiger,2005 (Micronoctuidae) Synonym(s): Micronoctuidae Fibiger, 2005 

236) Micropterigidae Herrich-Schaffer,[i855] (Micropterigidae) Synonym(s): Micropterigidae 
Herrich-Schaffer,[i855]; Eriocephalidae Dyar,i895 

237) Micropterigoidea Herrich-Schaffer,[i855] (Micropterigidae) Synonym(s): Micropterigidae 
Herrich-Schaffer,[i855]; Eriocephalidae Dyar,i895 

238) Momphidae Herrich-Schaffer, [1857] (Momphidae) Synonym (s): Momphidae Herrich- 
Schaffer ,[1857] ; Lavernidae Wocke,i8yi; Psacaphorinae Spuler,i898 

239) Nepticulidae Stainton,i854 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Nepticulidae Stainton,i854 

240) Nepticulinae Stainton,i854 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Nepticulinae Stainton,i854 

241) Nepticulini Stainton,i854 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Nepticulini Stainton,i854 

242) Nepticuloidea Stainton,i854 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Nepticuloidea Stainton,i854 

243) Trifurculini Scoble,i983 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Trifurculini Scoble,i983 

244) Acontiina Guenee,l857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acontiinae Guenee,i837; Cuculliinae Herrich- 
Schaffer, [1850]. 

245) Acontiinae Guenee,l837 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acontiinae Guenee,i837; Cuculliinae Herrich- 

246) Acontiini Guenee,l837 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acontiinae Guenee,i837; Cuculliinae Herrich- 
Schaffer, [1850].^ 

247) Acronictinae Heinemann,i859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acronictini Heinemann,i859; 
Craniophorini Beck,i996; Conistrina Beck,i996 

248) Acronictini Heinemann,l859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acronictini Heinemann,i859; 
Craniophorini Beck.,1996; Conistrina Beck.,1996 

249) Actinotiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Actinotiina Beck, 1996 

250) Adpyramidcampina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Adpyramidcampina Beck,i996 

251) Aediinae Beck,i98o (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aediinae Beck, 1980 

252) Agrotina Heinemann,l859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Agrotina Heinemann,i859; Agrotina 

2 53) Agrotini Heinemann,l859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Agrotini Heinemann,i859 

254) Allophyina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Allophyina Beck,i996 

255) Allophyini Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Allophyini Beck,i996 

256) Amphipyrina Guenee, 1838 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Amphipyrina Guenee,i838 

257) Amphipyrini Guenee, 1838 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Amphipyrini Guenee,i838; Feraliini 
Franclemont & Todd,i983 

258) Anaplectoidina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anaplectoidina Beck,i996 

259) Anartina Heinemann,l859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anartina Heinemann,i859; Discestrina 

260) Apameina Guenee,i84i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Apameina Guenee,i84i 

261) Apopestini Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Apopestini Beck,i996 

262) Axyliina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Axyliina Beck,i996 

263) Boletobiini Grote,i895 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Boletobiini Grote,i895 

264) Bryophilinae Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bryophilinae Guenee,i8s2 

265) Bryophilini Guenee,l852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bryophilini Guenee,i852; Cryphiini Beck,i996; 
Bryoleucini Beck,i996. 

266) Calamiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calamiina Beck,i996 

267) Caradrinina Duponchel,i844 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Caradrinina Duponchel,i844 

268) Catephiina Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Catephiina Guenee,i852 

269) Catocalina Boisduval,l828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Catocalinae Boisduval,i828; Catocalinae 

270) Catocalinae Boisduval,l828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Catocalinae Boisduval,i828; Catocalinae 

271) Catocalini Boisduval,l828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Catocalinae Boisduval,i828; Catocalinae 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

272) Cerastina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cerastina Beck,i9g6 

273) Chersotina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chersotina Beck.,1996 

274) Chloephorini Stainton,i859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chloephorini Stainton,i859 

275) Cleophanina Heinemann,i859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cleophanina Heinemann,i859; 
Calophasiina Beck,i996 

276) Cleophanini Heinemann,i859 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cleophanini Heinemann,i859; 
Oncocnemidini Forbes & Franclemont,i954 

277) Conistrina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Conistrina Beck,i996 

278) Cosmiina Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cosmiina Guenee,i852 

279) Cuculliini Herrich-Schaffer,[i850] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): CuculliiniHerrich-Schaffer,[i85o] 

280) Dasypoliina Heslop,i96o (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dasypoliina Heslop,i96o 

281) Diarsiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Diarsiina Beck,i996 

282) Dichagyrina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dichagyrina Beck,i996 

283) Dichoniina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dichoniina Beck,i996 

284) Dilobinae Aurivillius,i889 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dilobinae Aurivillius,i889 

285) Dryobotina Beck,l996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phytometrini Hampson,i9i8; Phytometrini 
Wiltshire, 1990 

286) Dypterygiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dypterygiina Beck, 1996 

287) Dysgoniini Moore, 1884 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dysgoniini Moore,i884; Achaeini Wiltshire, 1976 

288) Eariini Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eariini Beck, 1996 

289) Elaphriinae Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Elaphriinae Beck,i996 

290) Episemina Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Episemina Guenee,i852 

291) Eublemmini Hampson,l893 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eublemmini Hampson,i893; Eublemmini 

292) Euchalciina Chou & L.11,1979 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euchalciina Chou & Lu.,1979 

293) Euchalciini Chou & Lu,i979 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euchalciini Chou & Lu.,1979 

294) Euclidiina Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euclidiina Guenee,i852 

295) Eugnorismina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eugnorismina Beck,i996 

296) Eugraphiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eugraphiina Beck,i996 

297) Euroina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euroina Beck,i996 

298) Eustrotiinae Grote,i882 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eustrotiinae Grote,i882 

299) Euteliinae Grote,i882 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euteliinae Grote,i882 

300) Exophylini Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Exophylini Beck,i996 

301) Hadenina Guenee,i838 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadenina Guenee,i838 

302) Hadenini Guenee, 1838 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadenini Guenee,i838 

303) Hadina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadina Beck, 1996 

304) Heliothinae Boisduval,i828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Heliothinae Boisduval,i828 

305) Herminiinae Herrich-Schaffer, [1850] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Herminiinae Herrich- 

306) Hypeninae Herrich-Schaffer, [1850] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hypeninae Herrich- 

307) Hypenodinae Forbes, 1954 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hypenodinae Forbes,i954 

308) Ipimorphina Beck,i989 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ipimorphina Beck,i989 

309) Leucaniina Guenee, 1841 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Leucaniina Guenee,i84i 

310) Lithophanina Forbes, 1954 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lithophanina Forbes,i954 

311) Luperinina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Luperinina Beck,i996 

312) Lycophotiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lycophotiina Beck,i996 

313) Mamestrina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mamestrina Beck,i996 

314) Maniina Herrich-Schaffer, [1850] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Maniina Herrich-Schaffer, [1850] 

315) Mesapameina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mesapameina Beck,i996 

316) Metachrostinae W.Warren, 1909 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metachrostinae W.Warren.,1909 

317) Metachrostini W.Warren, 1909 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metachrostini W.Warren,i909; 
Metachrostini Beck,i996 

318) Metopocerina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metopocerina Beck, 1996 

319) Naeniina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Naeniina Beck,i996 

320) Noctuidae Latreille, 1809 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Noctuidae Latreille,i8o9 

321) Noctuina Latreille, 1809 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Noctuina Latreille, 1809 

322) Noctuinae Latreille, 1809 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Noctuinae Latreille, 1809 

323) Noctuini Latreille, 18 09 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Noctuini Latreille, 1809 

324) Noctuoidea Latreille, 1809 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Noctuoidea Latreille, 1809 

325) Nolinae Bruand,l846 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nolites Bruand,i846; Nolidae Stainton,i859 

326) Nolini Bruand,i846 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nolini Bruand,i846 

327) Nonagriina Guenee, 1837 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nonagriini Guenee,i837; Apameini Guenee,i84i 

ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

328) Nonagriini Guenee, 1837 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nonagriini Guenee,i837; Apameini Guenee,i84i 

329) Omiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Omiina Beck,igg6 

330) Omiini Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Omiini Beck,igg6 

331) Omphalophanina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 

332) Oncocnemidina Forbes & Franclemont,i954 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Oncocnemidina Forbes 
& Franclemont,i 954 

333) Ophiderinae Guenee, 1852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ophiderinae Guenee,i852 

334) Ophiusini Guenee, 1837 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ophiusini Guenee,i837 

335) Opigenina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Opigenina Beck,igg6 

336) Orthosiina Guenee, 1838 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Orthosiina Guenee,i838; Orthosiina Beck,igg6 

337) Oxytripiina Gozmany (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Oxytripiina Gozmany 

338) Pachetrina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pachetrina Beck,igg6 

339) Panchrysiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Panchrysiina Beck,igg6 

340) Pandesmini Berio,i992 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pandesmini Berio,igg2 

341) Pangraptini Grote,i882 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pangraptini Grote,i882 

342) Pantheina Smith & Dyar,i898 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pantheina Smith & Dyar,i8g8 

343) Pantheini Smith & Dyar,i898 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pantheini Smith & Dyar,i8g8 

344) Peridromiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Peridromiina Beck,igg6 

345) Perigraphina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Perigraphina Beck,igg6 

346) Phlogophorina Forbes, 1954 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phlogophorina Forbes,igs4 

347) Phytometrini Hampson,l9l8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phytometrini Hampson,igi8; Phytometrini 

348) Plusidiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Plusidiina Beck,igg6 

349) Plusiina Boisduval,i828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Plusiina Boisduval,i828 

350) Plusiinae Boisduval,i828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Plusiinae Boisduval,i828 

351) Plusiini Boisduval,i828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Plusiini Boisduval,i828 

352) Poliina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Poliina Beck,igg6 

353) Polychrysiina Kljutshko,i985 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polychrysiina Kljutshko,ig8s 

354) Polydesmini Berio,i992 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polydesmini Berio,igg2 

355) Polymixina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polymixina Beck,igg6 

356) Polyphaenina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polyphaenina Beck,igg6 

357) Prodeniina Forbes, 1954 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Prodeniina Forbes,ig54 

358) Pyroina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pyroina Beck,igg6 

359) Recophorina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Recophorina Beck,igg6 

360) Rhyaciina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rhyaciina Beck,igg6 

361) Rivulinae Grote,i895 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rivulinae Grote,i8gs 

362) Sarrothripina Hampson,i894 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Sarrothripina Hampson,i8g4 

363) Scoliopteryginae Spuler,i9o8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Scoliopteryginae Spuler,igo8 

364) Standfussianina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Standfussianina Beck,igg6 

365) Thalpophilina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Thalpophilina Beck,igg6 

366) Toxocampina Guenee, 1852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Toxocampina Guenee,i852 

367) Toxocampini Guenee, 1852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Toxocampini Guenee,i852 

368) Tracheina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Tracheina Beck,igg6 

369) Tytina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Tytina Beck,igg6 

370) Xestiina Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xestiina Beck,igg6 

371) Xylinina Guenee, 1838 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xylinina Guenee,i838; Calocampina Grote,i8gs 

372) Xylinini Guenee, 1838 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xylinini Guenee,i838; Ipimorphini Beck,ig8g 

373) XylocampinaTutt,i902 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xylocampina Tutt,igo2 

374) Xylophasiina Guenee, 1852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xylophasiina Guenee,i8s2 

375) Notodontidae Stephens, 1828 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Notodontidae Stephens, 1828 

376) Notodontinae Stephens, 1828 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Notodontinae Stephens,i828 

377) Pygaerinae (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): 

378) Chimabacchinae Heinemann,i870 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Chimabacchinae 
Heinemann,i 870 

379) Crossotocerini Lvovsky,2002 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Crossotocerini Lvovsky,2002 

380) Cryptolechiinae Meyrick,i883 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Cryptolechiinae Meyrick,i883; 
Orophiini Lvovsky,ig74 

381) Depressariinae Meyrick,i883 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Epigraphidi Guenee,i845; 
Depressariinae Meyrick,i883 

382) Deuterogoniinae Toll, 1956 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Deuterogoniinae Toll,igs6 

383) Oecophoridae Bruand,i850 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Oecophoridae Bruand,i 850 

384) Oecophorinae Bruand,i850 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Oecophorinae Bruand,i8so 

385) Oecophorini Bruand,i850 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Oecophorini Bruand,i8so 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

386) Oecophoroidea Bruand,i850 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Oecophoroidea Bruand.,1850 

387) Pleurotini Toll, 1956 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Pleurotini Toll,igs6 

388) Opostegidae Meyrick,i893 (Opostegidae) Synonym(s): Opostegides Meyrick.,1893; Opostegoidinae 

389) Oposteginae Meyrick,i893 (Opostegidae) Synonym(s): Opostegides Meyrick.,1893; Opostegoidinae 

390) Archonina Kocak,i989 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Archonina Koqak.,1989 

391) Luehdorfiini Chapman, 1895 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Luehdorfiini Chapman,i895; #Thaidi 
Chapman,i895; #Thaidinae Kirby,i896; Zerynthianae Grote,i899. 

392) Papilionidae Latreille, [1802] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Papilionidae Latreille, [1802] 

393) Papilioninae Latreille, [1802] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Papilioninae Latreille, [1802] 

394) Papilionini Latreille, [1802] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Papilionini Latreille,[i8o2] 

395) Papilionoidea Latreille, [1802] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Papilionoidea Latreille,[i8o2] 

396) Parnassiina Duponchel,[i835] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Parnassiina Duponchel,[i835] 

397) Parnassiinae Duponchel,[i835] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Parnassiinae Duponchel,[i835] 

398) ParnassiiniDuponchel,[i835] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Parnassiini Duponchel,[i835] 

399) Anthocharina Scudder,l889 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Anthocharini Scudder,i889; Anthocharidi 
Tutt,i894; Euchloini Klots,i930. 

400) Anthocharini Scudder,l889 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Anthocharini Scudder, 1889; Anthocharidi 
Tutt,i894; Euchloini Klots,i930. 

401) Aporiini Chapman, 1895 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Aporiini Chapman,i895 

402) Coliadinae Swainson,i827 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Coliadinae Swainson,i827 

403) Dismorphiinae Schatz,l886 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Dismorphiinae Schatz,i886; Dismorphiina 
Godman & Salvin,i889; Leptidiinae Grote,i897; Leptosiidi Wheeler, 1903; Leptideidi Verity, 1947. 

404) Euchloina Klots,i930 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Euchloini Klots, 1930. 

405) Pieridae Duponchel, [1835] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Pieridae Duponchel,[i835] 

406) Pierina Duponchel, [1835] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Pierina Duponchel,[i835]; Pontiina Reuter,i897. 

407) Pierinae Duponchel, [1835] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Pierinae Duponchel,[i835] 

408) Pierini Duponchel, [1835] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Pierini Duponchel,[i835] 

409) Rhodocerinae Duponchel, [1835] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Rhodocerinae Duponchel,[i835]; 
Dryaden Schatz,[i886]; Callidryadinae Kirby ,1896; Catopsilidi Reuter,i897; Eurymini Grote,i897; Gonepterygidi 
Verity, 1947. 

410) Teracolina Reuter,l897 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Teracolina Reuter,i897; Colotina Larsen,i983. 

411) ApteroniniTutt,i900 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Apteronini Tutt,i900 

412) Epichnopteryginae Tutt,i900 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): EpichnopteryginaeTutt,i90o 

413) Epichnopterygini Tutt,l900 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Epichnopterygini Tutt,i900; Bijugini 
Tutt,i9<30; Psychideini Dalla Torre & Strand,i929; Rebeliini Dalla Torre & Strand,i929. 

414) Naryciinae Tutt,l900 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Naryciinae Tutt,i900; Diplodominae Tutt,i900 

415) Naryciini Tutt,l900 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Naryciini Tutt,i900; Diplodomini Tutt,i900 

416) Oiketicinae Herrich-Schaffer, [1850] (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Oiketicinae Herrich- 
Schaffer, [1850]; Acanthopsychini Tutt,i900 

417) Oiketicini Herrich-Schaffer, [1850] (Psychidae) Synonym(s): OiketiciniHerrich-Schdffer,[i850]; 
Acanthopsychini Tutt,i900 

418) Psychidae Boisduval,i828 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Psychidae Boisduval,i828 

419) Psychinae Boisduval,i828 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Psychinae Boisduval,i828 

420) Psychini Boisduval,i828 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Psychini Boisduval,i828; Luffiini Tutt,i90o; 
Fumeini Tutt,i900; Proutiini Tutt,i900. 

421) Stichobasini Dalla Torre & Strand,i929 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Stichobasini Dalla Torre & 

422) Taleporiinae Herrich-Schaffer, [1857] (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Taleporiinae Herrich- 

Schqffer,[i857] m 

423) Taleporiini Herrich-Schaffer, [1857] (Psychidae) Synonym(s): TaleporiiniHerrich-Schdffer,[i857] 

424) Typhoniinae Lederer,l852 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Typhoniinae Lederer,i852; Melasinini 
Tutt,i900; Dissoctenini Tutt,i900 

425) Typhoniini Lederer,l852 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Typhoniini Lederer,i852; Melasinini Tutt,i900; 
Dissoctenini Tutt,i900 

426) Agdistinae Walsingham,i89i (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Agdistinae Walsingham,i89i; 
Agdistidae Tutt,i9o6. 

427) Oidaematophorini (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): 

428) Oxyptilini (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): 

429) Platyptiliinae Tutt,i905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Platyptiliinae Tutt,i905 

430) Platyptiliini Tutt,i905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): PlatyptiliiniTutt,i905 

431) Pterophoridae Latreille, [1802] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Pterophoridae Latreille, [1802]; 
Pterophorinae Zeller,i84i; Alucitidae Tutt,i9o6; Platyptiliinae Tutt,i907. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

432) Pterophorinae Latreille,[i8o2] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Pterophorinae Latreille,[i8o2]; 
Pterophorinae Zeller,i84i; Alucitidae Tutt,igo6; Platyptiliinae Tutt,ig07. 

433) PterophoriniLatreille,[i8o2] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Pterophorini Latreille,[i8o2] 

434) Pterophoroidea Latreille,[i8o2] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Pterophoroidea Latreille,[i8o2]; 
Pterophorinae Zeller, 1841; Alucitidae Tutt,igo6; Platyptiliinae Tutt,igoy. 

435) Acentropinae Stephens, 1836 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Acentropinae Stephens, 1836 

436) Acrobasiina Agenjo,i958 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): AcrobasiinaAgenjo,ig58 

437) Ambiini (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): 

438) Ancylolomiini Swinhoe & Cotes, 1891 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ancylolomiini Swinhoe & 

439) Anerastiini Ragonot,i885 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anerastiini Ragonot,i88s 

440) Cledeobiini Blanchard,i840 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cledeobiini Blanchard,i840 

441) Crambinae Latreille,i8io (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Crambinae Latreille,i8io 

442) Crambini Latreille,i8io (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Crambini Latreille,i8io 

443) Cryptoblabini Roesler,i968 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cryptoblabini Roesler,ig68 

444) Cybalomiinae Marion, 1955 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cybalomiinae Marion,ig55 

445) Diptychophorini Gaskin,i97i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Diptychophorini Gaskin,igyi 

446) Endotrichina Ragonot,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Endotrichina Ragonot,i8go 

447) Epipaschiinae Meyrick,i884 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Epipaschiinae Meyrick,i884 

448) Euclastini Popescu-Gorj & Constantinescu,i977 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Euclastinae Popescu- 
Gorj & Constantinescu,ig77 

449) Eurrhypini Leraut & Luquet,i982 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eurrhypini Leraut & Luquet,ig82 

450) Evergestinae Marion, 1952 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Evergestinae Marion,igs2 

451) Evergestini Marion, 1952 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Evergestini Marion,igs2 

452) Galleriinae Stainton,[i8s8] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Galleriinae Stainton,[i8s8] 

453) Galleriini Stainton,[i8s8] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Galleriini Stainton,[i8s8] 

454) Glaphyriinae Forbes, 1923 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Glaphyriinae Forbes, ig23 

455) Glaphyriini Forbes, 1923 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Glaphyriini Forbes, ig23 

456) Heliothelini Amsel,i96i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): HeliotheliniAmsel,ig6i 

457) Hercynini (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): 

458) Hypotiina Janse,i9i7 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hypotiina Janse,igi/ 

459) Nymphulinae Duponchel,[i845] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nymphulinae Duponchel,[i845] 

460) Nymphulini Duponchel,[i845] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nymphulini Duponchel,[i845] 

461) Odontiina Guenee,i854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Odontiina Guenee,i854 

462) Odontiinae Guenee,i854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Odontiinae Guenee,i854 

463) Peoriini Hulst,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym (s): Peoriini Hulst,i8go 

464) PhycitinaZeller,i839 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Phycitina Zeller, i83g 

465) Phycitinae Zeller,i839 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Phycitinae Zeller, i83g 

466) Phycitini Zeller, 1839 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Phycitini Zeller, i83g 

467) Pyralidae Latreille, 1809 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyralidae Latreille,i8og 

468) Pyralina Latreille, 1809 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyralina Latreille, i8og 

469) Pyralinae Latreille, 1809 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyralinae Latreille, i8og 

470) Pyralini Latreille, 1809 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyralini Latreille, i8og 

471) Pyraloidea Latreille, 1809 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyraloidea Latreille, i8og 

472) Pyraustinae Meyrick,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyraustinae Meyrick,i8go 

473) Pyraustini Meyrick,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyraustini Meyrick,i8go 

474) Schoenobiinae Duponchel,[i846] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Schoenobiinae Duponchel,[i846] 

475) Schoenobiini Duponchel,[i846] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Schoenobiini Duponchel,[i846] 

476) Scopariinae Guenee,i854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eudoridi Stephens, 18 52; Scoparidae 
Guenee,i854; Eudoreidae Stainton,i8sg 

477) Scopariini Guenee,l854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eudoridi Stephens, 18 52; Scoparidae Guenee,i854; 
Eudoreidae Stainton,i8sg 

478) Spilomelini (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): 

479) Riodinidae Grote,i895 (Riodinidae) Synonym(s): Riodinidae Grote,i8gs 

480) Roeslerstammiidae Bruand,i8so (Roeslerstammiidae) Synonym(s): Roeslerstammiidae 
Bruand,i850; Amphiteridae auct. 

481) Attacini Blanchard,i840 (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Attacini Blanchard,i840 

482) Saturniidae Boisduval, [1837] (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Saturniidae Boisduval,[i83y] 

483) Saturniinae Boisduval, [1837] (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Saturniinae Boisduval,[i837] 

484) Saturniini Boisduval, [1837] (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Saturniini Boisduval,[i837]; Actiadini 
Testout,ig4i; Graellsiini Vives Moreno, igg4 

485) Coenonymphini Tutt,i896 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Coenonymphini Tutt,i8g6 

486) Erebiini Tutt,i896 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Erebiini Tutt,i8g6 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

487) Maniolini Grote,i897 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Maniolini Grote,i897 

488) Melanargiini Wheeler, 1903 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Melanargiini Wheeler, 1903 

489) Satyridae Boisduval,i833 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Satyridae Boisduval,i833 

490) Satyrina Boisduval,i833 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Satyrina Boisduval,i833 

491) Satyrini Boisduval,i833 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Satyrini Boisduval,i833 

492) Ypthimini Miller, 1968 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Ypthimini Miller, 1968 

493) Scythridae Rebel,i90i (Scythridae) Synonym(s): Scythridae Rebel,igoi 

494) Paranthreninae Niculescu,i964 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Paranthreninae Niculescu,i964 

495) Pennisetiini Naumann,l97l (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): PennisetiiniNaumann,i97i; Paraglosseciini 
Gorbunov ,1991 

496) Sesiidae Boisduval,l828 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Sesiidae Boisduval,i828; Aegeriidae Stephens,i828 

497) Sesiinae Boisduval,l828 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Sesiinae Boisduval,i828; Aegeriinae Stephens, 1828 

498) Sesiini Boisduval,l828 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Sesiini Boisduval,i828; Aegeriini Stephens,i828; 
#Euthrenini Fischer, 2006; Afrokonini Fischer, 2006 

499) Sesioidea Boisduval,i828 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Sesioidea Boisduval,i828 

500) Synanthedonini Niculescu,i964 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Synanthedonini Niculescu,i964; 
Thamnospheciini Kralicek & Povolny,i977 

501) Tinthiinae Cerf,l9l7 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Tinthiinae Cerf,i9i7; Bembeciinae Niculescu,i964; 
Zenodoxinae MacKay,i968 

502) Tinthiini Cerf,l9l7 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Tinthiini Cerf,i9i7; Zenodoxini MacKay,i968 

503) Aceronthiina Butler, 1876 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Aceronthiina Butler,i876 

504) Choerocampina Grote & Robinson, 1865 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Choerocampina Grote & 

505) Macroglossina Harris, 1839 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Macroglossina Harris,i839 

506) Macroglossinae Harris, 1839 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Macroglossinae Harris,i839 

507) Macroglossini Harris, 1839 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Macroglossini Harris,i839 

508) Smerinthina Grote & Robinson, 1865 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Smerinthina Grote & 

509) Smerinthini Grote & Robinson, 1865 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Smerinthini Grote & 

510) Sphingidae Latreille, [1802] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Sphingidae Latreille,[i8o2] 

511) Sphingina Latreille, [1802] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Sphingina Latreille, [1802] 

512) Sphinginae Latreille, [1802] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Sphinginae Latreille,[i8o2] 

513) Sphingini Latreille, [1802] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Sphingini Latreille, [1802] 

514) Sphingoidea Latreille, [1802] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Sphingoidea Latreille, [1802] 

515) Stathmopodidae Meyrick,i9i3 (Stathmopodidae) Synonym(s): Stathmopodidae Meyrick,i9i3 

516) Thaumetopoeidae Aurivillus,i889 (Thaumetopoeidae) Synonym(s): Thaumetopoeidae 

517) Thaumetopoeinae Aurivillus,i889 (Thaumetopoeidae) Synonym(s): Thaumetopoeinae 

518) Habrosynini (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): 

519) Polyplocinae Meyrick,i895 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Polyplocinae Meyrick,i895 

520) Polyplocini Meyrick,i895 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Polyplocini Meyrick,i895 

521) Tetheini (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): 

522) Thyatiridae Smith, 1893 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Thyatiridae Smith,i893 

523) Thyatirinae Smith, 1893 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Thyatirinae Smith,i893 

524) Thyatirini Smith, 1893 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Thyatirini Smith,i893 

525) Thyridae Herrich-Schaffer,i846 (Thyridae) Synonym(s): Thyridae Herrich-Schaffer, 1846 

526) Thyrinae Herrich-Schaffer,i846 (Thyridae) Synonym(s): Thyrinae Herrich-Schaffer, 1846 

527) Thyridoidea Herrich-Schaffer, 1846 (Thyridoidea) Thyridoidea Herrich-Schaffer, 1846 

528) Ateliotini Zagulyaev,i975 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Ateliotini Zagulyaev,i975 

529) Cephimallotini Zagulyaev,i965 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Cephimallotini Zagulyaev, 1965 

530) Dryadaulinae (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Dry adaulinae ; Archimeessiini Zagulyaev, 1970 

531) Euplocaminae Bruand,i8s8 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Euplocaminae Bruand,i8s8 

532) Hapsiferinae Zagulyaev, 19 6 8 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Hapsiferinae Zagulyaev, 1968 

533) Hapsiferini Zagulyaev,i968 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Hapsiferini Zagulyaev, 1968 

534) Hieroxestinae Meyrick,l893 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Dendroneurinae Walsingham,[i892]; 
Hieroxestinae Meyrick,i893; Oenophilidae Spuler,i898 

535) Infurcitineini Gozmany,i965 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Infurcitineini Gozmany,i96s 

536) Meessiinae Zagulyaev,i958 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Meessiinae Zagulyaev, 1958 

537) Meessiini Zagulyaev,i958 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Meessiini Zagulyaev, 1958 

538) Myrmecozelinae Zagulyaev,i958 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecozelinae Zagulyaev, 1958 

539) Myrmecozelini Zagulyaev,i958 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecozelini Zagulyaev, 1958 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

540) Nemapogoninae Hinton,l955 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Nemapogoninae Hintonjgss 

541) Nemapogonini Hinton,l955 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Nemapogonini Hinton,ig55 

542) Novotineini Capuse,i97i (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Novotineini Capuse,igyi 

543) Rhodobatini Capuse,i968 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Rhodobatini Capuse,ig68 

544) Scardiinae Eyer,i924 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Scardiinae Eyer,ig24 

545) Tineidae Latreille,i8io (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Tineidae Latreille,i 810 

546) Tineinae Latreille,i8io (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Tineinae Latreille,i8io 

547) Tineoidea Latreille,i8io (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Tineoidea Latreille,i8io 

548) Triaxomerini G.Petersen, 1983 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Triaxomerini G. Peter sen,ig83 

549) Tischeriidae Spuler,i898 (Tischeriidae) Synonym(s): Tischeriidae Spuler,i8g8 

550) Tischerioidea Spuler,i898 (Tischeriidae) Synonym(s): Tischerioidea Spuler,i8g8 

551) Archipini Pierce & Metcalf,i922 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Archipini Pierce & Metcalf,ig22 

552) Bactrim Falkovitsh.,1962 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Bactrim Falkovitsh,ig62 

553) Ceracini Cotes & Swinhoe,i889 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Ceracinae Cotes & Swinhoe,i88g 

554) Chlidanotinae Diakonoff,i96o (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Chlidanotinae Diakonoff,ig6o 

555) Chlidanotini Diakonoff,i96o (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Chlidanotini Diakonoff,ig6o 

556) Cnephasiini Stainton,[i8s8] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cnephasiini Stainton,[i 858] 

557) Cochylini Guenee, 1845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cochylini Guenee,i845 

558) Endotheniina Diakonoff,i973 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Endotheniina Diakonoff,ig73 

559) Endotheniini Diakonoff,i973 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Endotheniini Diakonoff,ig73 

560) Eucosmini Meyrick,l909 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Penthinidi Guenee,i845; Spilonotidi 
Guenee,i845; EStigmonotidae Stainton,[i858]; Epiblemidae Meyrick,i8gs; Eucosmidae Meyrick,igog 

561) Euliini Kuznetsov & Stekolnikov,i977 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Euliae Kuznetsov & 
Stekolnikov ',1977 

562) Grapholitini Guenee, 1845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Grapholitini Guenee,i845 

563) Hilarographini Diakonoff,i977 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Hilar ographini Diakonoff,ig77 

564) Olethreutina Walshingham,l895 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Syricoridi Guenee,i845; Olethreutinae 
Walshingham,i8g5; Eudemini Falkovich,ig62; Lobesiini Falkovich,ig62; Rhodocosmariae Diakonoff,ig73; 
Zomariae Diakonoff,ig73; Sorolophiae Diakonoff,ig73; Sycacanthinae Diakonoff,ig73; Statherotinae 
Diakonoff,i g73; 

565) Olethreutinae Walshingham, 1895 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Syricoridi Guenee,i845; 
Olethreutinae Walshingham,i8g5; Eudemini Falkovich,ig62; Lobesiini Falkovich,ig62; Rhodocosmariae 
Diakonoff,ig73; Zomariae Diakonoff,ig73; Sorolophiae Diakonoff,ig73; Sycacanthinae Diakonoff,ig73; 
Statherotinae Diakonojf,ig73; 

566) Olethreutini Walshingham, 1895 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Syricoridi Guenee,i845; Olethreutinae 
Walshingham, i8g5; Eudemini Falkovich,ig62; Lobesiini Falkovich,ig62; Rhodocosmariae Diakonoff,ig73; 
Zomariae Diakonoff,ig73; Sorolophiae Diakonoff,ig73; Sycacanthinae Diakonoff,ig73; Statherotinae 
Diakonoff,i g73; 

567) Penthininae Guenee, 1845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Penthininae Guenee,i845 

568) Phricanthini Diakonoff,i98i (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Phricanthini Diakonoff,ig8i 

569) Polyorthini Obraztsov,i966 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Polyorthini Obraztsov,ig66 

570) Sparganothini Walsingham,l9l3 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): SparganothiniWalsingham,igi3 

571) Spilonotina Guenee, 1845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Spilonotina Guenee,i845 

572) Spilonotini Guenee, 1845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Spilonotini Guenee,i845 

573) Tortricidae Latreille, [1803] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Tortricidae Latreille,[i8o3] 

574) Tortricinae Latreille, [1803] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Tortricinae Latreille,[i8o3] 

575) Tortricini Latreille, [1803] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Tortricini Latreille,[i8o3] 

576) To rtricoidea Latreille, [1803] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Tortricoidea Latreille,[i8o3] 

577) Ochsenheimeriinae Herrich-Schaffer,i857 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Ochsenheimeriinae 
Herrich-Schaffer,i 857 

578) Plutellinae Guenee,i845 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Plutellinae Guenee,i845 

579) Praydinae Moriuti, 1977 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Praydinae Moriuti,ig77 

580) Scythropiinae (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): 

581) Yponomeutidae Stephens, 1829 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Yponomeutidae Stephens,i82g 

582) Yponomeutinae Stephens, 1829 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Yponomeutinae Stephens,i82g 

583) Yponomeutoidea Stephens, 1829 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Yponomeutoidea Stephens,i82g 

584) Ypsolophinae Guenee,i845 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Ypsolophinae Guenee,i845 

585) Procrinae Boisduval,i828 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Procrinae Boisduval,i828 

586) Procrini Boisduval,i828 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Procrini Boisduval,i828 

587) Zygaenidae Latreille, 1809 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Zygaenidae Latreille, i8og 

588) Zygaeninae Latreille, 1809 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Zygaeninae Latreille,i8og 

589) Zygaenini Latreille, 18 09 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Zygaenini Latreille, i8og 

590) Zygaenoidea Latreille, 1809 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Zygaenoidea Latreille, i8og 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

Other Pterygot Orders 

591) Achilidae Stal,i866 (Achilidae) Synonym(s): Achilidae Stal,i866 

592) Acrididae MacLeay,i82i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Acrididae MacLeay,i82i 

593) Acridinae MacLeay,i82i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Acridinae MacLeay,i82i 

594) Acridini MacLeay,i82i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Acridini MacLeay,i82i 

595) Acrotylini Shumakov,i963 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Acrotylini Shumakov,ig6 3 

596) Aiolopini Shumakov,i963 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Aiolopini Shumakov,ig63 

597) Arcypterini Shumakov,i963 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Arcypterini Shumakov,ig63 

598) Calliptaminae Tinkham,i940 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Calliptaminae Tinkham,ig40 

599) Catantopinae Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Catantopinae Brunner 
von Wattenwyl,i8g3 

600) Pezotettigini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Pezotettigini Brunner von 

601) Cyrtacanthacridinae W.F.Kirby,i902 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Cyrtacanthacridinae 

602) Dociostaurini (Acrididae) Synonym(s): 

603) Epacromiini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Epacromiini Brunner von 

604) Eyprepocneminae Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Eyprepocneminae 
Brunner von Wattenwyl,i8g3 

605) Gomphocerinae Fieber,i853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Gomphocerinae Fieber,i8s3 

606) Gomphocerini Fieber,l853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Gomphocerini Fieber,i853; Chorthippini 

607) Locustini Kirby,i825 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Locustini Kirby,i825 

608) Melanoplinae S.H.Scudder,i897 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Melanoplinae S.H.Scudder,i8g7 

609) Oedipodinae Walker,i87i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Oedipodinae Walker, 1871 

610) Oedipodini Walker,i87i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Oedipodini Walker, 1871 

611) Parapleurini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Parapleurini Brunner von 
Wattenwyl,i8g3; Mecostethini Hebard,ig24; Ceracrini Yin &X.-C.,ig84 

612) Podismini Mishchenko,i945 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Podismini Mishchenko,ig45; 
Parapodisminae Inoue,ig8s 

613) Sphingonotini Johnston, 1956 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Sphingonotini Johnston,igs6 

614) Stenobothrini Harz,i975 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Stenobothrini Harz,ig75 

615) Tropidopolinae Dirsh,l96l (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Tropidopolinae Dirsh,ig6i; Tropidopolinae 

616) Acridoidea MacLeay,i82i (Acridoidea) Acridoidea MacLeay,i82i 

617) Acroceridae Leach, 1815 (Acroceridae) Synonym(s): Acroceridae Leach.,1815 

618) Panopinae (Acroceridae) Synonym(s): 

619) Aeshnidae Rambur,i842 (Aeshnidae) Synonym(s): Aeshnidae Rambur,i842 

620) Agaonidae Walker,i846 (Agaonidae) Synonym(s): Agaonidae Walker, 1846 

621) Agromyzidae Fallen, 1810 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Agromyzidae Fallen,i8io 

622) Agromyzinae Fallen, 1810 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Agromyzinae Fallen,i8io 

623) Phytomyzinae (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): 

624) Alydidae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Alydidae) Synonym(s): Alydidae Amyot & Audinet- 

625) Alydinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Alydidae) Synonym(s): Alydinae Amyot & Audinet- 

626) Alydini Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Alydidae) Synonym(s): Alydini Amyot & Audinet- 
Serville, 1843 

627) Amorphoscelidae Stal,i877 (Amorphoscelidae) Synonym(s): Amorphoscelidae Stal,i877 

628) Amorphoscelinae Stal,i877 (Amorphoscelidae) Synonym(s): Amorphoscelinae Stal,i877 

629) Ampulicidae Shuckard,i840 (Ampulicidae) Synonym(s): Ampulicidae Shuckard,i840 

630) Andrenidae Latreille,l802 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Andrenidae Latreille,i8o2; Anthreninae 
Burmeister,i82g; Alocandreninae Michener,2000 

631) Andreninae Latreille,l802 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Andreninae Latreille,i8o2; Anthreninae 
Burmeister,i82g; Alocandreninae Michener,2000 

632) Panurginae Leach, 1815 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Panurginae Leach,i8i5 

633) Panurgini Leach, 1815 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Panurgini Leach,i8i5 

634) Melitturgini Newman, 1834 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Melitturgini Newman,i834 

635) Anthicidae Latreille,i8i9 (Anthicidae) Synonym(s): Anthicidae Latreille,i8ig 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

636) Anthicinae Latreille,i8i9 (Anthicidae) Synonym(s): Anthicinae Latreille,i8ig 

637) Anthocoridae Fieber,i837 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Anthocoridae Fieber, 1837 

638) Anthocorinae Fieber,i837 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Anthocorinae Fieber,i837 

639) Anthocorini Fieber,i837 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Anthocorini Fieber,i837 

640) Oriini (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): 

641) Cardiastethini (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): 

642) Buchananiella Reuter,i885 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Buchananiella Reuter,i88s 

643) Dufouriellini (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): 

644) Xylocorini (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): 

645) Anthomyiidae Latreille,i829 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Anthomyiidae Latr exile, 1829 

646) Anthomyiinae Latreille,i829 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Anthomyiinae Latr eille, 1829 

647) Anthomyiini Latreille,i829 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Anthomyiini Latr eille, 1829 

648) Hydrophoriini Lioy,i864 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Hydrophoriini Lioy,i864 

649) Pegomyini R-D.,1830 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Pegomyini R-D.,1830 

650) Pegomyinae R-D.,1830 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Pegomyinae R-D.,1830 

651) Anthomyzidae Frey,i92i (Anthomyzidae) Synonym(s): Anthomyzidae Frey,i92i 

652) Anthribidae Billberg,i820 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Anthribidae Billberg,i820 

653) Anthribinae Billberg,i820 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Anthribinae Billberg,i820 

654) Pleurocerinae (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): 

655) Choraginae W.Kirby,l8l9 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Choraginae W.Kirby,i8i9; Anocerinae auct. 

656) Aphelinidae (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): 

657) Aphelocheiridae Fieber,i85i (Aphelocheiridae) Synonym(s): Aphelocheiridae Fieber, 1851 

658) Aphididae Latreille,i8o2 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aphididae Latreille,i8o2 

659) Aphidinae Latreille,i8o2 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aphidinae Latr eille, 1802 

660) Aphidini Latreille,i8o2 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aphidini Latr eille, 1802 

661) Aphidina Latreille,i8o2 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aphidina Latreille,i8o2 

662) Rhopalosiphiiia Mordvilk.0,1914 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Rhopalosiphina Mordvilk.0,1914 

663) Macrosiphini Wilson, 1910 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Macrosiphini Wilson.,1910 

664) Chaitophorinae Mordvilko,i9o8 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Chaitophorinae Mordvilk.0,1908 

665) Chaitophorini Mordvilko,i9o8 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Chaitophorini Mordvilk.0,1908 

666) Siphini Mordvilko,i928 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Siphini Mordvilko, 1928 

667) Lachninae Herrich-Schaffer,i854 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Lachninae Herrich-Schdjfer,i854 

668) Cinarini (Aphididae) Synonym(s): 

669) Lachnini Herrich-Schaffer,l854 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Lachnini Herrich-Schqffer,i854 

670) Anoeciinae Tullgren,i909 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Anoeciinae Tullgren,i909 

671) AnoeciiniTullgren,l909 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Anoeciini Tullgren,i909 

672) Myzocallidinae (Aphididae) Synonym(s): 

673) Myzocallidini (Aphididae) Synonym(s): 

674) Pemphiginae Herrich-Schaffer,i854 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pemphiginae Herrich- 

675) Eriosomatini Kirkaldy,i905 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Eriosomatini Kirkaldy,i905 

676) Fordini Acloque,i897 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): FordiniAcloque,i897 

677) Pemphigini Herrich-Schaffer,i854 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pemphigini Herrich-Schqffer,i854 

678) Pterocommatinae Wilson, 1910 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pterocommatinae Wilson,i9io 

679) Pterocommatini Wilson, 1910 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pterocommatini Wilson,i9io 

680) Calaphidinae Oestlund,i9i9 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Calaphidinae Oestlund,i9i9 

681) Calaphidini Oestlund,i9i9 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Calaphidini Oestlund,i9i9 

682) Panaphidini Oestlund,i923 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Panaphidini Oestlund,i923 

683) Baizongiina B6rner,l944 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): #Dasiina Van der Goot,i9i8; Baizongiina 

684) Apidae Latreille,i8o2 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Apidae Latr eille, 1802 

685) Bombinae Latreille,i8o2 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Bombinae Latr eille, 1802 

686) Apinae Latreille,i8o2 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Apinae Latreille,i8o2 

687) Xylocopinae Latreille,i8o2 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Xylocopinae Latreille,i8o2 

688) Nomadinae Latreille,i8o2 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Nomadinae Latr eille, 1802 

689) Apionidae Schoenherr,i823 (Apionidae) Synonym(s): Apionidae Schoenherr,i823 

690) Apoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Apoidea) Apoidea Latr eille, 1802 

691) Aradidae Brulle,i836 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Aradidae Brulle, 1836 

692) Aradinae Brulle, 1836 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Aradinae Brulle,i836 

693) Calisiinae Stal,i873 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Calisiinae Stal,i873 

694) Aneurinae Douglas & Scott, 1865 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Aneurinae Douglas & Scott,i86s 

695) Argidae Konow,i890 (Argidae) Synonym(s): Argidae Konow,i890 

696) Sterictiphorinae (Argidae) Synonym(s): 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

697) Ascalaphidae Rambur,i842 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Ascalaphidae Rambur,i842 

698) Ascalaphinae Rambur,i842 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Ascalaphinae Rambur,i842 

699) Asilidae Latreille,i8o2 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Asilidae Latreille,i8o2 

700) Asilinae Latreille,i8o2 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Asilinae Latreille,i8o2 

701) Dasypogoninae Macquart,i838 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Dasypogoninae Macquart,i838 

702) Dasypogonini Macquart,i838 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Dasypogonini Macquart,i838 

703) Dioctriinae Enderlein,i936 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Dioctriinae Enderlein,i936 

704) Laphriinae Macquart,i838 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Laphriinae Macquart,i838 

705) Ctenotini Hull, 1962 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Ctenotini HuU.,1962 

706) Laphriini Macquart,i838 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Laphriini Macquart,i838 

707) Andrenosomini Hull, 1962 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Andrenosomini Hull,ig62 

708) Laphystiinae Hendel,i936 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Laphystiinae Hendel,i936 

709) Leptogastrinae Schiner,i862 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Leptogastrinae Schiner,i862 

710) Stenopogoninae Hardy,i930 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Stenopogoninae Hardy, 1930 

711) Dioctriini Enderlein,i936 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Dioctriini Enderlein,i936 

712) Stenopogonini Hardy,i930 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Stenopogonini Hardy ,1930 

713) Stichopogoninae Hardy,i930 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Stichopogoninae Hardy, 1930 

714) Asiloidea Latreille,i8o2 (Asiloidea) Asiloidea Latreille,i8o2 

715) Asterolecaniidae (Asterolecaniidae) Synonym(s): 

716) Athericidae Stuckenberg,i973 (Athericidae) Synonym(s): Athericidae Stuckenberg,i973 

717) Attelabidae Billberg,i820 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Attelabidae Billberg ,1820 

718) Attelabinae Billberg,i820 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Attelabinae Billberg, 1820 

719) Attelabini Billberg, 1820 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Attelabini Billberg, 1820 

720) Apoderinae Jekel,i86o (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Apoderinae Jekel,i86o 

721) Apoderini Jekel,i86o (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Apoderini Jekel,i86o 

722) Rhynchitinae Gistel,i8s6 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Rhynchitinae Gistel,i8s6 

723) Rhynchitini Gistel,i856 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Rhynchitini Gistel,i8s6 

724) Isotheini Scudder,l893 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Isotheini Scudder,i893; Deporaini Voss,i93i 

725) Auletini Reitter,i9i3 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Auletini Reitter,i9i3 

726) Byctiscini Voss,i929 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): ByctisciniVoss,i929 

727) Auchenorrhyncha Dumeril,l8o6 (Auchenorrhyncha) Auchenorrhyncha Dumeril,i8o6 

728) Aulacidae (Aulacidae) Synonym(s): 

729) Bacillidae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i893 (Basillidae) Synonym(s): Bacillidae Brunner von 

730) Belostomatidae Leach, 1815 (Belostomatidae) Synonym(s): Belostomatidae Leach.,1815 

731) BeraeidaeWallengren,i89i (Beraeidae) Synonym(s): Beraeidae Wallengren,i89i 

732) Berothidae Handlirsch,i9o8 (Berothidae) Synonym(s): Berothidae Handlirsch,i9o8 

733) Berytidae Fieber,i85i (Berytidae) Synonym(s): Berytidae Fieber,i8si 

734) Bibionidae Fleming,i82i (Bibionidae) Synonym(s): Bibionidae Fleming, 1821 

735) Bibioninae Fleming,i82i (Bibionidae) Synonym(s): Bibioninae Fleming, 1821 

736) Bibionoidea Fleming,l82l (Bibionoidea) Bibionoidea Fleming,i82i 

737) Bittacidae Handlirsch,i9o6 (Bittacidae) Synonym(s): Bittacidae Handlirsch,i9o6 

738) Blattidae Handlirsch,i925 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Blattidae Handlirsch,i925 

739) Blattinae Handlirsch,i925 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Blattinae Handlirsch.,1925 

740) Ectobiinae Chopard,i95i (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Ectobiinae Chopard,i95i 

741) Blattodea Handlirsch,l925 (Blattodea) Blattodea Handlirsch,i925 

742) Blephariceridae Schiner,i862 (Blephariceridae) Synonym(s): Blephariceridae Schiner,i862 

743) Blepharicerinae Schiner,i862 (Blephariceridae) Synonym(s): Blepharicerinae Schiner,i862 

744) Apistomyiini (Blephariceridae) Synonym(s): 

745) Blepharicerini Schiner,i862 (Blephariceridae) Synonym(s): Blepharicerini Schiner,i862 

746) Blephariceroidea Schiner,i862 (Blephariceroidea) Blephariceroidea Schiner,i862 

747) Bolitophilidae Winnertz,i863 (Bolitophilidae) Synonym(s): Bolitophilidae Winnertz,i863 

748) Anthracinae Latreille,i8o4 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Anthracinae Latreille,i8o4 

749) Anthracini Latreille,i8o4 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Anthracini Latreille,i8o4 

750) Bombyliidae Latreille, 1802 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombyliidae Latreille,i8o2 

751) Usiinae Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

752) Usiini Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

753) Phthiriinae Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

754) Phthiriini Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

755) Toxophorinae Schiner (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

756) Geronini Hesse, 1938 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Geronini Hesse, 1938 

757) Systropodini Brauer (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

758) Toxophorini Schiner (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

759) Heterotropinae Becker,i9i2 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Heterotropinae Becker, 1912 

760) Bombyliinae Latreille,i8o2 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombyliinae Latreille,i8o2 

761) Bombyliini Latreille,i8o2 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombyliini Latr exile, 1802 

762) Cythereinae Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

763) Exoprosopini Becker, 1912 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Exoprosopini Becker ,1912 

764) Lomatiinae Schiner,i868 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Lomatiinae Schiner,i868 

765) Oligodraninae Evenhuis (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

766) Usiini Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

767) Usiinae Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

768) Mariobezziinae Becker (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

769) Bombyloidea Latreille,i8o2 (Bombyloidea) Bombyloidea Latreille,i8o2 

770) Bostrichidae Latreille,i8o2 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Bostrichidae Latreille,i8o2 

771) Bostrichinae Latreille,i8o2 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Bostrichinae Latreille,i8o2 

772) Psoinae Blanchard,i85i (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Psoirxae Blanchard,i8si 

773) Lyctinae Billberg,i820 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Lyctinae Billberg ,1820 

774) Bostrichoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Bostrichoidea) Bostrichoidea Latr -exile, 1802 

775) Brachycentridae (Brachycentridae) Synonym(s): 

776) Brachyceridae Billberg,i820 (Brachyceridae) Synonym(s): Brachyceridae Billberg, 1820 

777) Microgastrinae F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Microgastrinae For ster, 1862 

778) Apantelini Viereck,i9i8 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Aparxtelini Viereck,i9i8 

779) Cotesiini Mason, 1981 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Cotesiini Masorx,i98i 

780) Microgastrini F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Microgastrini Forster,i862 

781) Microplitini Mason, 1981 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Microplitini Mason,i98i 

782) Cheloninae F6rster,l862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Cheloninae For ster, 1862; Adeliirxae 
Viereck,i9i8; Acaeliirxae Viereck,i9i8; Acoeliinae Viereck,i9i8 

783) Phanerotomini Baker,i926 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Pharxerotomini Baker ,1926 

784) Braconidae Nees ab Esenbeck,i8n (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Braconidae Nees ab Esenbeck,i8ii 

785) Braconinae Nees ab Esenbeck,i8n (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Bracorxinae Nees ab Eserxbeck,i8u 

786) Agathidinae Haliday,i833 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Agathidirxae Holiday ,1833 

787) Alysiinae Leach, 1815 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Alysiinae Leach.,1815 

788) Alysiini Leach, 1815 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Alysiini Leacb.,1815 

789) Blacinae F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Blacirxae For ster, 1862 

790) Blacini F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Blacini F6rster,i862 

791) Brachistinae F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Br achistirxae For ster, 1862 

792) Euphorinae F6rster,l862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Euphorinae For ster, 1862; Perilitinae 

793) Helconinae F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Helcorxirxae For ster, 1862 

794) Miracinae Viereck,i9i8 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Mir -acirxae Viereck, 1918 

795) Opiinae Blanchard,i845 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Opiinae Blanchard,i845 

796) Braulidae Egger,i853 (Braulidae) Synonym(s): Braulidae Egger,i853 

797) Brentidae Billberg,i820 (Brentidae) Synonym(s): Brentidae Billberg, 1820 

798) Brentinae Billberg,i820 (Brentidae) Synonym(s): Brentinae Billberg, 1820 

799) Apioninae Schoenherr,i823 (Brentidae) Synonym(s): Apiorxinae Schoenherr,i823 

800) Ceratapiini Alonso-Zarazaga,l99l (Brentidae) Synonym(s): CeratapiirxiAlorxso-Zarazaga,i99i 

801) Eremoxenini Semenov,i892 (Brentidae) Synonym(s): Eremoxenini Semenov,i892 

802) Bruchidae Latreille,i8o2 (Bruchidae) Synonym(s): Bruchidae Latr exile, 1802 

803) Bruchinae Latreille,i8o2 (Bruchidae) Synonym(s): Bruchirxae Latr exile, 1802 

804) Pachymerinae Bridwell,i929 (Bruchidae) Synonym(s): Pachymerirxae Bridwell,i929 

805) Buprestidae Leach, 1815 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Buprestidae Leach.,1815 

806) Julodinae Lacordaire,i857 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Julodirxae Lacordaire,i857 

807) Acmaeoderini Kerremans,i893 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Acmaeoderirxi Kerremans,i893 

808) Polyctesini Cobos,i955 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Polyctesini Cobos,i955 

809) Chrysochroini Laporte,i835 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Chrysochroini Laporte,i835 

810) Chalcophorina Lacordaire, 1857 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Chalcophorirxa Lacordaire, 1857 

811) Sphenopterini Lacordaire, 1857 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Sphenopterini Lacordaire,i857 

812) Dicerini Gistel,i848 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Dicerirxi Gistel,i848 

813) Dicerina Gistel,i848 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Dicerirxa Gistel,i848 

814) Buprestinae Leach, 1815 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Buprestinae Leach.,1815 

815) Buprestini Leach, 1815 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Buprestini Leach,i8i5 

816) Anthaxiini Gory & Laporte,i869 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Anthaxiini Gory & Laporte,i869 

817) Melanophilini Bedel, 1921 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Melarxophilirxi Bedel,i92i 

818) Chrysobothrini Gory & Laporte,i838 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Chrysobothrini Gory & 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

819) Agrilinae Laporte,i835 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Agrilinae Laporte,i835 

820) Coraebini Bedel, 1921 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Coraebini Bedel,i92i 

821) Agrilini Laporte,i835 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Agrilini Laporte,i835 

822) Trachini Laporte,i835 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Trachini Laporte,i835 

823) Buprestoidea Leach, 1815 (Buprestoidea) Buprestoidea Leach,i8i5 

824) Byturidae Jacquelin du Val,i8s8 (Byturidae) Synonym(s): Byturidae Jacquelin du Val,i8s8 

825) Calamoceratidae Ulmer,i905 (Calamoceratidae) Synonym(s): Calamoceratidae U\mer,igo5 

826) Caliscelidae Amyot &Audinet-Serville,i843 (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): Caliscelidae Amyot & 

827) Caliscelinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): Caliscelinae Amyot & 

828) Ommatidiotinae (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): 

829) Calliphoridae Brauer & Bergenstamm,i889 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Calliphoridae Brauer 
& Bergenstamm.,1889 

830) Calliphorinae Brauer & Bergenstamm,i889 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Calliphorinae Brauer 
& Bergenstamm.,1889 

831) Calliphorini Brauer & Bergenstamm,i889 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Calliphorini Brauer & 

832) Stomorhininae Lehrer,2007 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Stomorhininae Lehrer,2007; 
#Stomorhiniinae Lehrer,200y 

833) Luciliinae (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): 

834) Chrysomyinae (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): 

835) Calopterygidae Selys,i8so (Calopterygidae) Synonym(s): Calopterygidae Selys,i8so 

836) Calopteryginae Selys,i8so (Calopterygidae) Synonym(s): Calopteryginae Selys,i8so 

837) Epallaginae Needham,i903 (Calopterygidae) Synonym(s): Epallaginae Needham.,1903; Euphaeinae 
Jacobson & Bianki,i904 

838) Cantharidae Imhoff,i856 (1815) (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Cantharidae Imhoff, 1856 (1815) 

839) Cantharinae Imhoff,i856 (1815) (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Cantharinae Imhoff, 1856 (1815) 

840) Cantharini Imhoff,i856 (1815) (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Cantharini Imhoff ,1856 (1815) 

841) Malthininae Kiesenwetter,i852 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Malthininae Kiesenwetter,i8s2 

842) Malthinini Kiesenwetter,i852 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Malthinini Kiesenwetter,i852 

843) Malthodini Boeving & Craighead,i930 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Malthodini Boeving & 

844) Capniidae Banks, 1900 (Capniidae) Synonym(s): Capniidae Banks, 1900 

845) Apotominae LeConte,i853 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Apotominae LeConte,i853 

846) Apotomini LeConte,i853 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Apotomini LeConte,i853 

847) Bembidiina Stephens, 1827 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Bembidiina Stephens, 1827 

848) Bembidiini Stephens, 1827 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Bembidiini Stephens, 1827 

849) Brachininae Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Brachininae Bonelli,i8io 

850) Callistina Laporte,i834 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Callistina Laporte,i834 

851) Carabidae Latreille,i8o2 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Carabidae Latreille,i8o2 

852) Carabinae Latreille,i8o2 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Carabinae Latreille,i8o2 

853) Harpalinae Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Harpalinae Bonelli,i8io 

854) Chlaeniina Brulle,i834 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Chlaeniina Brulle,i834 

855) Chlaeniini Brulle, 1834 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Chlaeniini Brulle,i834 

856) Cicindelinae Latreille,i8o2 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cicindelinae Latr exile, 1802 

857) Licinini Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Licinini Bonelli,i8io 

858) Molopina Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Molopina BonelV.,1810 

859) Nebriini Laporte,i834 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Nebriini Laporte,i834 

860) Notiophilini Motschoulsky,i850 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Notiophilini Motschoulsky,i8so 

861) Oodini LaFerte-Senectere,i85i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Oodini LaFerte-Senectere,i85i 

862) Paussina Latreille, 1807 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Paussina Latr exile, 1807 

863) Paussinae Latreille, 1807 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Paussinae Latr exile, 1807 

864) Paussini Latreille, 1807 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Paussini Latreille, 1807 

865) Perileptina Sloane,i903 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Perileptina Sloane,i903 

866) Platynini Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Platynini Bonelli,i8io 

867) Pogonini Laporte,i834 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pogonini Laporte,i834 

868) Pterostichidi Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pterostichinae Bonelli,i8io 

869) Pterostichini Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pterostichini Bonelli,i8io 

870) Siagoninae Bonelli,i8i3 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Siagoninae BonelU.,1813 

871) Siagonini Bonelli,i8i3 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Siagonini Bonelli,i8i3 

872) Sphodrina Laporte,i834 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Sphodrina Laporte,i834 

873) Sphodrini Laporte,i834 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Sphodrini Laporte,i834 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

874) Synuchina Lindroth,i956 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Synuchina Lindroth,ig56 

875) Tachyina Motschoulsky,i862 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Tachyina Motschoulsky,i862 

876) Trechina Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Trechina Bonelli,i8io 

877) Trechinae Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Trechinae Bonelli,i8io 

878) Trechini Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Trechini Bonelli,i8io 

879) Carnidae Newman, 1834 (Carnidae) Synonym(s): Carnidae Newman,i834 

880) Cebrionidae Latreille, 1802 (Cebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cebrionidae Latreille,i8o2 

881) Cecidomyiidae Newman, 1834 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Cecidomyiidae Newman,i834 

882) Cephidae Newman, 1834 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Cephidae Newman,i834 

883) Hartigiini (Cephidae) Synonym(s): 

884) Pachycephini (Cephidae) Synonym(s): 

885) Cephini Newman, 1834 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Cephini Newman,i834 

886) Cephoidea Newman, 1834 (Cephoidea) Cephoidea Newman,i834 

887) Cerambycidae Latreille,i8o2 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Cerambycidae Latreille,i8o2 

888) Prioninae Latreille,i8o2 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Prioninae Latreille,i8o2 

889) Spondylidinae Audinet-Serville,i832 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Spondylidinae Audinet- 

890) Saphanini Gistel,i856 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Saphanini Gistel,i8s6 

891) Cerambycinae Latreille,i8o2 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Cerambycinae Latreille,i8o2 

892) Achrysonini Lacordaire,i869 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Achrysonini Lacordaire,i86g 

893) Callichromatini Blanchard,i845 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Callichromatini Blanchard,i845 

894) Callidiopini Lacordaire,i869 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Callidiopini Lacordaire,i86g 

895) Cerambycini Latreille,i8o2 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Cerambycini Latreille,i8o2 

896) Certalini Audinet-Serville,i834 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Certalini Audinet-Serville,i834 

897) Clytini Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Clytini Mulsant,i83g 

898) Hesperophanini Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Hesperophanini Mulsant,i83g 

899) Trachyderini Dupont,l836 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Trachyderini Dupont,i836; Purpuricenini 

900) Rosaliini Fairmaire,i864 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Rosaliini Fairmaire,i864 

901) Stenopterini Fairmaire,i868 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Stenopterini Fairmaire,i868 

902) Lepturinae Latreille,i8o2 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Lepturinae Latreille,i8o2 

903) Lepturini Latreille,i8o2 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Lepturini Latreille,i8o2 

904) Rhagiini Kirby,i837 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Rhagiini Kirby,i837 

905) Lamiinae Latreille,i825 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Lamiinae Latreille,i825 

906) Acanthocinini J.Thomson, i860 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Acanthocinini J.Thomson,i86o 

907) Agapanthiini Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Agapanthiini Mulsant,i83g 

908) Batocerini Lacordaire,i869 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Batocerini Lacordaire,i86g 

909) Dorcadiini Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Dorcadiini Mulsant,i83g 

910) Lamiini Latreille,i825 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Lamiini Latreille,i825 

911) Obereini Thomson, 1864 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Obereini Thomson,i864 

912) Phytoeciini Pascoe,i864 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Phytoeciini Pascoe,i864 

913) Saperdini Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Saperdini Mulsant,i83g 

914) Tetropini Thomson, i860 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Tetropini Thomson,i86o 

915) Ceratopogonidae Newman, 1834 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Ceratopogonidae Newman,i834 

916) Ceratopogoninae Newman, 1834 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Ceratopogoninae Newman,i834 

917) Ceratopogonini Newman, 1834 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Ceratopogonini Newman,i834 

918) Culicoidini Kieffer,i9ii (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Culicoidini Kieffer,ign 

919) Sphaeromiini Newman, 1834 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Sphaeromiini Newman,i834 

920) Dasyheleinae Lenz,i934 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Dasyheleinae Lenz,ig34 

921) Forcipomyiinae Lenz,i934 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Forcipomyiinae Lenz,ig34 

922) Aphrophorinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Aphrophorinae 
Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 

923) Cercopidae Leach,i8i5 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Cercopidae Leach.,181 5 

924) Cercopinae Leach,i8i5 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Cercopinae Leach,i8i5 

925) Chalcididae Latreille,i8i7 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Chalcidites Latr exile, 1817 

926) Chalcidinae Latreille,i8i7 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Chalcidites Latreille, 1817 

927) Chalcidoidea Latreille, 1817 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Chalcidoidea Latreille, 1817 

928) Haltichellinae (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): 

929) Chamaemyiidae Hendel,i9io (Chamaemyiidae) Synonym(s): Chamaemyiidae Hendel,igio 

930) Chironomidae Newman, 1834 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Chironomidae Newman,i834 

931) Tanypodinae Goetghebuer,i927 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Tanypodinae Goetghebuer,ig27 

932) Diamesinae Kieffer,i923 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Diamesinae Kieffer,ig23 

933) Prodiamesinae Saether,i979 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Prodiamesinae Saether,ig7g 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

934) Orthocladiinae Kieffer,i9ii (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Orthocladiinae Kiejfer,igii 

935) Chironominae Newman, 1834 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Chironominae Newman,i834 

936) Chironomini Newman, 1834 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Chironomini Newman,i834 

937) Tanytarsini Goetghebuer,i937 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Tanytarsini Goetghebuer,i937 

938) Chironomoidea Newman, 1834 (Chironomoidea) Chironomoidea Newman,i834 

939) Chloroperlidae Okamoto,i9i2 (Chloroperlidae) Synonym(s): Chloroperlidae Okamoto,i9i2 

940) Chloropidae Rondani,i8s6 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Chloropidae Rondani,i8s6 

941) Chloropinae Rondani,i8s6 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Chloropinae Rondani,i8s6 

942) Oscinellinae Becker,l9lO (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Oscinellinae Becker, 1910; Oscinosominae 
Enderlein,i9ii; Botanobiinae Malloch,i9i3 

943) Chrysididae Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Chrysididae Latr exile, 1802 

944) Cleptinae Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Cleptinae Latr -exile, 1802 

945) Elampinae Dahlbom,i854 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Elampinae Dahlbom,i854 

946) Elampini Dahlbom,i854 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Elampini Dahlbom,i854 

947) Chrysidinae Latreille, 18 02 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Chrysidinae Latr exile, 1802 

948) Chrysidini Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Chrysidini Latr -exile, 1802 

949) Parnopini Aaron, 1909 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Parnopini Aaron,i909 

950) Chrysidoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysidoidea) Chrysidoidea Latreille,i8o2 

951) Chrysomelidae Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Chrysomelidae Latr exile, 1802 

952) Criocerinae Latreille,i8o4 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Criocerinae Latreille,i8o4 

953) Chrysomelinae Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Chrysomelinae Latreille,i8o2 

954) Galerucinae Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Galerucinae Latr exile, 1802 

955) Eumolpinae Hope, 1840 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Eumolpinae Hope,i840 

956) Cassidinae Gyllenhal,i8i3 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Cassidinae Gyllerxhal,i8i3 

957) Cryptocephalinae Gyllenhal,i8i3 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Cryptocephalinae Gyllerxhal,i8i3 

958) Clytrinae Kirby,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Clytrinae Kirby, 1837 

959) Alticinae Spinola,i844 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Alticinae Spirxola,i844 

960) Donaciinae Kirby,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Donaciinae Kirby, 1837 

961) Hispinae Gyllenhal,i8i3 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Hispinae Gyllenhal,i8i3 

962) Chrysomeloidea Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysomeloidea) Chrysomeloidea Latr exile, 1802 

963) Chrysomeloidea Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysomeloidea) Chrysomeloidea Latr exile, 1802 

964) Chrysopidae Schneider, 1851 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Chrysopidae Schneider, 1851 

965) Nothochrysinae Navas,i9io (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Nothochrysixxae Navas,i9io 

966) Chrysopinae Schneider, 1851 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Chrysopirxae Schneider, 1851 

967) Chrysopini Schneider, 1851 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Chrysopini Schneider, 1851 

968) Italochrysini H61zel,i970 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Italochrysini Holzel,i970 

969) Agalliinae Kirkaldy,i90i (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Agalliinae Kirkaldy,i90i 

970) Aphrodinae Haupt,i927 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Aphrodinae Haupt,i927 

971) Cicadellidae Latreille, 1825 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Cicadellidae Latr eille, 1825 

972) Cicadellinae Latreille, 1825 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Cicadellinae Latr -eille, 1825 

973) Deltocephalinae Fieber,i869 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Deltocephalinae Fieber,i869 

974) Iassinae Amyot &Audinet-Serville,i843 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Iassinae Amyot & Audinet- 

975) Idiocerinae Baker, 1915 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Idiocerinae Baker, 1915 

976) Ledrinae Kirschbaum,i868 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Ledrinae Kirschbaum,i868 

977) Macropsinae Evans, 1935 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Macropsinae Evans,i935; Oncopsinae 
Wagner, 1951 

978) Megophthalminae Kirkaldy,i9o6 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Megophthalminae Kirkaldy,i9o6 

979) Penthimiinae Kirschbaum,i868 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Penthinxiinae Kirschbaum,i868 

980) Stegelytrinae Baker, 1915 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Stegelytrinae Baker, 1915 

981) Typhlocybinae Kirschbaum,i868 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Typhlocybinae Kirschbaum,i868 

982) Typhlocybini Kirschbaum,i868 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Typhlocybini Kirschbaum,i868 

983) Erythroneurini Young,l952 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Erythroneurini Young, 1952 

984) Dikraneurini McAtee,i926 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): DikraneuriniMcAtee,ig26 

985) Ulopinae Le Peletier & Audinet-Serville,i825 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Ulopinae Le Peletier 
& Audinet-Serville,i 825 

986) Xestocephalinae Baker, 1915 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Xestocephalinae Baker, 1915 

987) Cicadidae Leach, 1815 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicadidae Leach,i 815 

988) Cicadinae Leach, 1815 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicadinae Leach,i8i5 

989) Cicadini Leach, 1815 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicadini Leach,i8i5 

990) Cicadina Leach, 1815 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicadina Leach,i8i5 

991) Tibicininae Kolenati,i857 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Tibicininae Kolenati,i857 

992) Tibicinini Kolenati,i857 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Tibicinini Kolenati,i857 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

993) Cimbicidae (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): 

994) Zaraeinae (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): 

995) Corynidinae Benson, 1938 (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): Corynidinae Benson,ig38 

996) Cimbicinae (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): 

997) Cimicidae (Cimicidae) Synonym(s): 

998) Cimicomorpha (Cimicomorpha) 

999) Cixiidae Spinola,i839 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Cixiidae Spinola,i839 

1000) Cleridae Latreille,i8o2 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Cleridae Latreille,i8o2 

1001) Clerinae Latreille,i8o2 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Clerinae Latreille,i8o2 

1002) Tillinae Leach, 1815 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Tillinae Leach.,1815 

1003) Cleroidea Latreille,i8o2 (Cleroidea) Cleroidea Latreille,i8o2 

1004) Coccidae Handlirsch,i903 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Coccidae Handlirsch,igo3 

1005) Coccinellidae Latreille,i8o7 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Coccinellidae Latr exile, 1807 

1006) Coccidulinae Mulsant,i846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Coccidulinae Mulsant,i846 

1007) Coccinellinae Latreille, 1807 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Coccinellinae Latr exile, 1807 

1008) Coccinellini Latreille, 1807 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Coccinellini Latr -exile, 1807 

1009) Bulaeini (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): 

1010) Psylloborini (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): 

1011) Thyttaspididini (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): 

1012) Coenagrionidae Kennedy,i920 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Coenagrionidae Kennedy, 1920 

1013) Colletidae Lepeletier,i84i (Colletidae) Synonym(s): Colletxdae Lepeletier,i84i 

1014) Colletinae Lepeletier,i84i (Colletidae) Synonym(s): Colletxnae Lepeletier,i84i 

1015) Coniopterygidae Burmeister,i839 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Coniopterygidae 

1016) Coniopteryginae Burmeister,i839 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Coniopteryginae 

1017) Aleuropteryginae Enderlein,i905 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Aleuropteryginae 

1018) Aleuropterygini Enderlein,i905 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Aleuropterygini Enderlein,i905 

1019) Conwentziini (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): 

1020) Fontenelleini (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): 

1021) Conopidae Latreille, 1802 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Conopidae Latr exile, 1802 

1022) Conopinae Latreille, 1802 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Conopinae Latr -exile, 1802 

1023) Dalmanniinae (Conopidae) Synonym(s): 

1024) Myopinae (Conopidae) Synonym(s): 

1025) Cordulegasteridae Calvert,i893 (Cordulegasteridae) Synonym(s): Cordulegasteridae Calvert,i893 

1026) Corduliidae Selys,i850 (Corduliidae) Synonym(s): Corduliidae Selys,i8so 

1027) Coreidae Leach, 1815 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Coreidae Leach,i8i5 

1028) Coreinae Leach, 1815 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Coreinae Leach.,1815 

1029) Coreini Leach, 1815 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Coreini Leach.,1815; Syromastini Anxyot & Audinet- 
Serville,i843; Spathocerini Mulsant & Rey,i870 

1030) Gonocerini (Coreidae) Synonym(s): 

1031) Phyllomorphini Mulsant & Rey,i870 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Phyllomorphini Mulsant & 

1032) Pseudophloeinae Stal,l868 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Pseudophloeinae Stal,i868; Arenocorinae 

1033) Corixidae Leach, 1815 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Corixidae Leach, 1815 

1034) Crabronidae Latreille, 1802 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Crabronidae Latreille, 1802 

1035) Astatinae Lepeletier,l845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Astatinae Lepeletier,i845; Diploplectrini 
W.Fox,i894; Dimorphini Brues & Melander ,1932 

1036) Astatini Lepeletier,i845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Astatini Lepeletier,i845 

1037) Bembicinae Latreille, 1802 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Bembicinae Latreille, 1802 

1038) Alyssontini Dalla Torre, 1897 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Alyssontini Dalla Torre,i897 

1039) Bembicini Latreille, 1802 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Bembicini Latreille, 1802 

1040) Exeirina Dalla Torre, 1897 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Exeirina Dalla Torre,i897 

1041) Gorytina Lepeletier,i845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Gory tinaLepeletier, 1845 

1042) Handlirschiina Nemkov & Lelej,i996 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Handlirschiina Nemkov & 

1043) Stizina A.Costa,i859 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Stizina A.Costa,i8s9 

1044) Bembicina Latreille, 1802 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Bembicina Latreille, 1802 

1045) Gorytini Lepeletier,i845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Gorytini Lepeletier,i845 

1046) Nyssonini Latreille, 18 04 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Nyssonini Latreille,i8o4 

1047) Crabroninae Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Crabroninae Latreille,i8o2 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1048) Mellinini Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Mellinini Latr exile, 1802 

1049) Dinetini W.Fox,i895 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Dinetini W.Fox,i8gs 

1050) Palarini Schrottky,i909 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Palarini Schrottky,igog 

1051) Larrini Latreille,i8io (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Larrini Latreille,i8io 

1052) Larrina Latreille,i8io (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Larrina Latreille,i8io 

1053) Gastrosericina Andre, 1886 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Gastrosericina Andre,i886 

1054) Miscophini W.Fox,i895 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Miscophini W.Fox,i8gs 

1055) Trypoxylini Lepeletier,i845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Trypoxylini Lepeletier,i845 

1056) Oxybelini Leach, 1815 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Oxybelini Leach.,1815 

1057) Crabronini Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Crabronini Latr eille, 1802 

1058) Anacrabronina Ashmead,i899 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Anacrabronina Ashmead,i8gg 

1059) Crabronina Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Crabronina Latreille,i8o2 

1060) Pemphredoninae Dahlbom,i835 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Pemphredoninae Dahlbom.,1835 

1061) Entomosericini Dalla Torre, 1897 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Entomosericini Dalla Torre,i8gy 

1062) Psenini A.Costa, 1858 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Psenini A.Costa,i8s8 

1063) Pemphredonini Dahlbom,i835 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Pemphredonini Dahlbom,i835 

1064) Pemphredonina Dahlbom,i835 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Pemphredonina Dahlbom,i835 

1065) Spilomenina Menke,i989 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Spilomenina Menke,ig8g 

1066) Stigmina R.Bohart & Menke,i976 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Stigmina R.Bohart & Menke,igy6 

1067) Philanthinae Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Philanthinae Latr eille, 1802 

1068) Philanthini Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Philanthini Latr eille, 1802 

1069) Cercerini Lepeletier,i845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Cercerini Lepeletier,i845 

1070) Cucujoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Cucujoidea) Cucujoidea Latr eille, 1802 

1071) Culicidae Meigen,i830 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culicidae Meigen,i830 

1072) Anophelinae Theobald,i90i (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Anophelinae Theobald,igoi 

1073) Culicinae Meigen,i830 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culicinae Meigen,i830 

1074) Culicini Meigen,i830 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culicini Meigen,i830 

1075) Culisetini (Culicidae) Synonym(s): 

1076) Uranotaeniini (Culicidae) Synonym(s): 

1077) Mansoniini Belkin,l962 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Mansoniini Belkin,ig62; Mansoniini Ronderos & 

1078) Culicoidea Meigen,i830 (Culicoidea) Culicoidea Meigen,i830 

1079) Curculionidae Latreille,i8o2 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Curculionidae Latr eille, 1802 

1080) Entiminae Schoenherr,i823 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Entiminae Schoenherr,i823 

1081) Lixinae Schonherr,i823 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Lixinae Schonherr, 1823 

1082) Curculioninae Latreille,i8o2 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Curculioninae Latr eille, 1802 

1083) Ceutorhynchinae Gistel,i8s6 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Ceutorhynchinae Gistel,i8s6 

1084) Hyperinae Lacordaire,i863 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Phytonominae Gistel,i848; Hyperinae 
Lacordaire,i 863 

1085) Gymnetrinae Thomson, 1859 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Gymnetrinae Thomson,i85g 

1086) Cioninae Schonherr,i825 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Cioninae Schonherr, 1825 

1087) Curculionoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Curculionoidea) Curculionoidea Latreille,i8o2 

1088) Cydnidae Billberg,i820 (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Cydnidae Billberg,i820 

1089) Cydninae Billberg,i820 (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Cydninae Billberg,i820 

1090) Sehirinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Sehirinae Amyot & Audinet- 

1091) Cylindrotomidae (Cylindrotomidae) Synonym(s): 

1092) Cynipidae Latreille,i8o2 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Cynipidae Latreille,i8o2 

1093) Cynipinae Latreille,i8o2 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Cynipinae Latr eille, 1802 

1094) Cynipini Latreille,i8o2 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Cynipini Latreille,i8o2 

1095) Synergini Ashmead,i896 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Synergini Ashmead,i8g6 

1096) Aylacini Ashmead,l903 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): AylaciniAshmead,igo3;Aulacideini 
Fergusson,i g88 

1097) Diplolepidini Latreille,l802 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Diplolepidini Latreille,i8o2; Rhoditini 

1098) Cynipoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Cynipoidea) Cynipoidea Latreille,i8o2 

1099) Dactylopiidae (Dactylopiidae) Synonym(s): 

1100) Asiracinae Motschulsky,i863 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Asiracinae Motschulsky,i863 

1101) Chlorioninae Wagner, 1963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Chlorioninae Wagner, ig63 

1102) Criomorphinae Kirkaldy,i9io (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Criomorphinae Kirkaldy,igio; 
Megamelinae Haupt,ig2g 

1103) Delphacidae Leach, 1815 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Delphacidae Leach.,1815; Araeopidae 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1104) Delphacinae Leach, 1815 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Delphacinae Leach.,1815; Araeopinae 

1105) Kelisiinae Wagner,i963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Kelisiinae Wagner,ig63 

1106) Stenocraninae Wagner,i963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Stenocraninae Wagner,ig63 

1107) Stirominae Wagner,i963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Stirominae Wagner,ig63 

1108) Tropidocephalinae Muir,i9i5 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Tropidocephalinae Muir,igi5 

1109) Dericorythidae Jacobson & Bianchi,i905 (Dericorythidae) Synonym(s): Dericorythidae 
Jacobson & Bianchi,igo5 

1110) Dericorythinae Jacobson & Bianchi,i905 (Dericorythidae) Synonym(s): Dericorythinae 
Jacobson & Bianchi,igo5 

1111) Dermestidae Latreille,i8o4 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Dermestidae Latreille,i8o4 

1112) Megatominae Ganglbauer,i904 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Megatominae Ganglbauer,igo4 

1113) Anthrenini (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): 

1114) Attageninae Laporte,i840 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Attageninae Laporte,i840 

1115) Attagenini Laporte,i840 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Attagenini Laporte,i840 

1116) Dermestinae Latreille,i8o4 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Dermestinae Latreille,i8o4 

1117) Orphilinae LeConte,i86i (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Orphilinae LeConte,i86i 

1118) Diapheromeridae Kirby,i904 (Diapheromeridae) Synonym(s): Diapheromeridae Kirby,igo4 

1119) Diaspididae Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Diaspididae Targioni- 

1120) Dictyopharidae Spinola,i839 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Dictyopharidae Spinola,i83g 

1121) Dictyopharinae Spinola,i839 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Dictyopharinae Spinola,i83g 

1122) Orgeriinae Fieber,i872 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Org eriinae Fieber, 1872 

1123) Orgeriini Fieber, 1872 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Orgeriini Fieber,i872; Almanini Kuznezov,ig36 

1124) Dilaridae Handlirsch,i9o8 (Dilaridae) Synonym(s): Dilaridae Handlirsch,igo8 

1125) Dinidoridae Stal,l867 (Dinidoridae) Synonym(s): Dinidoridae Stal,i867; Coridiidae 
Schumacher, ig24 

1126) Diopsoidea Billberg,i820 (Diopsoidea) Diopsoidea Billberg,i820 

1127) Diprionidae (Diprionidae) Synonym(s): 

1128) Dolichopidae Latreille,i8o9 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Dolichopodidae Latreille,i8og 

1129) Achalcinae Grootaert & Meuffels,i997 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Achalcinae Grootaert& 

1130) Diaphorinae Schiner,i864 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Diaphorinae Schiner,i864 

1131) Dolichopinae Latreille,i8o9 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Dolichopodinae Latreille,i8og 

1132) Hydrophorinae Lioy,i864 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Hydrophorinae Lioy,i864 

1133) Medeterinae Lioy,i864 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Medeterinae Lioy,i864 

1134) Neurigoninae Aldrich,i905 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Neurigoninae Aldrich,igos 

1135) Rhaphiinae Bigot, 1852 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Rhaphiinae Bigot,i8s2 

1136) Sciapinae Becker,l9l7 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Sciapodinae auct.; Sciapinae Becker, igi7 

1137) Sympycninae Aldrich,i905 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Sympycninae Aldrich,igos 

1138) Drosophilidae Rondani,i8s6 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Drosophilidae Rondani,i856 

1139) Drosophilinae Rondani,i8s6 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Drosophilinae Rondani,i8s6 

1140) Drosophilini Rondani,i856 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Drosophilini Rondani,i856 

1141) Steganinae Hendel,i9i7 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Steganinae Hendel,igi7 

1142) Steganini Hendel,i9i7 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Steganini Hendel,igi7 

1143) Gitonini (Drosophilidae) Synonym (s): 

1144) Dytiscidae Leach, 1815 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Dytiscidae Leach,i8i5 

1145) Agabinae Thomson, 1867 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Agabinae Thomson,i867 

1146) Colymbetinae Erichson,i837 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Colymbetinae Erichson,i837 

1147) Dytiscinae Leach, 1815 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Dytiscinae Leach,i8is 

1148) Hydroporinae Aube, 1836 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hydroporinae Aube, 1836 

1149) Bidessini Sharp, 1882 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Bidessini Sharp, 1882 

1150) Hydroporini Aube, 1836 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hydroporini Aube, 1836 

1151) Hydrovatini Sharp, 1882 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hydrovatini Sharp, 1882 

1152) Hygrotini Portevin,i929 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hygrotini Portevin,ig2g 
H53) Laccophilinae Gistel,i8s6 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Laccophilinae Gistel,i8s6 

1154) Ecnomidae Ulmer,i903 (Ecnomidae) Synonym(s): Ecnomidae Ulmer,igo3 

1155) Elateridae Leach, 1815 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Elateridae Leach,i8i5 

1156) Elaterinae Leach, 1815 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Elaterinae Leach,i8i5 

1157) Agrypninae Candeze,i857 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Agrypninae Candeze,i857 

1158) Cardiophorinae Candeze,i86o (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Cardiophorinae Candeze,i86o 

1159) Dendrometrinae Gistel,l8s6 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Dendrometrinae Gistel,i8s6; Denticollinae 
Stein & Weise,i877 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1160) Hypnoidinae Schwarz,i9o6 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Hypnoidinae Schwarz,igo6 

1161) Melanotinae Candeze,i859 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Melanotinae Candeze,i8sg 

1162) Negastriinae Nakane & Kishii,i956 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Negastriinae Nakane & Kishii,ig56 

1163) Plastocerinae Crowson,i972 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Plastocerinae Crowson,igy2 

1164) Elateroidea Leach, 1815 (Elateroidea) Elateroidea Leach,i8i5 

1165) Empidae Latreille,i8o4 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Empidae Latreille,i8o4 

1166) Empinae Latreille,i8o4 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Empinae Latreille,i8o4 

1167) Empidoidea Latreille,l804 (Empidoidea) Empidoidea Latreille,i8o4 

1168) Empusidae Burmeister,i838 (Empusidae) Synonym(s): Empusidae Burmeister,i838 

1169) Empusinae Burmeister,i838 (Empusidae) Synonym(s): Empusinae Burmeister,i838 

1170) Empusini Burmeister,i838 (Empusidae) Synonym(s): Empusini Burmeister,i838 

1171) Encyrtidae Walker, 1837 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Encyrtidae Walker, 1837 

1172) Ephydridae Zetterstedt,i837 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Ephydridae Zetterstedt,i837 

1173) Ephydrinae Zetterstedt,i837 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Ephydrinae Zetterstedt, 1837 

1174) Hydrelliinae (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): 

1175) Discomyzinae (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): 

1176) Psilopini Cresson (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): 

1177) Hecamedini (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): 

1178) Hydrelliini (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): 

1179) Notiphilini (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): 

1180) Gymnomyzinae Latreille,i829 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Gymnomyzinae Latreille,i82g; 
Gymnopini Cresson.,1922 

1181) Ephydroidea Zetterstedt,l837 (Ephydroidea) Ephydroidea Zetterstedt,i837 

1182) Eriococcidae (Eriococcidae) Synonym(s): 

1183) Eucharidae Walker,l846 (Eucharidae) Synonym(s): Eucharidae Walker,i846; Eucharitidae 

1184) Entedoninae F6rster,l8s6 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Entedoninae For ster, 1856; Omphalini 
Ashmead,igo4; Pediobiini Ashmead,igo4 

1185) Eulophidae Westwood,i829 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Eulophides Westwood,i82g; Ophelimini 
Ashmead,igo4; Platytetracampini Boucek,ig88; Anselmellini Boucek,ig88; Boucekelimini Kim & La Salle,2005 

1186) Eulophinae Westwood,l829 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Eulophides Westwood,i82g; Ophelimini 
Ashmead,igo4; Platytetracampini Boucek,ig88; Anselmellini Boucek,ig88; Boucekelimini Kim & La Salle,2005 

1187) Eupelmidae (Eupelmidae) Synonym(s): 

1188) Eurytomidae Walker, 1832 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Eurytomidae Walker, 1832 

1189) Fanniidae Schnabl,i9ii (Fanniidae) Synonym(s): Fanniidae Schnabl,igii 

1190) Flatidae Spinola,i839 (Flatidae) Synonym(s): Flatidae Spinola,i83g 

1191) Forficulidae Latreille,i8io (Forficulidae) Synonym(s): Forficulidae Latreille,i8io 

1192) Formicidae Latreille,i8o2 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Formicidae Latreille,i8o2 

1193) Ponerinae Lepeletier,i835 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Ponerinae Lepeletier,i835 

1194) Myrmicinae Lepeletier,i835 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Myrmicinae Lepeletier,i835 

1195) Dolichoderinae (Formicidae) Synonym(s): 

1196) Formicinae Latreille,i8o2 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Formicinae Latreille,i8o2 

1197) Dorylinae Leach, 1815 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Dorylinae Leach,i8i5 

1198) Dorylini Leach, 1815 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Dorylini Leach,i8i5 

1199) Georissidae Laporte,i8i9 (Georissidae) Synonym(s): Georissidae Laporte,i8ig 

1200) Geotrupidae Latreille,i8o2 (Geotrupidae) Synonym(s): Geotrupidae Latreille,i8o2 

1201) Gerridae Leach, 1815 (Gerridae) Synonym(s): Gerridae Leach, 1815 

1202) Gerrinae Leach, 1815 (Gerridae) Synonym(s): Gerrinae Leach,i8i5 

1203) Glaphyridae MacLeay,i8i9 (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Glaphyridae MacLeay,i8ig; 
Cretoglaphyrini Nikolajev,2005 

1204) Glossomatidae Wallengren,i89i (Glossosomatidae) Synonym(s): Glossomatidae Wallengren,i8gi 

1205) Goeridae Ulmer,i903 (Goeridae) Synonym(s): Goeridae Ulmer,igo3 

1206) Gomphidae Rambur,i842 (Gomphidae) Synonym(s): Gomphidae Rambur,i842 

1207) Gryllidae Laicharting,l78l (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllidae Laicharting,i78i; Brachytrupidae 

1208) Gryllinae Laicharting,l78l (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllinae Laicharting,i78i; Brachytrupinae 

1209) Gryllomorphinae Saussure,i877 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllomorphinae Saussure,i877 

1210) Gryllomorphini Saussure,i877 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllomorphini Saussure,i877 

1211) Modicogryllini Otte & Alexander, 19 83 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Modicogryllini Otte & 
Alexander, 1 g83 

1212) Nemobiinae Saussure,i877 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Nemobiinae Saussure,i877 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1213) Oecanthinae Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1873 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Oecanthinae Brunner von 

1214) Petaloptilini Gorochov,i984 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Petaloptilini Gorochov,ig84 

1215) Trigonidiinae Saussure,i874 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Trigonidiinae Saussure,i874 

1216) Grylloidea Lai charting, 1781 (Grylloidea) Grylloidea Laicharting,iy8i 

1217) Gryllotalpidae Fieber,i852 (Gryllotalpidae) Synonym(s): Gryllotalpidae Fieber,i852 

1218) Gryllotalpinae Fieber,i852 (Gryllotalpidae) Synonym(s): Gryllotalpinae Fieber,i852 

1219) Gyrinidae Latreille,i8o2 (Gyrinidae) Synonym(s): Gyrinidae Latreille,i8o2 

1220) Halictidae Thomson, 1869 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Halictidae Thomson,i86g 

1221) Rophitinae Schenck,i866 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Rophitinae Schenck,i866 

1222) Rophitini Schenck,l866 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Rophitini Schenck,i866; Dufoureini 
Robertson,igo4; Halictoidini Borner,igig; Systrophini Handlirch,ig25 

1223) Nomiinae Robertson, 1904 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Nomiinae Robertson,igo4 

1224) Halictinae Thomson, 1869 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Halictinae Thomson,i86g 

1225) Halictini Thomson, 1869 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Halictini Thomson,i86g 

1226) Halictina Thomson, 1869 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Halictina Thomson,i86g 

1227) Nomioidinae B6rner,i9i9 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Nomioidinae B6rner,igig 

1228) Haliplidae Aube, 1836 (Haliplidae) Synonym(s): Haliplidae Aube,i836 

1229) Heleomyzidae Westwood,i840 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Heleomyzidae Westwood,i840 

1230) Heleomyzinae Westwood,i840 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Heleomyzinae Westwood,i840 

1231) Heleomyzini Westwood,i840 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Heleomyzini Westwood,i840 

1232) Heteromyzinae Fallen, 1820 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Heteromyzinae Fallen,i820 

1233) Suilliinae Bezzi,i9ii (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Suilliinae Bezzi,igii 

1234) Helicopsychidae Ulmer,i9o6 (Helicopsychidae) Synonym(s): Helicopsychidae Ulmer,igo6 

1235) Helophoridae Leach, 1815 (Helophoridae) Synonym(s): Helophoridae Leach.,1815 

1236) Hemerobiidae Latreille,i8o3 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Hemerobiidae Latreille,i8o3 

1237) Hemerobiinae Latreille,i8o3 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Hemerobiinae Latreille,i8o3 

1238) Notiobiellinae (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): 

1239) Megalominae (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): 

1240) Hippoboscidae Samouelle,i8i9 (Hippoboscidae) Synonym(s): Hippoboscidae Samouelle,i8ig 

1241) Ornithomyinae (Hippoboscidae) Synonym(s): 

1242) Hippoboscoidea Samouelle,i8i9 (Hippoboscoidea) Hippoboscoidea Samouelle,i8ig 

1243) Histeridae Gyllenhal,i8o8 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Histeridae Gyllenhal,i8o8 

1244) Histerinae Gyllenhal,i8o8 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Histerinae Gyllenhal,i8o8 

1245) Tribalinae Bickhardt,i9i4 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Tribalinae Bickhardt,igi4 

1246) Hybotidae Fallen, 1816 (Hybotidae) Synonym(s): Hybotidae Fallen,i8i6 

1247) Hydraenidae Mulsant,i844 (Hydraenidae) Synonym(s): Hydraenidae Mulsant,i844 

1248) Hydrochidae (Hydrochidae) Synonym(s): 

1249) Hydrometridae Billberg,i820 (Hydrometridae) Synonym(s): Hydrometridae Billberg,i82o; 
Limnobatidae Fieber,i86o 

1250) Hydrometrinae Billberg,i820 (Hydrometridae) Synonym(s): Hydrometrinae Billberg,i820 

1251) Hydrophilidae Latreille,i8o2 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Hydrophilidae Latreille,i8o2 

1252) Laccobiini Bertrand,i967 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Laccobiini Bertrand,ig6y 

1253) Berosini Mulsant,i844 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Berosini Mulsant,i844 

1254) Anacaenini Hansen, 1991 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Anacaenini Hansen,iggi 

1255) Chaetarthriini Bedel, 1881 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Chaetarthriini Bedel,i88i 

1256) Coleostomatini Hansen, 1991 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Coleostomatini Hansen,iggi 

1257) Megasternini Hansen, 1991 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Megasternini Hansen,iggi 

1258) Sphaeridiini Latreille,i8o2 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Sphaeridiini Latreille,i8o2 

1259) Hydrophilini Latreille,i8o2 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Hydrophilini Latreille,i8o2 

1260) Acidocerina Hansen, 1991 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Acidocerina Hansen,iggi 

1261) Hydrobiina Mulsant,i844 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Hydrobiina Mulsant,i844 

1262) Hydrophilina Latreille,i8o2 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Hydrophilina Latreille,i8o2 

1263) Hydrophiloidea Latreille,l802 (Hydrophiloidea) Hydrophiloidea Latreille,i802 

1264) Hydropsychidae Curtis, 1835 (Hydropsychidae) Synonym(s): Hydropsychidae Curtis,i835 

1265) Hydropsychoidea Curtis, 1835 (Hydropsychoidea) Hydropsychoidea Curtis,i835 

1266) Hydroptilidae Stephens, 1836 (Hydroptilidae) Synonym(s): Hydroptilidae Stephens, 18 36 

1267) Hydroptiloidea Stephens, 1836 (Hydroptiloidea) Hydroptiloidea Stephens,i836 

1268) Hygrobiidae Regimbart,i878 (Hygrobiidae) Synonym(s): Hygrobiidae Regimbart,i878 

1269) Ibaliidae Thomson, 1862 (Ibaliidae) Synonym(s): Ibaliidae Thomson,i862 

1270) Ichneumonidae Latreille,i8o2 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ichneumonidae Latreille,i8o2 

1271) Cryptini Kirby,l837 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cryptini Kirby,i837; Itamopleginae 
Bradley, ig28; Hedycryptinae Bradley ,ig6g; Ischnina Townes,ig70 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1272) Agrothereutina Townes,i970 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Agrothereutina Townes, 1970 

1273) Cryptina Kirby,l837 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cryptina Kirby,i837; Itamopleginae 
Bradley, 1928; Hedycryptinae Bradley ,1969; Ischnina Townes,i970 

1274) Goryphina Townes, 1970 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Goryphina Townes,ig70 

1275) Mesostenina Ashmead,i900 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Mesostenina Ashmead,i900 

1276) Osprynchotina Viereck,i9i8 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Osprynchotina Viereck,i9i8; 
Nematopodiina Townes, 1970 

1277) Sphecophagina Beirne,i94i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): #Crypturina Schiedeknecht,i9ii; 
#Endurini Schiedeknecht,i9i2 ; #Sphecophagini Seyrig,i934; Sphecophagina Beirne,i94i; Latibulini 
Constantineanu & Constantineanu,i968 

1278) Phygadeuontini F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Phygadeuontini F6rster,i868 

1279) Bathythrichina Townes,i970 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Bathythrichina Toumes,i970 

1280) Chiroticina Townes, 19 70 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Chiroticina Townes,i970 

1281) Mastrina Townes,i970 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Mastrina Townes,i970 

1282) Phygadeuontina F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Phygadeuontina Forster,i868 

1283) Stilpnina F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Stilpnina For ster, 1868 

1284) Hemigasterini Ashmead,i900 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): HemigasteriniAshmeadjgoo 

1285) Acaenitinae F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Acaenitoidea For ster ,1868; Coleocentrini 

1286) Anomaloninae Viereck,i9i8 (1900) (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Anomaloninae Viereck,i9i8 

1287) Anomalonini Viereck,i9i8 (1900) (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Anomalonini Viereck,i9i8 

1288) Gravenhorstiini Enderlein,i9i2 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Gravenhorstiini Enderlem.,1912; 
Therioninae Viereck,i9i8; Erigorgina Viktorov,i968; Podogastrini Townes,i97i 

1289) Atrophini Seyrig,i932 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Atrophini Seyrig,i932 

1290) Glyptini Cushman & Rohwer,i920 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Glyptini Cushman & 

1291) BanchinaeWesmael,i845 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Banchinae Wesmael,i845 

1292) Brachycyrtinae Viereck,i9i9 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Br -achy <cyrtinae Viereck, 1919 

1293) Campopleginae F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Campoplegoidae Forster,i868; 
Hellwigioidae Forster, 1868; Nesomesochorini Ashmead,i905; Limnerinae Szepligeti,i9ii; Charopsinae 
Viereck,i9i8; Mavandini Seyrig ,1935; Nonrdni Topwnes, Townes & Gupta,i96i; Macrini Townes,ig7i; 
Cymodunini V.Gupta,i987 

1294) Campoplegini F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Campoplegoidae Forster, 1868; 
Hellwigioidae Forster, 1868; Nesomesochorini Ashmead,i905; Limnerinae Szepligeti,i9ii; Charopsinae 
Viereck,i9i8; Mavandini Seyrig ,1935; Nonnini Topwnes, Townes & Gupta,i96i; Macrini Townes,ig7i; 
Cymodunini V.Gupta,i987 

1295) Nemeritini (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): 

1296) Collyriinae Cushman, 1924 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Collyriini Cushman,i924 

1297) Cremastinae F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cremastoidae Forster, 1868; 
Pristomeroidae F6rster,i868; Xiphosominae Szepligeti,i905; Eiphosominae Viereck, 1918 

1298) Cryptinae Kirby,i837 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cryptinae Kirby,i837 

1299) Ctenopelmatinae Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ctenopelmatoidae Forster, 1868; 
Notopygina Schmiedeknecht,i9ii; Ctenopelmatini Townes,i944 

1300) Ctenopelmatini Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ctenopelmatoidae For ster, 1868; 
Notopygina Schmiedeknecht,i9ii; Ctenopelmatini Townes, 1944 

1301) Euryproctini Thomson, 1883 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Euryproctini Thomson,i883; 
Megacerini Szepligeti,i9o8; Zemiophorinae Viereck,i9i8 

1302) Mesoleiini Thomson, 1883 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Mesoleiini Thomson,i883 

1303) Perilissini Thomson, 1883 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Perilissini Thomson,i883 

1304) Pionini Smith & Shenefelt,i955 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): #Pionini Townes,i945; Pionini 
Smith & Shenefelt,i955 

1305) Scolobatini Schmiedeknecht,i9ii (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Scolobatini 
Schmiedeknecht,i9ii; Westwoodini Townes,ig70 

1306) Diplazontinae Viereck, 19 18 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): DiplazoninaeViereck,i9i8 

1307) Ichneumoninae Latreille,i8o2 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ichneumoninae Latreille,i8o2 

1308) Alomyini F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Alomyoidae Forster, 1868; Phaeogenoidae 
Forster,i868; Dicaelotina Holmgren,i889; Diadromina Holmgren,i889; Epitomina Holgren,i889; Gnathoxina 
Holmgren,i889; Herpestomina Holmgren,i889; Oronotina Holmgren,i889; Stenodotina Schmiedeknecht,i903; 

1309) Hereiarchini Ashmead,i900 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Hereiarchini Ashmead,i900 

1310) Ichneumonini Latreille,i8o2 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ichneumonini Latreille,i8o2 

1311) Listrodromini Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Listrodromini Forster ,1868 

1312) Metopiinae F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Metopioidae Forster, 1868; Exochoidae 
Forster, 1868; Cariini Schmiedeknecht,i924; Laptonini Clement,i938; Spudaeini Constantineanu,i96i 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1313) Ophioninae Shuckard,i840 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ophioninae Shuckard.,1840 

1314) Ophionini Shuckard,i840 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ophionini Shuckard.,1840 

1315) Enicospilini Townes,i97i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Enicospilini Townes, ig7i 

1316) Orthocentrinae F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Orthocentroides For ster, 1868; 
Plectiscoidae For ster, 1868; Helictinae Gupta,ig8y 

1317) Orthopelmatinae Schiedeknecht,i9io (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Orthopelmina 
Schiedeknecht,igw; Orthopelmatinae Schiedeknecht, Townes & Townes,igsi 

1318) Phrudinae Townes & Townes, 1949 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Phrudini Townes & 
Townes, ig4g; Brachyscleromatinae Townes,ig6i 

1319) Pimplinae Wesmael,i845 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pimplinae Wesmael,i845 

1320) Poemeniinae Smith & Shenefelt,i955 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Poemeniinae Smith & 

1321) Rhyssinae Morley,i9i3 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Rhyssinae Morley,igi3 

1322) Tersilochinae Schmiedeknecht,i9io (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Tersilochinae 

1323) Tryphoninae Shuckard,i840 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Tryphoninae Shuckard,i840 

1324) Xoridinae Shuckard,i840 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Xoridinae Shuckard,i840 

1325) Inocelliidae Navas,i9i3 (Inocellidae) Synonym(s): Inocelliidae Navas,igi3 

1326) Irididae Westwood,i889 (Irididae) Synonym(s): Irididae Westwood,i88g 

1327) Iridinae Westwood,i889 (Irididae) Synonym(s): Iridinae Westwood,i88g 

1328) Issidae Spinola,i839 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Issidae Spinola,i83g 

1329) Kermesidae Signoret,i875 (Kermesidae) Synonym(s): Kermesidae Signoret,i875 

1330) Keroplatidae Rondani,i8s6 (Keroplatidae) Synonym(s): Keroplatidae Rondani,i8s6 

1331) Labiduridae Verhoef,i902 (Labiduridae) Synonym(s): Labiduridae Verhoef,igo2 

1332) Nalinae (Labiduridae) Synonym(s): 

1333) Lampyridae Latreille,i8i7 (Lampyridae) Synonym(s): Lampyridae Latreille,i8i7 

1334) Lampyrinae Latreille,i8i7 (Lampyridae) Synonym(s): Lampyrinae Latreille,i8i7 
!335) Lauxaniidae Macquart,i835 (Lauxaniidae) Synonym(s): Lauxaniidae Macquart,i835 
1336) Lauxaniinae Macquart,i835 (Lauxaniidae) Synonym(s): Lauxaniinae Macquart,i835 
!337) Lauxanioidea Macquart,i835 (Lauxanioidea) Lauxanioidea Macquart,i835 

1338) Lecanodiaspididae (Lecanodiaspididae) Synonym(s): 

1339) Leiodidae Fleming,i82i (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): Leiodidae Fleming, 1821 

1340) Leiodinae Fleming, 1821 (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): Leiodinae Fleming, 1821 

1341) Agathidiini Westwood,i838 (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): AgathidiiniWestwood,i838 

1342) Cholevinae Kirby,i837 (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): Cholevinae Kirby,i837 

1343) Lepidostomatidae Ulmer,i903 (Lepidostomatidae) Synonym(s): Lepidostomatidae Ulmer,igo3 

1344) Leptoceridae Leach, 1815 (Leptoceridae) Synonym(s): Leptoceridae Leach,i8i5 

1345) Leptoceroidea Leach, 1815 (Leptoceroidea) Leptoceroidea Leach,i8i5 

1346) Lestidae Calvert,i90i (Lestidae) Synonym(s): Lestidae Calvert,igoi 

1347) Leucospidae (Leucospidae) Synonym(s): 

1348) Leuctridae Klapalek,i905 (Leuctridae) Synonym(s): Leuctridae Klapalek,igos 

1349) Libellulidae Rambur,i842 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Libellulidae Rambur,i842 

1350) Limnephilidae Kolenati,i848 (Limnephilidae) Synonym(s): Limnephilidae Kolenati,i848 

1351) Limnephiloidea Kolenati,i848 (Limnephiloidea) Limnephiloidea Kolenati,i848 

1352) Limoniidae Rondani,i8s6 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Limoniidae Rondani, 18 56 
!353) Limoniinae Rondani,i8s6 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Limoniinae Rondani, 18 56 
!354) Chioneinae (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): 

!355) Lonchopteridae Curtis, 1839 (Lonchopteridae) Synonym(s): Lonchopteridae Curtis,i83g 

1356) Lonchopteroidea Curtis, 1839 (Lonchopteroidea) Lonchopteroidea Curtis,i83g 

!357) Lucanidae Latreille,i8o4 (Lucanidae) Synonym(s): Lucanidae Latreille,i8o4 

1358) Lygaeidae Schilling,i829 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Lygaeidae Schilling, i82g 

1359) Lygaeinae Schilling, 1829 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Lygaeinae Schilling, i82g 

1360) Orsillinae Stal,i872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Orsillinae Stal,i872 

1361) Cyminae Barensprung,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Cyminae Barensprung, i860 

1362) Heterogastrinae Stal,i872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Heterogastrinae Stal,i872 

1363) Geocorinae Dahlbom,i85i (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Geocorinae Dahlbom,i8si 

1364) Oxycareninae Stal,i862 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Oxy car eninae Stal, 1862 

1365) Rhyparochrominae Amyot & Serville,i843 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Rhyparochrominae Amyot 
& Serville,i843 

1366) Artheneinae (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): 

1367) Drymini Stal, 1872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Drymini Stal,i872 

1368) Gonianotini Stal,i872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Gonianotini Stal,i872 

1369) Megalonotini Slater, 1957 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Megalonotini Slater, ig^7 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1370) Rhyparochromini Amyot & Serville,i843 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Rhyparochromini Amyot & 

1371) Lethaeini Stal,i872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Lethaeini Stal,i872 

1372) Bledionotinae (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): 
!373) Blissinae (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): 

1374) Pachygronthinae Stal,i865 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Pachygronthinae Stal,i86s 

1375) Henestarinae Douglas & Scott,i865 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Henestarinae Douglas & Scott,i86s 

1376) Mantodea Burmeister,i838 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Mantodea Burmeister,i838 

1377) Mantidae Burmeister,i838 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Mantidae Burmeister, 1838 

1378) Eremiaphilinae Westwood,i889 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Eremiaphilinae Westwood,i88g 

1379) Amelinae Westwood,l889 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Amelinae Westwood,i88g; Amelinae Giglio- 

1380) Mantinae Burmeister, 183 8 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Mantinae Burmeister, 1838; Manteidae 

1381) Mantispidae Leach, 1815 (Mantispidae) Synonym(s): Mantispidae Leach,i8i5 

1382) Mantispinae Leach, 1815 (Mantispidae) Synonym(s): Mantispinae Leach,i8is 

1383) Mantispoidea Leach, 1815 (Mantispoidea) Mantispoidea Leach.,1815 

1384) Margarodidae Cockerell,i899 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): Margarodidae Cockerell,i8gg 

1385) Mecoptera (Mecoptera) 

1386) Kermesiinae (Meenoplidae) Synonym(s): 

1387) Meenoplidae Fieber,i872 (Meenoplidae) Synonym(s): Meenoplidae Fieber, 1872 

1388) Meenoplinae Fieber,i872 (Meenoplidae) Synonym(s): Meenoplinae Fieber, 1872 

1389) Megachilidae Latreille,i8o2 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Megachilidae Latreille,i8o2 

1390) Megachilinae Latreille,i8o2 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Meg achilinae Latreille, 1802 

1391) Lithurginae Newman, 1834 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Lithurginae Newman,i834 

1392) Lithurgini Newman, 1834 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Lithurgini Newman,i834; Trichothurgini 

1393) Anthidiini Ashmead,i899 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): AnthidiiniAshmead,i8gg 

1394) Anthidiina Ashmead,i899 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Anthidiina Ashmead,i8gg 
!395) Dioxyina Cockerell,i902 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Dioxyina Cockerell,igo2 

1396) Megachilini Latreille, 1802 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): MegachiliniLatreille,i8o2; Coelioxylini 
Dalla Torre & Friese,i8g4 

1397) Osmiina Newman, 1834 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Osmiina Newman,i834; Chelostomina 
Kirby,i837; Trypetina Robertson,igo3 (praeocc); Heriadini Michener,ig4i 

1398) Osmiini Newman, 1834 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Osmiini Newman,i834; Chelostomina 
Kirby,i837; Trypetina Robertson,igo3 (praeocc.); Heriadini Michener,ig4i 

1399) Megalodontesidae Konow,i897 (Megalodontesidae) Synonym(s): Megalodontesidae Konow,i8g7 
(Opinion i82g) 

1400) Megalodontesiodea Konow,i897 (Megalodontesiodea) Megalodontesiodea Konow,i8g7 

1401) Melittidae Schenck,i86o (Melittidae) Synonym(s): Melittidae Schenck,i86o 

1402) Dasypodainae B6rner,i9i9 (Melittidae) Synonym(s): Dasypodainae Borner,igig 

1403) Melittinae Schenck,i86o (Melittidae) Synonym(s): Melittinae Schenck,i86o 

1404) Meloidae Gyllenhal,i8io (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Meloidae Gyllenhal,i8io 

1405) Meloinae Gyllenhal,i8io (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Meloinae Gyllenhal,i8io 

1406) Lyttini Solier,l85l (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Lyttini Solier,i8si; Alosimates Mulsant,i857; Sybarides 
Wellman,igw; Pyrotini MacSwain,igs6; Lydina Kaszab,igsg 

1407) Mylabrini Castelnau,l840 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Mylabrini Castelnau,i840; Calydina 
Kaszab,ig6o; Zonabriini Reitter,igii 

1408) Meloini Gyllenhal,i8io (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Meloini Gyllenhal,i8io 

1409) Cerocomini Leach, 1815 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Cerocomini Leach, 1815 

1410) Epicautini Denier,i935 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Epicautini Denier \1g35 

1411) Nemognathinae Lacordaire,i859 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Nemognathinae Lacordaire,i8sg 

1412) Sitarini Mulsant,i857 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Sitarini Mulsant,i857 

1413) Nemognathini Lacordaire,i859 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Nemognathini Lacordaire,i8sg 

1414) Melyridae Leach, 1815 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Melyridae Leach,i8i5 

1415) Melyrinae Leach, 1815 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Melyrinae Leach,i8i5 

1416) Malachiinae Leach, 1817 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Malachiinae Leach,i8i7 

1417) Malachiini Leach, 1817 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Malachiini Leach,i8i7 

1418) Rhadalinae LeConte,i862 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Rhadalinae LeConte,i862 

1419) Danacaeinae (Melyridae) Synonym(s): 

1420) Chaetomalachiinae Majer, 1987 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Chaetomalachiinae Majer,ig87 

1421) Dasytinae Laporte,i840 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Dasytinae Laporte,i840 

1422) Membracidae Rafinesque,i8i5 (Membracidae) Synonym(s): Membracidae Rafinesque,i8i5 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1423) Centrotinae Spinola,i850 (Membracidae) Synonym(s): Centrotoideae Spinola,i8so 

1424) Mesoveliidae (Mesoveliidae) Synonym(s): 

1425) Micrococcidae (Micrococcidae) Synonym(s): 

1426) Micropezidae Loew,i86i (Micropezidae) Synonym(s): Micropezidae Loew,i86i 

1427) Calobatinae Enderlein,i922 (Micropezidae) Synonym (s): Calobatinae Enderlein,ig22 

1428) Micropezinae Loew,i86i (Micropezidae) Synonym(s): Micropezinae Loew,i86i 

1429) Milichiidae Schiner,i862 (Milichiidae) Synonym(s): Milichiidae Schiner,i862 

1430) Milichiinae Schiner,i862 (Milichiidae) Synonym(s): Milichiinae Schiner,i862 

1431) Miridae Hahn,l83l (Miridae) Synonym(s): Miridae Hahn,i83i; Capsidae Burmeister,i835 

1432) Bryocorinae Barensprung,l86o (Miridae) Synonym(s): Bryocorinae Barensprung, i860 
!433) Dicyphini Reuter,i883 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Dicyphini Reuter,i883 

1434) Deraeocorinae Carvalho,i957 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Deraeocorinae Carvalh.0,1957 

1435) Deraeocorini Carvalho,i957 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Deraeocorini Carvalho,ig57 

1436) Mirinae Hahn,l83l (Miridae) Synonym(s): Mirinae Hahn,i83i; Capsinae Burmeister,i835 

1437) Mirini Hahn,l83l (Miridae) Synonym(s): MiriniHahn,i83i; Capsinae Burmeister,i835 

1438) Stenodemini China, 1943 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Stenodemini China,ig43 

1439) Orthotylinae Van Duzee,i9i6 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Orthotylinae VanDuzee,igi6 

1440) Halticini Costa, 1853 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Halticini Costa,i853 

1441) Orthotylini Van Duzee, 1916 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Orthotylini Van Duzee,igi6 

1442) Phylinae Douglas & Scott, 1865 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Phylinae Douglas & Scott,i86s 

1443) Hallodapini Van Duzee, 1916 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Hallodapini Van Duzee,igi6 

1444) Phylini Douglas & Scott, 1865 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Phylini Douglas & Scott,i86s 

1445) Mogoplistidae Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1873 (Mogoplistidae) Synonym(s): Mogoplistidae 
Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1873 

1446) Muscidae Latreille,i8o2 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Muscidae Latreille,i8o2 

1447) Atherigoninae (Muscidae) Synonym(s): 

1448) Azeliinae R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Azeliinae R-D.,1830 

1449) Coenosiinae Verrall,i888 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Coenosiinae Verrall,i888 

1450) Muscinae Latreille,i8o2 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Muscinae Latreille,i8o2 

1451) Phaoniinae Malloch, 1917 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Phaoniinae Malloch,igiy 

1452) Muscoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Muscoidea) Muscoidea Latr exile, 1802 

1453) Mutillidae Latreille,i8o2 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Mutillariae Latr -eille, 1802 

1454) Myrmosinae Fox,i894 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Myrmosinae Fox,i8g4 

!455) Pseudophotopsidinae Bischoff,i920 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Pseudophotopsidinae 

1456) Myrniillinae Bischoff,i920 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Myrmillinae Bischoff,ig20 

1457) Mutillinae Latreille,i8o2 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Mutillinae Latr eille, 1802 

1458) Mutillini Latreille,i8o2 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Mutillini Latr eille, 1802 

1459) Smicromyrmicini Bischoff,i920 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Smicromyrmicini Bischoff,ig20 

1460) Petersenidiini Lelej,i996 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Petersenidiini Lelej,igg6 

1461) Trogaspidiini Bischoff,i920 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Trogaspidiini Bischoff,ig20 

1462) Dasylabrinae Skorikov,i935 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Dasylabrinae Skorikov,ig35 

1463) Mycetophilidae Newman, 1834 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Mycetophilidae Newman,i834 

1464) Leiinae (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): 

1465) Mycetophilinae Newman, 1834 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Mycetophilinae Newman,i834 

1466) Mycomyinae (Mycetophilidae) Synonym (s): 

1467) Sciophilinae (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): 

1468) Mydidae (Mydidae) Synonym(s): 

1469) Mymaridae (Mymaridae) Synonym(s): 

1470) Myrmecophilidae Saussure,i874 (Myrmecophilidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecophilidae 

1471) Myrmecophilinae Saussure,i874 (Myrmecophilidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecophilinae 

1472) Myrmecophilini Saussure,i874 (Myrmecophilidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecophilini Saussure,i874 

1473) Myrmeleonidae Latreille,i8o2 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Myrmeleonidae Latreille,i8o2 

1474) Palparinae Banks, 1899 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Palparinae Banks,i8gg 

1475) Echthromyrmicinae H61zel,i972 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Echthromyrmicinae H6lzel,ig72 

1476) Myrmeleoninae Latreille,i8o2 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Myrmeleoninae Latreille,i8o2 

1477) Dendroleonini (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): 

1478) Acanthaclisini Navas,i9i2 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Acanthaclisini Navas,igi2 

1479) Myrmeleonini Latreille,i8o2 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Myrmeleonini Latr -eille, 1802 

1480) Myrmecaelurini (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): 

1481) Isoleonini Holzel (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1482) Distoleonini (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): 

1483) Glenurini (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): 

1484) Mythicomyiidae Melander,i902 (Mythicomyiidae) Synonym(s): Mythicomyiidae Melander,igo2 

1485) Platypyginae Verrall,i909 (Mythicomyiidae) Synonym(s): Platypyginae Verrall,igog 
i486) Glabellulinae Cockerell (Mythicomyiidae) Synonym(s): 

1487) Nabidae A.Costa,i853 (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Nabidae A.Costa,i853 

1488) Naucoridae Leach, 1815 (Naucoridae) Synonym(s): Naucoridae Leacb.,1815 

1489) Nemestrinidae Macquart,i834 (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): Nemestrinidae Macquart,i834 

1490) Nemestrininae Macquart,i834 (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): Nemestrininae Macquart,i834 

1491) Hirmoneurinae (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): 

1492) Trichopsideinae (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): 

1493) Nemopteridae Rambur,i842 (Nemopteridae) Synonym(s): Nemopteridae Rambur,i842 

1494) Nemopterinae Rambur,i842 (Nemopteridae) Synonym(s): Nemopterinae Rambur,i842 
!495) Crocinae Navas,i9io (Nemopteridae) Synonym(s): Crocinae Navas,igio 

1496) Nemouridae Newman, 1853 (Nemouridae) Synonym(s): Nemouridae Newman,i853 

1497) Nepidae Latreille,i8o2 (Nepidae) Synonym(s): Nepidae Latreille,i8o2 

1498) Nepomorpha (Nepomorpha) 

1499) Nitidulidae Latreille,i8o2 (Nitidulidae) Synonym(s): Nitidulidae Latr exile, 1802 

1500) Noteridae Thomson, i860 (Noteridae) Synonym(s): Noteridae Thomson,i86o 

1501) Noteridae Thomson, i860 (Noteridae) Synonym(s): Noteridae Thomson,i86o 

1502) Notonectidae Leach, 1815 (Notonectidae) Synonym(s): Notonectidae Leacb.,1815 

1503) Nycteribiidae Samouelle,i8i9 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Nycteribiidae Samouelle,i8ig 

1504) Nycteribiinae Samouelle,i8i9 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Nycteribiinae Samouelle,i8ig 

1505) Cyclopodiinae (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): 

1506) Ochteridae Kirkaldy,i9o6 (Ochteridae) Synonym(s): Ochteridae Kirkaldy,igo6 

1507) Oedemeridae Latreille,i8io (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Oedemeridae Latreille,i8io 

1508) Nacerdinae Mulsant,i8s8 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Nacerdinae Mulsant,i8s8 

1509) Calopodinae Costa,i852 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Calopodinae Costa,i852 

1510) Oedemerinae Latreille,i8io (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Oedemerinae Latreille,i8io 

1511) Oestroidea Townsend,i93i (Oestroidea) Oestroidea Townsend,ig3i 

1512) Opomyzidae Fallen, 1820 (Opomyzidae) Synonym(s): Opomyzidae Fallen,i820 
!5!3) Opomyzoidea Fallen, 1820 (Opomyzoidea) Opomyzoidea Fallen,i820 

1514) Ormyridae (Ormyridae) Synonym(s): 

1515) Ortheziidae Green, 1896 (Ortheziidae) Synonym(s): Ortheziidae Green,i8g6 

1516) Orussidae Newman, 1834 (Orussidae) Synonym(s): Orussidae Newman,i834 

1517) Osmylidae Leach, 1815 (Osmylidae) Synonym(s): Osmylidae Leach,i8i5 

1518) Osmyloidea Leach, 1815 (Osmyloidea) Osmyloidea Leach,i8i5 

1519) Akicerinae Bolivar, 1916 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Akicerinae Bolivar,igi6 

1520) Nocarodesinae Bolivar, 1916 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Nocarodesinae Bolivar, igi6 

1521) Pamphagidae Burmeister,i840 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Pamphagidae Burmeister,i840 

1522) Pamphaginae Burmeister,i840 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Pamphaginae Burmeister,i840 

1523) Prionotropisinae Zhang, Daochuan, Hong Yin & X.Yin, 2003 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): 
Prionotropisinae Zhang, Daochuan, Hong Yin & X.Yin,2003 

1524) Tropidaucheninae Zhang, Daochuan, Hong Yin & X.Yin, 2003 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): 
Tropidaucheninae Zhang , Daochuan, Hong Yin & X.Yin,2003 

1525) Pamphiliidae Cameron, 1890 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Pamphiliidae Cameron,i8go; 
#Pamphilidae Benson,ig68 

1526) Pamphiliinae Cameron, 1890 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Pamphiliinae Cameron,i8go; 
#Pamphilidae Benson,ig68 

1527) Panorpidae (Panorpidae) Synonym (s): 

1528) Pediciidae Osten Sacken,i86o (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Pediciidae Osten Sacken,i86o 

1529) Pediciinae Osten Sacken,i86o (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Pediciinae Osten Sacken,i86o 

1530) Ulinae (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): 

iSS 1 ) Pentatomidae Leach, 1815 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pentatomidae Leach, 1815 

1532) Asopinae Spinola,i8so (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Asopinae Spinola,i8so 

1533) Phyllocephalinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): 
Phyllocephalinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 

!534) Podopinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Podopinae Amyot & 

Audinet-Serville,i 843 
!535) Graphosomini Mulsant & Rey,i865 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Graphosomatini auct.; 

Graphosomini Mulsant & Rey,i86s; Trigonosomatini Mulsant & Rey,i866; Ancyrosomatini Mulsant & Rey,i866; 

Ventocorini 0shanin,igi2 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

!536) Podopini Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Podopini Amyot & 

!537) Tarisini (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): 

1538) Pentatominae Leach, 1815 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pentatominae Leacb.,1815 
!539) Strachiini Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Strachiini Mulsant & Rey,i866 

1540) Pentatomini Leach, 1815 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pentatomini Leach,i8is; Rhaphigastini 
Amyot &Audinet-Serville,i843 

1541) Piezodorini Atkinson, 1888 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): PiezodoriniAtkinson,i888 

1542) Halyini Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Halyini Amyot &Audinet- 

!543) Sciocorini Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Sciocorini Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville, 1 843 

1544) Aulacetrini Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Aulacetrini Mulsant & Rey, 1866; 
Holcogastrini Oshanin,igo6 

1545) Aeliini Douglas & Scott,i865 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Aeliini Douglas & Scott,i86s 

1546) Eysarcorini Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Eysarcorini Mulsant & Rey ,1866 

1547) Carpocorini Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Carpocorini Mulsant & Rey, 1866; 
Rubiconiini Mulsant & Rey ,1866; Dolycorini Yang,ig62 

1548) Myrocheini Stal,l87l (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Myrocheini Sta.1,1871; Dorpiini Distant,igo2; 
Dymantini Distant,igo2 

1549) Nezarini Atkinson, 1888 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Nezarini Atkinson,i888; Palomenini 
Yang, 1962 

1550) Perilampidae (Perilampidae) Synonym(s): 

1551) Perlidae Latreille,i8o2 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Perlidae Latreille,i8o2 

1552) Perlinae Latreille,i8o2 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Perlinae Latreille,i8o2 
!553) Perlini Latreille,i8o2 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Perlini Latreille,i8o2 

!554) Perlodidae Klapalek,iQi2 (Perlodidae) Synonym(s): Perlodidae Klapalek.,1912 

!555) Philopotamidae Stephens, 1829 (Philopotamidae) Synonym(s): Philopotamidae Stephens,i829 

1556) Philopotamoidea Stephens, 1829 (Philopotamoidea) Philopotamoidea Stephens,i829 

!557) Phoridae Latreille,i796 (Phoridae) Synonym(s): Phoridae Latreille,i796 

1558) Phryganeidae Leach, 1815 (Phryganeidae) Synonym(s): Phryganeidae Leach.,1815 

!559) Phryganeoidea Leach, 1815 (Phryganeoidea) Phryganeoidea Leach,i8i5 

1560) Piesmatidae Amyot & Serville, 1843 (Piesmatidae) Synonym(s): Piesmatidae Amyot & 
Serville,i843; Zosmenidae Dohrn,i859; Zosmoridae Douglas & Scott, 1865; Piesmidae Walker, 1873 

1561) Piophilidae Macquart,i835 (Piophilidae) Synonym(s): Piophilidae Macquart,i835 

1562) Pipunculidae (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): 
!563) Pipunculinae (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): 

1564) Cephalopsini (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): 

1565) Eudorylini (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): 

1566) Tomosvaryellini (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): 

1567) Plataspidae (Plataspidae) Synonym(s): 

1568) Platycnemidae Tillyard,i9i7 (Platycnemidae) Synonym(s): Platycnemidae Tillyard,i9i7 

1569) Platypezidae Fallen, 1815 (Platypezidae) Synonym(s): Platypezidae Fallen,i8is 

1570) Platypezinae Fallen, 1815 (Platypezidae) Synonym(s): Platypezinae Fallen,i8i5 

1 57 1 ) Platypezoidea Fallen, 1815 (Platypezoidea) Platypezoidea Fallen,i8i5 

1572) Platystomidae Schiner,i862 (Platystomidae) Synonym(s): Platystomidae Schiner,i862 
!573) Pleidae Fieber,i8i7 (Pleidae) Synonym(s): Pleidae Fieber,i8i7 

1574) Polycentropodidae Ulmer,i903 (Polycentropodidae) Synonym(s): Polycentropodidae Ulmer,i903 

1575) Polyphagidae (Polyphagidae) Synonym (s): 

1576) Pompilidae Latreille,i8o5 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pompilidae Latreille,i8o5 

1577) Ceropalinae Radoszkowski,i888 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Ceropalinae Radoszkowski,i888 

1578) Ctenocerinae (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): 

!579) Pepsinae Lepeletier,i845 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pepsinae Lepeletier,i845 

1580) Pepsini Lepeletier,i845 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pepsini Lepeletier,i845 

1581) Ageniellini (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): 

1582) Pompilinae Latreille,i8o5 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pompilinae Latreille,i8o5 

1583) Aporini (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): 

1584) Homonotini (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): 

1585) Psammoderini (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): 

1586) Pompilini Latreille,i8o5 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pompilini Latreille,i8os 

1587) Pompiloidea Latreille,i8o5 (Pompiloidea) Pompiloidea Latreille,i8o5 

1588) Proctotrupidea (Proctotrupidea) 

1589) Pseudococcidae Cockerell,i899 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Pseudococcidae Cockerell,i899 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1590) Phenacoccinae Sulc,i944 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Phenacoccinae Sulc,ig44 

1591) Psilidae (Psilidae) Synonym(s): 

1592) Loxocerinae (Psilidae) Synonym(s): 
!593) Psilinae (Psilidae) Synonym(s): 

1594) Chylizinae (Psilidae) Synonym(s): 

1595) Psychodidae Newman, 1834 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Psychodidae Newman,i834 

1596) Psychodinae Newman, 1834 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Psychodinae Newman,i834 

1597) Phlebotominae (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): 

1598) Psychomyiidae Walker, 1852 (Psychomyiidae) Synonym(s): Psychomyiidae Walker,i852 

1599) Psyllidae Latreille,i8o7 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Psyllidae Latreille,i8o7 

1600) Psylloidea Latreille,i8o7 (Psyllioidea) Psylloidea Latreille,i8o7 

1601) Asaphiinae (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): 

1602) Ceinae (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): 

1603) Colotrechninae (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): 

1604) Miscogasterinae (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): 

1605) Pteromalidae Dalman,l820 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Pteromalidae Dalman,i82o; Lieparini 

1606) Pteromalinae Dalman,l820 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Pteromalinae Dalman,i82o; Lieparini 

1607) Spalangiinae (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): 

1608) Pyrgomorphidae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i874 (Pyrgomorphidae) Synonym(s): 
Pyrgomorphidae Brunner von Wattenusyl,i874 

1609) Pyrgomorphinae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i874 (Pyrgomorphidae) Synonym(s): 
Pyrgomorphinae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i874 

1610) Pyrgomorphini Brunner von Wattenwyl,i874 (Pyrgomorphidae) Synonym (s): Pyrgomorphini 
Brunner von Wattenwyl,i874 

1611) Pyrgomorphoidea (Pyrgomorphoidea) 

1612) Pyrgomorphoidea Brunner von Wattenwyl,i874 (Pyrgomorphoidea) Pyrgomorphoidea 
Brunner von Wattemvyl,i874 

1613) Pyrochroidae (Pyrochroidae) Synonym(s): 

1614) Pyrrhocoridae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Pyrrhocoridae) Synonym(s): Pyrrhocoridae 
Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 

1615) Raphidiidae Latreille,i8io (Raphidiidae) Synonym(s): Raphidiidae Latreille,i8io 

1616) Dolichopodinae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i888 (Raphidophoridae) Synonym(s): 
Dolichopodinae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i888; Dolichopodainae auct. 

1617) Raphidophoridae Walker, 1871 (Raphidophoridae) Synonym(s): Raphidophoridae Walker, 1871 

1618) Troglophilinae Krauss,i879 (Raphidophoridae) Synonym(s): Troglophilinae Krauss,i879 

1619) Reduviidae Latreille,i8o7 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Reduviidae Latreille,i8o7 

1620) Emesinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Emesinae Amyot & 

1621) Harpactorinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Harpactorinae 
Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 

1622) Peiratinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Peiratinae Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville, 1843 

1623) Phymatinae Laporte,i832 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Phymatinae Laporte,i832 

1624) Reduviinae Latreille,i8o7 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Reduviinae Latreille,i8o7 

1625) Rhagionidae Latreille,i8o2 (Rhagionidae) Synonym(s): Rhagionidae Latreille,i8o2 

1626) Rhinophoridae R-D.,1830 (Rhinophoridae) Synonym(s): Rhinophoridae R-D.,1830 

1627) Rhopalidae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Rhopalidae Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville, 1843; Corizidae Costa,i853 

1628) Rhopalinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Rhopalinae Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville, 1843 

1629) Rhopalini Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Rhopalini Amyot & 

1630) Chorosomini Douglas & Scott,i865 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Chorosomini Douglas & Scott,i86s 

1631) Macrovethini Chopra, 1967 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Macrovethini Chopra,i967 

1632) Corizomorphini Kiritshenko,l964 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Corizomorphini Kiritshenko,i964; 
Corizomorphini Chopra,i967 

1633) Rhyacophilidae Stephens, 1836 (Rhyacophilidae) Synonym(s): Rhyacophilidae Stephens,i836 

1634) Rhyacophiloidea Stephens, 1836 (Rhyacophiloidea) Rhyacophiloidea Stephens,i836 

1635) Ricaniidae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Ricaniidae) Synonym(s): Ricaniidae Amyot & 

1636) Ripiphoridae Gemminger & Harold, 1870 (Ripiphoridae) Synonym(s): Ripiphoridae Gemminger 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1637) Saldidae (Saldidae) Synonym(s): 

1638) Sapygidae (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): 

1639) Fedtschenkiinae (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): 

1640) Sapyginae (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): 

1641) Sarcophagidae Macquart,i834 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sarcophagidae Macquart,i834 

1642) Miltogramminae (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): 

1643) Paramacronychiinae Brauer & Bergenstmm,i889 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): 
Paramacronychiinae Brauer & Bergenstmm,i889 

1644) Sarcophaginae Macquart,i834 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sarcophaginae Macquart,i834 

1645) Macronychiinae Brauer & Bergenstamm,i889 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Macronychiinae 
Brauer & Bergenstamm.,1889 

1646) Scarabaeidae Latreille,i8o2 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Scarabaeidae Latreille,i8o2 

1647) Scarabaeinae Latreille,i8o2 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Scarabaeinae Latreille,i8o2 

1648) Hybosorinae Erichson, 1847 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Hybosorinae Erichson,i847 

1649) Coprinae Kolbe,i905 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Coprinae Kolbe,igos 

1650) Euchirinae Burmeister,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Euchirinae Burmeister,i842 

1651) Aphodiinae Leach, 1815 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Aphodiinae Leach,i8i5 

1652) Aphodiini Leach, 1815 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Aphodiini Leach.,1815 

1653) Melolonthinae Samouelle,i8i9 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Melolonthinae Samouelle,i8i9 

1654) Rhizotroginae (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): 

1655) Pachydeminae Reitter,i902 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Pachydeminae Reitter,igo2 

1656) Sericinae Kirby,i837 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Sericinae Kirby,i837 

1657) Hopliinae Latreille,i829 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): HopliinaeLatr -exile, 1829 

1658) Cetoniinae Leach, 1815 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Cetoniinae Leach,i8i5 

1659) Dynastinae MacLeay,i8i9 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Dynastinae MacLeay,i8i9 

1660) Rutelinae Latreille,i8o2 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Rutelinae Latreille,i8o2 

1661) Valginae Mulsant,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Valginae Mulsant,i842 

1662) Valgini Mulsant,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): ValginiMulsant,i842 

1663) Trichiinae (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): 

1664) Scarabaeoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Scarabaeoidea) Scarabaeoidea Latreille,i8o2 

1665) Scathophagidae R-D.,1830 (Scathophagidae) Synonym(s): Scathophagidae R-D.,1830 

1666) Scathophaginae R-D.,1830 (Scathophagidae) Synonym(s): Scathophaginae R-D.,1830 

1667) Scathophagini R-D.,1830 (Scathophagidae) Synonym(s): Scathophagini R-D.,1830 

1668) Scelionidae (Scelionidae) Synonym(s): 

1669) Schizodactylidae Blanchard,i845 (Schizodactylidae) Synonym(s): Schizodactylidae 

1670) Sciaridae Billberg,i820 (Sciaridae) Synonym(s): Sciaridae Billberg,i820 

1671) Sciaroidea Bilberg,l820 (Sciaroidea) Sciaroidea Bilberg,i820 

1672) Sciomyzidae Fallen, 1820 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Sciomyzidae Fallen, 1820 

1673) Salticellinae (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): 

1674) Sciomyzinae Fallen, 1820 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Sciomyzinae Fallen,i820 

1675) Sciomyzini Fallen, 1820 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Sciomyzini Fallen,i820 

1676) Tetanocerini (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): 

1677) Sciomyzoidea Fallen, 1820 (Sciomyzoidea) Sciomyzoidea Fallen,i820 

1678) Scirtidae Fleming,i82i (Scirtidae) Synonym(s): Scirtidae Fleming, 1821 

1679) Scoliidae Latreille,i8o2 (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Scoliidae Latreille,i8o2 

1680) Proscoliinae Rasnitsyn, 1977 (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Proscoliinae Rasnitsyn,i977 

1681) Scolioidea Latreille,i8o2 (Scolioidea) Scolioidea Latreille,i8o2 

1682) Scutelleridae Leach, 1815 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Scutelleridae Leach,i8i5 

1683) Sepsidae Walker, 1833 (Sepsidae) Synonym(s): Sepsidae Walker, 1833 

1684) Sepsinae Walker, 1833 (Sepsidae) Synonym(s): Sepsinae Walker,i833 

1685) Sericostomatidae Stephens, 1836 (Sericostomatidae) Synonym(s): Sericostomatidae 

1686) Sericostomatoidea Stephens, 1836 (Sericostomatoidea) Sericostomatoidea Stephens,i836 

1687) Signiphoridae (Signiphoridae) Synonym(s): 

1688) Silphidae Latreille,i8o7 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Silphidae Latr exile, 1807 

1689) Silphinae Latreille,i8o7 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Silphinae Latr -exile, 1807 

1690) Nicrophorinae Kirby,i837 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Nicrophorinae Kirby,i837 

1691) Simuliidae Newman, 1834 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Simulates Newman,i834 

1692) Spercheidae (Spercheidae) Synonym(s): 

1693) Sphaeroceridae Macquart,i835 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Sphaeroceridae Macquart,i835 

1694) Sphaerocerinae Macquart,i835 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Sphaerocerinae Macquart,i835 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1695) Limosininae Frey,l92l (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): #Limosinae Stenhammar,i855; Limosininae 
Frey,ig2i; Leptocerinae Hendel,ig28 nee Leach,i8i5; Ceropterinae Vanschuytbroeck,i95g 

1696) Copromyzinae Stenhammar,i855 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Copromyzinae 

1697) Sphaeroceroidea Macquart,i835 (Sphaeroceroidea) Sphaeroceroidea Macquart,i835 

1698) Sphecidae Latreille,i8o2 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): Sphecidae Latr exile, 1802 

1699) Sphecinae Latreille,i8o2 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): exile, 1802 

1700) Ammophilinae Andre, 1886 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): Ammophxlxnae Andre, 1886 

1701) Sceliphrinae Ashmead,i899 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): SceliphrinaeAshmead,i899 

1702) Sphecoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Sphecoidea) Sphecoxdea Latr exile, 1802 

1703) Spongiphoridae Veroeff.,1902 (Spongiphoridae) Synonym(s): Spongiphoridae Veroeff,igo2 

1704) Labiinae Burr, 1909 (Spongiphoridae) Synonym(s): Labiinae Burr, 1909 

1705) Staphylinidae Latreille,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Staphylinidae Latr exile, 1802 

1706) Aleocharinae Fleming, 1821 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Aleocharinae Fleming, 1821 

1707) Gymnusini Heer,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Gymnusini Heer,i839 

1708) Deinopsini Sharp, 1883 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Deinopsini Sharp, 1883 

1709) Myllaenini Ganglbauer,i895 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Myllaenini Ganglbauer,i895 

1710) Oxypodini Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Oxypodini Thomson,i8s9 

1711) Athetini Casey,i9io (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Athetini Casey, 1910 

1712) Aleocharini Fleming, 1821 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Aleocharini Fleming, 1821 

1713) Lomechusini Fleming,i82i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Lomechusini Fleming, 1821 

1714) Falagriini Mulsant & Rey,i873 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Falagriini Mulsant & Rey,i8y3 

1715) Autaliini Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Autaliini Thomson,i8s9 

1716) Homalotini Heer,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Homalotini Heer,i839 

1717) Phytosini Thomson, 1867 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Phytosini Thomson,i86y 

1718) Pronomaeini Mulsant & Rey, 1873 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pronomaeini Mulsant &Rey, 1873 

1719) Hypocyphtini Laporte,i835 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Hypocyphtini Laporte,i835 

1720) Dasycerinae Reitter,i887 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Dasycerinae Reitter,i887 

1721) Euaesthetinae Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Euaesthetinae Thomson,i859 

1722) Habrocerinae Mulsant & Rey,i877 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Habrocerinae Mulsant & 

1723) Leptotyphylinae Fauvel,i874 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Leptotyphylinae Fauvel,i874 

1724) Entomoculiini Coiffait, 1957 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Entomoculiini Coiffait,i957 

1725) Leptotyphylini Fauvel,i874 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Leptotyphylini Fauvel,i874 

1726) Metrotyphlini Coiffait, 1963 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Metrotyphlini Coiffait,i963 

1727) Micropeplinae Leach, 1815 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Micropeplinae Leach,i8i5 

1728) Omaliinae MacLeay,i825 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Omaliinae MacLeay,i825 

1729) Anthophagini Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Anthophagini Thomson,i859 

1730) Omaliini MacLeay,i825 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Omaliini MacLeay,i825 

1731) Eusphalerini Hatch, 1957 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Eusphalerini Hatch,i957 

1732) Hadrognathini Portevin,i929 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Hadrognathini Portevin,i929 

1733) Coryphiini Jakobson,i9o8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Coryphiini Jakobson,i9o8 

1734) Osoriinae Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Osoriinae Erichson,i839 

1735) Osoriini Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Osoriini Erichson,i839 

1736) Thoracophorini Reitter,i909 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Thoracophorini Reitter,i909 
!737) Oxyporinae Fleming,l82l (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Oxyporinae Fleming, 1821 
1738) Oxytelinae Fleming,i82i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Oxytelinae Fleming, 1821 

!739) Deleasterini Reitter,i909 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Deleasterini Reitter,i909 

1740) Coprophilini Heer,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Coprophilini Heer,i839 

1741) Thinobiini Sahlberg,i876 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Thinobiini Sahlberg ,1876 

1742) Oxytelini Fleming,i82i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Oxytelini Fleming, 1821 

1743) Paederinae Fleming,i82i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Paederinae Fleming, 1821 

1744) Paederini Fleming,i82i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Paederini Fleming, 1821 

1745) Astenina Hatch, 1957 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Astenina Hatch,i957 

1746) Cryptobiina Casey,i905 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Cryptobiina Casey,i905 

1747) Dolicaonina Casey,i905 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Dolicaonina Casey, 1905 

1748) Lathrobiina Laporte,i835 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Lathrobiina Laporte,i835 

1749) Medonina Casey,i905 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Medonina Casey,i905 

1750) Paederina Fleming,i82i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Paederina Fleming, 1821 

1751) Scopaeina Mulsant & Rey,i878 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Scopaeina Mulsant & Rey ,1878 

1752) Stilicina Casey,i905 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Stilicina Casey, 1905 

!753) Pinophilini Nordmann,i837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pinophilini Nordmann,i837 

1754) Piestinae Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Piestinae Erichson,i839 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

!755) Proteininae Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Proteininae Erichson,i839 

1756) Pselaphinae Latreille,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pselaphinae Latreille,i8o2 

1757) Trichonychini Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Trichonychini Reitter,i882 

1758) Euplectini LeConte,i86i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Euplectini LeConte,i86i 

1759) Amauropini Jeannel,i948 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Amauropini Jeannel,ig48 

1760) Batrisini Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Batrisini Reitter,i882 

1761) Bythinini Raffray,i890 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bythinini Raffray,i8go 

1762) Tychini Raffray,i904 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tychini Raffray,igo4 

1763) Brachyglutini Raffray,i904 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Brachyglutini Raffray,igo4 

1764) Faronini Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Faronini Reitter,i882 

1765) Pselaphini Latreille,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pselaphini Latreille,i8o2 

1766) Ctenistini Blanchard,i845 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ctenistini Blaxxchard, 18 45 

1767) Tyrini Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tyrini Reitter,i882 

1768) Clavigerini Leach, 1815 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Clavigerini Leach.,1815 

1769) Scaphidiinae Latreille,i8o7 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Scaphidiinae Latreille,i8oy 

1770) Cypariini Achard,i924 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Cypariini Achard,ig24 

1771) Scaphiini Achard,i924 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Scaphiini Achard,ig24 

1772) Scaphidiini Latreille, 1807 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Scaphidiini Latr exile, 1807 
*773) Scaphisomatini Casey,i894 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Scaphisomatini Casey, i8g4 

1774) Staphylininae Latreille, 1802 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Staphylininae Latreille, 1802 

1775) Staphylinini Latreille, 1802 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Staphylinini Latreille, 1802 

1776) Philonthina Kirby,i837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Philonthina Kirby,i837 

1777) Quediina Kraatz,i857 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Quediina Kraatz,i857 

1778) Staphylinina Latreille, 1802 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Staphylinina Latreille, 1802 

1779) Othiini Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): 

1780) Steninae MacLeay,i825 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Steninae MacLeay,i825 

1781) Tachyporinae MacLeay,i825 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tachyporinae MacLeay,i825 

1782) Tachyporini MacLeay,i825 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): TachyporiniMacLeay,i825 

1783) Mycetoporini Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Mycetoporini Thomson,i85g 

1784) Trichophyinae Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Trichophyinae Thomson,i8sg 

1785) Trigonurinae Reiche,i866 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Trigonurinae Reiche,i866 

1786) Phloeocharinae Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Phloeocharinae Erichson,i83g 

1787) Pseudopsinae Ganglbauer,i895 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pseudopsinae Ganglbauer,i8gs 

1788) Staphylinoidea Latreille, 1802 (Staphylinoidea) Staphylinoidea Latr exile, 1802 

1789) Stenocephalidae Dallas, 1852 (Stenocephalidae) Synonym(s): Stenocephalidae Dallas, 18 '52 

1790) Sternorrhyncha (Sternorrhyncha) 

1791) Stratiomyidae Latreille, 1804 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Stratiomyidae Latreille, 180 4 

1792) Beridinae Westwood,i838 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Beridinae Westwood,i838 
!793) Sarginae Walker, 1834 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Sarginae Walker, 1834 

1794) Stratiomyinae Latreille, 1804 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Stratiomyinae Latreille,i8o4 

1795) Clitellariinae Brauer,i882 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Clitellariinae Brauer,i882 

1796) Pachygasterinae Loew,i856 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): P achy g aster inae Loew,i8s6 

1797) Hermetiinae Loew,i862 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Hermetiinae Loexv,i862 

1798) Streblidae Kolenati,i863 (Streblidae) Synonym(s): Streblidae Kolenati,i863 

1799) Nycteriboscinae (Streblidae) Synonym(s): 

1800) Syrphidae Latreille, 1802 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Syrphidae Latreille, 1802 

1801) Syrphinae Latreille, 1802 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Syrphinae Latr -eille, 1802 

1802) Eumerinae Thompson, 1972 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Eumerirxae Thompson, ig72 

1803) Milesiinae (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): 

1804) Microdontinae (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): 

1805) Tabanidae Latreille, 1802 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Tabanidae Latreille,i8o2 

1806) Pangoninae (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): 

1807) Chrysopsinae (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): 

1808) Tabaninae Latreille, 1802 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Tabanirxae Latr eille, 1802 

1809) Tabanoidea Latreille, 1802 (Tabanoidea) Tabanoidea Latreille, 1802 

1810) Tachinidae R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Tachinidae R-D.,1830 

1811) Dexiinae Macquart,i834 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Dexiixxae Macquart,i834 

1812) Phasiinae R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Phasiinae R-D.,1830; Hyalomyixxi Lioy, 1864 

1813) Cylindromyiini (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): 

1814) Leucostomatini (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): 

1815) Exoristinae R-D.,1863 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Exoristixxae R-D.,1863 

1816) Exoristini R-D.,1863 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Exoristixxi R-D.,1863 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1817) Goniini Lioy,i864 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): GoniiniLioy,i864 

1818) Tachininae R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Tachininae R-D.,1830 

1819) Tachinini R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Tachinini R-D.,1830 

1820) Macquartiini R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Macquartiini R-D.,1830 

1821) Micropalpini R-D.,1863 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Micropalpini R-D.,1863; Linnaemyini 
Townsend,igig; Linnaemyiini Malloch,ig2g 

1822) Minthoini Brauer & Bergenstamm,i889 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Minthoini Brauer & 

1823) Loewiini Brauer & Bergenstamm,i89i (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Loewiini Brauer & 

1824) Taeniopterygidae Klapalek,i905 (Taeniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Taeniopterygidae 

1825) Brachypterinae Zwick,i973 (Taeniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Brachypterinae Zwick,ig/3 

1826) Taeniopteryginae Klapalek,i905 (Taeniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Taeniopteryginae 

1827) Tenebrionidae Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Tenebrionidae Latreille,i8o2 

1828) Lagriinae Latreille,i825 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Lagriinae Latr exile, 1825 

1829) Cossyphini Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cossyphini Latr eille, 1802 

1830) Adeliini Hope, 1840 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Adeliini Hope,i840 

1831) Pimeliinae Latreille, 1802 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pimeliinae Latr eille, 1802 

1832) Erodiini Billberg,i820 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Erodiini Billberg ,1820 

1833) Zophosini Solier,i834 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Zophosini Solier,i834 

1834) Tentyriini Eschscholtz,i83i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Tentyriini Eschscholtz,i83i 

1835) Adesmiini Lacordaire,i859 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Adesmiini Lacordaire,i8sg 

1836) Adelostomini Solier,i834 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Adelostomini Solier,i834 

1837) Stenosini Lacordaire,i859 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Stenosini Lacordaire,i8sg 

1838) Ceratanisini Gebien, 1937 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Ceratanisini Gebien,ig37 

1839) Akidini Billberg, 18 20 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Akidini Billberg, 1820 

1840) Pimeliini Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pimeliini Latr eille, 1802 

1841) Boletophaginae Kirby,i837 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Boletophaginae Kirby, 1837 

1842) Boletophagini Kirby,l837 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Boletophagini Kirby,i837; Rhipidandrini 

1843) Diaperinae Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Diaperinae Latreille,i8o2 

1844) Phaleriini Blanchard,i845 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Phaleriini Blanchard,i845 

1845) Diaperini Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Diaperini Latreille,i8o2 

1846) Crypticini Brulle, 1832 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Crypticini Brulle,i832 

1847) Trachyscelini Blanchard,i845 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Trachyscelini Blanchard,i845 

1848) Opatrinae Brulle, 1832 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Opatrinae Brulle,i832 

1849) Opatrini Brulle, 1832 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Opatrini Brulle,i832 

1850) Melanimini Seidlitz,i894 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Melanimini Seidlitz,i8g4 

1851) Dendarini Seidlitz,i889 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dendarini Seidlitz,i88g 

1852) Pedinini Eschscholtz,i829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pedinini Eschscholtz,i82g 

1853) Leichenini Mulsant & Rey,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): LeicheniniMulsant&Rey,i854 

1854) Tenebrioninae Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Tenebrioninae Latreille,i8o2 

1855) Blaptini Leach, 1815 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Blaptini Leach,i8i5 

1856) Ulomini Blanchard,i845 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Ulomini Blanchard,i845 

1857) Helopini Latreille,l802 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Helopini Latreille,i8o2; Nephodini 

1858) Cylindronotini Espanol,i956 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cylindronotini Espanol,igs6 

1859) Triboliini Mulsant & Rey,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Triboliini Mulsant & Rey, 1854 
i860) Alphitobiini Reitter,i9i7 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Alphitobiini Reitter,igiy 

1861) Tenebrionini Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Tenebrionini Latreille,i8o2 

1862) Toxicini Lacordaire,i859 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Toxicini Lacordaire,i8sg 

1863) Stenochiinae Kirby,i837 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Stenochiinae Kirby,i837 

1864) Cnodalonini Gistel,i8s6 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cnodalonini Gistel,i8s6; Coelometopini 

1865) Alleculinae Laporte,i840 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Alleculinae Laporte,i840 

1866) Cteniopodini Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cteniopodini Solier,i835 

1867) Tenebrionoidea Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionoidea) Tenebrionoidea Latreille,i8o2 

1868) Tenthredinidae Latreille,i8o2 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Tenthredinidae Latreille,i8o2 

1869) Tenthredininae Latreille,i8o2 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Tenthredininae Latreille,i8o2 

1870) Blennocampinae Konow,i890 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Blennocampinae Konow,i8go 

1871) Dolerinae (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1872) Nematinae (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): 

1873) Selandrinae (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): 

1874) Allantinae (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): 

1875) Heterarthinae (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): 

1876) Tenthredioidea Latreille,i8o2 (Tenthredioidea) Tenthredioidea Latreille,i8o2 

1877) Tephritidae Newman, 1834 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Tephritidae Newman,i834 

1878) Tephritinae Newman, 1834 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Tephritinae Newman,i834 

1879) Tephritini Newman, 1834 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Tephritini Newman,i834 

1880) Noeetini Norrbom & Korneyev,i999 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Noeetini Norrbom & 

1881) Aciurinae M.Hering,i94i (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Aciurinae M.Hering,ig4i 

1882) Myopitinae Bezzi,i9io (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Myopitinae Bezzi,igio 

1883) Terelliinae Hendel,i927 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Terelliinae Hendel,ig27 

1884) Trypetinae Loew,i86i (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Try petinae Loew, 1861 

1885) Trypetini Loew,i86i (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Trypetini Loew, 1861 

1886) Carpomyini Norrbom (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): 

1887) Carpomyina Norrbom (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): 

1888) Dacinae Loew,i862 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Dacinae Loew, 1862 

1889) Dacini Loew,i862 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Dacini Loew, 1862 

1890) Ceratitidini (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): 

1891) Xyphosiini Hendel,i927 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Xyphosiini Hendel,ig2y 

1892) Tephritoidea Newman, 1834 (Tephritoidea) Tephritoidea Newman,i834 

1893) Tethinidae Hendel,i9i6 (Tethinidae) Synonym(s): Tethinidae Hendel,igi6 

1894) Tethininae Hendel,i9i6 (Tethinidae) Synonym(s): Tethininae Hendel,igi6 

1895) Tetracampidae (Tetracampidae) Synonym(s): 

1896) Tetrigidae Audinet-Serville,i838 (Tetrigidae) Synonym(s): TetrigidaeAudinet-Serville,i838 

1897) Tetrigoidea (Tetrigoidea) 

1898) Tettigometridae Germar,i82i (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Tettigometridae Germar,i82i 

1899) Acrometopini Brunner von Wattenwyl,i878 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Acrometopini 
Brunner von Wattenwyl,i878 

1900) Bradyporinae Burmeister,i838 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Bradyporinae Burmeister,i838; 
Callimeninae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i882 

1901) Bradyporini Burmeister,l838 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Bradyporinae Burmeister, 1838; 
Callimeninae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i882 

1902) Conocephalinae Burmeister,i838 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Conocephalinae Burmeister, 1838 

1903) Decticini Brunner von Wattenwyl,i893 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Decticini Brunner von 

1904) Drymadusini Uvarov,l924 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Drymadusae Uvarov,ig24; Bergiolini 

1905) Ephippigerini Brunner von Wattenwyl,i878 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Ephippigerini 
Brunner von Wattenwyl,i878 

1906) Gampsocleidini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Gampsocleidini 
Brunner von Wattenwyl,i878 

1907) Meconematinae Burmeister,i838 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Meconematinae Burmeister,i838 

1908) Phaneropterinae Burmeister, 1838 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Phaneropterinae 
Burmeister, 1838 

1909) Phaneropterini Burmeister, 1838 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Phaneropterini Burmeister ,1838 

1910) Pholidopterini Beier,i954 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Pholidopterini Beier,igs4 

1911) Platycleidini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Platycleidini Brunner 
von Wattenwyl,i8g3 

1912) Saginae Brunner- Wattenwyl, 1878 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Saginae Brunner-Wattenwyl,i878 

1913) Tettigoniidae Krauss,l902 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Decticidae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i8g3; 
Phasgonurinae Karsch,i8g3; Tettigoniinae Krauss,igo2 

1914) Tettigoniinae Krauss,l902 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Decticidae Brunner von Wattenwyl,i8g3; 
Phasgonurinae Karsch,i8g3; Tettigoniinae Krauss,igo2 

1915) Tettigoniini Krauss,i902 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Tettigoniini Krauss,igo2 

1916) Tylopsini Jacobson,i905 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Tylopsini Jacobson,igos 

1917) Therevidae Burmeister, 1837 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Therevidae Burmeister,i837 

1918) Therevinae Burmeister, 1837 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Therevinae Burmeister, 1837 

1919) Thripidae (Thripidae) Synonym(s): 

1920) Tingidae Laporte,i832 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Tingidae Laporte,i832 

1921) Tiphiidae (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): 

1922) Tiphiinae (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): Tiphiinae; Silifkinae Argaman & 0zbek,igg2 

1923) Myzininae (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1924) Methochinae (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): 

1925) Tiphioidea (Tiphioidea) 

1926) Tipulidae Latreille,i8o2 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Tipulidae Latreille,i8o2 

1927) Torymidae (Torymidae) Synonym(s): 

1928) Trichoceridae Rondani,i84i (Trichoceridae) Synonym(s): Trichoceridae Rondani,i84i; 
Musidoromimidae Rohdendorfig62 

1929) Trichoceroidea Rondani,l84l (Trichoceroidea) Trichoceroidea Rondani,i84i; Musidoromimidae 

1930) Trichogrammatidae Haliday & Walker,i85i (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): 
Trichogrammatidae Haliday & Walker, 1851 

1931) Tridactylidae Saussure,i874 (Tridactylidae) Synonym(s): Tridactylidae Saussure, 1874 

1932) Tridactylinae Saussure,i874 (Tridactylidae) Synonym(s): Tridactylinae Saussure,i874 
!933) Dentridactylinae Giinther,i979 (Tridactylidae) Synonym(s): Dentridactylinae Giinther,i979 
1934) Tridactyloidea Brulle,l835 (Tridactyloidea) Tridactyloidea Brulle,i835 

!935) Triozidae (Triozidae) Synonym(s): 

1936) Trixoscelidae Hendel,i9i6 (Trixoscelidae) Synonym(s): Trixoscelidae Hendel,igi6 

1937) Tropiduchidae Stal,i866 (Tropiduchidae) Synonym(s): Tropiduchidae Stal,i866 

1938) Uenoidae Iwata,i927 (Uenoidae) Synonym(s): Uenoidae Iwata,ig27 
!939) Ulidiidae Macquart,i835 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Ulidiidae Macquart,i835 

1940) Otitinae (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): 

1941) Otitini (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): 

1942) Ulidiinae Macquart,i835 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Ulidiinae Macquart,i835 

1943) Seiopterini (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): 

1944) Ulidiini Macquart,i835 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Ulidiini Macquart,i835 

!945) Veliidae Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Veliidae) Synonym(s): Veliidae Amyot & Audinet- 

1946) Micro veliinae (Veliidae) Synonym(s): 

1947) Veliinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Veliidae) Synonym(s): Veliinae Amyot & Audinet- 

1948) Vermileonidae Nagatomi,i977 (Vermileonidae) Synonym(s): Vermileonidae Nagatomi,ig77 

1949) Vespidae (Vespidae) Synonym(s): 

1950) Vespinae (Vespidae) Synonym(s): 

1951) Masarinae Latreille,l802 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Masarides Latreille,i802; Mazaridinae 
Schulz,ign; Celonitinae B6rner,igig; Saryarinae Kuznetzov,ig23 

1952) Eumeninae (Vespidae) Synonym(s): 

!953) Polistinae Lepeletier,i836 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Polistinae Lepeletier,i836 

1954) Xyelidae (Xyelidae) Synonym(s): 

1955) Xylomyidae (Xylomyidae) Synonym(s): 

List of the genus group names of the Pterygota of Turkey 

Genus group names (genus, subgenus, and section) recorded in Turkey so far are 
represented by 5905 valid names. Below, these names listed alphabetically together with 
synonyms, under the two different titles; namely, Lepidoptera, and other pterygot orders. 


1) Adela Latreille,l796 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Adela Latreille,i7g6; Capillaria Haworth,[i828] nee 
Zeder,i8oo; Metallitis Sodoff sky, 1837; Aedilis Gistl,i848 nee Audin.-Serv., 1835 

2) Cauchas Zeller,l839 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Cauchas Zeller,i83g; Cyanauges Braun,igig nee 
Philippi,i865; Chalceopla Braun,ig2i 

3) Nematopogon Zeller,l839 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Nemophora Hiibner,[i825] nee Hoffmanns. ,i7g8; 
Nematopogon Zeller,i83g 

4) Nemophora Hoffmannsegg,l798 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): Nemophora Hoffmannsegg,i7g8; Elasmion 
Hiibner,i822; Nemotois Hiibner,[i825]; Eutyphia Hiibner,[i825]; Epityphia Hilbner,[i825]; Nematophora 
Agassiz,i847 nee Gry., 1840; Ucetia Walker,i866; Trichofrons Amsel,ig37 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5) Blastodacna Wocke,[l876] (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): Blastodacna Wocke,[i876]; Sinitinea 
Yang, 1977 

6) Chrysoclista Stainton,i854 (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): Chrysoclista Stainton,i854 

7) Haplochrois Meyrick,i897 (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): Aetia Chamber s,i88o nee Agass.,1847; 
Haplochrois Meyrick.,1897; Rhadinastis Meyrick,i897; Tetanocentria Rebel,i902; Platybathra Meyriek.,1911; 
Parametriotes Kuznetsov,i9i6; Syntetrernis Meyrick,i922 

8) Heinemannia Wocke,[i876] (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): Tebenna Hubner,[i825] nee Billb.,1820; 
Heinemannia Wocke,[i876]; 

9) Spuleria Hofmann, 1898 (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): Spuleria Hofmann,i898 

10) Alucita Linnaeus, 1758 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): Alucita Linnaeus, 1758; Orneodes Latr exile, 1796; 
Rhipidophora Hiibner, 1822; Euchiradia Hiibner, [1825]; Alucitina Heydenreich.,1851. 

11) Andala Walker, 1855 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Andala Walker, 1855; Spilarctia Staudinger,i892 nee 
Butt, 1875; Nebrarctia A. Watson,i98o 

12) Arctia (Epicallia) Hiibner,[i82o] (Arctiidae) Synonym (s): Epicallia Hubner,[i82o] 

13) Arctia (Eucharia) Hiibner,[i82o] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Eucharia Hiibner,[i82o]. 

14) Arctia Schrank,l802 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Arctia Schrank,i8o2; Hypercombe Hiibner,[i8o6] 
(rejected); Eyprepia Ochsenheimer,i8io; Euprepia Hiibner,[i8i9]; Zoote Hiibner, [1820]; Chelonia Godart,[i823J; 
Arctinia Eichwald,i830; Callarctia Packard,i864. 

15) Atolmis Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Atolmis Hiibner, [1819]; Gnophria Stephens, 1829 

16) Axiopoena Menetries, 1842 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Axiopoena Menetries,i842 

17) Callimorpha Latreille,l809 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Callimorpha Latr eille, 1809; Panaxia Tams,i939. 

18) Chelis Rambur,i866 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Chelis Rambur,i866 

19) Collita Moore, 1878 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Collita Moore, 1878 

20) Coscinia Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Coscinia Hiibner, [1819] 

21) Cybosia Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Cybosia Hiibner, [1819] '; Ecteina Rambur, 1866 

22) Cymbalophora Rambur,l866 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Tympanophora Laboulbene,i86s nee 
White,i84i; Cymbalophora Rambur,i866 

23) Diacrisia Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Diacrisia Hiibner, [1819]; Euthemonia Stephens, 1828; 
Elpis Dyar,i893. 

24) Diaphora Hiibner, 1818 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Diaphora Hiibner ,1818 

25) Eilema Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Eilema Hiibner, [1819]; Piesta Billberg,i82o; Hilema 
Agassiz,i847; Ilema Hampson,i900; Lophilema Aurivillius,i9iO 

26) Epatolmis Butler, 1877 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Epatolmis Butler, 1877 

27) Euplagia Hiibner, [1820] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Euplagia Hiibner, [1820] 

28) Hyphantria Harris, 1841 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Hyphantria Harris,i84i 

29) Hyphoraia Hiibner, [1820] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Hyphoraia Hubner,[i82o] 

30) Katha Moore,i878 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Katha Moore, 1878 

31) Lacydes Walker,l855 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Lacydes Walker, 1855; Acymba Rambur, 1866; Palparctia 
Spuler,i9o6; Volgarctia Alpheraky,i9o8. 

32) Lithosia Fabricius,l798 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Lithosia Fabricius,i798; Lithosis Billberg,i82o; 
Lichenia Sodojf sky, 1837. 

33) Miltochrista Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Miltochrista Hiibner, [1819]; Calligenia 
Duponchel,i844; Barsine Walker,i854; Sesapa Walker,i854; Ammatho Walker, 1855; Cabarda Walker,i863; 
Castabala Walker, 1864; Korawa Moore,i878; Mahavira Moore,i878; Gurna Swinhoe,i892 

34) Muscula Kocak,i99i (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Musculo Koqak,i99i 

35) Nudaria Haworth, [1809] (Arctiidae) Synonym (s): Nudaria Haworth,[i8o9] 

36) Ocnogyna (Somatotrichia) Kirby,i892 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Trichosoma Rambur,i832 nee 
Rudolph,i8i9; Somatotrichia Kirby,i892 

37) Ocnogyna (s.str.) Lederer,i853 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Ocnogyna Lederer, 1853 

38) Ocnogyna Lederer, 1853 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Ocnogyna Lederer, 1853 

39) Paidia (Conjuncta) Kocak,i99i (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Conjuncta Kocak,i99i 

40) Paidia Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Paidia Hubner,[i8i9] 

41) Parasemia Hiibner, [1820] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Parasemia Hiibner, [1820] 

42) Pelosia Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Pelosia Hiibner, [1819] 

43) Phragmatobia Stephens, 1828 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Phragmatobia Stephens,i828 

44) Rhyparia Hiibner, [1825] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Rhyparia Hiibner, [1825] 

45) Setina Schrank,l802 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Setina Schrank,i802; Endrosa Hiibner,[i8i9]; Philea 

46) Spilarctia Butler, 1875 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Spilarctia Butler,i875; #Spilaretia Lewvanich,200i 

47) Spilosoma Curtis, 1825 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Olistheria Hiibner, [1820]; Spilosoma Curtis,i825; 
Rhagonis Walker, 1862; Spilarctia Butler,i875; Thanatarctia Butler, 1877 

48) Spiris Hiibner, [1819] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Spiris Hiibner, [1819]; Callopis Billberg,i82o; Eulepia 
Curtis, 1825; Emydia Boisduval,i828. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

49) Thumatha Walker,l866 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Thumatha Walker,i866; Pelobrochis Lucas,i8g2; 
Dictenus Butler, 1897. 

50) Tyria Hubner,[l8l9] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Hipocrita Hiibner,[i8o8] (rejected name); Tyria 
Hiibner,[i8ig]; Euchelia Boisduval,i828. 

51) Utetheisa Hubner,[l8l9] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): UtetheisaHilbner,[i8ig]; Deiopeia Curtis,i82y. 

52) Watsonarctia Freina & Witt, 1984 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Watsonarctia Freina & Witt,ig84; Eurachia 
Dubatolov,i985; Eucastana Leraut,ig8s. 

53) Wittia de Freina, 1980 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): Systropha Hiibner,[i8i9] nee Illig.,1806; Wittia de 
Freina,ig8o; Strysopha Arora & Chaudhury,ig82 

54) Aglais Dalman,l8l6 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Aglais Dalman,i8i6; Ichnusa Reuss,ig3g 

55) Apatura Fabricius,i8o7 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Apatura Fabricius,i8o7 

56) AraschniaHubner,[i8i9] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Araschnia Hubner,[i8ig] 

57) Argynnis (Fabriciana) Reuss,l920 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Fabriciana Reuss,ig2o; Profabriciana 

58) Argynnis (Pandoriana) B.C. S.Warren, 1942 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Pandoriana 
B.C.S. Warren,i g42 

59) Argynnis (Speyeria) Scudder,l872 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Speyeria Scudder,i872; Mesoacidalia 

60) Argynnis (s.str.) Fabricius,l807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Argynnis Fabricius,i807; Mesodryas 

61) Argynnis Fabricius,l807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Argynnis Fabricius,i8o7; Mesodryas Reuss,ig27. 

62) Boloria (Clossiana) Reuss,i920 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Clossiana Reuss,ig20 

63) Boloria (Proclossiana) Reuss,i926 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Proclossiana Reuss,ig26 

64) Boloria (s.str.) Moore, [1900] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Boloria Moore,[igoo]; Smoljana Slivov,iggs. 

65) Boloria Moore, [1900] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Boloria Moore,[igoo]; Smoljana Slivov,iggs. 

66) Brenthis Hubner,[l8l9] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Brenthis Hubner,[i8ig]; Neobrenthis Kocak,ig8o. 

67) Charaxes Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Charaxes Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Paphia 
Fabricius, 1807 nee Roding,i7g8 (rejected); Jasia Swainson,i832. 

68) Euapatura Ebert,l97l (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Euapatura Ebert,ig7i; Protapatura Igarashi,ig7i. 

69) Euphydryas (Eurodryas) Higgins,i978 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Eurodryas Higgins,ig78; 
Oreodryas Lastukhin,2008; Taigadryas Lastukhin,2008; Protodryas Lastukhin,2008 nee Reuss,ig28; Afrodryas 

70) Euphydryas (Hypodryas) Higgins,i978 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Hypodryas Higgins,ig78; 
Neodryas Lastukhin,2008; Cryodryas Lastukhin,2008 

71) Hypolimnas Hiibner,[l8l9] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Hypolimnas Hubner,[i8ig]; Diadema 
Bosiduval,[i832]; Eucalia Felder,i86i; Euralia Westwood,[i8so] 

72) Inachis Hiibner,[i8i9] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Inachis Hubner,[i8ig] 

73) Issoria Hiibner,[l8l9] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Issoria Hiibner,[i8ig]; Rathora Moore,[igoo]; 
Yramea Reuss,ig20; Kukenthaliella Reuss,ig2i; Prokuekenthaliella Reuss,ig26; Pseudorathora Reuss,ig26; 
Chilargynnis Bryk,ig45 

74) Limenitis (Azuritis) Boudinot,i986 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Azuritis Boudinot,ig86 

75) Limenitis (Ladoga) Moore, [1898] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Ladoga Moore,[i8g8] 

76) Melitaea (Cinclidia) Hiibner,[i8i9] (Argynnidae) Synonym (s): Cinclidia Hubner,[i8ig] 

77) Melitaea (Didymaeformis) Verity,i950 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Didymaeformis Verity, lggo. 

78) Melitaea (Mellicta) Billberg,i820 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Mellicta Billberg,i820 

79) Melitaea (s.str.) Fabricius, 1807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Melitaea Fabricius,i8o7 

80) Melitaea Fabricius, 1807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Melitaea Fabricius,i807; Lucina Rafinesque,i8i5; 
Schoenis Hubner,[i8ig]; Melinaea Sodoffsky,i837. 

81) Neptis (s.str.) Fabricius, 18 07 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Neptis Fabricius, 1807; Philonoma 
Billberg,i820; Paraneptis Moore,[i8g8]; Kalkasia Moore,[i8g8]; Hamadryodes Moore,[i8g8]; Bimbisara 
Moore,[i8g8]; Stabrobates Moore,[i8g8]; Rasalia Moore,[i8g8]; Neptidomina Holland,ig20. 

82) Neptis Fabricius, 1807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Neptis Fabricius,i8o7; Philonoma Billberg,i82o; 
Paraneptis Moore,[i8g8]; Kalkasia Moore, [i8g8]; Hamadryodes Moore,[i8g8]; Bimbisara Moore,[i8g8]; 
Stabrobates Moore,[i8g8]; Rasalia Moore,[i8g8]; Neptidomina Holland, ig20. 

83) Nymphalis Kluk,l802 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Nymphalis Kluk,i8o2; Hamadryas Hiibner,[i8o6]; 
Scudderia Grote,i873 nee Stal,i873; Euvanessa Scudder,i88g; Antiopana Korb,2005 

84) Polygonia (Comma) Rennie,i832 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Comma Rennie,i832. 

85) Polygonia Hiibner,[l8l9] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Polygonia Hubner,[i8ig]; Eugonia Hiibner,[i8ig]; 
Grapta Kirby,i837. 

86) Precis (Junonia) Hiibner,[i8i9] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Junonia Hiibner,[i8ig] 

87) Thaleropis Staudinger,i87i (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Thaler opis Staudinger, 1871 

88) Vanessa (Cynthia) Fabricius, 1807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Cynthia Fabricius,i8o7; Neopyrameis 
Scudder,i88g; Fieldia Niculescu,ig7g (praeocc); Neofieldia 0zdikmen,2008. 

89) Vanessa (s.str.) Fabricius, 1807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Vanessa Fabricius,i8o7; Pyrameis 
Hiibner,[i8ig]; Ammiralis Rennie,i832; Phanessa Sodojf sky, 1837. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

90) Vanessa Fabricius,l807 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Vanessa Fabricius,i8o7; Pyrameis Hiibner, [i8ig]; 
Ammiralis Rennie,i832; Phanessa Sodojf sky, 1837. 

91) Amselina Gozmany,i957 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Amselina Gozmany, igs7 

92) Apiletria (s.str.) Lederer,i855 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Apiletria Lederer,i855 

93) Apiletria Lederer,i855 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Apiletria Lederer,i855 

94) Aprominta Gozmany,l957 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Aprominta Gozmany, ig57; Parthenoptera 
Gozmany ,1857. 

95) Arragonia Amsel,l942 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): ArragoniaAmsel,ig42;AragoniaAgenjo,ig68. 

96) Charadraula Meyrick,i93i (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Charadraula Meyrick,ig3i; Bubulcellodes 

97) Deroxena Meyrick,i9i3 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Deroxena Meyrick,igi3 

98) Dysspastus Gozmany,i964 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Dysspastus Gozmany,ig64 

99) Hecestoptera Gozmany,i96i (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Hecestoptera Gozmany,ig6i 

100) Holcopogon Staudinger,i879 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Holcopogon Staudinger,i87g 
ioi)Mylothra Meyrick,i907 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Mylothra Meyrick,igo7 

102) Oegoconia Stainton,l854 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Oegoconia Stainton,i854; Clerogenes 
Meyrick,ig2i; #Oeogoconia Amsel,igs8; Microgonia Popescu-Gorj & Capuse,ig6s 

103) Symmacantha Gozmany,i963 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Symmacantha Gozmany, ig63 

104) Symmoca Hiibner,[l825] (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): Symmoca Hiibner, [1825]; Parasymmoca 
Rebel,igo3; Asarista Meyrick,ig35; Conquassata Gozmany, lg 57; Symmoletria Gozmany, ig63 

105) Blastobasis Zeller,i855 (Blastobasidae) Synonym(s): Blastobasis Zeller,i855; Epistetus 
Walsingham,i8g4; Agnoea Walsingham,igo7; Prosthesis Walsingham,igo8; Zenodochium Walsingham,igo8; 
Euresia Dietz,igio; Xenodochium T.B. Fletcher, ig2g 

106) HypatopaWalsingham,i9o8 (Blastobasidae) Synonym(s): Hypatopa Walsingham,igo8 
i07)Bombyx Linnaeus, 1758 (Bombycidae) Synonym(s): Bombyx Linnaeus, 1758; Minyas Savigny,i8i6; 

Theophila Moore,i862 

108) Brachodes Guenee,i845 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): Atychia Latreille,i8og nee Ochs.,1808; 
Brachodes Guenee,i845; Palameris Meyrick,igo6 

109) Phycodes Guenee,l852 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): Phycodes Guenee,i852; Tegna Walker, 1866 
iio)Brahmaea (s.str.) Walker, 1855 (Brahmaeidae) Synonym(s): Brahmaea Walker,i855 

111) Brahmaea Walker, 1855 (Brahmaeidae) Synonym(s): Brahmaea Walker,i855 

H2)BucculatrixZeller,l839 (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): Bucculatrix Zeller,i83g; Ceroclastis Zeller,i848 
113) Carposina Herrich-Schaffer,[i854] (Carposinidae) Synonym(s): Carposina Herrich-Schdffer,[i854]; 

Enopa Walker, 1866; Oistophora Meyrick,i88i; Paramorpha Meyrick,i88i; Heterocrossa Meyrick,i882 
H4)Anthophila Haworth,[l8ll] (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Pallium Retzius,i783; Anthophila 

Haworth,[i8n]; Simaethis Leach,[i8i5]; Xylopoda Berthold.,1827; Symaethis Dunning & Pickard,[i8sg] 

115) Choreutis Hiibner,[l825] (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Choreutis Hiibner, [1825]; Eutromula 
Frolich,i828; Choreutes Treitschke,i835; Macropia Costa,[i836]; Entomoloma Ragonot,i875; Orchemia 
Fernald,igoo nee Gn.,1845; Choreutidia Sauber,igo2; Allonyma Busck,igo4 

116) Millieria Ragonot,l874 (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Millieria Ragonot,i874; Ripismia Wocke,[i876]; 
Rhipismia Reutti,i8g8; Milliereia Spuler,igio; #Milliera he Mar char d,ig37; #Millieroa he Marchard,ig37 

117) Prochoreutis Diakonoff & Heppner,i98o (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Prochoreutis Diakonoff & 
Heppner ,ig8o 

n8)Tebenna Billberg,l820 (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): Tebenna Billberg,i82o; Porpe Hiibner, [1825] 
ii9)Axia (Epicimelia) Korb,i900 (Cimeliidae) Synonym(s): Epicimelia Korb,igoo 

120) Axia (s.str.) Hiibner,[i82i] (Cimeliidae) Synonym(s): Axia Hiibner, [1821] 

121) Axia Hiibner, [1821] (Cimeliidae) Synonym(s): Axia Hilbner, [1821] 

i22)Augasma Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): Augasma Herrich-Schdffer,[i853] 
i23)Coleophora Hiibner, 1822 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): Galleria Vallot,i8i8 nee Fabr.,i7g8; 
Coleophora Hiibner,i822; Eupista Hiibner, [1825]; Haploptilia Hiibner, [1825]; Apista Hiibner, [1825]; Porrectaria 
Haworth,i828; Damophila Curtis,i832; Astyages Stephens,i834; Metallosetia Stephens,i834; Casas 
Wallengren,i88i; Casigneta Wallengren,i88i; Corythangela Meyrick,i8g7; Casignetella Strand,ig28; 
Protocryptis Meyrick,ig3i; Tolleophora Capuse,ig7i; Ionescumia Capuse,ig7i; Stollia Capuse,ig7i; Razousskia 
Capuse,ig7i; Orghidania Capuse,ig7i; Suireia Capuse,ig7i; Frederickoenigia Capuse,ig7i; Zaguljaevia 
Capuse,ig7i; Amseliphora Capuse,ig7i; Nemesia Capuse,ig7i nee Sav.,1826; Zangheriphora Capuse,ig7i; 
Bourgogneja Capuse,ig7i; Aureliania Capuse,ig7i nee Gosse,i86o; Bacescuia Capuse,ig7i; Klinzigedia 
Capuse,ig7i; Vladdelia Capuse,ig7i; Klimeschja Capuse,ig7i; Glaseria Capuse,ig7i; Valvulongia Capuse,ig7i; 
Falkovitshia Capuse,ig7i; Helopharea Falkovitsh,ig72; Cricotechna Falkovitsh,ig72; Plegmidia Falkovitsh,ig72; 
Agapalsa Falkovitsh,ig72; 
124) Goniodoma Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): Goniodoma Zeller,i84g 
i25)Metriotes Herrich-Schaffer,[i855] (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): Metriotes Herrich-Schaffer,[i855] 
126) Alloclita Staudinger,i859 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Alloclita Staudinger,i8sg; Proceleustis 

Meyrick,igi4; Dhahrania Amsel,igs8 
i27)Allotalanta Meyrick,i9i3 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Allotalanta Meyrick,igi3 
128) Ascalenia Wocke,[i876] (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): AscaleniaWocke,[i876] 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

129) Coccidiphila Danilevsky,i950 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Coccidiphila Danilevsky,igso; 
Bathrachedropsis Amsel,i955. 

130) Cosmopterix Hiibner,[i825] (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Cosmopterix Hiibner,[i825]; 
Cosmopteryx Agassiz, 1847 nee Zell.,1839; Lienigia Spuler,igw 

131) Eteobalea Hodges, 1962 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Eteobalea Hodges,ig62 
i32)Hodgesiella Riedl,i965 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Hodgesiella Riedl,ig6s 
i33)Pancalia Stephens, 1829 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Pancalia Stephens,i82g 

134) Pyroderces Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Pyroderces Herrich- 

Schaffer,[i853] ; Syntomactis Meyrick,i88g; Anatrachyntis Meyrick,igi5; Lallia Chretien,igi5; Lacciferophaga 

Zagulyaev,ig5g; Sathrobrota Hodges,ig62; #Anatrachynis Edwards & Nielsen, igg6 
i35)Ramphis Riedl,i969 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Ramphis Riedl,ig6g 
136) Sorhagenia Spuler,i9io (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Sorhagenia Spuler,igio; Cystioecetes 

Braun,igi5; Sorhageniella Riedl,ig6s 
i37)Stagmatophora Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Stagmatophora Herrich- 

Schdffer,[i853J; Parastagmatophora Riedl,ig6s 
138) Tolliella Riedl,i969 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Tolliella Riedl,ig6g 
!39) Vulcaniella Riedl,i965 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): Vulcaniella Riedl,ig6s 
140) Acossus Dyar,l905 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Acossus Dyar,igos; Lamellocossus Daniel,igs4 
i4i)Arctiocossus R.Felder & Rogenhofer,i874 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Arctiocossus R.Felder & 


142) Azygophleps Hampson,i892 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Azygophleps Hampson,i8g2 

143) Cossulus Staudinger,i887 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Cossulus Staudinger, 1887; Cossulinus Kirby,i8g2 

144) Cossus Fabricius,l793 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Cossus Fabricius,i7g3; Trypanus Rambur,i866 
i45)Dieida Strand, 1911 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Dieida Strand,igii 

146) Dyspessa Hiibner,[l820] (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Dyspessa Hiibner,[i82o]; Endagria 

i47)Dyspessacossus Daniel, 1953 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Dyspessacossus Daniel,igs3 

148) Holcocerus Staudinger,i884 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Holcocerus Staudinger,i884 

149) Isoceras Turati,i924 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Isoceras Turati,ig24 

150) Paracossulus Schoorl,i990 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Paracossulus Schoorl,iggo 

151) Parahypopta Daniel, 1961 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Parahypopta Daniel,ig6i 
i52)Paropta Staudinger,i900 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Paropta Staudinger,igoo 
i53)Phragmacossia Schawerda,i924 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Phragmacossia Schawerda,ig24 
i54)Phragmataecia Newman, 1850 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Phragmataecia Newman,i8so; Macrogaster 

Duponchel,[i845] nee Thunb.,1805 
i55)Semagystia Schoorl,l990 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Semagystia Schoorl,iggo; #Samagystia De 

i56)Semitocossus Yakovlev,2007 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Semitocossus Yakovlev,2007 
!57) Stygioides Bruand,l853 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Stygioides Bruand,i853; Bruandia Desmarest,i857; 

Psychidostygia Daniel,ig55; Danielostygia Reisser,ig62 
158) Zeuzera Latreille,l804 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Zeuzera Latreille,i8o4; Aegolia Billberg,i82o; 

Latagia Hubner,[i820] 
i59)Amata Fabricius,l807 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): Amata Fabricius,i8o7; Syntomis Ochsenheimer,i8o8; 

Coenochromia Hiibner,[i8ig]; Syntoma Billberg,i820; Hydrusa Walker, 1854; Asinusca Wallengren,i862; 

#Asinutea Wallengren,i863; Buthysia Wallengren,i863; #Buthisia Walker,i866; #Synthomis Mabille,i8g2; 

Leopoldina Hering,ig34. 
160) Callitomis Butler, 1876 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): Callitomis Butler, 1876 
i6i)Dysauxes (Adauctis) Ignatyev & Zolotuhin,20o6 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): Adauctis Ignatyev & 


162) Dysauxes (s.str.) Hiibner,[i8i9] (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): Dysauxes Hiibner,[i8ig]; Naclia 
Boisduval,i840; Parauxes De Laever,ig83. 

163) Dysauxes Hiibner,[l8l9] (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): Dysauxes Hubner,[i8ig]; Naclia 
Boisduval,i840; Parauxes De Laever,ig83. 

164) Danaus (Anosia) Hubner,[i8i6] (Danaidae) Synonym(s): Limnas Hiibner,[i8o6] (rejected; 
Opinion 278, ig54); Anosia Hiibner,[i8i6]; Panlymnas Bryk,ig37. 

i65)Danaus Kluk,l802 (Danaidae) Synonym(s): Danaus Kluk,i8o2; Danaida Latreille,i8o4; Danais 
Latreille,i807; Festivus Crotch.,1872; Tasitia Moore, 1883; Danaomorpha Kremky,ig25; Panlymnas Bryk,ig37. 

166) Syringopais M.Hering,l9l9 (Deoclonidae) Synonym(s): Syringopais M.Hering,igig; Nochelodes 

167) Klimeschia Amsel, 1938 (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): KlimeschiaAmsel,ig38 

168) Tinagma Zeller,i839 (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): Tinagma Zeller,i83g 

169) Cilix Leach, [1815] (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): Cilix Leach,[i8is]; Euclea Hubner,[i8ig]; #Cilyx 

i70)Drepana Schrank,l802 (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): Drepana Schrank,i8o2; Syssaura Hiibner,[i8ig]; 
Cleopteryx Gistl,i848 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

171) Watsonalla Minet,i985 (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): Watsonalla Minet,ig8s 

i72)Elachista Treitschke,l833 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): Elachista Treitschke,i833; Aphelosetia 

Stephens, 1834; Cycnodia Herrich-Schdffer ,1853; Phigalia Chambers,i875; Atachia Wocke,[i8/6]; Neaera 

Chambers,i88o; Hecista Wallengren.,1881; Aphigalia Dyar,igo3; Irenicodes Meyrick,igig; Euproteodes 

i73)Perittia Stainton,l854 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): Perittia Stainton,i854; Scirtopoda Wocke,i876 

(praeocc); Mendesia De Joannis,ig02; Symphoristis Meyrick,igi8; Onceroptila Braun,ig48; Swezeyula 

Zimmermann & Bradley, lggo; Pretoriana Traugott-Olsen,iggs nee Curr.,ig38; Gautengia Kemal & Kocak,20o6 
i74)Stephensia Stainton,i854 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): Stephensia Stainton,i854 
175) Endromis Ochsenheimer,l8lO (Endromidae) Synonym(s): Endromis Ochsenheimer,i8io; Dorvillia 

Leach,[i8i5]; Dimorpha Hubner,i822 nee Jurine, 1807 
i76)Epermenia (Calotripis) Hubner,[i825] (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Calotripis Hiibner,[i825] 
177) Epermenia (s.str.) Hiibner,[l825] (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Epermenia,[i825]; Heydenia 

Hofmann,i8g8 (homonym) 
i78)Epermenia Hiibner,[l825] (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Epermenia,[i825]; Heydenia Hofmann,i8g8 

i79)Ochromolopis Hiibner,[l825] (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Ochromolopis Hubner,[i825]; Temelucha 

Meyrick,igog; Temeluchella T.B. Fletcher, ig40 

180) Phaulernis Meyrick,i895 (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): Aechmia Stainton,i854 nee Tr.,1833; 
Phaulernis Meyrick,i8gs 

181) Deuterotinea Rebel, 1900 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): Deuterotinea Rebel,igoo; Cronodoxa 

182) Eriocottis Zeller,i847 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): Eriocottis Zeller,i84y 

183) Dyseriocrania Meess,l9lO (Eriocraniidae) Synonym(s): Dyseriocrania Meess,igio; Mnemonica 

184) Ethmia Hubner,[l8l9] (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): Ethmia Hiibner,[i8ig]; Psecadia Hubner,[i825]; 
Anesychia Hiibner,[i82s]; Melanoleuca Stephens,i82g; Aedia Duponchel,i837 nee Hiibn.,[l825]; Wiltshirea 
Amsel,ig4g nee Buckman,igo4. 

185) Acanthophila Heinemann,i870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Acanthophila Heinemann,i870; 
#Acantophila Osthelder,igsi; Mimomeris Povolny,igy8 

186) Acompsia Hiibner,[l825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Acompsia Hilbner,[i825]; #Accompsia 
Bruand,[i85i]; Brachycrossata Heinemann,i8yo; Telephila Meyrick,ig23 

i87)Agnippe Chambers, 1872 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Agnippe Chamber 5,1872; Evippe Chambers,i873; 
Phaetusa Chambers, 1875 nee Wagler,i832; Tholerostola Meyrick,igi7. 

188) Altenia Sattler,i96o (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Altenia Sattler,ig6o 

189) Anacampsis Curtis, 1827 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Anacampsis Curtis,i827; Tachyptilia 
Heinemann,i870; Agriastis Meyrick,igi4. 

190) Anarsia (Ananarsia) Amsel,i959 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Ananarsia Amsel,igsg 
i9i)Anarsia (s.str.) Zeller,i839 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Anarsia Zeller,i83g 

192) Anarsia Zeller, 1839 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Anarsia Zeller,i83g 

193) Apatetris Staudinger,i879 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Apatetris Staudinger,i87g 

194) Apodia Heinemann,i870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Apodia Heinemann,i870 
i95)Aproaerema Durrant,i897 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Aproaerema Durrant,i8g7 

196) Aristotelia Hiibner,[i825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Aristotelia Hubner,[i825]; Ergatis 

Heinemann,i870 nee Blackwall,i84i; Eucatoptus Walsingham,i8g7 
i97)Aroga Busck,i9i4 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Aroga Busck,igi4 

198) Athrips Billberg,l820 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Athrips Billberg,i82o; Rhynchopacha 
Staudinger,i87i; Epithectis Meyrick,i8gs; Leobatus Walsingham,igo4; Ziminiola Gerasimov,ig30; Cremona 

199) Atremaea Staudinger,i87i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Atremaea Staudinger,i87i 

200) Bryotropha Heinemann,i870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Bryotropha Heinemann,i870; 
Mniophaga Pierce &Daltry,ig38; Adelphtropha Gozmany,ig55 

201) Carpatolechia Capuse,i964 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Carpatolechia Capuse,ig64 

202) Caryocolum Gregor & Povolny,i954 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Caryocolum Gregor & 

203) Chionodes Hiibner,[i825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Chionodes Hiibner, [1825] 

204) ChrysoesthiaHiibner,[i825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Chrysoesthia Hiibner,[i825] 

205) Coloptilia T.B. Fletcher, 1940 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Coloptilia T.B. Fletcher, ig40 

206) Crossobela Meyrick,l923 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Crossobela Meyrick,ig23; Uncustriodonta 

207) Deltophora Janse,i950 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Deltophora Janse,igso 

208) Dichomeris Hiibner,l8l8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Dichomeris Hilbner,i8i8; Oxybelia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Rhinosia Treitschke,i833; Anorthosia Clemens, i860; Trichotaphe Clemens,i86o; Rhobonda 
Walker, 1864 nee 1863; Vazugada Walker, 1864; Gaesa Walker, 1864; Tocmia Walker, 1864; Carna Walker, 1864 nee 
Gstl.,1848; Noeza Walker, 1866 nee Mgn.,1800; Sagaritis Chambers,i872 nee Billb.,1820; Begoe Chambers, 1872; 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

Epicorthylis Zeller,i873; Atasthalistis Meyrick,i886; ; Zalithia Meyrick,i8g4; Pappophorus Walsingham.,1897; 
Arotria Meyrick,igo4; Dectobathra Meyrick,igo4; Croesopola Meyrick,igo4; Hypelictis Meyrick,igos; Paristhmia 
Meyrick,igog; Hylograptis Meyrick,igio; Schematistis Meyrick,igii; Paranoea Walsingham,ign; Placomosaris 
Meyrick,igi2; Machlotricha Meyrick,igi2; Holaxyra Meyrick,igi3; Carbatina Meyrick,igi3; Zomeutis 
Meyrick,igi3; Ilingiotis Meyrick,igi4; Pachysaris Meyrick,igi4; Deimnestra Meyrick,igi8; Daemonarcha 
Meyrick,igi8; Macrozancla Turner,igig; Euryzancla Turner,igig; Rhadinophylla Turner, lgig; Eurysara 
Turner,igig;Iocharea Meyrick,ig2i; Eporgastis Meyrick,ig2i; Aphnogenes Meyrick,ig2i; Taphrosaris 
Meyrick,ig22; Prophoraula Meyrick,ig22; Acribologa Meyrick,ig23; Cymotricha Meyrick,ig23; Ageliarchis 
Meyrick,ig23; Myrophila Meyrick,ig23; Brochometis Meyrick,ig23; Neochrista Meyrick,ig23; Semiomeris 
Meyrick,ig23; Mythographa Meyrick,ig23; Sathrogenes Meyrick,ig23; Musurga Meyrick,ig23; Thelyasceta 
Meyrick,ig23; Oxysactis Meyrick,ig23; Rhynchotona Meyrick,ig23; Catoptristis Meyrick,ig25; Cymatoplex 
Meyrick,ig25 nee Turn.,igio; Catelaphris Meyrick,ig25; Cerycangela Meyrick,ig25; Epicharta Meyrick,ig26; 
Prasodryas Meyrick,ig26; Xenorrhythma Meyrick,ig26; Thyrsomnestis Meyrick,ig2g; Desmophylax 
Meyrick,ig35; Ereboscaeas Meyrick,ig3y; Chthonogenes Meyrick,ig38; Cymatoplicella Fletcher, ig40; 
Neopachnistis Janse,igs4; Picroptera Janse,ig6o; Parabrachmia Janse,ig6o; Deltolophos Janse,ig6o 

209) Dirhinosia Rebel, 1905 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Dirhinosia Rebel,igos 

210) Ephysteris (Microcraspedus) Janse,i958 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Microcraspedus 
Janse,igs8; Ochrodia Povolny,ig64; Opacopsis Povolny,ig64; Echinoglossa Clarcke,ig65 

211) Ephysteris (s.str.) Meyrick,i9o8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Ephysteris Meyrick,igo8 
2i2)Ephysteris Meyrick,i9o8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Ephysteris Meyrick,igo8 
2i3)Epiparasia Rebel,i9i4 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Epiparasia Rebel,igi4 

214) Eulamprotes Bradley,l97l (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Lamprotes Heinemann,i870 nee R.L.,1817; 

Argyritis Heinemann,i870 nee Hbn.,[i82i]; Eulamprotes Bradley, ig7i 
2i5)Filatima Busck,i939 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Filatima Busck,ig3g 
216) Gelechia Hiibner, [1825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Gelechia Hiibner,[i825]; Guenea Bruand,[i8si]; 

Cirrha Chambers,i872; Oeseis Chambers, 1875; Mesogelechia Omelko,ig86. 
2i7)Gnorimoschema Busck,l900 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Gnorimoschema Busck,igoo; Lerupsia 

Riedl,ig65; Neoschema Povolny,ig67 

218) Harpagidia Ragonot,l895 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Harpagidia Ragonot,i8gs; Glaphyrerga 

219) Inotica Meyrick,i9i3 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Inotica Meyrick,igi3 

220) Isophrictis Meyrick,i9i7 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Isophrictis Meyrick,igi7 
22i)Istrianis Meyrick,i9i8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Istrianis Meyrick,igi8 

222) Iwaruna Gozmany,i957 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Iwaruna Gozmany,igs7 

223) Megacraspedus Zeller,i839 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Megacraspedus Zeller,i83g; Toxoceras 
Chretien,igi5; Toxidoceras Chretien,ig23 

224) Mesophleps Hiibner,[i825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Mesophleps Hilbner,[i825] 

225) Metanarsia Staudinger,l870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Metanarsia Staudinger,i870; Calyptrotis 

226) Metzneria Zeller,i839 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Metzneria Zeller,i83g 

227) Mirificarma (s.str. (Interrupta)) Kocak & Kemal,2008 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Interrupta 
Kocak & Kemal,2008 

228) Mirificarma (s.str. (s.str.)) Gozmany,i955 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Mirificarma 

229) Mirificarma Gozmany,l955 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Helina Guenee,i84g nee Robineau- 
Desvoidy,i830; Mirificarma Gozmany,ig55. 

230) Monochroa Heinemann,l870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Monochroa Heinemann,i870; Paltodora 
Meyrick,i8g4; Catabrachmia Rebel,igog 

23i)Neofaculta Gozmany,i955 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Neofaculta Gozmany,igs5 

232) Neofriseria Sattler,i96o (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Neofriseria Sattler,ig6o 

233) Nothris Hiibner,[i825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Nothris Hiibner,[i825] 

234) Onebala Walker,l864 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Onebala Walker, 1864; Helcystogramma 
Zeller,i877; #Onebale Janse,ig54 

2 35) Ornativalva Gozmany,i955 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Ornativalva Gozmany,ig55; Pelostola 

236) Palumbina Rondani,l876 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Palumbina Rondani,i876; Thyrsostoma 

237) Parastenolechia Kanazawa,i985 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Parastenolechia Kanazawa,ig8s; 
Tutor Omelko,ig88; Origo Omelko,ig88 

238) Pectinophora Busck,i9i7 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Pectinophora Busck,igi7 

239) Pexicopia Common, 1958 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Pexicopia Common,igs8 

240) Platyedra Meyrick,i895 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Platyedra Meyrick,i8gs 

241) Pogochaetia Staudinger,i879 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Pogochaetia Staudinger,i87g 

242) Prolita Leraut,l993 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Lita Treitschke,i833 nee Koll.,1832; Prolita 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

243) Pseudotelphusa Janse, 1958 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Pseudotelphusa Janse,ig58; Sattleria 
Capuse,ig68 nee Pov., 1965; Klaussattleria Capuse,ig68 

244) Psoricoptera Stainton,i854 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Psoricoptera Stainton,i854 

245) Ptocheuusa Heinemann,i870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Ptocheuusa Heinemann,i870 

246) Recurvaria Haworth,i828 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Recurvaria Haworth.,1828; Lita Kollar,i832; 
Telea Stephens,i834; Aphanaula Meyrick.,1895; Hinnebergia Spuler,igw; Microlechia Turati,ig24. 

247) Scrobipalpa (Ergasiola) Povolny,i967 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Ergasiola Povolny,ig67 

248) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) Povolny,i965 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Ilseopsis Povolny,ig6s; 
Euscrobipalpa Povolny,ig6y 

249) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) Janse,i95i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Scrobipalpa Janse,ig5i 

250) Scrobipalpa Janse, 1951 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Scrobipalpa Janse,igsi 
25i)Scrobipalpula Povolny,i964 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Scrobipalpula Povolny,ig64 

252) Siderea Omelko,i999 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Siderea Omelko,iggg 

2 53) Sitotroga Heinemann,l870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Sitotroga Heinemann,i870; Nesolechia 
Meyrick,ig2i; Syngenomictis Meyrick,ig2y 

254) SophroniaHiibner,[i825] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Sophronia Hiibner,[i825] 

2 55) Spiniphallellus Bidzilya & Karsholt,20o8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Spiniphallellus Bidzilya & 

256) Stenolechia Meyrick,i894 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Stenolechia Meyrick,i8g4; Poecilia 
Heinemann,i870 nee Schneider ,1801; Gibbosa Omelko,ig88. 

257) Stenolechoides Eisner, [1996] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Stenolechoides Elsner,[igg6] 

258) Stomopteryx Heinemann,i870 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Stomopteryx Heinemann,i870. 

259) Streyella Janse, 1958 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Streyella Janse,igs8 

260) Syncopacma Meyrick,l925 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Harpagus Stephens,i834 nee Vigors,i824; 
Syncopacma Meyrick,ig25 

261) Teleiodes Sattler,l96o (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Teleia Heinemann,i870 nee Hiibn.,[i825]; 
Teleiodes Sattler,ig6o; Dubitationis M.Omelko & N.Omelko,igg8 

262) Teleiopsis Sattler,i96o (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Teleiopsis Sattler,ig6o 

263) Telphusa Chambers, 1872 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Telphusa Chamber 3,1872; Adrasteia 
Chambers, 1872; Adrastia Kirby,i874 

264) Tila Povolny,i965 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): TilaPovolny,ig6s 

265) Turcopalpa Povolny,i973 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Turcopalpa Povolny,ig73 

266) Tuta Strand, 1911 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Tuta Strand,igii 

267) Xenolechia Meyrick,i895 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Xenolechia Meyrick,i8gs 

268) Xystophora Wocke,i876 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): Xystophora Wocke,i876 

269) Abraxas (Calospilos) Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Calospilos Hiibner,[i825] 

270) Abraxas Leach, [1815] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Abraxas Leach,[i8is] 
27i)Acanthovalva M.Kriiger,200l (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #Acanthovalva Staude,iggg; Acanthovalva 


272) Agriopis Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Agriopis Hiibner, [1825]; Anisopteryx 
Stephens,i827; Amalthea Gumppenberg ,1887 nee Raf.1815; Cyropega Dumont,ig25 

273) Alcis Curtis, 1826 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Alcis Curtis,i826; Poecilalcis W .Warren, i8g3; 
Dictyodea Wehrli,ig34; Alcisca Wehrli,ig43 

274) Aleucis Guenee,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Aleucis Guenee,[i845]; Aleucis Stephens,i8so; 
Anhibernia Staudinger,i8g2 

275) Alsophila Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Alsophila Hiibner, [1825] 

276) Amorphogynia W.Warren, 1894 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Amorphogynia W '.Warren, 189 4 
277)Angerona Duponchel,i829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Angerona Duponchel,i82g 

278) Anticlea Stephens, 1831 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Anticlea Stephens,i83i 

279) Apeira Gistl,l848 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pericallia Stephens,i828 nee Hbn.,[i82o]; Apeira 
Gistl,i848; Hydrochroa Gumppenberg, 1887; Cyphosea Grote,i8g6; #Apeir.a Okyar & Aytac,iggg 

280) Aplasta Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Aplasta Hiibner, [1823] 

281) Aplocera Stephens, 1827 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Aplocera Stephens,i827; Anaitis 
Duponchel,i82g; Larissa Curtis,i830; Haplocera Agassiz,i847 

282) Apocheima Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Apocheima Hiibner, [1825]; Amphidasis 
Stephens, i82g nee Treitschke,i825. 

283) Apochima Agassiz,l847 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Apocheima Herrich-Schaffer,i838 nee 
Hubn.,[i825]; Apochima Agassiz,i847; Zamacra Meyrick,i8g2; Acanthocampa Dyar,ig05. 

284) Archiearis Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Archiearis Hiibner, [1823]. 

285) Artiora Meyrick,i892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Artiora Meyrick,i8g2 

286) Ascotis Hiibner,[i825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ascotis Hiibner, [1825]; Hypopalpis 
Guenee,i862; Burichura Moore,i888; Trigonomelea W.Warren,igo4 

287) Asovia Alpheraky,i9o8 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): AsoviaAlpheraky,igo8 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

288) Aspitates Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Aspitates Treitschke,i825; Aspilates 
Treitschke,i827; Parallela Sodoff sky, 1837; #Aspilades Hey denreich, 1846; Aspilata Unger,i8s6; Napuca 
Walker, [1863]; Eversmannia Erschoff,i87i (praeocc); Sinope Gumppenberg,i887; Toxogrammia 
Gumppenberg,i887; Pseudosiona Butler,i893; Nyctiphanta Hulst,i8g6; Erschoffia Swinhoe,igoo; Semiaspilates 
Wehrli,i953; Apoaspilates Wehrli,ig54 

289) Asthena Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Asthena Hiibner, [1825]; Roessleria Breyer, 1869 

290) Biston Leach, 1815 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Bistort Leach.,1815; Dasyphara Billberg,i82o; Pachys 
Hiibner,i822; Eugyjia Hiibner, [1825]; Amphidasis Treitschke,i825; Amphidasys Sodoff sky, 1837; Amphidasea 
Unger,i856; Buzura Walker, [1863]; Culcula Moore,i888; Eubyjodonta W.Warren.,1893; Blepharoctenia 
W.Warren, 1894; Epamraica Matsumura,igio; #Bazura Hutacharern & Tubtim.,1995 

291) Bupalus Leach, 1815 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Bupalus Leach,i8i5; Phaophyga Billberg,i82o; 
Chleuastes Hiibner, 1822; Catograpta Hiibner, [1823]; Bupala Snellen,i867 nee Pascoe,i863 

292) Cabera Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cabera Treitschke,i825; Deilinia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Cabera Stephens,i829 nee Tr.,1825; Cabira Sodoff sky, 1837; Dilina Agassiz,i847; Cabiro 
Unger,i856; Thysanochilus Butler,i878 nee Troschel,i857; Dilinia Hampson,i895; Gyalomia L.B.Prout,i9i3 

2 93) Campaea Lamarck,i8i6 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Campaea Lamarck,i8i6; Eratopis R.L.,1817; 
Tribacis Billberg,i820; Metrocampus Berthold,i827; Metrocampe Rambur,i833; Metrocampa Bruand,i846 

294) Camptogramma Stephens, 1831 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Camptogramma Stephens,i83i 

295) Carsia Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Carsia Hiibner, [1825]; Celma Stephens,i83i 

296) Casilda Agenjo,i952 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): CasildaAgenjo,i952 

297) Cataclysme Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cataclysme Hiibner, [1825]; Paraplaneta 

298) Catarhoe Herbulot,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Catarhoe Herbulot, 19 51 

299) Cepphis Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cepphis Hiibner, [1823]; Hetrione Poppius,i887 

300) Chemerina Boisduval,i840 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chemerina Boisduval,i840 

301) Chesias Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chesias Treitschke,i82s; Eucestia 
Hiibner, [1825]. 

302) Chesistege Viidalepp,i990 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chesistege Viidalepp,i990 

303) Chiasmia Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chiasmia Hiibner, [1823]; Arte Stephens, 1829; 
Hercyna Stephens,i829 nee Treit.,1828; Strenia Duponchel,i829; Sternia Kolenati,i846; Osteodes Guenee,[i8s8] 
nee Conrad,i855; Discalma Meyrick,i892; Tephrinopsis W.Warren,i896; Xenoneura W.Warren,i896; 
Hyostomodes W.Warren,i897; Peridela W.Warren, 1897; Iulocera W.Warren,i905; Allochrosis Strand,i9i2; 
Neomacaria Wehrli,i937; Thyridesia Wehrli,i940; #Chiasama Hutacharern & Tubtim.,1995 

304) Chlorissa Stephens, 1831 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chlorissa Stephens,i83i; Aoshakuna 

305) Chloroclysta Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chloroclysta Hiibner, [1825]; Dysstroma 
Hiibner, [1825]; Polyphasia Stephens,i83i; Euthalia Stephens,i83i 

306) Chloroclystis Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chloroclystis Hiibner, [1825]; Axinoptera 
Hampson,i893; Ceratorhynchus Hampson,i893 nec Agass.,1829; Rhinoprora W.Warren,i895; Gymnopera 
W.Warren, 1896; Cithecia Staudinger,i897; Dyserga W.Petersen,i909; Calliclystis Dietze,i9io; Olygoclystia 
Bastelberger ,1911 

307) Chrysocraspeda Swinhoe,i893 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Chrysocraspeda Swinhoe,i893; 
Chrysocraspeda Hampson,i895; Ptochophyle W.Warren,i896; Chrysolene W.Warren,i897; Heteroctenis 

308) Cidaria Treitschke,l825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cidaria Treitschke,i825; Harpalyce 
Stephens, 1827; Zonodonta Sodoff sky ,1837 

309) Cinglis Guenee,[i858] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cinglis Guenee,[i8s8] 

310) Cleora Curtis, 1825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cleora Curtis,i825; Cerotricha Guenee,[i8s8]; 
Barsine Meyrick,i883 nec Walk. ,1854; Meyrickia Butler,i884; Chogada Moore,i887; Carecomotis 

311) Cleorodes W.Warren, 1894 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cleorodes W.Warren,i894 

3i2)Cleta Duponchel,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cleta Duponchel,[i845]; Chrysoctenis Meyrick,i892 

3i3)Cnestrognophos Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cnestrognophos Wehrli,i95i 

314) Colostygia Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Colostygia Hiibner, [1825]; Amoebe 

Hiibner, [1825]; Erinobia Stephens,i8so 
3i5)Colotois Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Colotois Hiibner, [1823]; Metra Stephens,i827; 

Himera Duponchel,i829 
316) Comibaena Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Comibaena Hiibner, [1823] 
3i7)Cosmorhoe Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cosmorhoe Hiibner, [1825]; Lyncometra 


318) Costaconvexa Agenjo,l949 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Costaconvexa Agenjo,i949; Grammorhoe 

319) Crocallis Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Crocallis Treitschke,i825 

320) Culpinia L.B.Prout,i9i2 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Culpinia L.B.Prout,i9i2 
32i)Cyclophora Hiibner, 1822 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cyclophora Hiibner, 1822; Codonia 

Hiibner, [1823]; Cosymbia Hiibner, [1823]; Leucophthalmia Hiibner, [1823]; Cyclophora Stephens, 1829 nec 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

Hbn.,1822; Ephyra Stephen, 1829; Matella Gistl,i848; Anisodes Guenee,[i8s8]; Zonosoma Lederer,i853; Pisoraca 
Walker, 1861; Euephyra Packard,i873; Streptopteron Swinhoe,i892; Pachythalia W.Warren,i897; Peostenodes 

322) Dasycorsa L.B.Prout,i9i5 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Dasycorsa L.B.Prout,i9i5 

323) Dicrognophos Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Dicrognophos Wehrli,i95i 

324) Digrammia Gumppenberg,i887 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Digrammia Gumppenberg,i887; 
Asmate Gumppenberg,i887; Spinuncina WehrU.,1937 

325) DociravaWalker,[i863] (Geometridae) Synonym (s): Docirava Walker, [1863] 

326) Dyscia (Calodyscia) Wehrli,i950 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Calodyscia Wehrli,i9so 

327) Dyscia (Warneckeella) Wehrli,i950 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Warneckeella Wehrli,i9so 

328) Dyscia (s.str.) Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Dyscia Hubner, [1825]; Scodiona 

329) Dyscia Hubner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Dyscia Hubner, [1825]; Scodiona Boisduval,i840. 

330) Ecliptopera W.Warren, 1894 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ecliptopera W.Warren,i894; Diactinia 
W.Warren,i898; Urolophia Swinhoe,i900 

33i)Ectropis Hubner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ectropis Hubner, [1825]; Boarmia Stephens,i829 
(praeoc); Tephrosia Boisduval,i840; Coenobita Gistl,i848 (praeocc.) 

332) Eilicrinia Hiibner,[l823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eilicrinia Hubner, [1823]; Ilicrinia 
Agassiz,i847; Pareilicrinia W.Warren,i894 

333) Electrophaes L.B.Prout,i923 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Electrophaes L.B.Pr -out, 1923 

334) Ematurga Lederer,i853 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ematurga Lederer,i853 

335) Enanthyperythra Wehrli,i937 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Enanthyperythra Wehrli,i937 

336) Ennomos (Deuteronomos) L.B.Prout,i9i4 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Deuteronomos 
L.B.Pr out, 1914 

337) Ennomos (s.str.) Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eugonia Hiibner,[i823] nee 
Hiibn.,[i8i9]; Ennomos Treitschke,i825; Odoptera Sodojf sky, 1837; Odontoptera Agassiz,i847. 

338) Entephria Hubner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Entephria Hubner, [1825]; Glaucopteryx 
Hubner, [1825]; Phaesyloides Bruand,[i847]; Trichochlamys Hulst,i896. 

339) Epilobophora Inoue,l943 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Epilobophora Inoue,i943; Paramathia 

340) Epione Duponchel,i829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Epione Duponchel,i829 

341) Epirrhoe Hubner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Epirrhoe Hubner, [1825] 

342) Epirrita Hubner, [1822] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Epirrita Hubner, [1822]; Oporinia 
Hubner, [1825]; Oporabia Stephens, 1831; OporobiaAgassiz,i847 

343) Erannis Hubner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Erannis Hubner, [1825]; Hybernia 
Berthold,i827; Lampetia Stephens,i827; Chimadia Speyer,i839; Thriptera Gistl,i848 

344) Euchoeca Hubner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Euchoeca Hubner, [1823] 

345) Eucrostes Hubner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eucrostes Hubner, [1823]; Eucrostis 
Hubner, 1826; Euchrostis Zeller,i872; Euchrostes Gumppenberg ,1887 

346) Eulithis Hubner, [1821] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eulithis Hubner, [1821]; Lygris Hubner, [1825]; 
Steganolophia Stephens,i829; Neolexia Hulst,i896; Phylace Hulst,i896. 

347) Eumera Staudinger,i892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eumera Staudinger,i892 

348) Euphyia Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Euphyia Hubner, [1825]; Anapalta 
W.Warren,i904; Orthoprora W.Warren,i904; Warrenia L.B.Prout,i9io 

349) Eupithecia Curtis, 1825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eupithecia Curtis,i825; Arcyonia 
Hubner, [1825]; Dyscymatoge Hubner, [1825]; Eucymatoge Hubner, [1825]; Hyperirritis Hubner, [1825]; Leucocora 
Hubner, [1825]; Tarachia Hubner, [1825]; Tephroclysta Hubner, [1825]; Zygmena Boie,i839; Lepiodes 
Guenee,i8s8; Pena Walker, 1863; Epicaste Gumppenberg, 1887; Dietzea Schiitze,i956; Petersenia Schutze,i958; 
Bohatschia Schiitze,i96o; Delaeveria Schiitze,i96i; Catarina Vojnits & De Laever ,1973; Propithecia 
Vojnits,i985;Heteropithecia Vojnits,i98s;Neoithecia Vojnits,i98s. 

350) Eustroma Hubner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eustroma Hubner, [1825] 
35i)Geometra Linnaeus, 1758 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Geometr a Linnaeus, 17 58 

352) Glossotrophia (Libanonia) Hausmann,i993 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Libanonia 

353) Glossotrophia (s.str.) L.B.Prout,i9i3 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Glossotrophia L.B.Pr out, 1913 

354) Gnopharmia Staudinger,i892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Gnopharmia Staudinger,i892 

355) Gnophos (Cnestrognophos) Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Cnestrognophos 

356) Gnophos (Dicrognophos) Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Dicrognophos Wehrli,i95i 

357) Gnophos (Dysgnophos) Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Dysgnophos Wehrli,i95i 

358) Gnophos (Organognophos) Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Organognophos 

359) Gnophos (s.str.) Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #Sciadion Hubner, [1806]; Gnophos 
Treitschke,i825; Scotopterix Hubner, [1825]; Scotopteryx Agassiz,i847; Gnophus Agassiz,i847; #Sciadion 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

360) Gnophos Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #Sciadion Hiibner,[i8o6]; Gnophos 
Treitschke,i825; Scotopterix Hiibner,[i825]; Scotopteryx Agassiz,i847; Gnophus Agassiz,i847; #Sciadion 

361) Gymnoscelis Mabille,i868 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Gymnoscelis Mabille,i868; Iramba 
Moore,i887; Dolerosceles Meyrick,i88g 

362) Gypsochroa Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Gypsochroa Hiibner,[i825] 

363) Heliomata Grote & Robinson, 1866 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Heliomata Grote & Robinson,i866 

364) Hemistola W.Warren, 1893 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hemistola W.Warren,i8g3 

365) Hemithea Duponchel,l82Q (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hemithea Duponchel,i829; Geometrina 
Motschulsky,[i86i]; Lophocrita W.Warren.,1894; Mixolophia W.Warren,i8g4 

366) Heterolocha Lederer,i853 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Heterolocha Lederer,i853; Nabla 
Walker,i866; Hetaera Gumppenberg ,1887; Symmetresia WehrU.,1937 

367) Hierochthonia L.B.Prout,i9i2 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hierochthonia L.B.Prout,igi2 

368) Holoterpna Piingeler,i900 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Holoterpna Piingeler,igoo 

369) Horisme Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Horisme Hiibner,[i825]; Larentia 
Bruand,i847 (praeocc.) 

370) Hydrelia Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hydrelia Hiibner, [1825]; Autallacta 

37i)Hydria Hiibner,i822 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hydria Hiibner,i822 

372) Hydriomena Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hydriomena Hiibner,[i825]; Ypsipetes 
Stephens, i82g; Hypsipetes Stephens, 1831 nee Vigors,i83i; Karacidaria Matswnura,ig25 

373) Hylaea Hiibner,l822 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hylaea Hiibner,i822; Therina Hiibner,[i823]; 
Ellopia Treitschke,i825; Ellopia Stephens, i82g nee Tr.,1825 

374) Hypomecis Hiibner, [1821] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hypomecis Hiibner, [1821]; Dryocoetis 
Hiibner, [1825]; Boarmia Treitschke,i825; Serraca Moore,[i887]; Pseudoangerona Moore,[i887J; Narapa 
Moore,[i887]; Alcippe Gumppenberg, 1887 nee Blyth,i844; Astacuda Moore, 1888; Maidana Swinhoe,igoo; 
Pseudoboarmia McDunnough,ig20 

375) Hyposcotis (Charissa) Curtis, 1826 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Charissa Curtis,i826; 
Lycognophos Wehrli,ig5i; #Lysognophos Wehrli,ig53 

376) Hyposcotis (Euchrognophos) Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Euchrognophos 

377)Hyposcotis (Kemtrognophos) Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Kemtrognophos Wehrli,igsi 

378) Hyposcotis (Neognophina) Wehrli,i946 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Neognophina Wehrli,ig46 

379) Hyposcotis (Rhopalognophos) Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Rhopalognophos 

380) Hyposcotis (s.str.) Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hyposcotis Hiibner, [1825] 

381) Hyposcotis Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hyposcotis Hiibner, [1825] 

382) Idaea Treitschke,l825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Idaea Treitschke,i825; Sterrha Hiibner,[i825]; 
Arrhostia Hiibner, [1825]; Pyctis Hiibner, [1825]; Ptychopoda Curtis,i826; Hyria Stephens,i82g nee Lam.,i8ig; 
Ania Stephens,i83i; Goniacidalia Packard,i873; Pythodora Meyrick,i886; Janarda Moore, 1888; Xenocentris 
Meyrick,i88g; Mnesterodes Meyrick,i88g; Aphrogeneia Gumppenberg, i8go; Argia Gumppenberg ,i8go; Gnidia 
Gumppenberg, i8go; Pelagia Gumppenberg, i8go nee Peron,i8w; ; Andragrupos Hampson,i8gi; Carphoxera 
Riley,i8gi; Zeuctoneura W.Warren, i8gs; Synomila Hulst,i8g6; Ptenopoda Hulst,i8g6; Polygraphodes 
W.Warren, i8g7; Leptacme W.Warren,i8g7; Brachyprota W.Warren,i8g7; Hemipogon W.Warren,i8g7; Cacorista 
W.Warren,i8gg; Anteois W.Warren,igoo; Hyriogona W.Warren,igoo; Neochrysa W.Warren,igoo; Pogonogya 
W.Warren,igoo; Prospasta W.Warren,igoo; Cysteophora Hulst,igoo; Thysanotricha W.Warren,igo3; 
Deinopyga W.Warren,igo4; Schematorhages W.Warren, igos; Lobura W.Warren, igo6; Omopera 
W.Warren,igo6; Argyroscelia W.Warren,igo7; Pareupithex W.Warren,ig07; etc. 

383) Isturgia Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Isturgia Hiibner, [1823]; Histurgia 
Agassiz,i847; Enconista Lederer,i853; Bichroma Gumppenberg, 1887 

384) Itame Hiibner,[l823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Itame Hiibner,[i823]; Speranza Curtis,i828; 
Halia Duponchel,i82g nee Risso,i826; Grammatophora Stephens, i82g; Eupisteria Boisduval,i840; Thamnonoma 

385) Jodis Hiibner,[i823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Jodis Hiibner, [1823]; Leucoglyphica 
W.Warren,i8g4; Pareuchloris W.Warren,i8g4 

386) Lampropteryx Stephens, 1831 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lampropteryx Stephens,i83i; 
Paralophia W.Warren,i8g3; Anisobole W.Warren, igo2; Paracomucha W.Warren,igo4 

387) Larentia Treitschke,l825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Larentia Treitschke,i825; Plerocymia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Larentia Stephens,i82g nee Tr.,1825; Cymazonita Sodofj sky, 1837 

388) Larerannis Wehrli,l935 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Larerannis Wehrli,ig35; Phigaliohybernia 
Inoue,ig42; Pachyerannis Inoue,ig82 

389) Ligdia Guenee,[l8s8] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ligdia Guenee,[i8s8]; Harpicostia Wehrli,ig36 

390) Lithostege Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lithostege Hiibner, [1825]; Agrapha 
Gumppenberg, 1887. 

391) Lomaspilis Hiibner,[i825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lomaspilis Hiibner, [1825] 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

392) Lomographa Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lomographa Hiibner, [1825]; Bapta 
Stephens, i82g; Corycia Duponchel,i82g nee Hbn.,[i825J; Aleucis Guenee,[i8s8]; Lomatographa Agassiz,i847; 
Anhibernia Staudinger,i8g2; Leucetaera W.Warren,i8g4; Earoxyptera Djakonov,ig36; Neobapta Djakonov,ig36 
nee Warr.,igo4; Cyrtesia Wehrli,ig3y; Cirretaera Wehrli,ig3g; EudjakonoviaD.S. Fletcher, lgyg 

393) Lycia Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lycia Hiibner, [1825]; Nyssia Duponchel,i82g; 
Amorphogynia W.Warren,i8g4; Melanocoma Harrison,igw nee Woll.,1867; Poecilopsis Harrison,igio 

394) Lythria Hiibner,[i823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Lythria Hiibner,[i823] 

395) Macaria Curtis, 1826 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Macaria Curtis,i826; Philobia Duponchel,i82g; 
Eutropa Hiibner,[i83i]; Sciagraphia Hulst,i8g6 

396) Megalycinia Wehrli,i939 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Megalycinia Wehrli,ig3g 

397) Melanthia Duponchel,i829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Melanthia Duponchel,i82g 

398) Menophra Moore, 1887 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Hemerophila Stephens,i82g nee Hbn.,[i8i7]; 
Menophra Moore,i88y; Leptodontopera W.Warren, i8g4; Ephemerophila W.Warren, i8g4; Ceruncina 
Wehrli,ig4i; Malacuncina Wehrli,ig4i 

399) Microloxia W.Warren, 1893 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Microloxia W.Warren,i8g3 

400) Minoa Treitschke,i825 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Minoa Treitschke,i825 

401) Myinodes Meyrick,i892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Myinodes Meyrick,i8g2 

402) Narraga Walker, 18 61 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Narraga Walker, 1861 

403) Nebula Bruand,[l846] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Nebula Bruand,[i846]; Coenotephria 

404) Neognopharmia Wehrli,i953 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Neognopharmia Wehrli,igs3 

405) Nychiodes (Eunychiodes) Wehrli,i94i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Eunychiodes Wehrli,ig4i 

406) Nychiodes (Fritzwagneria) Wehrli,i94i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Fritzwagneria Wehrli,ig4i 

407) Nychiodes (s.str.) Lederer,i853 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Nychiodes Lederer, 1853 

408) Nychiodes Lederer,i853 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Nychiodes Lederer, 1853 

409) Ochodontia Lederer,l853 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ochodontia Lederer, 1853; #Ochrodontia 

410) Odezia Boisduval,l840 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Tanagra Duponchel,i82g nee Linn. ,1764; Odezia 
Boisduval,i840; Hodezia Spormann,igog 

411) Odontognophos Wehrli,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Odontognophos Wehrlijggi; 
#Odontignophos Wehrli,igsi. 

412) Odontopera Stephens, 1831 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Odontopera Stephens, 1831; Corotia 
Moore,i868; Niphonissa Butler,i878; Caripetodes W.Warren,i8gs; Cenoctenucha W.Warren,i8g7; Aethiopodes 
W.Warren, igo2; Lioptilesia Wehrli,ig36; Paragonodontis Wehrli,ig36 

413) Operophtera Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Operophtera Hiibner, [1825]; Thy sanodes 
Rambur,i870 nee Newm., 1842; Rachela Hulst,i8g6; Paraptera Hulst,i8g6 

414) Opisthograptis Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Opisthograptis Hiibner, [1823]; Rumia 

4i5)Orthonama Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Orthonama Hiibner, [1825]; Plemyria 

Hiibner, [1825] nee Hbn.,[i825]; Nycterosea Hulst,i8g6; Percnoptilota Hulst,i8g6 
416) Orthostixis Hiibner, [1799] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Orthostixis Hiibner, [i7gg] 
4i7)Oulobophora Staudinger,i892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Oulobophora Staudinger,i8g2 

418) Ourapteryx Leach, 1814 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Ourapteryx Leach,i8i4; Uraptera 
Billberg,i820; Acaena Treitschke,i825; Uropteryx Agassiz,i847; Euctenurapteryx W.Warren,i8g4; Energopteryx 
Thierry-Mieg ,igo3; Phrudura Swinhoe,igo6. 

419) Pachycnemia Stephens, 1829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pachycnemia Stephens,i82g; Sthanelia 
Boisduval,i840; Continia Hartig,ig76; #Pachynemia Okyar & Aytaq,iggg 

420) Paraboarmia Krampl,i994 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Paraboarmia Krampl,igg4 

421) Paradarisa W.Warren, 1894 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Paradarisa W.Warren,i8g4 

422) Parectropis Sato, 1980 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Parectropis Sato,ig8o 

423) Pareulype Herbulot,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pareulype Herbulot,igsi 

424) Pasiphila Meyrick,i883 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pasiphila Meyrick,i883; Calliclystis 
Dietze,igio; Cithecia Staudinger,i8g7; Helastiodes W.Warren, i8gs; Rhinoprora W.Warren,i8g5. 

425) Pellonia Duponchel,i829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pellonia Duponchel,i82g 

426) Pelurga Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pelurga Hiibner, [1825] 

427) Perconia Hiibner, [1823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Per conia Hiibner, [1823] 

428) Peribatodes Wehrli,i943 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Peribatodes Wehrli,ig43 

429) Perizoma Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Perizoma Hiibner,[i825]; Mesotype 
Hiibner, [1825]; Emmelesia Stephens,i82g; Zerynthia Curtis,i830 (praeocc.); Gagitodes W.Warren,i8g3 

430) Petrophora Hiibner, [1811] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Petrophora Hiibner, [1811]; Ortholitha 
Hiibner, [1821]; Lithina Hiibner, [1825]; Lozogramma Stephens, i82g; Loxogramma Agassiz,i847; Perigune 
Gumppenberg ,ii887 

431) Phaiogramma Gumppenberg,i887 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Phaiogramma 
Gumppenberg, 1887 

432) PhaseliaGuenee,[i858] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Phaselia Guenee,[i8s8] 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

433) Phibalapteryx Stephens, 1829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Phibalapteryx Stephens, 1829; 
Mesogramma Stephens,i8so 

434) Phigalia Duponchel,l829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Phigalia Duponchel,i82g; Pterotocera 
Staudinger,i892 ; Coniodes Hulst,i8g6; Rhaphidodemas Hulst,i896; Metriocera Djakonov,i949. 

435) Philereme Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Philereme Hiibner,[i825]; Scotosia 
Stephens, 1829. 

436) Phyllometra Boisduval,i840 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Phyllometra Boisduval,i84o; Egea 

437) Plagodis Hiibner,[l823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Plagodis Hilbner,[i823]; Anagoga 
Hubner,[i823]; Azinephora Stephens,i82y; Eurymene Duponchel,i829; Numeria Duponchel,i829. 

438) Plemyria Hiibner,[i825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Plemyria Hiibner,[i825] 

439) Problepsis Lederer,i853 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Caloptera Frivaldsky,i845 nee Gistl,i834; 
Problepsis Lederer,i853; Argyris Guenee,[i8s8]; Problepsiodes W.Warren,i899 

440) Proteuchloris Hausmann,i996 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Proteuchloris Hausmann,i996 

441) Protorhoe Herbulot,i95i (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Protorhoe Herbulot,i95i 

442) Proutictis Bryk,i938 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Proutictis Bryk,i938 

443) Pseudopanthera Hiibner,[i823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pseudopanthera Hiibner,[i823]; 
Venilia Duponchel,i829 nee Raf.,1815 

444) PseudoterpnaHiibner,[i823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pseudoterpna Hiibner,[i823] 

445) Pungeleria Rougemont,i903 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pungeleria Rougemont,i903 

446) Pydna Herrich-Schaffer, [1855] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pydna Herrich-Schaffer,[i855] 

447) Rheumaptera Hiibner,i822 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Rheumaptera Hubner,i822; Eulype 
Hubner,[i825]; Calocalpe Hiibner,[i825]; Melanippe Duponchel,i829; Rheumatoptera Gumppenberg,i887; 
Xenospora W.Warren,i903 

448) Rhodometra Meyrick,l892 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Rhodometra Meyrick,i892; Sterrhanthia 
Butler, 1894 

449) Rhodostrophia Hiibner,[i823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Rhodostrophia Hiibner,[i823]; 
Delocharis Butler,i883; Leptosidia Hampson,i903; #Rodostrophia Brandt, 1938 

450) Rhoptria Guenee,[i8s8] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Rhoptria Guenee,[i8s8]; Pseudognophos 

45i)Schistostege Hiibner,[i825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Schistostege Hubner,[i825] 

452) Scopula Schrank,i8o2 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Scopula Schrank,i8o2 

453) Scotopteryx Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Scotopteryx Hiibner,[i825]; Onychia 
Hubner,[i825]; Eubolia Duponchel,i829; Phasiane Duponchel,i829; Eusebia Bruand,i846 nee Dup.,[i845]; 
Limonophila Gumppenberg,i887; Forbachia Albrecht,i920. 

454) Selenia Hiibner,[i823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Selenia Hiibner,[i823] 

455) Selidosema Hiibner,[i823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Selidosema Hiibner,[i823]; Spermo 

456) Siona Duponchel,l829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Siona Duponchel,i829; #Sionia Okyar & 

457) Stamnodes Guenee,[i8s8] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Stamnodes Guenee,[i8s8]; Tora 
Walker, 1867; Marmopteryx Packard, 1874; Synneuria Mabille,i885; Lissopsis W.Warren,i894; Grammicopteryx 
Thierry -Mieg,i 904 

458) Stegania Guenee,l845 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Stegania Guenee,i845; Terpnomicta 
Lederer,i853; Liposchema W.Warren,i9i4 

459) Stueningia Hausmann,l993 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Stueningia Hausmann,i993; #Steeegania 

460) Synopsia Hiibner, [1825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Synopsia Hiibner,[i825] 

461) Synopsidia Djakonov,l935 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Synopsidia Djakonov,i935; Hashtaresia 

462) Tephrina Guenee,[l845] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Tephrina Guenee,[i845]; #Tephrinia Okyar & 

463) Tephronia Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Tephronia Hilbner,[i825]; Mniophila 
Boisduval,i840 nee Stph.,1834; Gymnospile Gumppenberg,i887; L.B.Mannia Prout,i9i5 nee Davidson,i874; 
Eumannia D.S.Fletcher, 1979 

464) Thalera Hiibner,[l823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Thalera Hiibner,[i823]; Chlorochroma 
Duponchel,[i845]; Heterothalera Bryk,i949 

465) Thera (Pennithera) Viidalepp,i98o (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pennithera Viidalepp,i98o 

466) Thera Stephens, 1831 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Thera Stephens,i83i; Corythea Duponchel,[i845] 

467) Therapis Hiibner,[l823] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Therapis Hilbner,[i823]; Caustoloma 

468) Theria Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Theria Hiibner,[i82s]; Cheimatobia 

469) Thetidia Boisduval,i840 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Euchloris Hilbner,[i823] nee Bill. ,1820; 
Thetidia Boisduval,i840; Aglossochloris L.B.Prout,i9i2; Antonechloris Raineri,i994 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

470) Timandra Duponchel,l829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Timandra Duponchel,i829; Bradyepetes 

Stephens,i82g; Bradypetes Agassiz,i847 
47i)Trichodezia W.Warren, 1895 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Trichodezia W.Warren,i895; Neodezia 


472) Triphosa Stephens, 1829 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Triphosa Stephens, 1829; Umbrosina 
Bruand,i847; Speluncaris Bruand,i847; Strepsizuga W.Warren.,1908 

473) Venusia Curtis, 1839 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Venusia Curtis,i839; Discoloxia W.Warren,i895; 
Nomenia PearsaU.,1905 

474) Wehrliola Strand,l932 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Pfeifferia Wehrli,i932 nee Gray, 1853; Wehrliola 
Strand,i932; Pfeifferula Wehrli,i934 

475) Xanthorhoe Hiibner,[l825] (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Xanthorhoe Hubner, [1825]; Malenydris 
Hubner, [1825]; Ochyria Hiibner,[i825]; Cidaria Stephens, 1829; Coremia Guenee,[i845] nee Audinet- 
Serville,i834; Scotocoremia Butler,i882; Monochryria W.Warren,i90i; Anisolasia W.Warren,i904 

476) Xenochlorodes W.Warren, 1897 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): Xenochlorodes W.Warren,i897; 
Hissarica Viidalepp,i988 

477)Glyphipterix Hiibner,[l825] (Glyphipterygidae) Synonym(s): Glyphipterix Hubner, [1825]; Heribeia 
Stephens, 1829; Aechmia Treitschke,i833; Anacampsoides Bruand,i85i 

478) Acrocercops Wallengren,i88i (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Acrocercops Wallengren,i88i; 
Eucosmophora Walsingham.,1897; Neurobathra Ely, 1918; #Neurostrata Ely, 1918 

479) Aspilapteryx (Sabulopteryx) Triberti,i985 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Sabulopteryx 

480) Aspilapteryx (s.str.) Spuler,i9io (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Aspilapteryx Spuler, 1910 

481) Aspilapteryx Spuler,i9io (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Aspilapteryx Spuler, 1910 

482) Callisto Stephens, 1834 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Callisto Stephens,i834; Annickia Gibeaux,i990 

483) Caloptilia (Povolnya) Kuznetsov,i979 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Povolnya Kuznetsov,i979 

484) Caloptilia Hubner, [1825] (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Caloptilia Hubner, [1825]; Ornix Kollar,i832; 
Coriscium Zeller,i839; Calliptilia Agassiz,i847; Antiolopha Meyrick,i894 

485) Calybites Hubner, 1822 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Calybites Hubner, 1822; Euspilapteryx 
Stephens, 1835; Euspilopteryx Agassiz,i847; Eucalybites Kumata,i982 

486) Cupedia Klimesch & Kumata,i973 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Cupedia Klimesch & Kumata,i973 

487) Dialectica Walsingham,i897 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Dialectica Walsingham,i897; 
Eutrichocnemis Spuler, 1910 

488) Euspilapteryx Stephens, 1835 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Euspilapteryx Stephens,i835; 
Euspilopteryx Agassiz,i 847 

489) Gracillaria Haworth,l828 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Gracillaria Haworth,i828; Gracilaria 
Zeller,i839; Gracilaria Walsingham,i907; Xanthospilapteryx Spuler ,1910 

490) Micrurapteryx Spuler,i9io (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Micrurapteryx Spuler, 1910 

491) Parornix Spuler, 19 10 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Par ornix Spuler, 1910; Alfaornix Kuznetsov, 1979; 
Betaornix Kuznetsov, 1979; Gammaornix Kuznetsov, 1979; Deltaornix Kuznetsov, 1979 

492) Phyllocnistis Zeller,i848 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Phyllocnistis Zeller,i848 

493) Phyllonorycter Hubner, 1822 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Phyllonorycter Hubner, 1822; 
Lithocolletis Hubner, [1825]; Phyllorycter Walsingham.,1914; Hirsuta T.B.Fletcher, 1929 

494) Polymitia Triberti,i986 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Polymitia Triberti,i986 

495) Sauterina Kuznetsov,i979 (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Sauterina Kuznetsov, 1979 

496) Spulerina Vari,i96i (Gracillariidae) Synonym(s): Spulerina Vari,i96i 

497) Heliodines Stainton,i854 (Heliodinidae) Synonym(s): Heliodines Stainton,i854 

498) Hepialus Fabricius,l775 (Hepialidae) Synonym(s): Hepialus Fabricius,i775; Hepiolus Illiger,i8oi; 
Epialus Agassiz,i847 

499) Korscheltellus B6rner,i920 (Hepialidae) Synonym(s): Korscheltellus Borner, 1920 

500) Triodia Hubner, [1820] (Hepialidae) Synonym(s): Triodia Hubner, [1820]; Alphus Wallengren,i869 
nee Thomson,i86o 

501) Zenophassus Tindale,i94i (Hepialidae) Synonym(s): Zenophassus Tindale,i94i 

502) Carcharodus (Lavatheria) Verity,i940 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Lavatheria Verity,i940 

503) Carcharodus (Reverdinus) Ragusa,i9i9 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Reverdinus Ragusa,i9i9 

504) Carcharodus (s.str.) Hiibner,[i8i9] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Carcharodus Hubner, [1819]; 
Spilothyrus Duponchel,i835 

505) Carcharodus Hubner,[l8l9] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Carcharodus Hubner, [1819]; Spilothyrus 

506) Carterocephalus Lederer,l852 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Carterocephalus Lederer,i852; Aubertia 
Oberthiir,i896; Pamphilida Lindsey,i925. 

507) Eogenes Mabille,i909 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Eogenes Mabille,i909 

508) Erynnis (Hesperopegasus) Seven,2002 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Hallia Tutt,[i9o6] nee 
Edwards &Haime,i8so; Hesperopegasus Seven,2002. 

509) Erynnis (s.str.) Schrank,i8oi (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Erynnis Schrank,i8oi 

510) Gegenes Hubner, [1819] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Gegenes Hubner, [1819] '; Philoodus Rambur, 1842 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5ii)Hesperia Fabricius,l793 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Hesperia Fabricius,i793; Pamphila Fabricius,i8o7; 

Diorthosus Rafinesque,i8i5; Symmachia Sodoff sky, 1837 nee Hubn.,1819; Anthomaster Scudder,i8/2; Ocytes 

Scudder,i8y2; Urbicola Tutt,igos 
5i2)Heteropterus Dumeril,i8o6 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Heteropterus Dumeril,i8o6 
5i3)MuschampiaTutt,[i9o6] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Muschampia Tutt,[igo6] 
5i4)Ochlodes Scudder,i872 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Ochlodes Scudder,i872 

5i5)Pelopidas Walker,l870 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Pelopidas Walker, 1870; Chapra Moore,[i88i] 
5i6)Pyrgus Hiibner,[l8l9] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Pyrgus Hilbner, [i8ig]; Scelotrix Rambur,i8s8; 

Teleomorpha B.C.S.Warren,ig26; Hemiteleomorpha B.C.S.Warren,ig26; Ateleomorpha B.C.S.Warren,ig26; 

Scelothrix Scudder,i875; Bremeria Tutt,igo6 nee Mre.,[i8g6] nonAlph.,i8g2. 
5i7)Spialia (Neospialia) Kocak,i989 (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Powellia Tutt,[igo6] nee Maskell,i87g; 

Neospialia Koqak,ig8g. 
518) Spialia (s.str.) Swinhoe, [1912] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Spialia Swinhoe,igi2 
5i9)Spialia Swinhoe,[i9i2] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Spialia Swinhoe,igi2 
520) Thymelicus Hiibner,[i8i9] (Hesperiidae) Synonym(s): Thymelicus Hilbner,[i8ig]; Adopoea 

Billberg,i820; Pelion Kirby,i8s8. 
52i)Alloclemensia Schmidt-Nielsen, 1981 (Incurvariidae) Synonym(s): Alloclemensia Schmidt- 


522) Incurvaria Hawortb.,1828 (Incurvariidae) Synonym(s): Brosis Bilberg,i82o; Incurvaria 

523) Chondrostega Lederer,i8s8 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Chondrostega Lederer,i8s8; 
Eustaudingeria Dyar,i8g8; Libanopacha Zerny,ig33 

524) Dendrolimus Germar,l8l2 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Dendrolimus Germar,i8i2; Eutricha 
Stephens,i82g nee Hbn.,[i8i4]; Ptilorhina Zetterstedt,i83g; Oenona Walker,i855; Chatra Moore,i87g; 
Karenkonia Matsumura,ig32; #Dendrolismus De Freina,ig83 

525) Eriogaster (Autosphyla) Rambur,i866 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Autosphyla Rambur,i866 

526) Eriogaster (s.str.) Germar,l8lO (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Eriogaster Germar,i8io; Gastris 
Billberg,i820; Dasysoma Hiibner,[i82o]; Lachneis Hiibner,i822 

527) Eriogaster Germar,l8lO (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Eriogaster Germar,i8io; Gastris 
Billberg,i820; Dasysoma Hiibner,[i820]; Lachneis Hilbner, 1822 Autosphyla Rambur,i866 

528) Gastropacha (s.str.) Ochsenheimer,i8io (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Gastropacha 
Ochsenheimer,i8w; Phylloma Billberg,i820; Bombyx Boisduval,i828 nee Linn. ,1758 

529) Gastropacha Ochsenheimer,i8io (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Gastropacha Ochsenheimer,i8io; 
Phylloma Billberg,i820; Bombyx Boisduval,i828 necLinn.,1758 

530) Lasiocampa Schrank,l802 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Lasiocampa Schrank,i8o2; Pachygastria 
Hilbner, [1820]; Irenocampa Rambur,i858 

53i)Macrothylacia Rambur,i866 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Macrothylacia Rambur,i866; 

Lachnocampa Wallengren,i86g 

532) Malacosoma Hiibner,[i82o] (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Malacosoma Hilbner, [1820]; Trichoda 
Hilbner,i822 nee Milll.,1773; Trichodia Stephens,i827; Clisiocampa Curtis,i828; Cliseocampa Agassiz,i847 

533) Odonestis Germar,l8l2 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Odonestis Germar,i8i2; Chrostogastria 
Hilbner, [1820]; Phylloxera Rambur,i866 nee Boyer,i834; Lobocampa Wallengren,i86g; Pseudarguda 
Matsumura,ig32; #Odonestia Lewvanich,200i 

534) Pachypasa Walker, 1855 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Pachypasa Walker, 18 '55; Mecistosoma 

535) Phyllodesma (Epicnaptera) Rambur,i866 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Epicnaptera 
Rambur,i866; #Epicnapteryx O.Bang-Haas,ig27 

536) Phyllodesma Hiibner,[i82o] (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Phyllodesma Hilbner, [1820]; 
Ammatocampa Wallengren,i86g 

537) Poecilocampa Stephens, 1828 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Poecilocampa Stephens,i828 

538) Sena Walker, 1862 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Sena Walker, 1862 

539) Trichiura (s.str.) Stephens, 1828 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Trichiura Stephens,i828 

540) Trichiura Stephens, 18 2 8 (Lasiocampidae) Synonym(s): Trichiura Stephens, 1828 
54i)Ceuthomadarus Mann, 1864 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Ceuthomadarus Mann,i864; Asbolistis 

Meyrick,ig36; Exorgana Gozmany,ig57 

542) Eurodachtha Gozmany,i978 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Eurodachtha Gozmany,ig78 

543) Homaloxestis Meyrick,i9io (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Homaloxestis Meyrick,igio; 
#Hamaloxestis Meyrick,ig3i 

544) Lecithocera Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Lecithocera Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i853]; Patouissa Walker, 1864; Brachyerga Meyrick,ig25; Periphorectis Meyrick,ig25; Xanthocera 
Amsel,ig53 nee Towns. ,igi5; Leviptera Janse,ig54; Xanthocerodes Amsel,ig55; Parrhasastris Gozmany,ig72 

545) Odites (Gozmaniola) Lvovsky,i996 (Lecithoceridae) Synonym(s): Gozmaniola Lvovsky,igg6 

546) Lemonia Hiibner,[l820] (Lemoniidae) Synonym(s): Lemonia Hilbner, [1820]; Crateronyx 
Duponchel,[i845J; Limonia Agassiz,i847 nee Meig.,1803 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

547) Libythea Fabricius,l807 (Libytheidae) Synonym(s): Libythea Fabricius,i8o7; Hecaerge 
Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Hypatus Hiibner,i822; Libythaeus Boitard,i828; Dichora Scudder,i88g. 

548) Apoda Haworth,[i8o9] (Limacodidae) Synonym(s): Apoda Haworth,[i8o9]; Chelone R.L.,1817; 
Cochlidium Hiibner,i822; Chelonias Hiibner ,[1825] nee Raf.,1815; Limacodes Berthold,i82y; Manlia Agassiz,i846; 
Cochlidion auct. 

549) Heterogenea Knocb.,1783 (Limacodidae) Synonym(s): Heterogenea Knoch.,1783 

550) Hoyosia Agenjo,l972 (Limacodidae) Synonym(s): #RupereziaAgenjo,ig68; Hoy osiaAgenjo, 1972 
55i)Latoia Guerin-Meneville,[l844] (Limacodidae) Synonym(s): Latoia Guerin-Meneville,[i844]; Somara 

Walker,i855; Asteria R.Felder & Rogenhofer ,1874 nee Miill.,1775 

552) Callophrys Billberg,l820 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lycus Hiibner, [1819] nee Fabr., 1787; Callophrys 
Billberg,i820; Licus Hiibner, [1823]; Incisalia Scudder,i872; Mitoura Scudder,i872; Satsuma Murray,i875 nee 
Adams,i868; Ahlbergia Bryk.,1946; Ginzia Okano,i947; #Callophris Barrague,i954; Sandia Clench & 
Ehrlich.,1960; Xamia Clench.,1961; Cisincisalia K.Johnson,i992; Loranthomitoura Ballmer & Pratt,i992; 
Novosatsuma K.Johnson,i992; Cissatsuma K.Johnson,i992; Deciduphagus K.Johnson,i992 

553) Celastrina Tutt,l906 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Celastrina Tutt,i9o6; Cyaniriodes Matsumura,i9i9 
nee de Niceville,i890; Maslowskia Kurenzov,i974- 

554) Chilades (Freyeria) Courvoisier,i920 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Freyeria Courvoisier,i920 

555) Chilades (Lachides) Nekrutenko,i984 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lachides Nekrutenko,i984 

556) Chilades Moore, [1881] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Chilades Moore, [1881] 

557)Cigaritis Donzel,l847 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Cigaritis Donzel,i847; Spindasis Wallengren,i857; 
Apharitis Riley, 1925; #Zigaritis Pfeiffer ,1932 

558) Cupido (Everes) Hiibner, [1819] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Everes Hiibner, [1819]; Tiora 
Evans,i9i2; Ununcula van Eecke,i9i5 

559) Cupido (s.str.) Schrank,i8oi (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Cupido Schrank,i8oi 

560) Cupido Schrank,i8oi (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Cupido Schrank,i8oi 
56i)Glaucopsyche (Apelles) Hemming, 1931 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Apelles Hemming, 1931 

562) Glaucopsyche (Iolana) Bethune-Baker,i9i4 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Iolana Bethune- 

563) Glaucopsyche (s.str.) Scudder,i872 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Glaucopsyche Scudder,i872 

564) Glaucopsyche Scudder,i872 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Glaucopsyche Scudder,i872 

565) Lampides Hiibner,[i8i9] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lampides Hubner,[i8i9]; Cosmolyce 

566) Leptotes Scudder,l876 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Leptotes Scudder,i876; Syntarucus Butler, [1901]; 
Syntarucoides Kaye,i904; Langia Tutt,[i9o6] nee Moore,i872; Raywardia Tutt,i9o8. 

567) Lycaena (Alciphronia) Kocak,i992 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Alciphronia Kocak,i992 

568) Lycaena (Heodes) Dalman,i8i6 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Heodes Dalman,i8i6; Chrysoptera 

569) Lycaena (Loweia) Tutt,[i9o6] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Loweia Tutt,[i9o6]; Palaeoloweia 

570) Lycaena (Margelycaena) Kocak & Kemal,200i (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Phoenicurusia auct. 
nee Verity, 1943; Margelycaena Kocak & Kemal,200i 

571) Lycaena (Palaeochrysophanus) Verity,i943 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Palaeochrysophanus 
Verity, 1943 

572) Lycaena (Phoenicurusia) Verity,i943 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Phoenicurusia Verity,i943; 
Athamanthia Zhdanko,i983 

573) Lycaena (Thersamolycaena) Verity,i957 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Disparia Verity, 1943 nee 
Nagano, 1916; Thersamolycaena Verity, 1957; #Thersamonolycaena Churkin,i999 

574) Lycaena (Thersamonia) Verity,i9i9 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Thersamonia Verity,i9i9; 
Hyllolycaena & L.Miller & F.M.Brown,i979 

575)Lycaena (s.str.) Fabricius,i8o7 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lycaena Fabricius,i8o7 

576) Lycaena Fabricius,l807 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lycaena Fabricius,i8o7; Lycia Sodofj sky, 1837; 

Migonitis Sodofj sky, 1837; Rumicia Tutt,i9o6. 
577)Phengaris Doherty,l89l (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): #Argus Boisduval,[i832] nee Bohadsch,i76i; 

Phengaris Doherty,i89i; Maculinea van Eecke,i9i5 

578) Plebejus (Kretania) Beuret,i959 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Kretania Beuret,i959 

579) Plebejus (Lycaeides) Hiibner, [1819] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Lycaeides Hiibner, [1819] 

580) Plebejus (Plebejides) Sauter,i968 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Plebejides Sauter,i968 

581) Plebejus (s.str.) Kluk,i8o2 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Plebejus Kluk,i8o2 

582) Plebejus Kluk,l802 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Plebejus Kluk,i8o2; Plebeius Kirby,i87i nee 

583) Polyommatus (Agriades (s.str.)) Hiibner, [1819] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Agriades 
Hiibner, [1819]; Latiorina Tutt,[i909] 

584) Polyommatus (Albulina (Plebejidea)) Kocak,i983 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Plebejidea 
Koqak.,1983; Glabroculus Lvovsky ,1993; Elviria Zhdanko,i994. 


ISSN 1015-8227 

Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs 

13 12 2012 

Volume 6 

585) Polyommatus (Albulina 

Tutt,[i909]; Farsia Zhdanko,igg4 

586) Polyommatus (Aricia (Eumedonia)) 

587) Polyommatus (Aricia (Pseudoaricia)) Beuret,i959 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 

588) Polyommatus (Aricia (Ultraaricia)) Beuret,i959 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 

589) Polyommatus (Aricia (s.str.)) Reichenbach,i8i7 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 

590) Polyommatus (Aricia) [Reichenbach],i8i7 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 
[Reichenbach],i8i7; Gynomorphia Verity,i929. 

59i)Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus (Actisia))) Kocak & Kemal,200i (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 
Actisia Koqak & Kemal,200i 

(Admetusia))) Kocak & Seven,i998 

(Vacciniina)) Tutt,[i909] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Vacciniina 
Forster,i938 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Eumedonia 



Aricia s.str. 


(Damaia))) Ko^ak & 
(Musa))) Kocak & 



592) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus 

Synonym(s): Admetusia Kocak & Seven,i998 

593) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus (Antidolus))) Kocak & Kemal,200i 
Synonym(s) : Antidolus Koqak & Kemal,200i 

594) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus 
Synonym(s): Damaia Koqak & Kemal,200i. 

595) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus 
Synonym(s) : Musa Koqak & Kemal,200i 

596) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus (Phyllisia))) Kocak & 
Synonym(s) : Phyllisia Koqak & Kemal,200i 

597) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus (Transcaspius))) Ko^ak & Kemal,200i 
Synonym(s) : Transcaspius Koqak & Kemal,200i 

598) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus (Xerxesia))) Kocak & Kemal,200i 
Synonym(s) : Xerxesia Koqak & Kemal,200i 

599) Polyommatus (s.str. (Agrodiaetus)) Hiibner,i822 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 
Hiibner,i822; Hirsutina Tutt,[i909]. 

600) Polyommatus (s.str. (Cyaniris)) Dalman,i8i6 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 
Dalman,i8i6; Nomiades Hiibner,[i8ig]. 

601) Polyommatus (s.str. (Lysandra)) Hemming,i933 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 

602) Polyommatus (s.str. (Meleageria)) De Sagarra,i925 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Meleageria De 

603) Polyommatus (s.str. (Neolysandra)) Kocak,i977 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Neolysandra 

604) Polyommatus 

605) Polyommatus 

606) Polyommatus (s.str. (Thersitesia)) Kocak & Seven, 1998 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): 
Thersitesia Koqak & Seven,i998 

607) Polyommatus (s.str.) Latreille,i8o4 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Polyommatus Latreille,i 804 

608) Polyommatus Latreille,i8o4 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Polyommatus Latreille,i8o4 

609) Pseudophilotes Beuret,i958 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Pseudophilotes Beuret,i958 

610) Quercusia Verity, 1943 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Quercusia Verity ,1943 

611) Rubrapterus Korshunov,i987 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Rubrapterus Korshunov,i987 

612) Satyrium (Nordmannia) Tutt,[i907] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Nordmannia Tutt,[i907] 

613) Satyrium (Strymonidia) Tutt,[i9o8] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Strymonidia Tutt,[i9o8] 

614) Satyrium (Superflua) Strand,i9io (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Superflua Strand,i9io 
6i5)Satyrium Scudder,l876 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Satyrium Scudder, 1876; Callipsyche Scudder ,1876 . 
616) Scolitantides Hiibner,[i8i9] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Scolitantides Hubner,[i8i9] 
6i7)Tarucus Moore, [1881] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Tarucus Moore, [1881] 

618) Thecla Fabricius,l807 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Thecla Fabricius,i8o7; #Theclaria Rafinesque,i8i5; 
Zephyrus Dalman,i8i6; Aurotis Dalman,i8i6; Zephyrius Billberg,i820; Ruralis Tutt,[i9o6]. 

619) Tomares Rambur,[i840] (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Tomares Rambur,[i84o] 

620) Turanana Bethune-Baker,i9i6 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Turania Bethune-Baker,i9i4 nee 
Rag. ,1890; Turanana Bethune-Baker,i9i6 

621) Zizeeria Chapman, 1910 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Zizeeria Chapman,i9io 

622) Arctornis Germar,l8ll (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Arctornis Germar,i8ii; #Actornis De 

(s.str. (Plebicula)) Higgins,i969 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Plebicula 
(s.str. (Sublysandra)) Kocak,i977 (Lycaenidae) Synonym(s): Sublysandra 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

623) Calliteara Butler,l88l (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Calliteara Butler,i88i; Elkneria Borner ,ig32; 
Takashachia Matsumura,i92g 

624) Dicallomera Butler, 1881 (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Dicallomer a Butler, 1881 

625) Euproctis Hiibner, [1819] (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Euproctis Hiibner,[i8i9]; Nygmia 
Hiibner,[i820]; Porthesia Stephens,i828; Antipha Walker,i855; Arna Walker,i855; Artaxa Walker,i855; Lacida 
Walker,i855; Lopera Walker,i855; Somena Walker,i8s6; Urocoma Herrich-Schaffer,i858; Ela Walker,i862 
Utidava Walker, 1863; Adlullia Walker, 1865; Orvasca Walker, 1865; Themaca Walker, 1865; Cozola Walker, 1865 
Bembina Walker,i86s; Gogana Walker,i866; Micromorphe R.Felder,i874; Choerotricha R.Felder,i874 
Chionophasma Butler,i886; Ocybola Turner,igi2; Meteuproctis Matsumura,ig2y; Epeuproctis Matsumura,ig33 
Sphrageidus Maes,ig84 

626) Leucoma Hiibner,l822 (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Leucoma Hiibner,i822; Laria Schrank,i8o2 nee 
Scop. ,1763; Stilpnotia Humprey & Westwood,i843; Leucosia Rambur,i866 nee Wb.,iyg5; Nymphyxis Grote,i8g5 

627) Lymantria Hubner,[l8l9] (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Lymantria Hiibner, [i8ig]; Porthetria 
Hiibner, [i8ig]; Hypogymna Billberg,i820; Sericaria Berthold,i82y; Psilura Stephens, 1828; Enome Walker, 1855 

628) Ocnerogyia Staudinger,[i892] (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Ocnerogyia Staudinger,[i8g2]; 
#Ocnerorgyia Staudinger,[i8g2]; #Ocnerogyna De Freina,iggg 

629) Orgyia Ochsenheimer,l8lO (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Orgyia Ochsenheimer,i8io; Notolophus 
Germar,i8i2; Orgya Zetterstedt,i83g; Tela Walker, 1855; Clethrogyna Rambur,i866; Micropterogyna 
Rambur,i866; Apterogynis Guenee,[i8y5] 

630) Parocneria Dyar,l897 (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Parocneria Dyar,i8g7; Uliolepis W.Warren,i8gy, 
Maimaia Matsumura,ig33; Daniela Hartig,ig63 nee Koch,i8gi. 

631) Polymona Walker,i855 (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Polymona Walker,i855 

632) Uliolepis W.Warren, 1897 (Lymantriidae) Synonym(s): Uliolepis W.Warren,i8g7; Pseudolabis 
Hartig,ig63 nee Matth.,igo4 

633) Bedellia Stainton,l849 (Lyonetiidae) Synonym(s): Bedellia Stainton,i84g; #Bedelia Parenti,2000 

634) Leucoptera Hiibner, [1825] (Lyonetiidae) Synonym(s): Leucoptera Hilbner,[i825]; Cemiostoma 
Zeller,i848; Proleucoptera Busck,igo2; Paraleucoptera Heinrich,igi8; Perileucoptera Silvestri,ig43. 

635) Lyonetia Hiibner,[l825] (Lyonetiidae) Synonym(s): Lyonetia Hiibner, [1825]; Nocturno Gistl,i847; 
Olethria Gistl,i848; Gracillaroides Bruand,i8si; Syncrobyla Meyrick,igis; Lyonetiola Kuroko,ig64 

636) Micronola Amsel,l935 (Micronoctuidae) Synonym(s): Micronola Amsel,ig35; Micronoctua 

637) Micropterix Hiibner,[i825] (Micropterigidae) Synonym(s): Micropterix Hiibner,[i825]; 
Eriocephala Curtis,i83g; Micropteryx Zeller,i83g; Electrocrania Kuznetsov,ig4i 

638) Mompha (Anybia) Stainton,i854 (Momphidae) Synonym(s): Anybia Stainton,i854 

639) Mompha (Lophoptilus) Sircom,i848 (Momphidae) Synonym(s): Lophoptilus Sircom.,1848 

640) Mompha (s.str.) Hiibner, [1825] (Momphidae) Synonym(s): Mompha Hiibner, [1825]; Laverna 

641) Mompha Hiibner, [1825] (Momphidae) Synonym(s): Mompha Hiibner, [1825]; Laverna Curtis,i83g 

642) Acalyptris Meyrick,l92l (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Acalyptris Meyrick,ig2i; Microcalyptris 
Brown,ig25; Niepeltia Strand,ig34; Weberia Muller-Rutz,ig34; Weberina Miiller-Rutz,ig34. 

643) Ectoedemia (Etainia) Beirne,i945 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Obrussa Braun,igis nee 
Heyd.,i8gi; Etainia Beirne,ig45 

644) Ectoedemia (Fomoria) Beirne,i945 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Fomoria Beirne,ig45 

645) Ectoedemia (s.str.) Busck,l907 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Ectoedemia Busck,igo7; Dechtiria 

646) Ectoedemia Busck,i907 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Ectoedemia Busck,igo7 

647) Stigmella Schrank,i8o2 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Stigmella Schrank,i8o2 

648) Trifurcula (Glaucolepis) Braun,i9i7 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Glaucolepis Braun,igi7; 
Fedalmia Beirne,ig45; Sinopticula Yang,ig8g 

649) Trifurcula (Levarchama) Beirne,i945 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Levarchama Beirne,ig45 

650) Trifurcula Zeller, 1848 (Nepticulidae) Synonym(s): Trifurcula Zeller, 18 48 

65i)Abrostola Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): #Unca Oken,i8i3; Abrostola 

Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Habrostola Sodoff sky, 1837; Inguridia Butler,i87g; Unca Lhomme,[ig2g]; Trigeminostola 
Beck,[igg2]; Asclepistola Beck,[igg2] 

652) Acantholipes Lederer,l857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acantholipes Lederer,i857; Docela 
Walker, [1866]; Lasionota W.Warren,igi2 (homonym); Nolaseniola Strand,ig20; IsatoolnaNye,ig?5 

653) Acontia (Emmelia) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Emmelia Hiibner, [1821]; Erotyla 
Hiibner,i822; Agrophila Boisduval,i840; Ponometia Herrich-Schaffer,i868; Fruva Grote,i877; Heliodora 
Neumoegen,i8gi; Graeperia Grote,i8gs; Therasea Grote,i8gs; Trachidia Hampson,i8g8; Tornacontia 
Smith,igoo; Conacontia Smith,igoo; Conochares Smith,igo5; Neptunia Barnes & McDunnough,igii; 
Hemispargueia Barnes & McDunnough,ig23; Acropserotarache Berio,ig37; Emmelacontia Beck,2000 

654) Acontia (Uracontia) Beck,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Uracontia Beck,igg6 

655) Acontia Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acontia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Tarache 
Hiibner, [1823]; Desmophora Stephens, i82g; Euphasia Stephens,i830; Heliothera Sodoffsky,i837; Porrotha 
Gistl,i848; Tima Walker,[i8s8]; Pseudalypia H.Edwards,i874; Spragueia Grote,i875; Trichotarache Grote,i875; 
Hoplotarache Hampson,igw; Prociosis Hampson,igio; Cardiosace Hampson,igio; Fredina Brandt, ig3g 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

656) Acontiola Staudinger,[i900] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): AcontiolaStaudinger,[igoo] 

657) Acrapex Hampson,l894 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acrapex Hampson,i8g4; Acutipenna 

658) Acronicta (Hyboma) Hiibner, [1820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hyboma Hiibner,[i82o] 

659) Acronicta (Subacronicta) Kozhantshikov,i950 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Subacronicta 

660) Acronicta (Triaena) Hiibner, 1818 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): #Apatele Hiibner,i8o8; Triaena 
Hiibner,i8i8; Semaphora Guenee,i84i; Sematophora Agassiz,i846; Cuspidia Chapman,i8go 

661) Acronicta (Viminia) Chapman, 1890 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Viminia Chapman,i8go 

662) Acronicta (s.str.) Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acronicta Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

663) Acronicta Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Acronicta Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

664) Actebia Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Actebia Stephens, i82g; Hapalia Hiibner ;[i82i] nee 
Hbn.,1818; Dissimactebia Beck,iggi 

665) Actinotia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Actinotia Hiibner, [1821]; Radinotia Beck,igg6 

666) Aedia Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aedia Hiibner, [1823]; Anophia Guenee,i84i 

667) Aedophron Lederer,i857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aedophron Lederer,i857 

668) Aegle Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aegle Hiibner, [1823] 

669) Agrapha Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Agrapha Hiibner, [1821]; Acanthoplusia 
Dufay,igyo; Ctenoplusia Dufay,ig70. 

670) Agrochola (Alpichola) Ronkay,ig84 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Alpichola Ronkay,ig84 
67i)Agrochola (Anchoscelis) Guenee,i839 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anchoscelis Guenee,i83g 

672) Agrochola (Frivaldskyola) Ronkay,i984 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Frivaldskyola Ronkay,ig84 

673) Agrochola (Propenistra) Berio,i98i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Propenistra Berio,ig8i 

674) Agrochola (Sunira) Franclemont,i950 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Sunira Franclemont,ig50 

675) Agrochola (s.str.) Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Agrochola Hiibner, [1821]; Leptologia 
Prout,igoi; Lycanades Franclemont,ig3y; Alexia De Laever nee Leach,i8i7; Agrolitha Berio,ig8o; Delaeveria 
Berio,ig8o; Xandria De Laever,ig83; Pseudanchoscelis Beck,iggi; Humichola Beck,iggi; Rufachola Beck,iggi; 
Haemachola Beck,iggi; Thurnerichola Beck,iggi; Osthelderichola Beck,iggi; Fissipunctia Beck,iggi; Aurxanthia 

676) Agrochola Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Agrochola Hiibner, [1821]; Leptologia 
Prout,igoi; Lycanades Franclemont,ig3y; Alexia De Laever nee Leach,i8i7; Agrolitha Berio,ig8o; Delaeveria 
Berio,ig8o; Xandria De Laever,ig83; Pseudanchoscelis Beck,iggi; Humichola Beck,iggi; Rufachola Beck,iggi; 
Haemachola Beck,iggi; Thurnerichola Beck,iggi; Osthelderichola Beck,iggi; Fissipunctia Beck,iggi; Aurxanthia 

677)Agrotis (Crassagrotis) Beck,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Crassagrotis Beck,iggi 

678) Agrotis (Leucagrotis) Beck,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Leucagrotis Beck,iggi 

679) Agrotis (Putagrotis) Beck,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Putagrotis Beck,iggi 

680) Agrotis (s.str.) Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Agrotis Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

681) Agrotis Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Agrotis Ochsenheimer, 1816 

682) Albocosta Fibiger & Lafontaine,i997 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Albocosta Fibiger & 

683) Allophyes Tarns, 1942 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Allophyes Tams,ig42 

684) Ammoconia Lederer,l857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ammoconia Lederer,i857; #Ammocania 

685) Amphipoea Billberg,i820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Amphipoea Billberg,i820 

686) Amphipyra Ochsenheimer, 1816 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Amphipyra Ochsenheimer, 1816; 
Scotophila Hiibner,[i82i]; Pyrophila Stephens, i82g; Philopyra Guenee,i852; Neocomia Rougemont,igo2. 

687) Anaplectoides McDunnough,[i929] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anaplectoides McDunnough,[ig2g] 

688) Antarchaea Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Antarchaea Hiibner, [1821]; Daona 
Walker, 1864; Byturna Moore,i883; Myana Swinhoe,i884; Pseudomicra Butler, i8g2 

689) Antennola de Freina & Witt,i984 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Antennola de Freina & Witt,ig84 

690) Anthracia Hiibner,[l823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anthracia Hiibner, [1823]; Gracilipalpus 
Calberla,i888; Micromania Christoph,i8g3; Scioptila W.Warren,ign 

691) Antitype Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Antitype Hiibner, [1821] 

692) Anumeta Walker,l8s8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anumeta Walker,i8s8; Palpangula 
Staudinger,i877; Eremonoma W.Warren,igi3 

693) Apamea (s.str.) Ochsenheimer, 1816 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Apamea Ochsenheimer, 1816; 
Abromias Billberg,i820;Septis Hiibner, [1821]; Hama Stephens, i82g; Xylophasia Stephens,i82g; Agrostobia 
Boie,i835; Crymodes Guenee,i84i; Syma Stephens, 1850; Eleemosia Prout,igoi; Protagrotis 
Hampson,igo3;Trichoplexia Hampson,igo8; Heteromma W.Warren,igii; Heterommiola Strand,igi2; 
Apaconjunctdonta Beck,[igg2] 

694) Apamea Ochsenheimer, 1816 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Apamea Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Abromias 
Billberg ,i820;Septis Hiibner, [1821]; Hama Stephens, i82g; Xylophasia Stephens,i82g; Agrostobia Boie,i835; 
Crymodes Guenee,i84i; Syma Stephens, 1850; Eleemosia Prout,igoi; Protagrotis Hampson,igo3;Trichoplexia 
Hampson,igo8; Heteromma W.Warren,igii; Heterommiola Strand,igi2; Apaconjunctdonta Beck,[igg2] 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

695) Apaustis Hiibner,[i823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Apaustis Hiibner, [1823] 

696) Apopestes Hiibner,[i823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Apopestes Hiibner,[i823] 

697) Aporophyla Guenee,i84i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aporophyla Guenee,i84i 

698) Araeopteron Hampson,i893 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Araeopteron Hampson,i893 

699) Archanara Walker, 1866 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Archanara Walker, 1866 

700) Arenostola Hampson,i9io (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Arenostola Hampson,igio 
70i)ArgyrospilaHerrich-Schaffer,l85l (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): ArgyrospilaHerrich-Schaffer,i85i 

702) Armada Staudinger,i884 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Armada Staudinger, 1884 

703) Asteroscopus Boisduval,i828 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Asteroscopus Boisduval,i828 

704) Atethmia Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Atethmia Hiibner,[i82i]; Cirroedia Guenee,i839 

705) Athetis Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Athetis Hiibner,[i82i]; Proxenus Herrich- 
Schaffer,[i850]; Elydna Walker,i8s8; Nebrissa Walker,i862; Radinacra Butler,i878; Dadica Moore,i88i; 
Radingoes Butler, 1886; Strepselydna W.Warren.,1911; Hydrillula Tams,i938; Tectorea Berio,i955. 

706) Atypha Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Atypha Hiibner,[i82i]; Paratypha Koqak,ig8o 

707) Auchmis (s.str.) Hiibner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Auchmis Hiibner, [1821] 

708) Auchmis Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Auchmis Hiibner,[i82i] 

709) Autographa Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Autographa Hiibner, [1821] 
7io)Autophila Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym (s): Autophila Hiibner, [1823] 

711) Axylia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Axylia Hiibner, [1821]; # Actinia Ebert & Hacker, 2002 

7i2)Basistriga Fibiger & Lafontaine,l997 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Basistriga Fibiger & Lafontaine,i997 

7i3)Behounekia Hacker,i990 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Behounekia Hacker ,1990 

7i4)Bena Billberg,i820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bena Billberg,i820 

715) Boursinia Brandt,l938 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Boursinia Brandt,ig38; Anamecia Boursin,i9s8; 

#Bousinia Hacker, 1998 
716) Brachylomia Hampson, 1906 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Brachylomia Hampson,i9o6 
717) Brandtina Bytinski-Salz & Brandt, 1937 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Brandtina Bytinski-Salz & 

Brandt,i937; Cometera Hacker, 1996; #Brandtaxia Ebert & Hacker, 2002 
7i8)Bryomima Staudinger, 1900 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bryomima Staudinger ,1900 
7i9)Bryophilopsis Hampson, 1894 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bryophilopsis Hampson,i894 
720) Calamia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calamia Hiibner,[i82i] 
72i)Callierges Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Callierges Hiibner, [1821]; Lithocampa Guenee,i852 

722) Callistege Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Callistege Hiibner, [1823]; Euclidimera 

723) Callopistria Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Callopistria Hiibner, [1821]; Lagopus R.L.,1817 
nee Brisson,i76o; Eriopus Treitschke,i825; Agabra Walker,i862; Obana Walker,i862 nee Walk.,1862; 
Gnamptocera Butler, 1881; Haploolophus Butler,i88i; Dissolophus Butler,i88i; Hemipachycera Butler,i88i; 
Rheptrotrichia Butler,i88i; Platydasys Butler,i88i; Methorasa Moore,i88i; Cotanda Moore,i88i; Herrichia 
Grote,i882 nee Stgr.,1871; Euherrichia Grote,i882; Hyperdasis Swinhoe,i90i; Miropalpa Berio,i955 

724) Calocucullia G.Ronkay & L.Ronkay,i987 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calocucullia G.Ronkay & 

725) Calophasia Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calophasia Stephens, 1829 

726) Calymma Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calymma Hiibner, [1823] 

727)Calyptra Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calyptra Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Calpe 
Treitschke,i825; Culasta Moore,i88i; Hypocalpe Butler,i883; Percalpe Berio,i956 

728) Caradrina (Boursinidrina) Hacker, 2004 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Boursinidrina Hacker ,2004 

729) Caradrina (Eremodrina) Boursin,i937 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eremodrina Boursin,i937 

730) Caradrina (Kalchbergiana) Hacker,2004 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Kalchbergiana Hacker, 2004 
73i)Caradrina (Levantrina) Hacker, 2004 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Levantrina Hacker ,2004 

732) Caradrina (Paradrina) Boursin,i937 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Paradrina Boursin,i937 

733) Caradrina (Platyperigea) Smith,i894 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Platyperigea Smith,i894; 
Hymenodrina Boursin,i937 

734) Caradrina Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Caradrina Ochsenheimer,i8i6; 
Charadrina Agassiz,i847; Amphidrina Staudinger, 1892 

735) Cardepia Hampson, 1905 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cardepia Hampson,i905 

736) Catephia Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Catephia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Idicara 
Walker, [1863]; Zarima Moore,i882; Mageutica Hampson,i926 

737)Catocala (Ephesia) Hiibner,i8i8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ephesia Hiibner,i8i8 

738) Catocala (s.str.) Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Catocala Schrank,i8o2; Hemigeometra 
Haworth,i8o9; Lamprosia Hiibner, [1821]; Belpharidia Hiibner,i822; Astiotes Hiibner, [1823]; Corisce 
Hiibner, [1823]; Eucora Hiibner, [1823]; Eunetis Hiibner, [1823]; Andrewsia Grote,i882; Catabapta Hulst,i884; 
Andreusia Hampson, 1913; Simplicala Beck,i996 

739) Catocala Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Catocala Schrank,i802; Hemigeometra 
Haworth,i8o9; Lamprosia Hiibner, [1821]; Belpharidia Hiibner,i822; Astiotes Hiibner, [1823]; Corisce 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

Hiibner,[i823]; Eucora Hiibner,[i823]; Eunetis Hiibner,[i823]; Andrewsia Grote,i882; Catabapta Hulst,i884; 

Andreusia Hampson.,1913; Simplicala Beck,igg6 
740) Celaena Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Celaena Stephens, 1829; Helotropha Lederer,i857 
74i)Cerapteryx Curtis, 1833 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cerapteryx Curtis,i833 

742) Cerastis Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cerastis Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Cerastia 
Stephens, 18 '50; Sora Heinemann,i859 nee Wlk.,1859; Matuta Grote,i874; Gypsitea Tams,i939; Facastis Beck,i99i 

743) Cerocala Boisduval,i829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cerocala Boisduval,i829 

744) Charanyca Billberg,l820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Charanyca Billberg,i82o; Meristis 
Hiibner, [1821]; Grammesia Stephens,i829 

745) Chazaria Moore, 1881 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chazaria Moore, 1881; Rhodocleptria Hampson,i903. 

746) Chersotis (Cyrebia) Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cyrebia Guenee,i8s2 
747)Chersotis (s.str.) Boisduval,i840 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chersotis Boisduval,i840 

748) Chilodes Herrich-Schaffer,i849 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chilodes Herrich-Schdffer,i849; 
Hypostilbia Hampson,i9o8 

749) Chionoxantha Hampson,l9l4 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xantholeuca Hampson,i9io (praeocc.); 
Chionoxantha Hampson,i9i4 

750) Chloantha Boisduval, Rambur & Graslin,i836 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chloantha Boisduval, 
Rambur & Graslin,i836 

751) Chortodes Tutt,i897 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chortodes Tutt,i897 

752) Chrysodeixis Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chrysodeixis Hiibner, [1821]; Neoplusia 

753) Cleoceris Boisduval, 1836 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cleoceris Boisduval,i836 

754) Cleonymia (Serryvania) Berio,i98o (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Serryvania Berio,i98o 
755)Cleonymia Berio,i966 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cleonymia Berio, 1966 

756) Clytie (Hypoglaucitis) Staudinger,i895 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hypoglaucitis Staudinger,i8g5 
757)Clytie (s.str.) Hiibner,[l823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Clytie Hiibner, [1823]; Pseudophia Guenee,i852. 

758) Clytie Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Clytie Hiibner, [1823]; Pseudophia Guenee,i852. 

759) Coenophila Stephens, 1850 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Coenophila Stephens,i8so 

760) Colobochyla (Caspicastra) Kocak & Kemal,2002 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Caspicastra Kocak 
& Kemal,2002 

761) Colobochyla Hiibner,[l825] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): #Salia Hiibner, [1806]; Colobochyla 
Hiibner, [1825]; #Cholobochyla Hiibner, [1826]; Madopa Stephens, 1829; Cholobochila Agassiz,i846; #Calobochyla 
Walker, [1859]; #Matopa Hacker, 1990. 

762) Colocasia Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Colocasia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Leptostola 
Billberg,i820; Demas Stephens, 1829; #Calocasia auct. 

763) Condica Walker,l856 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Condica Walker,i8s6; Gaphara Walker, 1862; 
Platysenta Grote,i8/4; Myrtale Druce,i89i; Monocondica Berio,i98i; Bicondica Berio,i98i. 

764) Conistra (Dasycampa) Guenee,i837 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dasycampa Guenee,i837 

765) Conistra (s.str.) Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Conistra Hiibner, [1821]; Orrhodia 
Hiibner, [1821]; Gloia Hiibner, 1822; Peperina Hreblay,i992 

766) Cornutiplusia Kostrowicki,i96i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cornutiplusia Kostrowicki,i96i 
767)Cosmia (Calymnia) Hiibner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calymnia Hiibner, [1821] 

768) Cosmia (s.str.) Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cosmia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; 
Eustegnia Hiibner, [1821]. 

769) Cosmia Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cosmia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Eustegnia 
Hiibner, [1821]. 

770) Craniophora Snellen, 1867 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Craniophora Snellen,i867; Bisulcia 
Chapman,i890; Cranionycta De Lattin,i949; Hampsonia Kozhantschikov,i950; Miracopa Draudt,i950; 
Hampsonidia Inoue,i958. 

77i)Cryphia (Bryoleuca) Hampson,i9o8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bryoleuca Hampson,i9o8 
772)Cryphia (Bryophila) Treitschke,i825 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Poecilia Schrank,i8o2 nee 

Schneider, 1801; Bryophila Treitschke,i825 
773)Cryphia (Bryopsis) Boursh-1,1969 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bryopsis Boursin,i969 
774)Cryphia (Euthales) Hiibner,[i82o] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euthales Hiibner, [1820]; Jaspidia 

Hiibner, 1822 
775)Cryphia (s.str.) Hiibner,l8l8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cryphia Hiibner ,1818; Heterocryphia Beck, 1996 
776)Cryphia Hiibner,l8l8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cryphia Hiibner,i8i8; Heterocryphia Beck,i996 
777)Crypsotidia Rothschild,i90i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Crypsotidia Rothschild,i90i 
778) Cucullia (Shargacucullia) G.Ronkay & L.Ronkay,i992 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 

Shargacucullia G.Ronkay & L.Ronkay, 1992; Prenanthcucullia Beck, 1996 
779)Cucullia (s.str.) Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cucullia Schrank,i802; Euderaea 
Hiibner, [1821]; Empusa Hiibner, [1821]; Eucalimia Hiibner, [1821]; Callaenia Hiibner, [1821]; Argyritis 
Hiibner, [1821]; Tribunophora Hiibner,i822; Lophia Sodoff sky, 1837; Argyrogalea Hampson,i9o6; Cheligalea 
Hampson,i9o6; Argyromata Hampson,i9o6; Empusada Hampson,i9o6; Pseudocopicucullia Dumont,i929 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

780) Cucullia Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cucullia Schrank.,1802; Euderaea Hiibner,[i82i]; 

Empusa Hiibner,[i82i]; Eucalimia Hiibner, [1821]; Callaenia Hiibner,[i82i]; Argyritis Hilbner,[i82i]; 

Tribunophora Hiibner ,1822; Lophia Sodojf sky, 1837; Argyrogalea Hampson,igo6; Cheligalea Hampson,igo6; 

Argyromata Hampson.,1906; Empusada Hampson,igo6; Pseudocopicucullia Dumont,ig2g 
78i)Dasypolia (Dasymixis) L.Ronkay & Varga,i990 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dasymixis L.Ronkay & 


782) Dasypolia (s.str.) Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dasypolia Guenee,i852 

783) Dasypolia Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dasypolia Guenee,i8s2 

784) Deltote Reichenbach,i8i7 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Deltote Reichenbach,i8i7 

785) Diachrysia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Diachrysia Hiibner, [1821] 

786) Diarsia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Diarsia Hiibner, [1821] ; Oxira Walker, 1865 

787) Dichagyris (Yigoga) Nye, 1975 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Yigoga Nye,igys; Flavyigoga Beck,igg6; 
Nigryigoga Beck,igg6 

788) Dichagyris Lederer,i857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dichagyris Lederer, 18 '57 

789) Dichonia (Griposia) Tarns, 1939 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): GriposiaTams,ig3g 

790) Dichonia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dichonia Hiibner, [1821] 
79i)Dicycla Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dicycla Guenee,i852 

792) Diloba Boisduval,i840 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Diloba Boisduval,i840 

793) Drasteria Hiibner,i8i8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Drasteria Hiibner, 1818 

794) Dryobota Lederer,i857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dryobota Lederer, 1857 

795) Dryobotodes (Dichonioxa) Berio,i98o (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dichonioxa Berio,ig8o 

796) Dryobotodes (s.str.) W.Warren, 1911 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dryobotodes W.Warren,igu 
797)Dryobotodes W.Warren, 1911 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dryobotodes W.Warren,igii 

798) Dypterygia Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dypterygia Stephens,i82g 

799) Earias Hiibner, [1825] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Earias Hiibner, [1825]; Aphusia Walker,[i8s8]; 
Digba Walker,i862 

800) Egira Duponchel,[l845] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): EgiraDuponchel,[i845]; Xylomiges GuenUe,i852 

801) Eicomorpha Staudinger,i888 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eicomorpha Staudinger,i888 

802) Elaphria Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Elaphria Hiibner, [1821] 

803) Enargia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Enargia Hiibner, [1821] 

804) Epilecta Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Epilecta Hiibner, [1821] 

805) Epimecia Guenee,i839 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Epimecia Guenee,i8sg 

806) Epipsammia Staudinger,i879 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Epipsammia Staudinger,i87g; 
Namangana Staudinger,i888; Namanganum Riesen,i8gi; Sartha Staudinger,i8gi; Pseudathetis Boursin,ig37. 

807) Episema Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Episema Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

808) Eremobia Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eremobia Stephens,i82g 

809) Eremobina McDunnough,i927 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eremobina McDunnough,ig27; 
Pabulatricula Sugi,ig82. 

810) Eriopygodes Hampson,i905 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eriopygodes Hampson,igo5 

811) Eublemma (Coccidiphaga) Spuler,i907 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Coccidiphaga Spuler,igo7; 
Zonesthiousa Thierry-Mieg \1g07 

812) Eublemma (Honeyania) Berio,i988 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Honey ania Berio,ig88 

813) Eublemma Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): #Antophila Hiibner, 1806; Anthophila 
Ochsenheimer ,1816 (praeocc); Eublemma Hiibner, [1821]; Eromene Hiibner, [1821]; Porphyrinia Hiibner, [1821]; 
Trothisa Hiibner, [1821]; Ecthetis Hiibner, [1823]; Heliomanes Sodojf sky, 1837; Microphisa Boisduval,i840; 
Mixocharis Lederer, 1853; Thalpochares Lederer,i853; Eumestleta Butler,i8g2; Thalomicra Spuler,igo7; 
Polyorycta W.Warren,igii; Gyophora W.Warren,igi3; Eumicremma Berio,ig54; Roseoblemma Beck,igg6; 
Parvablemma Beck,igg6. 

814) Eucarta Lederer, 1857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eucarta Lederer ,1857 

815) Euchalcia (Pseudochalcia) Kljutshko,i984 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudochalcia 

816) Euchalcia (s.str.) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euchalcia Hiibner, [1821]; Adeva 
McDunnough,ig44; Pareuchalcia Beck,iggi 

8i7)Euchalcia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euchalcia Hiibner, [1821]; Adeva McDunnough,ig44; 
Pareuchalcia Beck,iggi 

818) Euclidia Ochsenheimer, 1816 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euclidia Ochsenheimer, 1816; Ectypa 
Billberg,i820; Gonospileia Hiibner, [1823]; Euclidina McDunnough,ig37 

819) Eugnorisma (Metagnorisma) Varga & Ronkay,i987 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metagnorisma 
Varga & Ronkay,ig87 

820) Eugnorisma (s.str.) Boursin,l946 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eugnorisma Boursin,ig46 

821) Eugnorisma Boursin,l946 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eugnorisma Boursin,ig46 

822) Eulocastra Butler, 1886 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eulocastra Butler,i886; Thalerastria 

823) Euplexia Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euplexia Stephens,i82g; Berrhaea Walker,i8s8; 
Epa Bethune-Baker,igo6; Yula Bethune-Baker,igo6. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

824) Eupsilia Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eupsilia Hiibner,[i82i]; Scopelosoma Curtis,i836; 
Mecoptera Guenee,i837; Dichagramma Grote,i864 

825) Eurois Hubner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eurois Hiibner,[i82i] 

826) Eutelia Hiibner,[l823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eutelia Hiibner,[i823]; Eurhipia Boisduval,i82g; 
Phlegetonia Guenee,i852; Ripogenus Grote,i86s; Zobia Saalmuller,i8gi; Alotsa Swinhoe,igoo; Silacida 
Swinhoe,igoo; Noctasota Clench,ig54; Adoraria Beck,igg6; #Alotoa Leraut,iggy, #Phlegetomia Leraut,iggy 

827) Euxoa (Chorizagrotis) Smith, 1890 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Chorizagrotis Smith,i8go 

828) Euxoa (Pleonectopoda) Grote,i873 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pleonectopoda Grote,i873 

829) Euxoa Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euxoa Hiibner,[i82i]; Metaxyja Hiibner,[i82i]; 
Exarnis Hiibner,[i82i]; Brotis Hiibner,[i82i]; Mimetes Hiibner,[i82i] nee Esch.,1818; Telmia Hiibner,[i82i]; 
Carneades Grote,i883; Paragrotis Dyar,igo2 

830) Evisa Reisser, 1930 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Evisa Reisser,ig30 

831) Exophyla Guenee,l84l (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Exophyla Guenee,i84i; #Exophila Guenee,i84i 

832) Gonospileia Hiibner,[i823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Gonospileia Hilbner, [1823] 

833) Gortyna Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Gortyna Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

834) Grammodes Guenee,l852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Grammodes Guenee,i852; Prodotis John,igio 

835) Graphantha (Dysgraphhadena) Ronkay, Varga & Fabian, 1995 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 
Dysgraphhadena Ronkay, Varga & Fabian,iggs 

836) Graphantha Ronkay, Varga & Fabian,i995 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Graphantha Ronkay, 
Varga & Fabian,iggs 

837) Graphiphora Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Graphiphora Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

838) Hada Billberg,l820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hada Billberg,i82o; Clemathada Beck,iggi 

839) Hadena (Anepia) Hampson,i9i8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Epia Hiibner,[i82i] nee Hbn.,[i82o]; 
Anepia Hampson,igi8 

840) Hadena (Enterpia) Guenee,i8so (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Enterpia Guenee,i8so 

841) Hadena (Maschukia) Hacker,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Maschukia Hacker, igg6 

842) Hadena (Pinkericola) Hacker,i987 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pinkericola Hacker ,ig8y 

843) Hadena (s.str.(Albimaculia)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Albimaculia 
Koqak & Kemal,2006 

844) Hadena (s.str.(Anatolidena)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anatolidena 
Kocak & Kemal,2006 

845) Hadena (s.str.(Caeshadena)) Kocak & Kemal,2008 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): #Caeshadena 
Kocak & Kemal,2006; Caeshadena Kocak & Kemal,2008 

846) Hadena (s.str.(Clarhadena)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Clarhadena 
Koqak & Kemal,20o6 

847) Hadena (s.str.(Dianthoecia)) Boisduval,i834 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dianthoecia 

848) Hadena (s.str.(Filograna)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Filograna Kocak & 

849) Hadena (s.str.(Hadenobilis)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadenobilis 
Koqak & Kemal,20o6 

850) Hadena (s.str.(Luteocincta)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Luteocincta 
Koqak & Kemal,20o6 

851) Hadena (s.str.(Magnifica)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Magnifica Koqak & 

852) Hadena (s.str.(Magnolihadena)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Maghadena 
Beck,iggi nee Viett.,ig62; Magnolihadena Koqak & Kemal,20o6 

853) Hadena (s.str.(Miselia)) Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Miselia 
Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Harmodia Hilbner,[i820] 

854) Hadena (s.str.(Montanohadena)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 
Montanohadena Koqak & Kemal,2006 

855) Hadena (s.str.(Turkihadena)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Turkihadena 
Koqak & Kemal,20o6 

856) Hadena (s.str.(Zeteolyga)) Billberg,i820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Zeteolyga Billberg,i820 

857) Hadena Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadena Schrank,i8o2;AdenaAgassiz,i847. 

858) Hadjina Staudinger,l892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadjina Staudinger,i8g2; Aridagricola 

859) Hadula (Calocestra (Dianthus)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dianthus 
Koqak & Kemal,2006 

860) Hadula (Calocestra (Hadufurca)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadufurca 
Koqak & Kemal,2006 

861) Hadula (Calocestra (Hadumendax)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 
Hadumendax Koqak & Kemal,2006 

862) Hadula (Calocestra (Hadupugnax)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 
Hadupugnax Koqak & Kemal,20o6 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

863) Hadula (Calocestra (Hadutrifolium)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 
Hadutrifolium Koqak & Kemal,2006 

864) Hadula (Calocestra (Stigmosa)) Kocak & Kemal,2006 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Stigmosa 
Koqak & Kemal,2006 

865) Hadula (Calocestra) Beck,iQQi (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Calocestra Beck.,1991 

866) Hadula (Ptochicestra) Hacker, 1998 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ptochicestr a Hacker, 1998 

867) Hadula (Pulchrohadula) Hacker,i998 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pulchrohadula Hacker ,1998 

868) Hadula (s.str. (Habulorum)) Kocak & Kenial,20o6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Habulorum 
Koqak & Kemal,2006 

869) Hadula Staudinger,i889 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hadula Staudinger, 1889 

870) Haemerosia Boisduval,l840 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Haemerosia Boisduval,i840; #Haemeosia 
Ebert & Hacker, 2002 

87i)Hakkaria L.Ronkay & Varga,i990 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hakkaria L.Ronkay & Varga,i990 

872) Hecatera Guenee,l852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aethria Hubner,[i82i] nee Hiibn.,[i8i9]; Hecatera 

873) Helicoverpa Hardwick,i965 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Helicoverpa Hardwick,i96s 

874) Heliophobus Boisduval,i829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Heliophobus Boisduval,i829; Neuria 

875) Heliothis Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Heliothis Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Heliotis 
Lefebvre,i82y; Heliothisa Meigen.,1832; Heliotis Sodofj sky, 1837; Chloridea Duncan & [Westwood],i84i; Aspila 
Guenee,i852 (praeocc); Disocnemis Grote,i883; Dysocnemis Grote,i890; Neocleptria Hampson,i903; Nubiothis 
Berio; Peltothis Beck,i996. 

876) Heptapotamia Alpheraky,i882 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Heptapotamia Alpheraky,i882; 
Guselderia Hacker, Kuhna & Gross,i986. 

877) Herminia Latreille,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Herminia Latreille,i8o2; Pogonitis 
Sodofj sky, 1837; Quaramia Berio,i988; Hypertrocon Berio,i989; Zellerminia Beck,i996 

878) Heteropalpia Berio, 1939 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Heteropalpia Berio, 1939 

879) Heterophysa Boursin,i953 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Heterophysa Boursin,i953 

880) Himalistra Hacker & Ronkay,i993 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Himalistra Hacker & Ronkay, 1993 

881) Hoplodrina Boursin,i937 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hoplodrina Boursin,i937 

882) Hypena (Ophiuche) Hiibner, [1825] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ophiuche Hiibner,[i825] 

883) Hypena (s.str.) Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hypena Schrank,i802; Erichila 
Billberg,i820; Herpyzon Hiibner, 1822; Bomolocha Hiibner, [1825]; Badausa Walker,i863; Peliala Walker, 186 5; 
Euhypena Grote,i873; Lomanaltes Grote,i873; Macrhypena Grote,i873; Meghypena Grote,i873; Plathypena 
Grote,i873; Mathura Moore,i882; Apanda Moore,i882; Hypoepa Leech.,1889; Nesamiptis Meyrick,i899; 
Anepischetos Smith, 1900; Placerobela Turner, 1903; Obesypena Beck,i996; Rostrypena Beck,i996. 

884) Hypena Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hypena Schrank,i8o2; Erichila Billberg,i82o; 
Herpyzon Hiibner,i822; Bomolocha Hiibner, [1825]; Badausa Walker,i863; Peliala Walker,i86s; Euhypena 
Grote,i873; Lomanaltes Grote,i873; Macrhypena Grote,i873; Meghypena Grote,i873; Plathypena Grote,i873; 
Mathura Moore,i882; Apanda Moore,i882; Hypoepa Leech,i889; Nesamiptis Meyrick,i899; Anepischetos 
Smith,i900; Placerobela Turner,i903; Obesypena Beck,i996; Rostrypena Beck,i996. 

885) Hypenodes Doubleday,i850 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hypenodes Doubleday, 1850 

886) Hypeuthina Lederer,l855 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hypeuthina Lederer,i855; #Hypeuthyna 

887) Hyppa Duponchel,i845 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hyppa Duponchel,i845 

888) Hyssia Guenee,i845 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hyssia Guenee,i845 

889) Idia Hiibner,[l8l3] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Idia Hiibner, [1813]; Epizeuxis Hilbner,i8i8; 
Camptylochila Stephens,i834 nee Hbn.,1818; Campylochila Agassiz,i847; Helia Guenee,i854 nee Hbn.,1818; 
Pseudaglossa Grote,i874 

890) IpimorphaHiibner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ipimorpha Hiibner, [1821] 

891) Iranada Wiltshire, 1977 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Iranada Wiltshire, 1977 

892) Janthinea Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Janthinea Guenee,i8s2 

893) Jodia Hiibner,l8l8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Jodia Hilbner,i8i8; Xanthia Boisduval,i829; Lampetia 
Curtis,[i830] (horn.); Xantholeuca Stephens,i83i; Hoporina Blanchard,i840; Oporina Agassiz,[i847] 

894) Lacanobia (Dianobia) Behounek,i992 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dianobia Behounek,i992 

895) Lacanobia (Diataraxia) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Diataraxia Hiibner,[i82i] 

896) Lacanobia (s.str.) Billberg,l820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lacanobia Billberg,i82o; Peucephila 
Hampson,i909; #Lacabonia Hacker, 1992 

897) Lacanobia Billberg,l820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lacanobia Billberg,i82o; Peucephila 
Hampson,i909; #Lacabonia Hacker, 1992 

898) Lamprosticta Hiibner, [1820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lamprosticta Hiibner, [1820] 

899) Lasionycta Aurivillius,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lasionycta Aurivillius,i892 

900) Laspeyria Germar,i8io (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Laspeyria Germar,i8io 

901) Ledereragrotis Varga,l99l (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ledereragrotis Varga,i99i 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

902) Leucania Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Leucania Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Donachlora 
Sodojf sky, 1837; Leucadia Sodoffsky,i837; Donacochlora Agassiz,i847; Pudorina Gistl,i848; Cirphis Walker, 1865; 
Borolia Moore,i88i; Neoborlia Matsumura,ig26; Acantholeucania Rungs,ig53; Boursinania Rungs,ig55; 
Xipholeucania Sugi,igyo. 

903) Leucochlaena Hampson,i9o6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Leucochlaena Hampson,igo6 

904) Lithophane Hiibner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lithophane Hubner,[i82i] 

905) Lophoterges (Fibigerges) L.Ronkay,2005 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Fibigerges L.Ronkay, 2005 

906) Lophoterges Hampson,lQo6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lophoterges Hampson,igo6 

907) Luperina Boisduval,i829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Luperina Boisduval,i82g 

908) Lycophorus Staudinger,l90l (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lycophorus Staudinger,igoi; Pachyagrotis 

909) Lygephila (s.str.) Billberg,l820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lygephila Billberg,i82o; Asticta 
Hiibner,[i823]; Eccrita Lederer,i857; Toxocampa Guenee,i84i; Craccaphila Beck,igg6. 

910) Lygephila Billberg,l820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lygephila Billberg,i82o; Asticta Hiibner,[i823]; 
Eccrita Lederer, 1857; Toxocampa Guenee,i84i; Craccaphila Beck,igg6. 

911) Macdunnoughia Kostrowicki,i96i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Macdunnoughia Kostrowicki,ig6i; 
Scleroplusia Ichinose,ig62 

912) Mamestra Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mamestra Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Barathra 
Hiibner,[i820]; Mamistra Sodoffsky,i837; Copimamestra Grote,i883 

913) Maraschia Osthelder,i933 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Maraschia Osthelder,ig33 

914) Margelana Staudinger,i888 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Margelana Staudinger,i888 
9i5)Megalodes Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Megalodes Guenee,i852 

916) Meganephria Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Meganephria Hiibner,[i82i]; Belosticta 

Butler, i87g 
9i7)Meganola Dyar,i898 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Meganola Dyar,i8g8 

918) Melanchra Hiibner,[i82o] (Noctuidae) Synonym (s): Melanchra Hilbner,[i82o] 

919) Mesapamea (Resapamea) Varga & Ronkay,i992 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Resapamea Varga 

920) Mesapamea Heinicke, 1959 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mesapamea Heinicke,ig5g 

921) Mesogona Boisduval,i840 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mesogona Boisduval,i840 

922) Mesoligia Boursin,i965 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mesoligia Boursin,ig6s 

923) Metachrostis Hiibner,[i82o] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metachrostis Hiibner,[i82o]; Leptosia 
Guenee,i84i (praeocc). 

924) Metaegle Hampson,i9o8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metaegle Hampson,igo8 

925) Metalopha (Antholopha) Ronkay,i990 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 

926) Metalopha (s.str.) Staudinger,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metalopha Staudinger,i8g2 

927) Metalopha Staudinger, 1892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metalopha Staudinger,i8g2 

928) Metopoceras (s.str.) Guenee,i850 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metopoceras Guenee,i8so 

929) Metopoceras Guenee,i850 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metopoceras Guenee,i8so 

930) Metopodicha Draudt,l936 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metopodicha Draudt,ig36; Persidia 

931) Metoponrhis Staudinger, 18 8 8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metoponrhis Staudinger, 1888 

932) Metopoplus Alpheraky,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Metopoplus Alpheraky,i8g2 

933) Micriantha Hampson,i9o8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Micriantha Hampson,igo8 

934) Minucia Moore, [1885] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Minucia Moore,[i88s] 

935) Mniotype Franclemont,i94i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mniotype Franclemont,ig4i 

936) Moma Hiibner,[l820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): #Diphthera Hubner,[i8o6]; Moma Hubner,[i82o]; 
Diphtherocome W.Warren,igo7; Diphtheramoma Berio,ig6i 

937) Mormo Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mormo Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Lemur 
Hiibner,i822 nee Linn. ,1758; Mania Treitschke,i825 nee Hbn.,[i82i]; Acyra Gistl,i848 

938) Mythimna (Aletia) Hiibner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aletia Hiibner, [1821] 

939) Mythimna (Anapoma) Berio,i98o (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Apoma Berio,ig8o nee Beck,i837; 
Anapoma Berio,ig8o 

940) Mythimna (Hyphilare) Hubner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Hyphilare Hiibner, [1821]; 
Allitoria Beck,igg6 

941) Mythimna (Morphopoliana) Hreblay,i996 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Morphopoliana 

942) Mythimna (Pseudaletia) Franclemont,i95i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudaletia 

943) Mythimna (s.str.) Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mythimna Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

944) Mythimna Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Mythimna Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

945) Naenia Stephens, 1827 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Naenia Stephens,i827 

946) Netrocerocora Bartel,i903 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Netrocerocora Bartel,igo3 

947) Nezonycta Varga & Ronkay,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nezonycta Varga & Ronkay,iggi 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

948) Noctua (Divaena) Fibiger,i993 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Divaena Fibiger,i993 

949) Noctua (Euschesis) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Euschesis Hiibner,[i82i] 

950) Noctua (Lampra) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Lampr a Hiibner, [1821] 

951) Noctua (Latanoctua) Beck, Kobes & Ahola,i993 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Latanoctua Beck, Kobes 

952) Noctua (Paranoctua) Beck, Kobes & Ahola,i993 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Paranoctua Beck, 
Kobes &Ahola,i993; Carvalhoia Beck,i999 nee Kormilev,i95i non Miller & China,i956 

953) Noctua Linnaeus, 1758 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Noctua Linnaeus, 1758; Noctuella Rafinesque,i8i5; 
Nyctemia Rafinesque,i8i5; Triphaena Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Triphaena Hiibner, [1821]; Xanthoptera Sodoff sky, 1837 

954) Nodaria Guenee,i854 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nodaria Guenee,i854 

955) Nola Leach, 1815 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nola Leach.,1815; Lira Billberg,i82o; Chlamifera 
Hubner,i822; Roeselia Hiibner, [1825]; Manoba Walker,[i863]; Celama Walker, 1865; Selca Walker, [1866]; 
Tribunta Walker, [1866]; Aradrapha Walker, [1866]; Lebena Walker,i866; Minnagara Walker, 1866; Argyrophyes 
Grote,i873; Epizeuctis Meyrick,i889; Sorocostia Rosenstock,i88s; ztenola Moschler,i890; Rhynchopalpus 
Hampson,i893; Poliothripa Hampson,i902; Cryphimaea Turner ,1933; Nestiodes Turner,i939; Idiocyttara 
Turner,i944; Neocleta Turner,i944 

956) Nonagria Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nonagria Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

957) Nycteola Hiibner, 1822 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Nycteola Hiibner, 1822; Sarrothripus Curtis,i824; 
Axia Hiibner, [1825]; Subrita Walker, 1866; Dufayella Capuse,i972; #Nycteloa Hacker ,1998 

958) Ochropleura Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ochropleur a Hiibner, [1821] 

959) Odice Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Odice Hiibner, [1823]; Microphisa Boisduval,i840 

960) Oligia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Oligia Hiibner, [1821]; Miana Stephens, 1829; Procus 

961) Olivenebula Kishida & Yoshimoto,i977 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Olivenebula Kishida & 
Yoshimoto,i977; Chlorothalpa Beck,i996 

962) Omia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Omia Hiibner,[i82i] 

963) Omphalophana Hampson,i9o6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Omphalophana Hampson,i9o6 

964) Oncocnemis Lederer,l853 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Oncocnemis Lederer,i853; Phornacisa 
Walker, 1862; Copihadena Morrison, 1875; Metahadena Morrison,i876 

965) Ophiusa Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ophiusa Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Ophiogenes 
Reichenbach.,1816; Meropis Hiibner, 1822; Ophiussa Hiibner,[i823]; Hemachra Sodoff sky, 1837; Anua 
Walker,i858; Stenopis Mabille,i88o; Trichanua Berio,i954; Subanua Berio,i959; Peranua Berio,i959; Perophiusa 

966) Opigena Boisduval,i840 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Opigena Boisduval,i840 

967) Orectis Lederer,i857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Orectis Lederer,i857 

968) Oria Hiibner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Oria Hiibner, [1821] 

969) Orthosia (Dioszeghyana) Hreblay,i993 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dioszeghy ana Hreblay, 1993 

970) Orthosia (Monima) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Monima Hiibner, [1821]; 
Microrthosia Berio,i98o. 

97i)Orthosia (Semiophora) Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Semiophora Stephens,i829 

972) Orthosia (s.str.) Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Orthosia Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

973) Orthosia Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Orthosia Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

974) Ostheldera Nye, 1975 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pfeifferella Osthelder,i933 nee Labbe, 1899; Ostheldera 
Nye, 1975 

975) Oxytripia Staudinger,i87i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Oxytripia Staudinger,i87i 

976) Ozarba Walker,i865 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ozarba Walker, 1865 

977)Pamparama G.Ronkay & L.Ronkay,i995 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pamparama G.Ronkay & 

978) Panchrysia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Panchrysia Hiibner, [1821]; Tetrargentia 

979) Panemeria Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Panemeria Hiibner, [1823] 

980) Panolis Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Panolis Hiibner, [1821]; Ilarus Boisduval,i829; 
Hilarus Agassiz,i 847 

981) Panthea Hiibner, [1820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Panthea Hiibner, [1820]; Elatina Duponchel,[i845] 

982) Papestra Sukhareva,i973 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Papestra Sukhareva,ig73 

983) Paracolax Hiibner, [1825] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Paracolax Hiibner, [1825] 

984) Paraegle Hampson,i9o8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Paraegle Hampson,i9o8 

985) Parallelia Hiibner, 1818 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Parallelia Hiibner, 1818; Dysgonia Hiibner, [1823] 

986) Parascotia Hiibner, [1825] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Parascotia Hiibner, [1825]; Kara 
Matsumura,i925 nee Strebel 

987) Parastichtis Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Parastichtis Hiibner, [1821]; Dyschorista 

988) Pardoxia Vives & Gonzalez, 1981 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pardoxia Vives & Gonzalez,i98i 

989) Parexarnis Boursin,i946 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Parexarnis Boursm.,1946 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

990) Pechipogo Hubner,[l825] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pechipogo Hiibner, [1825]; Pechypogon 
Agassiz,i847; Microphta Berio,ig88 

991) Pericyma Herrich-Schaffer,[i85i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pericyma Herrich-Schaffer,[i85i]; 
Alamis Guenee,i852; Dugaria Walker, [1858]; Moepa Walker,i86s. 

992) Peridroma Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Peridroma Hiibner,[i82i] 

993) Perigrapha (Anorthoa) Berio,i98o (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Anorthoa Berio,ig8o 

994) Perigrapha (Opacographa (Turcographa)) Kocak & Kemal,2008 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): 
#Turcographa Kocak & Kemal,2007; Turcographa Kocak & Kemal,2008 

995) Perigrapha (Opacographa (s.str.)) Hreblay,iQQ6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Opacographa 

996) Perigrapha (Opacographa) Hreblay,i995 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Opacographa Hreblay, 1995 

997) Perigrapha (s.str.) Lederer, 1857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Perigrapha Lederer, 1857 

998) Perigrapha Lederer, 1857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Perigrapha Lederer, 1857 

999) Periphanes Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Periphanes Hiibner,[i82i]; Chariclea 

1000) Phleboeis Christoph,i887 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phleboeis Christoph,i887; Stenosomides 
Strand,i942 (cf. Koqdk.,1991; Fibiger,i997). 

1001) Phlogophora Treitschke,i825 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phlogophora Treitschke,i825 

1002) Photedes Lederer,i857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Photedes Lederer, 1857 

1003) Phylapora Berio,i98o (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phylapora Berio,i98o 

1004) Phyllophila Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phyllophila Guenee,i852 

1005) Phytometra Haworth, 1809 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Phytometra Haworth,i8o9 

1006) Plecoptera Guenee,l852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Plecoptera Guenee,i852; Carteia Walker, [1863]; 
Biregula Saalmiiller,i89i; Plecopteroides Strand,igi8. 

1007) Plusia Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Plusia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Chrysapidia 

1008) Plusidia Butler,i879 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Plusidia Butler, 1879 

1009) Polia Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Chera Hilbner,[i82i]; 
Aplecta Guenee,i8s8 

1010) Polychrysia Hiibner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polychrysia Hiibner, [1821] 

1011) Polymixis (Bischoffia) Hacker & Ronkay,i992 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Bischoffia Hacker & 

1012) Polymixis (Brandticola) Hacker & L.Ronkay,i992 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Brandticola 
Hacker & L.Ronkay,i992 

1013) Polymixis (Eremophysa) Boursin,i958 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Eremophysa Boursin,ig58 

1014) Polymixis (Myxinia) Berio,i985 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Myxinia Berio,i98s 

1015) Polymixis (Parabrachionycha) Hacker, 1990 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Parabrachionycha 
Hacker, 1990 

1016) Polymixis (Serpmixis) Beck,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Serpmixis Beck,i99i 

1017) Polymixis (s.str.) Hiibner, [1820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polymixis Hiibner, [1820] 

1018) Polymixis Hiibner, [1820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polymixis Hiibner, [1820] 

1019) Polyphaenis Boisduval,i840 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polyphaenis Boisduvo.1,1840 

1020) Polypogon Schrank,l802 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Polypogon Schrank,i8o2; Hyrcanypena 
Wagner, 1937; Zanclostathme Draudt,i937; Gryphopogon Beck,i996 

1021) Powellinia Oberthiir,i9i2 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Powellinia Oberthur,i9i2 

1022) Praestilbia Staudinger,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Praestilbia Staudinger,i892 

1023) Protexarnis McDunnough,i929 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Protexarnis McDunnough,i929 

1024) Protodeltote Ueda,i984 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Protodeltote Ueda,i984 

1025) Protolampra McDunnough,[l929] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Protolampra McDunnough,[i929] 

1026) Proxenus Herrich-Schaffer, [1850] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Proxenus Herrich-Schdffer,[i850] 

1027) Pseudenargia Boursin,i956 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudenargia Boursin,i9s6 

1028) Pseudeustrotia W.Warren, 1913 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudeustrotia W.Warren,i9i3 

1029) Pseudohadena (Pseudopseustis) Hampson,i9io (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudopseustis 

1030) Pseudohadena Alpheraky,i889 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudohadena Alpheraky, 1889 

1031) Pseudoips Hiibner, 1822 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoips Hiibner, 1822 

1032) Pseudozarba W.Warren, 1914 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pseudozarba W.Warren,i9i4 

1033) Pyrocleptria Hampson,i903 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pyrocleptria Hampson,i903 

1034) Pyrois Hiibner,[l820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pyrois Hiibner, [1820]; Syntomopus Guenee, 1837 nee 
Wlk.,1833; Adpyramidcampa Beck,i99i 

1035) Pyrrhia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Pyrrhia Hiibner, [1821] 

1036) Recophora Nye, 1975 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Recophora Nye,i975 

1037) Rhizedra W.Warren, 1911 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rhizedra W.Warren,i9ii 

1038) Rhyacia (Epipsilia) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Epipsilia Hiibner, [1821] 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1039) Rhyacia (s.str.) Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rhyacia Hiibner, [1821]; Antirhyacia 

1040) Rhyacia Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rhyacia Hiibner, [1821] 

1041) Rhypagla Nye, 1975 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): RhypaglaNye,igy5 

1042) Rileyiana Moucha & Chavala,i963 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rileyiana Moucha & Chavala,ig63 

1043) Rivula Guenee,l845 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rivula Guenee,i845; Cholimma Walker, 1863; Motina 
Walker,i863; Rhazunda Walker,i866; Pasira Moore,i882 nee Stal,i859; Rivulana Bethune-Baker ,1911; 
Alikangiana Strand, 1920; Paurosceles Turner, 1945 

1044) Rusina Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rusina Stephens, 1829 

1045) Saragossa Staudinger,i900 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Saragossa Staudinger,i900 

1046) Schinia Hiibner, [1823] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Schinia Hiibner, [1823] 

1047) Schrankia Hiibner, [1825] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Schrankia Hiibner, [1825] 

1048) Scoliopteryx Germar,l8lO (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Scoliopteryx Germar,i8io; Pterodonta 
Reichenbach,i8i7; Ephemias Hiibner, [1821]; Euphais Hilber,i822; Gonoptera Berthold,i82y nee Billb.,1820 

1049) Scotochrosta Lederer,i857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Scotochrosta Lederer,i857 

1050) Scythocentropus Speiser,l902 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Scythocentropus Speiser,i902; Ecbolemia 

1051) Sesamia Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Sesamia Guenee,i852 

1052) Setoctena Wallengren,l863 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Setoctena Wallengren,i863; Pseudocalpe 
Hampson,i894 (praeocc.); Metaculasta Butler,i898 

1053) Sidemia Staudinger,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Sidemia Staudinger,i892 

1054) Sideridis (Aneda) Sukhareva,i973 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Aneda Sukhareva,i973 

1055) Sideridis (Conisania) Hampson,i905 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Conisania Hampson,i905 

1056) Sideridis (Dianthivora) Varga & L.Ronkay,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Dianthivora Varga 

1057) Sideridis (Luteohadena) Beck,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Luteohadena Beck,i99i 

1058) Sideridis (s.str.) Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Sideridis Hiibner, [1821]; Colonsideridis 

1059) Sideridis Hiibner,[l82l] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Sideridis Hiibner, [1821]; Colonsideridis 

1060) Simplicia Guenee,l854 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Simplicia Guenee,i854; Libisosa Walker, [1859]; 
Culicula Walker, 1864; Aginna Walker, 1865; Nabartha Moore, 1887 

1061) Simyra Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Simyra Ochsenheimer,i8i6 

1062) Spaelotis Boisduval,i840 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Spaelotis Boisduval,i840 

1063) Spodoptera Guenee,l852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Spodoptera Guenee,i852; Calogramma 
Guenee,i852; Laphygma Guenee,i852; Prodenia Guenee,i852; Rusidrina Staudinger,i892; Douzdrina De 

1064) Spudaea Snellen, 1867 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Spudaea Snellen,i867 

1065) Standfussiana Boursin,i946 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Standfussiana Boursin,i946 

1066) Stenodrina Boursh-1,1937 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Stenodrina Boursin,i937 

1067) Stenoecia W.Warren, 1911 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Stenoecia W .Warren, 1911 

1068) Stilbina (s.str.) Staudinger,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Stilbina Staudinger,i892 

1069) Stilbina Staudinger,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Stilbina Staudinger, 1892 

1070) Syngrapha Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Syngrapha Hiibner, [1821]; Caloplusia 
Smith,i884; Palaeographa Kljutshko,i983; Aingrapha Beck,i99i. 

1071) Tarachephia Hampson,i926 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Tarachephia Hampson,i926 

1072) Tathorhynchus Hampson,i894 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Tathorhynchus Hampson,i894; 
Xymehops Viette,i954 

1073) Teinoptera Calberla,l89l (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Teinoptera Calberla,i89i; Copiphana 

1074) Thalpophila Hiibner, [1820] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Thalpophila Hiibner, [1820] 

1075) Tholera Hiibner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Tholer a Hiibner, [1821] 

1076) Thria Walker, [1858] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Thria Walker, [1858] 

1077) Thysanoplusia (Daubeiplusia) Beck,i99i (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Daubeiplusia Beck,i99i 

1078) Thysanoplusia (s.str.) Ichinose,l973 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Thysanoplusia Ichinose,i973 

1079) Thysanoplusia Ichinose, 1973 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Thysanoplusia Ichinose,i973 

1080) Trachea Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Trachea Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Achatis 
Billberg,i820; Berrhaea Walker,i8s8 

1081) Trichoplusia McDunnough.,1944 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Trichoplusia McDunnough,i944; 
Thysanoplusia Inoue,i973; Daubeplusia Beck,i99i. 

1082) Trisateles Tarns, 1939 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Trisateles Tams,i939 

1083) Tyta Billberg,l820 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Tyta Billberg,i82o; Dysthymia Newman,i863 

1084) Ulochlaena Lederer, 1857 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ulochlaena Lederer,i857 

1085) Valeria Stephens, 1829 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Valeria Stephens, 1829 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1086) Valerietta Draudt,i938 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Valerietta Draudt,ig38 

1087) Victrix (Rasihia) Kocak,l989 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Christophia Varga & Ronkay,ig89 nee 
Rag. ,1887; Rasihia Kocak.,1989. 

1088) Victrix (s.str.) Staudinger,i879 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Victrix Staudinger, 1879 

1089) Victrix Staudinger,i879 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Victrix Staudinger, 1879 

1090) Xanthia (Cirrhia) Hubner,[i82i] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Cirrhia Hiibner,[i82i] 

1091) Xanthia (Tiliacea) Tutt,i896 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Tiliacea Tutt,i896 

1092) Xanthia Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xanthia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Citria 
Hubner, [1821]; Mellinia Hiibner,[i82i] 

1093) Xanthodes Guenee,i852 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xanthodes Guenee,i852 

1094) Xanthothrix Edwards, 1878 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xanthothrix Edwards,i878 

1095) Xenophysa Boursin,i969 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xenophysa Boursin,i969 

1096) Xestia (Megasema) Hubner, [1821] (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Megasema Hubner, [1821]; 
Agrotiphila Grote,i876; Agrotimorpha Barnes & McDunnough,i929; Ashworthia Beck,i996 

1097) Xestia (s.str.) Hiibner,l8l8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xestia Hilbner,i8i8; Amathes Hubner, [1821]; 
Lytaea Stephens,i829; Segetia Stephens,i829; Hiptelia Guenee,i852; Ericarthia Beck,i996; Castanasta Beck,i996; 
Palkermes Beck,i996; Monticollia Beck, 1996 

1098) Xestia Hiibner,l8l8 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xestia Hubner,i8i8; Amathes Hilbner,[i82i]; Lytaea 
Stephens, 1829; Segetia Stephens, 1829; Hiptelia Guenee,i852; Ericarthia Beck,i996; Castanasta Beck,i996; 
Palkermes Beck,i996; Monticollia Beck,i996 

1099) Xylena Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xylena Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Xylites R.L.,1817; 
Xylina Treitschke,i826; Calocampa Stephens,i829 

1100) Xylocampa Guenee, 1837 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xylocampa Guenee,i837 

1101) Xylomoia Staudinger, 1892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Xylomoia Staudinger, 1892 

1102) Zebeeba Kirby,i892 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): ZebeebaKirby,i892 

1103) Zekelita (Ravalita) Lodl & Mayerl,i997 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Ravalita Lodl & May •erl, 1997 

1104) Zekelita (Rhynchodontodes) W.Warren, 1913 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Rhynchodontodes 

1105) Zekelita (s.str.) Walker, 1863 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Zekelita Walker, 1863 

1106) Zekelita Walker,i863 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Zekelita Walker, 1863 

1107) Zethes Rambur,i833 (Noctuidae) Synonym(s): Zethes Rambur,i833 

1108) Cerura Schrank,l802 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Cerura Schrank,i8o2; Andria Hilbner ,1822; 
Pania Dalman,i823; Dicranura Boisduval,i828 nee Reichenbach,i8i7; Apocerura De Lattin, Becker & Bender, 1974 

1109) Clostera Samouelle,i8i9 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Clostera Samouelle,i8i9; Ichtyura 
Hilbner, [1819]; Melalopha Hubner ,1822; Tholoda Gistl,i848; Neoclostera Kiriakoff,i963 

1110) Dicranura Reichenbach,l8l7 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Dicranura Reichenbach,i8i7; Exaereta 
Hubner, [1820]. 

1111) Drymonia Hiibner,[l8l9] (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Drymonia Hubner, [1819]; Ochrostigma 
Hubner, [1819]; Chaonia Stephens, 1828; Drynobia Duponchel,[i845]. 

1112) Furcula Lamarck,l8l6 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Furcula Lamarck,i8i6; Harpyias Hilbner,[i8i9] 

1113) Harpyia Ochsenheimer,i8io (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Harpyia Ochsenheimer,i8io; Hoplitis 
Hubner, [1819] nee Klug,i807; Damatoides Matsumura,i927; Hybocampa Lederer,i853. 

1114) Neoharpyia Daniel, 1938 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Neoharpyia Daniel,i938 

1115) Notodonta Ochsenheimer,i8io (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Notodonta Ochsenheimer,i8io; 
Notodon Meigen,i830; Mimodonta Matsumura,i920; Microdontella Strand,i934; Triophia Kiriakoff,i967; 
Eligmodonta Kiriakoff,i967 

1116) Paradrymonia Kiriakoff,i967 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Paradrymonia Kiriakoff,i967 

1117) Peridea Stephens, 1828 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Peridea Stephens,i828; Mesodonta 
Matsumura,i920 nee Baly,i86s; Fusadonta Matsumura,i920 

1118) Phalera Hubner,[l8l9] (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Phalera Hubner, [1819]; Acrosema 
Meigen,i830; Hammatophora Westwood,i843; Dinara Walker,i8s6; Horishachia Matsumura,i925; 
Phaleromimus Bryk,i950 

1119) Pheosia Hubner, [1819] (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Pheosia Hubner, [1819]; Leiocampa 
Stephens,i828; Liocampa Agassiz,i847 

1120) Pterostoma Germar,i8i2 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Pterostoma Germar,i8i2; Euchila 
Billberg,i820; Orthorinia Boisduval,[i828]; Ptilodontis Stephens, 1828; Odonptera Latreille,i829; Orthorhina 
Meigen,i830; Orthorhinia Agassiz,i847. 

1121) Ptilodon Hubner, 1822 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): #Ptilodon Hubner,i8o6; Ptilodon Hubner,i822; 
Lophopteryx Stephens, 1828 

1122) Ptilodontella Kiriakoff,i967 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Ptilodontella Kiriakoff,i967 

1123) Rhegmatophila Standfuss,i888 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Rhegmatophila Standfuss,i888 

1124) Spatalia Hubner, [1819] (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Spatalia Hubner, [1819]; Heterodonta 
Duponchel,[i845]; Spataliodes Matsumura,i924; Stenospatalia Matsumura,i924 

1125) Stauropus Germar,i8i2 (Notodontidae) Synonym(s): Stauropus Germar,i8i2; Terasion 
Hubner, [1819]; Neostauropus Kiriakof/,1967 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1126) Agonopterix Hiibner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Agonopterix Hubner,[i825] 

1127) Alabonia Hiibner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Alabonia Hiibner,[i825]; Enicostoma 
Stephens, i82g; Henicostoma Agassiz,i847 

1128) Anchinia Hiibner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Anchinia Hilbner,[i825]; Palpula 
Kollar,i832; Fugia Duponchel,[i846] 

1129) Batia Stephens, 1834 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Batia Stephens, 1834 

1130) BorkhauseniaHubner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Borkhausenia Hiibner,[i82s] 

1131) Cacochroa Heinemann,i870 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Cacochroa Heinemann,i870 

1132) Carcina Hiibner, [1825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Carcina Hiibner,[i825] 

H33) Cephalispheira Bruand,i850 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Cephalispheira Bruand.,1850 

1134) Crossotocera Zerny,i930 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Crossotocera Zerny,ig30 

1135) Denisia Hiibner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Denisia Hiibner,[i825] 

1136) Depressaria Haworth,[i8n] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Depressaria Haworth,[i8ii]; Piesta 
Billberg,i820; Volucrum Berthold.,1827; #Depressia Staudinger,i87g; Schistodepressaria Spuler,igio 

1137) Diurnea Haworth,l8ll (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Diurnea Haworth,i8ii; Enyphantes 
Hiibner,i822; Chimabache Hiibner,[i825]; Cheimophila Hiibner, [1825]; Lemnatophila Treitschke,i832; 
Xenomicta Meyrick,igi4 

1138) Endrosis Hiibner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym (s): Endrosis Hiibner, [1825] 

1139) Epicallima Dyar,[l903] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Callima Clemens,i86o nee Herrich- 
Schaff.,[i858]; Epicallima Dyar,[igo3]; Dafa Hodges,ig74; Hannemanniana Vives Moreno,ig86; Subcallima 
L'vovsky & Arutjunova,igg2. 

1140) Eratophyes Diakonoff,i975 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Eratophyes Diakonoff,ig75 

1141) EsperiaHiibner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Esperia Hiibner,[i825] 

1142) Exaeretia Stainton,i849 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Exaeretia Stainton,i84g 

1143) Fabiola Busck,i9o8 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Fabiola Busck,igo8 

1144) Harpella Schrank,i8o2 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Harpella Schrank,i8o2 

1145) Holoscolia Zeller,i839 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Holoscolia Zeller,i83g 

1146) Horridopalpus Hannemann,i953 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Horridopalpus Hannemann,ig53 

1147) Hypercallia Stephens, 1829 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Hypercallia Stephens,i82g 

1148) Minetia Leraut,i99i (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Minetia Leraut,iggi; Athopeutis Kocak,igg3. 

1149) Oecophora (Oecophoreola) Lvovsky,i995 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Oecophoreola 

1150) Oecophora (s.str.) Latreille,i796 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Oecophora Latreille,i7g6 

1151) Oecophora Latreille, 1796 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Oecophora Latreille,i7g6 

1152) Pleurota Hiibner,[i825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Pleurota Hiibner,[i825]; Eupleuris 
Hiibner, [1825]; Macrochila Stephens,i82g; Palpula Treitschke,i833 nee Koll.,1832; Acropogona Sodoffsky ,1837 

H53) Protasis Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Protasis Herrich-Schdffer, [1853] 

1154) Pseudatemelia Rebel, 1910 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Pseudatemelia Rebel,igio 

1155) Schiffermuelleria Hiibner, [1825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Schiffermuelleria Hiibner,[i825]; 
Disqueia Spuler,igio 

1156) Semioscopis Hiibner,[l825] (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Semioscopis Hiibner, [1825]; Epigraphia 

1157) Telechrysis Toll, 1956 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Telechrysis Toll,igs6 

1158) Tubuliferola Strand,i9i7 (Oecophoridae) Synonym(s): Tubulifera Spuler,igw nee Zopf,i88s; 
Tubuliferola Strand,igi7 

1159) Opostega Zeller,i839 (Opostegidae) Synonym(s): OpostegaZeller,i83g 

1160) Pseudopostega Kozlov,i985 (Opostegidae) Synonym(s): Pseudopostega Kozlov,ig8s 

1161) Archon Hiibner,l822 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Archon Hiibner,i822; Dorarchon Rothschild,igi8. 

1162) Iphiclides Hiibner, [1819] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Iphiclides Hiibner,[i8ig]; Podalirius 
Swainson,[i833] nee Latreille,i8o2. 

1163) Papilio (s.str. (Alexanoria)) Kocak & Kemal,2002 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Alexanoria 
Koqak & Kemal,2002 

1164) Papilio (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Papilio Linnaeus, 1758; Amaryssus 
Dalman,i8i6; Aernauta Berge,i842. 

1165) Papilio Linnaeus, 1758 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Papilio Linnaeus, 1758; Amaryssus Dalman,i8i6; 
Aernauta Berge,i842. 

1166) Parnassius (Driopa) Korshunov,i988 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Driopa Korshunov,ig88; 
Erythrodriopa Korshunov,ig88; Adoritis Kocak,ig8g; Eversmanniodriopa Korb,2005 

1167) Parnassius (s.str.) Schneider,i785 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Parnassius Schneider, 178 5; 
Parnassius Latreille, 180 4; Doritis Fabricius,i807; Parnassis Hiibner,[i8ig]; Therius Billberg,i820; Tadumia 
Moore,igo2; Kailasius Moore,igo2; Koramius Moore,igo2; Lingamius Bryk,ig35; Eukoramius Bryk,ig35; 
Sachaia Korshunov,ig88; Quinhaicus Korshunov,ig88; Krezbergius Korshunov,ig88 

1168) Parnassius Schneider,l785 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Parnassius Schneider, 178 5; Parnassius 
Latreille,i8o4; Doritis Fabricius,i807; Parnassis Hiibner,[i8ig]; Therius Billberg,i820; Tadumia Moore,igo2; 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

Kailasius Moore, 1902; Koramius Moore,igo2; Lingamius Bryk,ig35; Eukoramius Bryk,ig35; Sachaia 
Korshunov,ig88; Quinhaicus Korshunov,ig88; Krezbergius Korshunov,ig88 

1169) Princeps (s.str.) Hiibner,[i8o7] (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Princeps Hiibner,[i8o7] 

1170) Zerynthia (Allancastria) Bryk,i934 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Allancastria Bryk,igs4 

1171) Zerynthia (s.str.) Ochsenheimer,i8i6 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Thais Fabricius,i8o7 nee 
Rdding,i7g8; Zerynthia Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Eugraphis Billberg,i820; 

1172) Zerynthia Ochsenheimer, 1816 (Papilionidae) Synonym(s): Thais Fabricius, 1807 nee R6ding,i7g8; 
Zerynthia Ochsenheimer, 1816; Eugraphis Billberg,i820; 

1173) Anthocharis Boisduval, Rambur, Dumeril & Graslin,i833 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): 
Anthocharis Boisduval, Rambur, Dumeril & Graslin,i833 

1174) Aporia (s.str.) Hiibner,[i8i9] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Aporia Hiibner, [1819]; Leuconea 

1175) Aporia Hiibner, [1819] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Aporia Hiibner, [i8ig]; Leuconea Donzel,i837. 

1176) Belenois Hiibner, [1819] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Belenois Hiibner, [1819]; Anaphaeis Hiibner,[i8ig]; 
Pseudohuphina Stoneham,ig40; Pseudonaphaeis Bernardi,ig53 

1177) Catopsilia Hiibner,[l8l9] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Catopsilia Hiibner, [1819]; Murtia Hiibner, [181 9] 

1178) Colias (Eriocolias) Watson, 1895 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Eriocolias Watson,i8gs 

1179) Colias (Neocolias) Berger,i986 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Neocolias Berger,ig86 

1180) Colias (s.str.) Fabricius, 1807 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Colias Fabricius,i8o7; Eurymus 
Horsfield,i82g; Coliastes Hemming, ig3i; Protocolias Petersen,ig63; Mesocolias Petersen,ig63 

1181) Colias Fabricius, 1807 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Colias Fabricius,i8o7; Eurymus Horsfield,i82g; 
Coliastes Hemming, ig3i; Protocolias Peter sen,i963; Mesocolias Petersen,ig63 

1182) Colotis (Teracolus) Swainson, [1833] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Teracolus Swainson,[i833] 

1183) Colotis Hiibner, [1819] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Colotis Hiibner, [i8ig]; Aphrodite Hiibner,[i8ig]; 
Idmais Boisduval,i836; Callosune Doubleday,i847; Anthopsyche Wallengren,i857; Ptychopteryx 
Wallengren,i857; Thespia Wallengren,i8s8; Calicharis Oberthiir,i876; Madais Swinhoe,igog. 

1184) Euchloe (Elphinstonia) Klots,i930 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Elphinstonia Klots,ig30 

1185) Euchloe (s.str.) Hiibner, [1819] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Euchloe Hiibner, [i8ig]; Phyllocharis 
Schatz,[i886] nee Dalman,i824 

1186) Euchloe Hiibner,[l8l9] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Euchloe Hubner,[i8ig]; Phyllocharis Schatz,[i886] 
nee Dalman,i824 

1187) Gonepteryx (Isogonepteryx) Nekrutenko,i968 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Isogonepteryx 

1188) Gonepteryx (s.str.) [Leach], [1815] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Gonepteryx [Leach], [1815]; Rhodocera 
Boisduval & Leconte,[i830]; Earina Speyer,i83g; Eugonepteryx Nekrutenko,ig68. 

1189) Gonepteryx [Leach], [1815] (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Gonepteryx [Leach], [1815]; Rhodocera Boisduval 
& Leconte,[i830]; Earina Speyer,i83g; Eugonepteryx Nekrutenko,ig68. 

1190) Leptidea Billberg,l820 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Leptidea Billberg,i82o; Leucophasia Stephens,i827 

1191) Pieris (Artogeia) Verity,i947 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Artogeia Verity,ig47 

1192) Pieris (s.str.) Schrank,l8oi (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Pieris Schrank,i8oi; Ganoris Dalman,i8i6; 
Andropodum Hiibner,i822 

1193) Pieris Schrank,l8oi (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Pieris Schrank,i8oi; Ganoris Dalman,i8i6; Andropodum 
Hiibner, 1822 

1194) Pontia Fabricius, 1807 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Pontia Fabricius, 1807; Synchloe Hiibner,i8i8; 
Mancipium Stephens, 1827; Parapieris Niceville,i8g7; Leucochloe R6ber,ig07; Pontieuchloia Verity, ig2g. 

1195) Zegris Boisduval, 1836 (Pieridae) Synonym(s): Zegris Boisduval,i836; Zegris Rambur, [1837]. 

1196) Lampronia Stephens, 1829 (Prodoxidae) Synonym(s): Lampronia Stephens,i82g 

1197) Acanthopsyche Heylaerts,i88i (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Acanthopsyche Heylaerts,i88i 

1198) Apterona Milliere,l857 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Apterona Milliere,i857; Cochliotheca 
Rambur,i866; Cochlophanes Staudinger,i87i; Cochlophora Siebold,i87i. 

1199) Bankesia Tutt,i899 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Bankesia Tutt,i8gg 

1200) Bijugis Heylaerts,i88i (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Bijugis Heylaerts,i88i 

1201) Bruandia Tutt,l900 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): BruandiaTutt,igoo;AnaproutiaLewin,ig4g 

1202) Canephora Hiibner, 1822 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Canephora Hiibner,i822; Pachytelia 
Westwood,i848; Lepidopsyche Newman,i850; Oiketicoides Heylaerts,i88i; Oiceticoides Kirby,i882; 
Eurukuttarus Hampson,i8gi; #Amictoides Gerasimov,ig37; Amictoides Bourgogne,ig4g nee Bezzi,igog; 
Paramictoides Koqak,ig8o. 

1203) Dahlica Enderlein,i9i2 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Dahlica Enderlein,igi2 

1204) Diplodoma Zeller,i852 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Diplodoma Zeller,i852 

1205) Dissoctena Staudinger,i859 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Dissoctena Staudinger,i8sg 

1206) Eochorica Rebel, 1940 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Eochorica Rebel,ig40 

1207) Eosolenobia Filipjev,i924 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Eosolenobia Filipjev,ig24 

1208) Epichnopterix Hiibner, [1825] (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Epichnopterix Hiibner,[i825] 

1209) Eumasia Chretien, 1904 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Eumasia Chretien,igo4; Kruegeria Miiller- 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1210) Megalophanes Heylaerts,i88i (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Megalophanes Heylaerts,i88i 

1211) Penestoglossa Rogenhofer,i875 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Psilothrix Wocke,i8yi nee Kilster,i850; 
Penestoglossa Rogenhofer,i875; Dyselpistis Meyrick,ig38 

1212) Phalacropterix Hiibner,[i825] (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Phalacropterix Hubner,[i825]; 
Phalacropteryx Agassiz,i847; Arctus Rambur,i866 nee haan,i849; Stenophanes Heylaerts,i88i 

1213) Psyche Schrank,l802 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Psyche Schrank,i802; Fumaria Haworth,i8ii; Fumea 
Haworth,i8i2; Saccofera Sodoffsky,i837; Saccofora Sodoffsky,i837; Saccophora Agassiz,i847 nee Brandt,i837; 
Masonia Tutt,igoo; #Massonia Siedler,i975. 

1214) Ptilocephala (Deuterohyalina) Dalla Torre, 1920 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Deuterohyalina 
Dalla Torre, 1920 

1215) Ptilocephala (s.str.) Rambur,i866 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Ptilocephala Rambur,i866; 
Pyropsyche Chapman,i903 

1216) Ptilocephala Rambur,l866 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Ptilocephala Rambur,i866; Pyropsyche 

1217) Rebelia Heylaerts,l900 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Rebelia Heylaerts,igoo; Leucanacantha 
Kozhantischikov,i956; Micropsychia Gomez-Bustillo,i979 nee Agassiz,i847; Micropsychinia Gomez-Bustillo,i979 

1218) Reisseronia Siedler,i956 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Reisseronia Siedler,i9s6 

1219) Taleporia Hubner,[l825] (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Taleporia Hiibner,[i825]; Cochleophasia 
Curtis,i834; Solenobia Duponchel,[i843]; Cochliophasia Agassiz,i847; Talaeporia Agassiz,i847 

1220) Typhonia Boisduval,l834 (Psychidae) Synonym(s): Typhonia Boisduval,i834; Melasma 

1221) Pterolonche (Gomezbustillus) Vives Moreno, 1986 (Pterolonchidae) Synonym(s): 
Gomezbustillus Vives Moreno, 1986 

1222) Pterolonche (s.str.) Zeller,i847 (Pterolonchidae) Synonym(s): Pterolonche Zeller, 1847 

1223) Pterolonche Zeller,i847 (Pterolonchidae) Synonym(s): Pterolonche Zeller, 1847 

1224) Adaina Tutt,i905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Adaina Tutt,i905 

1225) Agdistis Hiibner,[l825] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Agdistis Hiibner,[i825]; Adactylus 
Curtis,i833; Adactyla Zeller, 1841. 

1226) Amblyptilia Hiibner,[i825] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Amblyptilia Hilbner,[i825]; Amblyptilus 

1227) Buszkoiana Kocak,l98l (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Richardia Buszko,i978 nee Robineau- 
Desvoidy,i830; Buszkoiana Kocak,i98i; #Buzkoina Gielis,i9g6 

1228) Calyciphora Kasy,i96o (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): CalyciphoraKasy,ig6o 

1229) Capperia Tutt,l905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Capperia Tutt,i905; Anacapperia Bigot & 

1230) Cnaemidophorus Wallengren,i859 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Cnaemidophorus 

1231) Crombrugghia Tutt,i9o6 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Crombrugghia Tutt,i9o6 

1232) Emmelina Tutt,i905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Emmelina Tutt,i905 

1233) Geina Tutt,i907 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Geina Tutt,i907 

1234) Gypsochares Meyrick,i890 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Gypsochares Meyrick,i89o; Sibiretta 

1235) Hellinsia Tutt,l905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Hellinsia Tutt,i905; Leioptilus Wallengren,i862 nee 
Gray, i860; Lioptilus Zeller, 1867 nee Cabanis,i8so; Paulianilus Gibeaux.,1995 

1236) Marasmarcha Meyrick,i886 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Marasmarcha Meyrick,i886 

1237) Merrifieldia Tutt,i905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Merrifieldia Tutt,i905 

1238) Oidaematophorus Wallengren,i862 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Oidaematophorus 
Wallengren,i862; Oedematophorus Zeller,i867; Ovendenia Tutt,i905; Euleioptilus Bigot & Picard,i996; 
Oidaemalus Bigot & Picard,ig96. 

1239) Oxyptilus Zeller, 1841 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Oxyptilus Zeller, 1841 

1240) Paracapperia Bigot & Picard,i986 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Paracapperia Bigot & 

1241) Paraplatyptilia Bigot & Picard,i986 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Mariana Tutt,i907 nee 
Locard,i889; Paraplatyptilia Bigot & Picard,i986. 

1242) Platyptilia Hiibner,[i825] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Platyptilia Hiibner,[i825]; Platyptilus 
Zeller,i84i; Gillmeria Tutt,i905; Fredericina Tutt,i905. 

1243) Porrittia Tutt,i905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Porrittia Tutt,igo5 

1244) Procapperia Adamczewski, 1951 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Procapperia Adamczewski,i95i 

1245) Pselnophorus Wallengren,i88i (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Pselnophorus Wallengren,i88i; 
Crasimetis Meyrick,i890. 

1246) Pterophorus Schaffer,i766 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Pterophorus Schaffer,i766; Pterophora 
Hubner,i822; Aciptilia Hubner,[i825]; Aciptilus Zeller, 1841; Acoptilia Agassiz,i847. 

1247) Stangeia Tutt,i9o6 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Stangeia Tutt,i9o6 

1248) Stenoptilia Hiibner,[i825] (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Stenoptilia Hiibner,[i825]; 
Mimaeseoptilus Wallengren,i862; Mimeseoptilus Zeller, 1867; Doxosteres Meyrick,i886; Adkinia Tutt,i905. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1249) Stenoptilodes Zimmermann,i958 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Stenoptilodes Zimmermann,ig58 

1250) Tabulaephorus Arenberger,i993 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Tabulaephorus Arenberger,igg3 

1251) Wheeleria Tutt,i905 (Pterophoridae) Synonym(s): Wheeleria Tutt,igos 

1252) Acentria Stephens, 1829 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Setina Hiibner,[i8ig] (praeocc); Acentria 
Stephens, i82g; Acentropus Curtis,i834; 

1253) Achroia Hubner,[l8l9] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Achroia Hiibner, [i8ig]; Meliphora Guenee,i845; 
Achroea Agassiz,i847; Vobrix Walker, 1864. 

1254) Achyra Guenee,l849 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Achyra Guenee,i84g; Dosara Walker,i8sg; Eurycreon 
Lederer, 1863; Tritaea Meyrick,i884- 

1255) Acrobasis Zeller,l839 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Acrobasis Zeller,i83g; Mineola Hulst,i8go; Seneca 
Hulst,i8go; Numonia Ragonot,i8g3; Acrocaula Hulst,igoo; Catacrobasis Gozmany,ig58. 

1256) Actenia Guenee,l854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Actenia Guenee,i854; Libora Ragonot,i8gi 

1257) Aeglotis Amsel,i949 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Aeglotis Amsel,ig4g 

1258) Aeschremon Lederer,i863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Aeschremon Lederer,i863 

1259) Aglossa Latreille,[l796] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Aglossa Latreille,[iyg6]; Euclita Hiibner, [1825]; 
Agriope Ragonot,i8g4 

1260) Agriphila Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Agriphila Hiibner, [1825]; Agrophila Agassiz,i847 
nee Bsd., 1840 

1261) Agriphiloides Bleszynki,i965 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Agriphiloides Bleszynki,ig6s 

1262) Agrotera Schrank,l802 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Agrotera Schrank,i8o2; Tetracona Meyrick,i884; 
Sagariphora Meyrick,i8g4 

1263) Alisa Ganev & Hacker, 1984 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Alisa Ganev & Hacker, ig84 

1264) Alophia Ragonot,l893 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Alophia Ragonot,i8g3; #Alophila Arenberger & 

1265) Amaurophanes Lederer,i863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Amaurophanes Lederer,i863 

1266) Anania (Eurrhypara) Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eurrhypara Hiibner,[i825] 

1267) Anania (Opsibotys) W.Warren, 1890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Opsibotys W.Warren,i8go 

1268) Anania (Perinephela) Hiibner,[i825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Perinephela Hilbner,[i825]; 
#Perinephele Hiibner,[i826]; #Perinephila Hampson,i8g7 

1269) Anania (Phlyctaenia) Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Phlyctaenia Hiibner,[i825] 

1270) Anania (s.str.) Hiibner,[l823] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anania Hiibner, [1823]; Perinephela 
Hiibner, [1825]; Phlyctaenia Hiibner, [1825]; Ennychia Treitschke,i828; Ebulea Doubleday,i84g; Algedonia 
Lederer ,1863; Crypsiptya Meyrick,i8g4; Udonomeiga Mutuura,ig54; Trichovalva Amsel,ig56; Pronomis Munroe 
& Mutuura,ig68; Coclebotys Munroe & Mutuura,ig6g; Tenerobotys Munroe & Mutuura,igyi; Mutuuraia 
Munroe,igy6; Nealgedonia Munroe,igy6 

1271) Anania Hiibner, [1823] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anania Hiibner, [1823]; Perinephela Hiibner, [1825]; 
Phlyctaenia Hiibner, [1825]; Ennychia Treitschke,i828; Ebulea Doubleday,i84g; Algedonia Lederer, 1863; 
Crypsiptya Meyrick,i8g4; Udonomeiga Mutuura,ig54; Trichovalva Amsel,igs6; Pronomis Munroe & 
Mutuura,ig68; Coclebotys Munroe & Mutuura,ig6g; Tenerobotys Munroe & Mutuura,igyi; Mutuuraia 
Munroe,igy6; Nealgedonia Munroe,igy6 

1272) Anarpia Chapman, 1912 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anarpia Chapman,igi2 

1273) Ancylodes Ragonot,i887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ancylodes Ragonot,i887 

1274) Ancylolomia Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ancylolomia Hiibner, [1825]; Jartheza 
Walker, 1863; Ctenus Mabille,igo6 nee Walken.,1805; Pseudoctenella Strand,igoy, Tollia Amsel,ig4g nee 
Pavlov, igi4- 

1275) Ancylosis (Cabotia) Ragonot,i888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cabotia Ragonot,i888; Canarsia 
Hulst,i8go; Hulstia Hampson,igoi; Encystia Hampson,igoi; Harnocha Dyar,igi4; Canarsiana Strand,ig20. 

1276) Ancylosis (Heterographis) Ragonot,i885 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Heterographis Ragonot,i88s; 
Mona Hulst,i888; AcornigerulaAmsel,ig35 

1277) Ancylosis (s.str.) Zeller,l839 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ancylosis Zeller,i83g; Heterographia 
Ragonot,i8go; Hypogryphia Ragonot,i8go. 

1278) Anerastia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anerastia Hiibner, [1825]; Prinanerastia 

1279) Angustalius Marion, 1954 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Angustalius Marion,igs4; Crambopsis De 
Lattin,ig52 nee Walk., 1865; Bleszynskia De Lattin,ig6i 

1280) Anthophilopsis Ragonot,i89i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anthophilopsis Ragonot,i8gi 

1281) Antigastra Lederer, 1863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Antigastra Lederer ,1863 

1282) Aphomia Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Aphomia Hiibner, [1825]; Ilithyia Berthold,i82y; 
Melia Curtis,i828; Melissoblaptes Zeller,i83g; Aphomoea Agassiz,i847 

1283) Apomyelois Heinrich,l956 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Apomyelois Heinrich,ig56; Ectomyelois 
Heinrich,ig56; Spectrobates sensu Roesler,ig6s 

1284) Aporodes Guenee,i854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Aporodes Guenee,i854 

1285) Arimania Amsel,i953 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Arimania Amsel,igs3 

1286) Arsissa Ragonot,l893 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Arsissa Ragonot,i8g3; Myeloisiphana Hartig,ig3y; 
Palloria Amsel,ig6i; Farsia Amsel,ig6i; Anjumania Amsel,igyo. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1287) Asalebria (Exophora) Roesler,i988 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Exophora Roesler,ig88 

1288) Asalebria (s.str.) Amsel,l953 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Asalebria Amsel,i953; Praesalebria 
Amsel,i954; Postsalebria Amsel,i955. 

1289) Asalebria Amsel,l953 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Asalebria Amsel,i953; Praesalebria Amsel,i954; 
Postsalebria Amsel,i955. 

1290) Asarta Zeller,l848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Chionea Guenee,i845 nee Dalm.,1816; Asarta Zeller,i848. 

1291) Assara Walker, 1863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Assara Walker, 1863; Cateremna Meyrick,i882. 

1292) Atralata Sylven,l947 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ennychia Lederer,i863 nee Treitsch.,1828; #Ennichia 
Duponchel,i834; Atralata Sylven,i947 

1293) Bazaria Ragonot,l887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Bazaria Ragonot,i887; Anorista Rebel,igi4; Culcita 
Amsel,i959; Culcitaria Amsel,igyo; Vixsinusia Amsel,i9yo. 

1294) Bradyrrhoa Zeller,l848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Bradyrrhoa Zeller,i848; #Bradyrhaea 

1295) Cadra Walker, 1864 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cadra Walker,i864; Xenephestia Gozmany,i958. 

1296) Calamotropha Zeller,l863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Calamotropha Zeller ,1863; Myeza Walker, 1863; 
Aurelianus Bleszynski,i962 nee Dist.,1902 

1297) Cataclysta Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cataclysta Hilbner,[i825]; Cryptocosma 
Lederer,i863; Eugauria Snellen,i90i; Chalcoelopsis Dyar,i9i4 

1298) Cataonia Ragonot,i89i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cataonia Ragonot,i89i 

1299) Catastia Hiibner,[i825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Catastia Hilbner, [1825] 

1300) Catharia Lederer,i863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Catharia Lederer,i863 

1301) Catoptria Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Catoptria Hiibner,[i825]; Exoria Hilbner,[i825]. 

1302) Chilo Zincken,l8l7 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Chilo Zincken,i8i7; Chilona Sodoffsky,i837; Borer 
Guenee,i854; Diphryx Grote,i88i; Nephalia Turner,i9ii; Hypiesta Hampson,i9i9; Silveria Dyar,i925 

1303) Chrysocrambus Bleszynski, 1957 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Chrysocrambus Bleszynski,i957 

1304) Chrysoteuchia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Chrysoteuchia Hiibner,[i825]; Amphibolia 

1305) Conobathra Meyrick,l886 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Conobathra Meyrick,i886; Mahela 
Ragonot,i888; Cyphita Roesler,i97i. 

1306) Corcyra Ragonot,l885 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Corcyra Ragonot,i88s; Tineopsis Dyar,i9i3 nee 

1307) Cornifrons Lederer,i858 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cornifrons Lederer, 1858 

1308) Crambus Fabricius,l798 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Crambus Fabricius,i798; Palparia 
Haworth,[i8ii]; Tetrachila Hubner,i822; Argyroteuchia Hiibner,[i825]; Arequipa Walker, 1863. 

1309) Cryptoblabes Zeller,l848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cryptoblabes Zeller,i848; Albinia Briosi,[i877] 
nee Robineau-Desvoidy,i830 

1310) Cybalomia Lederer,l863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cybalomia Lederer,i863; #Cybolomia 
Ragonot,i887; Capparidia Dumont,i93i 

1311) Cynaeda Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cynaeda Hilbner, [1825]; Odontia Duponchel,i832 

1312) Diasemia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Diasemia Hubner,[i825]; Prodelia 
Doubleday,[i849]; Goniogramma Mann,i854 

1313) Diasemiopsis Munroe,l957 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Diasemiopsis Munroe,i957; #Diasemopsis 

1314) DioryctriaZeller,i846 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Dioryctria Zeller,i846 

1315) Dolicharthria Stephens, 1834 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Dolicharthria Stephens,i834; Dolycharthria 
Stephens, 1850; Stenia Guenee,i854 

1316) Donacaula Meyrick,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Donacaula Meyrick,i890 

1317) Duponchelia Zeller, 1847 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): DuponcheliaZeller,i847 

1318) Ecbatania Amsel,l96l (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ecbatania Amsel,ig6i; Rhinogradentia Amsel,i970. 

1319) Eccopisa Zeller, 1848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eccopisa Zeller ,1848 

1320) Ecpyrrhorrhoe Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ecpyrrhorrhoe Hilbner, [1825]; 
Harpadispar Agenjo,i952; Pyraustegia Marion,i963. 

1321) Elegia Ragonot,l887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Elegia Ragonot,i887; Ichorarchis Meyrick,i937. 

1322) Elophila Hiibner,l822 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Elophila Hiibner,i822; Hydrocampus Berthold,i827; 
Hydrocampa Stephens, 1829; Hydrocampe Latreille,i829; Cyrtogramme Yoshiyasu,i98s 

1323) Ematheudes Zeller, 1867 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ematheudes Zeller,i867; Proavitheudes 

1324) Emmalocera Ragonot,i888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ampycophora Meyrick,i882 nee Wahlb.,1847; 
Emmalocera Ragonot,i888; Lodiana Ragonot,i888; Poujadia Ragonot,i888; Baroda Ragonot,i888 nee 
Stoliczka,i870; Pectinigeria Ragonot,i888; Ambala Ragonot,i888; Socora Ragonot,i888; Papua Ragonot,i890; 
Critonia Ragonot,i89i; Enosima Ragonot,i90i; Singhaliella Strand,i920 

1325) Endotricha Zeller, 1847 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Endotricha Zeller,i847; Doththa Walker,i859; 
Messatis Walker,i859; Pacoria Walker,i866; Zania Walker,i866; Tricomia Walker,i866; Rhisina Walker,i866; 
#Paconia Walker,i866; Endotrichodes Ragonot,i89i; Endotrichopsis W.Warren, 1895; #Rhisinia Whalley,ig6i 

1326) Epactoctena Meyrick,i937 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Epactoctena Meyrick,i937 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1327) Ephelis Lederer,i863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ephelis Lederer,i863 

1328) Ephestia (Anagasta) Heinrich,i956 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anagasta Heinrich,i9s6 

1329) Ephestia (s.str.) Guenee,l845 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ephestia Guenee,i845; Hyphantidium 

1330) Ephestia Guenee,l845 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ephestia Guenee,i845; Hyphantidium Scott,i859. 

1331) Epidauria Hampson,i90i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Epidauria Hampson,igoi 

1332) Epiepischnia Amsel,i953 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Epiepischnia Amsel,i9S3 
!333) Epimetasia Ragonot,i894 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Epimetasia Ragonot,i8g4 

1334) Epischnia Hiibner,[i825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Epischnia Hiibner,[i825] 

1335) Episcythrastis Meyrick,i937 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Episcythrastis Meyrick.,1937; Myelopsis 

1336) Etiella Zeller,l839 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Etiella Zeller,i839; Rhamphodes Guenee,i845; Mella 
Walker,i859; Modiana Walker, 1863; Alata Walker,i863 nee Linck,i783; Arucha Walker, 1863; Ceratamma 
Butler, 1881. 

!337) Eucampyla Meyrick,l882 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eucampyla Meyrick,i882; Patagonia 

1338) Eucarphia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eucarphia Hubner,[i825]; Argyrodes 
Guenee,i845; Argyrohabda Hampson,i926. 

1339) Euchromius Guenee,l845 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eromene Hubner,[i825] nee Hiibn.,[i82i]; 
Euchromius Guenee,i845; OmmatopteryxKirby,i897; Pseudoancylolomia Ahmad, Zaidi & Kamaluddin,i982. 

1340) Euclasta (s.str.) Lederer, 1855 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Euclasta Lederer, 1855; Ilurgia Walker,i859 

1341) Euclasta Lederer, 1855 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Euclasta Lederer, 1855; Ilurgia Walker, 1859 

1342) Eudonia Billberg,l820 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eudonia Billberg,i82o; Boiea Zetterstedt,[i839]; 
Witlesia Chapman,i9i2; #Eudoria Marion, 1959; Toulgoetodes Leraut,i988 

1343) Eurhodope (Eurhobasis) Roesler,i988 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eurhobasis Roesler,i988 

1344) Eurhodope (s.str.) Hubner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eurhodope Hiibner,[i825]; Semnia 
Guenee,i845 nee Hilbn.,[i823]; Kyra Gozmany,i958 

1345) Eurhodope Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eurhodope Hubner,[i825]; Semnia 
Guenee,i845 nee Hilbn.,[i823]; Kyra Gozmany,i9s8 

1346) Eurrhypis Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Eurrhypis Hilbner,[i82s]; Threnodes 

1347) Euzophera (Cymbalorissa) Gozmany,i958 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Cymbalorissa 

1348) Euzophera (s.str.) Zeller,l867 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Stenoptycha Heinemann,i865 nee 
Agas.,1862; Melia Heinemann,i865 nee Risso,i8i3; Euzophera Zeller,i867; Pistogenes Meyrick,i937; Ahwazia 
Amsel,i949; Longignathia Roesler,i96s 

1349) Euzophera Zeller,l867 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Stenoptycha Heinemann,i86s nee Agas.,1862; Melia 
Heinemann,i865 nee Risso,i8i3; Euzophera Zeller,i867; Pistogenes Meyrick,i937; Ahwazia Amsel,i949; 
Longignathia Roesler,i965 

1350) Euzopherodes Hampson,l899 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Euzopherodes Hampson,i899; Lydia 
Rebel,i90i nee Gistl,i848; Lydia Hampson,i90i nee Gistl,i848; Phloeophaga Chretien,i9io; Radiestra 
Hampson,i927; Neononia Hampson,i930; Symphestia Hampson,i930; Trigonopyralis Amsel,i935; Nyctigenes 
Meyrick,i937 Epilydia Amsel,i954; Delattinia Roesler,i96s; Infinita Whalley ,1970 . 

1351) Evergestis Hiibner,[i825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Evergestis Hubner, [1825] 

1352) Faveria Walker,l859 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Faveria Walker,i859; Oligochroa Ragonot,i888; 
Pristarthria Ragonot,i893; Sclerobia Ragonot,i893 

!353) Friedlanderia Agnew,i987 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): #Chiloides Amsel,i949; Chiloides 

Bleszynski,i963 nee Butl.,1881; Friedlanderia Agnew, 1987 
!354) Galleria Fabricius,l798 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Galleria Fabricius,i798; #Adeona Rafinesque,i8i5; 

Cerioclepta Sodojf sky, 1837; Vindana Walker, 1866. 
!355) Glaucocharis Meyrick,l938 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ditomoptera Hampson,i893 nee Germ. ,1839; 

Glaucocharis Meyrick,i938; Pareromene Osthelder,i94i; Pagmania Amsel,i96i 
1356) Gymnancyla (Spermatophthora) Lederer, 1852 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Spermatophthora 

Lederer, 1852 
!357) Gymnancyla (s.str.) Zeller,l848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Gymnancyla Zeller,i848; Nefertitita 

1358) Gymnancyla Zeller,l848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Gymnancyla Zeller,i848; Nefertitita 

!359) Hannemanneia Roesler,i967 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hannemanneia Roesler,i967 

1360) Heliothela Guenee,l854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Heliothela Guenee,i854; Orosana Walker,i863; 
Nyctarcha Meyrick,i884 

1361) Hellula Guenee,l854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): #Oeobia Hiibner,[i825] (rejected name by ICZN,i959 
Opinion 536); Hellula Guenee,i854; Phyratocosma Meyrick,i936; Ashwania Pajni & Rose,i977 

1362) Herpetogramma Lederer,i863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Herpetogramma Lederer, 1863; 
Pachyzancla Meyrick,i884; Acharana Moore,[i88s]; Piloptila Swinhoe,i894; Pantoeocome W.Warren,i896; 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

Macrobotys Munroe,igso; Coremataria Amsel,igs6; Culcitaria Amsel,igsy; #Herpitogramma Hutacharern & 

1363) Homoeosoma (Anhomoeosoma) Roesler,i965 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Anhomoeosoma 

1364) Homoeosoma (s.str.) Curtis, 1833 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Homoeosoma Curtis,i833; Phycidea 
Zeller,i83g; Lotria Guenee,i845. 

1365) Homoeosoma Curtis, 1833 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Homoeosoma Curtis,i833; Phycidea Zeller,i83g; 
Lotria Guenee,i845. 

1366) Hydriris Meyrick,l885 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Spanista Lederer,i863 nee Foester,i862; Hydriris 
Meyrick.,1885; Antiercta Amsel,igs6 

1367) Hyperlais Marion, 1959 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hyperlais Marion,igsg 

1368) Hypochalcia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hypochalcia Hiibner,[i825]; Araxes 

1369) Hyporatasa Ragonot,i90i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hyporatasa Ragonot,igoi 

1370) Hypotia Zeller,l847 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hypotia Zeller,i84y; Dattinia Ragonot,i887; Constantia 
Ragonot,i887 nee Adams, i860; Mnesixena Meyrick,i8go; Baniura Ragonot,i8gi; Palura Ragonot,i8gi nee 
Wlk.,1861; Macroctenia Hampson,igoo; Boursinella Amsel,ig53; Gomezmenoria Agenjo,ig66 

1371) Hypsopygia Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hypsopygia Hiibner,[i825] 

1372) Hypsotropa Zeller,l848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Hypsotropa Zeller,i848; #Hypsotropha 
Snellen,i88o; Seleucia Ragonot,i88y; Tiarra Ragonot,i888; Lymira Ragonot,i888; Ambala Ragonot,i888; 
Socora Ragonot,i888; Talamba Ragonot,i888; Hypsotropha Hampson,i8g6 

!373) Isauria Ragonot,l887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Isauria Ragonot,i887; Adelosemia Ragonot,i887; 
Melitene Ragonot,i888; Divona Ragonot,i8g3; Pseudomegasis Chretien,ig3i. 

1374) Keradere Whalley,i970 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Keradere Whalley,ig70 

1375) Khorassania Amsel,l95l (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Brephia Heinemann,i86s nee Hilbn.,1822; 
Khorassania Amsel,igsi; Abrephia Amsel,ig53 

1376) Lambaesia Rebel, 1903 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Lambaesia Rebel,igo3; Monotonia Amsel,ig55 

1377) Lamoria Walker, 1863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Lamoria Walker, 1863; Maraclea Walker, 1863; 
Hornigia Ragonot,i88s; Tugela Ragonot,i888. 

1378) Lepidogma Meyrick,l890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Lepidogma Meyrick,i8go; Precopia 
Ragonot,i8gi; Asopina Christoph,i8g3 

1379) Leptarchis Meyrick,i937 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Leptarchis Meyrick,ig37 

1380) Loxostege Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Loxostege Hiibner, [1825]; Leimonia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Margaritia Stephens,i827; Boreophila Guenee,i845; Limonia Agassiz,i847; Cosmocreon 
W.Warren, i8g2; Maroa Barnes & McDunnough,igi4; Polingia Barnes & McDunnough,igi4; Parasitochroa 
Hannemann,i g64 

1381) Mardinia Amsel,i952 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Mardinia Amsel,igs2 

1382) Margaretania Amsel,i96i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Margaretania Amsel,ig6i 

1383) Mecyna Doubleday,[i849] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): MecynaDoubleday,[i84g] 

1384) Megasis Guenee,l845 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Megasis Guenee,i845; Tsaraphycis Viette,ig70. 

1385) Merulempista Roesler,i967 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Merulempista Roesler,ig67 

1386) Mesocrambus Bleszynski,i957 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Mesocrambus Bleszynski,ig57 

1387) Metacrambus Bleszynski,i957 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Metacrambus Bleszynski,igs7 

1388) Metaeuchromius Bleszynski,i96o (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Metaeuchromius Bleszynski,ig6o 

1389) Metallosticha Rebel, 1901 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Metallosticha Rebel,igoi; Ametallosticha 

1390) Metallostichodes Roesler,i967 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Metallostichodes Roesler,ig67 

1391) Metasia (Clasperia) Hartig,i952 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Clasperia Hartig,igs2. 

1392) Metasia (s.str.) Guenee,i854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Metasia Guenee,i854 

1393) Metasia Guenee,i854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Metasia Guenee,i854 

1394) Metaxmeste Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Metaxmeste Hilbner,[i825]; Hercyna 

1395) Microstega Meyrick,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Microstega Meyrick,i8go 

1396) Mimudea W.Warren, 1892 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Mimudea W.Warren,i8g2; Eudaimonisma 
Lucas,ig02; Otiophora Turner,igo8; Emphylica Turner,igi3 

1397) Myelois (Gnathogutta) Roesler,i988 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Gnathogutta Roesler,ig88 

1398) Myelois (s.str.) Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Myelois Hiibner,[i825]; Lispe 
Treitschke,i832; Myelophila Treitschke,i835 

1399) Myelois Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Myelois Hiibner,[i825]; Lispe Treitschke,i832; 
Myelophila Treitschke,i835 

1400) Myrlaea Ragonot,i887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Myrlaea Ragonot,i887 

1401) Nascia Curtis, 1835 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nascia Curtis,i835 

1402) Neocrambus Bleszynski, 1957 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Neocrambus Bleszynski,igs7 

1403) Nephopterix Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nephopterix Hilbner,[i825]; #Nephopteryx 
Zeller,i83g; Alispa Zeller,i848; Denticera Amsel,ig6i; Clasperopsis Roesler,ig6g; Paranephopterix Roesler,ig6g. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1404) Noctuelia Guenee,l854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Noctuelia Guenee,i854; Noctuaelia Wocke,i87i 

1405) Nomophila Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nomophila Hiibner,[i825]; Stenopteryx 
Guenee,[i845] nec Meigen.,1830; Macronomeutis Meyrick,i936 

1406) Nyctegretis Zeller,l848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nyctegretis Zeller,i848; Trichorachia 
Hampson,i930; Synallorema Gozmany ,1958. 

1407) Nymphula Schrank,i8o2 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nymphula Schrank.,1802 

1408) Oncocera Stephens, 1829 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Oncocera Stephens,i829; Pollichia Roesler,i98o 

1409) Ortholepis Ragonot,l887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ortholepis Ragonot,i887; Metriostola 

1410) Orthopygia Ragonot,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Orthopygia Ragonot,i890 

1411) Ostrinia Hubner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ostrinia Hubner ,[1825]; Micractis W.Warren,i892; 
Eupolemarcha Meyrick.,1937; Zeaphagus Agenjo,i952. 

1412) Oxybia Rebel, 1901 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Oxybia Rebel,i90i 

1413) Palmitia Ragonot,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Palmitia Ragonot,i890 

1414) Palpita Hiibner,[l8o8] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Palpita Hiibner,[i8o8]; Hapalia Hiibner,i8i8; 
Conchia Hubner, [1821]; Margaronia Hubner, [1825]; Paradosis Zeller,i852; Margarodes Guenee,i854 nee 
Guilding,i829; Sarothronota Lederer ,1863; Sebunta Walker,i863; Ledereria Marschall,i873; Sylora 
Swinhoe,i900; Hvidodes Swinhoe,i900; Apyrausta Amsel,i95i 

1415) Panstegia Hubner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym (s): Panstegia Hubner, [1825] 

1416) Paracorsia Marion, 1959 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Paracorsia Marion,i959 

1417) Paralaodamia Balinsky,i994 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Par alaodamia Balinsky, 1994 

1418) Paralipsa Butler, 1879 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Paralipsa Butler, 1879; Paralispa Spuler,i9io 

1419) Paramaxillaria Inoue,l955 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Maxillaria Staudinger,i88o nee Gistel,i848; 
Paramaxillaria Inoue,i9S5- 

1420) Paranephopterix Roesler,i969 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Par anephopterix Roesler, 1969 

1421) Parapoynx Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Parapoynx Hubner, [1825]; #Paraponyx 
Guenee,i854; Eustales Clemens,i86o nee Schonherr,i826; Sironia Clemens,i86o nee Hiibn.,[i823]; Nymphaeella 
Grote,i88o; Hydreuretis Meyrick,i885; Microdracon W.Warren,i890; Cosmophylla Turner, 1905. 

1422) Paratalanta Meyrick,l867 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Paratalanta Meyrick,i867; Microstega 

1423) Pediasia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pediasia Hubner, [1825]; Carvanca Walker, 1856. 

1424) Pempelia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pempelia Hubner, [1825]; Rhodophaea 
Guenee,i845; Salebria Zeller,i846; Neurotomia Chretien,i9ii; Hoeneia Caradja,i938. 

1425) Pempeliella Caradja,l9l6 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pempeliella Caradja,i9i6; Pseudosyria 

1426) Phlyctaenomorpha Amsel,i970 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Phlyctaenomorpha Amsel,i970 

1427) Phycita Curtis, 1828 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Phycis Fabricius,i798 nee Walbaum.,1792; Phycita 
Curtis,i828; Ceratium Thienemann,i828 nee Schrank,i793; Gyra Gistel,i848 

1428) Phycitodes Hampson,l9l7 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Phycitodes Hampson,i9i7; Rotruda 

1429) Pima Hulst,i888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pima Hulst,i888 

1430) Pleuroptya Meyrick,l890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Nagia Walker,[i866] nee Wlk.,1858; Pleuroptya 
Meyrick,i890; Loxoscia W.Warren,i890; Nagiella Munroe,i976 

1431) Plodia Guenee,i845 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Plodia Guenee,i845 

1432) Polyocha Zeller,i848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Poly ochaZeller, 1848 

!433) Praeepischnia Amsel,i953 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): PraeepischniaAmsel,i953 

1434) Prionapteryx Stephens, 1834 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Prionapteryx Stephens,i834; Prionopteryx 

Zeller,i863; Surattha Walker,i863; Pindicitora Walker,i863; Nuarace Walker, 1863; Calarina Walker,i866; 

Hypotomorpha Rebel,i892; Platytesia Strand,i9i9; Alloea Turner,i947 nee Haliday,i833; #Naurace 

Bleszynski,i 962 
!435) Pristocerella Kiefer,i909 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pristocera Ragonot,i893 nec Klug,i8o8; 

Pristocerella Kiefer,i909; #Prisocera Osthelder,i935; #Pristocerelia Whalley,970. 

1436) Proceratia Hampson,l90l (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Proceratia Hampson,i90i; Epischidia 

1437) Prochoristis Meyrick,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Prochoristis Meyrick,i890 

1438) Prophtasia Ragonot,i887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Prophtasia Ragonot,i887 

1439) Prorophora (Aproceratia) Amsel,i950 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Epischidia Ragonot,i90i nec 
Rbl.,1901; Aproceratia Amsel,i950. 

1440) Prorophora Ragonot,l887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Prorophora Ragonot,i887 

1441) Psammotis Hubner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym (s): Psammotis Hubner, [1825] 

1442) Psorosa Zeller,l846 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Psorosa Zeller,i846; Ectyposa Joannis,i929 

1443) Psorosodes Amsel,i953 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Psorosodes Amsel,i953 

1444) Pterothrixidia Amsel,i953 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pterothrixidia Amsel,i953 

1445) Pyla Grote,i882 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyla Grote,i882 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1446) Pyralis Linnaeus, 1758 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyralis Linnaeus, 175 8; Spyrella Rafinesque,i8i5; 
Asopia Treitschke,i828; Sacatia Walker, 1863 

1447) Pyrasia Martin, 1987 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyrasia Martin,ig87 

1448) Pyrausta (Haematia) Hiibner,i8i8 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Haematia Hiibner,i8i8 

1449) Pyrausta (s.str.) Schrank,l802 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyrausta Schrank,i8o2 [Apr.]; Botys 
Latreille,i8o2 [Nov.]; Pyraustes Billberg,i820; Botis Swainson,i82i; Heliaca Hiibner,i822; Tholeria 
Hiibner,[i823]; Porphyritis Hiibner,[i825]; Leimonia Hubner,[i82s]; Perilypa Hiibner,[i825]; Osterophena 
Sodojf sky, 1837; Rhodaria Guenee,i854; Limonia Agassiz,i847; Herbula Guenee,i854; Synchromia Guenee,i854; 
Cindaphia Lederer ,1863; Sciorista W.Warren, 1890; Autocosmia W.Warren,i8g2; Rattana Pajni & Rose,i979. 

1450) Pyrausta Schrank,l802 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyrausta Schrank,i8o2 [Apr.]; Botys Latreille,i8o2 
[Nov.]; Pyraustes Billberg,i820; Botis Swainson,i82i; Heliaca Hiibner,i822; Tholeria Hiibner,[i823]; Porphyritis 
Hiibner,[i825]; Leimonia Hubner,[i825]; Perilypa Hilbner,[i825]; Osterophena Sodoff sky, 1837; Rhodaria 
Guenee,i854; Limonia Agassiz,i847; Herbula Guenee,i854; Synchromia Guenee,i854; Cindaphia Lederer,i863; 
Sciorista W.Warren, 1890; Autocosmia W.Warren,i8<)2; Rattana Pajni & Rose,i979. 

1451) Pyraustimorpha Kocak & Seven, 1995 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Pyraustimorpha Kocak & 

1452) Raphimetopus Hampson,i9i8 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Raphimetopus Hampson,i9i8 

1453) Reskovitsia Szent-Ivany,i942 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Reskovitsia Szent-Ivany,i942 

1454) Saluria Ragonot,l887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Saluria Ragonot,i887; Baroda Ragonot,i888 

1455) Schoenobius Duponchel,l836 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Schoenobius Duponchel,i836; Erioproctus 

1456) Sciota (Clasperopsis) Roesler,i969 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Clasperopsis Roesler,i969 

1457) Sciota (s.str.) Hulst,i888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Sciota Hulst,i888 

1458) Scirpophaga Treitschke,l832 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Scirpophaga Treitschke,i832; Schoenophaga 
Duponchel,i836; Spartophaga Duponchel,i836; Schoinophaga Sodoff sky, 1837; Schoenophaga Agassiz,i847 nee 
Dup.,1836; Apurima Walker, 1863; Tryporyza Common, i960. 

1459) Sclerocona Meyrick,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Sclerocona Meyrick,i890 

1460) Scoparia Haworth,[l8ll] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Scoparia Haworth,[i8n]; Eudorea Curtis,i827; 
Scopea Haworth,i828; Cholius Guenee,i845; Phegea Gistl,i848; Tetraprosopus Butler,i882; Xeroscopa 
Meyrick,i884; Eudoria Chapman,i9i2 

1461) Scotomera Butler, 1882 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Scotomera Butler,i882 

1462) Sefidia Amsel, 1950 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Sefidia Amsel,i950 

1463) Selagia Hiibner, [1825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Selagia Hubner, [1825] 

1464) Serrulacera Amsel, 1955 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): SerrulaceraAmsel,i9ss 

1465) Sitochroa Hiibner,[i825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Sitochroa Hiibner,[i825] 

1466) Spoladea Guenee,l854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Spoladea Guenee,i854; Hymenia auct. 

1467) Staudingeria (s.str.) Ragonot,i887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Staudingeria Ragonot,i887; 
Cornigerula Amsel, 1 935. 

1468) Staudingeria Ragonot,l887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Staudingeria Ragonot,i887; Cornigerula 

1469) Stemmatophora Guenee,l854 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Stemmatophora Guenee,i854; Maradana 
Moore,[i884]; Koremalepis Hampson,i89i. 

1470) Stiphrometasia Zerny,i9i4 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Stiphrometasia Zerny,i9i4 

1471) Sultania Kocak,i987 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Sultania Kocak,i987 

1472) Susia Ragonot,l888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Susia Ragonot,i888; Anephopteryx Amsel,i955. 

1473) Synaphe Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Synaphe Hubner, [1825]; Cledeobia Stephens, 1829; 
Mitopoda Mann,i854. 

1474) Synclera Lederer,l863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Syncler a Lederer, 1863; #SyncletaM6schler,i886 

1475) Synoria Ragonot,i888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Synoria Ragonot,i888 

1476) Syrianarpia Leraut,i982 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Syrianarpia Leraut,i982 

1477) Talis Guenee,l845 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Talis Guenee,i845; Prosmixis Zeller,i846; Araxates 

1478) Tegostoma Zeller,i847 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Tegostoma Zeller,i847 

1479) Therapne Ragonot,i890 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Therapne Ragonot,i890 

1480) Thisanotia Hiibner,[i825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Thisanotia Hubner, [1825] 

1481) Thopeutis Hiibner,l8l8 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Thopeutis Hubner,i8i8; Cephis Ragonot,i892; 
Stenochilo Hampson,i896; Hombergia De Joannis,i9W. 

1482) Thospia Ragonot,i888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Thospia Ragonot,i888 

1483) Thyridiphora W.Warren, 1888 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Thyridiphora W.Warren,i888; 
#Thyridophora Hampson,i896 

1484) Titanio Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Titanio Hubner, [1825]; Noctuomorpha Guenee,i854 

1485) Trachycera Ragonot,l893 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Trachycera Ragonot,i893; Styphlorachis 
Hampson,i930; Hylopylora Meyrick,i933; Rhodophaeopsis Amsel,i950; Aurana sensu Leraut,i979; Gaana sensu 
Roesler,i98i; Numonia sensu Roesler,i985 

i486) Tragonitis Zeller,i848 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Tragonitis Zeller,i848 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1487) Tretopteryx Ragonot,i89i (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Tretopteryx Ragonot,i8gi 

1488) Trigonuncus Amsel,i952 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Trigonuncus Amsel,igs2 

1489) Udea Guenee,[l845] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Udea Guenee,[i845]; Stantira Walker,i863; 
Melanomecyna Butler,i883; Mnesictena Meyrick.,1884; Protocolletis Meyrick,i888; Prototaulacistis 
Meyrick,i899; Notophytis Meyrick,ig32 

1490) Ulotricha Lederer,i863 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Ulotricha Lederer,i863 

1491) Uresiphita Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Uresiphita Hiibner,[i825]; Uresiphoeta 
Agassiz,i847; Mecyna Guenee,i8s4 nee Doubl.,[i849] 

1492) Xanthocrambus Bleszynski,i955 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Xanthocrambus Bleszynski,igs5 

1493) Zitha Walker, [1866] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Zitha Walker, [1866]; Angenora Ragonot,i8gi 

1494) Zophodia Hiibner,[l825] (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Zophodia Hubner, [1825]; Olyca Walker,i857; 
Melitara Walker,i863; Dakruma Grote,i8/8; Megaphycis Grote,i882; Ozamia Ragonot,igoi; Yosemitia 
Ragonot,igoi; Cactobrosis Dyar,igis; Olycella Dyar,ig28; Parolyca Dyar,ig28; Nanaia Heinrich,ig2g 

1495) Zophodiodes Ragonot,i887 (Pyralidae) Synonym(s): Zophodiodes Ragonot,i887 

1496) Hamearis Hiibner,[i8i9] (Riodinidae) Synonym(s): Hamearis Hilbner,[i8ig] 

1497) RoeslerstammiaZeller,i839 (Roeslerstammiidae) Synonym(s): Roeslerstammia Zeller,i83g 

1498) Saturnia (Heraea) Hubner, 1822 (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Heraea Hubner ,1822 

1499) Saturnia (Neoris) Moore, 1862 (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Neoris Moore, 1862 

1500) Saturnia (Perisomena) Walker, 1855 (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Perisomena Walker,i855; 
Typhloteta Rambur,i866 

1501) Saturnia (s.str.) Schrank,l802 (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Saturnia Schrank,i802; Nyctaon 
Billberg,i820; Eriogyna Jordan,igi3 

1502) Saturnia Schrank,l802 (Saturniidae) Synonym(s): Saturnia Schrank,i8o2; Nyctaon Billberg,i82o; 
Eriogyna Jordan,igi3 

1503) Aphantopus Wallengren,i853 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Aphantopus Wallengren,i853 

1504) Arethusana De Lesse,i95i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Arethusana De Lesse,ig5i 

1505) Brintesia Fruhstorfer,i9ii (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Brintesia Fruhstorfer,ign 

1506) Chazara (Neochazara) Kocak,i989 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Philareta Moore,i8g3 nee Mr.,; 
Neochazara Kogak, ig8g 

1507) Chazara (s.str.) Moore, [1893] (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Chazara Moor ^,[1893] 

1508) Chazara Moore, [1893] (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Chazara Moore,[i8g3] 

1509) Coenonympha Hiibner,[l8l9] (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Coenonympha Hubner, [i8ig]; Chortobius 
[Dunning & Pickard],i8sg; Sicca Verity, ig53 

1510) Erebia Dalman,l8l6 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Erebia Dalman,i8i6; Epigea Hubner, i8ig; Phorcis 
Hiibner,i8ig; Syngea Hiibner,i8ig; Marica Hubner, i8ig; Oreina Humphrey & Westwood,i84i nee Chevr.,1835; 
Medusia Verity,ig53; Triariia Verity,ig53; Simplicia Verity,ig53 nee Gn.,1854; Truncaefalcia Verity,ig53; 
Simplospinosia Verity, ig57 

1511) Esperarge Nekrutenko,i988 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Esperia Nekrutenko,ig87 nee Hubn.,11825]; 
Esperella Nekrutenko,ig87 nee Vosmaer,i885; Esperarge Nekrutenko,ig88. 

1512) Hipparchia (Neohipparchia) De Lesse,i95i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Neohipparchia De 

1513) Hipparchia (Parahipparchia) Kudrna,i977 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Parahipparchia 

1514) Hipparchia (Pseudotergumia) Agenjo,i947 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Pseudotergumia 

1515) Hipparchia (s.str.) Fabricius, 1807 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Hipparchia Fabricius, 1807 

1516) Hipparchia Fabricius, 1807 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Hipparchia Fabricius, 1807 

1517) Hyponephele (s.str. (Ereminephele)) Kocak & Kemal,200i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): 
Ereminephele Kogak & Kemal,200i 

1518) Hyponephele (s.str. (Iranonephele)) Kocak & Kemal,200i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): 
Iranonephele Kogak & Kemal,200i 

1519) Hyponephele (s.str. (Tengrinephele)) Kocak & Kemal,200i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): 
Tengrinephele Kocak & Kemal,200i 

1520) Hyponephele (s.str. (Turaninephele)) Kocak & Kemal,200i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): 
Turaninephele Kogak & Kemal,200i 

1521) Hyponephele (s.str.) Muschamp,i9i5 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Hyponephele Muschamp,igi 5 

1522) Hyponephele Muschamp, 1915 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Hyponephele Muschamp,igis 

1523) Idata De Lesse, 1952 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Idata De Lesse,igs2 

1524) Kirinia (Melike) Kocak & Kemal,2002 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Melike Kogak & Kemal,2002 

1525) Kirinia Moore, [1893] (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Kirinia Moore, [i8g3] 

1526) Lasiommata Westwood,i84i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Lasiommata Westwood,i84i 

1527) Maniola (Telmessiola) Kocak & Kemal,2002 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Telmessiola Kogak & 

1528) Maniola (s.str.) Schrank,l8oi (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Maniola Schrank,i8oi; Epinephele 
Hubner, [i8ig]. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1529) Melanargia (Parce) Oberthiir & Houlbert,i922 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Force Oberthiir & 

1530) Melanargia (Turcargia) Kocak & Kemal,2002 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Turcargia Kocak & 

1531) Melanargia (s.str.) Meigen,i828 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Agapetes Billberg,i820 (rejected); 
Melanargia Meigen, 1828; Lachesis Oberthiir & Houlbert,ig22 nee Daudin,i8o3. 

1532) Melanargia Meigen, 1828 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Agapetes Billberg,i820 (rejected); Melanargia 
Meigen,i828; Lachesis Oberthiir & Houlbert,ig22 nee Daudin,i803. 

1533) Minois Hiibner,[i8i9] (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Minois Hiibner,[i8ig] 
!534) Pararge Hiibner,[i8i9] (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Pararge Hiibner,[i8ig] 

!535) Proterebia Roos & Arnscheid,i98o (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Proterebia Roos & Arnscheid,ig8o 

!536) Pseudochazara (Achazara) Kocak,i996 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Achazara Kocak,igg6 

1537) Pseudochazara (s.str.) De Lesse,i95i (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Pseudochazara De Lesse,igsi 

1538) Pseudochazara De Lesse,l95l (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Pseudochazara De Lesse,igsi 

!539) Pyronia Hiibner, [1819] (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Pyronia Hiibner,[i8ig]; Pasiphana De Lesse,igs2. 

1540) Satyrus (Asatyrus) Kocak & Kemal,2002 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Asatyrus Kocak & Kemal,2002 

1541) Satyrus (s.str.(s.str.)) Latreille,i8io (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Satyrus Latreille,i8io 

1542) Satyrus Latreille, 1810 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Satyrus Latreille, 1810 

1543) Triphysa Zeller,i850 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Triphysa Zeller,i8so 

1544) Ypthima Hiibner,i8i8 (Satyridae) Synonym(s): Ypthima Hiibner,i8i8 

!545) Schreckensteinia Hiibner, [1825] (Schreckensteiniidae) Synonym(s): Schreckensteinia 

Hiibner, [1825] 

1546) Bactrianoscythris Passerin d'Entreves & Roggero,2009 (Scythridae) Synonym(s): 
Bactrianoscythris Passerin d'Entreves & Roggero,200g 

1547) Enolmis Duponchel,[l846] (Scythridae) Synonym(s): Enolmis Duponchel,[i846]; Bryophaga 

1548) Scythris Hiibner, [1825] (Scythridae) Synonym(s): Scythris Hiibner,[i825]; Galanthia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Butalis Treitschke,i833 nee Boie,i826; Copida Sodojf sky, 1837 

1549) Bembecia (Ductispina) Capuse,i973 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Ductispina Capuse,ig73 

1550) Bembecia (Pseudosphecia) Capuse,i973 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Pseudosphecia Capuse,ig73 

1551) Bembecia Hiibner, [1819] (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Bembecia Hiibner,[i8ig] 

1552) Chamaesphecia Spuler,i9io (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Chamaesphecia Spuler,igio; Scopulosphecia 

1553) Dipchaspecia Capuse,i973 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Dipchaspecia Capuse,ig73 

1554) Euhagena Edwards, 1881 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Euhagena Edwards,i88i; Larunda Edwards,i88i; 
Gaea Beutenmiiller,i8g6 

1555) Microsphecia Bartel,i9i2 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Microsphecia Bartel,igi2 

1556) Negotinthia Gorbunov,200i (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Negotinthia Gorbunov,20oi 

!557) Osminia Le Cerf,l9l7 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Osminia he Cerfagiy, Signaphora Engelhardt,ig46; 

Sazonia Gorbunov &Arita,200i; Miniosa Gorbunov & Arita,200i 
1558) Paranthrene Hiibner, [1819] (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Paranthrena auct.; Paranthrene 

Hiibner, [i8ig]; Memythrus Newman, 1832; Sciapteron Staudinger,i854; Tarsa Walker,i856; Pseudosesia 

Felder,i86i; Pramila Moore, i8yg; Fatua Edwards, 1882 nee Dej.,1835; Phlogothauma Butler,i882; Sciapterum 

Bartel,igi2; Leptocimbicina Bryk,ig47 
!559) Pennisetia Dehne,l850 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Pennisetia Dehne,i8so; Anthrenoptera 

Swinhoe,i8g2; Lophocnema Turner, lgiy; Diapyra Turner, lgiy, Glossecia Hampson,igig. 

1560) Pyropteron Newman, 1832 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Pyropteron Newman,i832; Pyropterum 

1561) Sesia Fab ricius, 1775 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Sesia Fabricius,i775; Trochilium Scopoli,i777; Aegeria 
Fabricius,i8o7; Sphecia Hiibner, [i8ig]; Setia Meigen,i82g; Trochilia Speyer & Speyer,i8s8 nee Duj.,1841; 
Sphecodoptera Hampson,i8g3; Eusphecia Le Cerf,ig37 

1562) Synansphecia Capuse,i973 (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Synansphecia Capuse,ig73 

1563) Synanthedon Hiibner, [1819] (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Synanthedon Hiibner, [i8ig]; Conopia 
Hiibner, [i8ig]; Pyrhotaeni Grote,i875; Vespamima Beutenmiiller,i8g4; Thamnosphecia Spuler,igio; Sylvora 
Engelhardt,ig46; Tipulia Kralicek & Povolny,ig77 

1564) Tinthia Walker,[l86s] (Sesiidae) Synonym(s): Tinthia Walker, [1865]; Soronia Moore,i877 nee 
Erichson,i843; Zenodoxus auct. 

1565) Acherontia [Laspeyres],l809 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): #Manduca Hiibner, [1806]; Acherontia 
[Laspeyres],i8og; #Atropos Oken,i8i5; Brachyglossa Boisduval,i828; Atropos Agassiz,i846 

1566) Agrius Hiibner,[l8l9] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Agrius Hubner,[i8ig]; Timoria Kaye,igig 

1567) Akbesia Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Akbesia Rothschild & Jordan,igo3 

1568) Clarina Tutt,l903 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Clarina Tutt,igo3; Berutana Rothschild & Jordan,igo3. 

1569) Daphnis Hiibner, [1819] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Daphnis Hiibner,[i8ig]; Regia Tutt,igo3; 

1570) Deilephila Laspeyres,i8o9 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Deilephila Laspeyres,i8og 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1571) Dolbina Staudinger,l887 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Dolbina Staudinger,i887; Dolbinopsis 
Rothschild & Jordan,igo3; Elegodolba Eitschberger & Zolotuhin,iggy. 

1572) Hemaris (Cochrania) Tutt,i902 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Cochrania Tutt,igo2 

!573) Hemaris (Eitschbergera) Kemal & Kocak,2005 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Mandarina 
Eitschberger, Danner & Surholt,igg8 nee Pilsbry,i8g4; Eitschbergera Kemal & Koqak.,2005 

1574) Hemaris (s.str.) Dalman,l8l6 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Hemaris Dalman,i8i6; Hemaria 
Billberg,i820; Haemorrhagia Grote & Robinson.,1865; Chamaesesia Grote,i873; Jilinga Eitschberger, Danner & 
Surholt,igg8 (homonym), Saudersia Eitschberger, Danner & Surholt,igg8 (homonym) 

!575) Hemaris Dalman,l8l6 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Hemaris Dalman,i8i6; Hemaria Billberg,i82o; 
Haemorrhagia Grote & Robinson, 1865; Chamaesesia Grote,i873; Jilinga Eitschberger, Danner & Surholt,igg8 
(homonym), Saudersia Eitschberger, Danner & Surholt,igg8 (homonym) 

1576) Hippotion Hubner,[l8l9] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Hippotion Hiibner,[i8ig]; Panacra 
Walker,i856; Lilina Tutt,igo3 

1577) Hyles Hubner,[l8l9] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Hyles Hiibner,[i8ig]; Thaumas Hiibner,[i8ig]; 
Celerio Agassiz,i846; Turneria Tutt,igo3; Hawaiina Tutt,igo3; Weismannia Tutt,igo4; Danneria Eitschberger & 
Zolotuhin,igg8; Eremohyles Eitschberger & Zolotuhin,igg8; Hipohyles Eitschberger & Zolotuhin,igg8; 
Rommeliana Eitschberger & Zolotuhin,igg8; Surholtia Eitschberger & Zolotuhin,igg8 

1578) Laothoe Fabricius,l807 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): #Amorpha Hiibner, [1806]; Laothoe 

1579) Macroglossum Scopoli,l777 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Macroglossum Scopoli,i777; #Bombylia 
Hiibner, [1806]; Macroglossa Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Psithyros Hiibner,[i8ig]; Bombylia Hiibner,i822; Macroglossa 
Boisduval,i833 (praeocc); Rhamphosschisma Wallengren,i858; Rhopalopsyche Butler, 1875 

1580) Marumba Moore, [1882] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Marumba Moore,[i882]; Burrowsia Tutt,igo2; 
Kayeia Tutt,igo2; Sichia Tutt,igo2. 

1581) Mimas Hiibner, [1819] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Mimas Hiibner,[i8ig] 

1582) Proserpinus Hiibner, [1819] (Sphingidae) Synonym (s): Proserpinus Hiibner, [i8ig] 

1583) Rethera Rothschild & Jordan,i903 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Rethera Rothschild & Jordan,igo3; 
Borshomia Austaut,igos. 

1584) Smerinthus Latreille,[l802] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Smerinthus Latreille,[i8o2]; Dilina 
Dalman,i8i6; Merinthus Meigen,i830; Bebroptera Sod. ,1837; Eusmerinthus Grote,i877; Copismerinthus 
Kirby,i8g2; Bellia Tutt,igo2 (praeoc); Daddia Tutt,igo2; Nicholsonia Tutt,igo2 (praeoc); Bellinca, Niia 

1585) Sphingonaepiopsis Wallengren,i858 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Sphingonaepiopsis 
Wallengren,i858; #Sphingonaepeopsis Tutt,igo4 

1586) Sphinx Linnaeus, 1758 (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Sphinx Linnaeus, 175 8; Spectrum Scopoli,i777; 
Hyloicus Hiibner, [i8ig]; Lethia Hiibner, [i8ig]; Herse Agassiz,i846; Hyloecus Agassiz,i846; Lintheria 
Butler, 1876; Gargantua Kirby,i8g2; Mesosphinx Cocker ell,ig20. 

1587) Theretra Hiibner,[l8l9] (Sphingidae) Synonym(s): Theretra Hiibner, [i8ig]; Oreus Hiibner, [i8ig]; 
Gnathostypsis Wallengren,i8s8; Hathia Moore, [1882]; Fiorina Tutt,igo3. 

1588) Tortilia Chretien, 1908 (Stathmopodidae) Synonym(s): Tortilia Chretien,igo8; Diadoxastis 
Meyrick,igi3; Apertodiscus Amsel,ig35 

1589) Thaumetopoea (s.str.) Hubner,[i82o] (Thaumetopoeidae) Synonym(s): Thaumetopoea 
Hiibner, [1820]; Cnethocampa Stephens, 1828; Helianthocampa De Freina & Witt,ig85 

1590) Thaumetopoea Hiibner, [1820] (Thaumetopoeidae) Synonym(s): Thaumetopoea Hiibner, [1820]; 
Cnethocampa Stephens, 1828; Helianthocampa De Freina & Witt,ig8s 

1591) Achlya Billberg,l820 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Achlya Billberg,i82o; Cymatophora Treitschke,i825 
nee Hiibn.,1812; Daruma Matsumura,ig27 nee Jord. & Starks,igo4; Darumona Strand,ig35; #Achyla auct. 

1592) Asphalia Hiibner, [1821] (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Asphalia Hiibner, [1821]; Scodra 

!593) Cymatophorima Spuler,l9o8 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Pachycera Stephens, 1827 nee Billb., 1820; 
Cymatophorima Spuler,igo8 

1594) Habrosyne Hiibner, [1821] (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Habrosyne Hiibner, [1821]; Gonophora 
Bruand,i845 nee Dejean,i835; Cymatochrocis Houlbert,ig2i; Hannya Matsumura,ig27; Miothyatira 
Matsumura,ig33; Habrosynula Bryk,ig43 

1595) Polyploca Hiibner,[l82l] (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Polyploca Hiibner, [1821]; Parmelina 

1596) Tethea Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Tethea Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Palimpsestis 
Hiibner, [1821]; Bombycia Hiibner,i822; Ceropacha Stephens, i82g; Ceratopacha Stephens,i8so; Saronaga 
Moore,i88i; Eutethia Grote,igo2; Episaronaga Matsumura,ig33 

1597) Thyatira Ochsenheimer,l8l6 (Thyatiridae) Synonym(s): Thyatira Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Strophia 
Ochsenheimer,i8i6; Calleida Sodoffsky,i837 nee Latr.,1824; Thyathira Bruand,i845 

1598) Thyris Laspeyres,l803 (Thyridae) Synonym(s): Thyris Laspeyres,i8o3; Apyralis Hiibner, 1822 

1599) Ateliotum Zeller,i839 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Ateliotum Zeller,i83g 

1600) Cephimallota Bruand,l849 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Cephimallota Bruand,i84g; Anemallota 

1601) Ceratuncus G.Petersen, 1957 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Ceratuncus G.Petersen,igs7 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1602) Crypsithyris Meyrick,i907 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Crypsithyris Meyrick,igo7 

1603) Dryadaula Meyrick,l893 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Cyane Chambers,i873 (praeocc); Dryadaula 
Meyrick,i893; Ditrigonophora Walsingham,i897; Choropleca Durrant,igi4; Opsodoca Meyrick,igig; Diachalastis 
Meyrick,ig20; Thermocrates Meyrick,ig36; Archimeessia Zagulyaev,ig70; Eressoxesta Gozmany & Vari,ig/3; 
Strophalinga Gozmany & Vari,igy3; Reinhardia Satschkov,igg6; Slitereia Satschkov,igg6 

1604) Edosa Walker,l866 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Edosa Walker,i866; Chrysoryctis Meyrick,i886; 
Episcardia Ragonot,i8gs; Bilobatana Zagulyaev,ig75 

1605) Episcardia (Bilobatana) Zagulyaev,iQ75 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Bilobatana Zagulyaev,ig75 

1606) Episcardia (s.str.) Ragonot,i895 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Episcardia Ragonot,i8gs 

1607) Episcardia Ragonot,i895 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Episcardia Ragonot,i8gs 

1608) Eudarcia (Abchagleris) Zagulyaev,i979 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Abchagleris Zagulyaev, ig7g 

1609) Eudarcia (Obesoceras) G.Petersen, 1957 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Obesoceras G. Peter sen, lg 57 

1610) Eudarcia Clemens, 1880 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Eudarcia Clemens,i88o 

1611) Euplocamus Latreille,i8o9 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Euplocamus Latreille,i8og 

1612) Fermocelina Hartig,l950 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Fermocelina Hartig,igso; Subpentagona 
Agenjo,ig52; Praetinea Amsel,ig55. 

1613) Haplotinea Diakonoff & Hinton,i956 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Haplotinea Diakonoff & 

1614) Hapsifera Zeller,l847 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Hapsifera Zeller,i847; Euplocera Ragonot,i8gs; 
Pseudohapsifera Amsel,ig35; Ptochoglyptis Meyrick,ig38 

1615) Infurcitinea Spuler,l9lO (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Infurcitinea Spuler,igio; Omichlospora 
Meyrick,ig28; Tineiforma Amsel,ig52; Atinea Amsel,ig54; Microtinea Amsel,ig54; Gozmanytinea Capuse,ig66; 
Finalis Zagulyaev,ig7g; Atris Zagulyaev,ig7g; Rumelis Zagulyaev,ig7g; Pseudorumelis Satschkov,iggs. 

1616) Lichenotinea G.Petersen, 1957 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Lichenotinea G.Petersen,ig57 

1617) Monopis Hiibner,[i825] (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Monopis Hubner,[i82s] 

1618) Montescardia Amsel,i952 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): MontescardiaAmsel,igs2 

1619) Montetinea G.Petersen, 1957 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Montetinea G.Petersen,igs7 

1620) Morophaga Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Morophaga Herrich- 
Schaffer,[i853]; Atabyria Snellen,i884; #Atabryia Rebel,igoi; Osphretica Meyrick,igo8; Microscardia 

1621) Myrmecozela (Flavida) Zagulyaev,i975 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Flavida Zagulyaev,ig75 

1622) Myrmecozela (Promasia) Chretien, 1905 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Promasia Chretien,igos 

1623) Myrmecozela Zeller, 1852 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecozela Zeller, 1852 

1624) Nemapogon Schrank,l802 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Nemapogon Schrank,i8o2; Brosis Hiibner,i822 
nee Billb.,1820; Diaphthirusa Hubner,[i825J; Petalographis Zagulyaev,ig62; Anemapogon Zagulyaev,ig63; 
Longiductus Zagulyaev,ig64; Paranemapogon Zagulyaev,ig64 

1625) Neurothaumasia Marchand,i934 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Neurothaumasia Marchand,ig34 

1626) Niditinea G.Petersen, 1957 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Niditinea G.Petersen,igs7; Tineidia 

1627) Novotinea Amsel,i938 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Novotinea Amsel,ig38 

1628) Perissomastix (Aphrodoxa) Gozmany,i959 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Aphrodoxa Gozmany,igsg 

1629) Perissomastix (s.str.) W.Warren & Rothshild,i905 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Perissomastix 
W.Warren & Rothshild,igos; Malacyntis Meyrick,igo8; Catabola Durrant,igi3; Boviceras Turati,igig; 
Crassicornella Agenjo,igg2; Praelongicera Amsel,igs6; Tineomorpha Amsel,igs6; Lazocatena Gozmany, ig$g; 
Petersenia Gozmany, ig6o (praeocc); Denticlunicula Petersen, ig88; Betroka Petersen, ig88 (praeocc); 
Neopsolarcha Petersen,ig88; Trokabe Viette,igg3 

1630) Perissomastix W.Warren & Rothshild,l905 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Perissomastix W.Warren & 
Rothshild,igo5; Malacyntis Meyrick,igo8; Catabola Durrant,igi3; Boviceras Turati,igig; Crassicornella 
Agenjo,ig52; Praelongicera Amsel,igs6; Tineomorpha Amsel,ig^6; Lazocatena Gozmany, lg^g; Petersenia 
Gozmany,ig6o (praeocc); Denticlunicula G.Petersen,ig88; Betroka G.Petersen,ig88 (praeocc); G. Neopsolarcha 
Petersen,ig88; Trokabe Viette,igg3 

1631) Praelongicera Amsel, 1956 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Praelongicera Amsel,igs6 

1632) Proterospastis Meyrick,l937 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Proterospastis Meyrick,ig37; Paratinea 

1633) Reisserita Agenjo,i952 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Reisserita Agenjo,igs2 

1634) Rhodobates Ragonot,l895 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Rhodobates Ragonot,i8gs; Paraplutella 
Rebel,igoo; Tineodoxa Amsel,ig55. 

i635) Tinea Linnaeus, 1758 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Tinea Linnaeus,i758; Tinaea Geoffroy ,1762; Tinearia 
Rafinesque,i8i5; Ses Hiibner,i822; Acedes Hiibner,[i825]; Autoses Hiibner,[i825]; Scleroplasta Meyrick,igig; 
Dystinea Borner,ig25; #Monopina Zagulyaev ,ig55; Tineopis Zagulyaev,ig6o; Tineopsis Bradley, ig72 

1636) Tineola Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Tineola Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] 

1637) Triaxomera Zagulyaev,i959 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Triaxomera Zagulyaev, igsg 

1638) Trichophaga Ragonot,i894 (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Trichophaga Ragonot,i8g4 

1639) Wegneria Diakonoff,i95i (Tineidae) Synonym(s): Wegneria Diakonoff \1g51 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1640) Coptotriche Walsingham,i890 (Tischeriidae) Synonym(s): Coptotriche Walsingham,i89o; 
Emmetia Leraut,igg3 

1641) Tischeria Zeller,i839 (Tischeriidae) Synonym(s): Tischeria Zeller,i839 

1642) Acleris Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Peronea Curtis,i824 nee Raf.,1815; Acleris 
Hiibner, [1825]; Lopas Hiibner, [1825]; Rhacodia Hiibner, [1825]; Eclectis Hiibner,[i825]; Teleia Hiibner,[i825]; 
Oxigrapha Hiibner, [1825]; Leptogramma Stephens, 1829; Glyphisia Stephens,i82g; Cheimatophila Stephens, 1829; 
Teras Treitschke,i82g; Phloiophila Duponchel,i834; Phloeophila Duponchel,i835; Glyphiptera Duponchel,i835; 
Chimatophila Agassiz,i847; Glyphidia Agassiz,i847; Oxygrapha Agassiz,i847; Telia Agassiz,i847; Phylacophora 

1643) Aethes Billberg,l820 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Aethes Billberg,i82o; Chlidonia Hiibner, [1825]; 
Phalonia Hiibner, [1825]; Dapsilia Hiibner, [1825]; Lozopera Stephens,i834; Argyridia Stephens,i852; Coecaethes 
Obraztsov ,1943; Cirriaethes Obraztsov,i943. 

1644) Agapeta Hiibner,l822 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Agapeta Hiibner,i822; Agapete Hiibner, [1825]; 
Euxanthis Hiibner,[i825]; Xanthosetia Stephens,i829. 

1645) Aleimma Hiibner,[l825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Aleimma Hiibner,[i825]; Dictyopteryx 
Stephens,i829; AlimmaAgasiz,i847; Gastrolatrix Gistl,i848 

1646) Ancylis Hiibner,[l825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Ancylis Hiibner, [1825]; Epicharis Hubner,[i825] 
nee Klg.,1907; Anchylopera Stephens,i829; Phoxopteris Treitschke,i830; Anticlea Stephens,i834 nee Stph.,1831; 
Philaclea Stephens,i835; Phoxopteryx Sodoffsky ,1837; Sideria Guenee,i845; #Siderea Stainton,i859; Palaeobia 
Meyrick,i88i; Lamyrodes Meyrick,i9io; Ancyloides Diakonof/,1982 nee Kuzn.,1964; Ancylophyes Diakonojf,i988; 
Diakonoffiella Kuznetsov ,1997 

1647) Aphelia (Anaphelia) Razowski,i98i (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Anaphelia Razowski,i98i 

1648) Aphelia (Zelotherses) Lederer,i859 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Zelotherses Lederer,i859 

1649) Aphelia (s.str.) Hiibner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Aphelia Hiibner,[i82s] 

1650) Aphelia Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Aphelia Hilbner, [1825] 

1651) Apotomis Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Apotomis Hilbner, [1825]; Aphania 
Hiibner, [1825]; Limma Hiibner, [1825]; Antithesia Stephens,i829; Apotomus Agassiz,i847 nee III. ,1807; 
Brachytaenia Stephens,i852 

1652) Archips Hiibner, 1822 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Archips Hiibner, 1822; Cacoecia Hiibner, [1825]; 
Archippus Freeman, 1958; Pararchips Kuznetsov, 1970 

1653) Argyrotaenia Stephens, 1852 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Argyrotaenia Stephens,i852; 
Subargyrotaenia Obraztsov, 1961. 

1654) Asketria Falkovitsh,i964 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Asketria Falkovitsh,i964 

1655) Aterpia Guenee,l845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Aterpia Guenee,i845; Esia Heinrich,i926; Leptocera 
Diakonof/,1983 nee Kroeber, 1928 

1656) Bactra (Chiloides) Butler, 1881 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Chiloides Butler, 1881 

1657) Bactra (s.str.) Stephens, 1834 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Bactra Stephens, 1834 

1658) Bactra Stephens, 1834 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Bactra Stephens,i834 

1659) Barbara Heinrich, 1923 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Barbara Heinrich,i923 

1660) Cacoecimorpha Obraztsov,i954 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cacoecimorpha Obraztsov, 1954 

1661) Capricornia Obraztsov, 19 60 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Melodes Guenee,i845 nee Keyserling & 
Blasius,i840; Capricornia Obraztsov, i960 

1662) Celypha Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Euchromia Stephens,i829 nee Hiibn,[i8i9]; 
Celypha Hiibner, [1825]; Syricoris Treitschke,i829; Sericoris Treitschke,i830; Loxoterma Busck,i9o6; Paracelypha 
Obraztsov, i960; Celyphoides Obraztsov, i960 

1663) Ceratoxanthis Razowski, i960 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Ceratoxanthis Razowski,i96o 

1664) Choristoneura Lederer,l859 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Choristoneura Lederer,i859; Cornicacoecia 
Obraztsov, 1954; Hoshinoa Kawabe,i96s 

1665) Cirriphora Obraztsov,i95i (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cirriphora Obraztsov, 1951 

1666) Clavigesta Obraztsov,i946 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Clavigesta Obraztsov, 1946 

1667) Clepsis Guenee,l845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Clepsis Guenee,i845; Smicrotes Clemens, i860; 
Siclobola Diakonof/,1948; Pseudamelia Obratzsov,i954; Clepsodes Diakonof/,1957; Mochlopyga Diakonoff,i964 

1668) Cnephasia (Cnephasiella) Adamczewski,i935 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cnephasiella 

1669) Cnephasia (s.str.) Curtis, 1826 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cnephasia Curtis,i826; Sciaphila 
Treitschke,i829; Hypostephanuntia Real, 1951; Anoplocnephasia Real,i953; Brachycnephasia Real, 1953 

1670) Cnephasia Curtis, 1826 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cnephasia Curtis,i826 

1671) Cochylidia Obraztsov,i956 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cochylidia Obraztsov, 1956 

1672) Cochylimorpha Razowski,i959 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Stenodes Guenee,i845 nee 
Dujard.,[i844]; Cochylimorpha Razowski,i959; Euxanthoides Razowski,i96o; Substenodes Razowski,i96o; 
Eustenodes Razowski,i96o; Bipenisia Razowski,i96o; Bleszynskiella Razowski,i96o;Paraxanthoides 
Raz. , i960 ;Parastenodes Raz., i960 

1673) Cochylis Treitschke,i929 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cochylis Treitschke,i829; Conchylis 
Sodoffsky, 1837; Ponturania Obraztsov, 1943; Acornutia Obraztsov, 1944; Cochylichroa Obraztsov & 
Swatschek,i958; Longicornutia, Neocochylis, Paracochylis, Brevicornutia Razowski,i96o. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1674) Crocidosema Zeller,l847 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Crocidosema Zeller,i847; #Crocidosoma 
Walker, 1863; Heligmocera Walsingham,i892; Parasuleima Clarke,ig6s 

1675) Croesia Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Croesia Hiibner, [1825]; Argyrotoza 
Stephens, i82g; Argyrotoxa Agassiz,i847; Ergasia Issiki & Stringer, 1932 

1676) Cryptocochylis Razowski,i96o (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cryptocochylis Razowski,ig6o 

1677) Cydia Hiibner,[l825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Cydia Hiibner,[i825]; Laspeyresia Hiibner ,[1825] 
nee R.L.,1817; Eucelis Hiibner, [1825]; Erminea Kirby & Spence,i826 nee Hw.,1811; Semasia Stephens,i82g; 
Carpocapsa Treitschke,i82g; Coccyx Treitschke,i82g; Grapholita Treitschke,i82g; Aspila Stephens,i834; Euspila 
Stephens,i834; Ephippiphora Duponchel,i834; Strobila Sodoff sky, 1837 nee Sars,i82g; Carpocampa Harris,i84i; 
Trycheris Guenee,i845; Orchemia Guenee,i845; Opadia Guenee,i845; Endopisa Guenee,i845; Stigmonota 
Guenee,i845; Cerata Stephens, 1852; Coptoloma Lederer,i8sg; Melissopus Riley,i882; Adenoneura 
Walsingham,igo7; Crobylophora Kennel,igo8 nee Meyr.,1880; Kenneliola Paclt,igsi; Pseudotomoides 
Obraztsov,ig68; Danilevskia Kuznetsov,ig70; Dicraniana Diakonoff,ig84. 

1678) Diceratura Djakonov,i929 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Diceratura Djakonov,ig2g 

1679) Dichelia Guenee,l845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Dichelia Guenee,i845; Parasyndemis 
Obraztsov, igs4 

1680) Dichrorampha Guenee,i845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Amaurosetia Stephens,i835 (suppressed, 
ICZN,iggg); Dichrorampha Guenee,i845; Lipoptycha Lederer,i8sg; Balbis Walsingham,i8g7; Dichroramphoides 
Obraztsov, ig53; Lipoptychodes Obraztsov, ig53; Paralipoptycha Obraztsov \1g58 

1681) Ditula Stephens, 1829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Ditula Stephens,i82g; Batodes Guenee,i845 

1682) Eana (Eutrachia) Hubner,i822 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eutrachia Hiibner, 1822; Ablabia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Argyroptera Duponchel,i834 

1683) Eana (s.str.) Billberg,l820 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eana Billberg,i82o; Nephodesme 
Hiibner, [1825] 

1684) Eana Billberg,l820 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eana Billberg, 1820; Nephodesme Hiibner, [1825] 

1685) Enarmonia Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Enarmonia Hiibner, [1825]; #Ernarmonia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Enarmonopsis Kuznetsov,ig6g 

1686) Endothenia Stephens, 1852 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Orthotaenia Stainton,i8sg nee Stt.,i82g; 
Endothenia Stephens, 18 52; Taniva Heinrich,ig26; Tia Heinrich,ig26; Hulda Heinrich,ig26; Alloendothenia 
Oku,ig63; Neothenia Diakonoff,ig73 

1687) Epagoge Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Epagoge Hiibner,[i825]; #Epapoge 
Hiibner, [1825] 

1688) Epiblema Hiibner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Epiblema Hiibner, [1825]; #Epiblemma 
Hiibner, [1825]; Cacochroea Lederer,i8sg; Monosphragis Clemens, i860; Euryptychia Clemens, 1865; #Eurytychia 

1689) Epinotia Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Epinotia Hiibner, [1825]; Astatia Hiibner, [1825]; 
Asthenia Hiibner, [1825]; Evetria Hiibner, [1825]; Panoplia Hiibner, [1825]; Acalla Hiibner, [1825]; Poecilochroma 
Stephens, i82g; Paedisca Treitschke,i830; Steganoptycha Stephens,i834; Paragrapha Sodoffsky,i837; 
Hypermedia Guenee,i845; Phlaeodes Guenee,i845; Pamplusia Guenee,i845; Cartella Stephens,i852; Halonota 
Stephens, 1852; Lithographia Stephens,i852; #Curtella Stainton,i8sg; Proteopteryx Walsingham,i87g; #Epinotis 
Kearfott,igo7; Neurasthenia Pierce & Metcalfe, ig22; Griselda Heinrich,ig23; Hamuligera Obraztsov, ig46 

1690) Eriopsela Guenee,i845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eriopsela Guenee,i845 

1691) Eucosma Hiibner,[l823] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eucosma Hiibner, [1823]; Catoptria Guenee,i845 
nee Hiibner, [1825]; Phaneta Stephens,i852; Calosetia Stainton,i8sg; Pygolopha Lederer,i8sg; Ioplocama 
Clemens, i860; Affa Walker,i863; Exentera Grote,i877; Exenterella Grote,i883; Palpocrinia Kennel,igig; 
Astenodes Kuznetsov,ig66. 

1692) Eudemis Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eudemis Hiibner, [1825]; Thirates 
Treitschke,i82g; Therates Agassiz,i847 nee Latr.,1817 

1693) Eudemopsis Falkovitsh,i962 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eudemopsis Falkovitsh,ig62 

1694) Eugnosta Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eugnosta Hiibner, [1825]; Argyrolepia 
Stephens, i82g; Safra Walker, 1863. 

1695) Eupoecilia Stephens, 1829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Eupoecilia Stephens,i82g; Clysia 
Hiibner, [1825]; Clysiana T.B. Fletcher, lg 41; Arachnoites Diakonoff,ig52. 

1696) Falseuncaria Obraztsov & Swatschek,i958 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Falseuncaria Obraztsov & 

1697) Fulvoclysia Obraztsov,i943 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Fulvoclysia Obraztsov, ig43 

1698) Gravitarmata Obraztsov,i946 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Gravitarmata Obraztsov, ig46 

1699) Gynnidomorpha Turner, 1916 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Gynnidomorpha Turner, igi6; Piercea 

1700) Gypsonoma Meyrick,i895 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Gypsonoma Meyrick,i8gs 

1701) Hedya Hiibner, [1825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Hedya Hiibner, [1825]; Episagma Hiibner, [1825]; 
Pendina Treitschke,i82g; Penthina Treitschke,i830. 

1702) Hysterophora Obraztsov, 1944 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Hysterophora Obraztsov, ig44 

1703) Isotrias Meyrick,i895 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Isotrias Meyrick,i8gs 

1704) Kenneliola Paclt,i95i (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Kenneliola Paclt,igsi 

1705) Lathronympha Meyrick,i936 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Lathronympha Meyrick,ig36 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1706) Lipoptycha Lederer,i859 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Lipoptycha Lederer,i859 

1707) Lobesia (s.str.) Guenee,i845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Lobesia Guenee,i845; Lomaschizodes 

1708) Lobesia Guenee,l845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Lobesia Guenee,i845; Lomaschizodes 

1709) Lobesiodes Diakonoff,i954 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Lobesiodes Diakonojf, 1954 

1710) Lozotaenia Stephens, 1829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Lozotaenia Stephens, 1829 

1711) Lozotaeniodes Obraztsov,i954 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Lozotaeniodes Obraztsov,i954 

1712) Metendothenia Diakonoff,i972 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Metendothenia Diakonoff,i9/2 

1713) Neosphaleroptera Real, 1953 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Neosphaleroptera Real,i953 

1714) Notocelia Hiibner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Notocelia Hiibner,[i825]; Aspis 
Treitschke,i829; Aspidia Duponchel,i835; Pardia Guenee,i845 

1715) Olethreutes (Argyroploce) Hubner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Argyroploce 
Hiibner,[i825]; Phiaris Hiibner,[i825]; Mixodia Guenee,i845; Stictea Guenee,i845; Biscopa Diakonoff,i973 

1716) Olethreutes Hiibner,l822 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Olethreutes Hiibner,i822; Phiaris 
Hiibner,[i825]; Roxana Stephens,i834; Mixodia Guenee,i845; Exartema Clemens, i860; Biscopa Diakonoff,i973 

1717) Olindia Guenee,l845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Olindia Guenee,i845; Anisotaenia Stephens,i852; 
#Olinda Lhomme,i939 

1718) Orthotaenia Stephens, 1829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Orthotaenia Stephens,i829; Badebecia 

1719) Oxypteron Staudinger,l87l (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Oxypteron Staudinger,i8yi; Gynoxypteron 
Speiser,i902; Mauginia Turati,i924; Oporopsamma Gozmany,i954; Psammozesta Gozmany,i954 

1720) Pammene Hiibner,[l825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Palla Billberg,i820 (homonym); Pammene 
Hubner,[i825]; Eucelis Hiibner,[i825]; Hemimene Hubner,[i825]; Pseudotomia Stephens, 1829; Heusimene 
Stephens, 1834; Orchemia Guenee,i845; Pyrodes Guenee,i845; Trycheris Guenee,i845; Halonota Stephens, 1852; 
Hemerosia Stephens,i852; Phthoroblastis Lederer,i859; Sphaeroeca Meyrick,i895; Metasphaeroeca Fernald,i9o8 

1721) Pandemis Hiibner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Pandemis Hubner,[i825] 

1722) Paramesia Stephens, 1829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Paramesia Stephens,i829; Ramapesia 
Razowski,i98i; #Ramapezia Chambon & Khous,i993 

1723) Pelochrista Lederer,l859 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Pelochrista Lederer,i859; Callimosema 
Clemens,i865; Pseudeucosma Obraztsov ,1946; Eucosmoides Obraztsov ,1946. 

1724) Periclepsis Bradley,i977 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Paraclepsis Obraztsov, 1954 (praeocc); 
Periclepsis Bradley, 1977 

1725) Phalonidia Le Marchand,i933 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Phalonidia Le Marchand,i933; 
Brevisociaria Obraztsov, 1943. 

1726) Phaneta Stephens, 1852 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Phaneta Stephens,i852 

1727) Philedone Hiibner,[l825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Philedone Hiibner,[i825]; Amphisa Curtis,i828 

1728) Phtheochroa Stephens, 1829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Phtheochroa Stephens,i829; Trachysmia 
Guenee,i845; Hysterosia Stephens, 18 52; Idiographis Lederer,i859; Propira Durrant,94; Arce Joannis,i9i9; 
Parahysterosia Razowski,i96o; Durrantia Razowski,i96o nee Busck,i9o8. 

1729) Piniphila Falkovitsh.,1962 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Piniphila Falkovitsh,i962 

1730) Prochlidonia Razowski,i96o (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Prochlidonia Razowski,i96o 

1731) Propiromorpha Obraztsov, 1955 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Propiromorpha Obraztsov, 1955 

1732) Pseudamelia Obraztsov,i954 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Pseudamelia Obraztsov, 1954 

!733) Pseudargyrotoza Obraztsov, 1954 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Pseudargyrotoza Obraztsov, 1954 

1734) Pseudeulia Obraztsov,i954 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Pseudeulia Obraztsov, 1954 

!735) Pseudococcyx Swatschek,i958 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): #Pseudococcyx Agenjo,i95s; 

#Subepiblemma Agenjo,i955; Pseudococcyx Swatschek,i958; Blastesthia Obraztsov, i960. 
1736) Pseudosciaphila Obraztsov,i966 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Pseudosciaphila Obraztsov, 1966 
!737) Ptycholoma Stephens, 1929 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Ptycholoma Stephens,i929 

1738) Rhopobota Lederer,l859 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Rhopobota Lederer,i859; Erinaea 
Meyrick,i907; Norma Heinrich,i923; Kundrya Heinrich,i923; Eumarissa Clarke,i976. 

1739) Rhyacionia Hiibner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Rhyacionia Hiibner,[i825] 

1740) Selania Stephens, 1834 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Selania Stephens,i834; Chretienia Obraztsov, 1968 
nee Splr.,1910; Mevlanaia Kocak,i98i 

1741) Siclobola Diakonoff,i947 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Siclobola Diakonoff,i947 

1742) Sparganothis Hiibner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Sparganothis Hiibner,[i825] 

1743) Spilonota Stephens, 1829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Spilonota Stephens,i829; Tmetocera 

1744) Strophedra Herrich-Schaffer,[i854] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Strophosoma Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i853] nee Billb.,1820; Strophedra Herrich-Schqffer,[i854]. 

1745) Syndemis Hiibner,[i825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Syndemis Hubner,[i825] 

1746) Thiodia Hiibner,[l825] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Thiodia Hubner,[i825]; Botropteryx 
Caradja,i9i6; Gypsonomoides Obraztsov, 1946; Foveifera Obraztsov, 1946. 

1747) Tortricodes Guenee,i845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Tortricodes Guenee,i845 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1748) Tortrix Linnaeus, 1758 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Tortrix Linnaeus, 1758; Heterognomon 

1749) Trachysmia Guenee, 1845 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Trachysmia Guenee,i845 

1750) Xerocnephasia Leraut,[i979] (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Xerocnephasia Leraut,[igyg] 

1751) Zeiraphera Treitschke,i829 (Tortricidae) Synonym(s): Zeiraphera Treitschke,i82g; Charlotta 
Forbes, 1923; Sinusia Caradja.,1916 

1752) Acrolepiopsis Gaedike,i970 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Acrolepiopsis Gaedike,i970 

1753) Argyresthia (Blastotere) Ratzeburg,i840 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Blastotere 
Ratzeburg ,1840 

1754) Argyresthia (s.str.) Hiibner,[i825] (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Argyresthia Hiibner,[i825]; 
Argyrosetia Stephens, 1829; Oligos Treitschke,i830; Ederesa Curtis,i833; Ismene Stephens,i834 nee Savigny,i8i6; 
Paraargyresthia Moriuti,i969; # Par argyresthia Kyrki,i984 

1755) Argyresthia Hiibner,[i825] (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Argyresthia Hubner, [1825J; 
Argyrosetia Stephens, 1829; Oligos Treitschke,i830; Ederesa Curtis,i833; Ismene Stephens,i834 nee Savigny,i8i6; 
Paraargyresthia Moriuti,i969; # Par argyresthia Kyrki,i984 

1756) Atemelia Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Atemelia Herrich- 
Schaffer,[i853]; Orinympha Meyrick,i92y 

1757) Digitivalva (Inuliphila) Gaedike,i970 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Inuliphila Gaedike,i9/o 

1758) Digitivalva Gaedike,i970 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Digitivalva Gaedike,i9jo 

1759) Eidophasia Stephens, 1842 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Parasemia Stephens,i84i nee 
Hubn.,[i820]; Eidophasia Stephens,i842; Spania Guenee,i845; Eudophasia Herrich-Schaffer,i853; Hufnagelia 

1760) Kessleria (s.str.) Nowicki,l864 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Kessleria Nowicki,i864; Paradoxus 
Stainton,i869; Hofmannia Wocke,i876; Parahyponomeuta Toll,i94i 

1761) Kessleria Nowicki,l864 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Kessleria Nowicki,i864; Paradoxus 
Stainton,i869; Hofmannia Wocke,i876; Parahyponomeuta Toll,i94i 

1762) Niphonympha Meyrick,i9i4 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Calantica Zeller,i847 nee Gry.,1825; 
Niphonympha Meyrick,i9i4 

1763) Ochsenheimeria Hiibner,[i825] (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Ochsenheimeria Hubner, [1825J; 
Lepidocera Stephens,i829; Phygas Treitschke,i833; Aeria Gistl,i848 nee Hiibn., 1816 

1764) Paraswammerdamia Friese,i96o (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Paraswammerdamia 

1765) Plutella (Anadetia) Hiibner,[i825] (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Anadetia Hubner,[i825] 

1766) Plutella (s.str.) Schrank,i8o2 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Plutella Schrank,i8o2; Euota 
Hubner, [1825]; Creagria Sodofj sky, 1837; Evota Agassiz,i847. 

1767) Prays Hubner, [1825] (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Prays Hubner, [1825] ; Pepilla Guenee, 1845 

1768) Pseudoswammerdamia Friese,i96o (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoswammerdamia 

1769) Rhigognostis Zeller,l857 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Rhigognostis Zeller,i857; Caunaca 
Wallengren,i88o; Eumachaeristis Meyrick,i938; Subeidophasia Moriuti,i977 

1770) Swammerdamia Hubner, [1825] (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Swammerdamia Hubner, [1825] 

1771) Yponomeuta Latreille,i796 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Yponomeuta Latreille,i796 

1772) Ypsolopha Latreille,i796 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Ypsolopha Latreille,i796; Ypsolophus 
Fabricius,i798; Cerostoma Latreille,i8o2; Hypsolopha Billberg,i820; Theristis Hubner, [1825]; Harpipterix 
Hubner, [1825]; Abebaea Hubner, [1825]; Harpipteryx Stephens, 1834; Chaetochilus Stephens,i834; Pteroxia 
Guenee,i845; Hypolepia Guenee,i845; Credemnon Wallengren,i88o; Periclymenobius Wallengren,i88o; 
Trachoma Wallengren,i88o; Pycnopogon Chretien,i922 nee Loew, 1847 

1773) Zelleria Stainton,l849 (Yponomeutidae) Synonym(s): Zelleria Stainton,i849; Eudrymopa 
Lower, 1908 

1774) Adscita (Tarmannita) Efetov,2000 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Tarmannita Efetov,20oo 

1775) Adscita (s.str.) Retzius,i783 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Adscita Retzius,i783; Procris 
Fabricius,i807; Atychia Ochsenheimer,i8o8; Ino Leach,[i8i5]; Bradyptesis Sodofj sky ,1837 

1776) Adscita Retzius,l783 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Adscita Retzius,i783; Procris Fabricius,i8o7; Atychia 
Ochsenheimer,i8o8; Ino Leach,[i8is]; Bradyptesis Sodofj sky ,1837 

1777) Clelea Walker,i854 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Clelea Walker,i854 

1778) Jordanita (Lucasiterna) Alberti,i96i (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Lucasiterna Alberti,i96i 
!779) Jordanita (Praviela) Alberti,i954 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Praviela Alberti,i954 

1780) Jordanita (Rjabovia) Efetov & Tarmann,i995 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Rjabovia Efetov & 

1781) Jordanita (Roccia) Alberti,i954 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Roccia Alberti,ig54 

1782) Jordanita (Tremewania) Efetov & Tarmann,i999 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Tremewania 
Efetov & Tarmann,i999 

1783) Jordanita (s.str.) Verity,i946 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Jordanita Verity, 1946 

1784) Jordanita Verity,i946 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Jordanita Verity, 1946 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1785) Rhagades (Wiegelia) Efetov & Tarmann,i995 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Wiegelia Efetov & 

1786) Rhagades Wallengren, 1863 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Rhagades Wallengren.,1863 

1787) Theresimima Strand, 1917 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Theresia Spuler,igo6 nee Robineau- 
Desvoidy,i830; Theresimima Strand,igiy 

1788) Zygaena (Agrumenia) Hiibner,[i8i9] (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Agrumenia Hiibner,[i8i9]; 
Epizygaena Jordan,igo7; Agrumenoidea Holik,ig37; Coelestina Holik,ig53 

1789) Zygaena (Mesembrynus) Hiibner,[i8i9] (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Mesembrynus 
Hubner,[i8ig]; Heschia Hubner,[i8ig]; Hyala Burgeff,ig26 nee Adams,i852; Santolinophaga Burgeff,ig26; 
Peucedanophila Burgeff,ig26; Coelestis Burgeff,ig26; Yasumatsuia Strand,ig36; #Cirsiphaga Holik,ig53; Libania 
Holik & Sheljuzhko,ig56; Usgenta Holik & Sheljuzhko,igs6; Mesembrynoidea Holik & Sheljuzhko,igs6; Cirsiphaga 

1790) Zygaena (s.str.) Fabricius,l775 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Zygaena Fabricius,i775; Anthrocera 
Scopoli,i777; Euthychia Hiibner,[i8ig]; Anthilaria Hilbner,[i8ig]; Aeacis Hiibner,[i8ig]; Thermophila 
Hubner,[i8ig]; Lycastes Hilbner,[i8ig]; Silvicola Burgeff,ig26; Lictoria Burgeff,ig26; Peristygia Burgeff,ig26; 
Polymorpha Burgeff,ig26 nee Soldani,i7gi; Biezankoia Strand,ig36; Huebneriana Holik & Sheljuzhko,ig57; 
Burgeffia Holik & Sheljuzhko,igs7; Rhaphidozygaena Burgeff,ig75 

1791) Zygaena Fab ricius, 1775 (Zygaenidae) Synonym(s): Zygaena Fabricius,i775; Anthrocera Scopoli,i777; 
Euthychia Hubner,[i8ig]; Anthilaria Hiibner,[i8ig]; Aeacis Hilbner,[i8ig]; Thermophila Hiibner,[i8ig]; Lycastes 
Hubner,[i8ig]; Silvicola Burgeff,ig26; Lictoria Burgeff,ig26; Peristygia Burgeff,ig26; Polymorpha Burgejf,ig26 
nee Soldani,i7gi; Biezankoia Strand,ig36; Huebneriana Holik & Sheljuzhko,ig57; Burgeffia Holik & 
Sheljuzhko,ig57; Rhaphidozygaena Burgeffig75 

Other Pterygot Orders 

1792) Akotropis Matsumura,l9l4 (Achilidae) Synonym(s): Akotropis Matsumura,igi4; Ballonymus 

1793) Cixidia Fieber,l866 (Achilidae) Synonym(s): Helicoptera Amyot & Serville,i843; Cixidia Fieber,i866; 
Epiptera Metcalfig22 

1794) Acrida Linnaeus, 1758 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Acrida Linnaeus,i758; Tryxalis Brulle,i835 

1795) Acrotylus Fieber,i854 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Acrotylus Fieber, 1854 

1796) Aeropedellus Hebard,i935 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Aeropedellus Hebard,ig35 

1797) Aiolopus Fieber,[l853] (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Epacromia Fieber,i853; Aiolopus Fieber, [1853]; 
Aeolopus Kirby,igw; Ailopus Sjostedt,ig2o; Aeoloptilus Bei-Bienko,ig66 

1798) Anacridium Uvarov,l923 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Anacridium Uvarov,ig23; Flamiruizia 
Liebermann,i g43 

1799) Arcyptera (Pararcyptera) Tarbinskii,i930 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Pararcyptera 

1800) Arcyptera Audinet-Serville,i839 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Arcyptera Audinet-Serville,i83g; 
Arcyoptera Agassiz,i846; #Acyptera Smith,i86g 

1801) Asphingoderus Bei-Bienko,i950 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Asphingoderus Bei-Bienko,igso 

1802) Brunnerella Saussure,i888 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Brunnerella Saussure,i888 

1803) Calliptamus Audinet-Serville,i83i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Calliptamus Audinet-Serville,i83i; 
Caloptenus Burmeister,i838 

1804) Celes Saussure,i884 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Celes Saussure,i884 

1805) CharoraSaussure,[i888] (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Charora Saussure,[i888] 

1806) Chorthippus (Glyptobothrus) Chopard,i95i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Glyptobothrus 

1807) Chorthippus (s.str.) Fieber,i852 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): #Chortippus Fischer von 
Waldheim.,1846; Chorthippus Fieber, 1852 

1808) Chrysochraon Fischer, 1853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Chrysochraon Fischer, 1853 

1809) Dasyhippus Uvarov,i930 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Dasyhippus Uvarov,ig30 

1810) Demirsoyus Sirin & Ciplak.,2004 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Demirsoyus Sirin & Ciplak,2004 

1811) Dociostaurus (Kazakia) Bei-Bienko,i933 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Kazakia Bei-Bienko,ig33 

1812) Dociostaurus (Notostaurus) Bei-Bienko,i933 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Notostaurus Bei- 

1813) Dociostaurus (Stauronotulus) Tarbinskii,i940 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Stauronotulus 

1814) Dociostaurus (s.str.) Fieber,l853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Dociostaurus Fieber, 1853; Stauronotus 

1815) Dociostaurus Fieber, 1853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Dociostaurus Fieber,i853; Stauronotus 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1816) Duroniella Bolivar,i9o8 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Duroniella Bolivar, 1908 

1817) Eremippus Uvarov,i926 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Eremippus Uvarov,ig26 

1818) Euthystira Fieber,l872 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Euthystira Fieber,i872; Eogeacris Rehn,ig28 

1819) Eyprepocnemis Fieber,i853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Eyprepocnemis Fieber, 1853 

1820) Gomphocerus Thunberg,l8l5 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Gomphocerus Thunberg,i8is; Aeropus 

1821) Heliopteryx Uvarov,i9i4 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Heliopteryx Uvarov,igi4 

1822) Heteracris Walker,l870 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Heteracris Walker, 1870; Paraeuprepocnemis 
Brunner von Wattenwy 1,1893; Thisoicetrus Brunner von Wattenwyl,i893; Horaeocerus Saussure,i899; Asmara 
Bolivar, 191 4; Bibulus Bolivar, 1914; Thisoicetrinus Uvarov,i92i; Parathisoicetrus Ramme,i929 

1823) Leptopternis Saussure,i884 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Leptopternis Saussure,i884 

1824) Locusta Linnaeus, 1758 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Locusta Linnaeus, 1758 

1825) Mecostethus Fieber,l852 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Mecostethus Fieber,i852; Parapleurus 

1826) Micropodisma Dovnar-Zapolski,i932 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Micropodisma Dovnar- 

1827) Mioscirtus Saussure,i888 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Mioscirtus Saussure,i888; Thiopteris 

1828) Morphacris Walker,i870 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Morphacris Walker, 1870 

1829) Ochrilidia Stal,l873 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Platypterna Fieber, 1853; Ochrilidia Stal,i873; 
Platypternella Salfi.,1928; Platypternopsis Chopard,i947 

1830) Oedaleus Fieber, 1853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Oedaleus Fieber, 1853; Oedalius Sjdstedt,i92o; 
Microgastrimargus Lee & Park,i992 

1831) Oedipoda Latreille,l829 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Oedipoda Latreille,i829; Eusternum 
Wesmael,i838; #Aedipoda Le Guillou,i84i; Ctypohippus Fieber, 1852; Ctyphippus Bolivar, 1878 

1832) Omocestus (s.str.) Bolivar, 1878 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Omocestus Bolivar,i878; Dirshius 

1833) Omocestus Bolivar, 1878 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Omocestus Bolivar, 1878; Dirshius Harz,i975 

1834) Paracaloptenus Bolivar, 1876 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Paracaloptenus Bolivar, 1876 

1835) Paracinema Fischer,i853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Paracinema Fischer,i853 

1836) Pezotettix Burmeister,l840 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Pezotettix Burmeister,i840; Pelecycleis 
Fieber,i853; Pelecyclus Fieber, 1853; Platyphyma Fischer,i853 

1837) Podisma Berthold,l827 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Podisma Berthold,i827; Paraeuprocnemis Brunner 
von Wattenwyl,i893; #Podisme Ebner,i9o8 

1838) Pseudoceles Bolivar, 1899 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Pseudoceles Bolivar, 1899; GrusiaHar 2,1978 

1839) Ptygippus Mistshenko,i95i (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Ptygippus Mistshenko, 19 51 

1840) Pyrgodera Fischer von Waldheim,i846 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Pyrgodera Fischer von 

1841) Ramburiella (Palaeocesa) Kocak & Kemal,20io (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Pallasiella 
Kirby,i9W nee Sars,i895; Palaeocesa Koqak & Kemal,20W 

1842) Ramburiella Bolivar, 1906 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Ramburia Bolivar, 1897 nec Robin.-Desv., 1851; ; 
Stethophyma Bolivar,i897 nec Fisch.,1853; Ramburiella Bolivar,i9o6 

1843) Rammeihippus Woznessenskij,i996 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Microhippus Ramme,i939 nec 
Matschie,i922; Rammeihippus Woznessenskij,i996; #Rameihippus Woznessenskij ,1996 

1844) Rammeihippus Woznessensky,i996 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Microhippus Ramme,i939 nec 
Matschie,i922; Rammeihippus Woznessensky ,1996 

1845) Rammepodisma Weidner,i969 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Rammepodisma Weidner,i969 

1846) Schistocerca Stal,i873 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Schistocerca Stal,i873 

1847) Scintharista Saussure,i884 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Scintharista Saussure,i884; Conistica 
Saussure,i884; Quiroguesia Bolivar,i886 

1848) Sphenophyma Uvarov,i934 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Sphenophyma Uvarov,i934 

1849) Sphingonotus (Sphingoderus) Bei-Bienko,i950 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Sphingoderus Bei- 

1850) Sphingonotus (s.str.) Fieber,l852 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Sphingonotus Fieber, 1852; Wernerella 
Karny,i907; Fortunata Bolivar,i9o8; Pseudosphingonotus Shumakov,i963; Neosphingonotus Benediktov,i997 

1851) Sphingonotus Fieber, 1852 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Sphingonotus Fieber,i852; Wernerella 
Karny,i907; Fortunata Bolivar,i9o8; Pseudosphingonotus Shumakov,i963; Neosphingonotus Benediktov,i997 

1852) Stauroderus Bolivar, 1897 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Stauroderus Bolivar, 1897; Plagiophlebis 

1853) Stethophyma Fischer,l853 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Stethophyma Fischer, 1853; Doranii 
Coding, 1890 

1854) Tropidopola Stal,l873 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Opomala Fieber, 1853; Opsomala Fieber, 1853; 
Tropidopola Stal,i873 

1855) Truxalis Fab ricius, 1775 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Truxalis Fabricius,i775; #Troxalis Marshall,i870; 
Acridella Bolivar,i893; #Tryxalis Scudder,i897 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1856) Xerohippus Uvarov,i942 (Acrididae) Synonym(s): Xerohippus Uvarov,i942 

1857) Astomella Latreille,l809 (Acroceridae) Synonym(s): Astomella Latreille,i8og; Physegaster 

1858) Ogcodes Latreille,l796 (Acroceridae) Synonym(s): Ogcodes Latreille,i7g6; Oncodes Meigen,i822 

1859) Oligoneura Bigot, 1878 (Acroceridae) Synonym(s): Oligoneura Bigot,i878 
i860) Aeshna Fabricius,i775 (Aeshnidae) Synonym(s): Aeshna Fabricius,i775 

1861) Anax Leach, 1815 (Aeshnidae) Synonym(s): Anax Leach,i8i5 

1862) Brachytron Evans, 1845 (Aeshnidae) Synonym(s): Brachytron Evans,i845 

1863) Caliaeschna Selys,i883 (Aeshnidae) Synonym(s): Caliaeschna Selys,i883 

1864) Hemianax Selys,i883 (Aeshnidae) Synonym(s): Hemianax Selys,i883 

1865) Blastophaga Gravenhorst,i829 (Agaonidae) Synonym(s): Blastophagus Gravenhorst,i827; 
Blastophaga Gravenhorst,i82g 

1866) Agromyza Fallen, 1810 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Agromyza Fallen,i8io 

1867) Amauromyza (Cephalomyza) Hendel,i93i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Cephalomyza 

1868) Amauromyza (s.str.) Hendel,i93i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Amauromyza Hendel,ig3i 

1869) Amauromyza Hendel,i93i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Amauromyza Hendel,ig3i 

1870) Aulagromyza Enderlein,i936 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Aulagromyza Enderlein,ig36 

1871) Calycomyza Hendel,i93i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Calycomyza Hendel,ig3i 

1872) Cerodontha (Butomomyza) Nowakovski,i967 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Butomomyza 
Nowakovski,i g67 

1873) Cerodontha (Dizygomyza) Hendel,i920 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Dizygomyza Hendel,ig20 

1874) Cerodontha (Poemyza) Hendel,i93i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Poemyza Hendel,ig3i 

1875) Cerodontha (s.str.) Rondani,i86i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Cerodontha Rondani,i86i 

1876) Cerodontha Rondani,i86i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Cerodontha Rondani,i86i 

1877) Chromatomyia Hardy, 1849 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Chromatomyia Hardy, i84g 

1878) Galiomyza Spencer,i98i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Galiomyza Spencer, ig8i 

1879) Hexomyza Enderlein,i936 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Hexomyza Enderlein,ig36 

1880) Japanagromyza Sasakawa,i958 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Japanagromyza Sasakawa,igs8 

1881) Liriomyza Mik,i894 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Liriomyza Mik,i8g4 

1882) Melanagromyza Hendel,i920 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Melanagromyza Hendel,ig20 

1883) Metopomyza Enderlein,i936 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Metopomyza Enderlein,ig36 

1884) Napomyza Westwood, 1840 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Napomyza Westwood,i840 

1885) Ophiomyia Braschnikov,i897 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Ophiomyia Braschnikov,i8g7 

1886) Phytoliriomyza Hendel,i93i (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Phytoliriomyza Hendel,ig3i 

1887) Phytomyza Fallen, 1810 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Phytomyza Fallen,i8io 

1888) Pseudonapomyza Hendel,i920 (Agromyzidae) Synonym(s): Pseudonapomyza Hendel,ig20 

1889) Alydus Fabricius,i8o3 (Alydidae) Synonym(s): Alydus Fabricius,i8o3 

1890) Camptopus Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Alydidae) Synonym(s): Camptopus Amyot & 

1891) Amorphoscelis Stal,i87i (Amorphoscelidae) Synonym(s): Amorphoscelis Stal,i87i 

1892) Andrena (Brachyandrena) Pittioni,i948 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Brachyandrena 

1893) Andrena (Notandrena) Perez, 1890 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Notandrena Perez,i8go 

1894) Andrena Fabricius,l775 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Andrena Fabricius, 1775; Andraena Cuvier,i8oo; 
Anthocharessa Gistl,i8so 

1895) Camptopoeum (Epimethea) Morawitz,i876 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Epimethea 

1896) Camptopoeum (s.str.) Spinola,i843 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Camptopoeum Spinola,i843 

1897) Camptopoeum Spinola, 1843 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Camptopoeum Spinola,i843 

1898) Melitturga Latreille,l809 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Melitturga Latreille,i8og; #Melliturga 

1899) Panurginus Nylander,i848 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Panurginus Nylander,i848 

1900) Panurgus Panzer, 1806 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Panurgus Panzer, 1806 

1901) Plesiopanurgus (Zizopanurgus) Patiny & Rasmont,i999 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): 
Zizopanurgus Patiny & Rasmont,iggg 

1902) Plesiopanurgus Cameron, 1907 (Andrenidae) Synonym(s): Plesiopanurgus Cameron,igo7 

1903) Endomia Laporte,i840 (Anthicidae) Synonym(s): Endomia Laporte,i840 

1904) Formicomus Ferte-Senectere,i849 (Anthicidae) Synonym(s): Formicomus Ferte-Senectere,i84g 

1905) Hirticomus Pic, 1894 (Anthicidae) Synonym(s): Hirticomus Pic,i8g4 

1906) Microhoria Chevrolat,i877 (Anthicidae) Synonym(s): Microhoria Chevrolat,i877 

1907) Notoxus Geoffroy,i762 (Anthicidae) Synonym(s): Notoxus Geoffroy,i762 

1908) Acompocoris Reuter,i875 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Acompocoris Renter, 1875 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1909) Anthocoris Fallen, 1814 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Anthocoris Fallen,i8i4 

1910) Buchananiella continua (White, 1880) (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): continua White,i88o 

1911) Cardiastethus Fieber,i86o (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Car diastethus Fieber, i860; #Cardiostethus 

1912) Dufouriellus Kirkaldy,i9o6 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Dufouriellus Kirkaldy,igo6 

1913) Dysepicritus Reuter,i885 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Dysepicritus Reuter,i88s 

1914) Elatophilus Reuter,i885 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Elatophilus Reuter,i88s 

1915) Lyctocoris Hahn,i836 (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Lyctocoris Hahn,i836 

1916) Orius Wolff,i8n (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Orius Wolff ,1811 

1917) Temnostethus Fieber, [i860] (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Temnostethus Fieber, [i860]; 
Tmetostethus Marshall,i868; Stethotomus Marshall,i868 

1918) Xylocoris Dufour,i83i (Anthocoridae) Synonym(s): Xylocoris Duf our, 1831; #Xycoloris Duf our, 1833 

1919) Anthomyia Meigen,i8o3 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Anthomyia Meigen.,1803; Anthomya 
Rafinesque,i8i5; Craspedochoeta Macquart,i8si; Chelisia Rondaru.,1856; Hylemyioide Albuquerque, 1949 

1920) Delia R-D.,1830 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Delia R-D.,1830; Eroischia Lioy,i864; Cimbotoma 
Lioy,i864; Gastrolepta Lioy,i864; Crinura Schnabl & Dziedzicki,i9ii; Leptohylemyia Schnabl & Dziedzicld.,1911; 
Chortophilina Karl,i928; Flavena Karl,i928; Tricharia Karl,i928; Atrichodelia Karl,i943; Bisetaria Karl,i943; 
Chaetodelia Karl, 1943; Leucodelia Karl,i943; Monodelia Karl,i943; Subdelia Karl,i943; Trichohylemyia 

1921) Leucophora R-D.,1830 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Leucophora R-D.,1830; Proboscimyia 
Bigot,i883; Neohylemia Malloch,i9i7 

1922) Paradelia Ringdahl,l933 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Paradelia Ringdahl,i933; Pegomyiella 
Ringdahl,i938; #Pseudonupedia Ringdah.1,1959; Pseudonupedia Hennig,i972 

1923) Pegomya R-D.,1830 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Pegomya R-D.,1830; Chlorina R-D.,1830; 
Pegomyia Macquart,i835; Phoraea R-D.,1830; Phyllis R-D.,1830; Zabia R-D.,1830; Carduophila Hendel,i925; 
Chaetopegomya Ringdahl,i938; Petrmyia Albuquerque, 1954 

1924) Phorbia R-D.,1830 (Anthomyiidae) Synonym(s): Phorbia R-D.,1830; Chortophila Macquart,i835 

1925) Anagnota Becker, 1902 (Anthomyzidae) Synonym(s): Anagnota Becker ,1902 

1926) Fungomyza Rohacek,i999 (Anthomyzidae) Synonym(s): Fungomyza Rohacek,ig99 

1927) Anthribus Fabricius,l792 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Anthribus Fabricius,i792; Macrocephalus 
Olivier, 1795 

1928) Choragus Kirby,i8i8 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Choragus Kirby,i8i8; Alticopus Villa,i833 

1929) Noxius Jordan, 1936 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Noxius Jordan,i936 

1930) Opanthribus Schilsky,i907 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Opanthribus Schilsky,i907 

1931) Phaenotheriolum Ganglbauer,i902 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Phaenotheriolum 
Ganglbauer,i 902 

1932) Phaenotherion Frivaldksy,i878 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Phaenotherion Frivaldksy,i878; 
Phaenotherium Ganglbauer,igo2 

!933) Phaenotheriosoma Frieser,i978 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Phaenotheriosoma Frieser,ig78 
1934) Tropiderinus Reitter,i9i6 (Anthribidae) Synonym(s): Tropiderinus Reitter,i9i6 
!935) Ablerus Howard, 1894 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Ablerus Howard,i894; Azotus Howard,i898; 
Myocnemella Girault,i9i3; Dimacrocerus Brethes,i9i4 

1936) Aphelinus Dalman,l820 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Aphelinus Dalman,i82o; Agonioneurus 
Westwood,i833; Myina Nees,i834; Mesidia Fdrster,i8s6; Anozus F6rster,i8s6; Eriophilus Haldeman,i859; 
Meroligon Rondam.,1877; Mesidiopsis Nowicki,i930; Paulianaphlinus Risbec,i957; Indaphelinus Hayat,i990 

1937) Aphytis Howard, 1900 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Aphytis Howard,i900; Prospaphelinus De 
Gregorio,i9i4; Paraphytis Compere, 1925; Syediella Shafee,i970; #Apytis Japoshvili & Karaca,2002 

1938) Cales Howard, 1907 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Cales Howard,i907; Diaspidophilus Brethes,i9i4; 
Paranthemus Girault,i9i5 

!939) Coccobius Ratzeburg,i852 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Coccobius Ratzeburg,i852; Physcus 
Howard,i895; Encyrthophyscus Blanchard,i948; Physculus Yasnosh.,1977 

1940) Coccophagoides Girault,i9i5 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Coccophagoides Girault,i9is; 
Diaspiniphagus Silvestri,i927; Primaprospaltella DeBach & LaSalle,i98i 

1941) Coccophagus Westwood,l833 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Coccophagus Westwood,i833; Aneristus 
Haword,i895; Paracharitopus Brethes,i9i3; Ataneostigma Girault,i9i4; Euxanthellus Silvestri,i9i5; 
Prococcophagus Silvestri,i9i5; Taneostigmoidella Girault,i9is; Onophilus Brethes,i9i8; Parencarsia Mercet,i930; 
Heptacritus De Santis,i96i; Aclerdaephagus Sugonjaev,i969; Polycoccophagus Sugornaev ,1976 

1942) Encarsia F6rster,l878 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Encarsia Forster,i878; Aspidiotiphagus 
Howard,i894; Prospalta Howard, 1894 nec Walk.,1857; Prospaltella Ashmead,i904; Mimatomus Cocker eU.,1911; 
Doloresia Mercet,i9i2; Prospalthoides Brethes,i9i4; Paraspidiotiphagus Alam.,1956; Citrina Viggiani & 
Mazzone,i979 nec Wgn.,1905 non Redtenb.,1906; Aleurodiphilus DeBach & Rose, 1981 

1943) Eretmocerus Haldeman,i850 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Eretmocerus Haldeman,i850; 
#Eretomocerus Ashmead,i904; Ricinusa Risbec,i9gi 

1944) Marietta Motschoulsky,i863 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Marietta Motschoulsky,i863; 
Perissopterus Howard,i895; Pseudaphelinus Brethes,i9i8 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1945) Pteroptrix Westwood,i833 (Aphelinidae) Synonym(s): Pteroptrix Westwood.,1833; Archenomus 
Howard,i898; Casca Howard,igo7; Artas Howard,igo7; Hispaniella Mercet,ign; Pteroptrichoides 
Fullaway,igi3; Apteroptrix Girault,igi5; Pseudopteroptrix Fullaway,igi8; Oa Girault,ig2g; Aphelosoma 
NikoVskaya,ig63; Archenomiscus Nikol'skaya 

1946) Aphelocheirus Westwood,i833 (Aphelocheiridae) Synonym(s): Aphelocheirus Westwood,i833 

1947) Acaudinum (Protacaudinum) Holman,i99i (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Protacaudinum 

1948) Acaudinum B6rner,l930 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Acaudinum Borner,ig30 

1949) Acyrthosiphon (Xanthomyzus) Narzikulov,i966 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Xanthomyzus 

1950) Acyrthosiphon Mordvilko, 1914 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Acyrthosiphon Mordvilko,igi4 

1951) Ammiaphis B6rner,i944 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Ammiaphis B6rner,ig44 

1952) Amphorophora Buckton,i876 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Amphorophora Buckton,i876 

1953) Anoecia Koch, 1857 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Anoecia Koch,i857 

1954) Anuraphis Del Guercio,i907 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Anuraphis Del Guercio,igo7 

1955) Aphidura Hille Ris Lambers,i956 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aphidura Hille Ris Lambers,igs6 

1956) Aphis (Bursaphis) McVicar & Baker,i934 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Bursaphis McVicar & 
Baker, ig34 

1957) Aphis (Protaphis) B6rner,i952 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Protaphis Borner,ig52 

1958) Aphis Linnaeus, 1758 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aphis Linnaeus, 1758; #Aphys Illiger,i8o2 
!959) Aploneura Passerini,i863 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aploneura Passerini,i863 

i960) Aspidaphis Gillette, 1917 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Aspidaphis Gillette,igi7 

1961) Atheroides Haliday,l839 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Atheroides Holiday, 1839; Corealachnus 

1962) Baizongia Rondani,i848 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Baizongia Rondam.,1848; Dasia Van der 
Goot,igi8 nee Gray,i83g 

1963) Brachycaudus (Acaudus) Van der Goot,i9i3 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Acaudus Van der 

1964) Brachycaudus (Appelia) B6rner,i930 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Appelia Borner,ig30 

1965) Brachycaudus (Thuleaphis) Hille Ris Lambers,i96o (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Thuleaphis 
Hille Ris Lambers,ig6o 

1966) Brachycaudus Van der Goot,l9l3 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Brachycaudus Van der Goot,igi3 

1967) Brachyunguis Das, 1918 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Brachyunguis Das,igi8; Parabrachyunguis 
Remaudiere & Davatchi,ig55 

1968) Brevicoryne Van der Goot,i9i5 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Brevicoryne Van der Goot,igi5 

1969) Brevicoryne Van der Gott,l9l5 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Brevicoryne Van der Gott,igis 

1970) Calaphis Walsh, [1863] (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Calaphis Walsh,[i863] 

1971) Callipterinella Van der Goot,i9i3 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Callipterinella Van der Goot,igi3 

1972) Capitophorus Van der Goot,i9i3 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Capitophorus Van der Goot,igi3 
!973) Cavariella (Cavaraiellia) Heize,i96o (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cavaraiellia Heize,ig6o 

1974) Cavariella (s.str.) Del Guercio,i9ii (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cavariella Del Guercio,igii 

1975) Cavariella Del Guercio,i9ii (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cavariella Del Guercio,igii 

1976) Ceruraphis B6rner,i926 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cerur aphis Borner,ig26 

1977) Chaitophorus Koch, 1854 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Chaitophorus Koch,i854 

1978) Chromaphis Walker,i870 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Chromaphis Walker, 1870 

1979) Cinara (Cedrobium) Remaudiere, 1954 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cedrobium Remaudiere,igs4 

1980) Cinara (Cupressobium) B6rner,i940 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cupressobium Borner,ig40 

1981) Cinara Curtis, 1835 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cinara Curtis,i835 

1982) Coloradoa Wilson, 1910 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Coloradoa Wilson,igio 

1983) Dysaphis (Cotoneaseria) Shaposhnikov,i964 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Cotoneaseria 
Shaposhnikov ,ig64 

1984) Dysaphis (Pomaphis) B6rner,i939 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pomaphis B6rner,ig3g 

1985) Dysaphis (Pomaphis) B6rner,i939 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Dentatus Van der Goot,igi3 nee 
Gray,i847; Pomaphis Borner,ig3g 

1986) Dysaphis B6rner,i93i (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Dysaphis Bbrner,ig3i 

1987) Eriosoma Leach, 1818 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Eriosoma Leach,i8i8 

1988) Forda Von Heyden,i837 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Forda Von Heyden,i837 

1989) Hyadaphis Kirkaldy,i904 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Hyadaphis Kirkaldy,igo4 

1990) Hyalopterus Koch, 1854 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Hyalopterus Koch,i8s4 

1991) Hyperomyzus B6rner,i933 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Hyperomyzus Bbrner,ig33 

1992) Lachnus Burmeister,i835 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Lachnus Burmeister,i835 

1993) Macrosiphoniella (Papillomyzus) Szelegiewicz,i963 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Papillomyzus 
Szelegiewicz,i g63 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

1994) Macrosiphoniella (Phalangomyzus) B6rner,i939 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Phalangomyzus 

1995) Macrosiphoniella Del Guercio,l9ll (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Macrosiphoniella Del Guercio, 1911 

1996) Macrosiphum Passerini,i86o (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Macrosiphum Passerini,i86o 

1997) Metopolophium Mordvilko,i9i4 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Metopolophium Mordvilko,i9i4 

1998) Myzocallis Aizenberg,l959 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): MyzocallisAizenberg,i959 

1999) Myzus (Nectarosiphon) Schouteden,i90i (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Nectarosiphon 

2000) Myzus Passerini,i86o (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Myzus Passerini,i 860 

2001) Nurudea Matsumura,i9i7 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Nurudea Matsumura,i9iy 

2002) Ovatus Van der Goot,i9i3 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Ovatus Van der Goot,i9i3 

2003) Panaphis Kirkaldy,i904 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Panaphis Kirkaldy,i904 

2004) Pemphigus Hartig, 1839 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pemphigus Hartig, 1839 

2005) Phorodon Passerini,i86o (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Phorodon Passerini,i86o 

2006) Pterochloroides Mordvilko,i9i4 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pterochloroides Mordvilko,i9i4 

2007) Pterocomma Buckton,i879 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Pterocomma Buckton,i879 

2008) Rhopalosiphum Koch, 1854 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Rhopalosiphum Koch,i8s4 

2009) Schizaphis B6rner,i93i (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Schizaphis Bbrner,i93i 

2010) Sitobion Mordvilko,i9i4 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Sitobion Mordvilko,i9i4 

2011) Slavum Mordvilko,i927 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Slavum Mordvilko, i92y 

2012) Tuberculatus (Tuberculoides) Van der Goot,i9i5 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Tuberculoides Van 
der Goot,i9i5 

2013) Tuberculatus (s.str.) Mordvilko,i894 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Tuberculatus Mordvilko, 1894 

2014) Tuberculatus Mordvilko, 1894 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Tuberculatus Mordvilko, 1894 

2015) Tuberculoides Van der Goot,l9l5 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Tuberculoides Van der Goot,i9is 

2016) Tuberolachnus Mordvilko, 1909 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Tuber olachnus Mordvilko, 1909 

2017) Uroleucon (Uromelan) Mordvilko, 1914 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Uromelan Mordvilko, 1914 

2018) Uroleucon (s.str.) Mordvilko, 1914 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Uroleucon Mordvilko, 1914 

2019) Uroleucon Mordvilko, 1914 (Aphididae) Synonym(s): Uroleucon Mordvilko, 1914 

2020) Allodape Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i825 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Allodape Lepeletier & 

2021) Anthophora Latreille,i8o3 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Anthophora Latreille,i8o3 

2022) Apis (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Apis Linnaeus,iys8 

2023) Apis Linnaeus, 1758 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Apis Linnaeus,iys8 

2024) Bombus (Alpigenobombus) Skorikov,i9i4 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Alpigenobombus 

2025) Bombus (Cullumanobombus) Vogt,i9ii (Apidae) Synonym(s): Cullumanobombus Vogt,i9ii; 
Coccineobombus Skorikov,i922; Fraternobombus Skorikov,i922; Funebribombus Skorikov,i922; Robustobombus 
Skorikov,i922; Rubicundobombus Skorikov,i922; Separatobombus Frison,i92y; Crotchiibombus Franklin,i954; 
Brachycephalibombus Williams, 1985; Dasybombus Labougle & Ayala,i986 

2026) Bombus (Kallobombus) Dalla Torre, 1880 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Kallobombus Dalla Torre,i88o 

2027) Bombus (Megabombus) Dalla Torre, 1880 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Megabombus Dalla 
Torre,i88o; Hortobombus Vogt,i9ii; Diversobombus Skorikov,i9i5; Senexibombus Frison,i930 

2028) Bombus (Melanobombus) Dalla Torre, 1880 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Melanobombus Dalla 
Torre,i88o; Rufipedibombus Skorikov,i922; Festivobombus Tkalcu,i933 

2029) Bombus (Mendacibombus) Skorikov,i9i4 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Mendacibombus Skorikov,i9i4 

2030) Bombus (Psithyrus) Lepeletier, 1833 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Psithyrus Lepeletier, 1833; Apathus 
Newman,i835; Laboriopsithyrus Frison,i92y; Ashtonipsithyrus Frison,i92y; Fernaldaepsithyrus Frison,i92y; 
Eopsithyrus Popov,i93i; Metapsithyrus Popov, 1931; Allopsithyrus Popov,i93i; Ceratopsithyrus Pittioni,i949; 
Citrinopsithyrus Thorp,i983 

2031) Bombus (Pyrobombus) Dalla Torre, 1880 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Pyrobombus Dalla Torre,i88o; 
Poecilobombus Dalla Torre,i882; Hypnorobombus Perez,i92y; Lapponicobombus Perez,i92y; Pressibombus 

2032) Bombus (Sibiricobombus) Vogt,i9ii (Apidae) Synonym(s): Sibiricobombus Vogt,i9ii; 
Obertobombus Reinig,i930 

2033) Bombus (Subterraneobombus) Vogt,i9ii (Apidae) Synonym(s): Subterraneobombus Vogt,i9ii 

2034) Bombus (Thoracobombus) Dalla Torre, 1880 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Thoracobombus Dalla 
Torre,i88o; Rhodobombus Dalla Torre,i88o; Exilobombus Skorikov,i922; Fervidobombus Skorikov,i922; 
Tricornibombus Skorikov,i922; Laesobombus Skorikov,i922; Mucidobombus Skorikov,i922; Eversmannibombus 

2035) Bombus (s.str.) Latreille,l802 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Bombus Latreille,i8o2; Leucobombus Dalla 
Torre, 1880; Terrestribombus Vogt,i9ii 

2036) Bombus Latreille,l802 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Bombus Latreille,i8o2; Leucobombus Dalla 
Torre,i88o; Terrestribombus Vogt,i9ii 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2037) Ceratina Latreille,l802 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Ceratina Latreille,i8o2; Euceratina Hiroshima, Moure 
& Daly, 1971 [subg.] 

2038) Eucera Scopoli,l770 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Eucera Scopoli,i770; Synhalonia Robertson,igo5 

2039) Eupavlovskia Popov,i955 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Eupavlovskia Popov, 1955 

2040) Exoneuridia Cockerell,i9ii (Apidae) Synonym(s): Exoneuridia Cockerell,igii 

2041) Habropoda Smith, 1854 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Habrophora Smith,i854 (praeocc); Habropoda 

2042) Melecta Latreille,l802 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Melecta Latreille,i8o2; Melilecta Agassiz,i846 

2043) Nomada Scopoli, 1770 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Nomada Scopoli,i770 

2044) Tetralonia Spinola,i838 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Tetralonia Spinola,i838 

2045) Thyreus Panzer, 1806 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Thyreus Panzer, 1806; Crocisa Jurine,i8o7 

2046) Xylocopa (Copoxyla) Maa,i954 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Copoxyla Maa,igs4 

2047) Xylocopa (Ctenoxylocopa) Michener,i942 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Ctenoxylocopa Michener,ig42 

2048) Xylocopa (Koptortosoma) Gribodo,i894 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Koptortosoma Gribodo,i894 

2049) Xylocopa (Proxylocopa) Hedicke,i938 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Proxylocopa Hedicke,ig38; 
Ancylocopa Maa,igs4 

2050) Xylocopa (s.str.) Latreille,i8o2 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Xylocopa Latreille, 1802 

2051) Xylocopa Latreille, 1802 (Apidae) Synonym(s): Xylocopa Latreille, 1802 

2052) Apion Herbst,i797 (Apionidae) Synonym(s): Apion Herbst,i797 

2053) Aneurus Fabricius,i8o3 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Aneurus Fabricius,i8o3 

2054) Aradus Fabricius,i8o3 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Aradus Fabricius,i8o3 

2055) Calisius Stal,l8s8 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Calisius Stal,i8s8; Aradosyrtis A.Costa,i864 

2056) Quilnus Stal, 1873 (Aradidae) Synonym(s): Quilnus Stal,i873 

2057) Aprosthema Konow,i899 (Argidae) Synonym (s): Aprosthema Konow,i8gg 

2058) Arge Schrank,i8o2 (Argidae) Synonym(s): Arge Schrank,i8o2 

2059) Kokujewia Konow,i902 (Argidae) Synonym(s): Kokujewia Konow,igo2 

2060) Sterictiphora Billberg,l820 (Argidae) Synonym(s): Sterictiphora Billberg,i82o; Schizocerus 

2061) Ascalaphus Fab ricius, 1775 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Ascalaphus Fabricius,i775 

2062) Bubopsis McLachlan,i898 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Bubo Rambur,i842 nee Dum.,1806; 
Bubopsis McLachlan,i8g8; Phyurus Navas,igoo 

2063) Deleproctophylla Lefebvre,i842 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Deleproctophylla Lefebvre,i842 

2064) Iranoidricerus Abraham & Meszaros,2002 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Iranoidricerus 
Abraham & Meszaros,2002 

2065) Libelloides Tjeder,i972 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Libelloides Tjeder,ig72 

2066) Ptyngidricerus Van der Weele,i909 (Ascalaphidae) Synonym(s): Ptyngidricerus Van der 

2067) Acnephalum Macquart,l838 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Acnephalum Macquart,i838; Pycnopogon 

2068) Acrochordomerus Hermann, 1920 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Acrochordomerus Hermann,ig20 

2069) Amphisbetetus Hermann, 1906 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Amphisbetetus Hermann,igo6 

2070) Anarolius Loew,i844 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Anarolius Loew,i844 

2071) Ancylorhynchus Berthold, 1827 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Ancylorhynchus Berthold,i827 

2072) Andrenosoma Rondani,i8s6 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Andrenosoma Rondani,i8s6 

2073) Aneomochtherus Lehr,i996 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Aneomochtherus Lehr,igg6 

2074) Anisopogon Roeder,i88i (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Anisopogon Roeder,i88i 

2075) Antipalus Loew,i849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Antipalus Loew,i84g 

2076) Antiphrisson Loew,l849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Antiphrisson Loew,i84g; #Antiphisson Giray,ig8i 

2077) Apoclea Macquart,i838 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Apoclea Macquart,i838 

2078) Asiloephesus Lehr,i992 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Asiloephesus Lehr,igg2 

2079) Asilus Linnaeus, 1758 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Asilus Linnaeus,i758 

2080) Cerdistus Loew,l849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Cerdistus Loew,i84g; #Cerditus Koqak & Kemal,20o8 

2081) Choerades Walker, 1851 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Choerades Walker, 1851 

2082) Crobilocerus Loew,i847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Crobilocerus Loew,i847 

2083) Dasypogon Meigen,i8o3 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Dasypogon Meigen,i8o3 

2084) Didysmachus Lehr,i996 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Didysmachus Lehr,igg6 

2085) Dioctria Meigen,i8o3 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Dioctria Meigen,i8o3 

2086) Dysmachus Loew,i86o (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Dysmachus Loew,i86o 

2087) Echthistus Loew,i849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Echthistus Loew,i84g 

2088) Engelepogon Lehr,l992 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Acanthopleura Engel,ig27 (praeocc.); Engelepogon 

2089) Erax Scopoli, 1763 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Erax Scopoli,i763; Protophanes Loew,i86o 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2090) Euscelidia Westwood,i850 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Euscelidia Westwood.,1850; Dolichoscius 

2091) Eutolmus Loew,i848 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Eutolmus Loew,i848 

2092) Habropogon Loew,i847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Habropogon Loew,i847 

2093) Heteropogon Loew,i847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Heteropogon Loew,i847 

2094) Holopogon Loew, 1847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Holopogon Loew,i847 

2095) Jothopogon Becker, 1913 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): JothopogonBecker,igi3 

2096) Laphria Meigen,i8o3 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Laphria Meigen,i8o3 

2097) Laphystia Loew,i847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Laphystia Loew, 1847 

2098) Lasiopogon Loew,l847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Lasiopogon Loew, 1847; Alexiopogon Curran,ig34 

2099) Leptarthus Stephens, 1829 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Leptarthus Stephens, 1829 

2100) Leptogaster Meigen,l803 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Leptogaster Meigen,i8o3; Gonipes Latreille,i8os 

2101) Machimus Loew, 1849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Machimus Loew,i84g; Allomachimus Bequaert,ig64 

2102) Mesoleptogaster Frey,i937 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Mesoleptog aster Frey,ig37 

2103) Molobratia Hull, 1958 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Molobratia Hull,igs8 

2104) Neoitamus Osten Sacken,i878 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Neoitamus Osten Sacken,i878 

2105) Neomochtherus Osten Sacken,i878 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Neomochtherus Osten Sacken,i878 

2106) Nusa Walker,i85i (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Nusa Walker, 1851 

2107) Oligopogon Loew,i847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Oligopogon Loew, 1847 

2108) Ommatius Wiedemann, 1821 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Ommatius Wiedemann, 1821 

2109) Pamponerus Loew,i849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Pamponerus Loew,i84g 

2110) Paraphamartania Engel,i930 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Paraphamartania Engel,ig30 

2111) Philodicus Loew,i847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Philodicus Loew, 1847 

2112) Philonicus Loew,i849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Philonicus Loew,i84g 

2113) Pogonosoma Rondani,i8s6 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Pogonosoma Rondani,i8s6 

2114) Polyphonius Loew,i848 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Polyphonius Loew, 1848 

2115) Polysarca Schiner,i866 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Poly sarca Schiner, 1866 

2116) Promachus Loew, 1848 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Promachus Loew, 1848 

2117) Saropogon Loew,l847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Saropogon Loew,i847; #Sarapogon Williston,i88g; 
Araiopogon Carrera,ig4g; Oberon Carrera & Papavero,ig62 

2118) Satanas Jacobson,i9o8 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Satanas Jacobson,igo8 

2119) Scytomedes R6der,i882 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Scytomedes Roder, 1882 

2120) Stenopogon Loew,i847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Stenopogon Loew, 1847 

2121) Stichopogon Loew, 1847 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Stichopogon Loew, 1847 

2122) Stiphrolamyra Engel,i928 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Stiphrolamyra Engel,ig28 

2123) Tolmerus Loew, 1849 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Tolmerus Loew,i84g 

2124) Triclis Loew, 1851 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Triclis Loew, 1851 

2125) Turka Ozdikmen,2008 (Asilidae) Synonym(s): Turkiella Lehr,igg6 nee Zumpt & Till,igs3; Turka 

2126) Asterodiaspis Signoret,i877 (Asterolecaniidae) Synonym(s): Asterodiaspis Signoret,i877 

2127) Planchonia Signoret,i870 (Asterolecaniidae) Synonym(s): Planchonia Signoret,i870 

2128) Pollinia Targoni-Tozzetti,i868 (Asterolecaniidae) Synonym(s): Pollinia Targoni-Tozzetti,i868 

2129) Atricops Verrall,l909 (Athericidae) Synonym(s): Atricops Verrall,igog; Heterosuragina 

2130) Apoderus Voss,i926 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Apoderus Voss,ig26 

2131) Attelabus Linnaeus, 1758 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Attelabus Linnaeus, 1758; Chyphus 
Thunberg,i8i5; Casnonia Schonherr,i833 

2132) Auletobius Desbrochers,i869 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Auletobius Desbrochers,i86g 

2133) Byctiscus C.G.Thomson,i859 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Byctiscus C.G.Thomson,i8sg 

2134) Chonostropheus Prell,i924 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Chonostropheus Prell,ig24 

21 35) Coenorrhinus C.G.Thomson,i859 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Coenorrhinus C.G.Thomson,i85g 

2136) Deporaus Samouelle,i8i9 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Deporaus Samouelle,i8ig 

2137) Lasiorrhynchites Jekel,i86o (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Lasiorrhynchites Jekel,i86o 

2138) Pselaphorhynchites Schilsky,i903 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Pselaphorhynchites Schilsky,igo3 

2139) Rhynchites Schneider, 1791 (Attelabidae) Synonym(s): Rhynchites Schneider, i7gi; Mechoris 

2140) Pristaulacus Kieffer,l900 (Aulacidae) Synonym(s): Aulacostethus Philippi,i873 nee Waterh.,i86g; 
Pristaulacus Kieffer,igoo 

2141) Bacillus Latreille,i8o5 (Basillidae) Synonym(s): Bacillus Latreille,i8o5 

2142) Belostoma Latreille,i8o7 (Belostomatidae) Synonym(s): Belostoma Latreille,i8o7 

2143) Lethocerus Mayr,i853 (Belostomatidae) Synonym(s): Lethocerus Mayr,i853 

2144) Beraea Stephens, 1833 (Beraeidae) Synonym(s): Beraea Stephens,i833 

2145) Ernodes Wallengren,i89i (Beraeidae) Synonym(s): Ernodes Wallengren,i8gi 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2146) Isoscelipteron Costa, 1863 (Berothidae) Synonym(s): Isoscelipteron Costa,i863 

2147) Nyrma Navas, 1933 (Berothidae) Synonym(s): NyrmaNavas,ig33 

2148) Berytinus Kirkaldy,i900 (Berytidae) Synonym(s): Berytinus Kirkaldy,igoo 

2149) Cardopostethus Fieber,i859 (Berytidae) Synonym(s): Cardopostethus Fieber,i8sg 

2150) Gampsocoris Fuss, 1852 (Berytidae) Synonym(s): Gampsocoris Fuss, 1852 

2151) Megalomerium Fieber,i859 (Berytidae) Synonym(s): Megalomerium Fieber,i8sg 

2152) Neides Latreille,l802 (Berytidae) Synonym(s): Neides Latreille,i8o2; Leides Rafinesque,i8i5 

2153) Bibio Geoffroy,l762 (Bibionidae) Synonym(s): Bibio Geoffroy,i762; Pullata Harris, 1776; Hirtea 
Fabricius,i798; Lithobibio Beier,ig^2; Bibiophus Bollow,ig54 

2154) Dilophus Meigen,l803 (Bibionidae) Synonym(s): #Philia Meigen,i8oo; Dilophus Meigen,i8o3; 
Acanthocnemis Blanchard,i852 nee Hawle & Corda.,1847; Cnemidoctenia Enderlein,ig34; Dactylodiscia 
Enderlein,ig34; Tridicroctena Enderlein,ig34; Triploctenia Enderlein,ig34 

21 55) Penthetria Meigen,i8o3 (Bibionidae) Synonym(s): Penthetria Meigen,i8o3 

2156) Bittacus Latreille,l805 (Bittacidae) Synonym(s): Bittacus Latreille,i8o5; Thyridates Navas,igo8; 
Neobittacus Esben-Petersen,igi4 

2157) Blatta Linnaeus, 1758 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Blatta Linnaeus,i758 

2158) Blattella Caudell,i903 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Blattella Caudell,igo3 

2159) Ectobius Stephens, 1836 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Ectobius Stephens,i836 

2160) Loboptera Brunner von Wattenwyl,i865 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Loboptera Brunner von 

2161) Periplaneta Burmeister,i838 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Periplaneta Burmeister,i838 

2162) Phyllodromica Fieber,i853 (Blattidae) Synonym(s): Phyllodromica Fieber,i853 

2163) Shelfordella Adelung,i9io (Blattidae) Synonym(s): ShelfordellaAdelung,igio 

2164) Apistomyia Bigot,i862 (Blephariceridae) Synonym(s): Apistomyia Bigot,i862 

2165) Blepharicera Macquart,i843 (Blephariceridae) Synonym(s): Blepharicera Macquart,i843 

2166) Liponeura Loew,i844 (Blephariceridae) Synonym(s): Liponeura Loew,i844 

2167) Bolitophila Meigen,l8l8 (Bolitophilidae) Synonym(s): Bolitophila Meigen,i8i8; Messala 
Curtis,i836; Bolitophilella Landrock,ig25; #Bilitophila Bechev & Koq,20o6 

2168) Amictus Wiedemann, 1817 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Amictus Wiedemann, 1817; Thlipsomyza 
Wiedemann,i820; Thlipsogaster Rondam.,1863; Truquia Rondam.,1863; Subbombylius Kapoor,ig7g 

2169) Anastoechus Osten Sacken,i877 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Anastoechus Osten-Sacken,i877 

2170) Anthrax Scopoli,l763 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Anthrax Scopoli,i763; Leucamoeba Sack,igog; 
Chalcamoeba Sack,igog 

2171) Apolysis Loew,l86o (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Apolysis Loew,i86o; Rhabdopselaphus Bigot,i886; 
Pseudogeron Cresson,igis; Dagestania Paramonov,ig2g 

2172) Beckerellus Greathead,i995 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Beckerellus Greathead,iggs 

2173) Bombomyia Greathead,i995 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombomyia Greathead,iggs 

2174) Bombylella Greathead,i995 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombylella Greathead,iggs 

2175) Bombylisoma Rondani,i8s6 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombylisoma Rondani,i8s6; 
Chasmoneura Hesse, ig38 

2176) Bombylius (Zephyrectes) Evenhuis,i978 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Zephyrectes Evenhuis,ig78 

2177) Bombylius (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombylius Linnaeus, 1758 

2178) Bombylius Linnaeus, 1758 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Bombylius Linnaeus, 1758 

2179) Caecanthrax Greathead,i98i (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): #Caecanthrax Greathead,ig8o; 
Caecanthrax Greathead,ig8i 

2180) Callostoma Macquart,i840 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Callostoma Macquart,i84o; Callistoma 

2181) Chalcochiton Loew,i844 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Chalcochiton Loew,i844; Logcocerius 
Rondam.,1863; Loncocerius Bezzi,igo3; Lonchocerius Bezzi,ig24 

2182) Cononedys Hermann, 1907 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Cononedys Hermann, igo7; Conogaster 
Hermann,igo7 nee Brauer & Bergenstamm,i8gi 

2183) Conophorus Meigen,i8o3 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Conophorus Meigen,i8o3; Ploas 
Latreille,i8o4; Tornotes Gistl,i848; Codionus Rondam.,1873; Calopelta Greene,ig2i 

2184) Cyllenia Latreille,i8o2 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Cyllenia Latreille,i8o2 

2185) Cytherea Fabricius,l794 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Cytherea Fabricius,i7g4; Mulio Latreille,i7g7; 
Astropha Rqfinesque,i8i5; Glossista Rondam.,1856 

2186) Desmatoneura Williston,i895 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Desmatoneura Williston,i8g5 

2187) Eclimus Loew,l844 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Eclimus Loew,i844; Eclimmus Agassiz,i846 

2188) Exhyalanthrax Becker,i9i6 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Exhyalanthrax Becker,igi6; Oriellus 
Hull,ig73; Tauropsis Hull,ig73 

2189) Exoprosopa Macquart,i840 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Exoprosopa Macquart,i840 

2190) Geron (s.str.) Meigen,l820 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Geron Meigen,i82o; Amictogeron 
Hesse, ig38 

2191) Geron Meigen, 1820 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Geron Meigen,i82o; Amictogeron Hesse,ig38 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2192) Hemipenthes Loew,l869 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Hemipenthes Loew,i86g; Isopenthes Osten 

2193) Heteralonia (Acrodisca) Bezzi,i92i (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Acrodisca Bezzi,i92i; Cladodisca 

2194) Heteralonia (Homolonia) Bowden,i975 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Homolonia Bowden,igy5 

2195) Heteralonia (Zygodipla) Bezzi,i924 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Zygodipla Bezzi,ig24 

2196) Heteralonia (s.str.) Rondani,i863 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Mima Meigen,i82o; Heteralonia 

2197) Heteralonia (subgen?) (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): 

2198) Heteralonia Rondani,i863 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Mima Meigen,i82o; Heteralonia 

2199) Heterotropus Loew,l873 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Heterotropus Loew,i873; Malthacotricha 
Becker, 1907 

2200) Legnotomyia Bezzi,i902 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Legnotus Loew,i855 nee Schiod.,1848; 
Legnotomyia Bezzi,igo2; Psiatholasius Becker, 1906 

2201) Ligyra Newman, 1841 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Ligyra Newman,i84i; Velocia Coquillet,i886 nee 
Rob.-Des.,i863; Paranthrax Paramonov ,1931; Paranthracina Par amonov, 1933 

2202) Lomatia Meigen,l822 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Stygia Meigen,i820 nee Latr.,1804; Lomatia 
Meigen,i822; Stygide Latreille,i825; Stygidium Berthold,i827; Stygides Latreille,i829; Nettadion Gistel,i848; 
#Ancentralis Bezzi,i925 

2203) Mariobezzia Becker, 1913 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Mariobezzia Becker, 1913 

2204) Micomitra Bowden,i964 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Micomitra Bowden,i964 

2205) Oestranthrax Bezzi,i92i (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Oestranthrax Bezzi,i92i 

2206) Oligodranes Loew,i844 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Oligodranes Loew,i844 

2207) Pachyanthrax Francois, 1964 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Pachyanthrax Francois,i964 

2208) Parageron Paramonov,i929 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Parageron Paramonov,i929 

2209) Petrorossia Bezzi,i9o8 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Petrorossia Bezzi,i9o8 

2210) Phthiria Meigen,l803 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Phthiria Meigen,i8o3; Ptimia Rafinesque,i8i5 

2211) Plesiocera Macquart,i840 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Plesiocera Macquart,i84o; Calledax 

2212) Prorachthes Loew,i868 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Prorachthes Loew,i868; Dumontiella 
Seguy,i932; Cheilohadrus Hesse, 1938 

2213) Pterobates Bezzi,i92i (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Pterobates Bezzi,i92i 

2214) Satyramoeba Sack,l909 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Satyramoeba Sack,igo9; Meganthrax 

2215) Spogostylum Macquart,i840 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Spogostylum Macquart,i84o; 
Spongostylum Agassiz,i846; Argyromoeba Schiner,i86o; Argyramoeba Loew,i869; Anthracamoeba Sack,i909; 
Chrysamoeba Sack, 1909; Molybdamoeba Sack,i909; Psamatamoeba Sack,i909; Coniomastix Enderlem.,1934; 
Aureomoeba Evenhuis,i978 

2216) Stomylomyia Bigot, 1888 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Stomylomyia Bigot,i888 

2217) Systoechus Loew,i855 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Systoechus Loew,i855 

2218) Thevenetimyia (s.str.) Bigot,l875 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Thevenetimyia Bigot,i875; Epibates 
Osten-Sacken,i 877 

2219) Thevenetimyia Bigot,l875 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Thevenetimyia Bigot,i875; Epibates Osten- 

2220) Thyridanthrax Osten Sacken, 1886 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Thyridanthrax Osten Sacken,i886 

2221) Toxophora Meigen,l803 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Toxophora Meigen,i8o3; Eniconevra 
Macquart,i840; Heniconevra Agassiz,i846; Heniconeura Bezzi,i903; Toxomyia HuU.,1973 

2222) Triplasius Loew,i855 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Triplasius Loew,i855 

2223) Usia (Micrusia) Evenhuis,i990 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Micrusia Evenhuis,i990 

2224) Usia (s.str.) Latreille,i8o2 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): #Voluccella Fabricius,i794; Usia 
Latreille,i802; Zerynthia Rqfinesque,i8i5 

2225) Usia Latreille,l802 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): #Voluccella Fabricius,i794; Usia Latreille,i8o2; 
Zerynthia Rafinesque,i8i5 

2226) Veribubo Evenhuis,l978 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Tumulus Hull,i978 nee Monteros.,[i888]; 
Veribubo Evenhuis,i978 

2227) Villa Lioy,i864 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Villa Lioy, 1864 

2228) Villoestrus Paramonov,i93i (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Villoestrus Paramonov,i93i 

2229) Xeramoeba Hesse, 1956 (Bombyliidae) Synonym(s): Xeramoeba Hesse,i956 

2230) Amphicerus (Caenophrada) Waterhouse,i888 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Caenophrada 
Waterhouse,i888; Schistoceros Lesne,i899 

2231) Amphicerus LeConte,i86i (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Amphicerus LeConte, 1861 

2232) Bostrichus Geoffroy,l762 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Bostrichus Geoffroy,i762; #Brostrichus 
Trost,i8oi; Bostrychus Agassiz,i846; 

2233) Botrychoplites Lesne,i899 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Botrychoplites Lesne,i899 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2234) Lyctus Fabricius,i792 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Lyctus Fabricius,i792 

2235) Psoa Herbst,l797 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Psoa Herbst,i7gy; Acrepis LeConte,i852 

2236) Sinoxylon Duftschmid,i825 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Sinoxylon Duftschmid.,1825; Trypocladus 
Guerin-Meneville,i845; Apatodes Blackburn,i88g 

2237) Stenomera Lucas, 1849 (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Stenomera Lucas,i849 

2238) Xylomedes Lesne,i90i (Bostrichidae) Synonym(s): Xylomedes Lesne,igoi 

2239) Brachycerus OHvier,i789 (Brachyceridae) Synonym(s): Brachycerus Olivier,iy89 

2240) Apanteles F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Apanteles F6rster,i862 

2241) AscogasterWesmael,i835 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Ascogaster Wesmael,i835 

2242) Atanycolus F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Atanycolus Forster, 1862 

2243) Atormus Van Achterberg,i997 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Atormus Van Achterberg, 1997 

2244) Baryproctus Ashmead,i900 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Baryproctus Ashmead,i900 

2245) Bassus Fabricius,l804 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Bassus Fabricius,i8o4; Microdus Nees,i834 

2246) Biosteres (Chilotrichia) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Chilotrichia For ster, 1862 

2247) Biosteres (s.str.) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Biosteres F6rster,i862 

2248) Biosteres F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Biosteres For ster, 1862 

2249) Bitomus Szepligeti,i9io (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Bitomus Szepligeti,i9io 

2250) Blacus (Ganychorus) Haliday,i835 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Gany chorus Holiday, 1835 

2251) Blacus (Hysterobolus) Viereck,i9i3 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Hysterobolus Viereck,i9i3 

2252) Blacus (s.str.) Nees ab Esenbeck,i8i8 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Blacus Nees ab Esenbeck,i8i8; 
Goniocormus Forster,i862; Miocolus Forster ,1862 

2253) Blacus Nees ab Esenbeck,i8i8 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Blacus Nees ab Esenbeck,i8i8; 
Goniocormus Forster,i862; Miocolus Forster, 1862 

2254) Bracon (Asiabracon) Tobias, 1957 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Asiabracon Tobias,i957 

2255) Bracon (Cyanopterobracon) Tobias, 1957 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Cyanopterobracon 

2256) Bracon (Glabrobracon) Tobias, 1957 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Glabrobracon Tobias,i957 

2257) Bracon (Lucobracon) Fahringer,i927 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Lucobracon Fahringer,ig27; 
#Lucobacon Beyarslan & Tobias,20o8 

2258) Bracon (Rostrobracon) Tobias, 1957 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Rostrobracon Tobias,i957 

2259) Bracon (s.str.) Fabricius,l805 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Bracon Fabricius,i8os; Brachon 

2260) Bracon Fabricius, 1805 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Bracon Fabricius,i8os; Brachon Brulle,i832 

2261) Chelonus Jurine,l8o6 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): #Anomala von Block,i799; AChelonus Jurine,i8o6; 
Davisania La Munyon,i877; Arichelonus Viereck,i9i3; Megachelonus Baker, 1926 

2262) Chelostes Van Achterberg,i990 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Chelostes Van Achterberg, 1990 

2263) Choeras Mason, 1981 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Choeras Mason,i98i 

2264) Chorebus Haliday,i833 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Chorebus Holiday, 1833 

2265) Coelinidea Viereck,i9i3 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Coelinidea Viereck,i9i3 

2266) Cotesia Cameron, 1891 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Cotesia Corner on, 1891; Cryptapanteles 
Viereck,i9io; Stenopleura Viereck,i9ii nee Stebbing,i888 

2267) Dacnusa Haliday,i833 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Dacnusa Holiday, 1833 

2268) Diachasmimorpha Viereck,i9i3 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Diachasmimorpha Viereck,i9i3 

2269) Dinotrema F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Dinotrema Forster ,1862 

2270) Diolcogaster Ashmead,i900 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Diolcog aster Ashmead,i900 

2271) Diospilus Haliday,i833 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Diospilus Holiday, 1833 

2272) Dolichogenidea Viereck,i9ii (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Dolichogenidea Viereck,i9ii; 
#Dolichogenides Inane & Beyarslan,200i 

2273) Eurytenes (Jucundopius) Fischer, 1984 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Jucundopius Fischer, 1984 

2274) Eurytenes Forster, 1862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Eurytenes For ster, 1862 

2275) Exotela F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Exotela For ster, 1862 

2276) Foesteria Szepligeti,i896 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Foesteria Szepligeti,i896 

2277) Glyptapanteles Ashmead,i904 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Glyptapanteles Ashmead,i904 

2278) Glyptomorpha Holmgren, 1868 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Glyptomorpha Holmgren,i868 

2279) Iconella Mason, 1981 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Iconella Mason,i98i 

2280) Illidops Mason, 1981 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Illidops Mason,i98i 

2281) Meteorus Haliday,i835 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Meteorus Haliday,i835; Saprotichus 

2282) Microchelonus Szepligeti,i9o8 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Microchelonus Szepligeti,i9o8; 
Chelonella Szepligeti,i9o8; Neochelonella Hincks,i943 

2283) Microgaster Latreille,i8o4 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Microg aster Latreille,i 804 

2284) Microptilis Forster, 1862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Microptilis For ster, 1862 

2285) Mirax Haliday,l833 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Mirax Holiday, 1833; #Myrax Dalla Torre,i898 

2286) Opius (Agnopius) Fischer, 1982 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Agnopius Fischer, 1982 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2287) Opius (Allophlebus) Fischer,i972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Allophlebus Fischer, 1972 

2288) Opius (Allotypus) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Allotypus For ster, 1862 

2289) Opius (Apodesmia) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Apodesmia For ster ,1862 

2290) Opius (Cryptognathopius) Fischer,i984 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Cryptognathopius 
Fischer, 1984 

2291) Opius (Cryptonastes) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Cryptonastes F6rster,i862 

2292) Opius (Gastrosema) Fischer,i972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Gastrosema Fischer ,1972 

2293) Opius (Hypocynodus) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Hypocy nodus For ster, 1862 

2294) Opius (Ilicopius) Fischer,i992 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Ilicopius Fischer, 1992 

2295) Opius (Merotrachys) Fischer,i972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Merotrachys Fischer, 1972 

2296) Opius (Misophthora) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Misophthora For ster, 1862 

2297) Opius (Nosopaeopius) Fischer, 1972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Nosopaeopius Fischer, 1972 

2298) Opius (Nosopoea) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Nosopoea Forster, 1862 

2299) Opius (Odontopoea) Fischer, 1986 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Odontopoea Fischer ,1986 

2300) Opius (Opiognathus) Fischer,i972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Opiognathus Fischer, 1972 

2301) Opius (Opiostomus) Fischer,i97i (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Opiostomus Fischer, 1971 

2302) Opius (Opiothorax) Fischer, 1972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Opiothor ax Fischer ,1972 

2303) Opius (Pendopius) Fischer, 1972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Pendopius Fischer, 1972 

2304) Opius (Phaedrotoma) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Phaedrotoma For ster ,1862 

2305) Opius (Rhogadopsis) Brethes,i9i3 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Rhogadopsis Br ethes, 1913 

2306) Opius (Snoflakopius) Fischer, 1972 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Snoflakopius Fischer, 1972 

2307) Opius (Utetes) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Utetes For ster, 1862 

2308) Opius (Xynobius) F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Xynobius For ster, 1862 

2309) Opius (s.str.) Wesmael,i835 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Opius Wesmael,i835 

2310) Opius Wesmael, 1835 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Opius Wesmael,i835 

2311) Phanerotoma (Bracotritoma) Csiki,i909 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Tritoma Szepligeti,i9o8 
(praeocc); Bracotritoma) Csiki,i909 

2312) Phanerotoma Wesmael,l838 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Phanerotoma Wesmael,i838; Sulydus Du 
Buysson,i897; Ichneutipterus Vachal,i907; Neophanerotoma Szepligeti,i9o8; Tritoma Szepligeti,i9o8; 
Bracotritoma Csiki,i909; Szepligetia Schulz,i9ii; Tritomios Strand,i92i; Unica Snoflak,i95i 

2313) Phanerotomella Szepligeti,i900 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Phanerotomella Szepligeti,i90o; 
Plesiosphaeropyx Cameron, 1912 

2314) Polydegmon F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Polydegmon Forster, 1862 

2315) Protapanteles Ashmead,i898 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Protapanteles Ashmead,i898 

2316) Protodacnusa Griffiths, 1964 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Protodacnusa Griffiths, 196 4 

2317) Pseudovipio Szepligeti,i896 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Pseudovipio Szepligeti,i896 

2318) Psyttalia (s.str.) Walker,i86o (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Psyttalia Walker,i86o 

2319) Psyttalia Walker,i86o (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Psyttalia Walker, i860 

2320) Sathon Mason, 1981 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Sathon Mason, 1981 

2321) Schizoprymnus F6rster,i862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Schizoprymnus For ster, 1862 

2322) Sigalphus Latreille,i8o2 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Sigalphus Latreille,i8o2 

2323) Taphaeus Wesmael, 1835 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Taphaeus Wesmael,i835; #Tapheus Beyarslan 
et al.,2008 

2324) Triaspis Haliday,i835 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Triaspis Holiday, 1835 

2325) Utetes Forster, 1862 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Utetes For ster, 1862 

2326) Vipio Latreille,i8o4 (Braconidae) Synonym(s): Vipio Latreille,i8o4 

2327) Braula Nitzsch,l8l8 (Braulidae) Synonym(s): Braula Nitzsch,i8i8; Entomibia A.Costa,i846; 
Melittomyia Bigot,i88s 

2328) Amorphocephala Damoiseau,i966 (Brentidae) Synonym(s): Amorphocephalus Schonherr,i840 
nee Bowdich,i825; Amorphocephala Damoiseau,i966 

2329) Ceratapion Schilsky,i90i (Brentidae) Synonym(s): Ceratapion Schilsky,i90i 

2330) Bruchus Linnaeus, 1767 (Bruchidae) Synonym(s): Bruchus Linnaeus,i767 

2331) Caryedon Schoenherr,i823 (Bruchidae) Synonym(s): Caryedon Schoenherr,i823 

2332) Acmaeodera Eschscholtz,i829 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Acmaeodera Eschscholtz,i829; 
Andromeda Gistel,i834; Ptychomus Marseul,i86s 

2 333) Acmaeoderella (Carininota) Volkovich,i979 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Carininota 
Volkovich, 1979 

2334) Acmaeoderella (Euacmaeoderella) Volkovich, 1979 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): 
Euacmaeoderella Volkovich,i979 

2 335) Acmaeoderella (s.str.) Cobos,i955 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Acmaeoderella Cobos,i955 

2336) Acmaeoderella Cobos,i955 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Acmaeoderella Cobos,i955 

2337) Agrilus (Anambus) Thomson, 1864 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Anambus Thomson,i864 

2338) Agrilus Curtis, 1825 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Agrilus Curtis,i825 

2339) Anthaxia (Cratomerus) Solier,i833 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Cratomerus Solier,i833 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2340) Anthaxia (Euanthaxia) Reitter,i9ii (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Euanthaxia Reitter,ign 

2341) Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) Richter,i945 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Haplanthaxia Richter,i945 

2342) Anthaxia (Melanthaxia) Richter,i945 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Melanthaxia Richter,i945 

2343) Anthaxia (s.str.) Eschscholtz,i829 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Anthaxia Eschscholtz,i 829 

2344) Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829 

2 345) Capnodis Eschscholtz, 1829 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Capnodis Eschscholtz,i829; Caloptera 

2346) Chalcophorella Kerremans,i903 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Chalcophorella Kerremans,i903 

2347) Chrysobothris Eschscholtz, 1829 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Chrysobothris Eschscholtz, 1829 

2348) Coraebus Laporte & Gory,i836 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Coraebus Laporte & Gory, 1836 

2349) Eurythyrea Lacordaire,i835 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Eurythyrea Lacordaire,i835 

2350) Julodella Semenov,i893 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Julodella Semenov,i893 

2351) Julodis Eschscholz,i829 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Julodis Eschscholz,i82g 

2352) Meliboeus Deyrolle,i864 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Meliboeus Deyrolle,i864 

2 353) Polyctesis Marseul,i865 (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Polyctesis Marseul,i86s 

2354) Trachys Fabricius,l8oi (Buprestidae) Synonym(s): Trachys Fabricius,i8oi; Phytodera Gistel,i8s6 

2355) Xerasia Lewis, 1895 (Byturidae) Synonym(s): Xerasia Lewis, 1895 

2356) Aphelonema Uhler,i876 (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): Aphelonema Uhler,i8y6 

2357) Brucoscelis Melichar,i9o6 (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): Brucoscelis Melichar,i9o6 

2358) Caliscelis Laporte, 1833 (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): Caliscelis Laporte,i833; Mejonosoma 
O.Costa,i834; Ahomocnemiella Kusnezov ,1929 

2359) Ommatidiotus Spinola,i839 (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): Ommatidiotus Spinola,i839 

2360) Peltonotellus Puton,i886 (Caliscelidae) Synonym(s): Peltonotus Mulsant & Rey,i855 (praeocc); 
Peltonotellus Puton,i886 

2361) Calliphora R-D.,1830 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Calliphora R-D.,1830; Acrophaga Brauer & 
Bergenstamm.,1891; Acronesia Hall, 1948 

2362) Chrysomya R-D.,1830 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Chrysomya R-D.,1830; Compsomyia 
Rondani,i875; Pycnosoma Brauer & Bergenstamm.,1894; Achoetandrus Bezzi,i92y; Pycnosomops Townsend,i934 

2363) Lucilia R-D.,1830 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Lucilia R-D.,1830; Phoenicia R-D.,1863; Bufolucilia 
Townsend,i9i4; Francilia Shannon,i924; Caesariceps Rohdendor/,1926; Dasylucilia Rohdendor/,1926; 
Chaetophaenicia Enderlein,i936; Acrophagella Ringdahl,i942 

2364) Pollenia R-D.,1830 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Pollenia R-D.,1830 

2365) Rhyncomya R-D.,1830 (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Rhyncomya R-D.,1830; Metallea Wulp,i88o 

2366) Stomorhina Rondani,i86i (Calliphoridae) Synonym(s): Idia Wiedemann, 1820 nee Hbn.,1813 non 
Lamouroux,i8i6; Stomorhina Rondani,i86i 

2367) Calopteryx Leach, 1815 (Calopterygidae) Synonym(s): Calopteryx Leach, 1815 

2368) Epallage Charpentier,l840 (Calopterygidae) Synonym(s): Epallage Charpentier,i840; Euphaea 
Selys-Longchamps,i840; Pseudophaea Kirby,i890 nee Selys-Longchamps,i840; #Epalage Brauer,i902; 
#Epallaga Demirsoy,i982; #Epellaga Demirsoy,i982 

2369) Ancistronycha Markel,i852 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Ancistronycha Markel,i8s2 

2370) Boveycantharis Wittmer,i969 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Boveycantharis Wittmer,i969 

2371) Cantharis Linnaeus, 1758 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Cantharis Linnaeus, 1758; Silotrachelus 

2372) Cordicantharis Svihla,i999 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Cordicantharis Svihla,i99g 

2373) Islamocantharis (Unicantharis) Svihla,i999 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Unicantharis 

2374) Islamocantharis (s.str.) Wittmer & Magis,i978 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Islamocantharis 
Wittmer Ik Magis, 1978 

2375) Islamocantharis Wittmer & Magis,i978 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Islamocantharis Wittmer & 

2376) Malthinus Latreille,l790 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Malthinus Latreille,i79o; Apteromalthinus 
Escaler 0,1913 

2377) Malthodes Kiesenwetter,i852 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Malthodes Kiesenwetter,i852; 
Hapaloderus Motschoulsky,i853; Apodistrus Reitter,i882; Malthinellus Seidlitz,i889 nee Kiesemv.,1874; 
Podistrina Seidlitz,i889; Malthodellus Bourgeois,i892; Paramalthodes Weise,i893;Dalthomes 
Fiori,i905;Maltharcus Fiori,i905; Malthodinus Fiori,i905; Mesomalthodes Fiori,i905; Promalthodes Fiori,i905; 
Prothalmodes Fiori,i905 

2378) Metacantharis Bourgeois, 1886 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Metacantharis Bourgeois, 1886 

2379) Occathemus Svihla,i999 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Occathemus Svihla,i99g 

2380) Pakabsidia Wittmer, 1972 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Pakabsidia Wittmer,i972 

2381) Rhagonycha Eschscholtz, 1830 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Rhagonycha Eschscholtz,i830 

2382) Sinometa Wittmer,i969 (Cantharidae) Synonym(s): Sinometa Wittmer,i969 

2383) Capnia Pictet,l84l (Capniidae) Synonym(s): Capnia Pictet,i84i; Arsapnia Banks,i897 

2384) Abax (Abacopercus) Ganglbauer,i89i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Abacopercus Ganglbauer,i89i 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2385) Abax Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Abax Bonelli,i8io 

2386) Acinopus (s.str.) Dejean,i82i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Acinopus Dejean,i82i 

2387) Agonum Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Agonum Bonelli,i8io 

2388) Amara (Amarocelia) Motschoulsky,i862 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Amarocelia 

2389) Amara (Amathitis) C.Zimmermann,i832 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Amathitis 

2390) Amara (Bradytus) Stephens, 1827 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Bradytus Stephens,i827 

2391) Amara (Celia) C.Zimmermann,i832 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Celia C.Zimmermann,i832 

2392) Amara (Curtonotus) Stephens, 1827 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Curtonotus Stephens, 1827 

2393) Amara (Xenocelia) Hieke,200i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Xenocelia Hieke,200i 

2394) Amara (Zezea) Csiki,i929 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Zezea Csiki,ig2g 

2395) Amara (s.str.) Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Amara Bonelli,i8io 

2396) Amara Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Amara Bonelli,i8io 

2397) Anillidius (s.str.) Jeannel,i928 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Anillidius Jeannel,ig28 

2398) Apotomus (Apotomus) Illiger,i8o7 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Apotomus Illiger,i8o7 

2399) Aptinus Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Aptinus Bonelli,i8io 

2400) Asaphidion (Asaphidion) Gozis,i886 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Asaphidion Gozis,i886 

2401) Atranopsis Baehr,i982 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Atranopsis Baehr,ig82 

2402) Atranus LeConte,i848 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Atranus LeConte,i848 

2403) Bembidion (Bembidion) Latreille,i8o2 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Bembidion Latr exile, 1802 

2404) Bembidion (Bembidionetolitzkya) Strand,i929 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Bembidionetolitzkya 

2405) Bembidion (Chlorodium) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Chlorodium 

2406) Bembidion (Diplocampa) Bedel, 1896 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Diplocampa Bedel,i8g6 

2407) Bembidion (Emphanes) Motschoulsky,i850 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Emphanes 

2408) Bembidion (Euperyphus) Jeannel,i94i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Euperyphus Jeannel,ig4i 

2409) Bembidion (Metallina) Motschoulsky,i8so (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Metallina 

2410) Bembidion (Microserrullula) Netolitzky,i92i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Micro serrullula 

2411) Bembidion (Neja) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): NejaMotschoulsky,i864 

2412) Bembidion (Nepha) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Nepha Motschoulsky,i864 

2413) Bembidion (Notaphemphanes) Netolitzky,i920 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Notaphemphanes 

2414) Bembidion (Notaphocampa) Netolitzky,i9i4 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Notaphocampa 

2415) Bembidion (Notaphus) Dejean,i82i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Notaphus Dejean,i82i 

2416) Bembidion (Ocydromus) Clairville,i8o6 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Ocydromus Clairville,i8o6 

2417) Bembidion (Ocyturanes) Muller & Motzfeld,i986 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Ocyturanes Miiller 
& Motzfeld,ig86 

2418) Bembidion (Odontium) LeConte,i848 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Odontium LeConte,i848 

2419) Bembidion (Omoperyphus) Netolitzky,i93i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Omoperyphus 

2420) Bembidion (Peryphanes) Jeannel,i94i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Peryphanes Jeannel,ig4i 

2421) Bembidion (Peryphiolus) Jeannel,i94i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Peryphiolus Jeannel,ig4i 

2422) Bembidion (Peryphus) Dejean,i82i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Peryphus Dejean,i82i 

2423) Bembidion (Philochthus) Stephens, 1828 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Philochthus Stephens,i828 

2424) Bembidion (Phyla) Motschoulsky,i844 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Phyla Motschoulsky, 1844 

2425) Bembidion (Princidium) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Princidium 
Motschoulsky, 1864 

2426) Bembidion (Talanes) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Talanes Motschoulsky, 1864 

2427) Bembidion (Testediolum) Ganglbauer,i89i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Testediolum 
Ganglbauer ,i8gi 

2428) Bembidion (Testedium) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Testedium 
Motschoulsky, 1864 

2429) Bembidion (Trepanes) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Trepanes 
Motschoulsky, 1864 

2430) Bembidion (s.str.) Latreille,i8o2 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Bembidion Latr eille, 1802 

2431) Brachinus (Aploa) Hope, 1833 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Aploa Hope, 1833 

2432) Brachinus (Brachynidius) Reitter,i9i9 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Brachynidius Reitter,igig 

2433) Brachinus (Brachynolomus) Reitter,i9i9 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Brachynolomus Reitter,igig 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2434) Brachinus (Cnecostolus) Reitter,i9i9 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cnecostolus Reitter,i9ig 

2435) Brachinus (s.str.) Weber,i8oi (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Brachinus Weber,i8oi 

2436) Brachinus Weber, 1801 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Brachinus Weber,i8oi 

2437) Callisthenes (s.str.) Fischer von Waldheim,i82i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Callisthenes Fischer 
von Waldheim.,1821 

2438) Callisthenes Fischer von Waldheim,i82i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Callisthenes Fischer von 

2439) Callistus Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Callistus Bonelli,i8io 

2440) Calosoma Weber, 1801 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Calosoma Weber,i8oi 

2441) Caminara Motschoulsky,i865 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): CaminaraMotschoulsky,i86s 

2442) Campalita Motschoulsky,i865 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Campalita Motschoulsky, 1865 

2443) Carabus (Archicarabus) Seidlitz,i887 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Archicarabus Seidlitz,i887 

2444) Carabus (Cechenochilus) Motschoulsky,i846 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cechenochilus 

2445) Carabus (Heterocarabus) Morawitz,i886 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Heterocarabus 

2446) Carabus (Ischnocarabus) Kraatz,i877 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Ischnocarabus Kraatz,i877 

2447) Carabus (Lamprostus) Motschoulsky,i865 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Lamprostus 

2448) Carabus (Limnocarabus) Gehin,i876 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Limnocarabus Gehm.,1876 

2449) Carabus (Limnocarabus) Gehh-1,1876 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Limnocarabus Gehin,i876 

2450) Carabus (Lipaster) Motschoulsky,i865 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Lipaster Motschoulsky, 1865 

2451) Carabus (Mimocarabus) Gehin,i885 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Mimocarabus Gehin,i88s 

2452) Carabus (Morphocarabus) Gehin,i885 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Morphocarabus Gehin,i88s 

2453) Carabus (Oreocarabus) Gehh-1,1876 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Oreocarabus Gehin,i876 

2454) Carabus (Oxycarabus) Semenov,i8Q8 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Oxy carabus Semenov, 1898 

2 455) Carabus (Pachycarabus) Gehin,i876 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pachycarabus Gehin,i876 

2456) Carabus (Pachystus) Motschoulsky,i865 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pachystus Motschoulsky, 1865 

2457) Carabus (Procerus) Dejean,i828 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Procerus Dejean,i828 

2458) Carabus (Procrustes) Bonelli,i8oQ (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Procrustes Bonelli,i8o9; 
Procrusticus White,i845; Macrogenus Motschoulsky,i846; Sphodristus Motschoulsky, 1865; Chaetomelas 
Thomson,i875; Procrustocarabus Gehm.,1876; Creprostus Imura,2002 

2459) Carabus (Sphodristocarabus) Gehin,i885 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Sphodristocarabus 

2460) Carabus (Tachypus) Weber, 1801 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Tachypus Weber,i8oi 

2461) Carabus (Tomocarabus) Reitter,i8Q6 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Tomocarabus Reitter,i896 

2462) Carabus (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Carabus Linnaeus, 1758 

2463) Carabus Linnaeus, 1758 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Carabus Linnaeus,i758 

2464) Cephalota (Taenidia) Rivalier,iQ50 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Taenidia Rivalier,i9so 

2465) Cephalota (s.str.) Dokhturov,i883 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cephalota Dokhturov, 1883 

2466) Cephalota Dokhturov,i883 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cephalota Dokhturov,i883 

2467) Chlaenius (Chlaeniellus) Reitter,iQo8 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Chlaeniellus Reitter,i9o8 

2468) Chlaenius (Chlaenites) Motschoulsky,i86o (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Chlaenites 

2469) Chlaenius (s.str.) Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Chlaenius Bonelli,i8io 

2470) Cicindela Linnaeus, 1758 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cicindela Linnaeus, 1758 

2471) Cylindera (Cicindina) Adam & Merkl,iQ86 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Eugrapha Rivalier,i950 
necHbn.,[i825]; Cicindina Adam &Merkl,i986 

2472) Cylindera (s.str.) Westwood,i83i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cylindera Westwood,i83i; Cylindella 

2473) Harpalus (Actephilus) Stephens, 1829 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Actephilus Stephens, 1829 

2474) Harpalus (Artabas) Gozis,i883 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Artabas Gozis,i883 

2475) Harpalus (Harpalophonus) Ganglbauer,i892 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Harpalophonus 
Ganglbauer ,1892 

2476) Harpalus (s.str.) Latreille,l802 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Harpalus Latreille,i8o2; Euxenus 
Gistel,i856; Epiharpalus Reitter,i900; Lasioharpalus Reitter,i900; Haploharpalus Schauberger ,1926 

2477) Harpalus Latreille,l802 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Harpalus Latreille,i8o2; Euxenus Gistel,i8s6; 
Epiharpalus Reitter,i900; Lasioharpalus Reitter,i900; Haploharpalus Schauberger, 1926 

2478) Homodela Rivalier,i950 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Homodela Rivalier,i9so 

2479) Laemostenus (Pristonychus) Dejean,i828 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pristonychus Dejean,i828; 
Aechmites Schaufuss,i865; Pseudopristonychus Schaufuss,i86s; Eutrichomerus Carret,i907; Neomelicharia 
Schatzmayr,i909; Paralaemostenus Jeannel,i9i4; Trichotarsus Jedlicka,i962 nee Canestrini,i888 non Krtz.,1897 

2480) Laemostenus (s.str.) Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Laemostenus Bonelli,i8io 

2481) Laemostenus Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Laemostenus Bonelli,i8io 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2482) Leistus (Pogonophorus) Latreille,i8o2 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pogonophorus Latreille,i8o2 

2483) Leistus (s.str.) Frolich, 1799 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Leistus Frolich.,1799 

2484) Lophyridia Jeannel,i946 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Lophyridia Jeannel,ig46 

2485) Megacephala Latreille,i8o3 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Megacephala Latreille,i8o3 

2486) Myriochile (Monelica) Rivalier,i950 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Monelica Rivalier,i950 

2487) Myriochile (s.str.) Motschulsky,i862 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Myriochile Motschulsky, 1862 

2488) Myriochile Motschulsky,l862 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Myriochile Motschulsky, 1862 

2489) Nebria (Eunebria) Jeannel,i937 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Eunebria Jeannel,ig37 

2490) Nebria (Eurynebria) Ganglbauer,i89i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Eurynebria Ganglbauer,i8gi 

2491) Nebria (Nebria) Latreille,i8o2 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Nebria Latreille, 1802 

2492) Nebria (Tyrrhenia) Ledoux & Roux,2005 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Tyrrhenia Ledoux & 

2493) Nebria (s.str.) Latreille, 18 02 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Nebria Latreille, 1802 

2494) Neoblemus (s.str.) Jeannel,i923 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Neoblemus Jeannel,ig23 

2495) Notiophilus Dumeril,i8o6 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Notiophilus Dumeril,i8o6 

2496) Oodes (s.str.) Bonelli,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Oodes Bonelli,i8io 

2497) Ophonus (Hesperophonus) Antoine,i959 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Hesperophonus 

2498) Ophonus Stephens, 1827 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Ophonus Stephens, 1827 

2499) Parvocaecus (Parvocaecus) Coiffait,i956 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Parvocaecus Coiffait,igs6 

2500) Paussus (Cochliopaussus) H.Kolbe,i927 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Cochliopaussus H.Kolbe,ig27 

2501) Paussus Linnaeus, 1775 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Paussus Linnaeus, 1775; #Pausus Thunberg ,1781 

2502) Perileptus Schaum,i86o (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Perileptus Schaum.,1860 

2503) Pogonistes (Pogonistes) Chaudoir,i87i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pogonistes Chaudoir,i87i 

2504) Pseudoophonus Motschoulsky,i844 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoophonus Motschoulsky,i844 

2505) Siagona (Siagona) Latreille,i8o4 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Siagona Latreille,i8o4 

2506) Sinechostictus (s.str.) Motschoulsky,i864 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Sinechostictus 

2507) Synuchus (Synuchus) Gyllenhal,i8io (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Synuchus Gyllenhal,i8io 

2508) Tachys (Eotachys) Jeannel,i94i (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Eotachys Jeannel,ig4i 

2509) Taphoxenus (Lychnifugus) Motschoulsky,i865 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Lychnifugus 

2510) Taphoxenus Motschoulsky,i850 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Taphoxenus Motschoulsky, 1850 

2511) Trechus (s.str.) Clairville,i8o6 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Trechus Clairville,i8o6 

2512) Troglocimmerites (s.str.) Ljovuschkin,i970 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Troglocimmerites 
Ljovuschkin,i g70 

2513) Turkanillus (Turkanillus) Coiffait,i956 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Turkanillus Coiffait,igs6 

2514) Xenion Tschitscherine,i902 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Xenion Tschitscherine,igo2 

2515) Zabrus (s.str.) Clairville,i8o6 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Zabrus Clairville,i8o6 

2516) Zabrus Clairville,i8o6 (Carabidae) Synonym(s): Zabrus Clairville, 1806 

2517) Meoneura Rondani,i846 (Carnidae) Synonym(s): Meoneura Rondani,i846 

2518) Cebrio Olivier, 1790 (Cebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cebrio Olivier, i7go 

2519) Aphidoletes Kieffer,i904 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Aphidoletes Kieffer,igo4 

2520) Apiomyia Kieffer,i9i2 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Apiomyia Kieffer,igi2 

2521) Arthrocnodax Riibsaamen,i895 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Arthrocnodax Rubsaamen,i8gs 

2522) Asphondylia Loew,i8so (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Asphondylia Loew,i8so 

2523) Asynapta Loew,l850 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Asynapta Loew,i8so; #Asynapta Rondani,i86o 

2524) Brachineura Rondani,i840 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Brachineura Rondani,i84o; 
Brachyneura Agassiz,i846 

2525) Camptomyia Kieffer,i894 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Camptomyia Kiejfer,i8g4 

2526) Clinodiplosis Kieffer,i894 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Clinodiplosis Kieffer,i8g4 

2527) Contarinia Rondani,i86o (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Contarinia Rondani,i86o 

2528) Dasineura Rondani,i840 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Dasineura Rondam.,1840; Dasynevra 

2529) Dicrodiplosis Kieffer,i895 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Dicrodiplosis Kieffer,i8gs 

2530) Dryomyia Kieffer,i898 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Dryomyia Kieffer,i8g8 

2531) Feltiella Riibsaamen,i9io (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Feltiella Rubsaamen,igio 

2532) Harmandiola Skuhrava,i997 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Harmandia Kieffer,i8g6 nee 
Rocheb.,i8g2; Harmandiola Skuhrava,igg7 

2 533) Hartigiola Riibsaamen,i9i2 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Hartigiola Rilbsaamen,igi2 

2 534) Iteomyia Kieffer,i9i3 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Iteomyia Kieffer,igi3 

2535) JaapiellaRubsaamen,[i9i6] (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Jaapiella Rubsaamen,[igi6] 

2536) Janetia Kieffer,i896 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Janetia Kiejfer,i8g6 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2 537) Janetiella Kieffer,i898 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Janetiella Kieffer,i8g8 

2538) Lasioptera Meigen,i8i8 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Lasioptera Meigen,i8i8; Diomyza 
Meigen.,1818; Prolasioptera Kiejfer,igi3; Thomasiella Riibsaamen,igi5; Gastinella Del Guercio,igi8 

2 539) Leptodiplosis Kieffer,i894 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Leptodiplosis Kieffer,i8g4; #Lestodiplosis 

2540) Macrodiplosis Kieffer,i895 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Macrodiplosis Kieffer,i8gs 

2541) Mayetiola Kieffer,l896 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Mayetia Kieffer,i8g6 (praeocc); Mayetiola 

2542) Mikiola Kieffer,i896 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Mikiola Kieffer,i8g6 

2543) Mikomya Kieffer,i9i2 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Mikomya Kieffer,igi2 

2544) Monarthropalpus Rubsaamen,i892 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Monarthropalpus 

2 545) Odinadiplosis Mani,i935 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Odinadiplosis Mani,ig35 

2546) Oligotrophus Latreille,i8o4 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Oligotrophus Latreille,i8o4 

2547) Ozirhincus Rondani,l840 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Ozirhincus Rondani,i840; Clionorhyncha 
Loew,i850; #Ozirhinchus Kieffer,igoi 

2548) Physemocecis Riibsaamen,i9i4 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Physemocecis Riibsaamen,igi4 

2549) Probruggmanniella M6hn,i96i (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Probruggmanniella M6hn,ig6i 

2550) Rabdophaga Westwood,i847 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Rabdophaga Westwood,i847; 
Dichelomyia Riibsaamen,i8g2; Bertieria Kieffer,i8g6; Rhabdophaga Kieffer,igoi; Helicomyia Rilbsaamen,igi6; 
Epouren,a Rapp,ig46; Bremiolina Mamaev & Mirumian,iggo 

2551) Resseliella Seitner,i9o6 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Resseliella Seitner,igo6 

2552) Rhopalomyia Riibsaamen,i892 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Rhopalomyia Rubsaamen,i8g2 

2553) Taxomyia Riibsaamen,i9i2 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Taxomyia Rilbsaamen,igi2 

2554) Thecodiplosis Kieffer,i895 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Thecodiplosis Kieffer,i8gs 

2555) Wachtliella Rubsaamen,i9i5 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Wachtliella Rubsaamen,igi5 

2556) Zygiobia Kieffer, 19 13 (Cecidomyiidae) Synonym(s): Zygiobia Kieffer,igi3 

2557) Calameuta (s.str.) Konow,i896 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Calameuta Konow,i8g6; Monoplopus 
Konow,i8g6; Haplocephus Benson, ig35 

2558) Calameuta Konow,l896 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Calameuta Konow,i8g6; Monoplopus Konow,i8g6; 
Haplocephus Benson,ig35 

2559) Cephus Latreille,i8o2 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Cephus Latreille,i8o2 

2560) Characopygus Konow,i899 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Characopygus Konow,i8gg 

2561) Hartigia Schiodte,l839 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Hartigia Schiodte,i83g; Cerobactrus Costa,i86o; 
MAcrocephus Schlechtendal,i8y8; Cephosoma Gradl,i88i; Adirus Konow,i8gg; Paradirus Dovnar-Zapolski,ig3i; 
Hissarocephus Gussakowski,ig35 

2562) Janus Stephens, 1829 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Janus Stephens, i82g; Phylloecus Newman,i838; 
Ephippionotus Costa,i86o 

2563) Pachycephus (Eversmannella) Jakovlev,i892 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Eversmannella 

2564) Pachycephus Stein, 1876 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Pachycephus Stein,i876 

2565) Syrista Konow, 1896 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): SyristaKonow,i8g6 

2566) Trachelus Jurine, 1807 (Cephidae) Synonym(s): Trachelus Jurine,i8o7 

2567) Agapanthia Audinet-Serville,i835 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Agapanthia Audinet- 
Serville,i835; Segmentaria Gistl,i848 

2568) Agapanthiola Ganglbauer,i900 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Agapanthiola Ganglbauer,igoo 

2569) Alosterna Mulsant,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Alosterna Mulsant,i863 

2570) Anaglyptus Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Anaglyptus Mulsant,i83g 

2571) Anastrangalia Casey,i924 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Anastrangalia Casey,ig24 

2572) Anoplodera Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Anoplodera Mulsant,i83g 

2573) Arhopalus Audinet-Serville,i834 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Arhopalus Audinet-Serville,i834 

2574) Aromia Audinet-Serville,i834 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Aromia Audinet-Serville,i834 

2575) Asemum Eschscholtz,i830 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Asemum Eschscholtz,i830 

2576) Batocera Laporte,i840 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Batocera Laporte,i840 

2577) Blepisanis Pascoe,i867 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Blepisanis Pascoe,i86y 

2578) Calamobius Guerin-Meneville,i847 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Calamobius Guerin- 

2579) Calandrea Sama & Rapuzzi,i999 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Calandrea Sama & Rapuzzi,iggg 

2580) Calchaenesthes Kraatz,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Calchaenesthes Kraatz,i863 

2581) Callimoxys Kraatz,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Callimoxys Kraatz,i863 

2582) Callimus (Lampropterus) Mulsant,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Lampropterus 

2583) Callimus (Procallimus) Pic,i907 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Procallimus Pic,igoy 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2584) Callimus Mulsant,i846 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Callimus Mulsant,i846; Callimellum 

2585) Cardoria Mulsant,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Cardoria Mulsant,i863 

2586) Carinatodorcadion Breuning,i942 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Carinatodorcadion 

2587) Cerambyx (Microcerambyx) Miksic & Georgijevic,i973 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): 
Microcerambyx Miksic & Georgijevic,ig73 

2588) Cerambyx (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Cerambyx Linnaeus, 1758 

2589) Cerambyx Linnaeus, 1758 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Cerambyx Linnaeus,i758 

2590) Certallum Dejean,i82i (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Certallum Dejean,i82i 

2591) Chlorophorus Chevrolat,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Chlorophorus Chevrolat,i863 

2592) Clytus Laicharting,i784 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Clytus Laicharting,i784 

2 593) CoptosiaFairmaire,[i863] (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Coptosia Fairmaire,[i863] 

2594) Dorcadion (Cribridorcadion) Pic,i90i (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Cribridorcadion Pic,igoi 

2 595) Dorcadion (s.str.) Dalman,i8i7 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Dorcadion Dalman,i8i7 

2596) Dorcadion Dalman, 1817 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Dorcadion Dalman,i8i7 

2597) Drymochares Mulsant,i847 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Drymochares Mulsant,i847 

2598) Etorofus Matsushita, 1933 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Etorofus Matsushita,ig33 

2599) Fallacia Mulsant & Rey,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Fallacia Mulsant & Rey,i863 

2600) Helladia Fairmaire,[i863] (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Helladia Fairmaire,[i863] 

2601) Herophila Mulsant,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Herophila Mulsant,i863; Dorcatypus 

2602) Hybometopia Ganglbauer,i889 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Hybometopia Ganglbauer,i88g 

2603) Icosium Lucas, 1854 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Icosium Lucas, 1854 

2604) Isotomus Mulsant,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Isotomus Mulsant,i863 

2605) Lamia Fabricius, 1775 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Lamia Fabricius,i775 

2606) Leptura Linnaeus, 1758 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Leptur a Linnaeus, 1758 

2607) Micromallosia Pic, 1900 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Micromallosia Pic,igoo 

2608) Morimus Brulle,i832 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Morimus Brulle,i832 

2609) Musaria Thomson, 1864 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Musaria Thomson,i864 

2610) Neodorcadion Ganglbauer,i884 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Neodorcadion Ganglbauer,i884 

2611) Neomusaria Plavilshchikov,i928 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Neomusaria Plavilshchikov,ig28 

2612) Neoplagionotus Kasatkin,2005 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Neoplagionotus Kasatkin,2005 

2613) Nothorhina Redtenbacher,i845 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Nothorhina Redtenbacher,i845 

2614) Oberea Mulsant,i839 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Oberea Mulsant,i83g 

2615) Opsilia Mulsant,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Opsilia Mulsant,i863 

2616) Osphranteria Redtenbacher,[i849] (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Osphranteria 

2617) Oxylia Mulsant, 1863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Oxy Ha Mulsant, 1863 

2618) Pachytodes Pic, 1891 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Pachytodes Pic,i8gi 

2619) Paraclytus Bates, 1884 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Paraclytus Bates,i884 

2620) Paracorymbia Miroshnikov,i998 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Paracorymbia Miroshnikov,igg8 

2621) Paraplagionotus Kasatkin,2005 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Paraplagionotus Kasatkin,2005 

2622) Pedestredorcadion Breuning,i942 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Pedestredorcadion 

2623) Pedostrangalia Sokolov,i896 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Pedostrangalia Sokolov,i8g6 

2624) Phytoecia (Blepisanis) Pascoe,i867 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Blepisanis Pascoe,i867 

2625) Phytoecia (Metallidia) Kasatkin,20ii (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Metallidia Kasatkin,20ii 

2626) Phytoecia (Pilemia) Fairmaire,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Pilemia Fairmaire,i863 

2627) Phytoecia (s.str.) Dejean,i835 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Phytoecia Dejean,i835 

2628) Phytoecia Dejean, 1835 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Phytoecia Dejean,i835 

2629) Plagionotus Mulsant, 1842 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Platynotus Mulsant,i83g (praeocc); 
Plagionotus Mulsant,i842 

2630) Pseudosphegesthes Reitter,i9i2 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Pseudosphegesthes Reitter,igi2 

2631) Pseudovadonia Lobanov, Danilevsky & Murzin,i98i (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): 
Pseudovadonia Lobanov, Danilevsky & Murzin,ig8i 

2632) Purpuricenus Fischer von Waldheim,i824 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Purpuricenus Fischer 
von Waldheim.,1824 

2633) Rutpela Nakane & Ohbayashi,i957 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Rutpela Nakane & 

2634) Saperda Fabricius, 1775 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Saperda Fabricius, 177 5 

2635) Semnosia K.Daniel, 1904 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Semnosia K.Daniel,igo4 

2636) Spondylis Fabricius, 1775 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Spondylis Fabricius, 1775 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2637) Stenopterus Illiger,i8o4 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Stenopterus Illiger,i8o4; Steropterus 

2638) Stenurella Villers,i974 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Stenurella Villers,igy4 

2639) Stictoleptura Casey,i924 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Stictoleptura Casey,ig24 

2640) Strangalia Audinet-Serville,i835 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): StrangaliaAudinet-Serville,i835 

2641) Tetrops Kirby,l826 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Tetr ops Kirby, 1826; Tetraopes Kirby,i826 

2642) Theophilea Pic, 1895 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Theophilea Pic,i8gs 

2643) Trichoferus Wollaston,i854 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Trichoferus Wollaston,i854 

2644) Turanoclytus Sama,i994 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Turanoclytus Sama.,1994 

2645) Vadonia Mulsant,i863 (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Vadonia Mulsant,i863 

2646) Xylotrechus Chevrolat,i86o (Cerambycidae) Synonym(s): Xylotrechus Chevrolat,i86o 

2647) Atrichopogon Kieffer,l9o6 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Atrichopogon Kieffer,igo6; Kempia 
Kieffer,igi3 nee Matthews,igi2; Gymnohelea Kieffer,ig2i; Dolichohelea Edwards, ig2g; Impensukempia Yu,200i 

2648) Ceratopogon Meigen,i8o3 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): #Helea Meigen,i8oo; Ceratopogon 
Meigen,i8o3; Cerapogon Rafinesque,i8i5; Psilohelea Kiejfer,igi5; Anakempia Kieffer,ig24; Diplohelea 
Kieffer,ig25 ^ 

2649) Culicoides Latreille,i8o9 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Culicoides Latreille,i8og; Padrosia 
Rafinesque,i8i5; Oecacta Poey,i853; Psychophaena Philippi,i865; Haematomydium Goeldi,igo5; Cotocripus 
Brethes,igi2; Oxyhelea Kieffer,ig2i; Diplosella Kieffer,ig2i; Haemophoructus Macfie,ig25; Prosapelma 
Kieffer,ig25; Synhelea Kieffer,ig25; Hoffmania Fox,ig48; Beltranmyia Vargas,ig53; Selfia Khalaf,ig54; 
Monoculicoides Khalaf,ig54; Avaritia Fox,ig55; Trithecoides Wirth & Hubert,igsg; Anilomyia Vargas,ig6o; 
Drymodesmyia Vargas,ig6o; Diphaomyia Vargas,ig6o;Glaphiromyia Vargas,ig6o; Meijerehelea With & 
Hubert,ig6i; Pontoculicoides Remm,ig68; Callotia Vargas & Kremer,igy2; Wirthomyia Vargas,igy3; 
Sensiculicoides Shevchenko,igyy; Remmia Glukhova,igyy; Silvaticulicoides Glukhova,igyy; Neoculicoides 
Boorman & Lane,igyg; Nullicella Lee,ig82; Sinocoides Chu,ig83; Jilinocoides Chu,ig83; Stigmoculicoides 
Isaev,ig88; Amossovia Glukhova,ig8g; Silvicola Mirzaeva & Isaev,iggo; Tokunagahelea Dyce & Meiswinkel,iggs; 
Fastus Lee,2005 

2650) Dasyhelea Kieffer,i9ii (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Dasyhelea Kieffer,igu; Prokempia 
Kieffer,igi3; Pseudoculicoides Malloch,igi5; Tetrahelea Kieffer,ig25; Dicryptoscena Enderlein,ig36; Sebessia 
Remm,igyg; Borkentimyia Yu et al.,2006 

2651) Forcipomyia (s.str.) Meigen,i8i8 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Forcipomyia Meigen,i8i8; 
Labidomyia Stephens, i82g; Tetraphora Philippi,i865; Prohelea Kiefer,igii 

2652) Forcipomyia Meigen,l8l8 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): Forcipomyia Meigen,i8i8; Labidomyia 
Stephens, i82g; Tetraphora Philippi,i86s; Prohelea Kiefer,ign 

2653) Sphaeromias Curtis, 1829 (Ceratopogonidae) Synonym(s): #Sphaeromias Stephens,i82g; 
Sphaeromias Curtis,i82g; Xylocrypta Kieffer,i8gg 

2654) Aphrophora Germar,l82l (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Aphrophora Germar,i82i; Omalophora 
Matsumura,ig42; Trigophora Matsumura,ig42; Europhora Matsumura,ig42; Obiphora Matsumura,ig42; 
Tilophora Matsumura,ig42; Atuphora Matsumura,ig42 

2655) Cercopis Fab ricius, 1775 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Cercopis Fabricius,iyy5; Triecphora Amyot & 

2656) Haematoloma Haupt,i9i9 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Haematoloma Haupt,igig 

2657) Lepyronia Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Lepyronia Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville,i843; Euclovia Matsumura,igo3 

2658) Mesoptyelus Matsumura,i904 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Mesoptyelus Matsumura,igo4; 
Lepyroniella Melcihar \1g13 

2659) Neophilaenus Haupt,l935 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Neophilaenus Haupt,ig35; Neophilaenulus 

2660) Paraphilaenus Vilbaste,i962 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Paraphilaenus Vilbaste,ig62 

2661) Philaenus Stal,i864 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Philaenus Stal,i864 

2662) Triecphorella Nast,i933 (Cercopidae) Synonym(s): Triecphorella Nast,ig33 

2663) Cerococcus Comstock,i882 (Cerococcidae) Synonym(s): Cerococcus Comstock,i882 

2664) Anachalcis Steffan,i95i (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Anachalcis Steffan,igsi 

2665) Aphasganophora Nikolskaya,i952 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Aphasganophora Nikolskaya,igs2 

2666) Belaspidia Masi,i9i6 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Belaspidia Masi,igi6 

2667) Brachymeria Westwood,i829 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Brachymeria Westwood,i82g; 
Thaumatelia Kirby,i883; #Brodymeria Ashmead,igo4; Oncochalcis Cameron,igo4; Holochalcis Kieffer,igo5; 
Ceyxia Girault,ign; Tumidicoxa Girault,igii; Thaumateliana Girault,igi2; Pseudepitelia Girault,igi3; 
Tumidicoxella Girault,igi3; Tumidicoxoides Girault,igi3; Dirrhinomorpha Girault & Dodd,igis; Mirochalcis 
Girault,igi5; Meyeriella Krausse,igiy; Neobrachymeria Masi,ig2g; Australochalcis Girault,ig3g; Gahanula 
Burks,ig6o; Matsumurameria Habu,ig6o 

2668) Dirhinus Dalman,l8l8 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Dirhinus Dalman,i8i8; Eniaca Kirby,i883; 
Hontalia Cameron,i884; Chontalia Schultz,igo6; Dirrhinoidea Girault,igi2; Pareniaca Girault,igi3; Eniacella 
Girault,igi3; Eniacomorpha Girault,igis; Dirhinoides Masi,ig4y 

2669) Euchalcis Dufour,i86i (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Euchalcis Duf our, 1861 

2670) Haltichella Spinola,i8n (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Haltichella Spinola,i8ii 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2671) Hockeria Walker, 1834 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Hockeria Walker, 1834; Stomatoceras Kirbi/,1883; 
Temnata Cameron,i8g7; Centrochalcis Cameron,igo5; Hypochalcis Girault,igi5; Hockerella Girault,ig30; 
Afrchalcis Schmitz,ig46; Afrhockeria Steffan,ig55; Nipponohockeria Habu,ig6o 

2672) Kriechbaumerella Dalla Torre, 1897 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Kriechbaumerella Dalla 
Torre, i8gy 

2673) Lasiochalcidia Masi,i929 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Lasiochalcidia Masi,ig2g 

2674) Neochalcis Kirby,i883 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Neochalcis Kirby,i883 

2675) Proconura Dodd,i9i5 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Proconura Dodd,igi5 

2676) Psilochalcis Kieffer,i905 (Chalcididae) Synonym(s): Psilochalcis Kieffer,igos 

2677) Leucopis Meigen,i830 (Chamaemyiidae) Synonym(s): Leucopis Meigen,i830 

2678) Parochthiphila Czerny,i904 (Chamaemyiidae) Synonym(s): Parochthiphila Czerny,igo4 

2679) Abiskomyia Edwards, 1937 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Abiskomyia Edwards,ig37 

2680) Ablabesmyia Johannsen,i905 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Ablabesmyia Johannsen,igos 

2681) Acalcarella Shil.,1955 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Acalcarella Shil.,ig55 

2682) Acricotopus K.,1921 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Acricotopus K.,ig2i 

2683) Apsectrotanypus Fittkau,i962 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Apsectrotanypus Fittkau,ig62 

2684) Beckidia Saether,l979 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Beckiella Saether, ig77 (praeocc); Beckidia 

2685) Brillia Kieffer,i9i3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Brillia Kieffer,igi3 

2686) Bryophaenocladius Thienemann,i944 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Bryophaenocladius 
Thienemann,i g44 

2687) Cardiocladius Kieffer,i9i2 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Cardiocladius Kieffer,igi2 

2688) Chironomus Meigen,i8o3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Chironomus Meigen,i8o3 

2689) Cladotanytarsus Kieffer,i922 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Cladotanytarsus Kieffer,ig22 

2690) Clinotanypus Kieffer,i9i3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Clinotanypus Kieffer,igi3 

2691) Corynoneura Winnertz,i846 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Corynoneura Winnertz,i846; 
Corinoneura Bigot, 1854 

2692) Cricotopus Wulp,i874 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Cricotopus Wulp,i874 

2693) Cryptochironomus Kieffer,i9i8 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Cryptochironomus Kieffer,igi8 

2694) Cryptocladopelma Lenz,i954 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Cryptocladopelma Lenz,igs4 

2695) Cryptotendipes Lenz,i94i (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Cryptotendipes Lenz,ig4i 

2696) Diamesa Waltl,i837 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Diamesa Wald.,1837 

2697) Dicrotendipes Kieffer,i9i3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Dicrotendipes Kieffer,igi3 

2698) Diplocladius Kieffer,i9o8 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Diplocladius Kieffer,igo8 

2699) Einfeldia Kieffer,i924 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Einfeldia Kieffer,ig24 

2700) Endochironomus Kieffer,i9i8 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Endochironomus Kieffer,igi8 

2701) Eukiefferiella Thienemann,i926 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Eukiefferiella Thienemann,ig26 

2702) Fleuria Kieffer,i924 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Fleuria Kieffer,ig24 

2703) Gillotia Kieffer,i92i (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Gillotia Kieffer,ig2i 

2704) Halocladius Hirvenoja,i973 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Halocladius Hirvenoja,igy3 

2705) Harnischia Kieffer,i92i (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Harnischia Kieffer,ig2i 

2706) Krenopelopia Fittkau,i962 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Krenopelopia Fittkau,ig62 

2707) LapposmittiaTn.,1939 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Lapposmittia Tn.,ig3g 

2708) Larsia Fittkau,i962 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Larsia Fittkau,ig62 

2709) Limnophyes Eat. ,1875 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Limnophyes Eat. ,1875 

2710) Lobosmittia Saether & Andersen, 1993 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Lobosmittia Saether & 

2711) Lobosmittia Saether & Andersen, 1993 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Lobosmittia Saether & 

2712) Metriocnemus Wulp,i874 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Metriocnemus Wulp,i874 

2713) Microcricotopus Thienemann & Harn.,1933 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Microcricotopus 
Thienemann & Harn.,ig33 

2714) Micropsectra Kieffer,i909 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Micropsectra Kieffer,igog 

2715) Microtendipes Kieffer,i9i5 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Microtendipes Kieffer,igi5 

2716) Monopelopia Fittkau,i962 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Monopelopia Fittkau,ig62 

2717) Odontomesa Pagast,i947 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Odontomesa Pagast,ig47 

2718) Orthocladius Wulp,i874 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Orthocladius Wulp,i874 

2719) Parachironomus Lenz,i92i (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Parachironomus Lenz,ig2i 

2720) Paracladius Hirv.,1973 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Paracladius Hirv.,ig73 

2721) Paracladopelma Harnisch,i923 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Paracladopelma Harnisch,ig23 

2722) Parakiefferiella Thienemann, 1936 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Parakiefferiella 
Thienemann,i g36 

2723) Paralauterboniella Lenz,i94i (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Paralauterboniella Lenz,ig4i 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2724) Paramerina Fittkau,i962 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Paramerina Fittkau,ig62 

2725) Parametriocnemus Goetghebuer,i932 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Parametriocnemus 
Goetghebuer,i 932 

2726) Paratanytarsus Bause,i9i3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Paratanytarsus Bause,igi3 

2727) Paratendipes Kieffer,i9ii (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Par atendipes Kieffer, 1911 

2728) Paratrichocladius Thienemann,i942 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Paratrichocladius 
Thienemann,i 942 

2729) Polypedilum Kieffer, 1913 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Polypedilum Kieffer, 1913 

2730) Potthastia Kieffer,i922 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Potthastia Kieffer, 1922 

2731) Procladius Skuze,i889 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Procladius Skuze,i889 

2732) Prodiamesa Kieffer,i9ii (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Prodiamesa Kieffer ,1911 

2 733) Psectrocladius Kieffer, 1906 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Psectrocladius Kieffer, 1906 

2734) Psectrotanypus Kieffer, 1909 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Psectrotanypus Kieffer, 1909 

2735) Pseudodiamesa Goetghebuer,i939 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Pseudodiamesa 
Goetghebuer ,1939 

2736) Pseudosmittia Goetghebuer,i932 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Pseudosmittia Goetghebuer, 1932 

2 737) Psilodiamesa Kieffer, 1918 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Psilodiamesa Kieffer, 1918 

2738) Rheocricotopus Thienemann & Harn.,1933 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Rheocricotopus 
Thienemann & Harn.,1933; #Rheocricotopuc Sahin.,1984 

2739) Rheotanytarsus Bause,i9i3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Rheotanytarsus Bause,i9i3 

2740) Robackia Saether,i977 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Robackia Saether,i97j 

2741) Stempellina Bause,i9i3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Stempellina Bause,i9i3 

2742) Stictochironomus Kieffer,i9i9 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Stictochironomus Kieffer, 1919 

2743) Syndiamesa Kieffer,i925 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Syndiamesa Kieffer, 1925 

2744) Tanypus Meigen,i8o3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Tanypus Meigen,i8o3 

2745) Tanytarsus Wulp,i874 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Tanytarsus Wulp,i8/4 

2746) Thienemanniella Kieffer, 1911 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Thienemanniella Kieffer ,1911 

2747) Thienemannimyia Fittkau,i957 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Thienemannimyia Fittkau,i9sy 

2748) Trissopelopia Kieffer,i923 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Trissopelopia Kieffer, 1923 

2749) Zalutschia Lipina, 1939 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Zalutschia Lipina,i939 

2750) Zavrelia Kieffer, Thienemann & Bause,i9i3 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Zavrelia Kieffer, 
Thienemann & Bause,i9i3 

2751) Zavrelimyia Fittkau,i962 (Chironomidae) Synonym(s): Zavrelimyia Fittkau.,1962 

2752) Chloroperla Newman, 1836 (Chloroperlidae) Synonym(s): Chloroperla Newman,i836; Dodecatoma 
Dutour,i836; Isopteryx Pictet,i84i; Leptomerces Rambur,i842 

2753) Pontoperla Zwick,i967 (Chloroperlidae) Synonym(s): Pontoperla Zwick,ig67 

2754) Siphonoperla Zwick,i967 (Chloroperlidae) Synonym(s): Siphonoperla Zwick,i967 

2755) Anacamptoneurum Becker, 1903 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Anacamptoneurum Becker ,1903 

2756) Aphanotrigonum Duda,i932 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Aphanotrigonum Duda,i932 

2757) Chlorops Meigen,l803 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Chlorops Meigen,i8o3; Oscinis Latreille,i8o4; 
Anthracophaga Loew,i866 

2758) Elachiptera Macquart,l835 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Elachiptera Macquart,i835; Crassiseta Von 
Roser,i840; Macrochetum Rondam.,1856; Neoelachiptera Seguy,i938 

2759) Lasiambia Enderlein,i936 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Lasiambia Enderlein,i936 

2760) Lasiosina Becker, 1910 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Lasiosina Becker, 1910; Euchlorops Malloch,i9i3 

2761) Oscinella (Cyclocerculla) Beschovsky,i978 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Cyclocerculla 
Beschovsky,i978; #Cyclocercula Dawah & Abdullah,2006 

2762) Oscinella Becker,i909 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Oscinella Becker, 1909 

2763) Polyodaspis Duda,i933 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Macrothorax Lioy,i864 nee Desm.,1852; 
Polyodaspis Duda,i933 

2764) Scoliophthalmus Becker,i903 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Scoliophthalmus Becker, 1903 

2765) Thaumatomyia Zenker, 1833 (Chloropidae) Synonym(s): Thaumatomyia Zenker,i833; Chloropisca 

2766) Chrysidea Bischoff,i9i3 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Chrysidea Bischoffigis 

2767) Chrysis Linnaeus, 1761 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Chry sis Linnaeus, 1761 

2768) Chrysura Dahlbom,i845 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Chrysura Dahlbom,i845 

2769) Chrysura Dahlbom, 1845 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Chrysura Dahlbom,i845 

2770) Cleptes Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Cleptes Latreille,i8o2 

2771) Elampus Spinola,l8o6 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Elampus Spinola,i8o6; Notozus Forster,i853 

2772) Euchroeus Latreille,i8o9 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Euchroeus Latreille,i8o9 

2773) Hedychridium Abeille,i878 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): HedychridiumAbeille,i878 

2774) Hedychrum Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Hedychrum Latreille,i8o2 

2775) Holopyga Dahlbom,i845 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Holopyga Dahlbom,i845 

2776) Omalus Panzer, 1801 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Omalus Panzer, 1801 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2777) Parnopes Latreille,i796 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Parnopes Latreille,iyg6 

2778) Pentachrysis Lichtenstein,i876 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Pentachrysis Lichtenstein,i876 

2779) Philoctetes Abeille,i879 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): PhiloctetesAbeille,i879 

2780) Pseudomalus Ashmead,i902 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Pseudomalus Ashmead,igo2 

2781) Pseudospinolia Linsenmaier,i95i (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Pseudospinolia Linsenmaier,ig5i 

2782) Spinolia Dahlbom,i854 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Spinolia Dahlbom,i854 

2783) Spintharia Semenov,i892 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Spintharia Semenov,i8g2 

2784) Stilbum Spinola,i8o6 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Stilbum Spinola,i8o6 

2785) Trichrysis Dahlbom,i854 (Chrysididae) Synonym(s): Trichrysis Dahlbom.,1854 

2786) Altica Fabricius,i775 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Altica Fabricius,i775 

2787) Anthobiodes Weise,i887 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Anthobiodes Weise,i887 

2788) Aphthona Chevrolat,i825 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Aphthona Chevrolat,i825 

2789) Batophila Foudras,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Batophila Foudras,i86o 

2790) Cassida Linnaeus, 1758 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Cassida Linnaeus, 1758 

2791) Chaetocnema Stephens, 1831 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Chaetocnema Stephens,i83i 

2792) Cheilotoma Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Cheilotoma Chevrolat,i837 

2 793) Chrysolina Moutschulsky,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Chrysolina Moutschulsky,i86o 

2794) Chrysomela Linnaeus, 1758 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Chrysomela Linnaeus,i758; Elia 

2 795) Clytra Laicharting, 1781 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Clytra Laicharting,i78i 

2796) Colaphus Chevrolat,[i844] (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Colaphus Chevrolat,[i844] 

2797) Coptocephala Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): #Coptocephala Dejean,i835; 
Coptocephala Chevrolat,i837 

2798) Crepidodera Faldermann, 1837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Crepidodera Faldermann,i837 

2799) Crioceris Geoffroy,i762 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Crioceris Geoffroy,i762 

2800) Crypto cephalus Geoffroy,i762 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Cryptocephalus Geoffroy,i762 

2801) Cyrtonastes Fairmaire,i874 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Cyrtonastes Fairmaire,i874 

2802) Derocrepis Weise,i886 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Derocrepis Weise,i886 

2803) Dibolia Latreille,i829 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Dibolia Latreille,i82g 

2804) Diorhabda Weise,i893 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Diorhabda Weise,i8g3 

2805) Entomoscelis Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Entomoscelis Chevrolat,i837 

2806) Epitrix Foudras,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Epitrix Foudras,i86o 

2807) Gastrophysa Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Gastrophysa Chevrolat,i837 

2808) Gonioctena Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Gonioctena Chevrolat,i837 

2809) Hermaeophaga Foudras,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Hermaeophaga Foudras,i86o 

2810) Hippuriphila Foudras,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Hippuriphila Foudras,i86o 

2811) Hispa Linnaeus, 1767 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Hispa Linnaeus,i767 

2812) Hydrothassa Thomson, 1866 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Hydrothassa Thomson,i866 

2813) Hypocassida Weise,i893 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Hypocassida Weise,i8g3 

2814) Ischyronota Weise,i89i (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Ischyronota Weise,i8gi 

2815) Labidostomis (s.str.) Germar,i822 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Labidostomis Germar,i822 

2816) Labidostomis Germar,i822 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Labidostomis Germar,i822 

2817) Lachnaia Chevrolat, 1837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Lachnaia Chevrolat,i837 

2818) Leptinotarsa Stal,i8s8 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Leptinotarsa Stal,i8s8 

2819) Lilioceris Reitter,i9i2 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Lilioceris Reitter,igi2 

2820) Longitarsus Latreille,i827 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Longitarsus Latreille,i827 

2821) Luperus Geoffroy,i762 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Luperus Geoffroy,i762 

2822) Macrocoma Weise,i896 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Macrocoma Weise,i8g6 

2823) Macrolenes Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Macrolenes Chevrolat,i837 

2824) Mantura Stephens, 1831 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Mantura Stephens,i83i 

2825) Mniophila Stephens, 1831 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Mniophila Stephens, 1831 

2826) Neocrepidodera Heikertinger,i9ii (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Neocrepidodera 

2827) Ochrosis Foudras,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Ochrosis Foudras,i86o 

2828) Orestia Germar,i845 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Orestia Germar,i845 

2829) Pachybrachis (s.str.) Chevrolat, 1837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Pachybrachis Chevrolat, 1837 

2830) Pachybrachis Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Pachybrachis Chevrolat,i837 

2831) Phaedon Dahl,i823 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Phaedon Dahl,i823 

2832) Phratora Chevrolat, 1837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Phratora Chevrolat,i837 

2833) Phyllobrotica Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Phyllobrotica Chevrolat,i837 

2834) Phyllotreta Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Phyllotreta Chevrolat, 1837 

2835) Plagiodera Redtenbacher,i845 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Plagiodera Redtenbacher,i845 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2836) Plagiosterna Motschoulsky,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Plagiosterna Motschoulsky,i86o; 
Linaeidea Motschoulsky,i86o; #Linaeidae Asian, Gruev & Ozbek,2003 

2837) Podagrica Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Podagrica Chevrolat,i837 

2838) Prasocuris Latreille,i8o2 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Prasocuris Latreille,i8o2 

2839) Psylliodes Berthold,i827 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Psylliodes Berthold,i827 

2840) Smaragdina Chevrolat,i837 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Smaragdina Chevrolat,i837 

2841) Sphaeroderma Stephens, 1831 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Sphaeroderma Stephens,i83i 

2842) Timarcha (Timarchostoma) Motschoulsky,i86o (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): 
Timarchostoma Motschoulsky,i86o 

2843) Timarcha (s.str.) Latreille,i829 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Timarcha Latreille,i82g 

2844) Timarcha Latreille, 1829 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Timarcha Latr exile, i82g 

2845) Tituboea Lacordaire,i848 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Tituboea Lacordaire,i848 

2846) Zygogramma Chevrolat,i834 (Chrysomelidae) Synonym(s): Zygogramma Chevrolat,i834 

2847) Anisochrysa (Chrysoperla) Steinmann,i964 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Chrysoperla 
Steinmann,i g64 

2848) Anisochrysa (Cunctochrysa) Holzel, 1970 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Cunctochrysa H6lzel,igyo 

2849) Anisochrysa Nakahara, 1955 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Anisochrya Nakahara,ig5s 

2850) Brinckochrysa Tjeder,i966 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Brinckochrysa Tjeder,ig66 

2851) Chrysopa Leach, [1815] (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Chrysopa Leach,[i8is] 

2852) Hypochrysa Hagen,i866 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Hypochrysa Hagen,i866 

2853) Italochrysa Principi,i946 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Italochrysa Principi,ig46 

2854) Nineta Navas, 19 12 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): NinetaNavas,igi2 

2855) Nothochrysa McLachlan,i868 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Nothochrysa McLachlan,i868 

2856) Peyerimhoffina Lacroix,l920 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Peyerimhoffina Lacroix,ig2o; Tjederina 

2857) Rexa Navas, 1919 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Rexa Navas,igig 

2858) Suarius Navas, 1914 (Chrysopidae) Synonym(s): Suarius Navas,igi4 

2859) Acericerus Dlabola,i974 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Acericerus Dlabola,igy4 

2860) Aconura Lethierry,l876 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Aconura Lethierry,i876; Carinifer 
Linnavuori,ig52; Stalinabada Dlabola,ig6i; Sagittifer Dlabola,ig6i nee Kuhl,i820; Jiridlabolina Kocak,ig8i 

2861) Aconurella Ribaut,i948 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Aconurella Ribaut,ig48 

2862) Adarrus Ribaut,l947 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Adarrus Ribaut,ig4j; Errastunus Ribaut,ig4y; 
Belaunus Ribaut,ig52; Batarius Emeljanov,ig66; Romanius Emeljanov,ig66 

2863) Agallia Curtis, 1833 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Agallia Curtis,i833; Anaceratogallia Zachvatkin,ig46 

2864) Aglena Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Aglena Amyot & Audinet- 

2865) Aguriahana Distant,l9l8 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Aguriahana Distant,igi8; Eupteroidea 
Young, 1 g^2; KAshitettix Ishihara,i g52; Asymmetropteryx Dlabola,i gs8; Wagneripteryx Dlabola,i gg8 

2866) Alebra Fieber,l872 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Compsus Fieber,i866 (praeocc.); Alebra Fieber, 1872 

2867) Allygidius Ribaut,l948 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Allygidius Ribaut,ig48; Dicrallygus Ribaut,igs2 

2868) Allygus Fieber,l875 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Ally gus Fieber, 1875; Syringitis Emeljanov,ig66 

2869) Anaceratagallia Zachvatku-1,1946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Anaceratagallia Zachvatkin,ig46 

2870) Anoplotettix Ribaut,i942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Anoplotettix Ribaut,ig42 

2871) Anoscopus Kirschbaum,i868 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Anoscopus Kirschbaum,i868 

2872) Anoterostemma Loew,i885 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Anoterostemma Loew,i88s 

2873) Aphrodes Curtis, 1833 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Aphrodes Curtis,i833; Acucephalus Germar,i833; 
Acocephalus Burmeister,i835; Pholetaera Zetterstedt,i840; Anoscopus Kirschbaum.,1858 

2874) Arboridia Zachvatkin,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Arboridia Zachvatkin,ig46 

2875) Arocephalus Ribaut,l946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Arocephalus Ribaut,ig46; Ariellus Ribaut,igs2 

2876) Artianus Ribaut,i942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Artianus Ribaut,ig42 

2877) Asymmetrasca Dlabola,i958 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Asymmetrasca Dlabola,igs8 

2878) Austroasca (s.str.) Lower, 1952 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Austroasca Lower, igs2 

2879) Austroasca Lower, 1952 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Austroasca Lower, igs2 

2880) Balcanocerus Maldonado-Capriles,i97i (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Balcanocerus Maldonado- 

2881) Balclutha Kirkaldy,l900 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Gnathodus Fieber,i866 (praeocc); Balclutha 
Kirkaldy,igoo; Nesosteles Kirkaldy,igo6; Balcluthina Singh-Pruthi,ig30 

2882) Batracomorphus Lewis, 1834 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Batracomorphus Lewis,i834 

2883) Bobacella Kusnezov,i929 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Bobacella Kusnezov,ig2g 

2884) Bugraia Kocak,l98l (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Taeniocerus Dlabola,igy4 nee Kaup,i87i non 
Blandford,i8g3; Bugraia Kocak,ig8i; #Bugraria Guistina,ig8g 

2885) Chiasmus Mulsant & Rey,i855 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Chiasmus Mulsant & Rey,i855; 
Atractotypus Fieber, 1866 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2886) Chlorita Fieber,l872 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Chloria Fieber,i866 (praeocc); Chlorita 
Fieber,i872; Eremochlorita Zachvatkin,ig46; Artemisiella Zachvatkin,ig53; Xerochlorita Zachvatkin,ig53 

2887) Chunrocerus Zachvatkin,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Chunrocerus Zachvatkin,ig46 

2888) Cicadella Latreille, 1817 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Cicadella Latreille,i8iy 

2889) Cicadula Zetterstedt,l840 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Cicadula Zetterstedt,i840; Henriana 

2890) Cicadulina China,i926 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Cicadulina China,ig26 

2891) Circulifer Zachvatkin,i935 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Circulifer Zachvatkin,ig35 

2892) Colladonus Ball, 1936 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Colladonus Ball,ig36 

2893) Conosanus Osborn & Ball, 1902 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Conosanus Osborn & Ball,igo2; 
Metathysanus Dahl,igi2 

2894) Deltocephalus Burmeister,i838 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Deltocephalus Burmeister,i838 

2895) Dikraneura Hardy,l850 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Dikraneura Hardy, 1850; Dicranoneura 
Douglas,i8yg; Dicraneura Puton.,1886 

2896) Diplocolenus Ribaut,l946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Diplocolenus Ribaut,ig46; Erdianus 

2897) Docotettix Ribaut,i948 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Docotettix Ribaut,ig48 

2898) Doratulina Melichar,l903 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Doratulina Melichar,igo3; Trebellius 
Distant,igi8; Pseudaconura Linnavuori,ig52 

2899) Doratura Sahlberg,l87l (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Doratura Sahlberg,i87i; Doraturina 

2900) Doraturopsis Lindberg,l935 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Doraturopsis Lindberg,ig35; Adoratura 
Kusnezov ,ig38 

2901) Dorycephalus Kuschakewisch,i866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Dorycephalus 

2902) Dryodurgades Zachvatkin,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Dryodurgades Zachvatkin,ig46 

2903) Ebarrius Ribaut,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Ebarrius Ribaut,ig46 

2904) Edwardsiana Zachvatkin, 1929 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Edwardsiana Zachvatkin,ig2g 

2905) Elymana DeLong,l936 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Elymana DeLong,ig36; Solenopyx Ribaut,ig3g 

2906) Emelyanoviana Anufriev,i970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): EmelyanovianaAnufriev,i970 

2907) Empoasca Walsh, 1862 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Empoasca Walsh.,1862 

2908) Eohardya Zachvatkin,l946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Eohardya Zachvatkin,ig46; Hardyopsis 

2909) Erythria (s.str.) Fieber,i866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Erythria Fieber,i866 

2910) Erythria Fieber,i866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Erythria Fieber, 1866 

2911) Erythroneura Fitch, 1851 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Erythroneura Fitch,i8si 

2912) Eupelix Germar,i82i (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Eupelix Germar,i82i 

2913) Eupterycyba Dlabola,i958 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Eupterycyba Dlabola,igs8 

2914) Euscelidius Ribaut,i942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Euscelidius Ribaut,ig42 

2915) Euscelis Brulle,l832 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Euscelis Brulle,i832; Phrynomorphus Curtis,i833 

2916) Evacanthus Le Peletier & Audinet-Serville,i825 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Evacanthus Le 
Peletier & Audinet-Serville,i82s; Euacanthus Burmeister,i835 

2917) Exitianus Ball, 1929 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Exitianus Ball,ig2g; Mimodrylix Zachvatkin,ig35 

2918) Ficocyba Vidano,i96o (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Ficocyba Vidano,ig6o 

2919) Fieberiella Signoret,l88o (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Fieberia Signoret,i879 (praeocc); Fieberiella 

2920) Frutioidia (s.str.) Zachvatkin,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Frutioidia Zachvatkin,ig46 

2921) Goniagnathus Fieber, 1866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Goniagnathus Fieber, 1866 

2922) Grammacephalus Haupt,i929 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Grammacephalus Haupt,ig2g; Caffretus 
Evans, ig47 

2923) Graphocraerus Thomson, 1869 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Graphocraerus Thomson,i86g 

2924) Grypotes Fieber, 1866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Grypotes Fieber, 1866; Protaenia Thomson,i86g 

2925) Handianus Ribaut,l942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Handianus Ribaut,ig42; Dlabolia Lang,ig45; 
Usuironus Ishihara,ig53 

2926) Hardya Edwards, 1922 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Hardya Edwards,ig22; Mimohardya 

2927) Hauptidia (s.str.) Dworakowska, 1970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Hauptidia Dworakowska,ig70 

2928) Hauptidia Dworakowska, 1970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Hauptidia Dworakowska,ig70 

2929) Hecalus Stal,i864 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Hecalus Stal,i864 

2930) Helionidia Zachvatkh-1,1946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Helionidia Zachvatkin,ig46 

2931) Hephathus Ribaut,i952 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Hephathus Ribaut,ig52 

2932) Hesium Ribaut,i942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Hesium Ribaut,ig42 

2933) Hespericerus Gnezdilov,i999 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Hespericerus Gnezdilov,iggg 

2934) Iassus Fabricius,l803 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Iassus Fabricius,i8o3; Bythoscopus Germar,i833 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2 935) Idiocerus Lewis, 1834 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Idiocerus Lewis,i834; Liocratus Dubovsky,ig66 

2936) Imbecilla Dworakowska, 1970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Imbecilla Dworakowska,i970 

2 937) Jassargus Zachvatkin,i933 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Jassargus Zachvatkin,i933; Lausulus 
Ribaut,i946; Arailus Ribaut,ig52; Aurkius Ribaut,ig52; Sayetus Ribaut,i952 

2938) Kropka Dworakowska,i970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Kropka Dworakowska,i970 

2939) Kyboasca Zachvatkin,i953 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Kyboasca Zachvatkin,i953 

2940) Kybos Fieber,i866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Ky bos Fieber, 1866; Cybus Douglas, 1875 

2941) Laburrus Ribaut,l942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Laburrus Ribaut,i942; Esolanus Ribaut,i952 

2942) Laminacutus Abdul-Nour,200i (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Laminacutus Abdul-Nour,20oi 

2943) Ledra Fabricius,l803 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Ledra Fabricius,i8o3; Ledraria Rafinesque,i8i5 

2944) Liguropia Haupt,i930 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Liguropia Haupt,i930 

2945) Limotettix Sahlberg,l87l (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Limotettix Sahlberg,i87i; Drylix 
Edwards, 1922 

2946) Lindbergina Dlabola,i958 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Youngia Dlabola,i9s8 (praeocc); 
Lindbergina Dlabola,i958; Youngiada Dlabola,i959 

2947) Linnavuoriana Dlabola,i958 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Linnavuoriana Dlabola,i9s8 

2948) Macropsidius Ribaut,i952 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Macropsidius Ribaut,i952 

2949) Macropsis Lewis, 1834 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Macropsis Lewis,i834 

2950) Macrosteles Fieber,l866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Macrosteles Fieber,i866; Acrostigmus 
Thomson,i869; Erotettix Haupt,i929 

2951) Megophthalmus Curtis, 1833 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Megophthalmus Curtis,i833 

2952) Mesagallia Zachvatkin,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): MesagalliaZachvatkm.,1946 

2953) Micantulina (Mulsantina) Anufriev,i970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): MulsantinaAnufriev,i970 

2954) Micantulina (s.str.) Anufriev,i970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Micantulina Anufriev, 1970 

2955) Micantulina Anufriev,i970 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Micantulina Anufriev, 1970 

2956) Mocuellus Ribaut,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Mocuellus Ribaut,i946; Falcitettix 
Linnavuori,i 953 

2957) Mocydia Edwards, 1922 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Mocydia Edwards, 1922 

2958) Mocydiopsis Ribaut,i939 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Mocydiopsis Ribaut,i939 

2959) Mogangella Dlabola,i957 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Mogangella Dlabola,i957 

2960) Neoaliturus Distant,l9l8 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Neoaliturus Distant,i9i8; Bothrognathus 
Bergroth.,1920; Distomotettix Ribaut,i938 

2961) Nesoclutha Evans, 1947 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Nesoclutha Evans,i947; Irinula Ribaut,i948 

2962) Notus Fieber, 1866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Notus Fieber, 1866 

2963) Oncopsis Burmeister,i838 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Oncopsis Burmeister,i838; Sispocnis 
Anufriev, 1967 

2964) Opsius Fieber,i866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Opsius Fieber, 1866; Cestius Distant,i9o8 

2965) Orosius Distant,i9i8 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Orosius Distant,i9i8 

2966) Osbornellus Ball, 1932 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Osbornellus BaU.,1932; Mavromoustaca 

2967) Paluda DeLong, 1937 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Paluda DeLong,i937; Rhopalopyx Ribaut,i939 

2968) Paradorydium Kirkaldy,i90i (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Dorydium Burmeister,i838 nee 
Schinz,i825; Paradorydium Kirkaldy,i90i; Carphosoma Royer,i907; Bumizana Distant,i9i8; Semenovium 
Kusnezov,i929; Kuznetsovium Zachvatkin,i953 

2969) Paralimnellus Emeljanov,i972 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Par alimnellus Emeljanov, 1972 

2970) Paralimnus Matsumura,i902 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Paralimnus Matsumura,i902; Bubulcus 
Dlabola,ig6i; Anthocallis Emeljanov, 1964; Paragygrus Emeljanov, 1964 

2971) Paramesodes Ishihara,l953 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Paramesodes Ishihara,i953; Coexitianus 

2972) Paramesus Fieber, 1866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Paramesus Fieber,i866; Dochmocarus 

2 973) Parapotes Emelyanov,i975 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Paranastus Emelyanov,i972 (praeocc.); 
Parapotes Emelyanov ,1975 

2974) Penthimia Germar,i82i (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Penthimia Germar,i82i 

2975) Phlepsius Fieber,i866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Phlepsius Fieber, 1866 

2976) Phlogotettix Ribaut,i942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Phlogotettix Ribaut,i942 

2977) Planaphrodes Hamilton, 1975 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Planaphrodes Hamilton,i975 

2978) Platymetopius (Quernus) Dlabola,i974 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Quernus Dlabola,i974 

2979) Platymetopius (s.str.) Burmeister,i838 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Platymetopius 
Burmeister,i838; Eremitopius Lindberg,i927; Mahalana Distant,i9i8 

2980) Platymetopius Burmeister,i838 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Platymetopius Burmeister,i838; 
Eremitopius Lindberg,i927; Mahalana Distant,i9i8 

2981) Populicerus Dlabola,i974 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Populicerus Dlabola,i974 

2982) Proceps Mulsant & Rey,i855 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Proceps Mulsant & Rey, 1855 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

2983) Psammotettix Haupt,i929 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Psammotettix Haupt,ig2g; Ribautiellus 

2984) Recilia Edwards, 1922 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Recilia Edusards,ig22; Inemadara Ishihara.,1953 

2985) Rhoananus Dlabola,i949 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Rhoananus Dlabola,ig4g 

2986) Rhytidodus Fieber,i868 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Rhytidodus Fieber,i868 

2987) Sagatus Ribaut,i948 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Sagatus Ribaut,ig48 

2988) Scleroracus Van Duzee,i894 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Scleroracus Van Duzee,i8g4; Ophiola 
Edwards, ig22; Ophiolix Ribaut,ig42; Omaniella Ishihara,igg3 

2989) Selenocephalus Germar,i833 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Selenocephalus Germar,i833; 
Levantotettix Lindberg,i g$3 

2990) Speudotettix Ribaut,i942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Speudotettix Ribaut,ig42 

2991) Stegelytra Mulsant & Rey,i855 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Stegelytra Mulsant & Rey, 1855; Iberia 
Kirkaldy, igo7 

2992) Stenometopiellus Haupt,i9i7 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Stenometopiellus Haupt,igiy; 
Diplocolenoidea Linnavuori,ig53 

2 993) Stictocoris Thomson, 1869 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Stictocoris Thomson,i86g 

2994) Streptanus Ribaut,l942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Streptanus Ribaut,ig42; Streptanulus 

2 995) Stymphalus Stal,i866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Stymphalus Stal,i866; Purpuranus 

2996) Sulamicerus Dlabola,i974 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Sulamicerus Dlabola,igy4 

2997) Synophyropsis Haupt,i926 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Synophyropsis Haupt,ig26 

2998) Tamaricella Zachvatkin,i946 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Tamaricella Zachvatkin,ig46 

2999) Tbilisica Dlabola,i958 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Tbilisica Dlabola,igs8 

3000) Tetartostylus Wagner, 1951 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Tetartostylus Wagner,igsi 

3001) Thamnotettix (Loepotettix) Ribaut,i942 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Loepotettix Ribaut,ig42 

3002) Thamnotettix (s.str.) Zetterstedt,i840 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Thamnotettix 
Zetterstedt,i840; Thamnus Fieber,i866 

3003) Thamnotettix Zetterstedt,i840 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Thamnotettix Zetterstedt,i84o; 
Thamnus Fieber,i866 

3004) Tremulicerus Dlabola,i974 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Tremulicerus Dlabola,ig74 

3005) Typhlocyba Germar,i833 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Typhlocyba Germar,i833 

3006) Utecha Emeljanov,i996 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Utecha Emeljanov,igg6 

3007) Verdanus Oman, 1949 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Verdanus Oman,ig4g 

3008) Viridicerus Dlabola,i974 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Viridicerus Dlabola,igy4 

3009) Xestocephalus Van Duzee,i892 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Xestocephalus Van Duzee,i8g2 

3010) Zercanus Dlabola,i965 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Zercanus Dlabola,ig6s 

3011) Zygina (s.str.) Fieber,l866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Zygina Fieber,i866; Flammigeroidia 

3012) Zygina Fieber, 1866 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Zygina Fieber, 1866; Flammigeroidia Dlabola,igs8 

3013) Zyginella Loew,l885 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Zyginella Loew,i88s; Pyramidotettix 
Matsumura,ig3i; Remmia Vilbaste,ig68 

3014) Zyginidia (Anatolidia) Zachvatkin,i937 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Anatolidia Zachvatkin,ig37 

3015) Zyginidia (s.str.) Haupt,l929 (Cicadellidae) Synonym(s): Idia Fieber,i866 (preocc); Zyginidia 

3016) Cicada Linnaeus, 1758 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicada Linnaeus, 1758; Tettigia Kolenati,i857; 
Macroprotopus A.Costa, 1877; 

3017) Cicadatra Amyot,l847 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicadatra Amyot,i847; Psalmocharias 
Kirkaldy, igo8; Rustavelia Horvath,igi2 

3018) Cicadetta Kolenati,l857 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicadetta Kolenati,i857; Melampsalta 
Kolenati,i857; Tettigetta Kolenati,i857; Pauropsalta Coding & Froggatt,igo4; Heptaglena Horvath,ign; 
Oligoglena Horvath,igi2; Kosemia Matsumura,ig27; Karapsalta Matsumura,ig3i 

3019) Cicadivetta Boulard,i982 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Cicadivetta Boulard,ig82 

3020) Dimissalna Boulard,2007 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Dimissalna Boulard,2007 

3021) Klapperichicen Dlabola,i957 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Klapperichicen Dlabola,igs7; 
#Klapperichien Lodos & Kalkandelen,ig8i 

3022) Lyristes Horvath,i926 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Lyristes Horvath,ig26 

3023) Pagiphora Horvath,i9i2 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Pagiphora Horvath,igi2 

3024) Tibicina Amy ot, 1847 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): TibicinaAmyot,i847; Tibicina Kolenati,i857 

3025) Triglena Fieber, 1875 (Cicadidae) Synonym(s): Triglena Fieber, 1875 

3026) Abia Leach, 1817 (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): Abia Leach,i8i7; Zaraea Leach,i8i7; #Albia 
Tischbein,i846; Aenoabia Kangas,ig46 

3027) Cimbex Olivier, 1791 (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): Cimbex Olivier, i7gi; Palaeocimbex Semenov,ig35 

3028) Corynis Thunberg,l789 (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): Corynis Thunberg,i78g; Amasis Leach,i8i7 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3029) Pseudoclavellaria Schultz,i9o6 (Cimbicidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoclavellaria Schultz,igo6 

3030) Cacodmus Stal,i873 (Cimicidae) Synonym(s): Cacodmus Stal,i873 

3031) Cimex Linnaeus, 1758 (Cimicidae) Synonym(s): Cimex Linnaeus, 1758 

3032) Cixius Latreille,l804 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Cixius Latreille,i8o4; Paracixius Wagner,ig3g; 
Ceratocixius Wagner, 1939; Acanthocixius Wagner,i939; Orinocixius Wagner,i939; Sciocixius Wagner,i939; 
Tetracixius Ribaut,i96o; Ussuricixius Vilbaste,i968 

3033) Duilius Stal,l858 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Duilius Stal,i8s8; Hemitropis Fieber,i866; Haplacha 
Lethierry,i874; Duiliopsis Bergevm.,1933; Bitropis Dlabola,i98s 

3034) Eumecurus Emeljanov,i97i (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Eumecurus Emeljanov,i97i 

3035) Hemitropis Fieber,i866 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Hemitropis Fieber,i866 

3036) Hyalesthes Signoret,l865 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Hyalesthes Signoret,i86s; Liorhinus 
Kirschbaum.,1868; Pseudyalesthes Kusnezov ,1935 

3037) Myndus Stal,l862 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Myndus Stal,i862; Entithena Fieber,i866 

3038) Oliarus Stal, 1862 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Oliarus Stal,i862 

3039) Pentastira Kirschbaum,i868 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Pentastira Kirschbaum.,1868 

3040) Pentastiridius Kirschbaum,i868 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Pentastiridius Kirschbaum,i868 

3041) Pseudoliarus Haupt,i927 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoliarus Haupt,i927 

3042) Reptalus (Trepalus) Emeljanov,i995 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Trepalus Emeljanov,i995 

3043) Reptalus (s.str.) Emeljanov,i97i (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Reptalus Emeljanov,i97i 

3044) Reptalus Emeljanov,i97i (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Reptalus Emeljanov, 1971 

3045) Setapius Dlabola,i988 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Setapius Dlabola,i988 

3046) Tachycixius Wagner, 1939 (Cixiidae) Synonym(s): Tachycixius Wagner, 1939; Siculus Dlabola,i98o 

3047) Clerus Geoffroy,i762 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): ClerusGeoffroy,i762 

3048) Denops Fischer de Waldheim,i829 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Denops Fischer de Waldheim.,1829 

3049) Flabellotilloidea Gerstmeier & Ku,i992 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Flabellotilloidea Gerstmeier & 

3050) Opilo Latreille,i8o2 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Opilo Latreille,i8o2 

3051) Phloiocopus Spinola,i84i (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Phloiocopus Spinola,i84i 

3052) Thanasimus Latreille,i8o6 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Thanasimus Latreille,i8o6 

3053) Tilloidea Laporte,i832 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Tilloidea Laporte,i832 

3054) Tillus 01ivier,i790 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Tillus Olivier,i790 

3055) Trichodes Herbst,i792 (Cleridae) Synonym(s): Trichodes Herbst,i792 

3056) Acanthopulvinaria Borkhsenius,i952 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Acanthopulvinaria 
Borkhsenius,i 952 

3057) Anapulvinaria Borkhsenius,i952 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Anapulvinaria Borkhsenius,i952 

3058) Bodenheimera Bodenheimer,i935 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Bodenheimera Bodenheimer,i935 

3059) Ceroplastes Gray,i828 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Ceroplastes Gray,i828 

3060) Coccus Linnaeus, 1758 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Coccus Linnaeus, 1758 

3061) Eriopeltis Signoret,i872 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Eriopeltis Signoret,i872 

3062) Eucalymnatus Cockerell,i90i (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Eucalymnatus Cockerell,i90i 

3063) Eulecanium Cockerell,i893 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Eulecanium CockereU.,1893 

3064) Exaeretopus Newstead,i894 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Exaeretopus Newstead,i894 

3065) Lecanopsis Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Lecanopsis Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 

3066) Lichtensia Signoret,i873 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Lichtensia Signoret,i873 

3067) Nemolecanium Borkhsenius,i955 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Nemolecanium Borkhsenius,i9ss 

3068) Palaeolecanium Sulc,i9o8 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Palaeolecanium Sulc,i9o8 

3069) ParasaissetiaTakahashi,i955 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Parasaissetia Takahashi,i955 

3070) Parthenolecanium Sulc,i9o8 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Parthenolecanium Sulc,i9o8 

3071) Philippia Targioni-Tozzetti,l867 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Philippia Targioni-Tozzetti,i867; Filippia 

3072) Physokermes Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Physokermes Targioni- 
Tozzetti,i868; Physochermes Targioni-Tozzetti,i869 

3073) Pulvinaria Targioni-Tozzetti,i867 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Pulvinaria Targioni-Tozzetti,i867 

3074) Pulvinariella Borkhsenius,i953 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Pulvinariella Borkhsenius,i953 

3075) Rhizopulvinaria Borkhsenius,i952 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Rhizopulvinaria Borkhsenius,i952 

3076) Rhodococcus Borkhsenius,i953 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Rhodococcus Borkhsenius,i953 

3077) Saissetia Deplanche,i8s8 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Saissetia Deplanche,i8s8 

3078) Scythia Kiritshenko,i938 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Scythia Kiritshenko,i938 

3079) Sphaerolecanium Sulc,i9o8 (Coccidae) Synonym(s): Sphaerolecanium Sulc,i9o8 

3080) Adalia Mulsant,l846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Idalia Mulsant,i846 (praeocc); Adalia 
Mulsant,i846; Arrowella Brethes,i925 

3081) Brumus Mulsant,i850 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Brumus Mulsant,i8so 

3082) Bulaea Mulsant,i850 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Bulaea Mulsant,i8so 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3083) Calvia Mulsant,i846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Calvia Mulsant,i846 

3084) Chilocorus Leach, 1815 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Chilocorus Leach.,1815 

3085) Coccinella (Neococcinella) Savojskaia,i969 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Neococcinella 
Savojskaia,i 969 

3086) Coccinella (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Coccinella Linnaeus,i758 

3087) Coccinella Linnaeus, 1758 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Coccinella Linnaeus,i758 

3088) Coccinula Dobzhansky,i925 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Coccinula Dobzhansky,i925 

3089) Cryptolaemus Mulsant,i853 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Cryptolaemus Mulsant,i853 

3090) Cynegetis Dejean,i835 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Cynegetis Dejean,i835 

3091) Exochomus Redtenbacher,i843 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Exochomus Redtenbacher,i843 

3092) Harmonia Mulsant,i846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Harmonia Mulsant,i846 

3093) Henosepilachna Li & Cook,i96i (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Henosepilachna Li & Cook,i96i 

3094) Hippodamia (Adonia) Mulsant,i846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Adonia Mulsant,i846 

3095) Hippodamia (Semiadalia) Crotch, 1874 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Semiadalia Crotch,i874 

3096) Hippodamia (s.str.) Dejean,i833 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Hippodamia Dejean,i833 

3097) Hippodamia Dejean,i833 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Hippodamia Dejean,i833 

3098) Hyperaspis Dejean,i833 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Hyperaspis Dejean,i833 

3099) Nephus Mulsant,l846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Nephus Mulsant,i846; Diomus Mulsant,i8so; 
Sidis Mulsant,i850; Bipunctatus Filrsch,i987 

3100) Oenopia Mulsant,l850 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Oenopia Mulsant,i8so; Synharmonia 
Ganglbauer ,1899 

3101) Pharoscymnus Bedel,i9o6 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Pharoscymnus Bedel,i9o6 

3102) Platynaspis Redtenbacher,i843 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Platynaspis Redtenbacher,i843 

3103) Propylea Mulsant,i846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Propylea Mulsant,i846 

3104) Psyllobora Dejean,i833 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Psyllobora Dejean,i833 

3105) Rodolia Mulsant,i850 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Rodolia Mulsant,i8so 

3106) Scymnus Kugelann,i794 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Scymnus Kugelann,i/94; Pullus 
Mulsant,i846; Neopullus Sasaji,i9yi; Mimopullus Fiirsch,i987 

3107) Stethorus Weise,i885 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Stethorus Weise,i88s 

3108) Subcoccinella Huber,i84i (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Subcoccinella Huber,i84i; Subcoccinella 

3109) Tytthaspis Crotch, 1874 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Tytthaspis Crotch.,1874 

3110) Vibidia Mulsant,i846 (Coccinellidae) Synonym(s): Vibidia Mulsant,i846 

3111) Agriocnemis Selys,i869 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Agriocnemis Selys,i869 

3112) Cercion Navas,i907 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Cercion Navas,i907 

3113) Ceriagrion Selys,i876 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Ceriagrion Selys,i8z6 

3114) Coenagrion Kirby,i890 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Coenagrion Kirby,i890 

3115) Enallagma Charpentier,i840 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Enallagma Charpentier,i840 

3116) Erythromma Charpentier,i840 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Erythromma Charpentier,i840 

3117) Ischnura Charpentier,i840 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Ischnura Charpentier,i840 

3118) Pseudagrion Selys,i876 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Pseudagrion Selys,i876 

3119) Pyrrhosoma Charpentier,i840 (Coenagrionidae) Synonym(s): Pyrrhosoma Charpentier,i840 

3120) Colletes Latreille,i8o2 (Colletidae) Synonym(s): Colletes Latreille,i8o2 

3121) Hylaeus Fabricius,l793 (Colletidae) Synonym(s): Hylaeus Fabricius,i793; Anylaeus Bridwell,i9i9; 
Anhylaeus Heider,i926; Auricularia Mehely ,1935; Barbata Mehely ,1935; Campanularia Mehely,i935; Cingulata 
Mehely,i935; Dentigera Mehely,i935; Amblyspatulariella Pittioni,i950; Brachyspatulariella Pittiom.,1950; 
Boreopsis Ikudome,i99i 

3122) Aleuropteryx Low, 1885 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Aleuropteryx Low, 1885 

3123) Coniopteryx (s.str.) Curtis, 1834 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Coniopteryx Curtis, 1834 

3124) Coniopteryx Curtis, 1834 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Coniopteryx Curtis,i834 

3125) Conwentzia Enderlein,i905 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Comventzia Enderlem.,1905 

3126) Helicoconis (Ohmopteryx) Kis,i970 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Ohmopteryx Kis,i970 

3127) Helicoconis Enderlein,i905 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Helicoconis Enderlein,i905 

3128) Nimboa Navas,i9i4 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Nimboa Navas,i9i4 

3129) Parasemidalis Enderlein,i905 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Parasemidalis Enderlein,i905 

3130) Semidalis Enderlein,i905 (Coniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Semidalis Enderlem.,1905 

3131) Brachyceraea Roeder,l892 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Brachyceraea Roeder,i892; Brachyceratias 

3132) Conops Linnaeus, 1758 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Conops Linnaeus, 1758; Conopaejus Rondani,i845; 
Conopilla Rondam.,1856; Sphixosoma Rondani,i857; Bombidia Lioy,i864 

3133) Dalmannia R-D.,1830 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Dalmannia R-D.,1830; Stachynia Macquart,i835; 
Dalmania R-D.,1853 

3134) Leopoldius Rondani,i843 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Leopoldius Rondani,i843 

3135) Melanosoma R-D.,1853 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Melanosoma R-D.,1853; Glossigona Rondani,i8s6 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3136) Myopa Fab ricius, 1775 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Myopa Fabricius,i775; Pictinia R-D.,1853; Myopella 
R-D.,1853; Phorosia R-D.,1853; Fairmairia R-D.,1853; Lonchopalpus R-D.,1853; Purpurella R-D.,1853; Myopina 
R-D.,1853; Haustellia R-D.,1853; Glossigona Rondam.,1856; Gonirhynchus Rondaru.,1857; Arpagita Lioy,i864 

3137) Myopotta Zimina,i969 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Myopotta Zimina,ig6g 

3138) Neobrachyglossum Kr6ber,i9i5 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Neobrachyglossum Krdber,igis 

3139) Physocephala Schiner,i86i (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Physocephala Schiner,i86i 

3140) Sicus Scopoli,l763 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Sicus Scopoli,i763; Cylindrogaster Lioy,i864 

3141) Thecophora Rondani,l845 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Thecophora Rondani,i845; Occemya R- 

3142) Tropidomyia Williston,i888 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Tropidomyia Williston,i888 

3143) Zodion Latreille,i796 (Conopidae) Synonym(s): Zodion Latr exile, 1796 

3144) Cordulegaster Leach, 1815 (Cordulegasteridae) Synonym(s): Cordulegaster Leach,i8i5 

3145) Cordulia Leach, 1815 (Corduliidae) Synonym(s): Cordulia Leach.,1815 

3146) Somatochlora Selys,i87i (Corduliidae) Synonym(s): Somatochlora Selys,i87i 

3147) Anoplocerus Kiritshenko,i926 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Anoplocerus Kiritshenko,ig26; 
#Anaplocerus Kiritshenko,i926 

3148) Arenocoris Hah.11,1834 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Arenocoris Hahn,i834; Ammocoris Agassiz,i846; 
Pseudophloeus Burmeister,i835; Psammocoris MarshaU.,1868; Boudicca Kirkaldy,igog 

3149) Bathysolen Fieber,i86o (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Bathysolen Fieber,i86o 

3150) Centrocoris Kolenati,l845 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Centrocoris Kolenati,i845; Centrocarenus 

3151) Ceraleptus Costa,l847 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Ceraleptus Costa,i847; Ceratoleptus Marshall,i868; 
Mollis Mulsant & Rey,i870 

3152) Cercinthus Stal,l86o (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Cercinthus Stal,i86o; Coccocephalus Fieber,i86o; 
Coccodocephalus Fieber,i86i 

3!53) Coreus Fabricius,l794 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Coreus Fabricius,i7g4; Coridus Rafinesque,i8is; 
Mesocerus Reuter,i888 

3154) Coriomeris Westwood,l842 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Coriomeris Westwood,i842; Merocoris 
Hahn,i834; Dasycoris Dallas,i852; 

3155) Enoplops Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Enoplops Amyot & Audinet- 
Serville,i843; Palethrocoris Kolenati,i845 

3156) Gonocerus Berthold,i827 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Gonocerus Berthold,i827 

3157) Haploprocta Stal,l872 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Haploprocta Stal,i872; Platymelus Jakovlev,i875 

3158) Loxocnemis Fieber,i86o (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Loxocnemis Fieber,i86o 

3159) Phyllomorphus Laporte,i833 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Phyllomorphus Laporte,i833; 
#Phyllomorpha Laporte,i832 (p.47). 

3160) Spathocera Stein, i860 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Atractus Laporte,i833 (praeocc); Spathocera 

3161) Strobilotoma Fieber,i86o (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Strobilotoma Fieber,i86o 

3162) Syromastus Berthold,l827 (Coreidae) Synonym(s): Syromastus Berthold,i827; Syromastes 
Latreille,i82g; Verlusia Spinola.,1837 

3163) Callicorixa White, 1873 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Callicorixa White,i873 

3164) Corixa Geoffroy,i762 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Corixa Geoffroy,i762 

3165) Heliocorisa Lundblad,i928 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Heliocorisa Lundblad,ig28 

3166) Hesperocorixa Kirkaldy,i9o8 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Hesperocorixa Kirkaldy,igo8 

3167) Micronecta Kirkaldy,i897 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Micronecta Kirkaldy,i8g7 

3168) Monticorixa Stys,i975 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Monticorixa Stys,ig75 

3169) Paracorixa Poisson,i957 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Paracorixa Poisson,ig57 

3170) Sigara Fab ricius, 1775 (Corixidae) Synonym(s): Sigara Fabricius,i775 

3171) Alysson Panzer, 1806 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Alysson Panzer ,1806 

3172) Ammatomus A.Costa, 1859 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Ammatomus A.Costa,i8sg 

3173) Ammoplanus Giraud,i869 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Ammoplanus Giraud,i86g 

3174) Argogorytes Ashmead,i899 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Argogorytes Ashmead,i8gg 

3175) Astata Latreille,i796 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Astata Latreille,i7g6 

3176) Bembecinus A.Costa, 1859 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Bembecinus A.Costa,i8sg; Stizomorphus 
A.Costa,i85g; #Gorystizus Minkiewicz,ig34; Gorystizus Pate,ig37 

3177) Bembix Fab ricius, 1775 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Bembix Fabricius,i775; #Bembyx Fabricius,i775; 
Bembex Fabricius,i777; Apobembex Pate,ig37; Epibembex Pate,ig37 

3178) Cerceris Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Cerceris Latreille,i8o2; Nectanebus 
Spinola,i83g; Diamma Dahlbom.,1844 nee Westw.,1835; Didesmus Dahlbom.,1845; Paracerceris Brethes,igi3; 
Apiraptrix Shestakov \1g23; Bucerceris Minkiewicz,ig34; Stercobata Gussakowsky,ig35; Apicerceris Pate,ig37 

3179) Didineis Wesmael,i852 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Didineis Wesmael,i852 

3180) Dryudella Spinola,i843 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Dryudella Spinola.,1843 

3181) Ectemnius (Cameronitus) Leclercq,i950 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Cameronitus Leclercq,igso 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3182) Ectemnius (Clytochrysus) A.Morawitz,i864 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Clytochrysus 

3183) Ectemnius (Hypocrabro) Ashmead,i899 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Hypocrabro 

3184) Ectemnius (Metacrabro) Ashmead, 1899 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Metacrabro Ashmead,i8gg 

3185) Ectemnius (Thyreocerus) A.Costa, 1871 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Thyreocerus A.Costa,i87i 

3186) Ectemnius (s.str.) Dahlbom,i845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Ectemnius Dahlbom,i845 

3187) Ectemnius Dahlbom,i845 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Ectemnius Dahlbom,i845 

3188) Gorytes Latreille,i8o5 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Gorytes Latreille,i8c>5 

3189) Harpactus Shuckard,i837 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Harpactus Shuckard,i837 

3190) Hoplisoides Gribodo,i884 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Hoplisoides Gribodo,i884 

3191) Lestiphorus Lepeletier,i832 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Lestiphorus Lepeletier,i832 

3192) Lindenius Lepeletier & Brulle,i835 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Lindenius Lepeletier & 

3193) Oryttus Spinola,i836 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Oryttus Spinola,i836 

3194) Philanthus Fabricius,i790 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Philanthus Fabricius,iygo 

3195) Protostigmus Turner, 1918 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Protostigmus Turner,igi8 

3196) Psammaecius Lepeletier, 1832 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Psammaecius Lepeletier, 1832 

3197) Sphecius Dahlbom,i843 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Sphecius Dahlbom,i843 

3198) Stizoides Guerin-Meneville,i844 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Stizoides Guerin-Meneville,i844; 
Omphalius Vachal,igoo; Scotomphales Vachal,igoo; #Tachystizus Minkiewicz,ig34; Tachystizus Pate,ig3y 

3199) Stizus Latreille,i8o2 (Crabronidae) Synonym(s): Stizus Latreille,i8o2 

3200) Aedes (Aedimorphus) Theobald, 1903 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Aedimorphus Theobald,igo3; 
Catageimyia Theobald,igo3; Ecculex Felt,igo4; Reedomyia Ludlow,ig05; Polyleptiomyia Theobald, igos; 
Lepidotomyia Theobald,igo5; Pecomyia Theobald,igo5; Pseudograbhamia Theobald,igos; Duttonia 
Newstead,igo7; Geitonomyia Leicester, igo8; Mimeteculex Theobald,igo8; Bathosomyia Theobald,igog; 
Leslieomyia Christopher s,igii 

3201) Aedes (Finlaya) Theobald,i903 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Finlaya Theobald,igo3; Danielsia 
Theobald,igo4; Popea Ludlow,ig05; Phagomyia Theobald, igos; Pseudocarrollia Theobald,igw; Calomyia 

3202) Aedes (Ochlerotatus) Lynch Arribalzaga,i89i (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Ochlerotatus Lynch 
Arribalzaga,i8gi; #Taeniorhynchus Lynch Arribalzaga,i8gi; Gilesia Theobald,igo3; Acartomyia Theobald, igo3; 
Culicada Felt,igo4; Protoculex Felt,igo4; Culicelsa Felt,igo4; Chrysoconops Goeldi,igos; Pseudoculex Dyar,igos; 
Lepidoplatys Coquillett,igo6; Pseudohowardina Theobald,igo7; Andersonia Strickland, lgn 

3203) Aedes (Rusticoidus) Shevchenko & Prudkina,i973 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Rusticoidus 
Shevchenko & Prudkina,ig/3 

3204) Aedes (Stegomyia) Theobald, 1901 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Stegomyia Theobald,igoi; 
Quasistegomyia Theobald, igo6; Kingia Theobald,igio nee Schloen.,1866; Amelia Enderlein,ig23 

3205) Aedes (s.str.) Meigen,i8i8 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Aedes Meigen,i8i8 

3206) Aedes Meigen, 1818 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Aedes Meigen,i8i8 

3207) Anopheles (s.str.) Meigen, 1818 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Anopheles Meigen,i8i8; Christya 

3208) Anopheles Meigen, 1818 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Anopheles Meigen,i8i8; Christya Theobald,igo3 

3209) Coquillettidia Dyar,i905 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Coquillettidia Dyar,igos 

3210) Culex (Barradius) Edwards, 1921 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Barradius Edwards,ig2i 

3211) Culex (Maillotia) Theobald,i907 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Maillotia Theobald,igo7 

3212) Culex (Neoculex) Dyar,i905 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Neoculex Dyar,igos 

3213) Culex (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culex Linnaeus,i758 

3214) Culex Linnaeus, 1758 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culex Linnaeus,i758 

3215) Culiseta (Allotheobaldia) Broelemann,i9i9 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Allotheobaldia 
Broelemann,i gi g 

3216) Culiseta (Culicella) Felt,i904 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culicella Felt,igo4 

3217) Culiseta (s.str.) Felt,i904 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culiseta Felt,igo4 

3218) Culiseta Felt,i904 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Culiseta Felt,igo4 

3219) Uranotaenia (Pseudoficalbia) Theobald,i9i2 (Culicidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoficalbia 

3220) Acentrus Schoenherr,i845 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Acentrus Schoenherr,i845 

3221) Aomidius Bialooki,2005 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Aomidius Bialooki,2005 

3222) Aomus Schoenherr,i834 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Aomus Schoenherr,i834; Chilodrosus 

3223) Bangasternus Des Gozis,i882 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Coelostethus Capiomont,i873 
(praeocc); Bangasternus Des Gozis,i882 

3224) Bothynoderes Schonherr,i823 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Bothynoderes Schonherr, 1823 

3225) Ceutorhynchus Germar,i824 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Ceutorhynchus Germar,i824 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3226) Chromoderus Motschoulsky,i86o (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Chromoderus Motschoulsky,i86o 

3227) Cionus Clairville,i798 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Cionus Clairville,i798 

3228) Cleonis Dejean,i82i (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Cleonis Dejean,i82i 

3229) Coniatus Germar, 18 17 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Coniatus Germar,i8i7 

3230) Coniocleonus Motschoulsky,i86o (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Coniocleonus Motschoulsky,i86o 

3231) Conorhynchus Motschoulsky,i86o (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Conorhynchus 

3232) Curculio Linnaeus,i758 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Curculio Linnaeus, 1758 

3233) Donus Capiomont,l868 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): #Donus Dejean,i82i; Donus Capiomont,i868 

3234) Eustenopus Petri, 1907 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Eustenopus Petri,igo7 

3235) Hypera Germar,l8l7 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Hypera Germar, 1817; Phytonomus 
Schoenherr,i 823 

3236) Hypolixus Desbrochers,i898 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Hypolixus Desbrochers,i898 

3237) Larinus Dejean,i82i (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Larinus Dejean,i82i 

3238) Limobius Sch6nherr,l843 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Limobius Schonherr,i843; Limonobius 
Gemming er, 1871 

3239) Lixus Fabricius,i8oi (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Lixus Fabricius,i8oi 

3240) Microlarinus Hochhuth,i847 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Microlarinus Hochhuth.,1847 

3241) Neotournieria Apfelbeck,i932 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): NeotournieriaApfelbeck,ig32 

3242) Pachycerus Schonherr,i823 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Pachycerus Sch.onh.err, 1823 

3243) Rhinocyllus Germar,i8i7 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Rhinocyllus Germar,i8i7 

3244) Tychius Germar,i8i7 (Curculionidae) Synonym(s): Tychius Germar,i8i7 

3245) Canthophorus Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Canthophorus Mulsant & Rey,i866 

3246) Cydnus Fabricius,i8o3 (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Cydnus Fabricius,i8o3 

3247) Macroscytus Fieber,[i86o] (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Macroscytus Fieber,[i86o]; Hahnia 
Ellenrieder,i862; Philaopdemus Kirkaldy,i9io 

3248) Sehirus Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Sehirus Amyot & Audinet- 

3249) Tritomegas Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Cydnidae) Synonym(s): Tritomegas Amyot & 

3250) Diogma Edwards, 1938 (Cylindrotomidae) Synonym(s): Diogma Edwards, 1938 

3251) Andricus Hartig,l840 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Andricus Hartig,i840; Aphilotrix Forster,i86g; 
Liodora F6rster,i869; Manderstjernia Radoskowsky,i886; Adleria Rohwer & Fagan,i9i7; Euschmitzia 
Dettmer ,1925; Oncaspis Dettmer ,1925; Druon Kinsey,i937; Femuros Kinsey,i937; Feron Kinsey,i937; Conobius 

3252) Aphelonyx Mayr,i88i (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Aphelonyx Mayr,i88i 

3253) Aulacidea Ashmead,i897 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): AulacideaAshmead,i897 

3254) Aylax Hartig,l840 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Aylax Hartig,i840; #Aulax Hartig,i843 

3255) Biorhiza Westwood,i840 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Biorhiza Westwood,i840 

3256) Callirhytis F6rster,i868 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Callirhytis F6rster,i868 

3257) Chilaspis Mayr,i88i (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Chilaspis Mayr,i88i 

3258) Cynips Linnaeus, 1758 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Cynips Linnaeus, 1758; Dry ophanta For ster, 1869 

3259) Diplolepis Goeffroy,l762 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Diplolepis Goeffroy,i762; Rhodites Hartig,i840; 
Tribalia Walsh,i864; Hololexis Forster,i869; Lytorhodites Kieffer ,1902 

3260) Dryocosmus Giraud,l859 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Dryocosmus Giraud,i859; Entropha 

3261) Liposthenes F6rster,i868 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Liposthenes F6rster,i868 

3262) Neuroterus Hartig,l840 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Neuroterus Hartig,i840; Spathegaster 
Hartig,i840; Ameristus F6rster,i869; Dolichostrophus Ashmead,i887; Neospatheg aster Kinsey ,1923; Diplobius 

3263) Plagiotrochus Mayr,l88l (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Plagiotrochus Mayr,i88i; Fioria Kieffer, 1903 nee 
Silvestri,i898; Fioriella Kieffer ,1903 

3264) Pseudoneuroterus Kinsey,i923 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoneuroterus Kinsey, 1923 

3265) Synergus Hartig,l840 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Synergus Hartig,i840; Sapholytus For ster, 1869 

3266) Synophrus Hartig,i843 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Synophrus Hartig,i843 

3267) Trigonaspis Hartig,i840 (Cynipidae) Synonym(s): Trigonaspis Hartig,i840 

3268) Dactylopius Costa,i836 (Dactylopiidae) Synonym(s): Dactylopius Costa,i836 

3269) Acanthodelphax Le Quesne,i964 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Acanthodelphax Le Quesne,i964 

3270) Alatades Dlabola,i957 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Alatades Dlabola,i9S7 

3271) Asiraca Latreille,l796 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Asiraca Latreille,i796; Manchookhania Kato,i933 

3272) Calligypona Sahlberg,i87i (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Calligypona Sahlberg,i87i 

3273) Chloriona Fieber,i866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Chloriona Fieber,i866 

3274) Conomelus Fieber,i866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Conomelus Fieber,i866 

3275) Delphacodes Fieber,i866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Delphacodes Fieber,i866 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3276) Delphacodoides Muir,l929 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Delphacodoides Muir,i929; Alatades 

3277) Delphax Fabricius,l798 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Delphax Fabricius,i798; Araeopus Spinola,i839 

3278) Dicranotropis Fieber,l866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Dicranotropis Fieber,i866; Leimonodite 
Kirkaldy ,1907 

3279) Ditropis Kirschbaum,i868 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Ditropis Kirschbaum,i868 

3280) Ditropsis Wagner,i963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Ditropsis Wagner,i963 

3281) Euides Fieber,l866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Euides Fieber,i866; Euidella Puton,i886 

3282) Euidopsis Ribaut,i948 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Euidopsis Ribaut,i948 

3283) Eurybregma Scott,i875 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Eurybregma Scott,i875 

3284) Eurysa Fieber,l866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Eurysa Fieber,i866; Epeurysa Matsumura,i900 

3285) Falcotoya Fennah,i969 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Falcotoya Fermah.,1969 

3286) Flastena Nast,i975 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Flastena Nast,i975 

3287) Florodelphax Vilbaste,i968 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Florodelphax Vilbaste,i968 

3288) Horvathianella Anufriev,i98o (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): HorvathianellaAnufriev,i98o 

3289) Iubsoda Nast, 1975 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Iubsoda Nast,i975 

3290) Javesella Fennah,i963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Javesella Fennah.,1963; Weidneriella 
Wagner, 1963; Haffnerianella Wagner, 1966 

3291) Kelisia Fieber,i866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Kelisia Fieber,i866 

3292) Laodelphax Fennah,i963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Laodelphax Fennah.,1963; Callidelphax 
Wagner, 1963 

3293) Leptodelphax Haupt,i927 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Leptodelphax Haupt,i927 

3294) Muellerianella Wagner, 1963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Muellerianella Wagner, 1963 

3295) Muirodelphax Wagner, 1963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Muirodelphax Wagner, 1963 

3296) Perkinsiella Kirkaldy,l903 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Perkinsiella Kirkaldy, 1903; Araeopides 

3297) Pseudaraeopus Kirkaldy,i904 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Delphacodes Melichar,i90i (praeocc); 
Pseudaraeopus Kirkaldy,i904; Tricranoneura Horvath,i922 

3298) Ribautodelphax Wagner,i963 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Ribautodelphax Wagner,i963 

3299) Sogatella Fennah,i956 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Sogatella Fennah.,1956; Sogatodes Fennah.,1963 

3300) Stenocranus Fieber,i866 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Stenocr anus Fieber, 1866 

3301) Toya Distant,l906 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Toya Distant,i9o6; Metadelphax Wagner, 1963 

3302) Tropidocephala Stal,l853 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Tropidocephala Stal,i853; Nephropsia 
A.Costa,i862; Conicoda Matsumura,i900; Smara Distant,i9o6 

3303) Unkanodes Fennah,i956 (Delphacidae) Synonym(s): Unkanodes Fennah.,1956; Elymodelphax 
Wagner,i963; Chilodelphax Wagner, 1968 

3304) Malenia Haupt,i924 (Derbidae) Synonym(s): Malenia Haupt,i924 

3305) Dericorys Audinet-Serville,[i838] (Dericorythidae) Synonym(s): Dericorys Audinet- 
Serville,[i838]; Derocorystes Burmeister,i840; Cyphophorus Fischer von Waldheim.,1846; Corystoderes 
Bolivar, 1936 

3306) Anthrenus (Florilinus) Mulsant & Rey,i867 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Florilinus Mulsant & 

3307) Anthrenus (Nathrenus) Casey,i900 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Nathrenus Casey,i900 

3308) Anthrenus Schaeffer,i766 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Anthrenus Schaeffer, 1766 

3309) Attagenus (s.str.) Latreille,i8o2 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Attagenus Latreille,i8o2 

3310) Attagenus Latreille,i8o2 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Attagenus Latreille,i8o2 

3311) Ctesias Stephens, 1830 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Ctesias Stephens,i830 

3312) Dermestes (Montandonia) Jacquet,i886 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Montandonia 

3313) Dermestes Linnaeus, 1758 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Dermestes Linnaeus, 1758 

3314) Globicornis Latreille,i829 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Globicornis Latreille,i829 
33!5) Orphilus Erichson,i846 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Orphilus Erichson,i846 

3316) Phradonoma Jacquelin du Val,i859 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Phradonoma Jacquelin du 

3317) Trogoderma Berthold,i827 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Trogoderma Berthold,i827 

3318) Turcicornis Hava,2000 (Dermestidae) Synonym(s): Turcicornis Hava,20oo 

3319) Clonaria Stal,l875 (Diapheromeridae) Synonym(s): Clonaria Stal,i875; Gratidia Stal,i875; 
Paraclonaria Brunner von Wattenwyl,i893 

3320) Abgrallaspis Balachowski,i948 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Abgrallaspis Balachowski,i948 

3321) Acanthomytilus Borkhsenius, 1947 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Acanthomytilus Borkhsenius,i947 

3322) Aonidia Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Aonidia Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 

3323) Aonidiella Berlese & Leonardi,i895 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Aonidiella Berlese & 

3324) Aspidiotus Bouche,i833 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Aspidiotus Bouche,i833 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3325) Aulacaspis Cockerell,i893 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Aulacaspis Cockerell,i8g3 

3326) Carulaspis McGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Carulaspis McGillivray,ig2i 

3327) Chionaspis Signoret,[i869] (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Chionaspis Signoret,[i86g] 

3328) Chlidaspis Borkhsenius,i949 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Chlidaspis Borkhsenius,i949 

3329) Chortinaspis Ferris, 1938 (Diaspididae) Synonym (s): Chortinaspis Ferris, 1938 

3330) Chrysomphalus Ashmead,i88o (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Chrysomphalus Ashmead.,1880 

333 1 ) Contigaspis McGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): ContigaspisMcGillivray,i92i 

3332) Diaspidiotus Berlese,i896 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Diaspidiotus Berlese,i896 

3333) Diaspis Costa, [1828] (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Diaspis Costa,[i828] 

3334) Duplachionaspis MacGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Duplachionaspis 

3335) Dynaspidiotus Thiem & Gerneck,i934 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Dynaspidiotus Thiem & 

3336) Epidiaspis Cockerell,i899 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Epidiaspis Cockerell,i899 

3337) Fiorinia Targioni-Tozzetti,i869 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Fiorinia Targioni-Tozzetti,i869 

3338) Furchadaspis MacGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Furchadaspis MacGillivray,i92i 

3339) Genistaspis Bodenheimer,i95i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Genistaspis Bodenheimer,i95i 

3340) Gonaspidiotus MacGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): GonaspidiotusMacGillivray,i92i 

3341) Hemiberlesia Leonardi, 1897 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Hemiberlesia Leonardi,i8g7 

3342) Kuwanaspis MacGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Kuwanaspis MacGillivray,ig2i 

3343) Lepidosaphes Shimer,i868 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Lepidosaphes Shimer,i868 

3344) Leucaspis Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Leucaspis Targioni-Tozzetti,i868; 
Leucodiaspis Signoret,i869 

3345) Lineaspis MacGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Lineaspis MacGillivray,i92i 

3346) Lopholeucaspis Balachowsky,i953 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Lopholeucaspis Balachowsky,i953 

3347) Melanaspis Cockerell,i897 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Melanaspis CockereU.,1897 

3348) Mercetaspis Menor,i927 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Mercetaspis Menor,ig2y 

3349) Mohelnaspis Sulc,i937 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Mohelnaspis Sulc,i937 

3350) Oceanaspidiotus Takagi,i984 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Oceanaspidiotus Takagi,i984 

335 1 ) Parlatoreopsis Lindinger,i9i2 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Parlatoreopsis Lindinger,i9i2 

3352) Parlatoria Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Parlatoria Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 

3353) Pinnaspis Cockerell,i892 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Pinnaspis Cockerell,i8g2 

3354) Prodiaspis Young & Wang,i984 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Prodiaspis Young & Wang,i984 

3355) Rhizaspidiotus MacGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Rhizaspidiotus MacGillivray,i92i 

3356) Salicicola Lindinger,i9o6 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Salicicola Lindinger,i9o6 

3357) Targionia Signoret,i869 (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Targionia Signoret,i869 

3358) Unaspis MacGillivray,i92i (Diaspididae) Synonym(s): Unaspis MacGillivray,i92i 

3359) Callodictya Melichar,i9i2 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Callodictya Melichar,i9i2 

3360) Dictyophara Germar,l833 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Dictyophara Germar,i833; Pseudophana 
Burmeister,i835; Chanitus Kolenati.,1857; Avephora Bierman,i9W 

3361) Philotheria Melichar,i9i2 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Philotheria Melichar,igi2 

3362) Ranissus Fieber,l866 (Dictyopharidae) Synonym(s): Ranissus Fieber,i866; Schizoegerius 
Kusnezov,i930; Palaeorgerius Fennah,i944 

3363) Dilar Rambur,i838 (Dilaridae) Synonym(s): Dilar Rambur,i838 

3364) Aspongopus Laporte,i832 (Dinidoridae) Synonym(s): Aspong opus Laporte, 1832 

3365) Coridius Illiger,l807 (Dinidoridae) Synonym(s): Coridius Illiger,i8o7; #Coridus Onder et al.,2006 

3366) Aphrosylus Haliday,i85i (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Aphrosylus Holiday, 1851 

3367) Argyra Macquart,i834 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Argyra Macquart,i834 

3368) Campsicnemus Haliday,i85i (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Campsicnemus Holiday, 1851 

3369) Chrysotimus Loew,i857 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Chrysotimus Loew,i857 

3370) Chrysotus Meigen,i824 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Chrysotus Meigen,i824 

3371) Diaphorus Meigen,i824 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Diaphorus Meigen,i824 

3372) Dolichopus Latreille,i796 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Dolichopus Latreille,i796 

3373) Gymnopternus Loew,i857 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Gymnopternus Loew,i857 

3374) Hercostomus Loew,i857 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Hercostomus Loew,i857; 
Microhercostomus Stackelberg ,1949; Steleopyga Grootaert & Meuffels,200i nee Fischer,i833 

3375) Hydrophorus Fallen, 1823 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Hydrophorus Fallen,i 823 

3376) Lamprochromus Mik,i878 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Lamprochromus Mik,i878 

3377) Liancalus Loew, 1857 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Liancalus Loew,i857 

3378) Medetera Fischer von Waldheim,i8i9 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Medetera Fischer von 
Waldheim.,1819; Medeterium Berthold,i827; Taechobates Haliday,i832; Orthobates Wahlberg,i844; Anorthus 
Loew,i850; Oligochaetus Mik,i878; Elongomedetera Hollis,i964; Asioligochaetus Negrobov,i966; Lorea 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3379) Neurigona Rondani,l856 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Neurigona Rondani,i856; Saucropus 
Loew,i857; Neurogona Oldenberg ,1904 

3380) Ortochile Latreille,l809 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Ortochile Latreille,i8o9; #Orthochile 

3381) Poecilobothrus Mik,i878 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Poecilobothrus Mik,i878 

3382) Rhaphium Meigen,i8o3 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Rhaphium Meigen,i8o3 

3383) Sciapus Zeller,i842 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Leptopus Fallen,i823 nee Latr.,1809; Psilopus 
Meigen,i824 nee Poli,iy95; Sciapus Zeller,i842; Stenarus Gistel,i848; Psilopodius Rondam.,1861; Psilopodinus 
Bigot,i888; Psilopiella Van Duzee,i9i4; #Sciopus Parenti.,1925; Agastoplax Enderlein,i936; Dactylodiscia 
Enderlein,i936; Dactylorhipis Enderlein,i936; Placantichir Birkel,i994 

3384) Sympycnus Loew,i857 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Sympycnus Loew,i857 

3385) Syntormon Loew,i857 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Syntormon Loew,i857 

3386) Tachytrechus Stannius,i83i (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Tachytrechus Stannius,i83i 

3387) Telmaturgus Mik,i874 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Telmaturgus Mik.,1874 

3388) Teuchophorus Loew,i857 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Teuchophorus Loew,i857 

3389) Thinophilus Wahlberg,i844 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Thinophilus Wahlberg,i844 

3390) Thrypticus Gerstaecker,i864 (Dolichopodidae) Synonym(s): Thrypticus Gerstaecker,i864; 
Aphantotimus Wheeler, 1890; XanthotrichaAldrich,i896; Submedeterus Becker, 1917 

3391) Amiota (Phortica) Schiner,i862 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Phortica Schiner,i862 

3392) Amiota Loew, 1862 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Amiota Loew, 1862 

3393) Drosophila (Dorsilopha) Sturtevant,i942 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Dorsilopha 

3394) Drosophila (Lordiphosa) Basden,i96i (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Lordiphosa Basden,i96i 

3395) Drosophila (Scaptodrosophila) Duda,i923 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Scaptodrosophila 
Duda,i923; Paradrosophila Duda,i923; Spuriostyloptera Duda,i923; Pholadoris Sturtevant,i942 

3396) Drosophila (Sophophora) Sturtevant,i939 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Sophophora 

3397) Drosophila (s.str.) Fallen, 1823 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Drosophila Fallen,i823; Idiomyia 
Grimshaw,i90i; Hypenomyia Grimshaw,i90i; Chaetodrosophillella Duda,i923; Acanthophila Duda,i924; 
Antopocerus Hardy,i96s; Ateledrosophila Hardy, 1965; Nudidrosophila Hardy, 1965; Trichotobregma Hardy, 1965 

3398) Drosophila Fallen, 1823 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Drosophila Fallen,i823; Idiomyia 
Grimshaw,i90i; Hypenomyia Grimshaw,i90i; Chaetodrosophillella Duda,i923; Acanthophila Duda,i924; 
Antopocerus Hardy,i96s; Ateledrosophila Hardy,i96s; Nudidrosophila Hardy, 1965; Trichotobregma Hardy, 1965 

3399) Gitona Meigen,i830 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Gitona Meigen,i830 

3400) Leucophenga Mik,l886 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Leucophenga Mik,i886; Oxyleucophenga 
Hendel,i9i3; Drosomyiella Hendel,i9i4 

3401) Scaptomyza (Parascaptomyza) Duda,i924 (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Parascaptomyza 

3402) Scaptomyza (s.str.) Hardy,[i850] (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Scaptomyza Hardy, [1850] 

3403) Scaptomyza Hardy, [1850] (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Scaptomyza Hardy, [1850] 

3404) Zaprionus Coquillett,i90i (Drosophilidae) Synonym(s): Zaprionus Coquillett,i90i 

3405) Acilius Leach, 1817 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Acilius Leach,i8i7 

3406) Agabus (Acatodes) Thomson, 1859 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Acatodes Thomson,i859; Badynectus 
Seidlitz,i882; Acathodes Seidlitz,i887; Heteronyctus Seidlitz,i887; Scytodytes Seidlitz,i887; Xanthodytes 
Seidlitz,i887; Allonychus Zaitzev,i905; Mesogabus Gueorguiev ,1969 

3407) Agabus (Gaurodytes) Thomson, 1859 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Necticus Hope,i838; Gaurodytes 
Thomson,i859; Dichodytes Thomson,i886 ; Xanthodytes Seidlitz,i887; Gabinectes Guignot,i93i; Agabinectes 

3408) Agabus Leach, 1817 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Agabus Leach,i8i7 

3409) Bidessus Sharp, 1881 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Bidessus Sharp, 1881 

3410) Colymbetes Schellenberg,i8o6 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Colymbetes Schellenberg,i8o6 

3411) Cybister (Scaphinectes) Adam, 1993 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Scaphinectes Adam.,1993 

3412) Cybister (s.str.) Curtis, 1827 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Cybister Curtis,i827 

3413) Cybister Curtis, 1827 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Cybister Curtis,i827 

3414) Deronectes Sharp, 1881 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Deronectes Sharp, 1881 

3415) Dytiscus Linnaeus, 1758 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Dytiscus Linnaeus, 1758; Diticus Goldfuss,i820 

3416) Eretes Laporte,l833 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Eunectes Erichson,i832 nee Wagl.,1830; Eretes 
Laporte,i833; Nogrus Dejean,i833 

3417) Graphoderus Dejean,i833 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Graphoderus Dejean,i833 

3418) Graptodytes Seidlitz,i887 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Graptodytes Seidlitz,i887 

3419) Hydaticus (Guignotites) Brinck,i944 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Isonotus Houlbert,i934 
(praeocc); Guignotites Brinck,i944 

3420) Hydaticus Leach, 1817 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hydaticus Leach,i8i7 

3421) Hydroglyphus Motschoulsky,i853 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hydroglyphus Motschoulsky,i853 

3422) Hydroporus Clairville,i8o6 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hydroporus Clairville,i8o6 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3423) Hydrovatus Motschoulsky,i853 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hydrovatus Motschoulsky,i853 

3424) Hygrotus (Coelambus) Thomson, i860 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Coelambus Thomson,i86o 

3425) Hygrotus Stephens, 18 2 8 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Hygrotus Stephens,i828 

3426) Ilybius Erichson,l832 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Ilybius Erichson,i832; Ilyobius Agassiz,i846 

3427) Laccophilus Leach, 1817 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Laccophilus Leach.,1817 

3428) Nebrioporus Regimbart,iQo6 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Nebrioporus Regimbart,igo6 

3429) Oreodytes Seidlitz,i887 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Oreodytes Seidlitz,i887 

3430) Platambus Thomson, i860 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Platambus Thomson,i86o 

3431) Rantus Dejean,l833 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Rantus Dejean,i833; Rhantus Lacordaire,i835 

3432) Scarodytes Des Gozis,i9i4 (Dytiscidae) Synonym(s): Scarodytes Des Gozis,igi4 

3433) Adelocera Latreille,i82Q (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Adelocera Latreille,i82g 

3434) Adrastus Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Adrastus Eschscholtz,i82g 

3435) Aeoloderma Fleutiaux,iQ28 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Aeoloderma Fleutiaux,ig28 

3436) Aeoloides Schwarz,iQo6 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Aeoloides Schwarz,igo6 

3437) Aeolosomus Dolin,i982 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Aeolosomus Dolin,ig82 

3438) Agriotes (s.str.) Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Agriotes Eschscholtz,i82g 

3439) Agriotes Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Agriotes Eschscholtz,i82g 

3440) Agrypnus Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Agrypnus Eschscholtz,i82g 

3441) Ampedus Dejean,i833 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Ampedus Dejean,i833 

3442) Anostirus Thomson, 1859 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Anostirus Thomson,i85g 

3443) Aplotarsus Stephens, 1830 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Aplotarsus Stephens,i830 

3444) Athous (Euplathous) Reitter,i905 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Euplathous Reitter,igo5 

3445) Athous (Haplathous) Reitter,i905 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Haplathous Reitter,igos 

3446) Athous (Orthathous) Reitter,i905 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Orthathous Reitter,igos 

3447) Athous (Orthathous) Reitter,i905 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Orthathous Reitter,igos 

3448) Athous (s.str.) Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Athous Eschscholtz,i82g 

3449) Athous Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Athous Eschscholtz,i82g 

3450) Betarmon Kiesenwetter,i858 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Betarmon Kiesenwetter,i858 

3451) Brachygonus Buysson,i9i2 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Brachygonus Buysson,igi2 

3452) Calais Laporte,i838 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Calais Laporte,i838 

3453) Cardiophorus (s.str.) Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Cardiophorus Eschscholtz,i82g 

3454) Cardiophorus Eschscholtz, 1829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Cardiophorus Eschscholtz,i82g 

3455) Cidnopus Thomson, 1859 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Cidnopus Thomson,i85g 

3456) Ctenicera Latreille,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Ctenicera Latreille,i82g 

3457) Dalopius Eschscholtz, 1829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Dalopius Eschscholtz, i82g 

3458) Danasoma Thomson, 1859 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Danasoma Thomson, 18 'sg 

3459) Denticollis Piller & Mitterpacher,i783 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Denticollis Piller & 
Mittcrpacher ,1783 

3460) Dicronychus Brulle,i832 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Dicronychus Brulle, 1832 

3461) Drasterius Eschscholtz, 1829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Drasterius Eschscholtz,i82g 

3462) Ectamenogonus Buysson,i894 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Ectamenogonus Buysson,i8g4 

3463) Ectinus Eschscholtz, 1829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Ectinus Eschscholtz,i82g 

3464) Elater Linnaeus, 1758 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Elater Linnaeus, 1758 

3465) Elathous Reitter,i890 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Elathous Reitter,i8go 

3466) Haterumelater Ohira,i968 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Haterumelater Ohira,ig68 

3467) Hemicrepidius Germar,i839 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Hemicrepidius Germar,i83g 

3468) Hypnoidus Dillwyn,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Hypnoidus Dillwyn,i82g 

3469) Hypoganus Kiesenwetter,l863 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Hypoganus Kiesenwetter,i863 

3470) Idolus Desbrochers,i875 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Idolus Desbrochers,i875 

3471) Idotarmonides Agajev,i985 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): IdotarmonidesAgajev,ig85 

3472) Ischnodes Germar,i844 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Ischnodes Germar,i844 

3473) Isidus Mulsant & Rey,i874 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Isidus Mulsant & Rey,i874 

3474) Lacon Laporte,i838 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Lacon Laporte,i838 

3475) Lanelater Arnett,i952 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Lanelater Arnett,igs2 

3476) Limoniscus Reitter,i905 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Limoniscus Reitter,igos 

3477) Limonius Eschscholtz, 1829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Limonius Eschscholtz,i82g; Kibunea 

3478) Megapenthes Kiesenwetter,i858 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Megapenthes Kiesenwetter,i8s8 

3479) Melanotus (Spheniscosomus) Schwarz,i902 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Spheniscosomus 

3480) Melanotus Eschscholtz, 1829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Melanotus Eschscholtz, i82g 

3481) Mulsanteus Gozis,l875 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Mulsanteus Gozis,i875; Neotrichophorus 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3482) Negastrius Thomson, 1859 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Negastrius Thomson,i859 

3483) Neopristilpophus Buysson,i894 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Neopristilpophus Buysson,i8g4 

3484) Nothodes LeConte,i86i (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Nothodes LeConte,i86i 

3485) Paracardiophorus Schwarz,i895 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Paracardiophorus Schwarz,i895 

3486) Peripontius Gurjeva,i979 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Peripontius Gurjeva,ig7g 

3487) Pittonotus Jacquelin du Val,i86o (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Pittonotus Jacquelin du Val,i86o 

3488) Plastocerus LeConte,i853 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Plastocerus LeConte,i8s3 

3489) Podeonius Kiesenwetter,i858 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Podeonius Kiesenwetter,i8s8 

3490) Porthmidius Germar,i847 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Porthmidius Germar,i847 

3491) Procraerus Reitter,i905 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Procraerus Reitter,igo5 

3492) Prosternon Latreille,i8o4 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Prosternon Latreille,i8o4 

3493) Pseudagriotes Schwarz,i896 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Pseudagriotes Schwarz,i8g6 

3494) Pseudanostirus Dolin,i964 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Pseudanostirus Dolin,ig64 

3495) Pseudocrepidophorus Dolin & Agajev,i988 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Pseudocrepidophorus 
Dolin &Agajev,ig88 

3496) Quasimus Gozis,i886 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Quasimus Gozis,i886 

3497) Reitterelater Platia & Cate,i990 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Reitterelater Platia & Cate,iggo 

3498) Ryukyucardiophorus Ohira,i973 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Ryukyucardiophorus Ohira,ig/3 

3499) Selatosomus (Pristilophus) Latreille,i834 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Pristilophus Latreille,i834 

3500) Selatosomus (Warchalowskianus) Tarnawski,i995 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): 
Warchalowskianus Tarnawski,igg5 

3501) Selatosomus (s.str.) Stephens, 1830 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Selatosomus Stephens,i830 

3502) Selatosomus Stephens, 1830 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Selatosomus Stephens,i830 

3503) Solskyana Dolin, 1978 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Solskyana Dolin,ig78 

3504) Stenagostus Thomson,i859 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Stenagostus Thomson,i85g 

3505) Synaptus Eschscholtz,i829 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Synaptus Eschscholtz,i82g 

3506) Tetrigus Candeze, 1857 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Tetrigus Candeze,i8sy 

3507) Tolphorea Gurjeva,i983 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Tolphorea Gurjeva,ig83 

3508) Zorochros Thomson, 1859 (Elateridae) Synonym(s): Zorochros Thomson,i85g; #Zorochrus 

3509) Empis (Euempis) Frey,i953 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Euempis Frey,igs3 

3510) Empis (Leptempis) Collins, 1926 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Leptempis Collins,ig26 

3511) Empis (Lissempis) Bezzi,i909 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Lissempis Bezzi,igog 

3512) Empis (Pachymeria) Stephens, 1829 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Pachymeria Stephens,i82g 

3513) Empis (Polyblepharis) Bezzi,i909 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Polyblepharis Bezzi,igog 

3514) Empis (Xanthempis) Bezzi,i909 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Xanthempis Bezzi,igog 

3515) Empis (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Empis Linnaeus, 1758 

3516) Empis Linnaeus, 175 8 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Empis Linnaeus, 1758 

3517) Hilara Meigen,i822 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Hilara Meigen,i822 

3518) Rhamphomyia (Lundstroemiella) Frey,i922 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Lundstroemiella 

3519) Rhamphomyia Meigen, 1822 (Empididae) Synonym(s): Rhamphomyia Meigen,i822 

3520) Blepharopsis Rehn,l902 (Empusidae) Synonym(s): Blepharis Serville,i83i nee Cuvier,i8o7; 
?Chersomantis Gistel,i8s6; Blepharopsis Rehn,igo2 

3521) Empusa Illiger,l798 (Empusidae) Synonym(s): Empusa Illiger,i7g8; Phantoma Risso,i826; #Ampusa 

3522) Achalcerinys Girault,i9i5 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Achalcerinys Girault,igis 

3523) Adelencyrtus Ashmead,i900 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Adelencyrtus Ashmead,igoo; 
Epiencyrtoides Girault,igis; Rotrencyrtus Risbec,igsg 

3524) Ageniaspis Dalbohm,l857 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Ageniaspis Dalbohm,i857; #Agenisapis 
Thomson,i876; Holcothorax Mayr,i876; Leuroceroides Girault,igis; Paraleurocerus Girault,igis; Microrhopus 
Girault,ig32; Gibber ella Miller, ig6i necAbushik,igs8 

3525) Anagyrus Howard, 1896 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Anagyrus Howard,i8g6; Paranusia Brethes,igi3; 
Epidinocarsis Girault,igi3; Doliphoceras Mercet,ig2i; Gyranusia Brethes,ig2i; Apoanagyrus Compere, ig47; 
Anathrix Burks,ig$2; Aglyptoideus De Santis,ig64; Xiphmastix De Santis,ig72; Tongyus Noyes & Hayat,ig84 

3526) Anicetus Howard, 1896 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Anicetus Howard,i8g6 

3527) Aphycoides Mercet,i92i (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Aphycoides Mercet,ig2i 

3528) Aphycus Mayr, 1875 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Aphycus Mayr,i875 

3529) Aschitus Mercet,i92i (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Aschitus Mercet,ig2i 

3530) Blastothrix Mayr, 1875 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Blastothrix Mayr, 1875 

3531) Bothriothorax Ratzeburg,i844 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Bothriothorax Ratzeburg,i844 

3532) Callipteroma Motschulsky,i863 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): CallipteromaMotschulsky,i863 

3533) Cerapterocerus Westwood,i833 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Cerapterocerus Westwood,i833; 
Jurinia Costa,i83g; Telegraphus Ratzburg,i848 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3534) Cerchysiella Girault,i9i5 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Cerchysiella Girault,igis 

3535) Cerchysius Westwood,i832 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Cerchysius Westwood,i832 

3536) Charitopus F6rster,i8s6 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Charitopus For ster, 1856 

3537) Cheiloneurus Westwood,i833 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Cheiloneurus Westwood.,1833 

3538) Choreia Westwood,i833 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Choreia Westwood.,1833; #Choreius 

3539) Coelopencyrtus Timberlake,i9i9 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Coelopencyrtus Timberlake,igig 

3540) Comperiella Howard,i9o6 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Comperiella Howard,igo6 

3541) Copidosoma Ratzeburg,l844 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Copidosoma Ratzeburg,i844; Litomastix 
Thomson,i876; Pentacnemus Howard,i8g2; Berecyntus Howard,i8g8; Parapsylophrys Howard,i8g8; 
Pseudencyrtella Girault,igi3; Zaomencyrtus Girault,igi5; Paracaenocercus Girault,igis; Verdunia Mercet,igiy; 
Limastotix Mercet,ig2i; Litomastiellus Mercet,ig2i; Paralitomastix Mercet,ig2i; Angeliconana Girault,ig22; 
Neocopidosoma Ishii,ig23; Parasteropaeus Girault,ig23; Mesocopidosomyiia Girault,ig25; Mesencyrtus 
Timberlake,ig4i; Berecyntiscus Ghesquere,ig46; Arrenoclavus Doutt,ig48 

3542) Cowperia Girault,i9i9 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Cowperia Girault,igig 

3543) Dicarnosis Mercet,i92i (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Dicarnosis Mercet,ig2i 

3544) Dinocarsis F6rster,l8s6 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Dinocarsis Fdrster,i8s6; Euscapus 

3545) Discodes F6rster,l8s6 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Discodes F6rster,i8s6; Phaenodiscus For ster, 1856 

3546) Echthroplexiella Mercet,i92i (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Echthroplexiella Mercet,ig2i; Lutfia 
Trjapitzin,i g6g 

3547) Encyrtus Latreille,l809 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Encyrtus Latreille,i8og; Comys F6rster,i8s6; 
Eucomys Fdrster,i8s6; Howardia Dalla Torre, i8gy, Howardiella Dalla Torre, i8g8; Allorhopoideus Brethes,igi6; 
Prorhopoideus Brethes,ig2i 

3548) Epitetracnemus Girault,i9i5 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Epitetracnemus Girault,igis 

3549) Ericydnus Haliday,l837 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): #Ericydnus Haliday,i82g; Ericydnus 
Holiday, 1837; #Ericinidus Blanchard,i840; #Erycidnus Howard,i886 

3550) Eugahania Mercet,i926 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Eugahania Mercet,ig26 

355i) Ginsiana Erdos & Novicky,i955 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Ginsiana Erdos &Novicky,igs5 

3552) Habrolepis F6rster,i8s6 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Habrolepis F6rster,i8s6 

3553) Homalotylus Mayr,i875 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Homalotylus Mayr,i875 

3554) Hoplopsis Stefani,i889 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Hoplopsis Stefani,i88g 

3555) Isodromus Howard,i887 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Isodromus Howard,i887 

3556) Lamennaisia Girault,i922 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Lamennaisia Girault,ig22 

3557) Leptomastidea Mercet,i9i6 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Leptomastidea Mercet,igi6 

3558) Leptomastix F6rster,i856 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Leptomastix F6rster,i8s6 

3559) Mayridia Mercet,i92i (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Mayridia Mercet,ig2i 

3560) Metanotalia Mercet,i92i (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Metanotalia Mercet,ig2i 

3561) Metaphycus Mercet, 1927 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Metaphycus Mercet,ig27 

3562) Microterys Thomson, 1876 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Microterys Thomson,i876 

3563) Monodiscodes Hoffer,i954 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Monodiscodes Hoffer,igs4 

3564) Ooencyrtus Ashmead,i900 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Ooencyrtus Ashmead,igoo 

3565) Parasauleia Hoffer,i968 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Parasauleia Hoffer,ig68 

3566) Pentacladocerus Erdos, 1963 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Pentacladocerus Erdos, ig63 

3567) Pseudococcobius Timberlake,i9i6 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Pseudococcobius Timberlake,igi6 

3568) Psilophrys Mayr,i875 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Psilophrys Mayr,i875 

3569) Psyllaephagus Ashmead,i900 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Psyllaephagus Ashmead,igoo 

3570) Rhopus F6rster,i856 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Rhopus Fdrster,i8s6 

3571) Sryphophagus Ashmead,i900 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Sryphophagus Ashmead,igoo 

3572) Tetracnemus Westwood,i837 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Tetracnemus Westwood,i837 

3573) Trechnites Thomson, 1876 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Trechnites Thomson,i876 

3574) Trichomasthus Thomson, 1876 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Trichomasthus Thomson,i876 

3575) Zaomma Ashmead,i900 (Encyrtidae) Synonym(s): Zaomma Ashmead,igoo 

3576) Ephydra Fallen, 1810 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Ephydra Fallen,i8io 

3577) Halmopota Haliday,i8s6 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Halmopota Holiday ,1856 

3578) Hecamedoides Hendel,i9i7 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Hecamedoides Hendel,igi7 

3579) Hydrellia R-D.,1830 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Hydrellia R-D.,1830; Hydropota Rondani,i86i 

3580) Mosillus Latreille,l804 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Mosillus Latreille,i8o4; Gymnomyza Fallen,i8io; 
Gymnopa Fallen.,1820; Glabrinus Rondam.,1856 

3581) Notiphila Fallen, 1823 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Notiphila Fallen,i823 

3582) Ochthera Latreille,l802 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Ochthera Latreille,i8o2; Macrochira 

3583) Psilopa Fallen, 1823 (Ephydridae) Synonym(s): Psilopa Fallen,i823; Hygrella Haliday,i83g; 
Ephygrobia Schiner,i862; Diasemocera Bezzi,i8gs; Discocerinella Mercier,ig27 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3584) Cryptococcus Douglas, 1890 (Eriococcidae) Synonym(s): Cryptococcus Douglas, 1890 

3585) Eriococcus Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Eriococcidae) Synonym(s): Eriococcus Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 

3586) Pseudochermes Nitsche,i895 (Eriococcidae) Synonym(s): Pseudochermes Nitsche,i895 

3587) Eucharis Latreille,l804 (Eucharidae) Synonym(s): Eucharis Latreille,i8o4; Psilogaster 
Blanchard,i840; Psilogastrellus Ghesquiere,i946; Eucharisca Boucek,i956 

3588) Stilbula Spinola,l8ll (Eucharidae) Synonym(s): Stilbula Spinola,i8n; Eltolada Cameron,igo9 

3589) Stilbula Spinola,l8ll (Eucharidae) Synonym(s): Stibula Spinola,i8n; Eltolada Cameron,i909 

3590) Anaprostocetus Graham, 1987 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Anaprostocetus Graham.,1987 

3591) Aprostocetus Westwood,i833 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Aprostocetus Westwood,i833; 
Tetrastichus Walker,i842; Trichoceras Ratzeburg ,1844; Geniocerus Ratzeburg,i848; Lonchentedon 
Ratzeburg,i852; Hyperteles Forster, 1856; Oxymorpha F6rster,i8s6; Exurus Philippi,i873; Myiomisa 
Rondani,i877;Syntomosphyrum Forster, 1878; Tetrastichodes Ashmead,i887; Ootetrastichus Perkins,i9o6; 
Aprostocerella Girault,i9i3; Asyntomosphyrum Girault,i9i3; Epentastichus Girault,i9i3; Hadrothrix 
Cameron,i9i3; Neomphaloides Girault,igi3; Neomphaloidella Girault,i9i3; Ootetrastichella Girault,i9i3; 
Selitrichodelia Girault,igi3; Tetrastichella Girault,i9i3; Omphalomopsis Girault,i9i7; Anellaria Bakkendorf,i934; 
Pachyscapus Erdos,i954; Domenichinia Kostjukov,i977; Coriophagus Graham.,1987; Turktichus 
Doganlar,i993;Quercastichus LaSalle, 1994; #Abrostetus Doganlar et al.,2006 

3592) Aulogymnus F6rster,l85l (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Aulogymnus Fbrster,i8si; Olynx Fdrster,i8s6; 
Cyniphoctonus Reinhard,i858; Olinx Reinhard,i858; Ophelinoideus Ashmead,i904; Scotolinx Ashmead,i904; 
Pseudiglyphella Girault,i9i3; Pseudolynx Girault,i9i6; Mirolynx Girault,i9i6 

3593) Baryscapus Forster, 1856 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Baryscapus Forster, 1856; Thriposoma 
Crawford,i9i3; Tetrastichopsis Girault,i9i6; Eutetrastichus Kostjukov,i977 

3594) Ceranisus Walker,l84l (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): #Ceranisus Walker,i830; Ceranisus Walker, 1841; 
Urfacus Doganlar, 2003 

3595) Chrysocharis Forster, 1856 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Chrysocharis Forster, 1856; Oxycharis 
Delucchi,i954 nee Meyrick,i939; Trichocharis Delucchi,i954 nee Simon,i895; Xenocharis Delucchi,i954 nee 

3596) Cirrospilus Westwood,i832 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Cirrospilus Westwood,i832; Atoposoma 
Masi,i907; Atoposomoidea Howard,i9io; Winnemana Crawford,i9ii; Achrysocharelloidea Girault,i9i3; 
Cirrospilomella Girault,i9i3; Pseudiglyphomyia Girault,i9i3; Gyrolasella Girault,i9i3; Cirrospilopsis 
Girault,i9i5; Parzagrammosoma Girault,i9i6; Giraultia Gahan & Fagan,i923; Austrolynx Girault,i929; 
Plesiospilus Ferriere,i954 

3597) Closterocerus Westwood, 1833 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Closterocerus Westwood,i833; Asecodes 
F6rster,i856; Ganahlia Dalla Torre,i897; Neochrysocharis Kurdjumov,i9i2; Achrysocharis Girault,i9i3; 
Achrysocharella Girault,i9i3; Chrysocharella Girault,i9i3; Pseudochrysocharis Girault,i9i3; Rhicnopeltomyia 
Girault,i9i3; Teleopterus Silvestri,i9i4; Wolffiella Krausse,i9i7; Halochris Erdos,i95i; Heterocharis Erdos,i954; 
Metasecodes Erdbs,i955; Chrysocharidia Erdos,i956; Desmatocharis Graham.,1959; Cecidiophaga Erdos,i966; 
Mangocharis Boucek,i986; Hispinocharis Boucek,i988 

3598) Colpoclypeus Lucchese,i94i (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Colpoclypeus Lucchese,i94i 

3599) Crataepus F6rster,i878 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Crataepus Forster, 1878 

3600) Dahlbominus Hincks,i945 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Microplectron Dahlbom.,1857 nee 
Streubel,i842; Dahlbominus Hincks,i945 

3601) Diglyphus Walker, 1844 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Diglyphus Walker, 1844; Diaulus Ashmead,i904; 
Diaulinus Schulz,i9o6; Cycloscapus Erdos &Novicky,i95i 

3602) Elachertus Spinola,l8ll (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Elachertus Spinola,i8ii; Elachistus Fdrster,i8s6; 
Ardalus Howard,i897; Cirrospiloideus Ashmead,i904; Diglyphomorphella Girault,i9i3; Parentedon Girault,i9i3; 
Pseudelacherteus Girault,i9i3; Sympiesomorphelleus Girault,i9i3; Ardaloides Girault,i9is; Euplectromorphella 
Girault,i9i5; Proardalus Girault & Dodd,i9i§; Epardalus Girault,i9i7; Peteenus Erdos,i96i 

3603) Elasmus Westwood,l833 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Elasmus Westwood,i833; Aneure Nees,i834; 
Heptocondyla Rondam.,1877; Cyclopleura Cameron,i9i3; Austelasmus Riek,i967 

3604) Entedon Dalman,l820 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Entedon Dalman,i82o; #Entodon Berthold,i827; 
Tranocera Curtis,i829; Pleuropachus Westwood,i837; Pleuropachys Fdrster,i8s6; Eriglyptus Crawford,i907; 
Metacrias Girault,i9i3; Entedonella Girault,i9i3; Pelorotelopsella Girault,i9i3; Uracrias Girault,i9i3; 
Acanthentedon Dodd,i9i7;Metacriasinus Ghesquiere,i946 

3605) Euderus Haliday,i844 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Euderus Haliday,i844 

3606) Eulophus Geoffroy,i762 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Eulophus Geoffroy,i762 

3607) Euplectrus Westwood,i832 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Euplectrus Westwood,i832 

3608) Hemiptarsenus Westwood,i833 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Hemiptarsenus Westwood,i833 

3609) Hyssopus Girault,i9i6 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Hyssopus Girault,i9i6; Hyssopiscus 

3610) Leptocybe Fisher & La Salle, 2004 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Leptocybe Fisher & La Salle,2004 

3611) Microlycus Thomson, 1878 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Microlycus Thomson,i878 

3612) Necremnus Thomson, 1878 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Necremnus Thomson,i878 

3613) Neotrichoporoides Girault,i9i3 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Neotrichoporoides Girault,i9i3 

3614) Oomyzus Rondani,i870 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Oomyzus Rondani,i870 

3615) Pediobius Walker, 1846 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Pediobius Walker,i846 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3616) Platyplectrus Ferriere,i94i (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Platyplectrus Ferriere,ig4i 

3617) Pnigalio Schrank,i8o2 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Pnigalio Schrank,i8o2 

3618) Pronotalia Grandwell,i957 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Pronotalia Grandwell,igs7 

3619) Puklina Graham, 1991 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Puklina Graham,iggi 

3620) Quadrastichus Girault,i9i3 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Quadrastichus Girault,igi3; 
Cecido te tras tichus Kostjukov, ig77 

3621) Ratzeburgiola Erdos,i958 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Ratzeburgiola Erdds,igs8 

3622) Rhicnopelte F6rster,i878 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Rhicnopelte For ster, 1878 

3623) Semielacher Boucek,i988 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Semielacher Boucek,ig88 

3624) Sigmophora Rondani, 1867 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Sigmophora Rondani,i867 

3625) Sympiesis F6rster,l8s6 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Sympiesis F6rster,i8s6; Teleogmus Fdrster,i8s6; 
Sympiezus Thomson,i878; Asympiesiella Girault,igi3; Diaulomella Girault,igi3; Necremnomyia Girault,igi3; 
Opheliminus Girault,igi3; Pseudopheliminus Girault,igi3; Sympiesonecremnus Girault,igi3; Diaulomorphella 
Girault,igi5; Pardiaulomella Girault,igig; Pardiaulomyia Girault & Todd,igi5; Pronecremnus Girault & 
Todd,igi5; Moroceras Erdos,ig54; Cladosympiesis Graham,ig5g 

3626) Wichmannia Ruschka,i9i6 (Eulophidae) Synonym(s): Wichmannia Ruschka,igi6 

3627) Pseudosavalania Demirsoy,i973 (Eumasticidae) Synonym(s): Pseudosavalania Demirsoy,ig73 

3628) Anastatus Motschulsky,[i86o] (Eupelmidae) Synonym(s): AnastatusMotschulsky,[i86o] 

3629) Calosota Curtis, 1836 (Eupelmidae) Synonym(s): Calosota Curtis,i836; Caloster Walker,i872 

3630) Eupelmus Dalman,i820 (Eupelmidae) Synonym(s): Eupelmus Dalman,i820 

3631) Pentacladia Westwood,i835 (Eupelmidae) Synonym(s): Pentacladia Westwood,i835 

3632) Bruchophagus Ashmead,i888 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Bruchophagus Ashmead,i888 

3633) Eurytoma Illiger,i8o3 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Eurytoma Illiger,i8o3 

3634) Exeurytoma Burks, 1971 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Exeurytoma Burks, ig7i 

3635) Macrorileya Ashmead,i900 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Macrorileya Ashmead,igoo 

3636) Rileya Ashmead,l888 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Rileya Ashmead,i888; Ashmeadia Howard,i88g 

3637) Sycophila Walker,l87l (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Sycophila Walker, 1871; Tineomyza 
Rondani,i872; Isanisa Walker,i875; Pseudisa Walker,i875; Decatomidea Ashmead,i888; Eudecatoma 

3638) Systole Walker,i832 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Systole Walker,i832 

3639) Tetramesa Walker, 1848 (Eurytomidae) Synonym(s): Tetramesa Walker,i848 

3640) Fannia R-D.,1830 (Fanniidae) Synonym(s): Fannia R-D.,1830; Homalomyia Bouche,i834; Coelomyia 

3641) Metcalfa Caldwell, 1951 (Flatidae) Synonym(s): Metcalfa Caldwell,ig5i 

3642) Phantia Fieber,i866 (Flatidae) Synonym(s): Phantia Fieber,i866 

3643) Anechura Scuddder,i876 (Forficulidae) Synonym(s): Anechura Scuddder,i876 

3644) Forficula Linnaeus, 1758 (Forficulidae) Synonym(s): Forficula Linnaeus,i758 

3645) Guanchia Burr,i9ii (Forficulidae) Synonym(s): Guanchia Burr,igii 

3646) Acantholepis Mayr,i86i (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Acantholepis Mayr,i86i 

3647) Amblyopone Erichson,i842 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Amblyopone Erichson,i842 

3648) Aphaenogaster Mayr,i853 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Aphaenogaster Mayr,i853 

3649) Bothriomyrmex Emery,i869 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Bothriomyrmex Emery, i86g 

3650) Camponotus Mayr,i86i (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Camponotus Mayr,i86i 

3651) Cardiocondyla Emery,i869 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Cardiocondyla Emery, i86g 

3652) Cataglyphis F6rster,i850 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Cataglyphis Fbrster,i8so 

3653) Crematogaster Lund, 1831 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Crematogaster Lund,i83i; Cremastog aster 

3654) Diplorhoptrum Mayr,i855 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Diplorhoptrum Mayr,i8ss 

3655) Dorylus Fabricius,i793 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Dorylus Fabricius,i7g3 

3656) Formica Linnaeus, 175 8 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Formica Linnaeus, 1758 

3657) Lasius Fabricius,[i8o5] (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Lasius Fabricius,[i8os] 

3658) Leptothorax Mayr,i855 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Leptothorax Mayr,i855 

3659) Liometopum Mayr,i86i (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Liometopum Mayr,i86i 

3660) Manica Jurine,i8o7 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Manica Jurine,i8o7 

3661) Messor Forel, 1890 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Messor Forel,i8go 

3662) Monomorium Mayr,i855 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Monomorium Mayr,i855 

3663) Myrmica Latreille,i8o4 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Myrmica Latreille,i8o4 

3664) Pheidole Westwood,i840 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Pheidole Westwood,i840 

3665) Plagiolepis Mayr,i86i (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Plagiolepis May r, 1861 

3666) Proformica Ruzsky,i903 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Proformica Ruzsky,igo3 

3667) Tapinoma F6rster,i850 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Tapinoma For ster, 1850 

3668) Tetramorium Mayr,i855 (Formicidae) Synonym(s): Tetramorium Mayr,i855 

3669) Georissus Latreille,i8o9 (Georissidae) Synonym(s): Georissus Latreille,i8og 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3670) Anoplotrupes Jekel,i866 (Geotrupidae) Synonym(s): Anoplotrupes Jekel,i866 

3671) Geotrupes Latreille,i8o2 (Geotrupidae) Synonym(s): Geotrupes Latreille,i8o2 

3672) Aquarius Schellenberg,i8oo (Gerridae) Synonym(s): Aquarius Schellenberg, 1800 

3673) Gerris Fabricius,i794 (Gerridae) Synonym(s): Gerris Fabricius,i794 

3674) Amphicoma (Eulasia) Warren, 1902 (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Eulasia Warren,igo2 

3675) Amphicoma (Pygopleurus) Motschulsky,[i86o] (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Pygopleurus 

3676) Amphicoma (Rudeulasia) Baraud,i990 (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Rudeulasia Baraud.,1990 

3677) Amphicoma (Vittateulasia) Baraud,i990 (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Vittateulasia Baraud.,1990 

3678) Amphicoma (s.str.) Latreille,i8o7 (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Amphicoma Latreille, 1807 

3679) Amphicoma Latreille, 18 07 (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Amphicoma Latreille,i8o7; #Amphycoma 
Frivaldsky,i845; Amphitriche Gistl,i848 

3680) Anthypna Eschscholtz,l8l8 (Glaphyridae) Synonym(s): Anthypna Eschscholtz,i8i8; #Anthipna 

3681) Anormogomphus Selys,i854 (Gomphidae) Synonym(s): Anormogomphus Selys,i854 

3682) Gomphus Leach, 1815 (Gomphidae) Synonym(s): Gomphus Leach,i8i5 

3683) Lindenia De Haan,i826 (Gomphidae) Synonym(s): Lindenia De Haan,i826 

3684) Onychogomphus Selys,i854 (Gomphidae) Synonym(s): Onychogomphus Selys,i8s4 

3685) Ophiogomphus Selys,i854 (Gomphidae) Synonym(s): Ophiogomphus Selys,i854 

3686) Paragomphus Cowley,i934 (Gomphidae) Synonym(s): Mesogomphus F6rster,igo6 (praeocc); 
Paragomphus Cowley, 1934 

3687) Glandulosa Harz,i979 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Glandulosa Harz,i979 

3688) Gryllomorpha (Gryllomorphella) Gorochov,i984 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllomorphella 

3689) Gryllomorpha Fieber,l853 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllomorpha Fieber,i853; Gryllomorphus 

3690) Gryllus (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllus Linnaeus, 1758; Liogryllus 
Saussure,i877; Lenigryllus Chopard,ig6i; Nigrogryllus Gorochov,i983 

3691) Gryllus Linnaeus, 1758 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Gryllus Linnaeus, 1758; Liogryllus Saussure,i877; 
Lenigryllus Chopard,i96i; Nigrogryllus Gorochov,i983 

3692) Melanogryllus Chopard,i96i (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Melanogryllus Chopard,i96i 

3693) Modicogryllus (Eumodicogryllus) Gorochov,i986 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Eumodicogryllus 
Gorochov ,1986 

3694) Modicogryllus (Promodicogryllus) Gorochov,i986 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Promodicogryllus 
Gorochov, 1986 

3695) Modicogryllus (s.str.) Chopard,l96l (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Modicogryllus Chopard,i96i; 
#Medicogryllus Salman,i978 

3696) Modicogryllus Chopard,l96l (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Modicogryllus Chopard,i96i; 
#Medicogryllus Salman,i978 

3697) Oecanthus Audinet-Serville,i83i (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Oecanthus Audinet-Serville,i83i 

3698) Pteronemobius (s.str.) Jacobson,i904 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Pteronemobius Jacobson,i904 

3699) Stenonemobius (s.str.) Gorochov,i98i (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Stenonemobius Gorochov,i98i 

3700) Tartarogryllus Tarbinsky,l940 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Tartarogryllus Tarbinsky,i940 

3701) Trigonidium (s.str.) Rambur,i839 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Trigonidium Rambur,i839 

3702) Turanogryllus Tarbinskii,l940 (Gryllidae) Synonym(s): Turanogryllus Tarbinskii,i94o; 
Paragryllopsis Chopard,i963 

3703) Gryllotalpa Latreille, 1802 (Gryllotalpidae) Synonym(s): Gryllotalpa Latreille, 1802; Curtilla 
Oken,i8i5; Austrotalpa Mjoberg ,1913 

3704) Aulonogyrus Gemminger & Harold,i868 (Gyrinidae) Synonym(s): Aulonogyrus Gemminger & 

3705) Gyrinus Geoffroy,i762 (Gyrinidae) Synonym(s): Gyrinus Geoffroy,i762 

3706) Orectochilus Lacordaire,i835 (Gyrinidae) Synonym(s): #Orectochilus Dejean,i833; Orectochilus 
Lacordaire,i 835 

3707) Ceylalictus (s.str.) Strand,i9i3 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Ceylalictus Strand,i9i3 

3708) Ceylalictus Strand, 1913 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Ceylalictus Strand,i9i3 

3709) Dufourea (Cyprirophites) Warncke,i979 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Cyprirophites Warncke,i979 

3710) Dufourea (Halictoides) Nylander,i848 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Halictoides Nylander,i848 

3711) Dufourea (s.str.) Lepeletier,i84i (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Dufourea Lepeletier, 1841 

3712) Dufourea Lepeletier,i84i (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Dufourea Lepeletier, 18 41 

3713) Halictus (s.str.) Latreille, 18 04 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Halictus Latreille,i8o4 

3714) Halictus Latreille, 1804 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Halictus Latreille,i8o4 

3715) Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) Robertson, 1902 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Evylaeus Robertson,i902 

3716) Lasioglossum Curtis, 1833 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Lasioglossum Curtis,i833 

3717) Nomia (Lobonomia) Warncke,i976 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Lobonomia Warncke,i976 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3718) Nomia Latreille,l804 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Nomia Latreille,i8o4; Nitocris Rafinesque,i8i5 

3719) Nomioides (s.str.) Schenck,i866 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Nomioides Schenck,i866 

3720) Nomioides Schenck,i866 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Nomioides Schenck,i866 

3721) Pseudapis (Nomiapis) Cockerell,i9i9 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Nomiapis Cockerell,igig 

3722) Rhophitoides Schenck,l859 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Rhophitoides Schenck,i859; #Rophitoides 
Grace, 2010 

3723) Rophites Spinola,l838 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Rophites Spinola,i838; Rhophites Agassiz,i846 

3724) Sphecodes Latreille,i8o4 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Sphecodes Latreille,i8o4 

3725) Systropha (s.str.) Illiger,i8o6 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Systropha Illiger,i8o6 

3726) Systropha Illiger, 1806 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Systropha Illiger, 1806 

3727) Thrincohalictus Bliithgen,i955 (Halictidae) Synonym(s): Thrincohalictus Blilthgen,i955 

3728) Haliplus Latreille,i8o2 (Haliplidae) Synonym(s): Haliplus Latreille,i8o2 

3729) Peltodytes Regimbart, 1879 (Haliplidae) Synonym(s): Peltodytes Regimbart,i879 

3730) Eccoptomera Loew,i862 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Eccoptomera Loew,i862 

3731) Heleomyza Fallen, 1810 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Heleomyza Fallen,i8io 

3732) Neoleria Malloch,i9i9 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Neoleria Malloch.,1919 

3733) Oecothea Haliday,i837 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Oecothea Holiday, 1837 

3734) Pseudoleria Garrett,i92i (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoleria Garrett,ig2i 

3735) Suillia R-D.,1830 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): SuilliaR-D.,1830 

3736) Tephrochlamys Loew,i862 (Heleomyzidae) Synonym(s): Tephrochlamys Loew,i862 

3737) Helophorus (Orphelophorus) Orchymont,i927 (Helophoridae) Synonym(s): Orphelophorus 

3738) Helophorus Fab ricius, 1775 (Helophoridae) Synonym(s): Helophorus Fabricius,i775 

3739) Boriomyia Banks, 1905 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): #Boriomyia Banks,i904; Boriomyia 

3740) Hemerobius Linnaeus, 1758 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Hemerobius Linnaeus, 1758 

3741) Megalomus Rambur,i842 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Megalomus Rambur,i842 

3742) Sympherobius Banks, 1905 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Sympherobius Banks,i905 

3743) Wesmaelius (Kimminsia) Killington,i937 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Kimminsia 

3744) Wesmaelius (s.str.) Kriiger,i922 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Wesmaelius Kriiger, 1922 

3745) Wesmaelius Kriiger,i922 (Hemerobiidae) Synonym(s): Wesmaelius Kriiger, 19 2 2 

3746) Pseudolynchia Bequaert,i925 (Hippoboscidae) Synonym(s): Pseudolynchia Bequaert,i92s 

3747) Abraeus Leach, 1817 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Abraeus Leach,i8i7 

3748) Acritus LeConte,i853 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Acritus LeConte,i8s3 

3749) Aeletes Horn, 1873 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Aeletes Horn, 1873 

3750) Atholus Thomson,i859 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Atholus Thomson,i8s9 

3751) Hister Linnaeus, 1758 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Hister Linnaeus, 1758 

3752) Hypocaccus (s.str.) Thomson,i867 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Hypocaccus Thomson,i867 

3753) Hypocaccus Thomson, 1867 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Hypocaccus Thomson, 1867 

3754) Margarinotus (Paralister) Bickhardt,i9i7 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Paralister Bickhardt,i9i7 

3755) Margarinotus Marseul,l854 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Margarinotus Marseul,i854 

3756) Notodoma Lacordaire,i854 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Notodoma Lacordaire,i854 

3757) Saprinus Erichson,i834 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Saprinus Erichson,i834 

3758) Tribalus Erichson,i834 (Histeridae) Synonym(s): Tribalus Erichson,i834 

3759) Tachydromia Meigen,l803 (Hybotidae) Synonym(s): Sicus Latreille,i796 nee Sc.,1763; #Coryneta 
Meigen,i8oo; Tachydromia Meigen, 1803; Sicodus Rafinesque,i8i5; Tachista Loew,i864 

3760) Ochthebius (Asiabates) Thomson, 1859 (Hydraenidae) Synonym(s): Asiabates Thomson,i859 

3761) Ochthebius (s.str.) Leach, 1815 (Hydraenidae) Synonym(s): Ochthebius Leach,i8i5 

3762) Ochthebius Leach, 1815 (Hydraenidae) Synonym(s): Ochthebius Leach,i8i5 

3763) Hydrochus Leach, 1817 (Hydrochidae) Synonym(s): Hydrochus Leach,i8i7; #Hydrocus 
Provancher,i877; #Hydrochous Bedel,i88i; Kiransus Makhan,i994; Amrishius Makhan,i998; Deepakius 
Makhan,i998; Rishwanius Makhan,i998 

3764) Hydrometra Latreille,i796 (Hydrometridae) Synonym(s): Hydrometra Latreille,i796 

3765) Anacaena Thomson, 1859 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Anacaena Thomson,i8s9 

3766) Berosus (Enoplurus) Hope, 1838 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Enoplurus Hope, 1838 

3767) Berosus (s.str.) Leach, 1817 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Berosus Leach,i8i7 

3768) Berosus Leach, 1817 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Berosus Leach,i8i7 

3769) Cercyon Leach, 1817 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Cercyon Leach,i8i7 

3770) Chaetarthria Stephens, 1833 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Chaetarthria Stephens,i833 

3771) Coelostoma Brulle,i835 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Coelostoma Brulle, 1835 

3772) Enochrus (Lumetus) Zaitzev,i9o8 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Lumetus Zaitzev,i9o8 

3773) Enochrus (Methydrus) Rey,i884 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Methydrus Rey,i884 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3774) Enochrus (s.str.) Thomson,i859 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Enochrus Thomson,i859 

3775) Enochrus Thomson, 1859 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Enochrus Thomson,i859 

3776) Hydrobius Leach, 1817 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Hydrobius Leach.,1817 

3777) Hydrochara Berthold, 1827 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Hydrochara Berthold,i827 

3778) Hydrophilus Miiller,i764 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Hydrophilus Mu\ler,ij64 

3779) Laccobius (Compsolaccobius) Ganglbauer,i904 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): 
Compsolaccobius Ganglbauer,igo4; #Composolaccobius Incekara et al.,2003 

3780) Laccobius (Dimorpholaccobius) Zaitzev,i938 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): 
Dimorpholaccobius Zaitzev,i 938 

3781) Laccobius (Microlaccobius) Gentili,i972 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Microlaccobius 

3782) Laccobius (s.str.) Erichson,i837 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Laccobius Erichson,i837 

3783) Laccobius Erichson,l837 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Laccobius Erichson,i837 

3784) Limnoxenus Motschoulsky,i853 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Limnoxenus Motschoulsky,i853 

3785) Paracymus Thomson, 1867 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Paracymus Thomson,i867 

3786) Sphaeridium Fabricius,i775 (Hydrophilidae) Synonym(s): Sphaeridium Fabricius,i775 

3787) Hygrobia Latreille,l8l7 (Hygrobiidae) Synonym(s): Hygriobia Latreille,i8o4; Hygrobia 

3788) Ibalia Latreille,i8o2 (Ibaliidae) Synonym(s): Ibalia Latreille,i8o2 

3789) Acrodactyla Haliday,i838 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Barypus Haliday,i837 nee Lap. ,1835; 
Acrodactyla Haliday,i838; Colpomeria Hohngren,i859; Symphylus Forster,i87i nee Dall.,1851; Polemophthorus 

3790) Acropimpla Townes & Townes,i96o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Selanaspis Roman,i9io 
(praeocc); Acropimpla Townes & Townes, i960 

3791) Acroricnus Ratzeburg,l852 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Acroricnus Ratzeburg,i852; Xenodocon 
Forster,i855; Macrobatus Holmgren,i8s6; Linoceras Taschenberg,i86s; Leptobatides Buysson,i896; 
Agathobanchus Ashmead,i900 

3792) Agrothereutes F6rster,i8so (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Agrothereutes F6rster,i850; 
Spilocryptus Thomson,i873; Dayro Cameron,i902 

3793) Agrypon F6rster,l86o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Agrypon F6rster,i86o; Agrypum Schulz,i9o6; 
Trichonotus Cameron,i9o6 nee Schn.,1801; Odontagrypon Carrier on,i9o6; Paragrypon Uchida,i94i; Dioborus 
Rao, 1953 

3794) Alloplasta F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Alloplasta F6rster,i868; Asymmictus 
Forster,i868; Trysicampe Forster,i868; Trichopimpla Cameron,i903 

3795) Alomya Panzer,l8o6 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Alomya Panzer,i8o6; Halomya Billberg,i82o; 
#Alomia Kolarov,i995 

3796) Amblyteles Wesmael,i845 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Amblyteles Wesmael,i845 

3797) Aneuclis F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Aneuclis For ster, 1868 

3798) Anisobas Wesmael,l845 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Anisobas Wesmael,i845; Lycaeniphilos 

3799) Anomalon Panzer,l804 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Anomalon Panzer, 1804; Trachynotus 
Gravenhorst,i829 nee Latr.,1829; Ochlerus Gistel,i848 nee Spinol.,1837; Nototrachys Marshall,i872; 
Ophiononeura Cameron,i904; Stictophion Cameron,i9o6; Erythrophion Cameron,i9o6; Anomalum Schulz,i9o6; 
Neogreeneia Viereck,i9i2; Trachyopterus Morley ,1912; Pseudonototrachys Meyer,i930; Microcremastus 

3800) Apechthis F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): #Ephialtes Schrank,i8o2; Apechthis 
Forster,i868; #Apechtis Thomson, 1889; Taiwatheronia Sonan,i936; Parapechthis Blanchard,i936 

3801) Aphanistes F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Aphanistes Fbrster,i868; Anochilacrum 

3802) Apophua Morley,i9i3 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Apophua Morley, 1913 

3803) Aritranis F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Aritranis Forster,i868; Hoplocryptus 

3804) Arotes Gravenhorst,l829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Arotes Gravenhorst,i829; Asthenomeris 
Forster,i868; Sphalerus Kriechbaumer,i878; Retanisia Cameron,i886 

3805) Atrometoides Fahringer,i922 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Atrometoides Fahringer,i922; 
Romanella Meyer, 1935 

3806) Banchopsis Rudow,i886 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Banchopsis Rudow,i886; Banchopsis 
Kriechbaumer,i886; Euceribanchus Costa,i888; Banchoides Dalla Torre,i888; Ephonites Cameron,i905 

3807) Banchus Fabricius,l798 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Banchus Fabricius,i798; Corynephanus 
Wesmael,i849; Cidaphurus For ster ,1868; Nawaia Ashmead,i9o6 

3808) Barichneumon Thomson, 1893 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Barichneumon Thomson,i893; 
Gurfyia Cameron,i903; Harsaces Cameron,i903; Darpasus Cameron, 1904; Stictichneumon Cameron,i905 

3809) Barylypa F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Barylypa Forster,i868; Laphyctes 
Forster,i868 nee Duj.,1844; Sarntheinia Dalla Torre,i90i; Hadromanus Szepligeti,i905; Magnibucca 
Morley, 1913; Trochiscomerus Meyer, 1931 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3810) Barytarbes F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Barytarbes F6rster,i868; Polytrera 
Forster,i868; Isodiaeta Forster,i868; Hybristes Forster,i868 nee Reich. ,1850; Barytarbus Thomson.,1883; 
Polytreres Thomson, 1892 

3811) Bathyplectes F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Canidia Holmgren,i86o nee Thorn. ,1857; 
Bathyplectes F6rster,i868; Rhexineura F6rster,i868; Canidiella Ashmead,igoo; Biolysia Schmiedeknecht,igo7; 
Bathypiesta Aubert,i979; #Bathyplectis Kolarov,iggs 

3812) Bathythrix F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Bathythrix F6rster,i868; Ischnurgops 
F6rster,i868; Stenagops Forster,i868; Panargyrops Forster,i868; Gausocentrus F6rster,i868; #Stenoschema 
Forster,i868; Leptocryptus Thomson,i873; Agenora Cameron,igog 

3813) Bathythrix F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Bathythrix For ster ,1868 

3814) Benjaminia Viereck,l9l2 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Benjaminia Viereck,igi2; Zachrestoides 

3815) Blapsidotes F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Blapsidotes Forster, 1868 

3816) Brachycyrtus Kriechbaumer,i88o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Brachycyrtus 

3817) Buathra Cameron, 1903 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Buathra Cameron,igo3; Bathycrisis 

3818) Caenocryptus Thomson, 1873 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Caenocryptus Thomson,i873; 
Habrocryptoides Uchida,ig52; Pseudischnus Walkley \1g54 

3819) Campoplex Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Campoplex Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Dioratica Forster,i868; Omorgus Forster,i868 nee Erichs.,1847; Omorga Thomson,i887; Zatranosema 
Viereck,igi2; Campoleptidea Viereck,igi2; Sesioplex Viereck,igi2; Pseuderipternoides Viereck,igi7 

3820) Casinaria Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Casinaria Holmgren,i85g; Alcima 
F6rster,i868; Amorphota F6rster,i868; Campotrephus Forster,i868; Horogenes F6rster,i868; Anempheres 
Forster,i868; Nothalomalon Szepligeti,igo5; Trophocampa Schmiedeknecht,igo7; Fiebrigia Viereck,igi2; 
Neonortonia Viereck,igi2 ; Zastenomorpha Viereck,igi2; Zastenogastra Viereck,ig25; Nothanomaloides 
Uchida,ig28 nee Vier.,ig25; Deltops Seyrig,ig35; Longicharops Uchida,ig40; Neonortoniella Blanchard,ig47; 
Casinaroides Aubert,ig6o 

3821) Ceratophygadeuon Viereck,i924 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ceratophygadeuon Viereck,ig24; 
Remonzia Seyrig,ig^2; Euromonzia Aubert,ig6s 

3822) Chirotica F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Chirotica F6rster,i868; Allocota F6rster,i868 
nee Motsch.,1860; Spinolia F6rster,i868 nee Dahlbom.,1854; Syneches F6rster,i868 nee Walter, 1852; Diaglypta 
Forster,i868; Deuterospinolia Delia Torre, igo2; Aphadnus Cameron,igo7; Hymenosyneches Viereck,igi2 

3823) Clypeocampulum Gauld,i976 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Clypeocampulum Gauld,ig76 

3824) Collyria Schi6dte,l839 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pachymerus Gravenhorst,i82g nee 
Thunb.,1805; Collyria Schiodte,i83g 

3825) Colpotrichia Holmgren, 1855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Colpotrichia Holmgren,i855; 
Alcocerus F6rster,i868; Exochoides Cresson,i86g; Scallama Cameron, i8gg; Ischyrocnemopsis Ashmead,igoo; 
Aithris Cameron,igo6; Aethris Schulz,igo6; Inoresa Cameron,igog; Colpotrochoides Uchida,ig30 

3826) Cosmoconus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cosmoconus For ster, 1868 

3827) Cotiheresiarches Telenga,i929 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cotiheresiarches Telenga,ig2g; 
Zimmeria Heinrich,ig33 

3828) Cratichneumon Thomson, 1893 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cratichneumon Thomson,i8g3; 
Cosmiojoppa Cameron,igo2; Lareiga Cameron,igo3; Sycaonia Cameron,igo3; Tanyjoppa Cameron,igo6; 
Nimbolareiga Heinrich,ig6g 

3829) Cremastus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cremastus Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Zaleptopygus Viereck,ign; Neocremastus Cushman,ig20 

3830) Cryptopimpla Taschenberg,i863 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cryptopimpla Taschenberg,i863; 
Aphanodon Forster,i868; Xenacis F6rster,i868; Xenocornia Schmiedeknecht,igoo; Fintona Cameron,igog 

3831) Cryptus Fabricius,i8o4 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cryptus Fabricius,i8o4; Eucryptus 
Haldeman,i842; Itamoplex For ster, 1868; Plesiocryptus Cameron,igo3 

3832) Cymodusa (s.str.) Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cymodusa Holmgren, 18 £9; 
Sagaritis Holmgren,i85g; Thertisia Schmiedeknecht,igo7; Cymodusopsis Viereck,igi2; Sagaritopsis Hinks,ig44 

3833) Cymodusa Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Cymodusa Holmgren, 18 'sg; Sagaritis 
Holmgren,i85g; Thertisia Schmiedeknecht,igo7; Cymodusopsis Viereck,igi2; Sagaritopsis Hinks,ig44 

3834) Delomerista F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Delomerista Forster, 1868 

3835) Diadegma F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Angitia Holmgren,i8sg nee Wlk.,1858; 
Diadegma Forster,i868; Nythobia F6rster,i868; Pectinella Morley,igi4 nee Verr.,i8g7; Areolina Enderlein,ig2i; 
Nothanomaloides Viereck,ig25; Neoangitia Horstmann,ig6g; Auma Dbar,ig84 

3836) Diaglyptellana Horstmann,i976 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Diaglyptellana Horstmann,ig76 

3837) Diaparsis (Nanodiaparsis) Horstmann,i97i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Nanodiaparsis 
Horstmann,i g7i 

3838) Diaparsis F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Diaparsis For ster, 1868 

3839) Dicaelotus Wesmael,i845 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Dicaelotus Wesmael,i845; Leptodemas 
Forster,i868; Deloglyptus Forster,i868; Cinxaelotus Holmgren, i8go; Euryptilus Holmgren, i8go; 
Gnathichneumon Aubert,ig58 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3840) Dichrogaster Doumerc,l855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Dichrogaster Doumerc,i855; Otacustes 
F6rster,i868; Microtorus Forster,i868; Xenobrachys Forster,i868; Brachycephalus Forster,i868 nee 
Fitzinger,i826; Brachy cranium Ashmead,igoo; Chrysopoctonus Cushman,igig 

3841) Dichrogaster Doumerc,i855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Dichrogaster Doumerc,i855 

3842) Diphyus Kriechbaumer,i890 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Diphyus Kriechbaumer,i89o; 
Pseudamblytele Ashmead,igoo; Physcoteles Berthoumieu,igo4; Macrophatnus Cameron,igos; Rossella 
Cameron,igo6; Paraphyscoteles Heinrich,ig68 

3843) Diplazon Viereck,i9i4 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Diplazon Viereck,igi4 

3844) Dolichomitus Smith, 1877 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Closterocerus Hartig,i847 (praeocc); 
Dolichomitus Smith.,1877; Mesoephialtes Schmiedeknecht,igo6; Diclosterocerus Viereck,igi4; Exeristoidea 
Viereck,ig24; Tuberculephialtes Ozols,ig62; Paucdolichomitus Constantineanu & Pisica,igyo 

3845) Dusona Cameron, 1900 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Dusona Cameron,igoo; Delopia 
Cameron,igo3; Anisitsia Viereck,igi2; Pseudocasinaria Viereck,igi2; Thymarimorpha Viereck,igi3; Viereckiana 
Strand,igi4; Zachrestinus Enderlein,ig2i; Idisomidea Viereck,ig25; Neodelopia Benoit,ig57; Kartika V.Gupta & 

3846) Echthronomas F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Echthronomas For ster, 1868 

3847) Echthrus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Echthrus Gravenhorst,i82g; Sphaetes 
Bremi,i84g; Karaechthrus Uchida,ig2g; Bioleter Meyer, ig30 

3848) Enclisis Townes,i970 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Enclisis Townes,ig70 

3849) Endasys F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Endasys F6rster,i868; Scinascopus 
Forster, 1868; Bachia Endasys Forster, 1868 nee Gray, 1845; Stylocryptus Thomson,i873; Bachiana Strand, ig28 

3850) Enicospilus Stephens, 1835 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Enicospilus Stephens,i835; Henicospilus 
Agassiz,i846; Allocamptus F6rster,i868; Dispilus Kriechbaumer \18g4; Pleuroneurophion Asmead,igoo; 
Cymatoneura Kriechbaumer, lgoi; Pterospilus Kirechbauber nee Rond.,1856; Trispilus Kriechbaumer, lgoi; 
Metophion Szepligeti,igos; Ceratospilus Szepligeti,igo5; Atoponeura Szepligeti,igos; Ophiomorpha 
Szepligeti,igo5 nee Nilss.,1836; Cryptocampus Brethes,igog; Eremotyloides Perkins,igis; Amesospilus 
Enderlein,igi8; Schizospilus Seyrig,ig36 

3851) Eremotylus F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Eremotylus F6rster,i868; Camptoneura 
Kriechbaumer, lgoi nee Agass.,1846; Genophion Felt,igo3; Camptoneuroides Strand,ig28; Clistorapha 
Cushman,ig47; Boethoneura Cushman,ig47; Chilophion Cushman,ig47; Chlorophion Townes,ig7i 

3852) Eriborus F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Eriborus Forster, 1868; Zaporus Forster, 1868; 
Bosmina Cameron,i8gg nee Baird,i845; Hymenobosmina Dalla Torre,igoi; Neobosmina Cameron,igo6 

3853) Erromenus Holmgren, 1855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Erromenus Holmgren,i855 

3854) Eucremastoides Kolarov,i98o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Eucremastoides Kolarov,ig8o 

3855) Eucremastus Szepligeti,i905 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Eugnomus Forster,i868 nee 
Schoenh.,1847; Eucremastus Szepligeti,igo5; Cephalobolus Morley,igi3 

3856) Eudelus F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Eudelus Forster,i868; Idemum Forster,i868; 
Calliphrurus Forster, 1868 

3857) Eugalta Cameron, 1899 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Eugalta Cameron,i8gg 

3858) Euryproctus Holmgren, 1855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Euryproctus Holmgren,i855; 
Sychnoleter Forster, 1868; Hypocryptus Forster, 1868; Xenonastes Forster,i868; Fovaya Cameron,igo3 

3859) Exenterus Hartig,i837 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Exenterus Hartig ,1837 

3860) Exeristes Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Exeristes For ster, 1868 

3861) Exetastes Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Exetastes Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Leptobatus Gravenhorst,i82g; Semnophrys Forster,i868; Rhimphalea F6rster,i868; Icyona Cameron, igo3; 
Allexetastes Kokujev,igo4; Rhynchexetastes Cameron,igo6; Tegona Morley,igi3; Pseudexetastes Meyer, ig27 

3862) Exochus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Exochus Gravenhorst,i82g; Amesotylus 
Forster, 1868; Mima Davis, i8g7; Xanthexochus Morley,igi3 

3863) Exyston Schiodte,i839 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Exyston Schibdte,i83g; Tricamptus 
Forster,i868; Diaborus F6rster,i868; Anecphysis Forster, 1868; Parexyston Kerrich,ig52 

3864) Fileanta Cameron, 1901 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Fileanta Cameron,igoi 

3865) Gambrus Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Gambrus Forster,i868; Kaltenbachia 
Forster, 1868; Hygrocryptus Thomson,i873; Allocryptus Viereck,igi7 

3866) Gelis Thunberg,i827 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Gelis Thunberg ,1827; Pezomachus 
Gravenhorst,i82g; Pezolochus Forster, 1850; Hemimachus Ratzeburg,i852; Plesiomma F6rster,i868 nee 
Macq.,1838; Alegina Forster,i868; Rhadiurgus Forster,i868 nee Lw.,i84g; Aschistus Forster,i868; Philonygmus 
F6rster,i868; Ilapinastes Forster,i868; Barydotira Forster,i868; Urithreptus Forster,i868; Terpiphora 
Forster,i868; Micromeson Strickland,igi2; Myrmicomorpha Viereck,igi3; Leptogelis Ceballos,ig2s; Cryptogelis 
Hellen,ig44; Fianonia Seyrig,ig52;Holcogelis Aubert,ig57; Arctodoeon Hellen,ig67; Rhadiurginus Hellen,ig67 

3867) Giraudia Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Giraudia Forster,i868; Calocryptus 
Thomson,i873; Pseudocryptus Kriechbaumer, i8g3; #Gyraudia Kolarov,igg5 

3868) Glyphicnemis F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Glyphicnemis Fbrster,i868; 
Gnathocryptus Thomson,i873; Semiodes Harrington,i8g4 

3869) Grasseiteles Aubert,i965 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Grasseiteles Aubert,ig6s 

3870) Gravenhorstia (Erigorgus) Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Erigorgus 
Forster,i868; Sympratis Forster,i868; Paranomalon Viereck,igi2 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3871) Gravenhorstia (Kokujewiella) Shestakov,i926 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Kokujewiella 
Shestakov,ig26; Nenethes Ceballos,igs7 

3872) Gravenhorstia Boie,i836 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Gravenhorstia Boie,i836; Odontopsis 
For ster, 1868 

3873) Habronyx F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Habronyx F6rster,i868; Acanthostoma 
Kriechbaumer,i894; Macrostemma Shastakov,ig23; Formosanomalon Uchida,ig28 

3874) Hadradactylus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Hadradactylus For ster, 1868; Dizemon 
F6rster,i868; Zemiodes Forster,i868; Narcopoea Forster, 1868; Meropaches Schmiedeknecht,igi3 

3875) Helcostizus F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Helcostizus F6rster,i868; Brachycentrus 
Taschenberg ,1865 nee Curt. ,1834; Cyrtocryptus MarshaU.,1872; Mesocryptus Thomson,i873; Heterocryptus 
Woldstedt,i873; Asternaulax Viereck,igi2; Chenbergus Navas,ig30 

3876) Hellwigiella Szepligeti,i905 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Hellwigiella Szepligeti,igos 

3877) Herpestomus Wesmael,i845 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Herpestomus Wesmael,i845 

3878) Heterischnus Wesmael,i859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Heterischnus Wesmael,i85g; 
Rhexidermus F6rster,i868; Posocentrus Provancher,i875; Ischnopsidea Viereck,igi4; Aethiopischnus 

3879) Hidryta F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Hidryta Forster,i868; Brachycryptus 
Thomson,i873; Euthycryptus Jussel,igo7 

3880) Himerta F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Himerta F6rster,i868; Ithagenes Forster,i868 
nee Agass.,1846; Clepsiporthus F6rster,i868; Enoecetis Forster,i868; Dolioctomus F6rster,i868; Himertus 
Thomson,i883; Neoprotarchus Cushman,ig24; Daisetsuzania Uchida,ig30 

3881) Hyposoter F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Hyposoter F6rster,i868; Rhythmonotus 
Forster,i868; Ischnoscopus Forster,i868; Amelocnotus Forster,i868; Ebiicha Seyrig,ig36; Neozachresta 
Havrylenko & Winterhalter,ig4g; Neoarthula Rao,ig53 

3882) Hypsicera Latreille,l829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Hypsicera Latreille,i82g; Metacoelus 
Forster,i868; Poly clistus Forster, 1868; Plesioexochus Cameron,igo5 

3883) Ichneumon Linnaeus, 1758 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ichneumon Linnaeus, 1758; Brachypterus 
Gravenhorst,i82g; Pterocormus Fdrster,i8so; Colobacis Cameron,igoo; Tyanites Cameron,igo3; Vabsaris 
Cameron,igo3; Euichneumon Berthoumieu,igo4; Matsumuraius Ashmead,igo6; Coreojoppa Uchida,ig26; 
Bureschias Heinrich,ig36; Thyrateles Perkins,ig53 

3884) Idiolispa F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Idiolispa F6rster,i868; Liocryptus 
Thomson,i873; Paracryptus Szepligeti,igi6 

3885) Ischnus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ischnus Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Habrocryptus Thomson,i873; Aglaocryptus Cameron,igo3; Erythrocryptus Cameron, igos 

3886) Itoplectis Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Itoplectis F6rster,i868; Nesopimpla 
Ashmead,igo6; Exeristesoides Uchida,ig28 

3887) Lamachus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Lamachus Forster,i868; Zaphthora 
Forster,i868; Adexioma Forster, 1868; Torocampus Schmiedeknecht,igi3; Bathyglyptus Schmiedeknecht,igi3 nee 

3888) Latibulus Gistel,l848 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Crypturus Gravenhorst,i82g nee III. ,1811; 
Latibulus Gistel,i848; Endurus Rondani,i876; Pseudosyzeuctus Hedwig,ig6i 

3889) Linycus Cameron, 1903 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Linycus Cameron,igo3; Erythroischnus 

3890) Liotryphon Ashmead,i900 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Liogaster Kriechbaumer,i8go 
(praeocc.); Liotryphon Ashmead,igoo 

3891) Lissonota (Loxonota) Aubert,i978 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Loxonota Aubert,ig78 

3892) Lissonota Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Lissonota Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Lampronota Curtis,i832; Stilbonota Stephens,i835; Meniscus Schiodte,i83g; Asynida Gistel,i848; Bothynophrys 
Forster,i868; Enisimus Forster,i868; Amersibia Forster,i868; Bathycetes Forster,i868; Opisorhyssa 
Kirechbaumer,i8go; Ctenopimpla Cameron,i8gg nee Kriechb.,i8g8; Trevoria Ashmead,igoo; Pimplopterus 
Ashmead,igoo; Harrimaniella Ashmead,igoo; Echthrodoca Schmiedeknecht,igoo; Campocineta 
Schmiedeknecht,igoo; Anarthronota Schmiedeknecht,igoo; Adelopimpla Schulz,igo6; Stilbopoides Rohwer,igi3; 
Lophatium Clement, ig35; Gibbonota Heinrich,ig37; Lissonotoides Benoit,ig55 

3893) Listrognathus Tschek,i87i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Listrognathus Tschek,i87i 

3894) Lymantrichneumon Heinrich,i968 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Lymantrichneumon 

3895) Lysibia F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Lysibia F6rster,i868; Pemon F6rster,i868; 
Stiboscopus Forster, 1868; Haplaspis Townes,ig44 

3896) Magwengiella Heinrich,i938 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Magwengiella Heinrich,ig38; 
Listrocalus Heinrich,ig78 

3897) Meloboris Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Meloboris Holmgren,i8sg; Asinamora 
Forster, 1868; Nepiera Forster,i868; Pseudocymodusa Habermehl,ig22; Anoixis Townes,ig70 

3898) Meringopus Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Meringopus Forster, 1868; Goniocryptus 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3899) Mesochorus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Mesochorus Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Stictopisthus Thomson,i886; Edrisa Comer 0x1,1907; Zamesochorus Viereck,igi2; Plectochorus Uchida,ig33; 
Cryptochorus Aubert,ig65; Oncocotta Dasch,igy4; Piestetron Dasch,igy4; Rhaibaspis Dasch,igy4 

3900) Mesoleptus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Mesoleptus Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Exolytus Holmgren, 1858 

3901) Mesostenus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Mesostenus Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Stenaraeus Thomson,i8g6; Umlima Cameron,igo2; Derocentrus Cushman,igig 

3902) Metopius (Ceratopius) Clement,i927 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ceratopius Clement, ig2y 

3903) Metopius (Peltocarus) Thomson, 1887 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Peltocarus Thomson,i887; 
Clemontia Michener,ig4i 

3904) Metopius (Tylopius) H.Townes & M.Townes,i959 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Tylopius 
H.Townes & M.Townes,ig5g 

3905) Metopius (s.str.) Panzer,i8o6 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Metopius Panzer, 1806; Peltastes 
Illiger,i807; Peltopius Clement, ig2/ 

3906) Metopius Panzer, 1806 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Metopius Panzer,i8o6; Peltastes Illiger,i8o7; 
Peltopius Clement,ig27 

3907) Myrmeleonostenus Uchida,i936 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Myrmeleonostenus Uchida,igs6 

3908) Nemeritis Holmgen,i86o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Nemeritis Holmgen,i86o; 
Pseudonemeritis Szepligeti,i gi 6 

3909) Neotypus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Neotypus Forster,i868; Cillimus 

3910) Neoxorides Clements, 1938 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Neoxorides Clements,ig38 

3911) Netelia (Bessobates) Townes, Townes & Gupta,i96i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): 
Bessobates Townes, Townes & Gupta,ig6i 

3912) Netelia (Paropheltes) Cameron, 1907 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Paropheltes Cameron,igo7 

3913) Netelia (Paropheltes) Cameron, 1907 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Paropheltes Cameron,igo7 

3914) Netelia (Toxochiloides) Tolkanitz,i974 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Toxochiloides 
Tolkanitz,ig74; Neteloides Delrio,ig75 

3915) Netelia (s.str.) Gray,i86o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Netelia Gray,i86o; Bucheckerinus 
Schulz,igo6; Scammatonotum Enderlein,igi4; Amebachia Uchida,ig28 

3916) Netelia Gray,l86o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Netelia Gray, i860; Bucheckerinus Schulz,igo6; 
Scammatonotum Enderlein,igi4; Amebachia Uchida,ig28 

3917) Obtusodonta Heinrich,i962 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Obtusodonta Heinrich,ig62 

3918) Odontocolon Cushman,l942 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Odontomerus Gravenhorst,i82g nee 
Leach,i8ig; Odontocolon Cushman,ig42 

3919) Olesicampe F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Limneria Holmgren,i8sg nee Adam. ,1851; 
Olesicampe F6rster,i868; Omoborus F6rster,i868; Holocremnus Forster,i868; Olesicampa Thomson,i887; 
Holocremna Thomson, 18 87; Limnerium Ashmead,igoo; Zaplatystoma Viereck,ig25 

3920) Opheltes Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Opheltes Holmgren, 18 'sg; Nephopheltes 

3921) Ophion Fabricius,i798 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Ophion Fabricius,i7g8; Paniscus 
Schrank,i8o2; #Psylonychia Szepligeti,igos; Stenophthalmus Szepligeti,igo5 nee Beck.,igo3; Pachyprotoma 
Kohl,igo6; Australophion Morley,igi2; Neophion Morley,igi2; Apatophion Shestakov,ig26; Platophion 
Hellen,ig26; Potophion Cushman,ig47; Psylonychia Cushman,ig47; Apomesus Townes,ig7i; Mecetron 

3922) Orthocentrus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Orthocentrus Gravenhorst,i82g; 
Tapinops Forster,i868; Atmetus F6rster,i868; Phaenosemus Forster,i868; Pachyonyx Walsh,i873 nee 
Schoenh.,1837; Orthocentrellus Benoit,ig54 

3923) Orthopelma Taschenberg,i865 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Orthopelma Taschenberg,i86s; 
Proedrus Forster,i868 

3924) Otlophorus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Otlophorus Forster,i868; Neales 
Forster,i868; Dialges F6rster,i868; Aeolometis F6rster,i868; Tachyporthus Forster,i868; Holmgrenia 
Forster,i868; Aelometis Thomson,i8g4; Otlophorinus Hinks,ig44 

3925) Pantorhaestes F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pantorhaestes Forster,i868; 
Trophoctonus Forster,i868 

3926) Parania Morley,i9i3 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): ParaniaMorley,igi3 

3927) Patrocloides Heinrich,i96i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Patrocloides Heinrich,ig6i 

3928) Perilissus Holmgren, 1855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Perilissus Holmgren,i855; Spanotecnus 
Forster,i868; Ichneaops F6rster,i868; Polyoncus Forster,i868; Udenia Forster,i868; Exacradus Forster,i868; 
Daugna Seyrig,ig35; Pseudochorus Rao,ig53 

3929) Perithous Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Perithous Holmgren,i8sg; Hybomischos 
Baltazar ,ig6i 

3930) Phaenolobus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Phaenolobus F6rster,i868; Chorischizus 
Forster,i868; Moldacoenitus Constantineanu & Constantineanu,ig68 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3931) Phaeogenes Wesmael,l845 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Phaeogenes Wesmael,i845; Tycherus 
Forster,i868; Micrope Forster,i868; Proscus Holmgren,ig8o; Micropa Schulz,igo6; Glyptichneumon 

3932) Phaestacoenitus Smits van Burgst,i9i3 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Phaestacoenitus Smits 
van Burg st, 1913 

3933) Phradis F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Phradis F6rster,i868; Eutomus F6rster,i868 
nee Hope,i8s8; Isurgus Forster, 1868 

3934) Pimpla Fabricius,[l805] (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pimpla Fabricius,[i8o5]; Coccygomimus 
Saussure,i892; Habropimpla Cameron,i900; Lissotheronia Cameron,i905; Phytodiaetoides Morley,i9i3; 
Pimplidea Viereck.,1914; Coelopimpla Brethes,i9i6; Liotheronia Enderlein,i9i9; Dihyboplax Enderlein,i9i9; 
Neogabunia Brethes,i92y; Opodactyla Seyrig,i932; Oxypimpla Noskiewicz & Chudoba.,1951; Jamaicapimpla 

3935) Pion Schiodte,l838 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pion Schiodte,i838; Catoglyptus Holmgren,i855 

3936) Pithotomus Kriechbaumer,i888 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pithotomus Kriechbaumer,i888 

3937) Pleolophus Townes,i962 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pleolophus Townes,i962 

3938) Poemenia Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Poemenia Holmgren,i8s9 

3939) Polytribax F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Polytribax Forster,i868; Plesignathus 
Forster, 1868; Neleophron F6rster,i868; Epiphorbus Forster,i868; Steriphocryptus Cameron, 1903; 
Chasmocryptus Uchida,i936 

3940) Priopoda Holmgren, 1855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Priopoda Holmgren,i855; Prionopoda 

3941) Pristomerus Curtis, 1836 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pristomerus Curtis,i836; Pristomeridia 
Ashmead,i900; Pristocelus Szipligeti,i905; Neopristomerus Viereck,i9i2; Nesanomalon Morley,i9i3 

3942) Probles (Euporizon) Horstmann,i97i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Euporizon Horstmann,i97i 

3943) Probles F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Probles Forster, 1868 

3944) Promethes F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Promethes Forster,i868; Liopsis 
Forster,i868; Promethus Thomson,i890 

3945) Protichneumon Thomspon,i893 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Protichneumon Thomspon,i893; 
Metopichneumon Uchida,i935 

3946) Pycnocryptodes Aubert,i97i (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pycnocryptodes Aubert,i9ji 

3947) Pycnocryptus Thomson, 1873 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pycnocryptus Thomson,i873; 
Cylindrocryptus Ceballos,i92i 

3948) Pygmaeolus Hellen,i958 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pygmaeolus Hellen,i958 

3949) Pyracmon Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Pyracmon Holmgren,i859 

3950) Rhyssa Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Rhyssa Gravenhorst,i829 

3951) Scambus (Atelophadnus) Cameron, 1905 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Atelophadnus 

3952) Scambus (Endromopoda) Hellen,i939 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Endromopoda 

3953) Scambus (s.str.) Hartig,i838 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Scambus Hartig, 1838 

3954) Scambus Hartig,i838 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Scambus Hartig, 1838 

3955) Scolobates Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Scolobates Gravenhorst,i829; 
Aglyphus Giraud,i872; Parabraconia Schmiedeknecht,i9i4 

3956) Sinarachna Townes & Townes,i96o (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Sinarachna Townes & 

3957) Sinophorus Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Sinophorus Forster, 1868; Eulimneria 
Schmiedeknecht,i 907 

3958) Stenarella Szepligeti,i9i6 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Stenarella Szepligeti,i9i6; 
Orientostenaraeus Uchida,i930; Parasilsila Cheesman,i936 

3959) Stenomacrus Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Stenomacrus Fbrster,i868; Synoplus 
F6rster,i868; Mnesidacus F6rster,i868; Hypoleptus F6rster,i868; Deleter Forster, 1868; Camarotops Forster, 1868 

3960) Stilpnus Gravenhorst,i829 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Stilpnus Gravenhorst,i829 

3961) Strongylopsis Brauns,i896 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Strongylopsis Brauns,i896 

3962) Sympherta Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Sympherta Forster, 1868; Stiphrosomus 
Forster,i868 nee Fieb.,1858; Trapezocora Forster,i868; Atrestes Forster,i868; Campogenes F6rster,i868; 
Provancherella Dalla Torre,i90i; Eustiphrosomus Hinks,i944 

3963) Synechocryptus Schmiedeknecht,i904 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Synechocryptus 

3964) Synomelix Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Synomelix F6rster,i868; Zemiophora 
Forster, 1868; Zemiophorus Thomson,i894 

3965) Syrphoctonus Forster, 1868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Syrphoctonus Forster, 1868; 
Homotropus Forster,i868; Homoporus Thomson,i890; Homocidus Morley,i9ii 

3966) Syrphophilus Dasch,i964 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Syrphophilus Dasch.,1964 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

3967) Syzeuctus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Syzeuctus F6rster,i868; Diceratops 
F6rster,i868; Syzeucta Thomson.,1889; Meyva Cameron,i899; Rhynchotrevoria Cameron.,1906; Ephialtina 
Szepligeti,i9o8; Leptoglyphis Brethes,i92y; Paratanera Ra.0,1953 

3968) Temelucha F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Temelucha Forster,i868; Paracremastus 
Szipligeti,i900; Tarytia Cameron.,1907; Androna Cameron,i9ii; Cremastidea Viereck.,1912; Neocremastus 
Meyer, 1930 nee Cushm.,1917 

3969) Therion Curtis, 1830 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Therion Curtis,i830; Agassiz,i846; Exochilum 

3970) Theronia Holmgren, 1859 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Theronia Holmgren,i859; Pseudacoenites 
Kriechbaumer,i892; Poecilopimpla Cameron,i903; Erythrotheronia Cameron, 1905; Orientotheronia Morley,i9i3 

3971) Theroscopus F6rster,l850 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Theroscopus Fdrster,i8so; Chamerpes 
Forster,i868; Eriplanus F6rster,i868; Phyrtus Forster,i868; Thysiotorus Forster,i868; Aenoplegimorpha 

3972) Thibetoides Davis, 1897 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Thibetoides Davis,i897 

3973) Thrybius Townes,i965 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Thrybius Townes,i96s 

3974) Trematopygus Holmgren, 1855 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Trematopygus Holmgren,i855; 
Amorphognathon F6rster,i868; Rhigelus F6rster,i868; Aselasma Forster,i868; Campoporus Forster,i868; 
Volucris Davis,i897 

3975) Trichomma Wesmael,l849 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Trichomma Wesmael,i849; Trichomella 

3976) Triclistus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Triclistus F6rster,i868 

3977) Trieces Townes,i946 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Trieces Townes,i946 

3978) Triptognathus Berthoumieu,i904 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Triptognathus 
Berthoumieu,i 904 

3979) Tromatobia F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Tromatobia F6rster,i868; Austropimpla 

3980) Tryphon Fallen, 1813 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Tryphon Fallen,i8i3 

3981) Venturia Schrottky,i902 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Idechthis Fbrster,i868 nee Hbn.,1821; 
Venturia Schrottky,i902; Devorgilla Cameron,i90y, Balcarcia Brethes,i922; Notamorphota Blanchard,i947; 
Exidechthis Walkley,i9s8; Slenda Gauld,i984 

3982) Xenoschesis (s.str.) F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Xenoschesis Forster,i868; 
Homobia F6rster,i868; Glyptocentrus Kriechbaumer,i894 

3983) Xenoschesis F6rster,l868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Xenoschesis Forster,i868; Homobia 
Fbrster,i868; Glyptocentrus Kriechbaumer,i894 

3984) Xorides (Gonophonus) F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Gonophonus For ster, 1868 

3985) Xorides (Moerophora) F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Moerophora Forster, 1868 

3986) Xorides Latreille, 1809 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Xorides Latreille, 1809 

3987) Zabrachypus Cushman,i920 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Zabrachypus Cushman,i920 

3988) Zaglyptus F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Zaglyptus For ster, 1868 

3989) Zaplethocornia Schmiedeknecht,i9i2 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Zaplethocornia 
Schmiedeknecht,i9i2; Nictula Burks,i952; Parastadus Burks,i952; #Zapletocorina Kolarov,i995 

3990) Zatypota F6rster,i868 (Ichneumonidae) Synonym(s): Zatypota F6rster,i868; Polysphinctopsis 
Habermeh.1,1917; Lycorinopsis Haupt,i954 

3991) Inocellia Schneider,i843 (Inocellidae) Synonym(s): Inocellia Schneider ,1843 

3992) Iris Saussure, 1869 (Irididae) Synonym(s): Iris Saussure, 1869 

3993) Aconosimus Dlabola,l983 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Aconosimus Dlabola,i983; #Acanosimus Lodos & 

3994) Agalmatium Emeljanov,i97i (Issidae) Synonym(s): Agalmatium Emeljanov,i97i 

3995) Anatolodus Dlabola,i982 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Anatolodus Dlabola,i982 

3996) Bubastia (Acrestia) Dlabola,i98o (Issidae) Synonym(s): Acrestia Dlabola,i98o 

3997) Bubastia (s.str.) Emeljanov,i975 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Bubastia Emeljanov, 1975 

3998) Bubastia Emeljanov,i975 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Bubastia Emeljanov, 1975 

3999) Falcidiopsis Kusnezov,i930 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Falcidiopsis Kusnezov,i930 

4000) Falcidius Stal,i866 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Falcidius Stal,i866 

4001) Hysteropterum Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i943 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Hysteropterum Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville,i 943 

4002) Issus Fabricius,i8o3 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Issus Fabricius,i8o3 

4003) Kervillea Bergevin,[i9i8] (Issidae) Synonym(s): Kervillea Bergevin,[i9i8] 

4004) Latematium Dlabola,i979 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Latematium Dlabola,i979 

4005) Latilica Emeljanov,l97l (Issidae) Synonym(s): Latilica Emeljanov, 1971; Dalmatrium Dlabola,i98o 

4006) Libanissum Dlabola,i98o (Issidae) Synonym(s): Libanissum Dlabola,i98o 

4007) Mycterodus (Aconosimus) Dlabola,i983 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Aconosimus Dlabola,i983 

4008) Mycterodus (Comporodus) Kocak,i982 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Comporodus Kocak.,1982 

4009) Mycterodus (Semirodus) Dlabola,i987 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Semirodus Dlabola,i987 

4010) Mycterodus (s.str.) Spinola,i839 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Mycterodus Spinola,i839 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4011) Mycterodus Spinola,i839 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Mycterodus Spinola,i839 

4012) Quadrastylum Dlabola,i979 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Quadrastylum Dlabola,ig7g 

4013) Rhissolepus Emeljanov,i97i (Issidae) Synonym(s): Rhissolepus Emeljanov,ig7i 

4014) Scorlupella Emeljanov,i97i (Issidae) Synonym(s): Scorlupella Emeljanov,igyi 

4015) Tshurtshurnella Kusnezov,l927 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Tshurtshurnella Kusnezov,ig27; Megissus 

4016) Webbsianus Dlabola,i983 (Issidae) Synonym(s): Webbsianus Dlabola,i983 

4017) Kermes Latreille,i798 (Kermesidae) Synonym(s): Kermes Latr exile, iyg8 

4018) Nidularia Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (Kermesidae) Synonym(s): Nidularia Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 

4019) Macrocera Meigen,l803 (Keroplatidae) Synonym(s): #Euphrosyne Meigen,i8oo; Macrocera 
Meigen.,1803; Geneja Lioy,i863; Promacrocera Speiser,igi3 

4020) Platyura Meigen,i8o3 (Keroplatidae) Synonym(s): Platyura Meigen,i8o3 

4021) Urytalpa Edwards, 1929 (Keroplatidae) Synonym(s): Urytalpa Edwards,ig2g 

4022) Anisolabis Fieber,i853 (Labiduridae) Synonym(s): Anisolabis Fieber,i853 

4023) Chelidura Berthold,i827 (Labiduridae) Synonym(s): Chelidura Berthold,i827 

4024) Euborellia Burr, 1910 (Labiduridae) Synonym(s): Euborellia Burr,igio 

4025) Labidura Leach, 1815 (Labiduridae) Synonym(s): Labidura Leacb.,1815 

4026) Nala Zacher, 1910 (Labiduridae) Synonym(s): NalaZacher,igio 

4027) Lampyris Miiller,i764 (Lampyridae) Synonym(s): Lampyris Milller,i764 

4028) Lampyroidea Costa, 1875 (Lampyridae) Synonym(s): Lampyroidea Costa.,1875 

4029) Luciola Laporte de Castelnau,i833 (Lampyridae) Synonym(s): Luciola Laporte de Castelnau,i833 

4030) Nyctophila E.Olivier, 1884 (Lampyridae) Synonym(s): Nyctophila E.Olivier, 1884 

4031) Calliopum Strand,i928 (Lauxaniidae) Synonym(s): Calliopum Strand,ig28 

4032) Eusapromyza Malloch,i923 (Lauxaniidae) Synonym(s): Eusapromyza Malloch,ig23 

4033) Minettia R-D.,1830 (Lauxaniidae) Synonym(s): Minettia R-D.,1830 

4034) Sapromyza Fallen, 1810 (Lauxaniidae) Synonym(s): Sapromyza Fallen,i8io 

4035) Lecanodiaspis Targioni-Tozzetti,i869 (Lecanodiaspididae) Synonym(s): Lecanodiaspis 

4036) Agathidium (s.str.) Panzer, 1797 (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): Agathidium Panzer, i7g7 

4037) Attaephilus Motschoulsky,i869 (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): Attaephilus Motschoulsky,i86g 

4038) Chovela (s.str.) Latreille,i796 (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): Chovela Latreille,i7g6 

4039) Chovela Latreille,i796 (Leiodidae) Synonym(s): Chovela Latreille,iyg6 

4040) Setodes Rambur,i842 (Leptoceridae) Synonym(s): Setodes Rambur,i842 

4041) Lestes Leach, 1815 (Lestidae) Synonym(s): Lestes Leach,i8i5 

4042) Sympecma Burmeister,i839 (Lestidae) Synonym(s): Sympecma Burmeister,i83g 

4043) Leucospis Fabricius,i775 (Leucospidae) Synonym(s): Leucospis Fabricius,i775 

4044) Leuctra Stephens, 1836 (Leuctridae) Synonym(s): Leuctra Stephens,i836 

4045) Brachythemis Brauer,i868 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Brachythemis Brauer,i868 

4046) Crocothemis Brauer,i868 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Crocothemis Brauer,i868 

4047) Diplacodes Kirby,i889 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Diplacodes Kirby,i88g 

4048) Leucorrhinia Brittinger,i850 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Leucorrhinia Brittinger,i8so 

4049) Libellula Linnaeus, 175 8 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Libellula Linnaeus, 1758 

4050) Orthetrum Newman, 1833 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Orthetrum Newman,i833 

4051) Pantala Hagen,i86i (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Pantala Hagen,i86i 

4052) Selysiothemis Ris,i909 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Selysiothemis Ris,igog 

4053) Sympetrum Newman, 1833 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Sympetrum Newman,i833 

4054) Trithemis Brauer,i868 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Trithemis Brauer,i868 

4055) Zygonyx Hagen, 1867 (Libellulidae) Synonym(s): Zygonyx Hagen,i867 

4056) Chaetopteryx Stephens, 1829 (Limnephilidae) Synonym(s): Chaetopteryx Stephens,i82g 

4057) Limnephilus Leach, 1815 (Limnephilidae) Synonym(s): Limnephilus Leach,i8i5 

4058) Rizeiella Sipahiler,i986 (Limnephilidae) Synonym(s): Rizeiella Sipahiler,ig86 

4059) Antocha (Orimargula) Mik,i883 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Orimargula Mik,i883 

4060) Antocha Osten-Sacken,i859 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Antocha Osten-Sacken,i8sg 

4061) Arctoconopa Alexander, 1955 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Arctoconopa Alexander, igss 

4062) Austrolimnophila Alexander, 19 20 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Austrolimnophila Alexander, ig20 

4063) Baeoura Alexander,i924 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Baeour a Alexander, ig24 

4064) Cheilotrichia (Empeda) Osten Sacken,i869 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Empeda Osten 

4065) Cheilotrichia Rossi, 1848 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Cheilotrichia Rossi,i848 

4066) Dactylolabis (Coenolabis) Savchenko,i969 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Coenolabis 

4067) Ellipteroides (s.str.) Becker, 1907 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Ellipteroides Becker, igo7 

4068) Ellipteroides Becker,i907 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Ellipteroides Becker, igo7 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4069) Erioptera (Mesocyphona) Osten Sacken,i869 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Mesocyphona Osten 

4070) Erioptera Meigen, 1803 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Erioptera Meigen,i8o3 

4071) Euphylidorea Alexander,i972 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Euphylidorea Alexander, 1972 

4072) Gonomyia Meigen, 1818 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Gonomyia Meigen,i8i8 

4073) Hexatoma (Eriocera) Macquart,i838 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Caloptera Guerin- 
Meneville,i83i; Eriocera Macquart,i838; Evanioptera Guerin-Meneville,i838; Pterocosmus Walker,i848; 
Allarithmia Loew,i8so; Oligomera Doleschall,i857; Physecrania Bigot,i859; Arrhenica Osten Sacken,i86o; 
Penthoptera Schiner,i863; Androclosma Enderlein,igi2; Globicera Matsumura,igi6 

4074) Idiocera Dale, 1842 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Idiocera Dale,i842; Ptilostena Bergroth.,1913; 
Pseudogonomyia Santos Abreu,i923; #Idioptera Parvu & Popescu-Mirceni,2005 

4075) Ilisia Rondani,l856 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Ilisia Rondani,i8s6; #Elisia Bigot,i857 

4076) Limonia Meigen, 1803 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Limonia Meigen,i8o3 

4077) Molophilus Curtis, 1833 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Molophilus Curtis,i833 

4078) Paradelphomyia (Oxyrhiza) Meijere,i946 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): OxyrhizaMeijere,ig46 

4079) Paradelphomyia Alexander,i936 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Paradelphomyia Alexander, 1936 

4080) Phylidorea Bigot,i854 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Phylidorea Bigot,i854 

4081) Phyllolabis Osten Sacken,i877 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Phyllolabis Osten Sacken,i877; 
#Phllolabis Koc,2004 

4082) Pilaria Sintenis,i889 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Pilaria Sintenis,i88g 

4083) Pseudolimnophila Alexander, 19 19 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Pseudolimnophila Alexander, lgig 

4084) Rhabdomastix Skuse,i890 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Rhabdomastix Skuse,i8go 

4085) Symplecta (Psiloconopa) Zetterstedt,i838 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Psiloconopa 

4086) Symplecta Meigen, 1830 (Limoniidae) Synonym(s): Symplecta Meigen,i830 

4087) Lonchoptera Meigen, 1803 (Lonchopteridae) Synonym(s): #Musidora Meigen,i8oo; Lonchoptera 

4088) Dorcus MacLeay,i8i9 (Lucanidae) Synonym(s): Dorcus MacLeay,i8ig 

4089) Lucanus (.s.str.) Scopoli,i763 (Lucanidae) Synonym(s): Lucanus Scopoli,i763; Hexaphyllus 

4090) Lucanus (Pseudolucanus) Hope & Westwood,i845 (Lucanidae) Synonym(s): Pseudolucanus 
Hope & Westwood,i845; Eolucanus Kurosawa,ig70 

4091) Lucanus Scopoli,l763 (Lucanidae) Synonym(s): Lucanus Scopoli,i763; Hexaphyllus Mulsant,i83g 

4092) Platycerus Geoffroy,i762 (Lucanidae) Synonym(s): Platycerus Geoffroy,i762 

4093) Sinodendron Schneider, 1791 (Lucanidae) Synonym(s): Ligniperda Fabricius,i7go (praeocc); 
Sinodendron Schneider, I7gi 

4094) Acompus Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Acompus Fieber,i86o 

4095) Aellopus Wolff,i8n (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Aellopus Wolff, 1811 

4096) Aoploscelis Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Aoploscelis Fieber,i86o 

4097) Aphanus Laporte de Castelnau,i833 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Aphanus Laporte de 

4098) Apterola Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Apterola Mulsant & Rey,i866 

4099) Arocatus Spinola,l837 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Arocatus Spinola,i837; Tetralaccus Fieber, i860; 
Microcaenocoris Breddin,igoo 

4100) Artheneis Spinola,i837 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Artheneis Spinola,i837 

4101) Auchenodes Horvath,i89i (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Auchenodes Horvath,i8gi 

4102) Beosus Amyot & Serville,i843 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Beosus Amyot & Serville,i843 

4103) Bledionotus Reuter,i878 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Bledionotus Reuter,i878 

4104) Brachyplax Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Brachyplax Fieber,i86o 

4105) Caenocoris Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Caenocoris Fieber,i86o 

4106) Callistonotus Horvath,i9o6 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Callistonotus Horvath,igo6 

4107) Camptocera Jakovlev,i877 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Camptocera Jakovlev,i877 

4108) Camptotelus Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Camptotelus Fieber,i86o 

4109) Cymophyes Fieber,i870 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Cymophyes Fieber,i870 

4110) Cymus Hahn, 1832 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Cymus Hahn,i832 

4111) Dieuches F.A.Dohrn,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Dieuches FA.Dohrn,i86o 

4112) Dimorphopterus Stal,i872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Dimorphopterus Stal,i872 

4113) Diomphalus Fieber,i864 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Diomphalus Fieber,i864 

4114) Drymus Fieber, i860 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Drymus Fieber,i86o 

4115) Emblethis Fieber, [i860] (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Emblethis Fieber, [i860]; Embolimus 

4116) Engistus Fieber,l864 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Engistus Fieber, 1864; Brachypterna Jakovlev,i874 

4117) Eremocoris Fieber, i860 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Eremocoris Fieber, i860 

4118) Gastrodes Westwood,i840 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Gastrodes Westwood,i840 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4119) Geocoris Fallen, 1814 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Geocoris Fallen,i8i4 

4120) Gonianotus Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Gonianotus Fieber,i86o 

4121) Graptostethus Stal,i868 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Graptostethus Stal,i868 

4122) Henestaris Spinola,i837 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Henestaris Spinola,i837 

4123) Heterogaster Schilling,i829 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Heterogaster Schilling, 1829 

4124) Horvathiolus Josifov,i965 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Horvathiolus Josifov,ig6s 

4125) Ischnodemus Fieber,i837 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Ischnodemus Fieber,i837 

4126) Ischnopeza Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Ischnopeza Fieber,i86o 

4127) Lethaeus Dallas, 1852 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Lethaeus Dallas,i852 

4128) Lygaeosoma Spinola,l837 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Lygaeosoma Spinola,i837; Epibomius 

4129) Lygaeus Fabricius,l794 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Lygaeus Fabricius,i794; Lygeus Rafinesque,i8is; 
Lyginus Rafinesque,i8i5; Graptolomus Stal,i868; Eulygaeus Reuter,i888 

4130) Megalonotus Fieber,l86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Rhyparochromus Curtis,i836 nee Hahn,i826; 
Megalonotus Fieber,i86o; Ktenofer Rouba.1,1965 

4131) Melanocoryphus Stal,i872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Melanocoryphus Stal,i872 

4132) Neurocladus Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Neurocladus Fieber,i86o 

4133) Nysius Dallas, 1852 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Nysius Dallas,i852 

4134) Oxycarenus (Euoxycarenus) Samy,i969 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Euoxycarenus Samy,ig6g 
4*35) Oxycarenus (s.str.) Fieber,i837 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Oxycarenus Fieber, 1837 

4136) Oxycarenus Fieber, 1837 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Oxycarenus Fieber, 1837 

4137) Piocoris Stal,i872 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Piocoris Stal,i872 

4138) Pionosomus Fieber,i86o (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Pionosomus Fieber, i860 

4139) Pionosomus Fieber, [i860] (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Pionosomus Fieber, [i860] 

4140) Pterotmetus Amyot & Serville,i843 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Pterotmetus Amyot & Serville,i843 

4141) Rhyparochromus Hahn, 1826 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Rhyparochromus Hahn,i826 

4142) Spilostethus Stal,i868 (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Spilostethus Stal,i868 

4143) Trapezonotus Fieber, [i860] (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Trapezonotus Fieber, [i860] 

4144) Tropistethus Fieber, [i860] (Lygaeidae) Synonym(s): Tropistethus Fieber, [i860]; Tropidostethus 

4145) Ameles Burmeister,l838 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Ameles Burmeister,i838; Parameles 

4146) Bolivaria Stal,i877 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Bolivaria Stal,i877 

4147) Eremiaphila Lefebvre,i835 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Eremiaphila Lefebvre, 1835 

4148) Geomantis Pantel,i896 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Geomantis Pantel,i8g6 

4149) Hierodula Burmeister,l838 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Hierodula Burmeister,i838; Ephierodula 
Giglio-Tos,igi2; Parhierodula Giglio-Tos,igi2; Rhomboderula Giglio-Tos,igi2; Zopheromantis Tindale,ig24 

4150) Mantis Linnaeus, 1767 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): #Mantis Linnaeus, 17 58; Mantis Linnaeus,i767 

4151) Rivetina Berland & Chopard,i922 (Mantidae) Synonym(s): Fischeria Saussure,i86g (praeocc); 
Rivetina Berland & Chopard,ig22; Eufischeriella Giglio-Tos,ig27; #Revetina Demirsoy,ig7g; Kinzelbachia 

4152) Mantispa Illiger,l798 (Mantispidae) Synonym(s): Mantispa Illiger,i7g8; Amycla Rafinesque,i8i5 
4*53) Perlamantispa Handschin,i96o (Mantispidae) Synonym(s): Perlamantispa Handschin,ig6o 
4154) Gueriniella Fernald,l903 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): Guerinia Targioni-Tozzetti,i868 (praeocc.); 

Gueriniella Fernald,igo3 
4*55) Icerya Signoret,i875 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): Icerya Signoret,i875 

4156) Marchalina Vayssiere,i925 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): MarchalinaVayssiere,ig25 

4157) Matsucoccus Cockerell,i909 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): Matsucoccus Cockerell,igog 

4158) Neomargarodes Green, 1914 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): Neomargarodes Green,igi4 

4159) Palaeococcus Cockerell,i894 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): Palaeococcus Cockerell,i8g4 

4160) Porphyrophora Brandt & Ratzeburg,i833 (Margarodidae) Synonym(s): Porphyrophora Brandt 
& Ratzeburg,i833 

4161) Meenoplus Fieber,i866 (Meenoplidae) Synonym(s): Meenoplus Fieber, 1866 

4162) Nisia Melichar,i903 (Meenoplidae) Synonym(s): Nisia Melichar,igo3 

4163) Aglaoapis Cameron, 1901 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Aglaoapis Cameron,igoi 

4164) Allodioxys Popov, 1947 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Allodioxys Popov, ig47 

4165) Anthidium (Anthidiellum) Cockerell,i904 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Anthidiellum 
Cockerell,igo4; Cerianthidium Friese,ig23; Eoanthidium Popov,igso; Eoanthidiellum Pasteels,ig6g 

4166) Anthidium (Archianthidium) Mavromoustakis,i939 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): 

4167) Anthidium (Exanthidium) Pasteels,i969 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Exanthidium 

4168) Anthidium (Icteranthidium) Michener,i948 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Icteranthidium 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4169) Anthidium (Mesanthidium) Popov,i950 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Mesanthidium 
Popov,i950; Neanthidium Pasteels,ig6g 

4170) Anthidium (Oxyanthidium) Mavromoustakis,i963 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): 
Oxy anthidium Mavromoustakis,i 963 

4171) Anthidium (Paraanthidium) Friese,i898 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Paraanthidium 

4172) Anthidium (Proanthidium) Friese,i898 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Proanthidium Friese,i898; 
Gulanthidium Pasteels,i969; Echianthidium Pasteels,i969; Ardenthidium Pasteels,i969 

4173) Anthidium (Pseudoanthidium) Friese,i898 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoanthidium 
Friese,i898; Paraanthidiellum Michener,i948; Carinellum Pasteels,i969; Poyanthidium Pasteels,i969; 
Reanthidium Pasteels,i969 

4174) Anthidium (Rhodanthidium) Isensee,i927 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Rhodanthidium 
Isensee,i92y; Meganthidium Popov, 1950; Asianthidium Popov, 1950; Trianthidium Mavromoustakis,i958; 
Bellanthidium Pasteels,i969; Axillanthidium Pasteels,i969 

4175) Anthidium (Trachusa) Panzer, 1804 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Trachusa Panzer, 1804; 
Diphysis Lepeletier,i84i 

4176) Anthidium (s.str.) Fahricius,i8o4 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Anthidium Fabricius,i8o4 

4177) Anthidium Fabricius,i8o4 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Anthidium Fabricius,i8o4 

4178) Chalicodoma Lepeletier,i84i (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Chalicodoma Lepeletier,i84i 

4179) Chelostoma (Foveosmia) Warncke,i99i (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Foveosmia Warncke,i99i 

4180) Chelostoma (Gyrodromella) Michener,i997 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Gyrodromella 
Michener ,1997 

4181) Chelostoma (s.str.) Latreille,i8o9 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Chelostoma Latreille,i8og 

4182) Chelostoma Latreille, 1809 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Chelostoma Latreille, 1809 

4183) Coelioxys (Allocoelioxys) Tkalcu,i974 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Allocoelioxys Tkalcu,i974 

4184) Coelioxys Latreille, 1809 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Coelioxys Latreille, 1809 

4185) Creightonella (Metamegachile) Tkalcu,i967 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Metamegachile 

4186) Creightonella Cockerell,i9o8 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Creightonella Cockerell,i9o8 

4187) Dioxys Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i825 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Dioxys Lepeletier & 
Audinet-Serville,i 825 

4188) Ensliniana Alfken,i938 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Ensliniana Alfken,i938 

4189) Haetosmia Popov,i952 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Haetosmia Popov, 1952 

4190) Heriades (Michenerella) Krombein,i950 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Michenerella 

4191) Heriades (Rhopaloheriades) Griswold & Michener, 1997 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): 
Rhopaloheriades Griswold & Michener, 1997 

4192) Heriades (s.str.) Spinola,l8o8 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Heriades Spinola,i8o8; Herias 

4193) Heriades Spinola,l8o8 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Heriades Spinola,i8o8; Herias Oken,i8i7 

4194) Hofferia Tkalcu,i984 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Hofferia Tkalcu,i984 

4195) Hoplitis (Alcidamea) Cresson,i864 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Alcidamea Cresson,i864; 
Andronicus Cresson,i864; Monumetha Cresson,i864; Acanthosmia Thomson,i972; Liosmia Thomson,i972 ; 
Tridentosmia Schmiedeknecht,i886; Megalosmia Schmiedeknecht,i886; Robertsonella Titus,i904; 
Autochelostoma Sladen,i9i6; Chlorosmia Sladen,igi6; Glossosmia Michener, 1943; Cyrtosmia Michener, 1947; 
Dasyosmia Michener, 1947 

4196) Hoplitis (Annosmia) Warncke,i99i (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Annosmia Warncke,ig9i 

4197) Hoplitis (Anthocopa) Lepeletier & Serville,i825 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Anthocopa 
Lepeletier & Serville,i825 

4198) Hoplitis (Bytinskia) Mavromoustakis,i954 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Bytinskia 

4199) Hoplitis (Chlidoplitis) Griswold,i997 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Chlidoplitis Griswold,ig97 

4200) Hoplitis (Megahoplitis) Tkalcu,i993 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Megahoplitis Tkalcu,i993 

4201) Hoplitis (Megalosmia) Schmiedeknecht,[i885] (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Megalosmia 

4202) Hoplitis (Micreriades) Mavromoustakis,i958 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Micreriades 

4203) Hoplitis (Pentadentosmia) Warncke,i99i (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Pentadentosmia 

4204) Hoplitis (Platosmia) Warncke,i990 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Platosmia Warncke,i990 

4205) Hoplitis (Prionohoplitis) Tkalcu,i993 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Prionohoplitis Tkalcu,i993 

4206) Hoplitis (Stenosmia) Michener,i94i (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Stenosmia Michener, 1941 

4207) Hoplitis (s.str.) Klug,i8o7 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Hoplitis Klug, 1807 

4208) Hoplitis Klug, 1807 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Hoplitis Klug, 1807 

4209) Lithurgus Berthold,i827 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Lithurgus Berthold,i827 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4210) Megachile (Eutricharaea) Thomson, 1872 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Eutricharaea 

4211) Megachile (Neoeutricharaea) Rebmann,i967 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Neoeutricharaea 
Rebmann,ig6y; #Neoentricharaea Ozbek & Zanden,igg6 

4212) Megachile (Xanthosarus) Robertson, 1903 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Xanthosarus 

4213) Megachile (s.str.) Latreille,i8o2 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Megachile Latreille,i8o2 

4214) Megachile Latreille,i8o2 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Megachile Latreille, 1802 

4215) Metadioxys Popov,i947 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Metadioxys Popov, 1947 

4216) Osmia (Allosmia) Tkalcu,i974 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Allosmia Tkalcv.,1974 

4217) Osmia (Erythrosmia) Schmiedeknecht,[i885] (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Erythrosmia 

4218) Osmia (Exosmia) Tkalcu,i979 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Exosmia Tkalcu.,1979 

4219) Osmia (Helicosmia) Thomson, 1872 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Helicosmia Thomson,i872 

4220) Osmia (Hemiosmia) Tkalcu,i975 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Hemiosmia Tkalcv.,1975 

4221) Osmia (Hoplosmia) Thomson, 1872 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Hoplosmia Thomson,i872 

4222) Osmia (Melanosmia) Schmiedeknecht,[i885] (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Melanosmia 

4223) Osmia (Metallinella) Tkalcu,i966 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Metallinella Tkalcv.,1966 

4224) Osmia (Monosmia) Tkalcu,i974 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Monosmia Tkalcv.,1974 

4225) Osmia (Orientosmia) Peters, 1978 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Orientosmia Peter 3,1978 

4226) Osmia (Ozbekosmia) Zanden,i994 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Ozbekosmia Zanden,i994 

4227) Osmia (Pyrosmia) Tkalcu,i975 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Pyrosmia Tkalcv.,1975 

4228) Osmia (Tergosmia) Warncke,i988 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Tergosmia Warncke,i988 

4229) Osmia (Tergosmia) Warncke,i988 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Tergosmia Warncke,i988 

4230) Osmia Panzer,l8o6 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Osmia Panzer, 1806; #Odmia Warncke,i99i 

4231) Paradioxys Mocsary,i894 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Paradioxys Mocsary,i894 

4232) Protosmia (Chelostomopsis) Cockerell,i925 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Chelostomopsis 

4233) Protosmia (Nanosmia) Griswold,i986 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Nanosmia Griswold,i986 

4234) Protosmia Ducke, 1900 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Protosmia Ducke, 1900 

4235) Stelis (Stelidomorpha) Morawitz,i875 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Stelidomorpha 

4236) Stelis (s.str.) Panzer,l8o6 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Stelis Panzer, 1806; Gyrodroma Klug,i8o7; 
Gymnus Spinola,i8o8; Cerablastes Gistel,i848; Chelynia Provancher,i888; Protostelis Friese,i895; Melanostelis 
Ashmead,i898; Stelidivm Robertson,i902; Microstelis Robertson,i903; Pavostelis Sladen,i9i6; Stelidina 
Timbelake,i94i; Heterostelis Timberlake,i94i; Psevdostelis Popov,i956; Levcostelis Noskiewicz,i96i; 
Doxanthidivm Pasteels,i969 

4237) Stelis Panzer,l8o6 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Stelis Panzer,i8o6; Gyrodroma Klug,i8o7; Gymnus 
Spinola,i8o8; Cerablastes Gistel,i848; Chelynia Provancher,i888; Protostelis Friese,i895; Melanostelis 
Ashmead,i898; Stelidium Robertson,i902; Microstelis Robertson,i903; Pavostelis Sladen,i9i6; Stelidina 
Timbelake,i94i; Heterostelis Timberlake,i94i; Pseudostelis Popov,i956; Leucostelis Noskiewicz,i96i; 
Doxanthidium Pasteels,i969 

4238) Stenoheriades Tkalcu,i984 (Megachilidae) Synonym(s): Stenoheriades Tkalcu,i984 

4239) Megalodontes Latreille, 1802 (Megalodontesidae) Synonym(s): Megalodontes Latreille, 1802; 
Tarpa Fabricius,i8o4; Megalodus Rafinesque,i8i5; Rhipidioceros Konow,i897; Melanopus Konow,i897; 
Tristactus Konow,i897; Forficulotarpa Pic,i9i8; Tristactoides Chevm.,1985 

4240) Dasypoda (Heterodasypoda) Michez,2004 (Melittidae) Synonym(s): Heterodasypoda 

4241) Dasypoda (Megadasypoda) Michez,2004 (Melittidae) Synonym(s): Megadasypoda Michez,2004 

4242) Dasypoda (s.str.) Latreille, 1802 (Melittidae) Synonym(s): Dasypoda Latreille,i8o2; Podasys 

4243) Dasypoda Latreille, 1802 (Melittidae) Synonym(s): Dasypoda Latreille, 1802; Podasys 

4244) Actenodia Laporte,l840 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Actenodia Laporte,i840; Rusadiria Pardo 
Alcaide, 1954 

4245) Alosimus Mulsant,l857 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Alosimus Mulsant,i857; Halosimus Gemmiger & 

4246) Apalus Fab ricius, 1775 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Apalus Fabricius,i775; Hapalus Illiger,i8oi; Deratus 
Motschulsky,i848; Criolis Mulsant,i8s8; ? Coriologiton Marseu.1,1879 

4247) Calydus Reitter,l896 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Caloenas Reitter,i889 nee Gray, 1840; Calydus 

4248) Cerocoma (Metacerocoma) Kaszab,i95i (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Metacerocoma Kaszab,i95i 

4249) Cerocoma Geoffroy,i762 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Cerocoma Geoffroy,i762 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4250) Ctenopus Fischer de Waldheim,i824 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Ctenopus Fischer de 

4251) Epicauta Dejean,l834 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Epicauta Dejean,i834; Causima Dejean,i834; Henous 
Haldeman,i852; Isopentra Mulsant & Ray,i8s8; Apterospasta LeConte,i862; Pleuropompha LeConte,i862; 
Nomasps LeConte,i866; Gnathospasta Horn.,1875; Anomalonyx Denier,i935 nee Weise,igo3; Anomalonychus 
Saylor,i940; Maculicauta Dillon,i952 

4252) Euzonitis Semenov,i893 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Euzonitis Semenov,i8g3 

4253) Hycleus Latreille,l8l7 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Coryna Billberg,i8i3 nee Wolff,i8n non Bosc.,1802; 
Hycleus Latreille,i8i7; Dices Dejean.,1821; Decatoma Dejean,i82i (praeocc.); Decapotoma Voigts,ig02; Gorrizia 
Par do Alcaide,i 954 

4254) Lydus Latreille,i8o3 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Lydus Latreille,i8o3 

4255) Lytta Fabricius, 1787 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Lytta Fabricius,i787 

4256) Meloe (Anchomeloe) Jablokoff-Khnzorian,i983 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Anchomeloe 

4257) Meloe (Eurymeloe) Reitter,i9ii (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Eurymeloe Reiner, lgu 

4258) Meloe (Lampromeloe) Reitter,i9ii (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Lampromeloe Reiner, 1911 

4259) Meloe (Lasiomeloe) Reitter,i9ii (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Lasiomeloe Reiner, 1911 

4260) Meloe (Listromeloe) Reitter,i9ii (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Listromeloe Reiner, 1911 

4261) Meloe (Meloegonius) Reitter,i9ii (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Meloegonius Reitter,igii 

4262) Meloe (Taphromeloe) Reitter,i9ii (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Taphromeloe Reiner, 1911 

4263) Meloe (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Meloe Linnaeus, 1758; Proscarabaeus 
Schrank,i78i; Melittophagus Kirby,i8i8; Triungulinus Dufour,i828; Cnestocera Thomson,i859 

4264) Meloe Linnaeus, 1758 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Meloe Linnaeus, 1758; Proscarabaeus Schrank,i78i; 
Melittophagus Kirby, 1818; Triungulinus Dufour, 1828; Cnestocera Thomson,i859 

4265) Micromeloe Reitter,l9ll (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Micromeloe Reitter,i9ii; Trapezimeloe 
Plinginsky,i 935 

4266) Muzimes Aksentjev,l988 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Micromerus Mulsant & Rey,i8s8 nee 
Rambur,i842; Muzimes Aksentjev,i988 

4267) Mylabris (Argabris) Kuzin,i954 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Argabris Kuzin,i954 

4268) Mylabris (Chalcabris) Kuzin,i954 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): #Chalcabris Kuzm.,1953; Chalcabris 

4269) Mylabris (Chrysabris) Kuzh-1,1954 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Chrysabris Kuzm.,1954 

4270) Mylabris (Eumylabris) Kuzin,l954 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Eumylabris Kuzin,i954; Neabris 

4271) Mylabris (Micrabris) Kuzin,l954 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Androplicata Pardo Alcaide,i948; 
Micrabris Kuzm.,1954; Mesolaevigata Pardo Alcaide, 1954 

4272) Mylabris (Zitunabris) Pardo Alcaide, 1969 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Zihinabris Pardo 
Alcaide, 1969 

4273) Mylabris (s.str.) Fabricius, 1775 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Mylabris Fabricius, 1775; Coryna 
Billberg,i8i3; Zonabris Harold,i879; Megabris Des Gozis,i88i 

4274) Mylabris Fabricius, 1775 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Mylabris Fabricius,i775; Coryna Billberg,i8i3; 
Zonabris Harold,i879; Megabris Des Gozis,i88i 

4275) Nemognatha Illiger,l807 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Nemognatha Illiger,i807; Nematognatha 
Gemminger & Harold,i870; Gnathonemula Aksentjev,i98i 

4276) Oenas Latreille,i8o2 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Oenas Latreille,i8o2 

4277) Sitaris Latreille,i8o2 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Sitaris Latreille,i8o2 

4278) Stenodera Eschscholtz,l8l8 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Stenodera Eschscholtz,i8i8; Zonitides Abeille 
de Perrin,i88o 

4279) Stenoria Mulsant, 1857 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Stenoria Mulsant, 18 57 

4280) Syriolytta Kaszab,i962 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Syriolytta Kaszab,ig62 

4281) Teratolytta Semenow,l894 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Teratolytta Semenow,i894; #Taratolytta 
Semenow ,1894 

4282) Trichomeloe Reitter,i9ii (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Trichomeloe Reiner, 1911 

4283) Zonitis Fabricius, 1775 (Meloidae) Synonym(s): Zonitis Fabricius, 1775 

4284) Acromalachius Evers,i985 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Acromalachius Ever 5,1985 

4285) Anthocomus Erichson,i840 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Anthocomus Erichson,i840 

4286) Anthomalachius Tshernyshev,2009 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Anthomalachius Tshernyshev,2009 

4287) Aplocnemus Stephens, 1830 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Aplocnemus Stephens,i830 

4288) Attalus Erichson,i840 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Attalus Erichson,i840 

4289) Axinotarsus Motschoulsky,i854 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Axinotarsus Motschoulsky,i854 

4290) Brachemys Abeille de Perrh-1,1890 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Brachemys Abeille de Perrm.,1890 

4291) Cephaloncus Westwood,i864 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Cephaloncus Weshvood,i864 

4292) Cerapheles Mulsant & Rey,i867 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Cerapheles Mulsant & Rey, 1867 

4293) Ceratistes Fischer von Waldheim,i844 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Ceratistes Fischer von 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4294) Chaetomalachius Kraatz,l882 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Chaetomalachius Kraatz,i882; Trithrix 
Schilsky,i8g6; Setomalachius Majer,ig8g 

4295) Charopus Erichson,i840 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Charopus Erichson,i840 

4296) Chionotopus Abeille de Perrin,i88i (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Chionotopus Abeille de Perrin,i88i 

4297) Clanoptilus (Hypoptilus) Mulsant,i867 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Hypoptilus Mulsant,i867 

4298) Clanoptilus (s.str.) Motschoulsky,i854 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Clanoptilus Motschoulsky, 1854 

4299) Clanoptilus Motschoulsky, 1854 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Clanoptilus Motschoulsky ,1854 

4300) Clanoptilus Motschoulsky, 1854 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Clanoptilus Motschoulsky ,1854 

4301) Colotes Erichson,i840 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Colotes Erichson,i840 

4302) Cordylepherus Evers,iQ85 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Cordylepherus Evers,ig8s 

4303) Cyrtosus Motschoulsky,i854 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Cyrtosus Motschoulsky, 1854 

4304) Danacaea Laporte de Castelnau,i836 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Danacaea Laporte de 

4305) Dasytes Paykull,l799 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Dasytes Paykull,i7gg; Anthoxenus Motschulsky,i854; 
Psilocorse Thomson,i864; Hapalogluta Thomson,i864; Hypodasytes Mulsant & Rey,i868; Mesodasytes Mulsant 
& Rey,i868; Metadasytes Mulsant & Rey,i868; Pseudodasytes Mulsant & Rey,i868 

4306) Dasytidius Schilsky,i896 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Dasytidius Schilsky,i8g6 

4307) Dasytiscus Kiesenwetter,i859 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Dasytiscus Kiesenwetter,i8sg 

4308) Ebaeus Erichson,i840 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Ebaeus Erichson,i840 

4309) Embrocerus Peyron,i877 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Embrocerus Peyron,i877 

4310) Enicopus Stephens, 1830 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Enicopus Stephens,i830; Henicopus 
Agassiz,i846; Parahenicopus Portevin,ig3i 

4311) Flabellomalachius Evers,i985 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Flabellomalachius Evers,ig8s 

4312) Haplomalachius Evers,i985 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Haplomalachius Evers,ig8s 

4313) Haplothrix Schilsky,i896 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Haplothrix Schilsky,i8g6 

4314) Haplothrix Schilsky,l896 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Haplothrix Schilsky,i8g6; #Haplohrix 

4315) Hypebaeus Kiesenwetter,i863 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Hypebaeus Kiesenwetter,i863 

4316) Malachiomimus Champion, 1921 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Malachiomimus Champion, ig2i 

4317) Malachius Fabricius,i775 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Malachius Fabricius,i775 

4318) Nepachys Thomson, 1859 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Nepachys Thomson,i8sg 

4319) Parathrix Majer,i989 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Parathrix Majer,ig8g 

4320) Paratinus Abeille de Perrin,i89i (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Paratinus Abeille de Perrin,i8gi 

4321) Protapalochrus Evers,i987 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Protapalochrus Evers,ig87 

4322) Psilothrix Kiister,i850 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Psilothrix Kilster,i850 

4323) Troglops Erichson,l840 (Melyridae) Synonym(s): Troglops Erichson,i840; Trauglops Abeille,i8go 

4324) Centrotus Megerle,i8o2 (Membracidae) Synonym(s): Centrotus Megerle,i8o2 

4325) Ceresa Amyot & Serville,i843 (Membracidae) Synonym(s): Ceresa Amyot & Serville,i843; 
#Ceresinae Johnson & Ledig,igi8 

4326) Gargara Amyot & Serville, 1843 (Membracidae) Synonym(s): Gargara Amyot & Serville,i843 

4327) Oxyrhachis Germar,l833 (Membracidae) Synonym(s): Oxyrhachis Germar,i833; Xiphistes 

4328) Stictocephala Stal,i859 (Membracidae) Synonym(s): Stictocephala Stal,i8sg 

4329) Micrococcus Leonardi,l907 (Micrococcidae) Synonym(s): Micrococcus Leonardi,igo7 

4330) Micropeza Meigen,l803 (Micropezidae) Synonym(s): #Tylos Meigen,i8oo; Micropeza Meigen,i8o3 
433i) Neria R-D., 1830 (Micropezidae) Synonym(s): Neria R-D.,1830 

4332) Milichia Meigen,l830 (Milichiidae) Synonym(s): Milichia Meigen,i830; Lobioptera Wahlberg,i847; 
Prosaetomilichia Meijere,i gog 

4333) Milichiella Giglio-Tos,l895 (Milichiidae) Synonym(s): Milichiella Giglio-Tos,i8gs; Ophthalmomyia 
Williston,i8g6; Stenoporomyia Hendel,igo3; Eccoptomma Becker, ig07; Pareccoptomma Duda,ig35 

4334) Acetropis Fieber,l858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Acetropis Fieber,i8s8; Paracetropis E.Wagner, ig62 

4335) Acrorrhinium Noualhier,l895 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Acrorrhinium Noualhier,i8gs; Cinnamus 
Distant,igog; Lutheriella Poppius,igi3; Seversyia DeLattre,ig^o 

4336) Acrotelus Reuter,l885 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Acrotelus Reuter,i88s; Ibiaris Horvath & Reuter,igoi; 
Sceodamia Poppius,igi2 

4337) Adelphocoris Reuter,l896 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Adelphocoris Reuter,i8g6; Trichophoroncus 
Reuter,i8g6; Fulgentius Distant,igo4 

4338) Alloeomimus Reuter,i9io (Miridae) Synonym(s): Alloeomimus Reuter,igio 

4339) Alloeotomus Fieber,i8s8 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Alloeotomus Fieber,i8s8 

4340) Amblytylus Fieber,i8s8 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Amblytylus Fieber,i8s8 

4341) Atomoscelis Reuter,i875 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Atomoscelis Reuter,i875 

4342) Barbarosia Kiyak,l995 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Halticidea Reuter,igoi nee Horn,i8g3; Barbarosia 

4343) Blepharidopterus Kolenati,i845 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Blepharidopterus Kolenati,i845 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4344) Brachycoleus Fieber,i8s8 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Brachycoleus Fieber,i8s8 

4345) Calocoris Fieber,i8s8 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Calocoris Fieber,i8s8 

4346) Campylomma Reuter,i878 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Campylomma Reuter,i8y8 

4347) Campyloneura Fieber,i86i (Miridae) Synonym(s): Camptoneura Fieber, 1858 nee Macq.,1843; 
Campyloneura Fieber,i86i 

4348) Capsodes Dahlbom,[i85i] (Miridae) Synonym(s): Capsodes Dahlbom,[i85i] 

4349) Closterotomus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Closterotomus Fieber, 1858 

4350) Cranocapsus Wagner,i954 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Cranocapsus Wagner, 1954 

4351) Dasyscytus Fieber,l864 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Dasyscytus Fieber,i864; Kilicanata 
Seidenstiicker,i 956 

4352) Deraeocoris Kirschbaum,i855 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Deraeocoris Kirschbaum.,1855; #Dereaocoris 
Kiyak et al.,2004 

4353) Dicyphus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Dicyphus Fieber,i8s8; Brachyceroea Fieber,i8s8; 
Idolocoris Douglas & Scott, 1865; Abibalus Distant,igog; Bucobia Poppius,igi4; Mesodicyphus E.Wagner, 1951 

4354) Eumecotarsus Kerzhner,i962 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Eumecotarsus Kerzhner,i962 

4355) Globiceps Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i825 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Globiceps Lepeletier & 
Audinet-Serville,i825; Kelidocoris Kolenati,i845; Paraglobiceps Wagner, 1956; Aglobiceps Wagner, 1969 

4356) Grypocoris Douglas & Scott,i868 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Lophyrus Kolenati,i845; Grypocoris 
Douglas &Scott,i868; Lophyromiris Wagner, 1958; Turciocoris Wagner, 1966 

4357) Lygus Hahn, 1831 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Lygus Hahn,i83i 

4358) Macrolophus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Macrolophus Fieber, 1858; Pandama Distant,i884; 
Macrolophidea Poppius,i9i4; Tylocapsus Van Duzee,i923 

4359) Macrostylus Fieber,i8s8 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Macrostylus Fieber,i8s8 

4360) Macrotylus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Macrotylus Fieber,i8s8; Mermimerus 
Sahlberg,i870; Alloeonycha Renter, 1904 

4361) Mecomma Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Mecomma Fieber,i8s8; Sphyracephalus Douglas & 
Scott,i86s; Sphyrops Douglas & Scott,i866; Antiphylus Distant,i909; Aristobulus Distant,i9io; Globicellus 
Kiritshenko,i 951 

4362) Megalocoleus Reuter,i8QO (Miridae) Synonym(s): Meg alocoleus Reuter, 1890 

4363) Nesidiocoris Kirkaldy,l902 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Nesidiocoris Kirkaldy,i902; Gallobelicus 

4364) Nicticoris Hoberlandt,i96i (Miridae) Synonym(s): Nicticoris Hoberlandt,i96i 

4365) Oncotylus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Oncotylus Fieber, 1858 

4366) Orthocephalus Fieber,l858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Orthocephalus Fieber,i8s8; Oraniella 
Reuter, 1894; Anapomella Putshkov,i96i 

4367) Orthonotus Stephens, 1829 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Orthonotus Stephens,i829 

4368) Orthops Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Orthops Fieber,i8s8 

4369) Orthotylus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Orthotylus Fieber, 1858 

4370) Plagiognathus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Plagiognathus Fieber, 1858; Microphylellus 
Reuter, 1909; Gerhardiella Poppius,i9ii; Chaetophylidea Knight, 1968 

4371) Polymerus Hahn, 1831 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Polymerus Hahn,i83i; Poeciloscytus Fieber,i8s8; 
Systratiotus Douglas & Scott,i86s; Metopicoris Odhiambo,i96o 

4372) Psallus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Psallus Fieber,i8s8; Apocremnus Fieber,i8s8; Hops 
Fieber,i870; Phylidea Reuter,i899; Pityopsallus Wagner,i952; Hylopsallus Wagner,i952; Asthenarius 
Kerzhner,i962; Mesopsallus Wagner,i9yo; Supsallus Linnavuori,i993; Calopsallus Yasunaga & Vinokurov,2000 

4373) Reuterista Kirkaldy,l904 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Brachybasis Reuter, 1900 nee Selys,i868; 
Reuterista Kirkaldy,igo4; Calocorisellus E.Wagner, 1968 

4374) Singhalesia China & Carvalho,i952 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Singhalesia China & Carvalho,i952 

4375) Solenoxyphus Reuter,l875 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Solenoxyphus Reuter,i875; Malthacomosa 
Reuter, 1879; Leucopterum Reuter, 1879 

4376) Stenodema Laporte,i832 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Stenodema Laporte,i832 

4377) Stethoconus Flor,l86l (Miridae) Synonym(s): Stethoconus Flor,i86i; Acropelta Mella,i869; 
Apollodotus Distant,i909; Apollodotidea Hsiao,i944 

4378) Systellonotus Fieber,i8s8 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Systellonotus Fieber, 1858 

4379) Thermocoris Puton,i875 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Thermocoris Puton,i875 

4380) Trigonotylus Fieber, 1858 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Trigonotylus Fieber, 1858 

4381) Tuponia Reuter, 1875 (Miridae) Synonym(s): Tuponia Reuter,i875; Chlorotuponia Wagner & 
Weber, 1964 

4382) Arachnocephalus A.Costa, 1855 (Mogoplistidae) Synonym(s): Arachnocephalus A.Costa,i855 

4383) Pseudomogoplistes Gorochov,i984 (Mogoplistidae) Synonym(s): 

4384) Atherigona Rondani,l8s6 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Orthostylum Macquart,i8si; Atherigona 
Rondam.,1856; Acritochaeta Grimshaw,i90i 

4385) Azelia R-D., 1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Azelia R-D.,1830 

4386) Brontaea Kowarz,l873 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Gymnodia R-D. ,1863 nee R-D.,1830; Brontaea 
Kowarz,i873; Brachiophyra Giglio-Tos,i893; Eulimnophora Malloch,i920 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4387) Coenosia Meigen,l826 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Coenosia Meigen,i826; Caricea R-D.,1830; Limosia 
R-D.,1830; Palusia R-D.,1830; Choetura Macquart,i8si; Oplogaster Rondani,i8s6; Allognota Pokorny,i8g3; 
Centriocera Pokorny,i8g3; Dexiopsis Pokorni/,1893; Rhynchocoenops Bezzi,igi8; Tenuicosta Stein,igig; 
Macrocoenosia Malloch,ig20; Hebdomostilba Enderlein,ig36; Mesodiplectra Enderlein,ig36; Diatinoza 
Enderlein,ig36; Psephidocera Enderlein,ig36; Platychiracra Enderlein,ig36; Adiplecta Enderlein,ig36; Trilasia 
Karl,ig36; Lamprocoenosia Ringdahl,ig45; Leucocoenosia Ringdahl,ig45; Xanthorrhinia Ringdahl,ig45 

4388) Dasyphora R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Dasyphora R-D.,1830 

4389) Drymeia Meigen,l826 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Drymeia Meigen,i826; #Drimeia Rondam.,1856 

4390) Eudasyphora Townsend,i9ii (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Eudasyphora Townsend,ign 

4391) Graphomya R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Graphomy a R-D.,1830; GraphomyiaAgassiz,i847 

4392) Haematobia Lepeletier & Audinet_Serville,i825 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Haematobia 
Lepeletier &Audinet_Serville,i825 

4393) Haematobosca Bezzi,i907 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Haematobosca Bezzi,igo7 

4394) Hebecnema Schnabl,i889 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Hebecnema Schnabl,i88g 

4395) Helina R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Helina R-D.,1830; Aricia R-D.,1830 (praeocc); Spilogaster 
Macquart,i835; Yetodesia Rondani,i86i; Enoplopteryx Hendel,igo2; Quadrularia Heckett,ig6s 

4396) Hydrotaea R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Hydrotaea R-D.,1830 

4397) Limnophora R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Limnophora R-D.,1830 

4398) Limnospila Schnabl,l902 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Limnospila Schnabl,igo2; Aphanoneura 

4399) Lispe Latreille,l796 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Lispe Latreille,i7g6; Lispa Fallen,i8io 

4400) Lispocephala Pokorny,l893 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Lispocephala Pokorny,i8g3; Pectiniseta 

4401) Macrorchis Rondani,i877 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Macrorchis Rondam.,1877 

4402) Mesembrina Meigen,i826 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Mesembrina Meigen,i826 

4403) Morellia R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Morellia R-D.,1830 

4404) Musca (Plaxemya) R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Plaxemya R-D.,1830; Placomyia 
Scudder,i882; #Plaxemyia Emden,ig65 

4405) Musca Linnaeus, 1758 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Musca Linnaeus,i758 

4406) Muscina R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Muscina R-D.,1830 

4407) Mydaea R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Mydaea R-D.,1830; #MydeaLioy,i864 

4408) Myospila Rondani,i8s6 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Myospila Rondani,i8s6 

4409) Neomyia Walker, 1859 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Neomyia Walker, i8sg; Euphoria R-D.,1863; 
Orthellia R-D.,1863; Pseudopyrellia Girschner ,1864 

4410) Phaonia R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Phaonia R-D.,1830; Wahlgrenia Ringdahl,ig2g; 
Dialytina Ringdahl,ig45 

4411) Polietes Rondani,i866 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Polietes Rondani,i866 

4412) Pyrellia R-D.,1830 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Pyrellia R-D.,1830 

4413) Schoenomyza Haliday,i833 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Schoenomyza Haliday,i833 

4414) Spilogona Schnabl,i9ii (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Spilogona Schnabl,igu 

4415) Stomoxys Geoffroy,i762 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Stomoxys Geoffroy,i762 

4416) Thricops Rondani,i8s6 (Muscidae) Synonym(s): Thricops Rondani,i8s6 

4417) Artiotilla Invrea,i950 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Artiotilla Invrea,igso 

4418) Ctenotilla Bischoff,i920 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Ctenotilla Bischoff,ig20 

4419) Dasylabris (Craspedopyga) Skorikov,i935 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Craspedopyga 

4420) Dasylabris (Inbaltilla) Lelej,i976 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Inbaltilla Lelej,ig76 

4421) Dasylabris (s.str.) Radoszkowski,i885 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Dasylabris Radoszkowski,i885 

4422) Dasylabris Radoszkowski,i885 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Dasylabris Radoszkowski,i88s 

4423) Dentilla Lelej,i98o (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Dentilla Lelej,ig8o 

4424) Krombeinella Pate, 1947 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Krombeinella Pate,ig47; Paramyrmosa 
Suarez,ig63 nee Sauss.,1880 

4425) Macromyrme Lelej,i984 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Macromyrme Lelej,ig84 

4426) Mutilla Linnaeus, 1758 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Mutilla Linnaeus, 1758 

4427) Myrmilla (Eurygnathilla) Skorikov,i927 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Eurygnathilla Skorikov,ig27 

4428) Myrmilla (Pseudomutilla) Costa,i884 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Pseudomutilla Costa,i884; 
Edrionotus Radoszkowski,i885 

4429) Myrmilla (s.str.) Wesmael,l852 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Myrmilla Wesmael,i852; Rudia 

4430) Myrmilla Wesmael, 1852 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Myrmilla Wesmael,i852; Rudia Costa,i8s8 

4431) Myrmosa Latreille,l796 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Myrmosa Latreille,i7g6; Ischioceras 

4432) Nemka Lelej,i985 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): NemkaLelej,ig8s 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4433) Paramyrmosa Saussure,l88o (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Paramyrmosa Saussure,i88o; Morysmula 

4434) Physetopoda Schuster,i949 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Physetopoda Schuster, 1949 

4435) Platymyrmilla Andre, 1899 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Platymyrmilla Andre, 1899 

4436) Pseudophotopsis Andre, 1896 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Pseudophotopsis Andre,i896; Alloneuron 
Ashmead,i899; Sphinctomutilla Andre,i899 

4437) Ronisia Costa,l8s8 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Ronisia Costa,i8s8; Pycnotilla Bischoff,i920 

4438) Sigilla Skorikov,i927 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Sigilla Skorikov,i927 

4439) Skorikovia Ovtchinnikov,2002 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Skorikovia Ovtchinnikov,2002 

4440) Smicromyrme (Astomyrme) Schwartz, 1984 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Astomyrme 

4441) Smicromyrme (Eremotilla) Lelej,i985 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Eremotilla Lelej,i98s 

4442) Smicromyrme (Erimyrme) Lelej,i985 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Erimyrme Lelej,i98s 

4443) Smicromyrme (s.str.) Thomson, 1870 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Smicromyrme Thomson,i870 

4444) Smicromyrme Thomson, 1870 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Smicromyrme Thomson,i870 

4445) Stenomutilla (s.str.) Andre, 1896 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Stenomutilla Andre, 1896 

4446) Stenomutilla Andre, 1896 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Stenomutilla Andre, 1896 

4447) Trogaspidia Ashmead,i899 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): TrogaspidiaAshmead,i899 

4448) Tropidotilla Bischoff,i920 (Mutillidae) Synonym(s): Tropidotilla Bischoff,i920 

4449) Allodia (Brachycampta) Winnertz,i863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Brachycampta 

4450) Allodia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Allodia Winnertz,i863 

4451) Allodiopsis Tuomikoski,i966 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Allodiopsis Tuomikoski,i966 

4452) Anatella Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Anatella Winnertz,i863 

4453) Brevicornu Marshall, 1896 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Brevicornu Marshall,i896 

4454) Coelosia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Coelosia Winnertz, 1863; #Coellosia Bechev 

4455) Cordyla Meigen,i8o3 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Cordyla Meigen,i8o3 

4456) Docosia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Docosia Winnertz,i863 

4457) Exechia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Exechia Winnertz, 1863; Parexechia 

4458) Leia Meigen,l8l8 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Leia Meigen,i8i8; Lejomya Rondani,i8s6; Lejosoma 
Rondam.,1856; Glaphyroptera Winnertz,i863; Neoglaphyroptera Osten Sacken,i878 

4459) Mycetophila Meigen,l803 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): #Fungivora Meigen,i8oo; Mycetophila 
Meigen,i8o3; Mycetina Rondam.,1856; Mycozetaea Rondani,i86i; Mycothera Winnertz, 1863; Opistholoba 

4460) Mycomya (Cymomya) Vaisanen,i984 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Cymomya Vaisanen,i984 

4461) Mycomya Rondani, 1856 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Mycomya Rondani, 18 56 

4462) Phronia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Phronia Winnertz,i863 

4463) Pseudexechia Tuormikoski,i966 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Pseudexechia Tuormikoski,i966 

4464) Rymosia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Rymosia Winnertz,i863 

4465) Sceptonia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Sceptonia Winnertz,i863 

4466) Sciophila Meigen,i8i8 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Sciophila Meigen,i8i8 

4467) Zygomyia Winnertz, 1863 (Mycetophilidae) Synonym(s): Zygomyia Winnertz,i863 

4468) Leptomydas Gerstaecker,i868 (Mydidae) Synonym(s): Leptomy das Gerstaecker, 1868 

4469) Anagrus Haliday,i833 (Mymaridae) Synonym(s): Anagrus Haliday,i833 

4470) Anaphes Haliday,i833 (Mymaridae) Synonym(s): Anaphes Holiday, 1833 

4471) Litus Haliday,l833 (Mymaridae) Synonym(s): Litus Haliday,i833; #Lytus Blanchard,i840 

4472) Stephanodes Enock,i909 (Mymaridae) Synonym(s): Stephanodes Enock,i909 

4473) Myrmecophilus Berthold,i827 (Myrmecophilidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecophilus Berthold,i82y 

4474) Acanthaclisis Rambur,i842 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Acanthaclisis Rambur,i842 

4475) Aspoeckina H61zel,i972 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Aspoeckina Hohelj.972 

4476) Aspoekina H61zel,i972 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Aspoekina Holzel,i972 

4477) Creoleon Tillyard,i9i8 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Creagris Hagen,i86o nee Nietn.,1857; 
Creoleon Tillyard,i9i8 

4478) Cueta Navas, 1911 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Cueta Navas,i9ii 

4479) Delfimeus Navas, 1912 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Delfimeus Navas,i9i2; Pignatellus Navas,i9i3 

4480) Dendroleon Brauer,i866 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Dendroleon Brauer,i866 

4481) Distoleon Banks, 1910 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Formicaleo Leach.,1815 nee Goffr.,1762; 
Distoleon Banks,i9io; Formicaleon Banks,i9ii 

4482) Echthromyrmex McLachlan,i867 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Echthromyrmex 

4483) Euroleon Esben-Petersen,i9i8 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Euroleon Esben-Petersen,i9i8 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4484) Gymnocnemia Schneider, 1845 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Gymnocnemia Schneider, 1845; 
Aplectocnemus Costa,i855 

4485) Macronemurus Costa,i855 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Macronemurus Costa,i855; Uroleon 
Brauer,igoo; Neusmia Navas,igi2; Barreja Navas,igis; Nemur,us Navas,ig35 

4486) Megistopus Rambur,i842 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Megistopus Rambur,i842 

4487) Mesonemurus Navas,i9i9 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Mesonemurus Navas,igig; Nefta 

4488) Myrmecaelurus Costa, 1855 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecaelurus Costa,i855 

4489) Myrmeleon (Morter) Navas,i9i5 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Morter Navas,igis; Neseurus 
Navas,igi6; Grocus Navas,ig25 

4490) Myrmeleon Linnaeus, 1767 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Myrmeleon Linnaeus, 1767 

4491) Nedroledon Navas,i9i4 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Nedroledon Navas,igi4; Pteroleon 
Navas,ig32; Banatoleon Kis,ig64 

4492) Neuroleon Navas,l909 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Neuroleon Navas,igog; Ganussa Navas,igi2; 
Nelees Navas,igi2; Barceus Navas,igi4; Maldonatus Navas,igi4; Neleoma Kimmins,ig38; Afroclimacius 
Navas,ig30; Oligoleon Esben-Petersen,ig30 

4493) Nicarinus Navas,i9i4 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Nicarinus Navas,igi4; Nisteus Navas,igi6 

4494) Nohoveus Navas,i9i9 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Nohoveus Navas,igig; Loveus Navas,ig20 

4495) Palpares Rambur,i842 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Palpares Rambur,i842 

4496) Parapalpares Insom & Carfi,i988 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Parapalpares Insom & 

4497) Solter Navas, 1912 (Myrmeleonidae) Synonym(s): Solter Navas,igi2; Nelus Navas,ig2g 

4498) Cyrtisiopsis Seguy,i930 (Mythicomyiidae) Synonym(s): Cyrtisiopsis Seguy,ig30 

4499) Glabellula Bezzi,l902 (Mythicomyiidae) Synonym(s): Platygaster Zetterstedt,i838 nee Latr.,i8og; 
Sphaerogaster Zetterstedt,i842; Glabella Loew,i873 nee Swains. ,1840; Glabellula Bezzi,igo2; Pachyneres 
Greene,ig24; Proglabellula Hennig,ig66 

4500) Platypygus Loew,i844 (Mythicomyiidae) Synonym(s): Platypygus Loew,i844; Popsia Costa,i863 

4501) Alloerhynchus Fieber,[i86o] (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Alloerhynchus Fieber,[i86o] 

4502) Aptus Hahn, 1831 (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Aptus Hahn,i83i 

4503) Aspilaspis Stal,i873 (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Aspilaspis Stal,i873 

4504) Himacerus Wolff,i8n (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Himacerus Wolff, 1811 

4505) Nabis Latreille,i8o2 (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Nabis Latreille,i8o2 

4506) Phorticus Stal, 1858 (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Phorticus Stal,i8s8 

4507) Prostemma Laporte,l832 (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Prostemma Laporte,i832; Metastemma Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville,i 843 

4508) Stalia Reuter,i872 (Nabidae) Synonym(s): Stalia Reuter,i872 

4509) Ilyocoris Stal, 1861 (Naucoridae) Synonym(s): Ilyocoris Stal,i86i 

4510) Naucoris Geoffroy,i762 (Naucoridae) Synonym(s): Naucoris Geoffroy,i762 

4511) Fallenia Meigen,i820 (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): Fallenia Meigen,i820 

4512) Hirmoneura Wiedemann, 1820 (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): Hirmoneura Wiedemann,i82o; 
Hirmonevra Blanchard,i840; Hermoneura Rondam.,1865 

4513) Nemestrinus Latreille,i8o2 (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): Nemestrinus Latreille,i8o2; 
Rhynchocephalus Fischer,i8o6; Andreomyia Rondam.,1850; Heminemestrinus Bequaert,ig32; Symmictoides 
Bequaert,ig32; Nemestrellus Sack,ig33 

4514) Neorhynchocephalus Lichtwardt,i909 (Nemestrinidae) Synonym(s): Neorhynchocephalus 

4515) Dielocroce Cowley, 1941 (Nemopteridae) Synonym(s): Dielocroce Cowley, ig4i 

4516) Lertha Navas,l9lO (Nemopteridae) Synonym(s): Lertha Navas,igio; Kirbynia Navas,igio; Olivierina 
Navas, lgio 

4517) Nemoptera Latreille,l802 (Nemopteridae) Synonym(s): Nemoptera Latreille,i8o2; Nemopteryx 
Leach.,1815; Physapus Leach.,1815; Nematoptera Burmeister,i838 

4518) Amphinemura Ris,i902 (Nemouridae) Synonym(s): Amphinemura Ris,igo2 

4519) Nemoura Latreille,l796 (Nemouridae) Synonym(s): Nemoura Latreille,i7g6; Nemura Rambur,i842; 
Gemnra Navas, ig28 

4520) Protonemura Kempny,i898 (Nemouridae) Synonym(s): Protonemura Kempny,i8g8 

4521) Nepa Linnaeus, 1758 (Nepidae) Synonym(s): Nepa Linnaeus,i758 

4522) Ranatra Fab ricius, 1790 (Nepidae) Synonym(s): Ranatra Fabricius,i7go 

4523) Epuraea Erichson,i843 (Nitidulidae) Synonym(s): Epuraea Erichson,i843 

4524) Meligethes Stephens, 1829 (Nitidulidae) Synonym(s): Meligethes Stephens, i82g 

4525) Canthydrus Sharp, 1882 (Noteridae) Synonym(s): Canthydrus Sharp, 1882 

4526) Noterus Schellenberg,i8o6 (Noteridae) Synonym(s): Noterus Schellenberg,i8o6 

4527) Anisops Spinola,i837 (Notonectidae) Synonym(s): Anisops Spinola,i837 

4528) Notonecta Linnaeus, 1758 (Notonectidae) Synonym(s): Notonecta Linnaeus, 1758 

4529) Basilia Ribeiro,i903 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Basilia Ribeiro,igo3 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4530) Eucampsipoda Kolenati,i857 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Eucampsipoda Kolenati,i857 

453i) Nycteribia (Acrocholidia) Kolenati,i857 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Acrocholidia Kolenati,i857 

4532) Nycteribia (s.str.) Latreille,i796 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Nycteribia Latreille,i7g6 

4533) Penicillidia Kolenati,i863 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Penicillidia Kolenati,i863 

4534) Phthiridium Hermann, 1804 (Nycteribiidae) Synonym(s): Phthiridium Hermann,i8o4 

4535) Ochterus Latreille,i8o7 (Ochteridae) Synonym(s): Ochterus Latreille,i8o7 

4536) Anogcodes Dejean,i834 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Anogcodes Dejean,i834 

4537) Chitona W.Schmidt, 1844 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Chitona W.Schmidt,i844; Dolichopyga 

4538) Chrysanthia W.Schmidt, 1844 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Chrysanthia W.Schmidt,i844 

4539) Ischnomera Stephens, 1832 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Ischnomera Stephens,i832 

4540) Nacerdes (Xanthochroa) W.Schmidt,i846 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Xanthochroa 
W. Schmidt, 1846 

4541) Nacerdes (s.str.) Dejean,i834 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Nacerdes Dejean,i834 

4542) Nacerdes Dejean,i834 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Nacerdes Dejean,i834 

4543) Oedemera (Oncomera) Stephens, 1829 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Oncomer a Stephens, 1829 

4544) Oedemera (s.str.) 01ivier,i789 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Oedemera Olivier,i789 

4545) Oedemera Olivier, 1789 (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Oedemera Olivier,i789 

4546) Opsimea Miller,i88o (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Opsimea Miller, 1880 

4547) Sparedrus Dejean,i82i (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Sparedrus Dejean,i82i 

4548) Xanthochroina Ganglbauer,i88i (Oedemeridae) Synonym(s): Xanthochroina Ganglbauer,i88i 

4549) Geomyza Fallen, 1810 (Opomyzidae) Synonym(s): Geomyza Fallen,i8io 

4550) Ormyrus Westwood,l832 (Ormyridae) Synonym(s): Ormyrus Westwood,i832; Periglyphus 
Boheman,i834; Siphonura Nees,i834; Cyrtosoma Perris,i840; Monobaeus Forster,i86o; Tribaeus F6rster,i86o; 
Chrysoideus De Stefam.,1898; Wania Risbec,i95i; Avrasyamyrus Doganlar,i99i 

455i) Orthezia Kriechbaumer,i898 (Ortheziidae) Synonym(s): Orthezia Kriechbaumer,i898 

4552) Mocsarya Konow,i897 (Orussidae) Synonym(s): Mocsarya Konow,i897 

4553) Orussus Latreille,l796 (Orussidae) Synonym(s): Orussus Latreille,i796; #Oryssus Fabricius,i798; 
#Orissus A.Costa,i86o 

4554) Pseudoryssus Guiglia,i954 (Orussidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoryssus Guiglia,i954 

4555) Osmylus Latreille,i8o2 (Osmylidae) Synonym(s): Osmylus Latreille,i8o2 

4556) Asiotmethis Uvarov,i943 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Asiotmethis Uvarov,i943 

4557) Ebnerodes Ramme,i95i (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Ebnerodes Ramme,i95i 

4558) Eunothrotes Adelung,i907 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): EunothrotesAdelung,i907 

4559) Glyphotmethis Bei-Bienko,i95i (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Glyphotmethis Bei-Bienko,i95i 

4560) Nocaracris Uvarov,i928 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Nocaracris Uvarov,i928 

4561) Nocarodes Fischer von Waldheim,i846 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Nocarodes Fischer von 
Waldheim.,1846; Vachushtia Shugurov,i9i2; Znojkiana Mistshenko,i95i 

4562) Orchamus Stal,i876 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Orchamus Stal,i876 

4563) Oronothrotes Mistshenko,i95i (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Oronothrotes Mistshenko,i95i 

4564) Paranocarodes Bolivar, 1916 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Paranocarodes Bolivar,i9i6; 
Ananothrotes Mishchenko,i95i; Granulodes Ramme,i95i 

4565) Paranothrotes Mistshenko,i95i (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Paranothrotes Mistshenko,i95i; 
Nocaropsis Ramme,i95i; Pseudonothrotes Mistshenko,i95i 

4566) Prionosthenus (s.str.) Bolivar,i878 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Prionosthenus Bolivar, 1878 

4567) Prionosthenus Bolivar,l878 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Prionosthenus Bolivar, 1878 

4568) Prionotropis Fieber,l853 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): Prionotropis Fieber,i853; Cuculligera 

4569) Tmethis Fieber,l853 (Pamphagidae) Synonym(s): ?Accessorius Fischer von Waldheim,i833; 
Eremobia Audinet-Serville,i838 nee Stephens,i829; Tmethis Fieber,i853; #Timethis Salman,i978 

4570) Acantholyda (Itycorsia) Konow,i897 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Itycorsia Konow,i897 

4571) Acantholyda Costa, 1894 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Acantholyda Costa,i894 

4572) Caenolyda Konow,l897 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Caenolyda Konow,i897; Dictyolyda 

4573) Kelidoptera Konow,l897 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Kelidoptera Konow,i897; #Celidoptera 

4574) Neurotoma Konow,i897 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Neurotoma Konow,i897 

4575) Pamphilius Latreille,i8o3 (Pamphiliidae) Synonym(s): Pamphilius Latreille,i8o3; Lyda 
Fabricius,i8o4; Anoplolyda Costa,i894; Bactroceros Konow ,1897 

4576) Panorpa Linnaeus, 1758 (Panorpidae) Synonym(s): Panorpa Linnaeus,i758 

4577) Dicranota (Ludicia) Hutson & Vane-Wright,i969 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Ludicia Hutson & 
Vane-Wright, 1969 

4578) Dicranota (Paradicranota) Alexander,i934 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Paradicranota 
Alexanders 934 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4579) Dicranota Zetterstedt,i838 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Dicranota Zetterstedt,i838 

4580) Pedicia (Amalopis) Haliday,i8s6 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Amalopis Haliday,i856 

4581) Pedicia (Crunobia) Kolenati,i859 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Crunobia Kolenati,i8s9 

4582) Pedicia Latreille,i8o9 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Pedicia Latreille,i 809 

4583) Tricyphona (s.str.) Zetterstedt,i837 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Tricyphona Zetterstedt,i837; 
Bophrosia Rondam.,1856 

4584) Tricyphona Zetterstedt,l837 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Tricyphona Zetterstedt,i837; Bophrosia 

4585) Ula (s.str.) Haliday,i833 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Ula Holiday, 1833 

4586) Ula Haliday,i833 (Pediciidae) Synonym(s): Ula Holiday, 1833 

4587) Acrosternum Fieber,i86o (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Acrosternum Fieber,i86o 

4588) Aelia Fabricius,l803 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Aelia Fabricius,i8o3; Aeliana Rafinesque,i8i5 

4589) Agatharchus (s.str.) Stal,i876 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Agatharchus Stal,i8y6 

4590) Agatharchus Stal,i876 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Agatharchus Stal,i876 

4591) Ancyrosoma Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Ancyrosoma Amyot 
& Audinet-Serville,i 843 

4592) Andrallus Bergroth.,1905 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Audinetia Ellenrieder,i862 (praeocc); 
Andrallus Bergroth,igo5 

4593) Apodiphus Spinola,l837 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Apodiphus Spinola,i837; Neonevisanus 

4594) Apodiphus integriceps Horvath,i888 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): integriceps Horvath,i888; 
rugosus Distant,i9i8 

4595) Arma Hahn,l832 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Arma Hahn,i832; Harma Marshall,i868; Auriga 

4596) Bagrada (Nitilia) Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Nitilia Mulsant & Rey,i866 

4597) Bagrada Stal,l862 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Bagrada Stal,i862; Nitilia Mulsant & Rey, 1866 

4598) Brachynema Mulsant, 1852 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Brachynema Mulsant,i852; Oncoma 

4599) Carpocoris Kolenati,i846 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Carpocoris Kolenati,i846 

4600) Chroantha Stal,i872 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Chroantha Stal,i872 

4601) Cnephosa Jakovlev,i88o (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Cnephosa Jakovlev,i88o 

4602) Codophila (s.str.) Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Codophila Mulsant & 
Rey, 1866 

4603) Codophila Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Codophila Mulsant & Rey ,1866 

4604) Derula Mulsant & Rey,i8s6 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Derula Mulsant & Rey ,1856 

4605) Dolycoris Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Dolycoris Mulsant & Rey, 1866 

4606) Dyroderes Spinola, 1837 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Dyroderes Spinola,i837; Doryderes Amyot & 

4607) Eurydema (Rubrodorsalium) Stichel,i944 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Rubrodorsalium 

4608) Eurydema (s.str.) Laporte,i833 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Eurydema Laporte, 1833 

4609) Eurydema Laporte, 1833 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Eurydema Laporte, 1833 

4610) Eysarcoris Hahn,l834 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Eysarcoris Hahn,i834; Stollia Ellenrieder,i862 

4611) Graphosoma (s.str.) De Laporte, 1833 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Graphosoma De 
Laporte, 1833 

4612) Graphosoma De Laporte, 1833 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Graphosoma De Laporte, 1833 

4613) Holcogaster Fieber,l86o (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Holcog aster Fieber, i860; Aulacetrus Mulsant 
& Rey, 1866 

4614) Holcostethus Fieber, [i860] (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Holcostethus Fieber,[i86o] 

4615) Jalla Hahn, 1832 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Jalla Hahn,i832 

4616) Leprosoma Barensprung,i859 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Leprosoma Barensprung,i8s9; 
Leprosomatessa Kirkaldy,i909 

4617) Menaccarus (Oploscelis) Mulsant & Rey,i852 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Oploscelis Mulsant 
& Rey, 1852 

4618) Menaccarus (Orocephalus) Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Orocephalus 
Mulsant & Rey, 1866 

4619) Menaccarus Amyot & Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Menaccarus Amyot & 

4620) Mustha Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Mustha Amyot & Audinet- 

4621) Neottiglossa Kirby,i837 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Neottiglossa Kirby,i837 

4622) Nezara Amyot & Serville, 1843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Nezara Amyot & Serville,i843 

4623) Palomena Mulsant & Rey,i866 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Palomena Mulsant & Rey ,1866 

4624) Pausias Jakovlev,i905 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pausias Jakovlev,i905 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4625) Pentatoma Olivier, 1789 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pentatoma Olivier, 1789; Tropicoris 
Hahn,i834; Gudea Distant,igii 

4626) Perillus Stal,i862 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Perillus Stal,i862 

4627) Phaeocoris Jakovlev,i887 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Phaeocoris Jakovlev,i88z; Timuria 
Horvath.,1903; Tancreisca Jensen-Haarup,ig37; Lodosia Ahmad & Qnder,igg6 

4628) Picromerus Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pier omerus Amy ot & 
Audinet-Serville,i 843 

4629) Piezodorus Fieber,i86o (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Piezodorus Fieber,i86o 

4630) Pinthaeus Stal,i867 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pinthaeus Stal,i867 

4631) Pitedia Reuter,i888 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Pitedia Reuter,i888 

4632) Raphigaster Laporte,i833 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Raphigaster Laporte,i833 

4633) Rhombocoris Mayr,i864 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Rhombocoris Mayr,i864 

4634) Risibia Horvath,i888 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Risibia Horvath.,1888; Parastaria 

4635) Schyzops Spinola,i837 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Schyzops Spinola.,1837; #Schizops Amyot & 

4636) Sciocoris (Aposciocoris) Wagner, 1965 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Aposciocoris Wagner,ig6s 

4637) Sciocoris (Neosciocoris) Wagner,i965 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Neosciocoris Wagner,ig6s 

4638) Sciocoris (Parasciocoris) Wagner, 1965 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Parasciocoris Wagner,ig6s 

4639) Sciocoris (s.str.) Fallen, 1829 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Sciocoris Fallen,i82g 

4640) Sciocoris Fallen, 1829 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Sciocoris Fallen,i82g 

4641) Stagonomus Gorski,i852 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Stagonomus Gorski,i8s2 

4642) Staria Dohrn,l86o (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Staria Dohrn,i86o; Rhacostethus Fieber,i86o 

4643) Stenozygum (s.str.) Fieber,i86i (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Stenozy gum Fieber, 1861 

4644) Stenozygum Fieber, 1861 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Stenozygum Fieber, 1861 

4645) Tarisa Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Tarisa Amyot & Audinet- 
Serville,i843; Coelocoris Bolivar,i87g 

4646) Tholagmus Baerensprung,i86o (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Tholagmus Baerensprung,i86o 

4647) Trochiscocoris Reuter,i890 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Trochiscocoris Reuter,i8go 

4648) Troilus Stal,i867 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Troilus Stal,i867 

4649) Tshingisella Kiritshenko,i9i3 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Tshingisella Kiritshenko,igi3 

4650) Ventocoris (Astirocoris) Jakovlev,i894 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Selenodera Horvath,i88g 
nee Ag ass., 1846; Astirocoris Jakovlev,i8g4; Paraselenodera Schouteden,igo5; Selenocoris Kocak & Kemal,20i2 

4651) Ventocoris Hahn,l834 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Trigonosoma Laporte,i833 nee Gray,i832; 
Ventocoris Hahn,i834 

4652) Vilpianus Stal,i86o (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): Vilpianus Stal,i86o 

4653) Zicrona Amyot & Serville,i843 (Pentatomidae) Synonym(s): ZicronaAmyot & Serville,i843 

4654) Chrysolampus Spinola,i8n (Perilampidae) Synonym(s): Chrysolampus Spinola,i8ii 

4655) Chrysomalla F6rster,i859 (Perilampidae) Synonym(s): Chry Somalia Forster,i8sg 

4656) Perilampus Latreille,i8o9 (Perilampidae) Synonym(s): Perilampus Latreille,i8og 

4657) Agnetina Klapalek,l907 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Agnetina Klapalek,igo7; Phasganophora 
Klapalek,ig2i; Neophasganophora Lestage,ig22; Harrisiola Banks,ig48 

4658) Eoperla lilies, 1956 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Eoperla Illies,ig56 

4659) Marthamea Klapalek,l907 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Marthamea Klapalek,igo7; Lerpa Navas,igog 

4660) Paragnetina Klapalek,l907 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Paragnetina Klapalek,igo7; Tylopyge 
Klapalek,igi3; Banksiella Klapalek,ig2i; Banksiana Claassen,ig36; Caucasoperla Zhiltzova,ig67 

4661) Perla Geoffroy,l762 (Perlidae) Synonym(s): Perla Geoffroy,i762; Semblis Fabricius,i775; Sialis 
Latreille,i8o2; Esera Navas,igog 

4662) Isoperla Banks, 1906 (Perlodidae) Synonym(s): Isoperla Banks,igo6; Suzukia Okamoto,igi2; 
Megahelus Klapalek,ig23; Perliphanes Banks,ig47; Occiperla Banks,ig47; Nanoperla Banks,ig47; Walshiola 
Banks,ig47; Perliola Banks, ig47 

4663) Perlodes Banks, 1903 (Perlodidae) Synonym(s): Dictyopteryx Pictet,i84i (praeocc); Perlodes 

4664) Philopotamus Stephens, 1829 (Philopotamidae) Synonym(s): Philopotamus Stephens, i82g 

4665) Megaselia Rondani,i8s6 (Phoridae) Synonym(s): Megaselia Rondani,i8s6 

4666) Phalacrotophora Enderlein,i9i2 (Phoridae) Synonym(s): Phalacrotophora Enderlein,igi2 

4667) Piesma (Parapiesma) Pericart,i974 (Piesmatidae) Synonym(s): Parapiesma Pericart,ig74 

4668) Piesma (s.str.) La Peletier & Serville,i828 (Piesmatidae) Synonym(s): Piesma La Peletier & 
Serville,i828; Aspidotoma Curtis,i833; Zosmenus Laporte,i833; Zosmerus Burmeister,i835; Agrammodes 

4669) Piesma La Peletier & Serville,i828 (Piesmatidae) Synonym(s): Piesma La Peletier & Serville,i828; 
Aspidotoma Curtis, 1833; Zosmenus Laporte,i833; Zosmerus Burmeister,i835; Agrammodes Uhler,i8gs 

4670) Protopiophila Duda,i924 (Piophilidae) Synonym(s): Protopiophila Duda,ig24 

4671) Cephalops Fallen, 1810 (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): Cephalops Fallen,i8io 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4672) Clistoabdominalis Skevington,200i (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): Clistoabdominalis 

4673) Eudorylas Aczel,i940 (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): Eudorylas Aczel,i940 

4674) Tomosvaryella Aczel,i939 (Pipunculidae) Synonym(s): Tomosvaryella Aczel,ig3g 

4675) Coptosoma De Laporte,l832 (Plataspidae) Synonym(s): Coptosoma De Laporte,i832; Globocoris 

4676) Platycnemis Burmeister,i839 (Platycnemidae) Synonym(s): Platycnemis Burmeister,i839 

4677) Platystoma Meigen,l803 (Platystomidae) Synonym(s): Platy stoma Meigen,i8o3; Hesyquillia R- 
D.,1830; #Platistoma Guerin-Meneville,i83i; Megaglossa Rondani,i869 

4678) Plea Leach, 1817 (Pleidae) Synonym(s): Plea Leach.,1817 

4679) Arenivaga Rehn,i903 (Polyphagidae) Synonym(s): Arenivaga Rehn,igo3 

4680) Polyphaga Brulle,i835 (Polyphagidae) Synonym(s): Polyphaga Brulle,i835 

4681) Agenioideus Ashmead,i902 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Agenioideus Ashmead,i902 

4682) Amblyellus Day,i98i (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Amblyellus Day, 1981 

4683) Anoplius Dufour,l834 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Anoplius Dufour,i834; #Anoplus Dalla Torre,i897 

4684) Anospilus Haupt,i929 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Anospilus Haupt,i929 

4685) Aporinellus Banks, 1934 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Aporinellus Banks,i934 

4686) Aporus Spinola,i8o8 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Aporus Spinola,i8o8 

4687) Arachnospila Kincaid,i900 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Arachnospila Kincaid,i900 

4688) Arachnotheutes Haupt,i927 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Arachnotheutes Haupt,i927 

4689) Arctoclavelia Haupt,ig62 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Arctoclavelia Haupt,i962 

4690) Auplopus Spinola,i84i (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Auplopus Spinola,i84i 

4691) Batozonellus Arnold,i937 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Batozonellus Arnold,i937 

4692) Caliadurgus Pate, 1946 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Calicurgus Lepeletier,i845 (praeocc); Caliadurgus 

4693) Ceropales Latreille,i796 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Ceropales Latreille,iy96 

4694) Cryptocheilus Panzer, 1806 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Cry ptocheilus Panzer, 1806 

4695) Ctenagenia Saussure,i892 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Ctenagenia Saussure,i892 

4696) Cyphononyx Dahlbom,i845 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Cyphononyx Dahlbom,i845 

4697) Dicyrtomellus Gussakowskii,i935 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Dicyrtomellus Gussakowskii,i935 

4698) Dipogon (Deuteragenia) Sustera,i9i2 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Agenia Schiodte,i837 
(praeocc.); Deuteragenia Sustera,i9i2 

4699) Dipogon Fox, 1897 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Dipogon Fox,i897 

4700) Elaphrosyron Haupt,i930 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Elaphrosyron Haupt,i930 

4701) Entomobora Gistl,i857 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Entomobora Gistl,i857 

4702) Eoferreola Arnold,i935 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Eo f err eola Arnold, 1935 

4703) Episyron Schiodte,l837 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Episyron Schiodte,i837; EpizuronAshmead,i902 

4704) Evagetes Lepeletier,l845 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Evagetes Lepeletier,i845; Sophropompilus 
Asmead,i902; Leuchimon Haupt,i930; Trichosyron Haupt,i930; Psammocharoides Moczar,i946; Streptosella 
Dreisbach.,1950; Contemptevagetes Wolf, 1970; Carinevagetes Wolf, 1970 

4705) Ferreola Lepeletier,i845 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Ferreola Lepeletier,i845 

4706) Hemipepsis Dahlbom,i844 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Hemipepsis Dahlbom,i844 

4707) Homonotus Dahlbom,i845 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Homonotus Dahlbom,i845 

4708) Microphadnus Cameron, 1905 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Microphadnus Cameron,i905 

4709) Nanoclavelia Haupt,i926 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Nanoclavelia Haupt,i926 

4710) Pedinpompilus Wolf,i96i (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pedinpompilus Wolf, 1961 

4711) Pompilus Fabricius,i798 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pompilus Fabricius,i798 

4712) Priocnemis Schiodte,i837 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Priocnemis Schiodte,i837 

4713) Pseudopompilus Costa, 1887 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Pseudopompilus Costa,i887 

4714) Schistonyx Saussure,l887 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Schistonyx Saussure,i887; #Schiztonyx 

4715) Tachyagetes Haupt,i930 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Tachyagetes Haupt,i930 

4716) Telostegus Costa, 1889 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Telostegus Costa,i889 

4717) Xenaporus Ashmead,i902 (Pompilidae) Synonym(s): Xenaporus Ashmead,i902 

4718) Antonina Signoret,i875 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Antonina Signoret,i875 

4719) Atrococcus Goux,i94i (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Atrococcus Goux,i94i 

4720) Chaetococcus Maskell,i898 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Chaetococcus Maskell,i898 

4721) Coccidohystrix Lindinger,i943 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Coccidohystrix Lindinger,i943 

4722) Euripersia Borkhsenius,i948 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Euripersia Borkhsenius,i948 

4723) Heliococcus Sulc,i9i2 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Heliococcus Sulc,i9i2 

4724) Heterococcopsis Borkhsenius,i948 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym (s): Heterococcopsis 
Borkhsenius,i 948 

4725) Heterococcus Ferris, 1918 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Heterococcus Ferris, 1918 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4726) Longicoccus Dantzig,i975 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Longicoccus Dantzig,ig75 

4727) Metadenopus Sulc,i933 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Metadenopus Sulc,ig33 

4728) Micrococcopsis (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): 

4729) Neotrionymus Borkhsenius,i948 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Neotrionymus Borkhsenius,i948 

4730) Nipaecoccus Sulc,i945 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Nipaecoccus Sulc,ig45 

4731) Peliococcopsis Borkhsenius,i948 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Peliococcopsis Borkhsenius,ig48 

4732) Peliococcus Borkhsenius,i948 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Peliococcus Borkhsenius,ig48 

4733) Phenacoccus Cockerell,i893 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Phenacoccus Cockerell,i8g3 

4734) Planococcus Ferris, 1950 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Planococcus Ferris, igso 

4735) Pseudococcus Westwood,i840 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Pseudococcus Westwood,i840 

4736) Puto Signoret,i876 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Puto Signoret,i876 

4737) Rhodania Goux,i934 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Rhodania Goux,ig34 

4738) Ripersiella Tinsley,i899 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Ripersiella Tinsley,i8gg 

4739) Spilococcus Ferris, 1950 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Spilococcus Ferris,igso 

4740) Spinococcus Kiritchenko,i930 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Spinococcus Kiritchenko,ig30 

4741) Trabutina Marchal,i905 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Trabutina Marchal,igos 

4742) Trionymus Berg, 1899 (Pseudococcidae) Synonym(s): Trionymus Berg, 1899 

4743) Chamaepsila Hendel,i9i7 (Psilidae) Synonym(s): Chamaepsila Hendel,igi7 

4744) Chyliza Fallen, 1820 (Psilidae) Synonym(s): Chyliza Fallen,i820 

4745) Loxocera Meigen,i8o3 (Psilidae) Synonym(s): Loxocera Meigen,i8o3 

4746) Oxypsila Frey,i925 (Psilidae) Synonym(s): 0xypsilaFrey,ig25 

4747) Bazarella Vaillant,i96i (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Bazarella Vaillant,ig6i 

4748) Joostiella Vaillant,i983 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Joostiella Vaillant,ig83 

4749) Mormia Enderlein,i935 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Mormia Enderlein,ig35 

4750) Pericoma Walker,i8s6 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Pericoma Walker, 1856 

4751) Philosepedon Eaton, 1904 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Philosepedon Eaton,igo4 

4752) Phlebotomus (Adlerius) Nitzulescu,i93i (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Adlerius Nitzulescu,ig3i 

4753) Phlebotomus (Larroussius) Nitzulescu,i93i (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Larroussius 

4754) Phlebotomus (Paraphlebotomus) Theodor,i948 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): 
Paraphlebotomus Theodor,ig48 

4755) Phlebotomus (Transphlebotomus) Artemiev,i984 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): 
Transphlebotomus Artemiev,ig84 

4756) Phlebotomus (s.str.) Rondani,i840 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): #Flebotomus Rondani,i84o; 
Phlebotomus Rondam.,1840 

4757) Phlebotomus Rondani,l840 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): #Flebotomus Rondani,i840; Phlebotomus 

4758) Psychoda Latreille,l796 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Psychoda Latreille,iyg6; Psicoda Rondani,i856 

4759) Satchelliella Vaillant,i979 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): SatchelliellaVaillant,ig7g 

4760) Thornburghiella Vaillant,i973 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Thornburghiella Vaillant,ig73; 
Thornburghiella Vaillant,ig82 

4761) Tonnoiriella Vaillant,i982 (Psychodidae) Synonym(s): Tonnoiriella Vaillant,ig82 

4762) Aphalara F6rster,i848 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Aphalara F6rster,i848 

4763) Cacopsylla Ossiannilsson,i970 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Cacopsylla Ossiannilsson,ig70 

4764) Craspedolepta Enderlein,i92i (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Craspedolepta Enderlein,ig2i 

4765) Crastina Loginova,i964 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Crastina Loginova,ig64 

4766) Cyamophila Loginova,i976 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Cyamophila Loginova,ig76 

4767) Euphyllura F6rster,i848 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Euphyllura F6rster,i848 

4768) Livia Latreille,i8o2 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Livia Latr exile, 1802 

4769) Livilla Curtis, 1836 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Livilla Curtis,i836 

4770) Psyllopsis Loew,i879 (Psyllidae) Synonym(s): Psyllopsis Loew,i87g 

4771) Anisopteromalus Ruschka,i9i2 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Anisopteromalus Ruschka,igi2; 
Aplastomorpha Crawford,igi3 

4772) Arthrolytus Thomson, 1878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Arthrolytus Thomson,i878; Anarthrolytus 
Graham, ig6g; Anadolytus Doganlar,ig78 

4773) Asaphes Walker,l834 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Asaphes Walker,i834; Isocratus Fdrster,i8s6; 
Parectroma Brethes,igi3 

4774) Caenocrepis Thomson,i878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Caenocrepis Thomson,i878 

4775) Catolaccus Thomson, 1878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Catolaccus Thomson,i878 

4776) Cea Haliday, 1837 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Cea Holiday, 1837 

4777) Cheiropachus Westwood,i828 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Cheiropachus Westwood,i828; 
Pachychirus Agassiz,i846 

4778) Chlorocytus Graham, 1956 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Chlorocytus Graham,igs6 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4779) Coelopisthia F6rster,i856 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Coelopisthia Fdrster,i8s6 

4780) Colotrechnus Thomson, 1878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Colotrechnus Thomson,i878 

4781) Conomorium Masi,l026 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Conomorium Masi,ig26 

4782) Cyrtogaster Walker,i833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Cyrtogaster Walker,i833; Polycystus 
Westwood.,1839; Dicormus Forster,i84i; Hatia Risbec,ig55; #Cyriogaster Doganlar,ig8s 

4783) Cyrtoptyx Delucchi,i956 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Cyrtoptyx Delucchi,igs6 

4784) Dibrachoides Kurdiumov,iQi3 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Dibrachoides Kurdiumov,igi3 

4785) Dibrachys F6rster,i8s6 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Dibrachys F6rster,i8s6 

4786) Dinarmus Thomson, 1878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Dinarmus Thomson,i878 

4787) Dinotiscus Ghesquiere,iQ46 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Dinotus Fdrster,i8s6 nee Guettard,i77o; 
Dinotiscus Ghesquiere,ig46 

4788) Dipara Walker, 1833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Dipara Walker,i833; Trichoyphus Fdrster,i8s6; 
Alloterra Apterolepas Ashmead,igoi; Kieffer & Marshall,igo4; Trimicrops Kieffer,igo6; Parurios Girault,igi3; 
Uriolelaps Girault,igi5; Pseudipara Girault,igi5;Epilelaps Girault,igi5;Apterolaelaps Girault,igi6; Pseudiparella 
Girault,ig27; Hispanolelaps Mercet,ig27; Emersonia Girault,ig33; Grahamisia Delucchi,ig62; Afrolelaps 
Hedqvist,ig64; Diparomorpha Hedqvist,ig72; Africesa Kogak, Hiiseyinoglu & Kemal,2008 

4789) Erdoesina Graham, 1957 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Erdoesina Graham,ig57 

4790) Eunotus Walker, 1834 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Eunotus Walker,i834 

4791) Gastrancistrus Westwood,i833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Gastrancistrus Westwood,i833 

4792) Goidanichium Boucek,i970 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Goidanichium Boucek,ig70 

4793) Gugolzia Delucchi & Steffan,i956 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Gugolzia Delucchi & Steffan,ig56 

4794) Halticoptera Spinola,i8n (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Halticoptera Spinola.,1811 

4795) Halticopterina Erdos,i947 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Halticopterina Erdos,ig47 

4796) Hobbya Delucchi, 1957 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Hobbya Delucchi,igs7 

4797) Homoporus Thomson, 1878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Homoporus Thomson.,1878 

4798) Ksenoplata Boucek,i965 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Ksenoplata Boucek,ig6s 

4799) Lampoterma Graham, 1956 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Lampoterma Graham,igs6 

4800) Lamprotatus Westwood,i833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Lamprotatus Westwood,i833 

4801) Lariophagus Crawford,i909 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Lariophagus Crawford,igog 

4802) Macroglenes Westwood,i832 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Macroglenes Westwood,i832 

4803) Merisus Walker,i834 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Merisus Walker,i834 

4804) Mesopolobus Westwood,i833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Mesopolobus Westwood,i833 

4805) Miscogaster Walker, 1833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Miscogaster Walker, 1833 

4806) Muscidifurax Girault & Sanders, 1910 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Muscidifurax Girault & 
Sanders,igio; Smeagolia Hedqvist,ig73 

4807) Nasonia Ashmead,i904 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Nasonia Ashmead,igo4 

4808) Norbanus Walker, 1843 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Norbanus Walker,i843 

4809) Oxyglypta F6rster,i856 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Oxyglypta Fdrster,i8s6 

4810) Pachycrepoideus Ashmead,i904 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Pachycrepoideus Ashmead,igo4 

4811) Pachyneuron Walker, 1833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Pachyneuron Walker, 1833 

4812) Platneptis Boucek,i96i (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Platneptis Boucek,ig6i 

4813) Pseudocatolaccus Masi,[i9o8] (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Pseudocatolaccus Masi,[igo8] 

4814) Psilocera Walker, 1833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): PsiloceraWalker,i833 

4815) Psilonotus Walker, 1834 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Psilonotus Walker, 1834 

4816) Psychophagus Mayr,i904 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Psychophagus Mayr,igo4 

4817) Pteromalus Swederus,i795 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Pteromalus Swederus,i7gs 

4818) Rhaphitelus Walker,i834 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Rhaphitelus Walker,i834 

4819) Rhopalicus F6rster,i8s6 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Rhopalicus Fdrster,i8s6 

4820) Roptrocerus Ratzeburg,l848 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Pachyceras Ratzeburg,i844 (praeocc); 
Roptrocerus Ratzeburg ,1848 

4821) Schizonotus Ratzeburg,i852 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Schizonotus Ratzeburg, 1852 

4822) Scutellista Motschulsky,[i86o] (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): ScutellistaMotschulsky,[i86o] 

4823) Spalangia Latreille,i8o4 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Spalangia Latreille,i8o4 

4824) Sphegigaster Spinola,i8n (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Sphegigaster Spinola,i8ii 

4825) Spintherus Thomson, 1878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Spintherus Thomson,i878 

4826) Stenomalina Ghesquiere,i946 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Stenomalina Ghesquiere,ig46 

4827) Syntomopus Walker, 1833 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Syntomopus Walker,i833 

4828) Systasis Walker, 1834 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Systasis Walker,i834 

4829) Theocolax Westwood,i832 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Theocolax Westwood,i832 

4830) Thinodytes Graham, 1956 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Thinodytes Graham,ig56 

4831) Tomicobia Ashmead,i899 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): TomicobiaAshmead,i8gg 

4832) Trichomalopsis Crawford, 19 13 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Trichomalopsis Crawford,igi3 

4833) Trichomalus Thomson,i878 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Trichomalus Thomson,i878 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4834) Trjapitzinia Dzhanokmen,i975 (Pteromalidae) Synonym(s): Trjapitzinia Dzhanokmen,ig75 

4835) Pyrgomorpha (s.str.) Audinet-Serville,i838 (Pyrgomorphidae) Synonym(s): Pyrgomorpha 
Audinet-Serville,i 838 

4836) Pyrgomorpha Audinet-Serville,i838 (Pyrgomorphidae) Synonym(s): Pyrgomorpha Audinet- 

4837) Hemidendroides Ferrari,i86Q (Pyrochroidae) Synonym(s): Hemidendroides Ferrari,i86g 

4838) Pyrrhocoris Fallen, 1814 (Pyrrhocoridae) Synonym(s): Pyrrhocoris Fallen,i8i4; Platynotus 
Schilling, 1829; Meganotus Laporte,i832; Phylocoris Laporte,i832; Astemma Spinola.,1837; Platycoris Gistel,i848 

4839) Scantius Stal,i866 (Pyrrhocoridae) Synonym(s): Scantius Stal,i866 

4840) Raphidia (Magnoraphidia) Aspock & Aspock,iQ68 (Raphidiidae) Synonym(s): 
Magnoraphidia Aspock & Aspock,ig68 

4841) Raphidia (Phidiara) ELAspock & U.Aspock,iQ68 (Raphidiidae) Synonym(s): Phidiara 
H Aspock & UAspock,ig68 

4842) Raphidia (Pontoraphidia) H.Aspock & U.Aspock,iQ68 (Raphidiidae) Synonym(s): 
Pontoraphidia H Aspock & UAspock,ig68 

4843) Raphidia (Turcoraphidia) ELAspock & U.Aspock,iQ68 (Raphidiidae) Synonym(s): 
Turcoraphidia H Aspock & UAspock,ig68 

4844) Raphidia (s.str.) Linnaeus, 1758 (Raphidiidae) Synonym(s): Raphidia Linnaeus,i758 

4845) Raphidia Linnaeus, 1758 (Raphidiidae) Synonym(s): Raphidia Linnaeus, 1758 

4846) Dolichopoda Bolivar, 1880 (Raphidophoridae) Synonym(s): Dolichopoda Bolivar,i88o; Hellerina 
Galvagni,2006 nee Dworakowska,ig72 

4847) Troglophilus (s.str.) Krauss,i879 (Raphidophoridae) Synonym(s): Troglophilus Krauss,i87g 

4848) Troglophilus Krauss, 1879 (Raphidophoridae) Synonym(s): Troglophilus Krauss,i87g 

4849) Callistodema Reuter,l890 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Callidema Jakovlev,i875 nee Guerin- 
Men.,1843; Callistodema Reuter,i8go 

4850) Coranus Curtis, 1833 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Coranus Curtis,i833; Collicoris Hahn,i833; Sinocoris 
Mulsant & Rey,i873; Velinoides Matsumura,igi3 

4851) Ectomocoris Mayr,i865 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Ectomocoris Mayr,i86s 

4852) Empicoris Wolff,i8n (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Empicoris Wolff, 1811 

4853) Holotrichius Burmeister,i835 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Holotrichius Burmeister,i835; Lochus 
Douglas & Scott,i868; Oreada Mulsant & Mayet,i868 

4854) Metapterus A.Costa,i86o (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Metapterus A.Costa,i86o 

4855) Nagusta Stal, 1859 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Nagusta Stal,i8sg 

4856) Oncocephalus Klug,i830 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Oncocephalus Klug,i830 

4857) Pasira Stal, 1859 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Pasira Stal,i8sg 

4858) Peirates Audinet-Serville,l83l (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Peirates Audinet-Serville,i83i; Pirates 

4859) Phymata (s.str.) Latreille,i8o2 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Phymata Latreille,i8o2 

4860) Phymata Latreille, 1802 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Phymata Latreille,i8o2 

4861) Ploiaria Scopoli,l786 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Ploiaria Scopoli,i786; #Ploiera Latreille, [1802]; 
#Ploioaria Rafinesque,i8i5; Wahrmania Dispons,ig64; #Ploeria Onder et al.,2006 

4862) Pygolampis Germar,i8i7 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Pygolampis Germar,i8i7 

4863) Reduvius Fabricius,l775 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Reduvius Fabricius,i775; Ryparocoris 
Schummel,i827; Opsicoetus Klug,i830; Oplistus Jakovlev,i874; Holotrichiopsis Jakovlev,igoi; Parthocoris China 
& Miller, igso 

4864) Rhynocoris Hahn,l833 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Rhynocoris Hahn,i833; Rhinocoris Agassiz,i847; 
Oncauchenius Stal,i872; Chirillus Stal,i874; Harpiscus Stal,i874; Lamphrius Stal,i874 

4865) Sphedanolestes Stal, 1866 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Sphedanolestes Stal,i866 

4866) Stenolemus Signoret,l858 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Stenolemus Signoret,i8s8; #Stenolomus 
Onder et al.,2006 

4867) Vachiria Stal,i859 (Reduviidae) Synonym(s): Vachiria Stal,i8sg 

4868) Chrysopilus Macquart,i826 (Rhagionidae) Synonym(s): Chrysopilus Macquart,i826 

4869) Rhagio Fabricius,l775 (Rhagionidae) Synonym(s): Rhagio Fabricius,i775; Leptis Fabricius,i805 

4870) Oplisa (Anoplisa) Herting,i96i (Rhinophoridae) Synonym(s): Anoplisa Herting,ig6i 

4871) Oplisa Rondani,l862 (Rhinophoridae) Synonym(s): Oplisa Rondani,i862; Hoplisa Brauer & 

4872) Phyto R-D.,1830 (Rhinophoridae) Synonym(s): Phyto R-D.,1830; Cirillia Rondani,i856 

4873) Stevenia R-D.,1830 (Rhinophoridae) Synonym(s): Stevenia R-D.,1830; Eophyto Toumsend,igig 

4874) Agraphopus Stal, 1872 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Agraphopus Stal,i872 

4875) Brachycarenus Fieber,[i86o] (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Brachycarenus Fieber,[i86o] 

4876) Chorosoma Curtis, 1830 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Chorosoma Curtis,i830; #Chrosoma Kiyak et 

4877) Corizomorpha Jakovlev,i883 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Corizomorpha Jakovlev,i883 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4878) Corizus Fallen, 1814 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Corizus Fallen,i8i4; Coryzus Spinola,i837; Corisus 

4879) Leptoceraea Jakovlev,i873 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): LeptoceraeaJakovlev,i873 

4880) Limacocarenus Kiritchenko,i9i4 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Limacocarenus Kiritchenko,igi4; 
Scolopocranum Horvath,igi4 

4881) Liorhyssus Stal,i870 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Liorhyssus Stal,i870 

4882) Maccevethus Amyot,i846 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Maccevethus Amyot,i846 

4883) Myrmus Hahn, 1832 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Myrmus Hahn,i832 

4884) Rhopalus Schilling,i827 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Rhopalus Schilling, 1827 

4885) Stictopleurus Stal,l872 (Rhopalidae) Synonym(s): Stictopleurus Stal,i872; #Stictoplerus Kiyak et 

4886) Ricania Germar,i8i8 (Ricaniidae) Synonym(s): Ricania Germar,i8i8 

4887) Salda Fabricius,i793 (Saldidae) Synonym(s): Salda Fabricius,i793 

4888) Saldula Van Duzee,i9i4 (Saldidae) Synonym(s): Saldula Van Duzee,igi4 

4889) Asmisapyga Kurzenko,i994 (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): Asmisapyga Kurzenko,i994 

4890) Fedtschenkia Saussure,i88o (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): Fedtschenkia Saussure,i88o; Cosilella 

4891) Monosapyga Pic, 1920 (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): Monosapyga Pic,i920 

4892) Sapyga (Polosapyga) Kurzenko,i994 (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): Polosapyga Kurzenko,i994 

4893) Sapyga (s.str.) Latreille,i796 (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): Sapyga Latreille, 1796 

4894) Sapyga Latreille, 1796 (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): Sapyga Latreille, 1796; Hellus Fabricius,i8o4 

4895) Sapygina A.Costa,i887 (Sapygidae) Synonym(s): Sapygina A.Costa,i887 

4896) Agria R-D.,1830 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): AgriaR-D.,1830 

4897) Agriella Villeneuve,l9ll (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Agriella Villeneuve,i9ii; Anablaesoxipha 
Villeneuve,i928; Asioblaesoxipha Rohdendor/,1937 

4898) Amobia R-D.,1830 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Amobia R-D.,1830; Pachyophthalmus Brauer & 
Bergenstamm.,1889; Ammobia Bezzi & Stein,i907; Austrometopia Malloch.,1930 

4899) Blaesoxipha (s.str.) Loew,i86i (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Blaesoxipha Loew,i86i; Listeria R- 
D.,1863; Sphaerogaster Lioy,i864 nee Dej.,1821; Parasarcophila Brauer & Bergenstamm,i89i; Gesneriodes 
Villeneuve,i909; Gesneriella Villeneuve,i9i2; #Blaesophixa Kara & Pape,2002; #Blaesoxsipha Pekbey & 

4900) Blaesoxipha Loew,l86l (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Blaesoxipha Loew,i86i; Listeria R-D.,1863; 
Sphaerogaster Lioy,i864 nee Dej.,1821; Parasarcophila Brauer & Bergenstamm.,1891; Gesneriodes 
Villeneuve,i909; Gesneriella Villeneuve,i9i2; #Blaesophixa Kara & Pape,2002; #Blaesoxsipha Pekbey & 

4901) Craticulina Bezzi,l9o6 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Craticula Pandelle,i895 (praeocc); Craticulina 

4902) Ctenodasypygia Enderleh-1,1928 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Ctenodasypygia Enderlein,i928 

4903) Macronychia (s.str.) Rondani,i859 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Macronychia Rondani,i8s9; 
Theone R-D.,1863; Amobiopsis Townsend,i9i5; Itamobia Townsend,i927 

4904) Macronychia Rondani, 1859 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Macronychia Rondani,i859; Theone R- 
D.,1863; Amobiopsis Townsend,i9is; Itamobia Townsend,i927 

4905) Metopia Meigen,i8o3 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Metopia Meigen,i8o3; Argyria R-D.,1863; 
Chaetanicia Townsend,i933; Australoanicia Verves,i979 

4906) Metopodia Brauer & Bergenstamm,i89i (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Metopodia Brauer & 

4907) Miltogramma (Dichiracantha) Enderlein,i934 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Dichiracantha 

4908) Miltogramma Meigen,l803 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Miltogramma Meigen,i8o3; Hamulia R- 
D.,1863; Cylindrothecum Rodhendorf,i930; Stephanodactylum Rodhendorf,i930; Eumiltogramma 

4909) Miltogrammidium (s.str.) Rohdendorf,i930 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Miltogrammidium 

4910) Miltogrammidium Rohdendorf,i930 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Miltogrammidium 

4911) Nyctia R-D.,1830 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Nyctia R-D.,1830 

4912) Phrosinella R-D.,1863 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Phrosinella R-D.,1863 

4913) Phylloteles Loew,i844 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Phylloteles Loew,i844 

4914) Protomiltogramma Townsend,i9i6 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Protomiltogramma 
Townsend,i9i6; Thereomyia Rohdendor/,1927; Sisyropecta Enderlein,i934 

4915) Pterella R-D.,1863 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Pterella R-D.,1863; Setulia R-D.,1863; 
Pseudosphecapata Enderlem.,1934; Prometheomyia Rohdendor/,1935 

4916) Ravinia R-D.,1863 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Ravinia R-D.,1863 

4917) Sarcophaga (Bercaea) R-D.,1863 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Bercaea R-D.,1863; 
Thyrsotetradiscalis Enderlein,i928; Mesothyrsia Enderlein,i928; Coprosarcophaga Rohdendor/,1937 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4918) Sarcophaga (Discachaeta) Enderlein,i928 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Discachaeta 

4919) Sarcophaga (Helicophagella) Enderlein,i928 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Helicophagella 

4920) Sarcophaga (Heteronychia) Brauer & Bergenstamm,[i889] (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): 
Erichsonia R-D.,1863; Hartigia R-D.,1863; Heteronychia Brauer & Bergenstamm,[i889]; Notoecus Stein, 1924; 
Sarcoctenia Enderlein,ig28; Discachaeta Enderlein,ig28; Ctenodasypygia Enderlein,ig28; Dasypygia 
Enderlem.,1928; Boettcherella Enderlein,ig28; Asceloctis Enderlein,ig28; Platyperas Enderlein,ig34; Pandelleola 
Rohdendorf,ig37; Eupierretia Rohdendorf,ig37; Spatulapica Fan,ig64; Salemea Rohdendorf,ig6s; 
Mediterranisca Rohdendorf,ig6s; Leclercqiomyia Lehrer,igy6; Benedenia Lehrer,igy6; Artamonoviella 
Verves,ig8g; Devriesia Lehrer,iggs nee Mintz,ig67; Salemiophalla Lehrer,iggs; Shoachaeta Lehrer,iggy; 
Ashlaiana Lehrer,igg8; Lehrera Kocak & Kemal,200g 

4921) Sarcophaga (Jantia) Rohdendorf,i937 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Jantia Rohdendorf,ig37 

4922) Sarcophaga (Krameromyia) Verves, 1982 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Kramerella 
Rohdendorf,ig37 (praeocc); Krameromyia Verves,ig82 

4923) Sarcophaga (Liopygia) Enderlein,i928 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Liopygia Enderlein,ig28 

4924) Sarcophaga (Liosarcophaga) Enderlein,i928 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Liosarcophaga 

4925) Sarcophaga (Mehria) Enderlein,i928 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Mehria Enderlein,ig28 

4926) Sarcophaga (Myorhina) R-D.,1830 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Myorhina R-D.,1830 

4927) Sarcophaga (Pandelleana) Rohdendorf,i937 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Pandelleana 

4928) Sarcophaga (Pandelleisca) Rohdendorf,i937 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Pandelleisca 
Rohdendorf,i g37 

4929) Sarcophaga (Parasarcophaga) Johnston & Tiegs,i922 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): 
Parasarcophaga Johnston & Tiegs,ig22 

4930) Sarcophaga (Phytosarcophaga) Rohdendorf.,1937 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): 
Phytosarcophaga Rohdendorf,ig37 

4931) Sarcophaga (Pseudothyrsocnema) Rohdendorf,i937 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): 
Pseudothyrsocnema Rohdendorf,ig37 

4932) Sarcophaga (Rosellea) Rohdendorf,i937 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Rosellea 

4933) Sarcophaga (Sarcotachinella) Townsend,i892 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sarcotachinella 

4934) Sarcophaga (Thomsonea) Rohdendorf,i937 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Thomsonea 

4935) Sarcophaga (Thyrsocnema) Enderlein,i928 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Thyrsocnema 

4936) Sarcophaga (s.str.) Meigen,i826 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sarcophaga Meigen,i826; 
Phorella R-D.,1830; Myophora R-D.,1830 

4937) Sarcophaga Meigen,l826 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sarcophaga Meigen,i826; Phorella R- 
D.,1830; Myophora R-D.,1830 

4938) Sarcophila Rondani,i8s6 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sarcophila Rondani,i8s6 

4939) Senotainia (Sphixapata) Rondani,i859 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sphixapata Rondani,i8sg 

4940) Senotainia (s.str.) Macquart,i846 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Megaera R-D.,1830 (praeocc); 
Senotainia Macquart,i846; Nyctella Zimin,ig28 nee Reut.,igos; Chaetometopia Malloch,ig30 

4941) Senotainia Macquart,l846 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Megaera R-D.,1830 (praeocc); Senotainia 
Macquart,i846; Nyctella Zimin,ig28 nee Reut.,igos; Chaetometopia Malloch,ig30 

4942) Sphenometopa Townsend,i9o8 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Sphenometopa Townsend,igo8; 
Arabiopsis Townsend,igis; Asiaraba Rohdendorf,ig67; Tarsaraba Rohdendorf,ig67; Xantharaba 

4943) Taxigramma Macquart,i849 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Taxigramma Macquart,i84g 

4944) Wohlfahrtia Brauer & Bergenstamm,i889 (Sarcophagidae) Synonym(s): Wohlfahrtia Brauer & 
Bergenstamm,i88g; #Wohlfartia Kara & Pape,2002 

4945) Adoretus Laporte,i840 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Adoretus Laporte,i840 

4946) Aethiessa Burmeister,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Aethiessa Burmeister,i842 

4947) Anisoplia (Brancoplia) Baraud,i986 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Brancoplia Baraud,ig86 

4948) Anisoplia (Chaetopteroplia) Medvedev,i949 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Chaetopteroplia 
Medvedev ,ig4g 

4949) Anisoplia (s.str.) Fischer v. Waldheim,i824 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Anisoplia Fischer v. 

4950) Anisoplia Fischer v. Waldheim,i824 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Anisoplia Fischer v. 

4951) Anomala Samouelle,i8i9 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Anomala Samouelle,i8ig 

4952) Anoxia (Protanoxia) Medvedev,i95i (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Protanoxia Medvedev, igsi 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

4953) Aphodius (Pseudacrossus) Reitter,i892 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Pseudacrossus Reiner, 1892 

4954) Aphodius Illiger,l798 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Aphodius Illiger, 1798; Heptaulacus Mulsant,i842; 
Apsteiniella A.Schmidt, 1916; Cnemargulus Semenov,i903 

4955) Aplidia Hope, 1837 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Aplidia Hope,i837; Haploidea Agassiz,i846; 
#Haplidia Gemminger & Harold,i869 

4956) Blitopertha (Asiopertha) Machatschke,i957 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Asiopertha 
Machatschke,i 957 

4957) Blitopertha (Trichopertha) Reitter,i903 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Trichopertha Reitter,i903 

4958) Blitopertha Reitter, 1903 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Blitopertha Reitter,i903 

4959) Bubas Mulsant,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Bubas Mulsant,i842 

4960) Caccobius (s.str.) Thomson, 1859 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Caccobius Thomson,i859 

4961) Caccobius Thomson, 1859 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Caccobius Thomson,i859 

4962) Cetonia (s.str.) Fabricius,i775 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Cetonia Fabricius,i775 

4963) Cetonia Fabricius, 1775 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Cetonia Fabricius,i775 

4964) Cheironitis Van Lansberge,i875 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Cheironitis Van Lansberge,i875; 
Chironitis Reitter, 1894 

4965) Chromovalgus Kolbe,i897 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Chromovalgus Kolbe,i897; Spilovalgus 

4966) Chromovalgus Kolbe,i897 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Chromovalgus Kolbe,i897 

4967) Copris Geoffroy,i762 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Copris Geoffroi/,1762 

4968) Cryptotrogus Kraatz,i888 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Cryptotrogus Kraatz,i888 

4969) Euheptaulacus Dellacasa,i983 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Euheptaulacus Dellacasa,i983 

4970) Gnorimus Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Gnorimus 
Lepeletier &Audinet-Serville,i828 

4971) Gymnopleurus Illiger,i8o3 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Gymnopleurus Illiger, 1803 

4972) Holochelus (Miltotrogus) Reitter, 1902 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Miltotrogus Reitter, 1902 

4973) Holochelus Reitter,i889 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Holochelus Reitter, 1889 

4974) Hoplia (Decamera) Mulsant,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Decamera Mulsant,i842 

4975) Hoplia (s.str.) Illiger,i8o3 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Hoplia Illiger ,1803 

4976) Hoplia Illiger, 1803 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Hoplia Illiger ,1803 

4977) Maladera (Aserica) Lewis, 1895 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Aserica Lewis, 1895 

4978) Maladera Mulsant & Rey,i87i (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Maladera Mulsant & Rey, 1871 

4979) Megatelus Reitter, 1892 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Meg atelus Reitter, 1892 

4980) Megatelus Reitter,i892 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Megatelus Reitter, 1892 

4981) Melolontha (s.str.) Geoffroy,i762 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Melolontha Geoffroy,i762 

4982) Melolontha Geoffroy,i762 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Melolontha Geoffroy,i762 

4983) Omaloplia (Acarina) Baraud,i965 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Acarina Baraud,i96s 

4984) Omaloplia (s.str.) Schoenherr,i8i7 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Omaloplia Schoenherr,i8i7; 
Brachyphylla Mulsant,i842; Homalopia Redtenbacher,i845 

4985) Omaloplia Schoenherr,l8l7 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Omaloplia Schoenherr,i8i7; Brachyphylla 
Mulsant,i842; Homalopia Redtenbacher,i845 

4986) Onitis Fabricius, 1798 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Onitis Fabricius, 1798 

4987) Onthophagus (Amphionthophagus) Martin Pierra & Zunino,i983 (Scarabaeidae) 
Synonym(s) : Amphionthophagus Martin Pierra & Zunino,i983 

4988) Onthophagus (Palaeonthophagus) Zunino,i979 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): 
Palaeonthophagus Zunm.0,1979 

4989) Oryctes Illiger,i798 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Oryctes Illiger, 1798 

4990) Osmanius Branco & Baraud,i988 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Osmanius Branco & Baraud,i988 

4991) Oxythyrea Mulsant & Rey,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Oxythyrea Mulsant & Rey ,1842 

4992) Paroniticellus Balthasar,i963 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Paroniticellus Balthasar,i963 

4993) Pentodon Hope, 1837 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Pentodon Hope, 1837 

4994) Pleurophorus Mulsant,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Pleurophorus Mulsant,i842 

4995) Polyphylla Harris, 1841 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Polyphylla Harris,i84i 

4996) Propomacrus Newman, 1837 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Propomacrus Newman,i837; Porropus 

4997) Protaetia (Cetonischema) Miksic,i963 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Cetonischema Miksic,i963 

4998) Protaetia (Eupotosia) Miksic,i954 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Eupotosia Miksic,i954 

4999) Protaetia (Foveopotosia) Miksic,i959 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Foveopotosia Miksic,i959 

5000) Protaetia (Potosia) Mulsant & Rey,i87i (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Potosia Mulsant & Rey, 1871 

5001) Protaetia Burmeister, 1842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Protaetia Burmeister, 1842 

5002) Pseudotrematodes Jacquelin du Val,i8o6 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Pseudotrematodes 
Jacquelin du Val,i8o6 

5003) Rhizotrogus (Amphimallon) Berthold,i827 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Amphimallon 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5004) Rhizotrogus Berthold,i827 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Rhizotrogus Berthold.,1827; #Rhisotragus 
Cristofori & Jan,i832 

5005) Scarabaeus Linnaeus, 1758 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Scar abaeus Linnaeus, 1758 

5006) Sisyphus Wiedemann, 1823 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Sisyphus Wiedemann,i823 

5007) Tanyproctus Faldermann,i832 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Tanyproctus Faldermann,i832 

5008) Trichius Fabricius,i775 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Trichius Fabricius,i775 

5009) Triodontella Reitter,i9i9 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Triodonta Mulsant,i842 nee Bory,i82j; 
Triodontella Reitter,igig 

5010) Tropinota (Epicometis) Burmeister,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Epicometis 
Burmeister ,1842 

5011) Tropinota (s.str.) Mulsant,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Tropinota Mulsant,i842 

5012) Tropinota Mulsant,i842 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Tropinota Mulsant, 18 42 

5013) Valgus Scriba,l790 (Scarabaeidae) Synonym(s): Valgus Scriba,iygo; Acanthurus Kirby, 1827 

5014) Coniosternum Becker, 1894 (Scathophagidae) Synonym(s): Coniosternum Becker, 1894 

5015) Scathophaga Meigen,l803 (Scathophagidae) Synonym(s): Scathophaga Meigen,i8o3; #Scopeuma 
Meigen,i8oo; #Scatophaga Fabricius,i805; Pyropa Illiger,i807; Scatomyza Fallen, 1810; Amina Robineu- 
Desvoidy,i830; Scatina Robineu-Desvoidy,i830; Pseudopogonota Malloch.,1920; Scaophagella Szilady,ig26 

5016) Trissolcus Ashmead,i893 (Scelionidae) Synonym(s): Trissolcus Ashmead,i8g3; Asolcus 
Nakagawa,igoo; Immsia Cameron,igi2; Aphanurus Kieffer,igi2 nee Looss,igoy; Microphanurus Kieffer,ig26 

5017) Schizodactylus Brulle,i835 (Schizodactylidae) Synonym(s): Schizodactylus Brulle,i835; 
Schizocephalus Brunner-Wattenwyl,i888; Dactylocomicus Karny,ig23 

5018) Lycoriella Frey,i942 (Sciaridae) Synonym(s): Lycoriella Frey,ig42 

5019) Colobaea Zetterstedt,i838 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Colobaea Zetterstedt,i838; Ctenulus 
Rondam.,1856; Melanochira Schiner,i864 

5020) Coremacera Rondani,l856 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Statinia Meigen,i8oo; Coremacera 

5021) Dichetophora Rondani,i868 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Dichetophora Rondani,i868 

5022) Euthycera Latreille,l829 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Euthycera Latreille,i82g; Oregocera 
Rondam.,1856; Lunigera Hendel,igoo 

5023) Hydromya R-D.,1830 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Hydromya R-D.,1830; Hydromyia Agassiz,i847 

5024) Knutsonia (s.str.) Verbeke,i964 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Chione R-D.,1830 nee Megerl.,1811; 
Knutsonia Verbeke,ig64 

5025) Knutsonia Verbeke,i964 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Chione R-D.,1830 nee Megerl.,1811; Knutsonia 

5026) Limnia R-D.,1830 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Limnia R-D.,1830 

5027) Pherbellia R-D.,1830 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Pherbellia R-D.,1830; Graphomyzina 
Macquart,i835; Ditaenia Hendel,igo2; Dictyomyza Enderlein,ig3g; Oxytaenia Sack,ig3g nee Forst.,1868 

5028) Pherbina R-D.,1830 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Pherbina R-D.,1830 

5029) Psacadina Enderlein,i939 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Psacadina Enderlein,ig3g 

5030) Salticella R-D.,1830 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Salticella R-D.,1830 

5031) Sciomyza Fallen, 1820 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Sciomyza Fallen,i82o; Bischofia Hendel,igo2 

5032) Sepedon (s.str.) Latreille,i8o4 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Sepedon Latreille,i8o4 

5033) Sepedon Latreille,i8o4 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Sepedon Latreille,i8o4 

5034) Tetanocera Latreille,i8o4 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Tetanocera Latreille,i8o4 

5035) Trypetoptera Hendel,i900 (Sciomyzidae) Synonym(s): Trypetoptera Hendel,igoo 

5036) Cyphon Paykull,i799 (Scirtidae) Synonym(s): Cyphon Paykull,iygg 

5037) Elodes Latreille,i796 (Scirtidae) Synonym(s): Elodes Latreille,iyg6 

5038) Odeles Klausnitzer,2004 (Scirtidae) Synonym(s): Odeles Klausnitzer,2004 

5039) Campsomeriella Betrem,i94i (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Campsomeriella Betrem,ig4i 

5040) Colpa (s.str.) Dufour,i84i (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Colpa Dufour,i84i 

5041) Colpa Dufour, 1841 (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Colpa Dufour, 1841 

5042) Dasyscolia Bradley,i95i (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Dasyscolia Bradley, igsi 

5043) Megascolia (Regiscolia) Betrem & Bradley,i964 (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Regiscolia Betrem & 
Bradley, ig64 

5044) Megascolia Betrem, 1928 (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Megascolia Betrem,ig28 

5045) Proscolia Rasnitsyn,i977 (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Proscolia Rasnitsyn,ig77 

5046) Scolia Fabricius,i775 (Scoliidae) Synonym(s): Scolia Fabricius,i775 

5047) Ellipsocoris Mayr,i864 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Ellipsocoris May r, 1864 

5048) Eurygaster Laporte,i832 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Eurygaster Laporte,i832 

5049) Irochrotus Amyot & Audinet-Serville,i843 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Irochrotus Amyot & 
Audinet-Serville,i 843 

5050) Odontoscelis Laporte,i832 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Odontoscelis Laporte,i832 

5051) Odontotarsus Laporte,l832 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Odontotarsus Laporte,i832; Odontarsus 
Mulsant & Rey,i86s 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5052) Phimodera Germar,i839 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Phimodera Germar,i839 

5053) Promecocoris (Emphylocoris) Reuter,i900 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Emphylocoris 
Renter, 1900 

5054) Promecocoris Puton,l886 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Promecosoma Jakovlev,i885 (praeocc.); 
Promecocoris Puton.,1886 

5055) Psacasta Germar,i839 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Psacasta Germar,i839 

5056) Solenostethium Spinola,i837 (Scutelleridae) Synonym(s): Solenostethium Spinola,i837 

5057) Nemopoda R-D.,1830 (Sepsidae) Synonym(s): Nemopoda R-D.,1830; NematopodaAgasiz,i846 

5058) Saltella R-D.,1830 (Sepsidae) Synonym(s): Saltella R-D.,1830; Brachygaster Meigen,i826; Pandora 
Holiday, 1833; Anisophysa Macquart,i835; Psendopandora Rapp,i946 

5059) Sepsis Fallen, 1810 (Sepsidae) Synonym(s): Sepsis Fallen, 1810 

5060) Themira R-D.,1830 (Sepsidae) Synonym(s): Themira R-D.,1830 

5061) Sialis Latreille,i8o3 (Sialidae) Synonym(s): Sialis Latreille,i8o3 

5062) Chartocerus Motschulsky,[i86o] (Signiphoridae) Synonym(s): Chartocerus Motschulsky,[i86o] 

5063) Thysanus Walker,i839 (Signiphoridae) Synonym(s): #Thusamus Walker, 1829; Thysanns 

5064) Ablattaria Reitter,i885 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Ablattaria Reitter,i88s 

5065) Aclypea Reitter,l885 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Aclypea Reitter,i88s; Blitophaga Reitter,i88s 

5066) Dendroxena Motschoulsky,i8s8 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Dendroxena Motschoulsky,i8s8; 
Xylodrepa Thomson,i859 

5067) Necrodes Leach, 1815 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Necrodes Leach.,1815; Asbolns Bergroth.,1884; 
Protonecrodes Portevin,i922 

5068) Nicrophorus Fabricius,l775 (Silphidae) Synonym (s): Nicrophorus Fabricius,i775; Necrophorus 
Thunberg,i789; Cyrtoscelis Hope,i840; Acanthopsilns Portevin,i9i4; Necrocharis Portevin,i923; Necroxenns 
Semenov,i926; Eunecrophorus Semenov,i933; Necrophoriscus Semenov ,1933; Nesonecrophorus Semenov ,1933; 
Necrophorindus Semenov, 1933; Necrocleptes Semenov, 1933; Nesonecropter Semenov,i933; Necropter 
Semenov,i933; Stictonecropter Semenov,i933; Neonicrophorus Hatch,i946 

5069) Oiceoptoma Leach, 1815 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Oiceoptoma Leacb.,1815; Isosilpha Portevm.,1920 

5070) Phosphuga Leach, 1817 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Phosphuga Leach.,1817 

5071) Silpha Linnaeus, 1758 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Silpha Linnaeus,i758; Parasilpha Reitter,i88s; 
Carpatosilpha Smetana,i952 

5072) Thanatophilus Leach, 1815 (Silphidae) Synonym(s): Thanatophilus Leacb.,1815; Pseudopelta 
Bergroth,i884; Philas Portevin,i903; Silphosoma Portevin,i903; Chalcosilpha Portevin,i926 

5073) Metacnephia Crosskey,i969 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Metacnephia Crosskey,i969 

5074) Prosimulium (s.str.) Rouband,i9o6 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Prosimulium Rouband,i9o6; 
Hellichia Enderlem.,1925; Taeniopterna Enderlem.,1925; Mallochella Enderlein,i930 (praeocc); Mallochianella 
Vargas & Diaz Najera,i948; Piezosimulium Peterson,i989 

5075) Prosimulium Rouband,l906 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Prosimulium Rouband,i9o6; Hellichia 
Enderlem.,1925; Taeniopterna Enderlem.,1925; Mallochella Enderlein,i930 (praeocc); Mallochianella Vargas & 
Diaz Najera,i948; Piezosimulium. Peterson,i989 

5076) Simulium (Boophthora) Enderleh-1,1925 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Boophthora Enderlem.,1925; 
Pseudosimulium Baranov,i926 

5077) Simulium (Eusimulium) Roubaud,i9o6 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Eusimulium Roubaud,i9o6 

5078) Simulium (Eusimulium) Roubaud,i9o6 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Eusimulium Roubaud,i9o6 

5079) Simulium (Montisimulium) Rubtsov,i974 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Montisimulium 

5080) Simulium (Nevermannia) Enderlein,i92i (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Nevermannia 

5081) Simulium (Trichodagmia) Enderlein,i934 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Trichodagmia 
Enderlem.,1934; Thyrsopelma Enderlem.,1934; Hemicnetha Enderlem.,1934; Dyarella Vargas, Martinez Palacios & 
Diaz Najera,i946; Hearlea Vargas, Martinez Palacios & Diaz Najera,i946;Obuchovia Rubtsov,i947;Grenieriella 
Vargaz & Diaz Najera,i95i; Hagenomyia SheuseU.,1959 (praeocc); Shewellomyia Peterson,i975 

5082) Simulium (Wilhelmia) Enderleh-1,1921 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Wilhelmia Enderlein,i92i 

5083) Simulium (s.str.) Latreille,l802 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Simulium Latreille,i8o2; Odagmia 
Enderlem.,1921; Friesia Enderlem.,1922; Discosphyria Enderlem.,1922; Gynonychodon Enderlem.,1925; 
Pseudodagmia Baranov,i926; Danubiosimulium Baranov,i935; Cleitosimulium Seguy & Dorier,i936; Gnus 
Rubtsov,i940; Tetisimulium Rubtsov ,i963;Parabyssodon Rubtsov,i964; Phosterodoros Stone & Snoddy,i969; 
Phoretodagmia Rubtsov,i972; Himalayum Lewis,i973; Paragnus Rubtsov & Yankovsky ,1982; Archesimulium 
Rubtsov & Yankovsky,i982;Argentisimulium Rubtsov & Yankovsky, 1982; Striatosimulum Rubtsov & 
Yankovsky, 1982 

5084) Simulium Latreille,l802 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Simulium Latreille,i8o2; Odagmia 
Enderlem.,1921; Friesia Enderlem.,1922; Discosphyria Enderlem.,1922; Gynonychodon Enderlem.,1925; 
Pseudodagmia Baranov,i926; Danubiosimulium Baranov,i935; Cleitosimulium Seguy & Dorier,i936; Gnus 
Rubtsov, 1940; Tetisimulium Rubtsov, 1963 ;Parabyssodon Rubtsov, 1964; Phosterodoros Stone & Snoddy,i969; 
Phoretodagmia Rubtsov, 1972; Himalayum Lewis,i973; Paragnus Rubtsov & Yankovsky ,1982; Archesimulium 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

Rubtsov & Yankovsky,ig82;Argentisimulium Rubtsov & Yankovsky,i982; Striatosimulum Rubtsov & 
Yankovsky,i 982 

5085) Sulcicnephia Rubtsov, 19 71 (Simuliidae) Synonym(s): Sulcicnephia Rubtsov, 1971 

5086) Coproica Rondani,l86l (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Heteroptera Macquart,i835 nee Raf.,1814; 
Coproica Rondani,i86i 

5087) Copromyza (Crumomyia) Macquart,i835 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Crumomyia 

5088) Copromyza Fallen, 1810 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Copromyza Fallen,i8io; Cimbometopia 
Lioy,i864; Isogaster Lioy,i864; Trichiaspis Duda,i923 

5089) Leptocera Olivier, 1813 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Leptocera Olivier,i8i3; Collinella Duda.,1918; 
Paracollinella Duda,i924; Collinellula Strand,i928; Colluta Strand,i932; Rachispodina Enderlein,i936 

5090) Minilimosina (Allolimosina) Rohacek,iQ83 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Allolimosina 

5091) Minilimosina Rohacek,iQ83 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Minilimosina Rohacek,i983 

5092) Norrbomia Papp,iQ88 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Norrbomia Papp,i988 

5093) Opacifrons Duda,iQi8 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Opacifrons Duda,i9i8 

5094) Puncticorpus Duda,iQi8 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Puncticorpus Duda,i9i8 

5095) Rachispoda Lioy,i864 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Rachispoda Lioy,i864 

5096) Terrilimosina Rohacek,iQ83 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Terrilimosina Rohacek,ig83 

5097) Thoracochaeta Duda,iQi8 (Sphaeroceridae) Synonym(s): Thoracochaeta Duda,i9i8 

5098) Ammophila Kirby,l7Q8 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): Ammophila Kirby,i7g8; Ammophylus 
Latreille,i8o2; Miscus Jurine,i8oy; Ammophilus Latreille,i829; Coloptera Latreille,i845; Argyrammophila 
Gussakowski,i928; Apycnemia Leclercq,i96i 

5099) Podalonia Fernald,i927 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): Podalonia Fernald, 1927 

5100) Sceliphron (Hensenia) Pagliano & Scaramozzino,i989 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): 
Prosceliphron Van der Vecht,i968 nee Frenguelli,i946; Hensenia Pagliano & Scar amozzino, 1989; #Hansenia 
Gayubo & 6zbek,2005 

5101) Sceliphron (s.str.) Klug,i8oi (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): Sceliphron Klug,i8oi; Pelopoeus 
Latreille,i802; Sceliphrum Schulz,i9o6 

5102) Sceliphron Klug,l8oi (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): Sceliphron Klug,i8oi; Pelopoeus Latreille,i8o2; 
Sceliphrum Schuh.,1906 

5103) Sphex Linnaeus, 1758 (Sphecidae) Synonym(s): Sphex Linnaeus, 1758; #SphaexScopoli,i772 

5104) Isolabella Verhoeff,i902 (Spongiphoridae) Synonym(s): Isolabella Verhoeff,i902 

5105) Isolaboides Hincks,i958 (Spongiphoridae) Synonym(s): Isolaboides Hincks,i9s8 

5106) Labia Leach, 1815 (Spongiphoridae) Synonym(s): Labia Leach,i8i5 

5107) Acidota Kirby,i829 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Acidota Kirby,i829 

5108) Acrolocha Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Acrolocha Thomson,i8s8 

5109) Acrotona Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Acrotona Thomson,i859 

5110) Acrotona concamerata Assing,2004 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): concamerataAssing,2004 

5111) Aleochara Gravenhorst,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Aleochara Gravenhorst,i8o2 

5112) Alevonota Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Alevonota Thomson,i8s8 

5113) Aloconota Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Aloconota Thomson,i8s8 

5114) Amarochara Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Amarochara Thomson,i8s8 

5115) Amischa Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Amischa Thomson,i8s8 

5116) Anaulacaspis Ganglbauer,i895 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Anaulacaspis Ganglbauer,i895 

5117) Anomognathus Solier,i849 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Anomognathus Solier,i849 

5118) Anthobium Leach, 1819 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Anthobium Leach,i8i9 

5119) Anthophagus Gravenhorst,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Anthophagus Gravenhorst,i8o2 

5120) Arrhenopeplus Koch, 1937 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Arrhenopeplus Koch,i937 

5121) Atheta Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Atheta Thomson,i8s8 

5122) Autalia Samouelle,i8i9 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Autalia Samouelle,i8i9 

5123) Batrisodes Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Batrisodes Reitter,i882 

5124) Batrisus Aube, 1833 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Batrisus Aube,i833 

5125) Bergrothia Reitter,l884 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Amicrops Saulcy,i88o (praeocc); Bergrothia 
Reitter,i884; Bergrothiella Reitter,i887 

5126) Bibloplectus Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bibloplectus Reitter,i882 

5127) Bibloporus Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bibloporus Thomson,i859 

5128) Bolitobius Samouelle,i8i9 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bolitobius Samouelle,i8i9 

5129) Bolitochara Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bolitochara Mannerheim,i83i 

5130) Boreaphilus Sahlberg,i832 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Boreaphilus Sahlberg,i832 

5131) Brachygluta Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Brachygluta Thomson,i859 

5132) Brachygnathellus Zerche,i99i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Brachygnathellus Zerche,i99i 

5133) Bryaxis Kugelan,i794 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bryaxis Kugelan,i794 

5134) Bryophacis Reitter,i909 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bryophacis Reitter,i909 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5135) Bryoporus cernuus (Gravenhorst,i8o6) (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): cernuus Gravenhorst,i8o6 

5136) Bythinus Leach, 1817 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Bythinus Leach.,1817 

5137) Callicerus Gravenhorst,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Callicerus Gravenhorst,i8o2 

5138) Calodera Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Calodera Mannerheim,i83i 

5139) Caloderina Ganglbauer,i895 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Caloderina Ganglbauer,i895 

5140) Chaetosogonocephus Pace, 1986 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Chaetosogonocephus Pace,ig86 

5141) Chennium Latreille,i8o7 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Chennium Latr exile, 1807 

5142) Cilea Jacquelin Du Val,i8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): CileaJacquelinDuVal,i858 

5143) Claviger Preyssler,i790 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Claviger Prey ssler, 1790 

5144) Coprophilus Latreille,i829 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Coprophilus Latr exile, 1829 

5145) Coproporus Kraatz,i8s6 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Coproporus Kraatz,i8s6 

5146) Cordalia Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Cor -dalia Mulsant & Rey , 1875 

5147) Coryphiodes Bernhauer,i898 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Coryphiodes Bernhauer, 1898 

5148) Coryphium Stephens, 1829 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Coryplxium Stephens, 1829 

5149) Cousya Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Cousya Mulsant & Rey, 1875 

5150) Cryptobium Mannerheim,i830 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Cryptobium Mannerheim.,1830 

5151) Ctenisomorphus Raffray,i890 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ctenisomorphus Raffray,i890 

5152) Ctenistes Reichenbach,i8i6 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ctenistes Reichenbach,i8i6 
5*53) Cypha Syephens,i829 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Cypha Syephens,i829 

5154) Dasycerus Brongniart,i8oo (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Dasycerus Brongniart,i8oo 

5155) Deinopsis Matthew,i838 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Deinopsis Matthew, 1838 

5156) Deleaster Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Deleaster Erichson,i839 

5157) Delenda Croissandeau,i89i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Delenda Croissandeau,i89i 

5158) Deliphrosoma Reitter,i909 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Deliphrosoma Reitter, 1909 

5159) Derocala Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Derocala Mulsant & Rey, 1875 

5160) Dialycera Ganglbauer,i895 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Dxalycera Ganglbauer,i895 

5161) Dinusa Saulcy,i865 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Dinusa Saulcy,i86s 

5162) Drusilla Samouelle,i8i9 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Drusilla Samouelle,i8i9 

5163) Enoptostomus Schaum,i864 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Enoptostomus Schaum,i864; 
#Enaptostomus Anla§,2009 

5164) Euplectus Leach, 1817 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Euplectus Leach,i8i7 

5165) Euryalea Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Euryalea Mulsant & Rey ,1875 

5166) Euryusa Erichson,i837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Euryusa Erichson,i837 

5167) Eusphalerum Kraatz,i8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Eusphalerum Kraatz,i8s8 

5168) Falagria Samouelle,i8i9 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Falagria Samouelle,i8i9 

5169) Falagrioma Casey,i9o6 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Falagrioma Casey,i9o6 

5170) Faronus Aube, 1844 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Faronus Aube,i844 

5171) Geodromicus Redtenbacher,[i857] (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Geodromus Heer,i84i 
(praeocc.); Geodromicus Redtenbacher ',[1857] 

5172) Geomitopsis Scheerpeltz,i93i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Geomitopsis Scheerpeltz,i93i 

5173) Geostiba Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Geostiba Thomson,i8s8 

5174) Gnypeta Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Gnypeta Thomson,i858 

5175) Gymnusa Karsten,i8o6 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Gymnusa Karsten,i8o6 

5176) Gyrophaena Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Gyrophaena Mannerhexn-1,1831 

5177) Habrocerus Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Habrocerus Erichson,i839 

5178) Halobrecta Thomson,i858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Halobrecta Thomson,i8s8 

5179) Haploglossa Kraatz,i8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Haploglossa Kraatz,i8s8; Microglotta 

5180) Heterota Mulsant & Rey, 1873 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Heterota Mulsant & Rey, 1873 

5181) Homoeusa Kraatz,i8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Homoeusa Kraatz,i8s8 

5182) Ilyobates Kraatz,i8s6 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ilyobates Kraatz,i8s6 

5183) Ischnoglossa Kraatz,[i8s6] (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ischnoglossa Kraatz,[i8s6] 

5184) Ischnopoda Stephens, 1835 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ischnopoda Stephens,i835 

5185) Ischnosoma assingi Schiilke,2007 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): assingi Schillke,2007 

5186) Lamprinodes Luze,i90i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Lamprxnodes Luze,i90i 

5187) Leptotyphlopsis Scheerpeltz,i93i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Leptotyphlopsis Scheerpeltz,i93i 

5188) Leptusa Kraatz,i8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Leptusa Kraatz,i8s8 

5189) Lesteva Latreille,i796 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Lesteva Latr exile, 1796 

5190) Liogluta Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Liogluta Thomson,i8s8 

5191) Lordithon Thomson, 1859 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): LordithonThomson,i859 

5192) Mannerheimia Maeklin,i88o (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Mannerheimia Maeklin,i88o 

5193) Megalogastria Bernhauer,i90i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Megalogastrxa Bernhauer,i90i 

5194) Megaloscapa Seidlitz,i889 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Megaloscapa Seidlitz,i889 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5195) Megarthrus Stephens, 1829 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Meg arthrus Stephens, 1829 

5196) Meotica Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Meotica Mulsant & Rey, 1875 

5197) Metopsia Wollaston,i854 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Metopsia Wollaston,i854 

5198) Micropeplus Latreille,i8o9 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Micropeplus Latr exile, 1809 

5199) Mycetoporus Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Mycetoporus Mannerheim.,1831 

5200) Myllaena Erichson,l837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Myllaena Erichson,i837; #Myllana 

5201) Myrmecopora Saulcy,i865 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Myrmecopora Saulcy,i86s 

5202) Myrmoecia Mulsant & Rey,i873 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Myrmoecia Mulsant &Rey, 1873 

5203) Namunia Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Namunia Reitter,i882 

5204) Nehemitropia Lohse,i97i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Nehemitropia Lohse,i97i 

5205) Notothecta Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Notothecta Thomson,i858 

5206) Ocalea Erichson,i837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ocalea Erichson,i837 

5207) Oligota Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Oligota Mannerheim,i83i 

5208) Olophrum Erichson,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Olophrum Erichson,i839 

5209) Omalium Gravenhorst,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Omalium Gravenhorst,i8o2 

5210) Ousipalia Des Gozis,i886 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Ousipalia Des Gozis,i886 

5211) Oxypoda Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Oxypoda Mannerheim.,1831 

5212) Panaphantus Kraatz,i8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Panaphantus Kraatz,i8s8 

5213) Parabolitobius Li, Zhao & Sakai,2000 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Parabolitobius Li, Zhao & 

5214) Paratychus Besuchet,i96o (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Paratychus Besuchet,i96o 

5215) Parocyusa Bernhauer,i902 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Parocyusa Bernhauer,i902 

5216) Pella Stephens, 1835 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pella Stephens,i835 

5217) Pellochromonia Reitter,i909 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pellochromonia Reitter,i909 

5218) Peltodonia Bernhauer,i936 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Peltodonia Bernhauer,i936 

5219) Philorirum Kraatz,l8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Philorirum Kraatz,i8s8; #Philonirum 

5220) Phloeocharis Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Phloeocharis Mannerheim,i83i 

5221) Phloeopora Erichson,l837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Phloeopora Erichson,i837; Phlaeopora 

5222) Phloeostiba Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Phloeostiba Thomson,i8s8 

5223) Phyllodrepa Thomson, 1861 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Phyllodrepa Thomson,i86i 

5224) Phytosus Curtis, 1838 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Phytosus Curtis,i838 

5225) Piochardia Heyden,i870 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Piochardia Heyden,i870 

5226) Plataraea Thomson, 1858 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Plataraea Thomson,i858 

5227) Platyola Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Platyola Mulsant &Rey, 1875 

5228) Plectophloeus Reitter,i89i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Plectophloeus Reitter,i89i 

5229) Poromniusa Ganglbauer,i895 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Poromniusa Ganglbauer,i895 

5230) Potamaurops Miiller,i944 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): PotamauropsMiiller,i944 

5231) Pronomaea Erichson,i837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pronomaea Erichson,i837 

5232) Proteinus Latreille,i796 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Proteinus Latreille,i796 

5233) Pselaphogenius Reitter,i9io (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pselaphogenius Reitter,i9io 

5234) Pselaphus Herbst,i792 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pselaphus Herbst,i792 

5235) Pseudocalea Luze,i902 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pseudocalea Luze,i902 

5236) Pseudoplectus Reitter,i882 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoplectus Reitter,i882 

5237) Pseudosemiris Machulka,i935 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pseudosemiris Machulka,i935 

5238) Pycnota Mulsant & Rey,i873 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pycnota Mulsant & Rey, 1873 

5239) Pyroglossa Bernhauer,i90i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Pyroglossa Bernhauer,i90i 

5240) Reichenbachia Leach, 1826 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Reichenbachia Leach,i826 

5241) Rhopalocerina Reitter,l909 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Rhopalocera Ganglbauer,i895 nee 
Agassiz,i846; Rhopalocerina Reitter,i909 

5242) Rybaxis Saulcy,i876 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Rybaxis Saulcy,i876 

5243) Scotoplectus Reitter,i88o (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Scotoplectus Reitter,i88o 

5244) Sepedophilus (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): 

5245) Silusa Erichson, 1837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Silusa Erichson,i837 

5246) Sognorus Reitter,[i88i] (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Sognorus Reitter,[i88i] 

5247) Tachinus Gravenhorst,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tachinus Gravenhorst,i8o2 

5248) Tachyporus Gravenhorst,i8o2 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tachyporus Gravenhorst,i8o2 

5249) Tachyusa Erichson, 1837 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tachyusa Erichson,i837 

5250) Taxicera Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Taxicera Mulsant & Rey ,1875 

5251) Tectusa Bernhauer,i899 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tectusa Bernhauer,i899 

5252) Tetartopeus Czwalina,i888 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tetartopeus Czwalina,i888 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5253) Thiasophila Kraatz,[i856] (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Thiasophila Kraatz,[i8s6] 

5254) Tinotus Sharp, 1883 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tinotus Sharp, 1883 

5255) Tomoglossa Kraatz,i8s8 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tomoglossa Kraatz,i8s8 

5256) Tremissus inexspectatus Besuchet,i98i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): inexspectatus 

5257) Tribatus Motschoulsky,i85i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tribatus Motschoulsky,i8si 

5258) Trichophya Mannerheim,i83i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Trichophya Mannerheim,i83i 

5259) Trimium Aube,i833 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): TrimiumAube,i833 

5260) Trissemus Jeannel,i949 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Trissemus Jeannel,i949 

5261) Tropimenelytron Scheerpeltz,i95i (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tropimenelytron 
Scheerpeltz,i 951 

5262) Turcizyras Murayama,2006 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Turcizyras Murayama,20o6 

5263) Tychobythinus Ganglbauer,i896 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tychobythinus Ganglbauer,i896 

5264) Tychus Leach, 1817 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Tychus Leach,i8i7 

5265) Tyrus Aube,i833 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): TyrusAube,i833 

5266) Xylodromus Heer,i839 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Xylodromus Heer,i839 

5267) Zibus Saulcy,i876 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Zibus Saulcy,i8y6 

5268) Zoosetha Mulsant & Rey,i875 (Staphylinidae) Synonym(s): Zoosetha Mulsant & Rey,i875 

5269) Dicranocephalus Hahn,i826 (Stenocephalidae) Synonym(s): Dicranocephalus Hahn,i826; 
Stenocephala Berthold.,1827; Stenocephalus Latreille,i829; Dicranomerus Hahn,i83i; Psotilnus Stal,i86o 

5270) Adoxomyia Kertesz,l907 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Adoxomyia Kertesz,i907; Euclitellaria 

5271) Beris Latreille,l802 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Beris Latreille,i8o2; Hexacantha Meigen,i8o3; 
Hexacantha Lioy,i864; Octacantha Lioy,i864 

5272) Chloromyia Duncan, 1837 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Chloromyia Duncan,i837 

5273) Exochostoma Macquart,i842 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Exochostoma Macquart,i842 

5274) Hermetia Latreille,i8o4 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Hermetia Latreille,i8o4 

5275) Lasiopa Brulle,l832 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Lasiopa Brulle,i832; Cyclogaster Macquart,i834 

5276) Nemotelus (s.str.) Geoffroy,i762 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Nemotelus Geoffroy,i762; 
Galeodioptriger Pleske,i937; #Melanonemotelinus Lindner, 1937; Melanonemotelinus Szilady,i94i 

5277) Nemotelus Geoffroy,l762 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Nemotelus Geoffroy,i762; Galeodioptriger 
Pleske,i937; #Melanonemotelinus Lindner, 1937; Melanonemotelinus Szilady,i94i 

5278) Odontomyia Meigen,i8o3 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): #Eulalia Meigen,i8oo; Odontomyia 
Meigen,i8o3; Opseogymnus A.Costa,i857; Trichacrostylia Enderlem.,1914; Neuraphanisis Enderlem.,1914; 
Catatasina Enderlein,i9i4; Stratiomyiopsis Pleske,i922; Hadracantha Pleske,i922; Clitellariopsis Pleske,i922; 
Achlyomyia Pleske,i922; Zoniomyia Pleske,i922; Orthogoniocera Lindler,i95i 

5279) Oplodontha Rondani,i863 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Oplodontha Rondani,i863; Oplodonta 
Brauer,i882; Haplodonta Scudder,i882 

5280) Oxycera (Camptopelta) Williston,i9i7 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Camptopelta Williston,i9i7; 
Nemotelinus Enderlem.,1936 

5281) Oxycera Meigen, 1803 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): #Hermione Meigen,i8oo; Oxycera Meigen,i8o3; 
Hypoleon Dumeril,i8o6; Heteroxycera Bigot,i856; Euoxycera Pleske,i92s; Paroxycera Pleske,i925; Macroxycera 
Pleske,i925; Metoxycera Pleske,i925; Alphoxycera Pleske,i925; Betoxycera Pleske,i925; Microxycera Pleske,i925; 
Heraclina Lindner, 1938 

5282) Pachygaster Meigen, 1803 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Pachygaster Meigen,i8o3; Vappo 
Latreille,i804; Praomyia Kertesz,i9i6; Alphap achy g aster Pleske,i922 

5283) Pycnomalla Gerstaecker,i857 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Pycnomalla Gerstaecker,i857 

5284) Sargus Fabricius,l798 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Sargus Fabricius,i798; Chrysonotus Loew,i855; 
Chrysochroma Williston,i896; Chrysonotomyia Hunter,i900; Geosargus Bezzi,i907; Pedicellina James,i952 nee 

5285) Stratiomys Geoffroy,i762 (Stratiomyidae) Synonym(s): Stratiomys Geoffroy,i762; Hirtea 
Scopoli,i763; Stratiomyia Macquart,i838; Hoplomyia Zeller,i842; Thyreodontha Rondam.,1863; Stratiotomyia 
Lynch Arribalzaga,i882; Oreomyia Pleske,i922; Holopyrrhoceromyia Pleske,i922; Hemipyrrhoceromyia 
Pleske,i922; Laternigera Pleske,i922; Eustratiomyia Pleske,i922; Amauromyia Pleske,i922; Poecilothorax 
Pleske,i922; Diademomyia Pleske,i922; Metastratiomyia Pleske,i922; Electrolophidion Pleske,i922; 
Parastratiomyia Pleske,i922; Stereoxantha Pleske,i922 

5286) Brachytarsina Macquart,i85i (Streblidae) Synonym(s): Brachytarsina Macquart,i8si 

5287) Baccha Fabricius,l805 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Baccha Fabricius,i8o5; Bacca Rondam.,1844; Bacha 

5288) Brachypalpoides Hippa,i978 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Brachypalpoides Hippa,i978 

5289) Brachypalpus Macquart,i834 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Brachypalpus Macquart,i834 

5290) Caliprobola Rondani,i845 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Caliprobola Rondani,i845 

5291) Ceriana Rafinesque,l8l5 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Ceria Fabricius,i794 nee Sc.,1763; Ceriana 
Rqfinesque,i8i5; Styloceria Enderlem.,1934; Hisamatsumyia Shiraki,i968 

5292) Chalcosyrphus Curran,i925 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Chalcosyrphus Curran,i925 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5293) Cheilosia (s.str.) Panzer, [1809] (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Cheilosia Panzer, [1809]; Chilosia 
Agassiz,i846; Cartosyrphus Bigot,i883; Chilomyia Shannon,ig22; Dasychilosia Enderlein,ig36; Chaetochilosia 

5294) Cheilosia Panzer, [1809] (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Cheilosia Panzer, [1809]; Chilosia Agassiz,i846; 
Cartosyrphus Bigot,i883; Chilomyia Shannon,i922; Dasychilosia Enderlein,i936; Chaetochilosia Enderlem.,1936 

5295) Chrysogaster Meigen,i8o3 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Chrysogaster Meigen,i8o3 

5296) Chrysotoxum Meigen,l803 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): #Antiopa Meigen,i8oo; Chrysotoxum 

5297) Dasysyrphus Enderlein,i937 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Dasysyrphus Enderlevn.,1937 

5298) Didea Macquart,l834 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Didea Macquart,i834; Enica Meigen,i838 

5299) Epistrophe (s.str.) Walker,l852 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Epistrophe Walker, 1852; Lagenosyrphus 
Mik.,1897; Eristalosyrphus Matsumura,i9i8; Zimaera Hippa,i968; Stackelbergina Violovitsh,i979 

5300) Epistrophe Walker,l852 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Epistrophe Walker,i852; Lagenosyrphus 
Mik,i897; Eristalosyrphus Matsumura,i9i8; Zimaera Hippa,i968; Stackelbergina Violovitsh,i979 

5301) Episyrphus Matsumura,i9i7 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Episyrphus Matsumura,i9i7; 
Heterepistrophe Szilady,i940 

5302) Eristalinus (Eristalodes) Mik,i897 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Eristalodes Mik,i897 

5303) Eristalinus (Lathyrophthalmus) Mik,i897 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Lathyrophthalmus 

5304) Eristalinus (s.str.) Rondani,[i845] (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Eristalinus Rondani,[i845] 

5305) Eristalinus Rondani, [1845] (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Eristalinus Rondani,[i845] 

5306) Eristalis (Eoseritalis) Latreille,i8o4 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Eoseritalis Latreille,i8o4 

5307) Eristalis Latreille,l804 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): #Tubifera Meigen,i8oo; Elophilus Meigen,i8o3; 
Eristalis Latreille,i804; Helophilus Leach, 1817; Eristaloides Rondani, 1845; Eristalomya Rondam.,1857; 
Eristalomyia VerraU.,1882; Eriops Lioy,i864 

5308) Eumerus Meigen,l822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Eumerus Meigen,i822; Paragopsis Matsumur 0,1916 

5309) Eupeodes Osten-Sacken,l877 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Eupeodes Osten-Sacken,i877; Metasyrphus 
Matsumura,i9i7; Posthosyrphus Enderlein,i938 

5310) Ferdinandea Rondani, 1844 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Ferdinandea Rondani,i844 

5311) Helophilus (Anasimyia) Schiner,i864 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Anasimyia Schiner,i864 

5312) Helophilus Meigen,l822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Helophilus Meigen,i822; Eurimyia Bigot,i883; 
Eurinomyia Mik,i897 

5313) Heringia Rondani, 1856 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Heringia Rondani,i8s6 

5314) Ischiodon Sack,l9l3 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Ischiodon Sack,i9i3; #Ischidon Khaghaninia et 

5315) Lapposyrphus Dusek & Laska,i967 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Lapposyrphus Dusek & Laska,i967 

5316) Lejogaster Rondani,l857 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Lejogaster Rondani,i857; Liogaster 
Verrall,i882; Sulcatella Goffe,i944 

5317) Lejops Rondani, 1857 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Lejops Rondani,i857; #Liops VerraU.,1901 

5318) Leucozona Schiner,i86o (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Leucozona Schiner,i86o 

5319) Mallota Meigen,l822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Mallota Meigen,i822; Zetterstedtia Rondam.,1845; 
Paramesembrinus Shiraki,i930; Pseudomallota Shiraki,i930; Pseudomerodon Shiraki,i930; Bombozelosis 

5320) Melanogaster Rondani, 1857 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Melanogaster Rondani,i857 

5321) Melanostoma Schiner,l86o (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Melanostoma Schiner,i86o; Pachysphyria 

5322) Meliscaeva Frey,i946 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Meliscaeva Frey,i946 

5323) Merodon Meigen,l803 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): #Lampetia Meigen,i8oo; Merodon Meigen,i8o3; 
Exmerodon Becker, 1912 

5324) Mesembrius Rondani, 1857 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Mesembrius Rondani,i857 

5325) Microdon Meigen,l803 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Microdon Meigen,i8o3; Aphritis Latreille,i8o4; 
Dimeraspis Newman, 1838; Colacis Gistel,i848 

5326) Milesia Latreille,l804 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Milesia Latreille,i8o4; Sphixea Rondani,i845 

5327) Myathropa Rondani, [1845] (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Myathropa Rondani,[i845] 

5328) Myolepta Newman, 1838 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Myolepta Newman,i838; Myiolepta 
Newman,i84i; Leptomyia Walker,i85i 

5329) Neoascia Williston,l886 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Ascia Meigen,i822 nee ; Neoascia Williston,i886 

5330) Orthonevra Macquart,l829 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Orthonevra Macquart,i829; Orthoneura 
Loew,i843; Campeneura Rondam.,1856; Camponeura VerraU.,1882 

533i) Palumbia (s.str.) Rondani, 1865 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Palumbia Rondani,i865 

5332) Palumbia Rondani, 1865 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Palumbia Rondani,i86s 

5333) Paragus (Pandasyophtalmus) Stuckenberg,i954 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Pandasyophtalmus 
Stuckenberg ,1 954 

5334) Paragus (s.str.) Latreille,i8o4 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Paragus Latreille,i8o4 

5335) Paragus Latreille,i8o4 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Paragus Latreille,i8o4 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5336) Parasyrphus Matsumura,i9i7 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Parasyrphus Matsumura,igiy 

5337) Parhelophilus Girschner,i897 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Parhelophilus Girschner,i897 

5338) Pelecocera Meigen,i822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Pelecocera Meigen,i822 

5339) Pipiza Fallen, 1810 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Pipiza Fallen,i8io 

5340) Pipizella Rondani,l856 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Pipizella Rondani,i856; Pizipella Schiner ,1862 

5341) Platycheirus Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Platycheirus 
Lepeletier &Audinet-Serville,i828; Platychirus Agassiz,i846; Pachysphyria Enderlein,ig38 

5342) Rhingia Scopoli,i763 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Rhingia Scopoli,i/63 

5343) Riponnensia Maibach, Goeldlin & Speight,i994 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Riponnensia 
Maibach, Goeldlin & Speight,i994 

5344) Scaeva Fabricius,i8o5 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Scaeva Fabricius,i8o5; Lasiopticus Rondam.,1845; 
Catabomba Osten-Sacken,i877 

5345) Sericomyia Meigen,l803 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): #Cinxia Meigen,i8oo; Sericomyia Meigen,i8o3; 
Sericomyza Zetterstedt,i838 

5346) Spazigaster Rondani,l843 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Spazigaster Rondani,i843; Spathegaster 
Schiner, 1868; Spathiog aster Loew,i8/6; Spathidog aster Loew,i8y6 

5347) Sphaerophoria Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Sphaerophoria 
Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828; Melithreptus Loew,i840; Nesosyrphus Frey,i845 

5348) Sphegina (Asiosphegina) Stackelberg,i974 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): #Asiosphegina 
Stackelberg ,1953; Asiosphegina Stackelberg ,1974 

5349) Sphegina (s.str.) Meigen,l822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Sphegina Meigen,i822; Sphecina 
Agassiz,i846; Humatrix Gistel,i848; #Sphoegina Rondani,i857 

5350) Sphegina Meigen,l822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Sphegina Meigen,i822; Sphecina Agassiz,i846; 
Humatrix Gistel,i848; #Sphoegina Rondam.,1857 

535i) Sphiximorpha Rondani,l850 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Sphiximorpha Rondani,i8so; Cerioides 
Rondam.,1850; Sphyximorpha Rondan,i8s6; Sphecomorpha Bezzi,i9o6 nee Hbn.,[i8i3]; Shambalia 

5352) Syritta Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Syritta Lepeletier & 
Audinet-Serville,i828; Coprina Zetterstedt,i838; Xylota Westwood,i840 

5353) Syrphus Fabricius,l775 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Syrphus Fabricius,i775; Syrphidis Goffe,i933 

5354) Temnostoma Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Temnostoma 
Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828 

5355) Tropidia Meigen,i822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Tropidia Meigen,i822 

5356) Volucella Geoffroy,l762 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Volucella Geoffroy,i762; Pterocera Meigen,i8o3; 
Cenogaster Dumeril,i8o6; Temnocera Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville,i828 

5357) Xanthandrus Verrall,i90i (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Xanthandrus Verrall,i90i 

5358) Xanthogramma Schiner,l86o (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): Xanthogramma Schiner ,1860 

5359) Xylota Meigen,l822 (Syrphidae) Synonym(s): #Zelima Meigen,i8oo; Eumeros Meigen,i8o3; 
Heliophilus Meigen,i803; Xylota Meigen,i822; Micraptoma Westwood,i840 

5360) Atylotus Osten Sacken,i876 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Atylotus Osten Sacken,i876; Ochrops 
Szilady,i9i5; Baikalia Surcou/,1921 nee Mart. ,1876; Dasystypia Enderlein,i922; Surcoufiella Bequaert,i924; 
Baikalomyia Stackelberg, 1926; Abatylotus Philip,i948 

5361) Chrysops (Petersenichrysops) Moucha & Chvala,i970 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): 
Petersenichrysops Moucha & Chvala,i970; #Petersenychrysops Kihc,i999 

5362) Chrysops Meigen,i8o3 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Chrysops Meigen,i8o3 

5363) Dasyrhamphis Enderlein,i922 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Dasyrhamphis Enderlem.,1922; 
#Dasyramphis Kihc,2006 

5364) Glaucops Szilady,i923 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Glaucops Szilady,i923 

5365) Haematopota Meigen,l803 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): #Chrysozona Meigen,i8oo; Haematopota 

5366) Hybomitra Enderlein,i922 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Hybomitra Enderlevn.,1922; Tylostypia 
Enderlem.,1922; Didymops Szilady,i922; Sipala Enderlein,i923; Tylostypina Enderlem.,1923; Sziladynus 
Enderlem.,1925; Aplococera Enderlem.,1933; Tibetomyia Olsufjev,ig67; Mouchaemyia Olsufjev,i972 

5367) Nemorius Rondani,l8s6 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Nemorius Rondani,i8s6; Haemophila 
Kriechbaumer,i873 nee Reichenb., 1850; Haematophila Verrall,i882 

5368) Pangonius (Melanopangonius) Szilady,i923 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Melanopangonius 

5369) Pangonius (s.str.) Latreille,l802 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Pangonius Latreille,i8o2; Tanyglossa 
Meigen,i8o4; Pangonia Fabricius,i805; Tacina Walker, 1850; Dasysylvius Enderlein,i922 

5370) Pangonius Latreille,l802 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Pangonius Latreille,i802; Tanyglossa 
Meigen,i8o4; Pangonia Fabricius,i805; Tacina Walker, 1850; Dasysylvius Enderlein,i922 

5371) Philipomyia 01sufjev,i964 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Philipomyia Olsufjev,i964 

5372) Silvius (Heterosilvius) 01sufjev,i970 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Heterosivius Olsufjev,i97o; 
#Heterosivius Kilic,i999 

5373) Silvius Meigen,i830 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Silvius Meigen,i830 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5374) Stonemyia Brennan,i935 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Stonemyia Brennan,ig35 

5375) Tabanus Linnaeus, 1758 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Tabanus Linnaeus, 1758; Phyrta Enderlein,ig22; 
Styporhamphis Enderlein,ig22; Straba Enderlein,ig23; Hybostraba Enderlem.,1923 

5376) Therioplectes Zeller,l842 (Tabanidae) Synonym(s): Therioplectes Zeller,i842; Brachystomus 
Costa.,1857; Sziladya Enderlein,ig23 

5377) Acemya R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Acemya R-D.,1830; Acomyia Agassiz,i846; #Acemyia 

5378) Allophorocera Hendel,i90i (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Allophorocera Hendel,igoi 

5379) Athrycia R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Athrycia R-D.,1830 

5380) Baumhaueria Meigen,i838 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Baumhaueria Meigen,i838 

5381) Besseria R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Besseria R-D.,1830 

5382) Bithia R-D.,1863 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): BithiaR-D.,1863 

5383) Blepharipa Rondani,i8s6 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Blepharipa Rondani,i8s6 

5384) Blondelia R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Blondelia R-D.,1830 

5385) Cadurciella Villeneuve,i927 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Cadurciella Villeneuve,ig27 

5386) Ceratochaetops Mesnil,i954 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Ceratochaetops Mesnil,igs4 

5387) Chetogena Rondani,i8s6 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Chetogena Rondani,i8s6 

5388) Compsilura Bouche,i834 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Compsilura Bouche,i834 

5389) Conogaster Brauer & Bergenstamm,i89i (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Conogaster Brauer & 

5390) Cylindromyia (Calocyptera) Herting,i983 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Calocyptera Herting,ig83 

5391) Cylindromyia (Neocyptera) Townsend,i9i6 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Neocyptera 

5392) Cylindromyia (s.str.) Meigen,i8o3 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Cylindromyia Meigen,i8o3; 
Ocyptera Latreille,i8o4; Elaphroptera Gistel,i848; Catocyptera Townsend,igi5 

5393) Cylindromyia Meigen,l803 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Cylindromyia Meigen,i8o3; Ocyptera 
Latreille,i8o4; Elaphroptera Gistel,i848; Catocyptera Townsend,igi5 

5394) Dinera R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Dinera R-D.,1830; Myocera R-D.,1830; Phorostoma R- 

5395) Drino R-D.,1863 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Drino R-D.,1863 

5396) Ectophasia Townsend, 1912 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Ectophasia Townsend,igi2 

5397) Eliozeta Rondani,i8s6 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Eliozeta Rondani,i8s6 

5398) Epicampocera Macquart,i850 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Epicampocera Macquart,i8so 

5399) Eriothrix Meigen,l803 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Eriothrix Meigen,i8o3; Erithorix Townsend,ign 

5400) Erycia R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Erycia R-D.,1830; Hemimasicera Brauer & 

5401) Erythrocera R-D.,1849 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Erythrocera R-D.,i84g 

5402) Estheria R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Estheria R-D.,1830 

5403) Exorista Meigen,l803 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Exorista Meigen,i8o3; Eutachina Brauer & 

5404) Germaria R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Germaria R-D.,1830; Illigera Meigen,i838; 
Atractochaeta Brauer & Bergenstamm,i88g; Atractogonia Twnsend,ig32; Germarina Mesnil,ig63 

5405) Gonia Meigen,l803 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): #Salmacia Meigen,i8oo; Gonia Meigen,i8o3; 
Reamuria R-D.,1830; Pissemya R-D.,1851; Knabia Townsend,igi5; Cystogonia Townsend,igi5; Cnephalogonia 
Townsend,igi6; Turanogonia Rohdendorf,ig24; Asiogonia Rohdendorf,ig28; Chrysocerogonia Rohdendorf,ig28; 
Eremogonia Rohdendorf,ig28; Fuscigonia Brooks,ig44; Setigonia Brooks, ig44 

5406) Graphogaster Rondani,i868 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Graphogaster Rondani,i868 

5407) Gymnosoma Meigen,l803 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Gymnosoma Meigen,i8o3; Rhodogyne 
Meigen,i830; Stylogymnomyia Brauer & Berg enstamm,i8gi 

5408) Hypovoria Villeneuve,i9i2 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Hypovoria Villeneuve,igi2 

5409) Leskia R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Leskia R-D.,1830; Leschia Rondani,i86i; Lesnia 

5410) Leucostoma Meigen,i8o3 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Leucostoma Meigen,i8o3 

5411) Linnaemya R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Linnaemya R-D.,1830; Bonnellia R-D.,1830; 
Linnaemyia R-D.,1830; Micropalpis Macquart,i834; Bonnellimyia Townsend,igig; Eugymnochaetopsis 
Townsend,ig27; Palpina Malloch,ig27; Hemilinnaemyia Villeneuve,ig32; Eurysurstyla Chao &Shi,iggo 

5412) Loewia Egger,i8s6 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Loewia Egger,i8s6 

5413) Lophosia Meigen,i824 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Lophosia Meigen,i824 

5414) Macquartia R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Macquartia R-D.,1830; Proteremoplax 
Enderlein,ig36; Hesionella Mesnil,ig72 nee Hart.,ig3g 

5415) Masicera Macquart,i834 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Masicera Macquart,i834 

5416) Medina R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Medina R-D.,1830 

5417) Meigenia R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Meigenia R-D.,1830 

5418) Mintho R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Mintho R-D.,1830 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5419) Myxexoristops Townsend,i9ii (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Myxexoristops Townsend,igii 

5420) Nemoraea R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Nemoraea R-D.,1830 

5421) Nemorilla Rondani,i8s6 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Nemorilla Rondani,i8s6 

5422) Nilea R-D., 1863 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Nilea R-D.,1863 

5423) Nowickia Wachtl,i894 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Nowickia Wachtl,i8g4 

5424) Pales R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Pales R-D.,1830 

5425) Palesisa Villeneuve,i929 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Palesisa Villeneuve,ig2g 

5426) Pandelleia Villeneuve,i907 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Pandelleia Villeneuve,igo7 

5427) Peleteria R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Peleteria R-D.,1830 

5428) Phasia (Hyalomya) R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Hyalomya R-D.,1830 

5429) Phasia Latreille,i8o4 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Phasia Latreille,i8o4; Alophora R-D.,1830; 
Alophorella Townsend,igi2; Alophoropsis Toumsend,igi5; Alophorellopsis Townsend,ig2y; Brumptallophora 
Dupuis,ig4g; Androeuryops Beneway,ig6i; Barbella Draber-Monko,ig65 

5430) Phryno R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Phryno R-D.,1830 

5431) Phryxe R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Phryxe R-D.,1830; Blepharidea Rondani,i8s6; 
Eurygastrina Lioy,i864; Blepharidopsis Brauer & Bergenstamm,i8gi 

5432) Pseudogonia Brauer & Bergenstamm,[i889] (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Pseudogonia Brauer & 

5433) Rondania R-D. ,1850 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Rondania R-D. ,1850 

5434) Senometopia Macquart,i834 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Carcelia R-D.,1830; Senometopia 

5435) Simoma Aldrich,i926 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): SimomaAldrich,ig26 

5436) Spallanzania R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Spallanzania R-D.,1830; Cnephalia 
Rondam.,1856; Acroglossa Williston,i88g; Cnephalomyia Townsend,ign; Cnephaliops Townsend,igi5; 
Imaguncula Reinhard,ig58 

5437) Stomina R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Stomina R-D.,1830 

5438) Tachina (Echinogaster) Lioy,i864 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Echinogaster Lioy,i864 

5439) Tachina (Eudoromyia) Bezzi,i9o6 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Eudora R-D.,1863 (praeocc); 
Eudoromyia Bezzi,igo6 

5440) Tachina (Servillia) R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Servillia R-D.,1830; Pelus Gistl,i848 

5441) Tachina (s.str.) Meigen,l803 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Tachina Meigen,i8o3; Echinomyia 
Latreille,i8o4; Faunia R-D.,1830; Periechusa Gistel,i848; Pelus Gistel,i848; #Tachna Walker,i84g; Pareudora 
Wachtl,i8g4; Eupeleteria Townsend,igo8; Larvaevora Hendel,igo8; Laufferia Strobl,igog nee Bol.,igos; 
Smirnoviola Zimin,ig3i; Parasmirnoviola Chao,ig62 

5442) Tachina Meigen,l803 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Tachina Meigen,i8o3; Echinomyia Latreille,i8o4; 
Faunia R-D.,1830; Periechusa Gistel,i848; Pelus Gistel,i848; #Tachna Walker,i84g; Pareudora Wachtl,i8g4; 
Eupeleteria Townsend,igo8; Larvaevora Hendel,igo8; Laufferia Strobl,igog nee Bol.,igo5; Smirnoviola 
Zimin,ig3i; Parasmirnoviola Chao,ig62 

5443) Thelymorpha Brauer & Bergenstamm,i889 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Thelymorpha Brauer & 

5444) Townsendiellomyia Baranoff,i932 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Townsendiellomyia Baranoff,ig32 

5445) Voria R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Voria R-D.,1830 

5446) Wagneria R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Wagneria R-D.,1830 

5447) Wardarina Mesnil,i956 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Wardarina Mesnil,igs6 

5448) Xysta Meigen,l829 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Xysta Meigen,i82g; #Xista Rondani,i856 

5449) Zaira R-D.,1830 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Zaira R-D.,1830; Fabricia Meigen,i838 nee Blainv.,1828; 
Sitophaga Gistel,i848; Biomya Rondam.,1856; Viviania Rondani,i86i; Pseudatractocera 
Townsend,i8g2;Eubiomyia Townsend,igi6; Thematheca Reinhard,ig6i;Nearchus Reinhard,ig64 nee Redt.,igo8 

5450) Zeuxia Meigen,i826 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Zeuxia Meigen,i826 

5451) Zophomyia Macquart,i835 (Tachinidae) Synonym(s): Zophomyia Macquart,i835 

5452) Brachyptera Newport,i848 (Taeniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Brachyptera Newport, 18 48; 
Nephotheryx Navas,igi5; Zhiltzovia Ricker & Ross,igys 

5453) Rhabdiopteryx Klapalek,i902 (Taeniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Rhabdiopteryx Klapalek,igo2 

5454) Taeniopteryx Pictet,l84l (Taeniopterygidae) Synonym(s): Taeniopteryx Pictet,i84i; Nephopteryx 
Klapalek,igo2; Nephelopteryx Klapalek,igo3 

5455) Accanthopus Dejean,i82i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Accanthopus Dejean,i82i; Enoplopus 

5456) Adelina Wollaston,l858 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): #Adelina Dejean,i835; Adelina 

5457) Adelostoma (s.str.) Duponchel,i827 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Adelostoma Duponchel,i82y; 
Polyscopus Waltl,i835 

5458) Adelostoma Duponchel,i827 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Adelostoma Duponchel,i82y; 
Polyscopus Waltl,i835 

5459) Adesmia (Macradesmia) Koch, 1944 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Macradesmia Koch,ig44 

5460) Adesmia (Oteroscelis) Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Oteroscelis Solier,i835 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5461) Adesmia Fischer von Waldheim,i822 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Adesmia Fischer von 
Waldheim.,1822; Adesma Percheron,i835 

5462) Akis Herbst, 1799 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Akis Herbst,i7gg 

5463) Alphitobius Stephens, 1829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Alphitobius Stephens,i82g 

5464) Alphitophagus Stephens, 1832 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Alphitophagus Stephens,i832 

5465) Ammobius Guerin-Meneville,i844 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Ammobius Guerin- 

5466) Amnodeis Miller,i858 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Amnodeis Miller, 1858 

5467) Belopus (Centorus) Mulsant,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Centorus Mulsant,i854 

5468) Belopus Gebien,i9ii (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Belopus Gebien,igii 

5469) Blaps Fab ricius, 1775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Blaps Fabricius, 1775 

5470) Bolitophagus Illiger,i798 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Bolitophagus Illiger,i7g8; Boletophagus 
Say, 1826 

5471) Brachyesthes Fairmaire,i868 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Brachyesthes Fairmaire,i868 

5472) Cabirutus Strand, 1929 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cabirus Mulsant & Rey,i853 (praeocc.); 
Cabirutus Strand,ig2g 

5473) Caenoblaps K6nig,i9o6 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Caenoblaps K6nig,igo6 

5474) Calyptopsis Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Calyptropsis Tate,i8g3 

5475) Calyptopsis Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Calyptopsis Solier,i835; Choristopsis 

5476) Cataphronetis Lucas,i846 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cataphronetis Lucas, 1846 

5477) Catomus (Stenomacidius) Seidlitz,i896 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Stenomacidius 

5478) Catomus Allard,i876 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Catomus Allard,i876 

5479) Cephalostenus Dejean,i834 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cephalostenus Dejean,i834 

5480) Ceratanisus Gemminger,i870 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Ceratanisus Gemminger,i870 

5481) Cheirodes (Anemia) Laporte,i840 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Anemia Laporte, 1840 

5482) Cheirodes Gene, 1839 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cheirodes Gene,i83g 

5483) Clitobius Mulsant & Rey,i853 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Clitobius Mulsant & Rey, 1853 

5484) Cnemeplatia A.Costa, 1847 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): CnemeplatiaA.Costa,i847 

5485) Colpotus Mulsant & Rey,i853 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Colpotus Mulsant & Rey, 1853 

5486) Cossyphus Olivier, 1791 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cossyphus Olivier, i7gi 

5487) Cryphaeus Klug,[i833] (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cryphaeus Klug ,[1833] 

5488) Crypticus (Platycrypticus) Espanol,i95i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Platycrypticus 

5489) Crypticus Latreille,i8i7 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Crypticus Latreille,i8i7 

5490) Cylindrinotus (s.str.) Faldermann,i837 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cylindrinotus 
Faldermann,i837; Cylindronotus Agassiz,i846 

5491) Cylindronotus (Helopelius) Reitter,i922 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Helopelius Reitter,ig22 

5492) Cylindronotus (Odocnemis) Allard,i876 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Odocnemis Allard,i876 

5493) Cylindronotus (Omaleis) Allard,i877 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Omaleis Allard,i877 

5494) Cylindronotus (Stenomax) Allard,i876 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): StenomaxAllard,i876 

5495) Cylindronotus Faldermann,l837 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cylindrinotus Faldermann,i837; 
Cylindronotus Agassiz,i846 

5496) Cyphogenia (Lechriomus) Morawitz,i866 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Lechriomus 

5497) Cyphogenia Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Cyphogenia Solier, 1835 

5498) Dailognatha Eschscholtz,i829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dailognatha Eschscholtz,i82g; 
Gnathosia Lacordaire,i8sg 

5499) Dailognatha Eschscholtz, 1829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dailognatha Eschscholtz,i82g 

5500) Dendarus (Pandarinus) Mulsant & Rey,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pandarinus 
Mulsant & Rey, 1854 

5501) Dendarus (Pandarus) Faldermann,i837 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pandarus 
Faldermann,i837 nee Leach,i8i6 

5502) Dendarus Dejean,i82i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dendarus Dejean,i82i 

5503) Diaclina Jacquelin du Val,i86i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Diaclina Jacquelin du Val,i86i 

5504) Diaperis Geoffroy,i762 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Diaperis Geoffroy,i762 

5505) Dichillus (Dichillinus) Reitter,i9i6 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dichillinus Reitter,igi6 

5506) Dichillus (Dichillocerus) Reitter,i9i6 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dichillocerus Reitter,igi6 

5507) Dichillus Jacquelin du Val,i86i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dichillus Jacquelin du Val,i86i 

5508) Dichomma Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Dichomma Solier,i835 

5509) Dissonomus Jacquelin du Val,i86i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Heterophyllus Mulsant & 
Rey,i85g (praeocc); Dissonomus Jacquelin du Val,i86i 

5510) Eledona Latreille,i796 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Eledona Latreille,i7g6 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5511) Entomogonus (Delonurops) Reitter,i922 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Delonur ops Reitter, 1922 

5512) Entomogonus (Eutelogonus) Reitter, 1922 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Eutelogonus 
Reitter, 1922 

5513) Entomogonus Solier,i848 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Entomogonus Solier, 1848 

5514) Erodius Fabricius,i775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Erodius Fabricius,i775 

5515) Euboeus Boieldieu,i865 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Euboeus Boieldieu,i86s 

5516) Eutagenia Reitter, 1886 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Eutagenia Reitter,i886 

5517) Gnaptor Brulle, 1832 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Gnaptor Brulle,i832; Petrobius Brulle,i832 

5518) Gnathocerus Agassiz,i846 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Gnathocerus Agassiz,i846 

5519) Gonocephalum Chevrolat,i845 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Gonocephalum Chevrolat,i845 

5520) Graecopachys Skopin,i968 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Graecopachys Skopin,i968 

5521) Gunarus Gozis,i886 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Gunarus Gozis,i886 

5522) Hedyphanes Fischer von Waldheim,i822 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Hedyphanes Fischer 
von Waldheim.,1822; #Hediphanes Ferrer & Soldati,i999 

5523) Helops (Mesohelops) Reitter, 1922 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Mesohelops Reitter, 1922 

5524) Helops (s.str.) Fabricius,i775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Helops Fabricius,i775 

5525) Helops Fabricius,i775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Helops Fabricius,i775 

5526) Hymenalia Mulsant,i856 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Hymenalia Mulsant,i8s6 

5527) Idastrandiella Strand, 1929 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Idastrandiella Strand,i929 

5528) Iphthimulus Reitter, 1920 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Iphthimulus Reitter, 1920 

5529) Laena Dejean,l82l (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Laena Dejean,i82i; #Leaena Dah.1,1823 

5530) Latheticus Waterhouse,i88o (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): LatheticusWaterhouse,i88o 

5531) Leichenum Blanchard,i845 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Leichenum Blanchard,i845 

5532) Lobodera (Penthomegus) Reitter, 1904 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Penthomegus Reitter, 1904 

5533) Lobodera Mulsant & Rey, 1859 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Lobodera Mulsant & Rey, 1859 

5534) Lyphia Mulsant & Rey,i859 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Lyphia Mulsant & Rey ,1859 

5535) Megischina Reitter, 1906 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Megischina Reitter, 1906 

5536) Melanimon Steven, 1829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Melanimon Steven,i829; Microzoum 
Redtenbacher,i 845 

5537) Menephilus Mulsant,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Menephilus Mulsant,i8s4 

5538) Mesomorphus Miedel,i88o (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Mesomorphus Miedel,i88o 

5539) Mesostena Eschscholtz,i83i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Mesostena Eschscholtz,i83i 

5540) Metaclisa Jacquelin du Val,i86i (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Metaclisa Jacquelin du Val,i86i 

5541) Micrositus Mulsant & Rey,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Micrositus Mulsant & Rey, 1854 

5542) Nalassus (Helopondrus) Reitter, 1922 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Helopondrus Reitter, 1922 

5543) Nalassus Mulsant,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Nalassus Mulsant,i854 

5544) Neatus LeConte,i862 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Neatus LeConte,i862 

5545) Omophlus (Odontomophlus) Seidlitz,i896 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Odontomophlus 

5546) Omophlus (s.str.) Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Omophlus Solier, 1835 

5547) Omophlus Solier, 1835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Omophlus Solier, 1835 

5548) Oochrotus Lucas, 1852 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Oochrotus Lucas,i852 

5549) Opatroides Brulle, 1832 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Opatroides Brulle,i832; Penthicus 

5550) Opatrum Fabricius,i775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Opatrum Fabricius,i775 

555 1 ) Pachyscelis Solier, 1836 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pachyscelis Solier, 1836; Phymatiotris 
Solier, 1836 

5552) Palorus (Circomus) Fleischer, 1900 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Circomus Fleischer, 1900 

5553) Palorus Mulsant,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Palorus Mulsant,i8s4 

5554) Pedinus (Vadalus) Mulsant & Rey, 1853 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Vadalus Mulsant & 
Rey, 1853^ 

5555) Pedinus Latreille,i796 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pedinus Latreille, 1796 

5556) Pentaphyllus Latreille, 1829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pentaphyllus Latreille, 1829 

5557) Phaleria Latreille, 1802 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Phaleria Latreille, 1802 

5558) Phtora Germar,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Phtora Germar,i835 

5559) Pimelia (Camphonota) Solier,i836 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Camphonota Solier ,1836 

5560) Pimelia (Eurypimelia) Reitter, 1915 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Eurypimelia Reitter, 1915 

5561) Pimelia (Gedeon) Reiche & Saulcy,i857 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Gedeon Reiche & 

5562) Pimelia (Melanostola) Dejean,i834 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Melanostola Dejean,i834 

5563) Pimelia (s.str.) Fabricius,i775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pimelia Fabricius,i775 

5564) Pimelia Fabricius, 1775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pimelia Fabricius, 1775 

5565) Platydema Laporte & Brulle, 1831 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Platydema Laporte & Brulle,i83i 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5566) Podonta Solier,i835 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Podonta Solier,i835 

5567) Polycoelogastridion Reichardt,i936 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Polycoelogastridion 

5568) Probaticus (Pelorinus) de Vauloger,i900 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pelorinus de 

5569) Probaticus (s.str.) Seidlitz,i896 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Probaticus Seidlitz,i8g6 

5570) Probaticus Seidlitz,i896 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Probaticus Seidlitz, 1896 

5571) Raiboscelis Seidlitz, 1896 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Raiboscelis Seidlitz, 1896 

5572) Scaurus Fab ricius, 1775 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Scaurus Fabricius, 1775 

5573) Scleron Hope, 1840 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Scler on Hope, 1840 

5574) Sitophagus Mulsant,i854 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Sitophagus Mulsant,i854 

5575) Stegastopsis Kraatz,i865 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Stegastopsis Kraatz,i86s; Ohyonthis 

5576) Stenosis Herbst,i799 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Stenosis Herbst,i799 

5577) Sternoplax (Pachysternoplax) Skopin,i973 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Pachysternoplax 

5578) Sternoplax Frivaldsky,i890 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Sternoplax Frivaldsky, 1890 

5579) Teles Mulsant & Godart,i876 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Teles Mulsant & Godart,i876 

5580) Tenebrio Linnaeus, 1758 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Tenebrio Linnaeus, 1758 

5581) Tentyria Latreille,l802 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Tentyria Latreille,i8o2; Heliodromus 

5582) Trachyderma Latreille,i829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Trachyderma Latreille,i829 

5583) Trachyscelis Latreille,i8o9 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Trachyscelis Latreille,i8o9 

5584) Tribolium MacLeay,i825 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): TriboliumMacLeay,i825 

5585) Uloma Latreille,i829 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Uloma Latreille,i829 

5586) Zophosis (Oculosis) Penrith, 1977 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Oculosis Penrith.,1977 

5587) Zophosis (Septentriophosis) Penrith, 1982 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Septentriophosis 

5588) Zophosis Latreille,i8o2 (Tenebrionidae) Synonym(s): Zophosis Latreille, 1802 

5589) Aglaostigma (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): 

5590) Allantus Panzer,l8oi (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Allantus Panzer,i8oi; Anemphytus Dovnar- 
Zapolski,i930; Synemphytus Malaise, 1945 

5591) Ametastegia Costa, 1882 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Ametastegia Costa,i882; Aomodyctium 
Ashmead,i898; Protemphytus Rohwer,i909; Emphytina Rohwer,i9ii; Simplemphytus MacGillivray,i9i4; 
Unitaxonus MacGillivray,i9i4 

5592) Apethymus Benson, 1939 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Apethymus Benson,i939; Kjellia 
Malaise, 1947 

5593) Athalia Leach, 1817 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Athalia Leacb.,1817; Denathalia Benson,i93i 

5594) Caliroa O.Costa,i859 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Caliroa O.Costa,i859 

5595) Cladius Illiger,i8o7 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Cladius Illiger,i8o7 

5596) Cuneala Zirngiebl,l956 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Cuneala Zirngiebl,i956; Parastasis 
Kirby,i88i; Labidia Provancher,i886; Rethrax Cameron,i899; Fethali Cameron,i902; Clydostomus Konow,i9o8; 
Tenthredella Rohwer,i9io; Zamacrophya Rohwer,i9i2 

5597) Elinora Benson, 1946 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Elinora Benson,i946 

5598) Eriocampa Hartig,l837 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Eriocampa Hartig,i837; Brachyocampa 

5599) Eutomostethus Enslin,i9i3 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Eutomostethus Enslin,i9i3 

5600) Fenusa Leach, 1817 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Fenusa Leacb.,1817 

5601) Macrophya Dahlbom,l835 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Macrophya Dahlbom,i835; Zalagium 
Rohwer,i9i2; Beldonea Enderlem.,1919 nee Cameron,i899; Paramacrophya Forsius,i9i8 

5602) Messa Leach, 1817 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Messa Leach, 1817 

5603) Monophadnoides Ashmead,i898 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Monophadnoides Ashmead,i898 

5604) Monophadnus Hartig,i837 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Monophadnus Hartig,i837 

5605) Pachyprotasis Hartig,l837 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Pachyprotasis Hartig,i837; Lithracia 

5606) Rhogogaster Konow,l884 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Rhogogaster Konow,i884; Rhogogastera 

5607) Sciapteryx Stephens, 1835 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Sciapteryx Stephens,i835; Eniscia 
Thomson,i870; Sciapterina Ushinskij ,1940 

5608) Selandria Leach, 1817 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Selandria Leach,i8i7 

5609) Seljukia Benson, 1966 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Seljukia Benson,i966; Anatoliroa Muche,i983 

5610) Stethomostus Benson, 1939 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Stethomostus Benson,i939 

5611) Tenthredo (Cephaledo) Zhelochovtsev,i988 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Cephaledo 
Zhelochovtsev ,1988 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5612) Tenthredo (Elinora) Benson, 1946 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Elinora Benson,ig46 

5613) Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758; Parastasis 
Kirby,i88i; Labidia Provancher,i886; Rethrax Cameron,i8gg; Fethalia Cameron,igo2; Clydostomus 
Konow,igo8; Tenthredina Rohwer,igio; Zamacrophya Rohwer,igi2 

5614) Tenthredopsis Costa, 1859 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Tenthredopsis Costa,i8sg; Ebolia 
Costa,i85g; Thomsonia Konow,i884; Eutenthredopsis Enslin,igi3 

5615) Tomostethus Konow,i886 (Tenthredinidae) Synonym(s): Tomostethus Konow,i886 

5616) Acanthiophilus Becker,i9o8 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Acanthiophilus Becker, igo8 

5617) Aciura R-D., 1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Aciura R-D.,1830 

5618) Actinoptera Rondani,i87i (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Actinoptera Rondani,i87i 

5619) Bactrocera (Daculus) Speiser,i924 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Daculus Speiser,ig24 

5620) Bactrocera Macquart,i835 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Bactrocera Macquart,i835 

5621) Campiglossa Rondani,l870 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Campiglossa Rondani,i870; Campiglossa 
Hendel,ig24; Paroxyna Hendel,ig27; Whiteina Korneyev ,ig8g 

5622) Capitetes Foete & Freidberg,i98i (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Capitetes Foete & Freidberg,ig8i 

5623) Carpomya Costa,i854 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Carpomya Costa,i854 

5624) Ceratitis (s.str.) Mac Leay,l829 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Ceratitis Mac Leay,i82g; Pinacochaeta 

5625) Ceratitis Mac Leay,l829 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Ceratitis Mac Leay,i82g; Pinacochaeta 

5626) Chaetorellia Hendel,i927 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Chaetorellia Hendel,ig27 

5627) Chaetostomella Hendel, 1927 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Chaetostomella Hendel,ig27 

5628) Dioxyna Frey,i945 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): DioxynaFrey,ig45 

5629) Ensina R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Ensina R-D.,1830 

5630) Euaresta Loew,i873 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Euaresta Loew,i873 

5631) Euleia Walker,i835 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Euleia Walker, 1835 

5632) Goniurellia Hendel, 1927 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Goniurellia Hendel,ig27 

5633) Hendrella Munro,i938 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Hendrella Munro,ig38 

5634) Heringina Aczel,i940 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Heringina Aczel,ig40 

5635) Hypenidium Loew,i862 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Hypenidium Loew,i862 

5636) Myoleja Rondani,i8s6 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Myoleja Rondani,i8s6 

5637) Noeeta R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Noeeta R-D.,1830 

5638) Orellia R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Orellia R-D.,1830 

5639) Oxyaciura R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Oxyaciura R-D.,1830 

5640) Oxyna R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Oxyna R-D.,1830 

5641) Rhagoletis Loew,i862 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Rhagoletis Loew,i862 

5642) Spathulina Rondani,i8s6 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Spathulina Rondani,i8s6 

5643) Sphenella R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Sphenella R-D.,1830 

5644) Tephritis Latreille,l804 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Tephritis Latreille,i8o4; Acrorellia Wang,iggo; 
Pangasella V .Richter ,igg$ 

5645) Tephritomyia Hendel,i927 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Tephritomyia Hendel,ig27 

5646) Terellia (Cerajocera) Rondani,i8s6 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Cerajocera Rondani,i8s6; 
#Ceriocera Rondam.,1870 

5647) Terellia (s.str.) R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Terellia R-D.,1830 

5648) Terellia R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Terellia R-D.,1830 

5649) Trupanea Schrank,l795 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Trupanea Schrank,i7gs; Trypanea Agassiz,i846 

5650) Urophora R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): #EuribiaMeigen,i8oo; Urophora R-D.,1830 

5651) Xyphosia R-D.,1830 (Tephritidae) Synonym(s): Xyphosia R-D.,1830 

5652) Tethina Haliday,l837 (Tethinidae) Synonym(s): Tethina Haliday,i837; Rhicnoessa Loew,i862; 
Phy corny za Melander \1g52 

5653) Epiclerus Haliday,i844 (Tetracampidae) Synonym(s): Epiclerus Haliday,i844 

5654) Eremocampe Sugonjaev,i97i (Tetracampidae) Synonym(s): Eremocampe Sugonjaev,ig7i 

5655) Foersterella Dalla Torre, 1897 (Tetracampidae) Synonym(s): Hyperbius F6rster,i878 (praeocc); 
Foersterella Dalla Torre,i8g7 

5656) Platynocheilus Westwood,i837 (Tetracampidae) Synonym(s): Platynocheilus Westwood,i837 

5657) Depressotetrix Karaman,i96o (Tetrigidae) Synonym(s): Depressotetrix Karaman,ig6o 

5658) Mistshenkotetrix Harz,l973 (Tetrigidae) Synonym(s): Mesotettix Bei-Bienko,ig5i nee 
Matsum.,igi4; Mistshenkotetrix Harz,ig73 

5659) Paratettix Bolivar,i887 (Tetrigidae) Synonym(s): Paratettix Bolivar,i887 

5660) Tetrix Latreille,l802 (Tetrigidae) Synonym(s): Tetrix Latreille,i8o2; Tettix Dalman,i823 

5661) Brachyceps Kirkaldy,i9o6 (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Brachycephalus Signoret,i866 
(praeocc); Brachyceps Kirkaldy,igo6 

5662) Micrometrina Lindberg,i948 (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Micrometrina Lindberg,ig48 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5663) Tettigometra (Hystrigonia) Emelyanov,i98o (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Hystrigonia 
Emelyanov,i 980 

5664) Tettigometra (Metroplaca) Emelyanov,i98o (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Metroplaca 
Emelyanov,i 980 

5665) Tettigometra (Mitricephalus) Signoret,i866 (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Mitricephalus 

5666) Tettigometra (Stirometra) Emelyanov,i98o (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Stirometra 
Emelyanov,i 980 

5667) Tettigometra (s.str.) Latreille,i8o4 (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Tettigometra Latreille,i8o4 

5668) Tettigometra Latreille,i8o4 (Tettigometridae) Synonym(s): Tettigometra Latreille,i8o4 

5669) Acrometopa Fieber,i853 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Acrometopa Fieber,i8s3 

5670) Anadolua Ramme,i939 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Anadolua Ramme,i939 

5671) Anadrymadusa (s.str.) Karabag,i96i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Anadrymadusa Karabag,i96i 

5672) Anadrymadusa Karabag,i96i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Anadrymadusa Karabag, 1961 

5673) Ancistrura Uvarov,i92i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Ancistrura Uvarov,i92i 

5674) Anterastes Brunner von Wattenwyl,i882 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Anterastes Brunner von 

5675) Apholidoptera Maran,i953 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): #Apholidoptera Ramme,i95i; 
Apholidoptera Maran,i953 

5676) Artvinia Karabag, 1962 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Artvinia Karabag, 1962 

5677) Bolua Unal, 1999 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Bolua Unal,i999 

5678) Bradyporus (Callimenus) Fischer von Waldheim,i830 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): 
Callimenus Fischer von Waldheim.,1830; #Callimus Fischer von Waldheim.,1833 

5679) Bradyporus Charpentier,l825 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Bradyporus Charpentier,i825; 
Derallimus CaudeU.,1912; Dinarchus Stal,i874 

5680) Bucephaloptera Ebner,i923 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Bucephaloptera Ebner,i923 

5681) Conocephalus (Anisoptera) Latreille,i829 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Anisoptera 
Latreille,i829; Xiphidion Serville,i83i; Xiphidium Burmeister,i838; Palotta Walker, 1869; Neoxiphidion 
Karny,i9i2; Thecoxiphidion Karny,i9i2; Amurocephalus Storozhenko,2004 

5682) Conocephalus (s.str.) Thunberg,i8i5 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Conocephalus Thunberg,i8is; 
Xiphidium Burmeister,i838; Xyphidium Fieber,i853; Anarthropus Rehn & Hebard,i9is; Aphauropus Rehn & 

5683) Decticus Audinet-Serville,i83i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Decticus Audinet-Serville,i83i 

5684) Drymadusa Stein, i860 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Drymadusa Stein,i86o 

5685) Ephippiger Berthold,l827 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Ephippiger Berthold,i82y; Ephippigera 

5686) Eupholidoptera Maran,i953 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): #Eupholidoptera Ramme,i95i; 
Eupholidoptera Maran,i953; Karabagia Harz,i979 

5687) Exopholidoptera Unal,i998 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Exopholidoptera Unal,i998 

5688) Festella Giglio-Tos,i894 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Festella Giglio-Tos,i894 

5689) Gampsocleis Fieber,i852 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Gampsocleis Fieber,i852 

5690) Isophya Brunner von Wattenwyl,i878 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Isophya Brunner von 
Wattenwy 1,1878; Jaquetia Saussure,i898 

5691) Koroglus Unal,2002 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Koroglus Unal,2002 

5692) Kurdia Uvarov,i9i6 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Kurdia Uvarov,i9i6 

5693) Leptodusa Stolyar,i994 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Leptodusa Stolyar,i994 

5694) Leptophyes Fieber,i852 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Leptophyes Fieber,i852 

5695) Lithodusa Bei-Bienko,i95i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Lithodusa Bei-Bienko,i95i 

5696) Meconema Serville,i83i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Meconema Serville,i83i 

5697) Medecticus Uvarov,i9i2 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Medecticus Uvarov,i9i2 

5698) Metrioptera (Bicolorana) Zeuner,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Bicolor ana Zeuner, 1941 

5699) Metrioptera (Broughtonia) Harz,ig69 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Broughtonia Harz,i969 

5700) Metrioptera (Roeseliana) Zeuner,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Roeseliana Zeuner, 1941 

5701) Metrioptera (Vichetia) Harz,i969 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Vichetia Harz,i969 

5702) Novadrymadusa Demirsoy, Salman & Sevgili,2002 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): 
Novadrymadusa Demirsoy, Salman & Sevgili,2002 

5703) Pachytrachis Uvarov,l940 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Pachytrachelus Fieber,i853; Pachytrachis 

5704) Paradrymadusa Herman, 1874 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Paradrymadusa Herman, 187 4; 
Paradrynadosa Kirby,i9o6 

5705) Parapholidoptera Maran,i953 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): #Parapholidoptera Ramme,i95i; 
Parapholidoptera Maran,i953 

5706) Parapoecilimon Karabag, 1975 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Parapoecilimon Karabag, 1975 

5707) Pezodrymadusa Karabag,i96i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Pezodrymadusa Karabag, 1961 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5708) Phaneroptera (Erdemia) Kocak & Kemal,2009 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Erdemia Kocak & 

5709) Phaneroptera (s.str.) Audinet-Serville,i83i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Phaneroptera 
Audinet-Serville,i83i; Dannfeltia Sjostedt,igoi; Anerota Caudell,ig2i; Paranerota Karny,ig26; Euanerota 

5710) Phaneroptera Audinet-Serville,i83i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Phaneroptera Audinet- 
Serville,i83i; Dannfeltia Sjostedt,igoi; Anerota Caudell,ig2i; Paranerota Karny,ig26; Euanerota Karny,ig2y 

5711) Pholidoptera Wesmael,i838 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Pholidoptera Wesmael,i838 

5712) Phonochorion Uvarov,i9i6 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Phonochorion Uvarov,igi6 

5713) Phytodrymadusa Ramme,i939 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Phytodrymadusa Ramme,ig3g 

5714) Platycleis (Incertana) Zeuner,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Incertana Zeuner,ig4i; Platycleis 
(s.str.) sensu Ciplak et al.,2002: 211! 

5715) Platycleis (Montana) Zeuner,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Montana Zeuner,ig 41 

5716) Platycleis (Sepiana) Zeuner,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Sepiana Zeuner,ig4i 

5717) Platycleis (Sporadiana) Zeuner,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Sporadiana Zeuner,ig4i 

5718) Platycleis (Squamiana) Zeuner,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Squamiana Zeuner,ig4i 

5719) Platycleis (Tessellana) Zeller,i94i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Tessellana Zeller,ig4i 

5720) Platycleis (Yalvaciana) Qiplak, Heller & Demirsoy,2002 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): 
Yalvaciana Qiplak, Heller & Demirsoy,2002 

5721) Platycleis (s.str.) Fieber,l853 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Chelidoptera Wesmael,i838; Platycleis 

5722) Poecilimon Fischer,l853 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Poecilimon Fischer,i853; #Poecilemon 
Kirby,igo6; Poecilimonella Uvarov,ig2i; Eupoecilimon Tarbinsky,ig32; Micrimon Ramme,ig42; Artvinia 
Karabag ,1962; #Micromon Otte,iggy 

5723) Polysarcus Fieber,[l853] (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Polysarcus Fieber, [1853]; Orphania 
Fieber ,1853; Hadrosoma Fieber,i854 

5724) Psorodonotus Brunner von Wattenwyl,i86i (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Peltastes Fischer von 
Waldheim,i83g; Psorodonotus Brunner von Wattenwyl,i86i; Semenovites Tarbinsky ,1932 

5725) Rammeola Uvarov,i934 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Rammeola Uvarov,ig34 

5726) Rhacocleis Fieber,i853 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Rhacocleis Fieber, 1853; Scirtobaenus 

5727) Ruspolia Schulthess Schindler,i898 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Ruspolia Schulthess 
Schindler,i8g8; Homorocoryphus Karny,igo7 

5728) Saga Charpentier,l825 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Saga Charpentier,i825; Tettigopsis Fischer von 

5729) Scotodrymadusa Ramme,i939 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Scotodrymadusa Ramme,ig3g 

5730) Sureyaella Uvarov,i934 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Sureyaella Uvarov,ig34 

5731) Tettigonia Linnaeus, 1758 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Tettigonia Linnaeus, 1758; Locusta 
Geoffroy,i762; Phasgonura Stephens,i835; Eumenymus Pictet,i888 

5732) Trigonocorypha Stal,i873 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Trigonocorypha Stal,i873; 

5733) Tylopsis Fieber, 1853 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): Tylopsis Fieber,i853; Centrophorus Fischer von 

5734) Uvarovistia Maran,l953 (Tettigoniidae) Synonym(s): #Uvarovistia Ramme,ig5i; Uvarovistia 

5735) Acrosathe Irwin & Lyneborg,l98l (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Acrosathe Irwin &Lyneborg,ig8i 

5736) Ammothereva Lyneborg,i984 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Ammothereva Lyneborg,ig84 

5737) Baryphora Loew,i844 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Baryphora Loew,i844 

5738) Pandivirilia Irwin & Lyneborg,i98i (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Pandivirilia Irwin & 
Lyneborg ,ig8i 

5739) Phycus Walker, 1850 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Phycus Walker,i8so; Caenophanes Loew,i874; 
Caenophanomyia Bezzi,igo2; Paraphycus Becker, ig22 nee Girault,igi5 (hom.n.) 

5740) Salentia A.Costa,i857 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Salentia A.Costa,i857 

5741) Schoutedenomyia Krober, 1936 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Schoutedenomyia Krober ,1936 

5742) Thereva Latreille,l796 (Therevidae) Synonym(s): Thereva Latreille,i7g6; Exapata Macquart,i840; 
Therena Loew,i854; Thereua Agassiz,i846; Neothereva Krober,igi2; Caenozona Krbber,igi2; Athereva 
Krober, 1925; Reinigiellum Enderlein,ig34; 

5743) Agramma (s.str.) Stephens, 1829 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Agramma Stephens,i82g; Serenthia 
Spinola,i837; Wombalia Schouteden,igig; Paraserenthia E.Wagner,ig4i; Serenthiella E.Wagner, 1941; Drakea 

5744) Agramma Stephens, 1829 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Agramma Stephens, i82g; Serenthia Spinola,i837; 
Wombalia Schouteden,i9i9; Paraserenthia E. Wagner, ig4i; Serenthiella E.Wagner,ig4i; Drakea Schouteden,ig53 

5745) Campylosteira Fieber, 1844 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Campylosteira Fieber,i844; #Campylostira 

5746) Cantacader Amyot & Serville,i843 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Cantacader Amyot & Serville,i843 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5747) Catoplatus Spinola,i837 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Catoplatus Spinola,i837 

5748) Copium Thunberg,l822 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Copium Thunberg,i822; Monanthia Lepeletier & 
Audinet-Serville,i828; Eurycera Laporte,i833; Laccometopus Fieber,i844 

5749) Corythucha Stal,l873 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Corythucha Stal,i873; #Corythuca Lethierry & 

5750) Derephysia Spinola,i837 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Derephysia Spinola,i837 

5751) Dictyla Stal,i874 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Dictyla Stal,i874 

5752) Dictyonota Curtis, 1827 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Dictyonota Curtis,i827; #Dictinota Costa.,1847 

5753) Elasmotropis Stal,i874 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Elasmotropis Stal,i874 

5754) Galeatus Curtis,i833 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Galeatus Curtis,i833 

5755) Hyalochiton Horvath,l905 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Hyalochiton Horvath,i905; #Hyalochitan 
Onder et al.,2006 

5756) Lasiacantha Stal,i873 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Lasiacantha Stal,i873 

5757) Monosteira Costa, i860 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Monosteira Costa,i86o 

5758) Physatocheila Fieber,l844 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Physatocheila Fieber,i844; #Phystaocheila 
Onder et al.,2006 

5759) Tingis Fabricius,i8o3 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Tingis Fabricius,i8o3 

5760) Urentius Distant, 1903 (Tingidae) Synonym(s): Urentius Distant,i903 

5761) Icronatha Nagy,i967 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): IcronathaNagy,ig67 

5762) Ludita Nagy,ig67 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): LuditaNagy,ig67 

5763) Meria Illiger,i8o7 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): Meria Illiger,i8o7 

5764) Mesa Saussure, 1892 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): Mesa Saussure, 1892 

5765) Methocha Latreille,i8o4 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): Methocha Latreille,i8o4 

5766) Poecilotiphia Cameron, 1902 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): Poecilotiphia Cameron,i902 

5767) Silifka Argaman & Ozbek,i992 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): SilifkaArgaman & Ozbek,i992 

5768) Tiphia Fabricius,i775 (Tiphiidae) Synonym(s): Tiphia Fabricius,i775 

5769) Ctenophora Meigen,i8o3 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Ctenophora Meigen,i8o3 

5770) Dictenidia Brulle, 1833 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Dictenidia Brulle,i833 

5771) Dolichopeza (s.str.) Curtis, 1825 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Dolichopeza Curtis,i825; Dolicopeza 

5772) Dolichopeza Curtis, 1825 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Dolichopeza Curtis,i82s; Dolicopeza 

5773) Nephrotoma Meigen,i8o3 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): #Pales Meigen,i8oo; Nephrotoma 
Meigen,i8o3; Pachyrhina Macquart,i834 

5774) Nigrotipula Hutson & Vane-Wright, 1969 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Nigrotipula Hutson & Vane- 

5775) Tipula (Acutipula) Alexander, 1924 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Acutipula Alexander, 1924 

5776) Tipula (Beringotipula) Savchenko,i96i (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Bering otipula Savchenko, 1961 

5777) Tipula (Dendrotipula) Savchenko, 1961 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Dendr otipula Savchenko, 1961 

5778) Tipula (Emodotipula) Alexander, 1965 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Emodotipula Alexander, 1965 

5779) Tipula (Lunatipula) Edwards, 1931 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Lunatipula Edwards,i93i 

5780) Tipula (Mediotipula) Pierre, 1924 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Mediotipula Pierre, 1924 

5781) Tipula (Pterelachisus) Rondani,i842 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Pterelachisus Rondani,i842 

5782) Tipula (Savtshenkia) Mannheims,i962 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Savtshenkia Mannheims,i962 

5783) Tipula (Schummelia) Edwards,i93i (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Schummelia Edwards, 1931 

5784) Tipula (Vestiplex) Bezzi,i924 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Vestiplex Bezzi,i924 

5785) Tipula (Yamatotipula) Matsumura,[i9i6] (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Yamatotipula 

5786) Tipula Linnaeus, 175 8 (Tipulidae) Synonym(s): Tipula Linnaeus,i758 

5787) Adontomerus Nikolskaya,i955 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Adontomerus Nikolskay 0,1955; 
Mellitotorymus Steffan,i964 

5788) Exopristoides Boucek,i982 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Exopristoides Boucek,i982 

5789) Exopristus Ruschka,i923 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Exopristus Ruschka,i923 

5790) Glyphomerus F6rster,i8s6 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Glyphomerus F6rster,i8s6 

5791) Idiomacromerus Crawford, 19 14 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Idiomacromerus Crawford, 1914; 
#Idiomacromarus Fallahzadeh et al.,2009 

5792) Megastigmus Dalman,l820 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Megastigmus Dalman,i82o; Cycloneuron 
Dahlbom.,1857; Trogocarpus Rondani,i877; Megalostigmus Schultz,i9o6; Xanthosomoides Girault,i9i3; 
Epimegastigmus Girault,i9i5; Eumegastigmus Hussey,i956; #Megastimus Bouaziz & Roques, 2006 

5793) Microdontomerus Crawford, 1907 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Microdontomerus Crawford,i907 

5794) Monodontomerus Westwood,i833 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Monodontomerus Westwood,i833 

5795) Oopristus Steffan,i968 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Oopristus Steffan,i968 

5796) Podagrion Spinola,i8n (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Podagrion Spinola,i8n 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5797) Podagrionella Girault,l9l3 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Podagrionella Girault,igi3; Iridophaga 
Picard,i933; Tarachodiphaga Ferriere,ig55; Iridophagoides Erdos,ig64 

5798) Pseudotorymus Masi,i922 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Pseudotorymus Masi,ig22; Holaspis 
Mayr,i874; Senegalella Risbec,igsi; Thiesia Risbec,igsi 

5799) Torymoides Walker,l87l (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Torymoides Walker, 1871; Dimeromicrus 
Crawford,igw; Macrodontomerus Girault,igi3; Didactyliocerus Masi,igi6; Ameromicrus Nikolskaya,ig54; 
Pontotorymus Boucek,ig78 

5800) Torymus Dalman,l820 (Torymidae) Synonym(s): Tory mus Dalman,i 820; #Torymys Nees,i834 

5801) Trichocera (Saltrichocera) Krzeminska,2002 (Trichoceridae) Synonym(s): Saltrichocera 

5802) Trichocera Meigen,i8o3 (Trichoceridae) Synonym(s): #Melusina Meigen.,1800; #Petaurista 
Meigen.,1800; Trichocera Meigen,i803; Atractocera Meigen.,1803; Trichocerodes Brethes,ig25; Palaeopetaurista 
Seguy,ig40 _ 

5803) Aphelinoidea Girault,iQii (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Aphelinoidea Girault,igu 

5804) Bloodiella Nowicki,iQ35 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Bloodiella Nowicki,ig35 

5805) Chaetostricha Walker, 1851 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Chaetostricha Walker, 1851 

5806) Monorthochaeta Blood & Kryger,iQ28 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Monorthochaeta 
Blood & Kryger,ig28 

5807) Oligosita Walker, 1851 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Oligosita Walker,i8si 

5808) Pseudoligosita Girault,iQi3 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Pseudoligosita Girault,igi3 

5809) Pterandrophysalis Nowicki,iQ35 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Pterandrophysalis 

5810) Trichogramma Westwood,i833 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Trichogramma 

5811) Ufens Girault,iQii (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Ufens Girault,ign 

5812) Ufensia Girault,iQi3 (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Ufensia Girault,igi3 

5813) Uscana Girault,iQii (Trichogrammatidae) Synonym(s): Uscana Girault,igii 

5814) Bruntridactylus Giinther,i979 (Tridactylidae) Synonym(s): Bruntridactylus Giinther,ig7g 

5815) Tridactylus Olivier, 1789 (Tridactylidae) Synonym(s): Tridactylus Olivier, iy8g 

5816) Xya Latreille,i8o9 (Tridactylidae) Synonym(s): Xya Latreille,i8og 

5817) Bactericera Puton,i876 (Triozidae) Synonym(s): Bactericera Puton,i876 

5818) Trioza F6rster,i848 (Triozidae) Synonym(s): Trioza Forster, 1848 

5819) Trixoscelis Rondani,i856 (Trixoscelidae) Synonym(s): Trixoscelis Rondani,i8s6 

5820) Trypetimorpha A.Costa, 1862 (Tropiduchidae) Synonym(s): TrypetimorphaA.Costa,i862 

5821) Ceroxys Macquart,l835 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Meckelia R-D.,1830; Ceroxys Macquart,i835; 
Ceratoxys Rondani,i86i; Anacampta Loew,i868; Holodasia Loew,i86g; Engytortalis Hendel,ig35 

5822) Dorycera Meigen,l830 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Dorycera Meigen,i830; Percnomatia Loew,i868; 
Macheirocera Rondani,i86g 

5823) Herina R-D.,1830 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Herina R-D.,1830 

5824) Melieria R-D.,1830 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Melieria R-D.,1830; Hypochra Loew,i86o; Phaeosoma 
Becker, igo8 

5825) Myennis R-D.,1830 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Myennis R-D.,1830; #Miennis Rondani,i86g; #Miennys 

5826) Otites Latreille,l804 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Otites Latreille,i8o4; Blainvillia R-D.,1830; Heramyia 
R-D.,1830; Myoris R-D.,1830; Carmocoris Loew,i868; Pteropoecila Loew,i868; Ptilonota Loew,i868; Systata 

5827) Physiphora Fallen, 1810 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Physiphora Fallen,i8io; Chrysomyza Fallen,i8i7; 
Chloria Schiner,i862; Cliochloria Enderlein,ig27 

5828) Seioptera Kirby,l8l7 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Seioptera Kirby,i8i7; Myodina R-D.,1830 

5829) Timia (Empyelocera) Loew,i866 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Empyelocera Loew,i866 

5830) Timia Wiedemann, 1824 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Timia Wiedemann,i824 

5831) Ulidia Meigen,i826 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Ulidia Meigen.,1826 

5832) Ulidiopsis Henning,i939 (Ulidiidae) Synonym(s): Ulidiopsis Henning,ig3g 

5833) Microvelia Westwood,i834 (Veliidae) Synonym(s): Microvelia Westwood,i834 

5834) Velia (s.str.) Latreille,i8o4 (Veliidae) Synonym(s): Velia Latreille,i8o4 

5835) Velia Latreille,i8o4 (Veliidae) Synonym(s): Velia Latreille,i8o4 

5836) Acanthodynerus Gusenleitner,i969 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Acanthodynerus Gusenleitner,ig6g 

5837) Alastor (Megalastor) Bliithgen,i95i (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Megalastor Bliithgenjgsi 

5838) Alastor (s.str.) Lepeletier,i84i (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Alastor Lepeletier, 1841 

5839) Alastor Lepeletier, 1841 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Alastor Lepeletier, 1841 

5840) Allodynerus Bliithgen,i938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Allodynerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5841) Ancistrocerus Wesmael,i836 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Ancistrocerus Wesmael,i836 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5842) Antepipona Saussure,[l855] (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Antepipona Saussure,[i855]; Antepiponus 
Saussure,i875; #Antepipone Dalla Torre,i8g4; Mehelyella Moczar,ig3y; Odontodynerus Bliithgen,ig38; 
Dichodynerus Bliithgen,ig38; Metastenancistrocerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5843) Antodynerus Saussure,[l855] (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Antodynerus Saussure,[i855]; Kalliepipona 
Giordani Soika,ig^2; Pseudokalliepipona Giordani Soika,ig55; Parepipona Giordani Soika,igsy; #Anthodynerus 
Giordani Soika,ig6i 

5844) Brachyodynerus Bliithgen,l938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Brachyodynerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5845) Brachypipona Gusenleitner,i967 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Brachypipona Gusenleitner,ig67; 
Desertodynerus Kurzenko^gyy 

5846) Celonites Latreille,l802 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Celonites Latreille,i8o2; #Paracelonites 
Kostylev,ig35; #Eucelonites Kostylev,ig35; Eucelonites Richards,ig62 

5847) Cephalochilus Bliithgen,i939 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Cephalochilus Bliithgen,ig3g 

5848) Ceramius Latreille,l8lO (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Ceramius Latreille,i8io; Gnatho Klug,i8io; 
Paraceramius Saussure,i854; Ceramioides Saussure,i854; Euceramius Dalla Torre,igo4 

5849) Chlorodynerus Bliithgen,i95i (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Chlor odynerus Blilthgen,ig5i 

5850) Cyrtolabulus Vecht,l969 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Cyrtolabus Vecht,ig63 nee Voss,ig25; Cyrtolabulus 

5851) Delta Saussure,[l855] (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Delta Saussure,[i855]; Phi Saussure,[i855]; Erinys 
Zirngiebl,ig53 nee Rye,i8y6 

5852) Discoelius Latreille,i8o9 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Discoelius Latreille,i8og 

5853) Dolichovespula Rohwer,l9l6 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Dolichovespula Rohwer,igi6; Pseudovespula 
Birula,ig3i; Boreovespula Bliithgen,ig43; Metavespula Bliithgen,ig43 

5854) Eumenes Latreille,i8o2 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Eumenes Latreille,i8o2 

5855) Euodynerus (s.str.) Dalla Torre, 1904 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Euodynerus Dalla Torre,igo4 

5856) Euodynerus Dalla Torre, 1904 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Euodynerus Dalla Torre,igo4 

5857) Eustenancistrocerus (Parastenancistrocerus) Bliithgen,i938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): 
Parastenancistrocerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5858) Eustenancistrocerus (s.str.) Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Eustenancistrocerus 

5859) Eustenancistrocerus Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Eustenancistrocerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5860) Gymnomerus Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Gymnomerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5861) Hemipterochilus Ferton,i9io (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Hemipterochilus Ferton,igio 

5862) Ischnogasteroides Magretti,i884 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Ischnogasteroides Magretti,i884 

5863) Jucancistrocerus Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Jucancistrocerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5864) Jugurtia Saussure,l854 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Jugurtia Saussure,i854; #Jugurthia Andre,i886; 
#Jujurtha Ashmead,igo2; Ceramiellus Schulthess,ig22 

5865) Katamenes Meade-Waldo, 1910 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Katamenes Meade-Waldo, lgio 

5866) Knemodynerus Bliithgen, 1940 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Knemodynerus Bliithgen,ig40 

5867) Leptochilus (Euleptochilus) Bliithgen, 1943 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Euleptochilus 

5868) Leptochilus (Lionotulus) Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Lionotulus Bliithgen,ig38 

5869) Leptochilus (Neoleptochilus) Bliithgen, 1961 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Neoleptochilus 

5870) Leptochilus (s.str.) Saussure,i853 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Leptochilus Saussure,i853 

5871) Leptochilus Saussure,i853 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Leptochilus Saussure,i853 

5872) Microdynerus (Alastoryneus) Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Alastoryneus 

5873) Microdynerus (Pseudomicrodynerus) Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): 
Pseudomicrodynerus Blilthgen,ig38 

5874) Microdynerus (s.str.) Thomson, 1874 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Microdynerus Thomson,i874 

5875) Microdynerus Thomson, 1874 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Microdynerus Thomson,i874 

5876) Odynerus (Spinicoxa) Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Spinicoxa Bliithgen,ig38 

5877) Odynerus (s.str.) Latreille,l802 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Odynerus Latreille,i8o2; Epipone Kirby 
&Spence,i8i5 (praeocc); Oplopus Wesmael,i836; Oplomerus Westwood,i840; Euepipona Dalla Torre,igo4 

5878) Odynerus Latreille,l802 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Odynerus Latreille,i802; Epipone Kirby & 
Spence,i8i5 (praeocc); Oplopus Wesmael,i836; Oplomerus Westwood,i840; Euepipona Dalla Torre,igo4 

5879) Onychopterocheilus Bliithgen, 1955 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Onychopterocheilus Bliithgen,ig55 

5880) Paragymnomerus Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Paragymnomerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5881) Parapolybia Saussure,[i854] (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Parapolybia Saussure,[i854] 

5882) Paravespa Radoszkowski,i886 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Paravespa Radoszkowski,i886; Theletor 

5883) Pareumenes Saussure,[i855] (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Pareumenes Saussure,[i855] 

5884) Parodontodynerus Bliithgen, 1938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Parodontodynerus Bliithgen,ig38 

5885) Polistes (s.str.) Latreille,i8o2 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Polistes Latreille,i8o2; Sulcopolistes 
Bliithgen,ig38; Polistula Weyrauch,ig3g 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5886) Polistes Latreille,l802 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Polistes Latreille,i8o2; Sulcopolistes Bliithgen,i938; 
Polistula Weyrauch.,1939 

5887) Pseudepipona (Deuterepipona) Bluthgen,i95i (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Deuterepipona 

5888) Pseudepipona (s.str.) Saussure,[i8s6] (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Pseudepipona Saussure,[i8s6]; 
Metepipona Bliithgen,i95i; Trichepipona Bliithgen.,1951; Leptepipona Bluthgen.,1951; #Pseudepipone Bytinski-Salz 
& Gusenleitner,i97i 

5889) Pseudepipona Saussure,[i8s6] (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Pseudepipona Saussure,[i8s6]; 
Metepipona Bliithgen,i95i; Trichepipona Bliithgen,i95i; Leptepipona Bliithgen,i95i; #Pseudepipone Bytinski-Salz 
& Gusenleitner,i9yi 

5890) Pseudosymmorphus Bliithgen,i938 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Pseudosymmorphus Bliithgen,i938 

5891) Psiliglossa Saunders, 1872 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Psiliglossa Saunders,i872; #Psilioglossa 
Bagriacik & Tuziin,2005 

5892) Pterocheilus Klug,l805 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Pterocheilus Klug,i8os; #Pterochilus Illiger,i8o7; 
#Pterochile Blanchard,i840; Odontopterochilus Kostylev,i940; Nannopterochilus Bliithgen,i96i 

5893) Quartinia Andre, 1884 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Quartinia Andre,i884 

5894) Raphiglossa Saunders, 1850 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Raphiglossa Saunders,i8so 

5895) Rhynchium Spinola,i8o6 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Rhynchium Spinola,i8o6 

5896) Stenodynerus Saussure,l863 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Stenodynerus Saussure,i863; Nannodynerus 
Bliithgen,i938; Parhypodynerus Giordani Soika,i974 

5897) Symmorphus Wesmael,l836 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Symmorphus Wesmael,i836; Protodynerus 

5898) Syneuodynerus Bliithgen,i95i (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Syneuodynerus Bliithgen,i95i; 
#Syneodynerus Kurzenko,i98i 

5899) Tachyancistrocerus Giordani Soika,i952 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Subancistrocerus 
Blilthgen,i938 (praeocc.); Tachyancistrocerus Giordani Soika,i952 

5900) Tropidodynerus Bliithgen, 1939 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Tropidodynerus Bliithgen,i939 

5901) Vespa Linnaeus, 1758 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Vespa Linnaeus, 1758; Macrovespa Dalla Torre,i904; 
Nyctovespa Van der Vecht,i959 

5902) Vespula Thomson, 1869 (Vespidae) Synonym(s): Vespula Thomson,i869 

5903) Xyela Dalman,i8i9 (Xyelidae) Synonym(s): Xyela Dalman,i8i9 

5904) Solva Walker,l86o (Xylomyidae) Synonym(s): Solva Walker, i860; Hanauia Enderlein,i920 

5905) Xylomya Rondani,l86l (Xylomyidae) Synonym(s): Xylomya Rondani,i86i; Subula Meigen,i82o; 
#Xlomyia Ustilner & Kalyoncu,2005 

List of the pterygot species of Turkey 

Pterygot species (subspecies are excluded here) of 16 orders, recorded in Turkey so far are 
represented by 20417 valid names of 377 families. Below, these names listed alphabetically 
together with synonyms, under the two different titles; namely, Lepidoptera, and other pterygot 


Totally 5282 species of 76 families known from Turkey are listed below alphabetically. 
Chronologically arranged synonymous names are also given. 


1) Adela auricella Ragonot,i874 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): auricella Ragonot,i874 

2) Adela australis (Heydenreich,i85i) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): aldrovandella Viller 5,1789; australis 
Heydenreich,i85i; australis Herrich-Schaffer,i855 

3) Adela chlorista (Meyrick,i9i2) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): chlorista Meyrick,i9i2 

4) Adela croesella (Scopoli,l763) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): croesella Scopoh.,1763; podaella Linnaeus, 1767; 
sultzella Linnaeus, 1767; malletella Four croy, 1785; fasciata Esper,i79i; sultzii Haworth,i828; sulzeriella 
Zeller,i839; laqueatella Zeller,i8so. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

5) Adela mazzolella (Hiibner, [1801]) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): aurella [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775 nee 
Fabr.,1775; mazzolella Hiibner, [1801]; armeniella Rebel,igo2 

6) Adela reaumurella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): reaumurella Linnaeus, 1758; viridella 
Scopoli,i763; sphingiella Hiibner ,1793; viridis Haworth.,1828; #nigra Zeller ,1853; speyeri Zeller,i853; vernella 

7) Adela repetitella Mann, 1861 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): repetitella Mann,i86i 

8) Cauchas anatolica (Rebel, 1902) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): anatolica Rebel,igo2 

9) Cauchas fibulella ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): fibulella [Denis & 
Schiffermuller],i775; pulchella Eversmann,i844; immaculata Wocke,i877 

10) Cauchas florella (Staudinger,i87i) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): florella Staudinger,i87i 

11) Cauchas leucocerella (Scopoli,l763) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): leucocerella Scopoli,i763; conformella 
Zeller, 1839; bimaculella Fischer v. Rdsslerstamm.,1840 

12) Cauchas rufifrontella (Treitschke, 1833) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): rufifrontella Treitschke,i833 

13) Cauchas rufimitrella (Scopoli,l763) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): rufimitrella Scopoli,i763; purpuratella 
Zeller, 1850 

14) Cauchas tridesma (Meyrick,i9i2) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): trifasciella Staudinger,i879 (praeocc.); 
tridesma Meyrick,i9i2. 

15) Nematopogon adansoniella (Villers,i789) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): adansoniella Villers,i789; 
panzerella Fabricius,i794; panzeri Haworth.,1828; sabulosella Walker,i863; annulatella Ragonot,i876; 
pseudopilella Peyerimhoff,i877. 

16) Nematopogon pilella ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): pilella [Denis & 
Schijfermilller],i77S; pilea Haworth,i828; minutella Snellen,i884; submetallica Caradja,i920; flavicomella 
Muller-Rutz,i 927 

17) Nematopogon robertella (Clerck,i759) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): #robertella Clerck,i7S9; pilulella 
Hiibner, [1813]. 

18) Nematopogon schwarziella Zeller,i839 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): schwarziellus Zeller,i839; carteri 

19) Nematopogon swammerdamella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): swammerdamella 
Linnaeus,i758; reamurella Peyerimhoff,i877. 

20) Nemophora barbatella (Zeller, 1847) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): barbatellus Zeller,i847; 
chalcochrysellus Mann,i855; constantinella Baker, 1888; demaisoni Ragonot,i889; #padrejusto Agenjo,i96s 

21) Nemophora chrysochraon (Razowski,i978) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): pfeifferella Hiibner,[i8i3] 
(fig. 422) nee Hbn,[i8i3] (fig-398); chrysochraon Razowski,i978; #chrysochranon Razowski,i978; huebneri 

22) Nemophora cupriacella (Hiibner, [1819]) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): cupriacella Hiibner, [1819] 

23) Nemophora dumerilella (Duponchel,i839) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): basochesella Hiibner, [1824] 
(n.o.); dumerilella Duponchel, 1839; inauratella Duponchel,i844; #fervidellus Zeller, 1853; #zelleriellus Zeller, 1853 

24) Nemophora eretna Kemal & Kocak,20o6 (Adelidae) Synonym(s): eretna Kemal & Kocak.,2006 

25) Nemophora fasciella (Fabricius,i775) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): fasciella Fabricius,i775; 
schiffermillerella [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; fascia Haworth,i828; schiffermuellerella Treitschke, 1833; annae 
Zeller, 1853; purpureus Stainton,i867 

26) Nemophora istrianella (Heydenreich.,1851) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): istrianella Heydenreich,i8si; 
dalmatinellus Zeller, 1853; beyruthella Bruand,i8s8; chlorista Meyrick,i9i2 

27) Nemophora metallica (Poda,i76i) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): metallica Poda,i76i; scabiosella 
Scopoli,i763; viridella Hiibner, 1796; aerosellus Zeller, 1850; rebelellus Turati,i924 

28) Nemophora mollella (Hiibner, [1813]) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): mollella Hiibner, [1813]; glabrata 

29) Nemophora prodigella (Zeller,i853) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): prodigellus Zeller,i8s3; auricellus 
Ragonot,i874; splendidus Staudinger,i88o 

30) Nemophora raddella (Hiibner, 1793) (Adelidae) Synonym(s): raddella Hiibner, 1793; latreillella 
Fabricius,i798; raddaellus Wocke,i87i; algeriensis Walsingham.,1907 


31) Blastodacna libanotica Diakonoff,i939 (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): libanotica Diakonoff,i939 

32) Chrysoclista linneella (Clerck,i759) (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): #linneella Clerck,i759; linneella 

33) Haplochrois theae (Kuznetsov,i9i6) (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): theae Kuznetsov,i9i6 

34) Heinemannia festivella ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): festivella 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; kokujevi Krulikowsky,i903 

35) Heinemannia laspeyrella (Hiibner, 1796) (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): laspeyrella Hiibner ,1796 

36) Spuleria flavicaput (Haworth,i828) (Agonoxenidae) Synonym(s): flavicaput Haworth,i828; 
aurifrontella Geyer,[i832]; aurocapitella Bruand,[i8si]; flavicapitella Doubleday,i859 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 


37) Alucita cancellata (Meyrick,i9o8) (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): cancellata Meyrick,igo8 

38) Alucita cinnerethella Amsel,i935 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): cinnerethella Amsel,ig35 

39) Alucita cymatodactyla Zeller,i852 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): cymatodactyla Zeller ,1852. 

40) Alucita desmodactyla Zeller,i847 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): desmodactyla Zeller,i84y 

41) Alucita grammodactyla Zeller, 1841 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): grammodactyla Zeller,i84i 

42) Alucita hexadactyla Linnaeus, 1758 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): hexadactyla Linnaeus, 1758 

43) Alucita huebneri Wallengren,i859 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): huebneri Wallengren,i8sg 

44) Alucita klimeschi Scholz,i997 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): klimeschi Scholz,igg7 

45) Alucita major (Rebel, 1906) (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): major Rebel,igo6 

46) Alucita palodactyla Zeller, 1847 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): palodactyla Zeller, 1847; perittodactyla 
Staudinger,i859; parthenodactyla Chretien,igi5 

47) Alucita pseudohuebneri Scholz, 1997 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): pseudohuebneri Scholz,igg7 

48) Alucita tridentata Scholz & Jackh,i994 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): tridentata Scholz & Jackh,igg4 

49) Alucita zonodactyla Zeller,i847 (Alucitidae) Synonym(s): zonodactyla Zeller ,1847 


50) Andala semiramis (Staudinger,i892) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): semiramis Staudinger,i8g2 

51) Arctia (Epicallia) marchandi De Freina,i983 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): marchandi De Freina,ig83. 

52) Arctia (Epicallia) villica (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): villica Linnaeus, 1758; Corsica 
Oberthiir,igii; niceensis Oberthiir,ign; brittanica Oberthiir,ign; meridionalis Heinrich,ig23. 

53) Arctia (Eucharia) festiva (Hufnagel,i766) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): festiva Hufnagel,i766; hebe 
Linnaeus, 1767; interrogationis Menetries,i863; sartha Staudinger,i886; nivea O. Bang-Haas, ig27; ragusai 

54) Arctia (s.str.) caja (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): caja Linnaeus, 1758; erinacea 
Retzius,i783; phantasma Niepelt,ig05; lusitanica Spuler,igo6; confluens Rebel,igio nee Rom.,1884; rebeli 

55) Arctia (s.str.) flavia (Fuessly,l779) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): flavia Fuessly,i77g; virgo Hubner,[i8o4]; 
campestris Graeser,i8g2; uralensis Heyne,i8gg; sibirica Heyne,i8gg; lederi O.Bang-Haas,ig27; baicalensis 
O. Bang-Haas, ig27; jeholensis O. Bang -Haas, ig27 

56) Atolmis rubricollis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): rubricollis Linnaeus, 1758 

57) Axiopoena karelini Menetries,l863 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): karelini Menetries, 1863; transcaucasia 
Sheljuzhko,ig26; manissadjiani O. Bang-Haas, ig27. 

58) Callimorpha dominula (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): dominula Linnaeus, 1758; insubrica 
Wackerzapp,i8go; rhodanica Kettlewell,ig43. 

59) Chelis maculosa (Gerning,l78o) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): #maculosa [Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775; 
maculosa Gerning,i78o; monacensis Osthelder,ig33. 

60) Chelis reticulata (Christoph,i887) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): reticulata Christoph,i887 

61) Collita griseola (Hiibner,[l803]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): griseola Hiibner,[i8o3]; plumbeolata 
Stephens, i82g; stramineola Doubleday,i847. 

62) Coscinia cribraria (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): cribraria Linnaeus, 17 58; cribrum 
Linnaeus, 1761; chrysocephala Hiibner,[i8o4]; punctigera Freyer,i834; sibirica Staudinger,i8g2; bivittata 
South,igoo; fumidaria O.Bang-Haas,ig27; arenaria Lempke,ig37; nikitini O.Bang-Haas,ig38; pannonica 

63) Cybosia mesomella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): mesomella Linnaeus,i758; eborina 
Denis & Schiffermiiller, 1775; quatrilis Four croy, 1785; eremella Vorbrodt,igi4 

64) Cymbalophora oetzeni (Lederer,i855) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): oetzeni Lederer,i855 

65) Cymbalophora rivularis (Menetries, 1832) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): rivularis Menetries, 1832; 
dannehli Dannehl,ig2g. 

66) Diacrisia sannio (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): sannio Linnaeus, 1758; russula 
Linnaeus,i758; vulpinaria Linnaeus,i758; hesperidea Fourcroy,i78s; pallida Staudinger,i8g2. 

67) Diaphora mendica (Linnaeus, 1761) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): #mendica Clerck,i7sg; mendica 
Linnaeus, 1761; rustica Hiibner,[i7gi] 

68) Eilema caniolum (Hiibner,[i8o8]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): caniola Hiibner,[i8o8] 

69) Epatolmis caesarea (Goeze,i78i) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): #luctifera [Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775; 
caesarea Goeze,i78i; japonica Walker, [1865]. 

70) Euplagia quadripunctaria (Poda,i76i) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): quadripunctaria Poda,i76i; hera 
Linnaeus, 1767; magna Spuler,igw nee Hol.,i8g7; latefasciata Bubacek,igi5. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

71) Euplagia splendidior (Tarns, 1922) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): splendidior Tams,ig22; tkatshukovi 

72) Hyphantria cunea (Drury,[l773]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): cunea Drury,[i773]; punctatissima 
Smith.,1797; budea Hiibner,[i823]; textor Harris,i828; mutans Walker, 1856; collaris Fitch,i857; punctata 
Fitch,i857; pallida Packard, 1864; Candida Walker, 1865; suffusa Strecker,igoo; brunnea Strecker,igoo 

73) Hyphoraia aulica (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): aulica Linnaeus,i758; pustulata 

74) Katha depressa (Esper,[l787]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): deplana Esper, [1787] nee Linn., 1771; depressa 
Esper,[i787]; helvola Hubner,[i8o3]; ochreola Hiibner,[i8o3]; helvola Ochsenheimer,i8iO. 

75) Lacydes spectabilis (Tauscher-,1806) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): spectabilis Tauscher,i8o6; intercissa 

76) Lithosia quadra (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): quadra Linnaeus, 1758; flava Milller,i764; 
deplana Linnaeus, 1771; quadrata Walckenaer,i8o2; dives Butler, 1877. 

77) Manulea (Agenjoa) lurideola (Zincken,i8i7) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): lurideolum Zincken,i8i7; 
complanula Boisduval,i834; plumbeolana Herrich-Schdffer,i852. 

78) Manulea (s.str.) complana (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): complana Linnaeus,i758; 
ochrocephala Fourcr 011,1785; sericea Gregson,i86o; molybdeola Guenee,i86i; balcanica Daniel,ig3g. 

79) Manulea (s.str.) costalis (Zeller,i847) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): #morosina Herrich-Schdffer,i847; 
costalis Zeller,i847 

80) Manulea (s.str.) lutarella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): lutarella Linnaeus, 175 8; luteola 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775; alboflava Retzius,i783; flava Fabricius,i7g8; lutea Fabricius,i7g8 nee Fabr. ,177s 

81) Manulea (s.str.) palliatella (Scopoli,i763) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): palliatella Scopoli,i763; unita 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775; palleola Hilbner,[i8o8]; gilveola Ochsenheimer,i8io; vitellina Treitschke,i834; 
flaveola Rambur,i866. 

82) Manulea (s.str.) pseudocomplana (Daniel, 1939) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): pseudocomplana 

83) Manulea (s.str.) pygmaeola (Doubleday,i847) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): pygmaeolum 

84) Miltochrista miniata (Forster,l77l) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): miniata Forster,i77i; rosea 
Fabricius,i775; rubicunda [Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775; minialis Thunberg ,1784; rosacea Fourcroy, 1785; roseana 
Villers,i78g; rosea Donovan,i793 nee Fabricius, 1775; destrigata Dannehl,ig28; mosbacheri Roesler,ig67. 

85) Muscula muscula (Staudinger,i899) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): muscula Staudinger,i8gg 

86) Nudaria mundana (Linnaeus, 1761) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): mundana Linnaeus, 1761 

87) Ocnogyna (Somatotrichia) anatolica Witt,i98o (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): anatolica Witt,ig8o 

88) Ocnogyna (Somatotrichia) parasita (Hiibner,i79o) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): parasita 

89) Ocnogyna (s.str.) armena Staudinger,i87i (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): armena Staudinger,i87i 

90) Ocnogyna (s.str.) bellieri (Lederer,i855) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): bellieri Lederer,i855; banghaasi 

91) Ocnogyna (s.str.) herrichi Staudinger,i879 (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): herrichi Staudinger,i87g 

92) Ocnogyna (s.str.) loewii (Zeller,i846) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): loewii Zeller,i846; clathrata 
Lederer,i855; andresi Draudt,ig3i. 

93) Paidia (Conjuncta) conjuncta (Staudinger,i892) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): conjuncta 

94) Paidia (s.str.) albescens (Staudinger,i892) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): albescens Staudinger,i8g2 

95) Paidia (s.str.) cinerascens (Herrich-Schaffer,[i847]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): cinerascens 
Herrich-Schdffer,[i 847] 

96) Paidia (s.str.) rica (Freyer,[i855]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): ricaFreyer,[i8ss] 

97) Parasemia plantaginis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): plantaginis Linnaeus,i758; hospita 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775. 

98) Pelosia muscerda (Hufnagel,i766) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): muscerda Hufnagel,i766 

99) Pelosia obtusa Herrich-Schaffer,[i847] (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): obtusa Herrich-Schdffer,[i847]; 
taurica Daniel,ig3g. 

100) Phragmatobia fuliginosa (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): fuliginosa Linnaeus, 1758; 
fervida Staudinger,i87i nee Walk. ,1855; lurida Rothschild, 1910; monticola Daniel,ig70 nee Reiss.,ig34 

ioi)Phragmatobiaplacida (Frivaldsky,i835) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): placida Frivaldsky,i835 

102) Rhyparia purpurata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): purpurata Linnaeus, 17 58; 
purpurea Linnaeus, 1767; uralensis Spuler,igo6; barteli Krulikowsky,igog. 

103) Setina aurata (Menetries,i832) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): aurata Menetries,i832; #pontica 
Draudt,ig33; pontica Schwingenschuss,ig39 

104) Setina flavicans (Geyer,[i836]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): flavicans Geyer,[i836] 

105) Setina roscida ([Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): roscida [Denis & 
Schiffermiiller], 1775; roscidella Fabricius, I7g4; melanomos Nickerl,i845; bosniaca Rebel,igio; baltica 
Wahlgren,igi3; subalpina Thomann,igsi; rubeni Viidalepp,ig7g 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

106) Spilarctia lutea (Hufnagel,i766) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): lutea Hufnagel,i766; radiatus 
Haworth,i8i2; rhododaktyla Bryk,i948; reisseri Koutsaf tikis, 1973 

i07)Spilosoma lubricipedum (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): lubricipeda Linnaeus, 1758; 
menthastri [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; ? sangaica Walker, [1865]; chishimana Matsumura,ig29; masuensis 
Matsumura,i930; elegans Bryk,i938; sotiriadis Koutsaftikis,i973; #lubrecipeda De Freina,i98i. 

108) Spilosoma urticae (Esper,[i789]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): urticae Esper,[i789]; papyratia 

109) Spiris striata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): striata Linnaeus, 1758; grammica 
Linnaeus,i758; funerea Eversmann,i847; strandi Obraztsov,i936; slovenica Daniel,i939; wisniewskii Wojtusiak & 
Niesielowski,i946; hospitali Marten, 1948. 

no)Thumatha senex (Hiibner,[l8o8]) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): senex Hubner,[i8o8]; syriaca Daniel,i939. 

111) Tyria jacobaeae (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): jacobaeae Linnaeus, 1758; senecionis 
Godart,i823; confluens Schultz,i9o8. 

112) Utetheisa (s.str.) pulchella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): pulchella Linnaeus, 1758; 
pulchra [Denis & Schijfermuller],i775; thyter Butler,i877; shyama Bhattacherjee & Gupta,i969; menoni 
Bhattacherjee & Gupta,i969. 

ii3)Watsonarctia deserta (Bartel,i902) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): casta Esper, [1784] nee Pall. ,1771; deserta 
Bartel,i902; sibirica Kozhantschikov,i924; callesi Gomez-Bustillo,i979; esperi Kocak,i98o. 

H4)Wittia sororcula (Hufnagel,l766) (Arctiidae) Synonym(s): sororcula Hufnagel,i766; crocella 
Four croy, 1785; crocinella Villers,i789; aureola Hiibner,[i8o8]; aurantia Haworth,i8o9. 

Argynnidae (=NYMPHALIDAE) 

H5)Aglais urticae (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): urticae Linnaeus,i758; opima Verity,i9i9; 

variegata Querci,i932; strandi Verity,i936. 
n6)Apatura ilia ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): ilia [Denis & 

Schiffermiiller],i775; clytie [Denis & Schiffermuller],i775; luteus Esper,i777; roeselii Bergstrdfier,i779; vulgaris 

Bergstrafier,i779; rubescens Esper,i78i; eos Rossi,i794; Julia Schrank,i8oi; astasia Hiibner,i826; heos 

Meigen,i828, etc. 
117) Apatura metis Freyer,i829 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): metis Freyer, 1829 
n8)Araschnia levana (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): levana Linnaeus, 1758; prorsa 

Linnaeus, 1758. 
ii9)Argynnis (Fabriciana) adippe (Rottemburg,i775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): cydippe 

Linnaeus,i76i (rejected); berecynthia Poda,i76i (rejected); adippe Rottemburg ,1775; phryxa Bergstrafier,i78o; 

margaritacea Retzius,i783; syrinx Borkhausen,i788; aspasia Borkhausen,i788; liriope Borkhausen,i788; 

baiuvarica Spuler,i90i, etc. 
120) Argynnis (Fabriciana) niobe (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): niobe Linnaeus, 1758. 
i2i)Argynnis (Pandoriana) pandora ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): 

pandora [Denis & Schiffermuller],i775; maja Cramer,i775 nee Fabricius,i775; cynara Fabricius,i777; cyrnea 

Schwerda,i926; transcaucasica Moucha ,1967; deserticola Gross & Ebert,i975. 
i22)Argynnis (Speyeria) aglaja (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): aglaja Linnaeus, 1758; 

charlotta Haworth.,1802; emilia Acerbi,i8o2 nee Cr.,1779; caroletta Jermyn,i827; locuples Verity,i9i9 nee 

Butler,i879; emilocuples Verity,i9i9; locupletata Verity,i922; montesignum Sagarra,i926. 
i23)Argynnis (s.str.) paphia (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): paphia Linnaeus, 1758; valesina 

Esper,[i798]; magnata Verity,i9i9; revelata Verity,i934; magnifica Verity,i9i9; magnificamagnata Verity,i9so. 
124) Boloria (Clossiana) dia (Linnaeus, 1767) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): dia Linnaeus, 1767; diniensis 

Fruhstorfer,i909; leonina Fruhstorfer,i909; disconota Krulikowsky ,1909; laetior Verity,i9i9. 
i25)Boloria (Clossiana) euphrosyne (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): euphrosyne 

Linnaeus, 1758; argenticollis Retzius,i783; fingal Herbst,i8oo; densoi Fruhstorfer,i909; apennina 

Fruhstorfer,i9i6; cynosoma Fruhstorfer,i9i6; nestonclara Verity,i932; eminens Verity,i932; varianana 

Verity,i932; austreminens Verity, 1950, etc. 
126) Boloria (Proclossiana) eunomia (Esper, [1799]) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): eunomia 

Esper, [1799]; aphirape Hiibner,[i8oo]; tomyris Herbst,i8oo. 
i27)Boloria (s.str.) caucasica (Lederer,i852) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): caucasica Lederer,i852; 

pontica Crosson du Cormier, Guerin & De Lesse,i957. 

128) Boloria (s.str.) graeca (Staudinger,i870) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): graeca Staudinger,i870 

129) Brenthis daphne (Bergstrasser,i78o) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): daphne Bergstrasser,i78o; 
chloris Esper,i778 nee Fabricius,i775; epidaphne Fruhstorfer,i907; nikator Fruhstorfer,i909; tenuitermaculosa 
Verity,i922; syriaca Belter, 1935; anatolica Belter,i935. 

130) Brenthis hecate ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): hecate [Denis & 
Schijfermuller],i775; harmothoe Fruhstorfer,i9i7; florida Verity, 1919; stricta Verity, 1933. 

131) Brenthis ino (Rottemburg, 1775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): ino Rottemburg, 1775; dictynna [Denis & 
Schijf.],i775; parthenie Berg strdfier, 1780; flavomaculatus Retzius,i783; adula, tergesta, eporedia Fruhst.,1910; 
pyrenaica Sagarra,i925; asiaepallens Verity, 1933; sesquierilda Verity, 1957. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

i32)Brenthis mofidii Wyatt,i968 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): mofidii Wyatt,ig68 

i33)Charaxes jasius (Linnaeus, 1767) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): jasius Linnaeus, 1767; jason Linnaeus, 1767 

praeocc; rhea Hubner,i8oo; unedonis Hubner,i8o6; faroensis Ribbe,igog; septentrionalis Verity,igi3; europaeus 

134) Euapatura mirza Ebert,l97l (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): mirza Ebert,ig7i; iwasei Igarashi,ig7i. 
i35)Euphydryas (Eurodryas) aurinia (Rottemburg,i775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): aurinia 

Rottemburg,i775; artemis [Denis & Schiffermuller],i775; lye Bergstrdfier,[i77g]; koloswarensis Piller & 

Mitterpacher ,1783; scotica Robson,i88o; signifera Kane,i8g3; anglicana Fruhstorfer,igi7; acedia 

Fruhstorfer,igi7; pychanpar Lastukhin,2007 
136) Euphydryas (Eurodryas) orientalis (Herrich-Schaffer,[i845]) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): 

orientalis Herrich-Schaffer, [1845]; amasina Seitz,igo8. 
137) Euphydryas (Hypodryas) iduna (Dalman,i8i6) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): iduna Dalman,i8i6; 

ichnea Boisduval,i832 

138) Hypolimnas misippus (Linnaeus, 1764) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): misippus Linnaeus,i764 
inaria Cramer, [i77g]; alcippoides Butler,i883. 

139) Inachis io (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): 20 Linnaeus, 17 58; ioides Ochsenheimer,i8o8; 
caucasica Jachontov,igii. 

140) Issoria lathonia (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): lathonia Linnaeus, 1758; saturata 
Rober,i8g7; hungarica Aigner-Abgfi,igo6; florens Verity, 1916; emiflorens Verity,igig; attenuata Sagarra,ig26; 
nigroprivata Verity, 1933. 

141) Limenitis (Azuritis) reducta Staudinger,i90i (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): reducta Staudinger,igoi. 

142) Limenitis (Ladoga) Camilla (Linnaeus, 1764) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): Camilla Linnaeus, 1764; 
prorsa Linnaeus,i764 nee Linnaeus,i758; sibilla Linnaeus, I76g; luctuosus Fourcroy,i785 nee Walch.,1775. 

143) Melitaea (Cinclidia) (phoebe) phoebe (Goeze,i779) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): #phoebe 
[Denis & Schiffermuller],i775; phoebe Goeze,i77g; paedotropos Bergstrdfier,[i78o]; tremulae Piller & 
Mitterpacher, 1783. 

144) Melitaea (Cinclidia) (phoebe) punica Oberthur,i876 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): punica 

i45)Melitaea (Cinclidia) collina Lederer,i86i (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): collina Lederer,i86i 

146) Melitaea (Cinclidia) turkmanica Higgins,i940 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): turkmanica 

i47)Melitaea (Didymaeformis) didyma (Esper,[i779]) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): didyma 

Esper,[i77g]; armoricana Oberthilr,igog. 

148) Melitaea (Didymaeformis) fascelis (Fabricius,i787) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): #trivia Denis 
& Schiffermuller,i775; iphigenia Esper,i782 (praeoc); #fascelis Esper,i783; fascelis Fabricius,i787; cleo 

149) Melitaea (Didymaeformis) interrupta Kolenati,i846 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): interrupta 
Kolenati,i846; #transcaucasica Turati,igig; caucasi Verity,ig22; venosata Niesiolowsky,ig37; distinctissima 
Bryk,ig4o; musatscherii Alberti,ig6g; itkolensis Alberti,ig6g. 

150) Melitaea (Didymaeformis) persea Kollar,[i849] (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): persea 
Kollar,[i84g]; caucasica Staudinger,i86i; magnacasta Verity,ig2g; araratica Verity, ig2g; sargon 
Hemming, ig32; tauricus Belter, ig34; caucasicola Bryk,ig40; hafiz Higgins,ig4i; gina Higgins,ig4i; darius Gross 
& Ebert,ig75; pfeifferi Gross & Ebert,ig75 (praeocc); wernickei Gross & Ebert,ig75; elbursicola Gross & 
Ebert,ig75; safawides Gross & Ebert,ig75. 

151) Melitaea (Mellicta) athalia (Rottemburg,i775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): athalia 
Rottemburg,i775; eos Rossi,i8o3 nee Rossi,i7g4; pyronia Hiibner,i8o4; aphaea Hubner,i8i6; tessellata 
Stephens, 1827; britanna Verity ,1914; luciflua Fruhstorfer,igi6; vividior Gouin,ig22; anatolica F. Wagner, ig2g; 
subluciflua Verity, ig35; mixtaceladussa Verity, 1940; neglecta Pfau,ig62 

i52)Melitaea (Mellicta) aurelia (Nickerl,i850) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): parthenie Borkhausen,i788 

nee Bergstr after, [1780]; aurelia Nickerl,i8so; #serotina Oberthur,igog; lucasi Verity, ig20. 
i53)Melitaea (Mellicta) britomartis (Assmann,i847) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): britomartis 

Assmann,i847; veronicae Dorfmeister,i853. 
i54)Melitaea (Mellicta) caucasogenita Verity,i930 (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): caucasogenita 

Verity, 1930 
i55)Melitaea (s.str.) arduinna (Fabricius,i787) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): arduinna Fabricius,i787; 

rhodopensis Freyer,[i836]; uralensis Eversmann,i844. 
i56)Melitaea (s.str.) cinxia (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): cinxia Linnaeus, 175 8; abacus 

Retzius,i783; fulla Quensel,i7gi. 

157) Melitaea (s.str.) diamina (Lang,i789) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): dictynna Esper,i778 nee [Denis & 
Schiffermilller],i775; diamina Lang, I78g; magnaobscura Verity, ig3i. 

158) Neptis (s.str.) rivularis (Scopoli,i763) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): rivularis Scopoli,i763; lucilla 
Denis & Schiffermilller,i775; coenobita Cramer, 1780; #tolunay Koqak & Kemal,20o6. 

i59)Nymphalis antiopa (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): antiopa Linnaeus, 1758; pompadour 

Pollich,i783; morio Retzius,i783; borealis Wnukowsky,ig27. 
160) Nymphalis polychloros (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): polychloros Linnaeus, 1758; 

testudo Esper,i78i; pyrrhomelaena Hiibner ,1824; pyromelas Freyer ,1834; fervida Standfuss,i8g6. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

161) Nymphalis vaualbum ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): #vaualbum 
[Denis & Schijfermiiller],iyy5; l-album Esper,[iy8i] 

162) Nymphalis xanthomelas (Esper,[i78i]) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): #xanthomelas [Denis & 
Schiffermiiller],iy75; xanthomelas Esper,[iy8i] 

163) Polygonia (Comma) c-album (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): c-album 
Linnaeus, 1758; g-album Fourcroy,i/85. 

164) Polygonia (Comma) egea (Cramer, [1775]) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): egea Cramer, [1775] 
(junior homonym); vaualbum Esper,i78o; l-album Esper,i789; triangulum Fabricius,i793; autumnalis 
Stefanelli,i873; #balucha Evans,i932; #pallida Evans,i932. 

i65)Precis (Junonia) orithya (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): orithya Linnaeus,i758 

166) Thaleropis ionia (Eversmann,l85l) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): ionia Eversmann,i8si; ammonia 

Herrich-Schaffer,i 851 . 
i67)Vanessa (Cynthia) cardui (Linnaeus,i758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): cardui Linnaeus, 1758; 

carduelis Cramer, 1775; elymi Rambur,i829; kershawi McCoy, 1868; pallida Schoyen,i88i; universa Verity,i9i9; 

takesakiana Kato,i925. 

168) Vanessa (s.str.) atalanta (Linnaeus, 1758) (Argynnidae) Synonym(s): atalanta Linnaeus, 17 58; 
amiralis Retzius,i783; #klemensiewiczi Schille,i896; #klimene Fischer, 1896; italica Stichel,i900. 


169) Amselina cedestiella (Zeller,i868) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): cedestiella Zeller,i868; dissoluta 

i70)Amselina emir (Gozmany,i96i) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): emir Gozmany,i96i 
171) Amselina minorita (Gozmany,iQ68) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): minorita Gozmany,i968 
i72)Amselina olympi (Gozmany,i957) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): olympi Gozmany,i957 
i73)Amselina parapsesta Gozmany,iQ86 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): parapsesta Gozmany,i986 
i74)Apatema mediopallidum Walsingham,iQOO (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): mediopallidum 

i75)Apiletria (Aretascetis) endopercna (Meyrick,iQ36) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): endopercna 

i76)Apiletria (Aretascetis) purulentella Stainton,i867 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): purulentella 

177) Apiletria (s.str.) luella Lederer,i855 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): luella Lederer,i855 
i78)Aprominta aga Gozmany,iQ62 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): aga Gozmany,i962 
i79)Aprominta arenbergeri Gozmany,iQ68 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): arenbergeri Gozmany,i968 
180) Aprominta bifasciata (Staudinger,i870) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): bifasciata 

Staudinger,i870; virginella Rebel,i902. 
i8i)Aprominta designatella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i855]) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): designatella 

Herrich-Schaffer,[i 855] 

182) Aprominta syriacella Ragonot,i8Q5 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): syriacella Ragonot,i895 

183) Arragonia anatolica Gozmany,iQ86 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): anatolica Gozmany,i986 

184) Charadraula cassandra Gozmany,iQ67 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): cassandra Gozmany,i967 

185) Deroxena venosulella (M6schler,i862) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): venosulella Moschler,i862; 
neglectella Lederer,i863. 

186) Dysspastus cinerascens Gozmany,iQ68 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): cinerascens Gozmany,i968 
i87)Dysspastus undecimpunctellus (Mann, 1864) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): undecimpunctellus 


188) Hecestoptera kyra Gozmany,iQ6i (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): kyra Gozmany,i96i 

189) Holcopogon bubulcellus (Staudinger,i859) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): bubulcellus 
Staudinger,i859; pulverulellus Constant, 1865; barbata Walsingham.,1900. 

190) Mylothra pyrrhella Ragonot,i895 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): pyrrhella Ragonot,i895; 
zeitunella Rebel,i902. 

191) Oegoconia caradjai Popescu-Gorj & Capuse,i965 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): caradjai Popescu- 
Gorj & Capuse,i965 

192) Oegoconia deauratella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): deauratella 
Herrich-Schqffer,[i854]; bacescui Popescu-Gorj & Capuse,i96s 

193) Symmacantha sparsella (De Joannis,i89i) (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): sparsella De 

194) Symmoca caliginella Mann, 1867 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): caliginella Mann,i867 
i95)Symmoca contristella Caradja,i920 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): contristella Caradja,i920 
196) Symmoca deprinsi Gozmany,200i (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): deprinsi Gozmany,20oi 
i97)Symmoca longipalpella Rebel, 1914 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): longipalpella Rebel,i9i4 
198) Symmoca salinata Gozmany,i986 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): salinata Gozmany,i986 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

199) Symmoca straminella Gozmany,i986 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): straminella Gozmany,ig86 

200) Symmoca vitiosella Zeller,i868 (Autostichidae) Synonym(s): vitiosella Zeller,i868 


201) Blastobasis phycidella (Zeller,i839) (Blastobasidae) Synonym(s): phycidella Zeller,i83g; 
roscidella Zeller,i847 

202) Hypatopa inunctella (Zeller,i839) (Blastobasidae) Synonym(s): immctella Zeller,i83g; haliciella 
Rlemensiewicz,i8g8; fuscella Rlemensiewicz,i8g8 


203) Bombyx mori (Linnaeus, 1758) (Bombycidae) Synonym(s): mori Linnaeus,i7s8; sinensis Moore & 
Hutton,i862; croesi Moore & Hutton,i862; fortunatus Moore & Hutton,i862; arracanensis Moore & Hutton,i862; 
textor Moore & Hutton,i862. 


204) Brachodes anatolicus Rallies, 2001 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): anatolicus Kallies,200i 

205) Brachodes appendiculata (Esper,[i783]) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): appendiculata 
Esper,[iy83]; vahliana Fabricius,iy87; saldonana Fabricius,iy87; chimaera Hubner,iyg6; lucida Lederer ,1853; 
powelli 0berthiir,ig22; gerassimovii Kozhantschikov,ig23 

206) Brachodes araxella Zagulyaev,i999 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): araxellaZagulyaev,iggg 

207) Brachodes buxeus Rallies, 2001 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): buxeus Rallies ,2001 

208) Brachodes candefacta (Lederer, 1858) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): candefacta Lederer, 1858; 
diacona Lederer, 1858 

209) Brachodes compar (Staudinger,i879) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): compar Staudinger,i87g 

210) Brachodes dispar (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): dispar Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i8 5 4] 

211) Brachodes fulguritus (Fischer v. Waldheim,i832) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): fulgurita Fischer v. 
Waldheim.,1832; orbonota Freyer,i842; exilis Herrich-Schaffer,[i856]; confinis Boisduval,[i875] 

2i2)Brachodes nana (Treitschke,i834) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): nana Treitschke,i834 
2i3)Brachodes orientalis (Rebel, 1905) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): orientalis Rebel,igos 
214) Brachodes pumilus (Ochsenheimer,i8o8) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): pumila 

Ochsenheimer,i 808 
2i5)Brachodes tristis (Staudinger,i879) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): tristis Staudinger,i87g 
216) Phycodes chalcocrossa Meyrick,i909 (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): chalcocrossa Meyrick,igog; 

mesopotamica Rebel,igio 
217) Phycodes radiata (Ochsenheimer,i8o8) (Brachodidae) Synonym(s): radiata Ochsenheimer,i8o8; 

hirudinicornis Guenee,i852; hyblaeella Walker, 1866; #superbella Rebel,igw; tertiana Diakonoff,ig78 


218) Brahmaea (s.str.) christophi Staudinger,i879 (Brahmaeidae) Synonym(s): christophi 

219) Brahmaea (s.str.) ledereri Rogenhofer,i873 (Brahmaeidae) Synonym(s): ledereri 


220) Bucculatrix albedinella (Zeller,i839) (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): albedinella Zeller,i83g; 
boyerella Duponchel,[i840]. 

22i)Bucculatrix anthemidella Deschka,i972 (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): anthemidella Deschka,ig72 

222) Bucculatrix basifuscella Staudinger,i88o (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): basifuscella 

223) Bucculatrix bechsteinella (Bechstein & Scharfenberg,i8os) (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): 
bechsteinella Bechstein & Scharfenberg ,1805; crataegi Zeller,i83g; crataegifoliella Duponchel,i842; crataegella 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

224) Bucculatrix infans Staudinger,i88o (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): infans Staudinger,i88o 

225) Bucculatrix nigricomella (Zeller,i839) (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): nigricomella Zeller, 1839; 
aurimaculella Stainton,i849 

226) Bucculatrix oppositella Staudinger,i88o (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): oppositella 

227) Bucculatrix pseudosylvella Rebel, 1941 (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): pseudosylvella Rebel,ig4i 

228) Bucculatrix ulmella Zeller,i848 (Bucculatricidae) Synonym(s): ulmella Zeller,i848; sircomella 
Stainton,i848; venustella Stainton,i849. 


229) Carposina berberidella Herrich-Schaffer,[i854] (Carposinidae) Synonym(s): berberidella 
Herrich-Schaffer,[i 854] 

230) Carposina scirrhosella Herrich-Schaffer,[i854] (Carposinidae) Synonym(s): scirrhosella 
Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]; orientella Stanoiu &Neme§,ig68. 


23i)Anthophila fabriciana (Linnaeus, 1767) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): fabriciana Linnaeus, 1767; 
oxyacanthella Linnaeus, 1767; urticana Denis & Schiffermuller,[i775]; excisum Retzius,i783; gilibertiana 
Villers,i789; oxyacanthae Fabricius,i798; dentana Hiibner,i799; fabricii Haworth,i8n; dentanalis 
Treitschke,i829; parietariae Stainton,i855; fabriciella Herrich-Schaffer,i862; parietariella Herrich-Schaffer,i862 

232) Choreutis muhabbet Kocak,20o8 (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): muhabbet Kocak,20o8 

233) Choreutis nemorana (Hiibner,[i799]) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): nemorana Hiibner,[i799]; 
incisalis Treitschke,i828; nemoranalis Treitschke,i829; nemorella Herrich-Schaffer,i862 

234) Choreutis pariana (Clerck,i759) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): #pariana Clerck,i759; lutosa 
Haworth,i8n; parialis Treitschke,i828 ; pariella Herrich-Schaffer,i862 

235) Millieria dolosana (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): #dolosalis 
Heydenreich,i85i; dolosana Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]; #dolasana Desmarest,[i857] 

236) Prochoreutis myllerana (Fab ricius, 1794) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): myllerana Fabricius,i794; 
mylleri Haworth,i8n; augustana Hiibner,[i8i3]; scintilulana Hiibner,[i825]; scintilulalis Treitschke,i835; 
albipunctalis Zetterstedt,i839; milllerana Heyden,i86s 

237) Prochoreutis sehestediana (Fabricius,i777) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): sehestediana 
Fabricius,i777; punctosa Haworth.,1811; philonyma Meyrick,i9i2; phalaraspis Meyrick,i923 

238) Prochoreutis stellaris (Zeller,i847) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): stellaris Zeller,i847; irradiata 

239) Tebenna bjerkandrella (Borgstrom,i784) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): cardui Strom,i783; 
bjerkandrella Borgstrom.,1784; prunnerella Rossi,i794; vibrana Hiibner,[i8i3]; fibrana Hiibner,[i825]; 
pretiosana Duponchel,i842; vibralis Treitschke,i835; australis Zeller, 1857; kawabei Arita,i975 

240) Tebenna micalis (Mann, 1857) (Choreutidae) Synonym(s): micalis Mami.,1857; isshikii 
Matsumura,i93i; bradleyi Clarke,i97i; hypocr -oca Diakonoff ,1978 


241) Axia (Epicimelia) theresiae (Korb,i900) (Cimeliidae) Synonym(s): theresiae Korb,i90o 

242) Axia (s.str.) olga Staudinger,i900 (Cimeliidae) Synonym(s): olga Staudinger,i900 


243) Augasma aeratellum (Zeller,i839) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): aeratellum Zeller,i839 

244) Coleophora adelogrammella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): adelogrammella 
Zeller,i849; collina Frey,i88o; separatella Benander,i939. 

245) Coleophora adjectella Herrich-Schaffer,i86i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): adjectella Herrich- 

246) Coleophora adjunctella Hodgkinson,i882 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): adjunctella 
Hodgkinson,i882; paludicola Stainton,i88s; aratorensis Barascb.,1934 

247) Coleophora agrianella Rebel, 1934 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): agrianella Rebel,i934 

248) Coleophora agridensis Baldizzone,200i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): agridensis 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

249) Coleophora albella (Thunberg,i788) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): albella Thunberg,i788; 
leucapennella Hubner,iyg6. 

250) Coleophora albicans Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): albicans Zeller,i84g; artemisiella 
Scott,i86i; simillimella Fuchs,i88i; digitella Palm.,1947 

25i)Coleophora albicostella (Duponchel,i842) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): albicostella 

Duponchel,i842; albimarginella Herrich-Schaffer ',1855 

252) Coleophora albiochrella Toll & Amsel,iQ67 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): albiochrella Toll & 

253) Coleophora albipennella Staudinger,i879 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): albipennella 

254) Coleophora albostraminata Toll, i960 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): albostraminata ToU.,1960 

255) Coleophora albotitae Rebel,i935 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): albotitae Rebel,i935 

256) Coleophora alcyonipennella (Kollar,i832) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): alcyonipennella 
Kollar,i832; cuprariella Zeller,i847; praticolella Zeller,i849; cuprifulgella ToU.,1962 

257) Coleophora amasicola Toll, 1942 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): amasicola T0II1942 

258) Coleophora amasiella Stainton, 1867 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): amasiella Stainton,i867 

259) Coleophora amentastra Falkovitsh,i972 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): amentastra 

260) Coleophora amethystinella Ragonot,i885 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): amethystinella 

261) Coleophora ammophora (Falkovitsh,i989) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ammophora 

262) Coleophora arenbergeri Glaser,i98i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): arenbergeri Glaser,i98i 

263) Coleophora argentifimbriata Walsingham,i907 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): 
argentifimbriata Walsingham,i907 

264) Coleophora argentipennella Duponchel,i838 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): argentipennella 

265) Coleophora argentula (Stephens, 1834) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): argentula Stephens,i834; 
cothurnella Duponchel,i843; argentulella Doubleday,i859; argentulella Bruand,i859 

266) Coleophora argyrella Herrich-Schaffer, 1861 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): argyrella Herrich- 

267) Coleophora armeniae Baldizzone & Patzak,i99i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): armeniae 
Baldizzone & Patzak,i99i 

268) Coleophora asiaeminoris Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): asiaeminoris T0II1952 

269) Coleophora asperginella Christoph,i862 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): asperginella 

270) Coleophora asthenella Constant,i893 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): asthenella Constant,i893 
271) Coleophora astragalella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): astragalella Zeller,i849; 

fimbriosella Herrich-Schaffer, 1861; plusiella Constant,i86s; persimilis Rebel,i904 

272) Coleophora audeoudi Rebel, 1935 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): audeoudi Rebel,i935 

273) Coleophora bagorella (Falkovitsh,i977) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): bagorella 
Falkovitsh,i977; capusiella Nemes,2003 

274) Coleophora baischi Baldizzone, 2007 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): baischi Baldizzone, 2007 

275) Coleophora ballotella (Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i839) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): 
ballotella Fischer v. Roslerstamm,i839; alexinschiella Nemes,2004 

276) Coleophora basimaculella Mann, 1864 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): basimaculella Mann,i864 
277) Coleophora berlandella Toll,i956 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): berlandella Toll,igs6 

278) Coleophora bernoulliella (Goeze,i783) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): bernoulliella Goeze,i783; 
anatipenella Hilbner,i796 

279) Coleophora bilineatella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): bilineatella Zeller,i849 

280) Coleophora bilineella Herrich-Schaffer,i855 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): bilineella Herrich- 
Schaffer, 18 55; perserenella Rebel,i9i9; joannisella Suire,i930; sergii Gozmany,i9s6 

281) Coleophora bitlisella Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): bitlisella Baldizzone, 1994 

282) Coleophora bivittella Staudinger, 1879 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): bivittella Staudinger,i879 

283) Coleophora bornicensis Fuchs,i886 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): bornicensis Fuchs,i886 

284) Coleophora botaurella Herrich-Schaffer,i86i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): botaurella 
Herrich-Schaffer, 1861 

285) Coleophora breviuscula Staudinger, 18 80 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): breviuscula 
Staudinger, 1880 

286) Coleophora caelebipennella Zeller,i839 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): caelebipennella 
Zeller,i839; bifurcella Turati,i930 

287) Coleophora calycotomella Stainton, 1869 (Coleophoridae) Synonym (s): calycotomella 
Stainton,i869; sarothamni R6ssler,i877; oranella ToU.,1952; afra ToU.,1952; paraobviella ToU.,1961 

288) Coleophora canariipennella Toll, 1959 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): canariipennella Toll,ig59 

289) Coleophora capillata Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): capillata Baldizzone, 1994 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

290) Coleophora cappadociae Baldizzone,i994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): cappadociae 
Baldizzone,i 994 

291) Coleophora cartilaginella Christoph,i872 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): cartilaginella 
Christoph,i872; dubiosa ToU.,1952; paraspumosella ToU.,1957; medicagivora ToU.,1961. 

292) Coleophora caucasica Stainton,i867 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): caucasica Stainton,i867 

293) Coleophora chamaedriella Bruand,i852 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): chamaedriella 
Bruand,i852; setipalpella Staudinger, 1879. 

294) Coleophora cherasforella Baldizzone, 2001 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): cherasforella 

295) Coleophora christenseni Baldizzone, 1983 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): christenseni 
Baldizzone,i 983 

296) Coleophora colutella (Fab ricius, 1794) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): colutella Fabricius,i794, 
serenella Duponchel,i843; crocinella Tengstrom.,1848; stanoiuii Nemes,2004 

297) Coleophora confusa Staudinger, 1880 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): confusa Staudinger,i88o 

298) Coleophora congeriella Staudinger,i859 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): congeriella 
Staudinger, 1859; suboriolella ToU.,1944 

299) Coleophora conspersa Baldizzone & Tabell,i999 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): conspersa 
Baldizzone & TabeV.,1999 

300) Coleophora conspicuella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): conspicuella Zeller,i849; 
centaureicolella Bruand,[i8s6]; similis Staudinger, 1880; aceris Caradja,i920 

301) Coleophora conyzae Zeller,i868 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): conyzae Zeller,i868, angustilinea 
Toll,i962; mellechella ToV.,1962; vicolii Nemes,2003 

302) Coleophora coracipennella (Hiibner,i796) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): coracipennella 
Hiibner,i796; coracipennis Haworth,[i828]; nigricella Stephens, 1834; occidentis Zeller,i873; varii Patzak.,1969. 

303) Coleophora coronillae Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): cor onillae Zeller, 1849 

304) Coleophora corsicella Walsingham,i898 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): corsicella 

305) Coleophora cracella Vallot,i835 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): cracella Vallot,i835 

306) Coleophora crepidinella Zeller, 1847 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): crepidinella Zeller, 1847 

307) Coleophora crispella Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): crispella Baldizzone, 199 4 

308) Coleophora cuprariella Zeller, 1847 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): cuprariella Zeller, 18 47 

309) Coleophora currucipennella Zeller,i839 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): currucipennella 

310) Coleophora daglarica Baldizzone & Tabell,i999 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): daglarica 
Baldizzone & TabeV.,1999 

311) Coleophora deauratella Lienig & Zeller, 1846 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): deauratella Lienig & 
Zeller, 1846 

3i2)Coleophora denigrella Gerasimov,i930 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): denigrella Gerasimov,i930 
3i3)Coleophora dianthi Herrich-Schaffer,i855 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): dianthi Herrich- 

Schaffer,i855; dianthella Herrich-Schdffer ,1861; amseli ToU.,1942 
314) Coleophora didymella Chretien, 1899 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): didymella Chretien,i899 
3i5)Coleophora dignella Toll, 1961 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): dignella T0II1961 
316) Coleophora discordella Zeller, 1849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): discordella Zeller,i849; 

dorycniella Hartig,i939 
317) Coleophora ditella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ditella Zeller, 18 49; tanaceti Roesler,i866 

nee Miihl., 1865; roesleri Wocke,[i876]; anatolica ToU.,1952. 

318) Coleophora dubiella Baker,i888 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): dubiella Baker, 1888; reisseri 
Rebel,i926; eucera Toll,i952; microeucera ToU.,1960; leucostrigella ToU.,1960 

319) Coleophora echinacea Falkovitsh,i972 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): echinacea Falkovitsh,i972 

320) Coleophora echinella Staudinger,i879 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): echinella Staudinger, 18 79 
32i)Coleophora egenella Toll,i952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): egenella Toll,i952 

322) Coleophora etrusca Baldizzone, 1990 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): etrusca Baldizzone, 1990 

323) Coleophora eupreta Walsingham,i907 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): eupreta Walsingham.,1907; 
nageli Rebel,i9io; circumdatella Turati,i934; argentariella Klimesch,i952; africana Toll, 1957; gozmanyi 
Toll,i96o; betica Glaser,i98i 

324) Coleophora ferruginea Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ferruginea 

325) Coleophora filaginella Fuchs,i88i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): filaginella Fuchs,i88i; graurii 

326) Coleophora fiorii Toll, 1953 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): fiorii Toll,i953 

327) Coleophora flaviella Mann, 1857 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): flaviella Mann,i857 

328) Coleophora flavilineella Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): flavilineella Toll,i952 

329) Coleophora flavipennella (Duponchel,i843) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): flavipennella 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

330) Coleophora follicularis (Vallot,i8o2) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): follicularis Vallot,i8o2; 

troglodytella Duponchel,i843. 
33i)Coleophora fretella Zeller,i847 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): fretella Zeller,i847; gilveolella T0II1953. 

332) Coleophora fringillella Zeller,i839 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): fringillella Zeller,i839 

333) Coleophora frischella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): frischella Linnaeus,i7s8; 
dannehli ToU.,1952; auronitella ToU.,1962 

334) Coleophora fuscicornis Zeller,i847 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): fuscicornis Zeller,i847 

335) Coleophora fuscociliella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): fuscociliella Zeller,i849; 
bucovinae Neme§,2004 

336) Coleophora galbulipennella Zeller,i838 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): galbulipennella 
Zeller,i838; otitae Zeller,i839. 

337) Coleophora gallipennella (Hiibner,i7Q6) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): gallipennella 

338) Coleophora gaviaepennella Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): gaviaepennella T0II1952 

339) Coleophora gazella Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): gazella Toll,ig52 

340) Coleophora genistae Stainton,i857 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): genistae Stainton,i857 

341) Coleophora glaucicolella Wood, 1892 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): glaucicolella Wood.,1892 

342) Coleophora goluensis Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): goluensis Baldizzone,i994 

343) Coleophora granulosella Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): granulosella 

344) Coleophora gryphipennella (Hubner,i796) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): gryphipennella 
Hiibner,i796; obscurea Haworth,i828; mariniella Hodgkinson,i88i; scolopiphora Hering,i926. 

345) Coleophora gurunensis Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): gurunensis 
Baldizzone, 1994 

346) Coleophora hartigi Toll, 1944 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): hartigi T0II1944 

347) Coleophora helianthemella Milliere,i870 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): helianthemella 

348) Coleophora hemerobiella (Scopoli,i763) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): hemerobiella 

349) Coleophora heringiToll,i952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): heringi ToU.,1952 

350) Coleophora herniariae Baldizzone, 2001 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): herniariae 
Baldizzone, 2001 

35i)Coleophora hieronella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): hieronella Zeller,i849 

352) Coleophora horridula Baldizzone, 2001 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): horridula Baldizzone,20oi 

353) Coleophora hystricella Toll, 1957 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): hystricella Toll,i957 

354) Coleophora inflatae Stainton,i857 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): inflatae Stainton,i857 

355) Coleophora inusitatella Caradja,i920 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): inusitatella Caradja,i920 

356) Coleophora isomoera Falkovitsh,i972 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): isomoera Falkovitsh,i972 

357) Coleophora ispartae Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ispartae Baldizzone, 1994 

358) Coleophora ivrizensis Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ivrizensis Baldizzone, 199 4 

359) Coleophora jerusalemella Toll, 1942 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): jerusalemella ToU.,1942 

360) Coleophora karakurti Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): karakurti Baldizzone, 199 4 

361) Coleophora kasyi Toll, 1961 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): kasyi Toll,ig6i 

362) Coleophora kautzi Rebel, 1933 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): kautzi Rebel,i933 

363) Coleophora klimeschiella Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): klimeschiella ToU.,1952 

364) Coleophora kroneella Fuchs, 1899 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): kroneella Fuchs,i899 

365) Coleophora kuehnella (Goeze,i783) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): kuehnella Goeze,i783; 
palliatella Zincken,i8i3. 

366) Coleophora lagopella Baldizzone, 2001 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lagopella Baldizzone, 2001 

367) Coleophora lassella Staudinger,i859 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lassella Staudinger,i859; 
teidensis Walsingham,i9o8; gotlandica Benander,i939; telavivella ToU.,1942 

368) Coleophora laticostella Mann, 1859 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): laticostella Mann,i859 

369) Coleophora lebedella (Falkovitsh, 1982) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lebedella Falkovitsh,ig82 

370) Coleophora limosipennella (Duponchel,i843) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): limosipennella 

371) Coleophora lineariella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lineariella Zeller,i849 

372) Coleophora lixella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lixella Zeller,i849 

373) Coleophora lusciniaepennella (Treitschke,i833) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): 
lusciniaepennella Treitschke,i833; viminetella Zeller,i84g. 

374) Coleophora luteolella Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): luteolella 
Staudinger,i88o; mendosella ToU.,1960 

375) Coleophora lutipennella (Zeller,i838) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lutipennella Zeller,i838. 

376) Coleophora lycaoniae Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lycaoniae Baldizzone, 199 4 
377)Coleophora machinopis Meyrick,i936 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): machinopis Meyrick,i936 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

378) Coleophora malatiella Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): malatiella T0II1952 

379) Coleophora mausolella Chretien, 1908 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): mausolella Chretien,igo8; 
thermoleuca Meyrick,ig22; palaestinella Toll,i942 

380) Coleophora mayrella (Hiibner, [1813]) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): fabriciella Villers,i789 nee 
Swed.,1787; mayrella Hiibner, [1813]; spissicornis Haworth,[i828]; moldaviella Neme§,2004 

381) Coleophora medelichensis Krone, 1908 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): medelichensis Krone,igo8 

382) Coleophora milvipennis Zeller,i839 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): milvipennis Zeller,i8sg 

383) Coleophora miniaxella Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): miniaxella Toll,igs2 

384) Coleophora miserella Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): miserella Staudinger,i88o 

385) Coleophora narbonensis Baldizzone,i990 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): narbonensis 

386) Coleophora necessaria Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): necessaria 
Staudinger,i88o ; indiges Falkovitsh,igg2. 

387) Coleophora nitidipennella Toll & Amsel,i967 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): nitidipennella Toll 

388) Coleophora niveicostella Zeller, 1839 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): niveicostella Zeller, i83g 

389) Coleophora niveistrigella Heinemann & Wocke,[i877] (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): 
niveistrigella Heinemann & Wocke,[i877] 

390) Coleophora nomgona Falkovitsh,i975 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): nomgona Falkovitsh,ig75 

391) Coleophora nutantella Miihlig & Frey,i857 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): nutantella Miihlig & 

392) Coleophora obliterata Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): obliterata Toll,igs2 

393) Coleophora obtectella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): obtectella Zeller, i84g 

394) Coleophora obviella Rebel, 1914 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): obviella Rebel,igi4 

395) Coleophora occatella Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): occatella Staudinger,i88o 

396) Coleophora ochrea (Haworth, [1828]) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ochrea Haworth,[i828] 

397) Coleophora ochripennella Zeller, 1849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ochripennella Zeller, i84g 

398) Coleophora onobrychiella Zeller, 1849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): onobrychiella Zeller,i84g; 
arenariella Zeller, 1865 

399) Coleophora onopordiella Zeller, 1849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): onopordiella Zeller, i84g; 
eremica Amsel,i935; cerinaula Meyrick,igs6; fusca Toll,ig52; pseudophlomidella Toll,ig52; sivandella Toll,igsg; 
litorella Nemes,2003 

400) Coleophora oriolella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): or iolella Zeller, 18 4g 

401) Coleophora ornatipennella (Hiibner, 1796) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ornatipennella 
Hiibner, I7g6; #agrammella Rebel, ig35- 

402) Coleophora paphlagoniae Baldizzone,i994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): paphlagoniae 

403) Coleophora paraptarmica Toll & Amsel,i967 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): paraptarmica Toll 
& Amsel,ig67 

404) Coleophora parcella Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): parcella Toll,igs2 

405) Coleophora parthenica Meyrick,i89i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): parthenica Meyrick,i8gi; 
cygnipennella Toll,igsg; candidella Toll,igsg; transcaspica Toll,ig5g; lashkarella Toll & Amsel,ig67; hilmendella 

406) Coleophora partitella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): partitella Zeller, i84g; davidii 

407) Coleophora parvicuprella Baldizzone & Tabell,20o6 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): 
parvicuprella Baldizzone & TabeU.,2006 

408) Coleophora passeripennella Baldizzone,200i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): passeripennella 
Baldizzone, 2001 

409) Coleophora pellicornella Zerny,i930 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): pellicornella Zerny,ig30 

410) Coleophora pennella ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): pennella 
[Denis & Schijfermiiller],i775; borowskiella Goeze,i783; mucosa Four croy, 1785; mucosella Villers,i78g; onosmella 
Brahm,i7gi; struthionipennella Hilbner,i7g6; cornuum Vallot,i8i8; hispanicella Moschler,i866; diffinis 
Staudinger,i88o; nervosella Miiller-Rutz,ig27; flavilineella Toll,ig52; gogovi Capuse,ig7i 

411) Coleophora phlomidella Christoph.,1862 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): phlomidella Christoph,i862 

412) Coleophora phlomidis Stainton,i867 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): phlomidis Stainton,i867 

413) Coleophora phrygiae Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): phrygiae Baldizzone, lgg 4 

414) Coleophora poliacantha Baldizzone, 2001 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): poliacantha 
Baldizzone, 2001 

4i5)Coleophora preisseckeri Toll, 1942 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): preisseckeri Toll,ig42 

416) Coleophora propinqua Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): propinqua 

417) Coleophora protecta Walsingham,i907 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): protecta Walsingham,igo7 
418) Coleophora pseudociconiella Toll,i952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): pseudociconiella Toll,igs2; 

patrascui Nemes,2003 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

419) Coleophora ptarmica Walsingham,i9io (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): ptarmica 

420) Coleophora pyrenaica Baldizzone,iQ8o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): pyrenaica 

421) Coleophora pyrrhulipennella Zeller,i839 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): pyrrhulipennella 

422) Coleophora quadristraminella Toll,i96i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): quadristraminella 

423) Coleophora qulikushella Toll, 1959 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): qulikushella Toll,i959 

424) Coleophora reisseri Rebel, 1926 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): reisseri Rebel,ig26 

425) Coleophora rhinoceros Baldizzone,200i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): rhinoceros 

426) Coleophora riffelensis Rebel, 1913 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): riffelensis Rebel,igi3; fischeri 
Tott.,1950; klemensiewiczi Tott.,1950 

427) Coleophora salicorniae Heinemann & Wocke,i877 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): salicorniae 
Heinemann & Wocke,i877; cypriacella Rebel,i928. 

428) Coleophora salsolella Chretien, 1915 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): salsolella Chretien,igi5; 
nigridorsella Amsel,i 935. 

429) Coleophora sarehma Toll, 1956 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): sarehma Tott.,1956; exasperatella 


430) Coleophora saxicolella (Duponchel,i843) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): saxicolella 
Duponchel,i843; bucovinensis Nemes,2004 

431) Coleophora serpylletorum Hering,i889 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): serpylletorum 
Hering,i889; assisti Nemes,2003 

432) Coleophora serratella (Linnaeus, 1761) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): serratella Linnaeus, 1761; 
fuscedinella Zeller,i849; metallicella Hodgkinson,i892; aethiopiformis Strand,i902; salmani Heinricb.,1929; 
parasalmani Oudejans,i97i 

433) Coleophora serratulella Herrich-Schaffer,i855 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): serratulella 
Herrich-Schaffer,i 855 

434) Coleophora silenella Herrich-Schaffer,i855 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): silenella Herrich- 
Schaffer,i855; dragusanii Nemes,2004 

435) Coleophora sobrinella Toll, 1944 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): sobrinella Tott.,1944 

436) Coleophora soffneriella Toll, 1961 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): soffneriella Tott.,1961 

437) Coleophora spiniferella Toll,i952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): spiniferella Tott.,1952 

438) Coleophora squamella Constant, 1885 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): squamella Constant,i88s; 
paragenistae Kasy,i964 

439) Coleophora squamosella Stainton,i856 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): squamosella 
Stainton,i856; erigerella Ford,i935; podolensis ToU.,1938; sabulicola Benander ,1939 

440) Coleophora stramentella Zeller, 1849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): stramentella Zeller,i849 

441) Coleophora subochracea Toll, 1952 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): subochracea Tott.,1952 

442) Coleophora subula (Falkovitsh,i993) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): subula Falkovitsh,ig93 

443) Coleophora symphistropha Reznik,i976 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): symphistropha 

444) Coleophora tabelli Baldizzone,200i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tabelli Baldizzone,20oi 

445) Coleophora taeniipennella Herrich-Schaffer,i855 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): 
taeniipennella Herrich-Schqffer ,1855; galactaula Meyrick,i928 

446) Coleophora tamesis Waters, 1929 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tamesis Waters,i929 

447) Coleophora tanaceti Miihlig,i865 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tanaceti Miihlig,i865 

448) Coleophora taurica Baldizzone,i994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): taurica Baldizzone,i994 

449) Coleophora tauricella Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tauricella 
Staudinger,i88o; skopusella Amsel,i935; kurdistanella Amsel,i955. 

450) Coleophora taygeti Baldizzone,i983 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): taygeti Baldizzone,i983 
45i)Coleophora testudo Falkovitsh.,1973 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): testudo Falkovitsh,ig73 

452) Coleophora tetraciliata Baldizzone,2007 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tetraciliata 

453) Coleophora therinella Tengstrom, 1848 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): therinellaTengstrdm.,1848 

454) Coleophora thymi Hering,i942 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): thymi Hering,i942 

455) Coleophora tollamseliella Oudejans,i97i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tollamseliella 

456) Coleophora treskaensis Toll & Amsel,i967 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): treskaensis Toll & 
Amsel,i967; sciurella Baldizzone,i987 

457) Coleophora trifariella Zeller, 1849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): trif arietta Zeller, 1849 

458) Coleophora trifolii (Curtis, 1832) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): trifolii Curtis,i832; chalybaella 
Costa,[i836]; melilotella Scott,i86i. 

459) Coleophora trigeminella Fuchs,i88i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): trig eminella Fuchs, 1881 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

460) Coleophora trimaculella Baldizzone,200i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): trimaculella 

461) Coleophora tringella Baldizzone, 1988 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tringella Baldizzone, 1988 

462) Coleophora tripeniella Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tripeniella 

463) Coleophora tristella Staudinger,i879 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): tristella Staudinger,i879 

464) Coleophora turca Baldizzone, 1994 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): turca Baldizzone, 1994 

465) Coleophora univittella Staudinger,i88o (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): univittella 

466) Coleophora uralensis Toll,i96i (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): uralensis Toll,ig6i 

467) Coleophora valesianella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): valesianella Zeller,i849; 
giraudi Ragonot,i874; simillima Staudinger,i88o; predotaella Rebel,igi4 

468) Coleophora versurella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): versurella Zeller, 1849; 
tardipennella Zeller,i849; miserella Staudinger,i88o; agricolella Fuchs,i886; atlanticella Rebel,i8g6; enchorda 
Meyrick,i93i; pallorella Benander,ig3g; thalassella McDunnough.,1940; constanti Hering,ig42; pisella 
Amsel,i953; saccharella Amsel,i953; amaranthivora Oku.,1965 

469) Coleophora vestianella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): vestianella 
Linnaeus,i758; laripennella Zetterstedt,i839; galbulipennella Duponchel,i843; annulatella Tengstrom.,1848; 
tengstroemella Doubleday,i859; subtractella Caradja,i920 

470) Coleophora vibicella (Hiibner,[i8i3]) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): vibicella Hiibner,[i8i3]; 
vibicipennella Treitschke,i833; brunneella Miiller-Rutz,i922 

471) Coleophora vicinella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): vicinella Zeller,i849; gypsophilae 

472) Coleophora virgatella Zeller, 1849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): virgatella Zeller,i849 

473) Coleophora vulnerariae Zeller, 1839 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): vulnerariae Zeller,i839; 
icterella Duponchel,i840; vulnerariella Doubleday,i859; vulnerariella Bruand,i859 

474) Coleophora vulpecula Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): vulpecula Zeller,i849; 
vulpeculoides ToU.,1952 

475) Coleophora walsinghami Baldizzone, 1990 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): walsinghami 
Baldizzone, 1990 

476) Coleophora wiltshirei Toll, 1959 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): wiltshirei ToU.,1959 
477)Coleophora wockeella Zeller,i849 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): wockeella Zeller, 18 49 ; fumigatella 

Caradja,i920; italiae Toll,i96o 

478) Coleophora xanthoargentea Toll, 1959 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): xanthoargenteaToll,i959 

479) Coleophora zelleriella Heinemann,i854 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): zelleriella 

480) Coleophora zofodella Baldizzone, 2001 (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): zofodella Baldizzone, 2001 

481) Goniodoma auroguttella (Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i84i) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): 
auroguttella Fischer v. Rdslerstamm.,1841 

482) Metriotes lutarea (Haworth,[i828]) (Coleophoridae) Synonym(s): lutarea Haworth,[i828]; 
modestella Duponchel,i838; splendidella Lienig & Zeller, 1846; bucovinella Nemes,2004 


483) Alloclita deprinsi Koster & Sinev,2003 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): deprinsi Koster & 

484) Allotalanta autophaea Meyrick,i9i3 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): autophaea Meyrick,i9i3 

485) Anatrachyntis rileyi (Walsingham,i882) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): rileyi 
Walsingham.,1882; stigmatophora Walsingham,i882 

486) Ascalenia echidnias (Meyrick,i89i) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): echidnias Meyrick,i89i; 
signatella Chretien,i9i5; or anella Lucas, 1939; satellita Gozmany,i96o. 

487) Ascalenia vanella (Frey,i86o) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): vanella Frey,i86o; seeboldiella 

488) Ascalenia vanelloides Gerasimov,i930 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): vanelloides 
Gerasimov,i930; #eremella Amsel,i933; eremella Amsel,i935. 

489) Ascalenia viviparella Kasy,i96g (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): viviparella Kasy,i969 

490) Coccidiphila gerasimovi Danilevsky,i950 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): gerasimovi 

491) Coccidiphila ledereriella (Zeller, 1850) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): ledereriella Zeller, 1850; 
unedella Milliere,i876; rungsella Nel & Brusseaux.,1997 

492) Cosmopterix crassicervicella Chretien, 1896 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): crassicervicella 
Chretien,i896; flavipes Turati,i930; superba Gozmany,i96o; dalii Agenjo,i98i 

493) Cosmopterix scribaiella Zeller,i850 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): scribaiella Zeller,i8so; 
hermsiella Hering,i889; japonica Kuroko,i96o 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

494) Cosmopterix zieglerella (Hubner,[i8io]) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): zieglerella 
Hiibner,[i8io]; eximia Haworth,i828 

495) Eteobalea albiapicella (Duponchel,i843) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): albiapicella 

496) Eteobalea amseli (Osthelder,iQ4o) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): amseli Osthelder,i940 

497) Eteobalea dohrnii (Zeller, 1847) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): dohrniiZeller,i847 

498) Eteobalea intermediella (Riedl, 1966) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): intermediella Riedl,ig66 

499) Eteobalea isabellella (Costa,i836) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): isabellella Costa,i836; 
opulentella Herrich-Schaffer,i853; rutilella Chretien, 1896. 

500) Eteobalea serratella (Treitschke,i833) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): serratella 
Treitschke,i833; sareptensis Walsingham.,1907; cinereocapitella Caradja,i920 

501) Eteobalea siciliae (Riedl, 1966) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): siciliae Riedl,i966 

502) Eteobalea sumptuosella (Lederer,i855) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): sumptuosella 
Lederer,i855; cinereocapitella Caradja,i920 

503) Eteobalea tririvella (Staudinger,i87i) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): tririvella 
Staudinger,i87i; kasyi Riedl,i96s. 

504) Hodgesiella christophi Koster & Sinev,2003 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): christophi Koster 

505) Pancalia leuwenhoekella (Linnaeus, 1761) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): leuwenhoekella 
Linnaeus, 1761; schmidtella Treitschke,i833 

506) Pancalia nodosella (Bruand,[i8so]) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): nodosella Bruand,[i8so]; 
nodosella Mann,i854 

507) Pancalia schwarzella (Fabricius,i798) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): schwarzella 
Fabricius,i798; latreillella Curtis,i830. 

508) Pyroderces argyrogrammos (Zeller, 1847) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): argyrogrammos 
Zeller, 1847; goldeggiella Herrich-Schaffer,[i853] 

509) Pyroderces caesaris Gozmany,i957 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): caesaris Gozmany,i957 

510) Ramphis libanoticus Riedl, 1969 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): libanoticus Riedl,i969 

511) Sorhagenia fibigeri Koster & Sinev,2003 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): fibigeri Koster & 

5i2)Sorhagenia lophyrella (Douglas, 1846) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): lophyrella Douglas,i846; 

tolli Riedl, 1962 
5i3)Sorhagenia rhamniella (Zeller, 1839) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): rhamniella Zeller,i839; 

asperipunctella Bruand,i8so 
5 14) Sorhagenia taurensis Koster & Sinev,2003 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): taurensis Koster & 

5i5)Stagmatophora anonymella (Riedl, 1965) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): anonymella Riedl,i96s 
5i6)Stagmatophora beata (Walsingham,i907) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): beata Walsingham,i907 
5i7)Tolliella fulguritella (Ragonot,i895) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): fulguritella Ragonot,i895; 

copidobathra Meyrick,i936. 
518) Vulcaniella anatolica Koster & Sinev,2003 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): anatolica Koster & 

5i9)Vulcaniella caucasica Sinev,i986 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): caucasica Sinev,i986 
520) Vulcaniella cognatella Riedl, 1991 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): cognatella Riedl,i99i 
521) Vulcaniella fiordalisa (Petry,i904) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): fiordalisa Retry, 1904; 

gnaphaliella Chretien, 1922. 

522) Vulcaniella glaseri (Riedl,i966) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): glaseri Riedl,i966 

523) Vulcaniella grabowiella (Staudinger,i859) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): grabowiella 

524) Vulcaniella grandiferella Sinev,i986 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): grandiferella Sinev,i986 

525) Vulcaniella karadaghella Sinev,i986 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): karadaghella Sinev,i986 

526) Vulcaniella pomposella (Zeller,i839) (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): pomposella Zeller ,1839 

527) Vulcaniella pontica Koster & Sinev,2003 (Cosmopterigidae) Synonym(s): pontica Koster & 


528) Acossus terebrus (Denis, 1785) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): #terebra [Denis & Schiffermilller],i775; 
terebra Denis,i78s. 

529) Azygophleps regia (Staudinger,i892) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): regia Staudinger,i892 

530) Cossulus argentatus (Staudinger,i887) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): argentatus Staudinger,i887; 
araxes De Freina,i982 

53i)Cossulus lena Yakovlev,20o8 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): lena Yakovlev,20o8 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

532) Cossulus lignosus (Brandt,i938) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): lignosus Brandt,ig38 

533) Cossulus nedretus De Freina & Yakovlev,2005 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): nedretus De Freina & 

534) Cossus cossus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): cossus Linnaeus, 1758; unguiculatus 
Fabricius,i794; ligniperda Fabricius,i794 

535) Cossus divisa Rothschild,iQi2 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): divisa Rothschild,igi2 

536) Cossus funkei (R6ber,i8Q6) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): funkei R6ber,i8g6 

537) Dieida ledereri Staudinger,i87i (Cossidae) Synonym(s): ledereri Staudinger,i87i o 

538) Dyspessa arabeska Yakovlev,2005 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): arabeska Yakovlev,2005 

539) Dyspessa argaeensis Rebel, 1902 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): argaeensis Rebel,igo2; taurica 

540) Dyspessa artemis Yakovlev,20o8 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): artemis Yakovlev,20o8 
54i)Dyspessa blonda Yakovlev,20o8 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): blonda Yakovlev,20o8 

542) Dyspessa cerberus Daniel,i939 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): cerberus Daniel,ig3g 

543) Dyspessa defreinai Yakovlev,20o8 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): defreinai Yakovlev,20o8 

544) Dyspessa emilia (Staudinger,i879) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): emilia Staudinger,i87g 

545) Dyspessa hethitica Daniel, 1932 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): hethitica Daniel,ig32; #hetithica De 

546) Dyspessa infuscata (Staudinger,i892) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): infuscata Staudinger,i8g2; 
cypriaca Rebel,ig27; kurdistana Turati,igog. 

547) Dyspessa pallidata Staudinger,i90i (Cossidae) Synonym(s): #pallidata Staudinger,i8g2; 
pallidata Staudinger,igoi; nigrita Wagner, ig3i; dueldueli Daniel,ig3g. 

548) Dyspessa salicicola (Eversmann, 1848) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): salicicola Eversmann,i848 

549) Dyspessa stroehlei Yakovlev,20o8 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): stroehlei Yakovlev,20o8 

550) Dyspessa tyumasevae Yakovlev,20o8 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): tyumasevaeYakovlev,20o8 
55i)Dyspessa ulula (Borkhausen,i79o) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): ulula Borkhausen,i7go; hepialica 

Borkhausen,i7go; hepialina Hiibner,i7g2; marmorata Rambw,i858; fuscula Staudinger,i8g2; affinis 
Rothschild, igi7; maroccana Rothschild,igi7; pallida Rothschild,igi7 nee Roth.,igi2. 

552) Dyspessa zurvan Yakovlev,20o8 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): zurvanYakovlev,20o8 

553) Dyspessacossus fereidun Groum-Grshimailo,i895 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): fereidun Groum- 
Grshimailo,i8g5; firdusi Wagner, ig37- 

554) Dyspessacossus hadjinensis Daniel, 1953 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): hadjinensis Daniel,igs3 

555) Holcocerus volgensis Christoph,i893 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): volgensis Christoph,i8g3 

556) Isoceras bipunctatum (Staudinger,i887) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): bipunctatum Staudinger,i887 
557)Isoceras huberi Eitschberger & Strohle,i987 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): huberi Eitschberger & 


558) Paracossulus thrips (Hiibner,[i8i8]) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): thrips Hiibner,[i8i8]; fuchsiana 
Eversmann,i832; kindermanni Freyer,i836. 

559) Parahypopta caestrum (Hiibner,[i8o8]) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): caestrum Hiibner,[i8o8]; 
teredo Boisduval,i82g; radoti Homberg,igii; nigrosignatus Rothschild,igi2. 

560) Paropta paradoxus (Herrich-Schaffer,i85i) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): paradoxus Herrich- 

56i)Phragmacossia albida (Erschoff,i874) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): albida Erschoff,i874 

562) Phragmataecia castaneae (Hiibner,i79o) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): castaneae Hubner,i7go; 
arundinis Hiibner,[i8o8]; minor Moore,i87g; pygmaea Graeser,i888; minima Hampson,i8gi 

563) Phragmataecia territa Staudinger,i878 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): territa Staudinger,i878 

564) Semagystia cuhensis De Freina, 1994 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): cuhensis De Freina,igg4 

565) Semagystia enigma Yakovlev,2007 (Cossidae) Synonym(s): enigma Yakovlev,2007 

566) Semitocossus Johannes (Staudinger,i899) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): Johannes Staudinger,i8gg; 
striolatus Rothschild,igi2 

567) Stygioides colchica (Herrich-Schaffer,[i85i]) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): colchica Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i8 5 i] 

568) Zeuzera pyrina (Linnaeus, 1761) (Cossidae) Synonym(s): pyrina Linnaeus, 1761; hypocastani 
Poda,i76i; aesuli Linnaeus, 1767; hilaris Fourcroy,i78s; octopunctata Boisduval,i832; decipiens Kirby ,i8g2 


569) Amata aequipuncta (Turati,i9i7) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): aequipuncta Turati,igi7; 
#aequipunctata De Freina,igg4 

570) Amata antiochena (Lederer,i86i) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): antiochena Lederer,i86i; 
tricingulata Culot,igog 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

57i)Amata caspia (Staudinger,i877) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): caspia Staudinger,i877; #caspica 
Romanoff ,1884; minuta A.Bang-Haas,igw nee Bsd.,1833; martinierici Bryk,ig4i; banghaasi Obraztsov,ig66; 
minutissima Obraztsov,ig66; schachti De Freina,igg4. 

572) Amata hakkariana (De Freina,i982) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): hakkariana De Freina,ig82 

573) Amata kruegeri (Ragusa,l904) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): #kruegeri Ragusa,igo4; kruegeri 

574) Amata phegea (Linnaeus, 1758) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): phegea Linnaeus, 1758; quercus 

575)Amata rossica (Turati,l9l7) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): #nigricornis Alpheraky,i883; nigricornis 

Kirby,i8g2 (praeocc.); rossica Turati,igi7; tanaica Obraztsov,ig4i 
576) Amata sintenisi (Standfuss,i892) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): sintenisi Standfuss,i8g2; aurivala 

Schawerda,i g23 
577)Amata tanina (De Freina,i982) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): tanina De Freina,ig82. 

578) Amata taurica (Turati,i9i7) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): #taurica Hampson,i8g8; taurica 

579) Amata transcaspica Obraztsov,i94i (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): transcaspica Obraztsov,ig4i 

580) Amata wiltshirei Bytinski-Salz, 1939 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): wiltshirei Bytinski-Salz,ig3g 

581) Callitomis dimorpha Bytinski-Salz, 1939 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): dimorpha Bytinski- 
Salz,ig3g; #nigerrima Bytinski-Salz,ig3g 

582) Dysauxes (Adauctis) punctata (Fabricius,i78i) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): punctata 
Fabricius,i78i; serva Hiibner,[i8o3]; confamula Hiibner,[i803]; ochrea Milliere,i876 

583) Dysauxes (s.str.) ancilla (Linnaeus, 1767) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): ancilla Linnaeus, 1767; 
obscura Fabricius,i78i; quadrioculata Goeze,i783; lomopicta Four croy, 1785; fuscoptera Fourcroy,i78s; 
tripunctata Scopoli,i786; arcuatella Schrank,i8o2 ; horta Schrank,i802; abundans Dannehl,ig33; pluripuncta 

584) Dysauxes (s.str.) famula (Freyer,i836) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): famula Freyer,i836; hyalina 
Freyer ,1845; ragusaria Zickert,igo4; herthina Stauder,ig2i; burgeffi Draudt,ig3i; taurica Draudt,ig3i; 
pseudoservula Naufock,ig33; pontica Friese,igsg; sofiata De Laever,ig83; lucana De Laever,ig83. 

585) Dysauxes (s.str.) fraterna Ignatyev & Zolotuhin,20o6 (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): fraterna 
Ignatyev & Zolotuhin,20o6 

586) Dysauxes (s.str.) syntomida (Staudinger,i892) (Ctenuchidae) Synonym(s): syntomida 


587) Danaus (Anosia) chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Danaidae) Synonym(s): chrysippus 
Linnaeus, 1758; aegyptius Schreber,i75g 


588) Syringopais temperatella (Lederer,i855) (Deoclonidae) Synonym(s): temperatella 
Lederer,i855; fuscofasciata Stainton,i867; ochrolitella Staudinger,i87i; xenicopa Meyrick,ig20 


589) Klimeschia cinereipunctella (Turati & Fiori,i93o) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): 
cinereipunctella Turati & Fiori,ig30; lutumella Amsel,ig38. 

590) Klimeschia transversella (Zeller,i839) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): transversella Zeller,i83g 
59i)Klimeschia vibratoriella (Mann, 1862) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): vibratoriella Mann,i862 

592) Tinagma anchusellum (Benander,i936) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): anchusellum 
Benander \1g36 

593) Tinagma columbellum (Staudinger,i88o) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): columbellum 

594) Tinagma hedemanni (Caradja,i92o) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): hedemanni Caradja,ig20 

595) Tinagma minutissimum (Staudinger,i88o) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): minutissimum 

596) Tinagma ocnerostomellum (Stainton,i8so) (Douglasiidae) Synonym(s): ocnerostomellum 
Stainton,i850; echii Herrich-Schaffer,i854. 



ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

597) Cilix asiatica A.Bang-Haas,l907 (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): asiatica A.Bang-Haas,i907; depalpata 

598) Cilix glaucata (Scopoli,i763) (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): glaucata ScopoU.,1763; modesta 
Miiller,iy64; ruffa Linnaeus, 1766; spinula [Denis & Schijfermuller],i775; candidula [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; 
compressa Fabricius,i777 

599) Drepana falcataria (Linnaeus, 1758) (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): falcataria Linnaeus, 1758; sicula 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; falcula [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; falcata Retzius,i783 nee Fabr. ,177s; 
falcatarialis Haworth.,1802; infernalis Bytinski-Salz,ig3g 

600) Watsonalla binaria (Hufhagel,i767) (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): binaria Hufnagel,i767; falcata 
Fabricius,i775; falculataria Villers,i78g; falcatalis Haworth.,1802; uncula Hiibner ,[1802] 

601) Watsonalla cultraria (Fabricius,i775) (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): cultraria Fabricius,i775; 
hamula [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; cultrarialis Haworth.,1802; unguicula Hiibner, [1803]; fasciata 

602) Watsonalla uncinula (Borkhausen, 1790) (Drepanidae) Synonym(s): uncinula Borkhausen,i7go 


603) Elachista (Aphelosetia) pollinariella Zeller,i839 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): pollinariella 

604) Elachista adscitella Stainton,i85i (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): cinctella auct.; adscitella 

605) Elachista albifrontella (Hiibner, [1817]) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): albifrontella Hiibner,[i8i7] 

606) Elachista anatoliensis Traugott-01sen,i990 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): anatoliensis Traugott- 

607) Elachista anserinella Zeller,i839 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): anserinella Zeller,i83g; disertella 
Herrich-Schdffer,[i 855]. 

608) Elachista argentella (Clerck,l759) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): argentella Clerck,i7sg; alabastrella 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; melanopis Fourcroy,i785; alabastrata Villers,i78g; cygnipennella Hiibner,i7g6; 
cygnipennis Haworth,i828; semialbella Stephens,i834 

609) Elachista atrisquamosa Staudinger,i88o (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): atrisquamosa 

610) Elachista bisulcella (Duponchel,i843) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): bisulcella Duponchel,i843; 
zonariella Tensgtrdm.,1847 

611) Elachista blancella Traugott-01sen,i992 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): blancella Traugott-Olsen,igg2 

612) Elachista canapennella (Hiibner, [1813]) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): canapennella 
Hiibner,[i8i3]; pulchella Haworth,[i828] nee Fabricius,i7g4; obscurella Stainton,i84g; incanella Herrich- 
Schaffer,[i855], etc. 

613) Elachista chionella Mann, 1861 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): chionella Mann,i86i 

614) Elachista chrysodesmella Zeller, 1850 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): chrysodesmella Zeller, 1850 
6i5)Elachista cingillella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i855]) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): cingillella Herrich- 

Schdffer,[i855]; densicornuella Hodgkinson,i87g 
616) Elachista collitella (Duponchel,i843) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): collitella Duponchel,i843; 

grossepunctella Herrich-Schdffer,i855 
617) Elachista contaminatella Zeller, 1847 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): contaminatella Zeller, 1847; fadella 

Milliere,i876; suspectella Chretien,i8g6; hypoleuca Walsingham,igo7 

618) Elachista deceptricula Staudinger,i88o (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): deceptricula 

619) Elachista disemiella Zeller, 1847 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): disemiella Zeller, 1847 

620) Elachista dispilella Zeller,i839 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): dispilella Zeller, i83g 

621) Elachista festucicolella Zeller, 1853 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): festucicolella Zeller,i853; 
#festicolella Staudinger,i88o. 

622) Elachista flavescens Parenti,i98i (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): flavescens Parenti,ig8i 

623) Elachista gangabella Zeller, 1850 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): gangabella Zeller, 1850; taeniatella 
Stainton,i857; ursinella Chretien,i8g6 

624) Elachista gebzeensis Traugott-01sen,i990 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): gebzeensis Traugott- 

625) Elachista gleichenella (Fabricius,i78i) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): gleichenella Fabricius,i78i; 
gleichella Fabricius,i7g4; magnificella Duponchel,i843; trifasciella Tengstrdm.,1848; fractella Herrich- 

626) Elachista griseella (Duponchel,i843) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): griseella Duponchel,i843; 
dispositella Frey,i8sg 

627) Elachista incanella Herrich-Schaffer,[i855] (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): incanella Herrich- 
Schaffer,[i8 5 5] 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

628) Elachistakleini Amsel,i935 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): kleiniAmsel,i935 

629) Elachista maculata Parenti,i978 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): maculata Parenti,i9/8 

630) Elachista maculicerusella Bruand,i849 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): cerusella Hiibner,i7g6 nee 
[Denis & Schiff.], 1775; maculicerusella Bruand.,1849; monosemiella auct. 

631) Elachista melancholica Frey,i859 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): melancholica Frey, 18 59 

632) Elachista minusculella Traugott-01sen,i992 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): minusculella Traugott- 

633) Elachista modesta Parenti, 1978 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): modesta Parenti,i978 

634) Elachista nuraghella Amsel, 1951 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): nuraghella Amsel,i95i 

635) Elachista ohridella Parenti, 2001 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): ohridella Parenti,200i 

636) Elachista pollutella (Duponchel,i844) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): pollutella Duponchel,i844 

637) Elachista pollutissima Staudinger,i88o (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): pollutissima 

638) Elachista pullicomella Zeller,i839 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): pullicomella Zeller,i839; 
rectifasciella Stainton,i85i; bohemanni Wallengren,i852; pullella Herrich-Schaffer,i855 

639) Elachista revinctella Zeller,i850 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): revinctella Zeller,i8so 

640) Elachista rudectella Stainton, 1851 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): rudectella Stainton,i8si 

641) Elachista rufocinerea (Haworth,[i828]) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): rufocinerea 
Haworth,[i828]; oleae Haworth,[i828]; floslactis Haworth,[i828]; rufocinerella Herrich-Schdffer ,1855; 
rufocinereella Bruand,i859 

642) Elachista squamosella (Duponchel,i843) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): squamosella 

643) Elachista turkensis Traugott-01sen,i990 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): turkensis Traugott- 

644) Elachista unifasciella (Haworth,[i828]) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): unifasciella Haworth,[i828] 

645) Elachista vegliae Parenti, 1978 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): vegliae Parenti,i978 

646) Perittia echiella Joannis,i902 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): echiella Joannis,i902 

647) Perittia huemeri (Traugott-Olsen,i99o) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): huemeri Traugott- 

648) Perittia junnilaisella Kaila,2009 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): junnilaisella Kaila,2009 

649) Perittia karadaghella Sinev & Budashkin,i99i (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): karadaghella Sinev 
& Budashkin,i 991 

650) Perittia mucronata (Parenti, 2001) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): mucronata Parenti.,2001 
651) Perittia ravida Kaila,2009 (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): ravida Kaila,2009 

652) Stephensia abbreviatella (Stainton, 1851) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): abbreviatella 
Stainton,i85i; maxima Hbfner,i897; myosotivora Miiller-Rutz,i937. 

653) Stephensia brunnichella (Linnaeus, 1767) (Elachistidae) Synonym(s): brunnichella 
Linnaeus, 1767. 


654) Endromis versicolora (Linnaeus, 1758) (Endromidae) Synonym(s): versicolora Linnaeus, 1758; 
versicolor Schrank,i8oi; lapponica Bau,i877; sachalinensis Matsumura,i929; asiaeorientis Warnecke,i943; 
meridionalis Rougeot,i97i; subpyrinaea Gomez-Bustillo etal.,1974 


655) Epermenia (Calotripis) aequidentella (Hofmann,i867) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): 
aequidentella Hofmann,i867; daucellus Peyerimhqff,i870. 

656) Epermenia (Calotripis) chaerophyllella (Goeze,i783) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): 
chaerophyllella Goeze,i783; testaceella Hiibner,[i8i3]; fasciculellus Stephens,i834; nigrostriatellus 
Heylaerts,i883; turatiella Constantim.,1923. 

657) Epermenia (Calotripis) insecurella (Stainton, 1849) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): insecurella 
Stainton,i849; dentosella Stainton,i85i; iniquellus Wocke,i867; plumbeella Rebel,i9is; kruegerella 
Schawerda,i 921 . 

658) Epermenia (Calotripis) strictella (Wocke,i867) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): strictella 
Wocke,i867; anthracoptila Meyrick,i93i. 

659) Epermenia (s.str.) ochreomaculella (Milliere,i854) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): 
ochreomaculella Milliere,i854; prohaskaella Schawerda,i92i; afghanistanella Gaedike,i97i. 

660) Epermenia (s.str.) orientalis Gaedike,i966 (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): orientalis 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

66i) Epermenia (s.str.) pontificella (Hiibner,i796) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): pontificella 

662) Epermenia (s.str.) wockeella (Staudinger,i88o) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): wockeella 

663) Ochromolopis ictella (Hiibner,[i8i3]) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): ictella Hiibner,[i8i3]; 
ictipennella Treitschke,i833. 

664) Ochromolopis staintonella (Milliere,i869) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): staintonellus 

665) Phaulernis fulviguttella (Zeller,i839) (Epermeniidae) Synonym(s): fulviguttella Zeller,i83g; 
flavimaculella Stainton,i849; auromaculata Frey,i865. 


666) Deuterotinea balcanica Zagulyaev,i972 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): balcanica Zagulyaev,i972 

667) Deuterotinea casanella (Eversmann,i844) (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): casanella 

668) Deuterotinea palaestinensis Rebel, 1900 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): palaestinensis Rebel,igoo 

669) Deuterotinea syriaca Lederer, 1857 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): syriaca Lederer,i857 

670) Eriocottis fuscanella Zeller,i847 (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): fuscanella Zeller,i847 
67i)Eriocottis paradoxella (Staudinger,i859) (Eriocottidae) Synonym(s): paradoxella Staudinger,i859 


672) Dyseriocrania subpurpurella (Haworth,[i828]) (Eriocraniidae) Synonym(s): subpurpurella 
Haworth,[i828]; fastuosella Zeller,i839; donzelella Duponchel,[i839]. 


673) Ethmia amasina (Staudinger,i879) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): amasina Staudinger,i879 

674) Ethmia aurifluella (Hiibner,[i8io]) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): aurifluella Hiibner,[i8io]; 
albarracinella Ragonot,i882. 

675) Ethmia bipunctella (Fabricius,i775) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): bipunctella Fabricius,i775; echiella 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775; hochenwartiella Rossi,i790; griseicostella Wiltshire,i947. 

676) Ethmia candidella (Alpheraky,i9o8) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): candidella Alpheraky,i9o8; 
orientella Caradja,i93i. 

677)Ethmia caradjae (Rebel, 1907) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): caradjae Rebel,i907; chosroes Wiltshire, 1947 

678) Ethmia chrysopyga (Zeller,i844) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): chrysopyga Zeller,i844; callidella 

679) Ethmia defreinai Ganev,i984 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): defreinai Ganev,i984 

680) Ethmia derbendella Sattler, 1967 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): derbendella Sattler,i967 

681) Ethmia distigmatella (Erschoff,i874) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): distigmatella Erschoff,i874; 
bipunctella Rebel,i936; distichella Rebel,i940. 

682) Ethmia dodecea (Haworth,[i828]) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): decemguttella Hiibner,[i8io] nee 
Fabr.,1794; dodecea Haworth,[i828]. 

683) Ethmia euphoria Kun,2007 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): euphoria Kun,2007 

684) Ethmia fumidella (Wocke,l8so) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): fumidella Wocke,i8so; ardosiella 

685) Ethmia haemorrhoidella (Eversmann,i844) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): haemorrhoidella 
Eversmann,i844; anatolica Amsel,i953. 

686) Ethmia hakkarica Kocak,i986 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): hakkarica Kocak,i986 

687) Ethmia infelix Meyrick,l9l4 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): confusella Rebel,i90i (praeocc); infelix 
Meyrick,i9i4; kurdistanella Amsel,i959 

688) Ethmia interposita Sattler,i967 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): interposita Sattler, 1967 

689) Ethmia iranella Zerny, 1940 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): iranella Zerny,i940 

690) Ethmia pseudoscythrella (Rebel, 1902) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): pseudoscythrella Rebel,i902 

691) Ethmia pusiella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): pusiella Linnaeus, 1758; scalella 
Scopoli,i763; sequella [Denis & Schiffermiiller], 1775; lithosperma Hiibner,i796. 

692) Ethmia quadrillella (Goeze,i783) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): quadrillella Goeze,i783; inversella 
Four croy, 1785; funerella Fabricius,i787; funerea Haworth,i828; gfflatella Fuchs,i903. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

693) Ethmia quadrinotella (Mann, 1861) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): quadrinotella Mann,i86i; atticella 
Caradja.,1920; galaxaea Meyrick,ig22. 

694) Ethmia rothschildi (Rebel, 1912) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): rothschildi Rebel,igi2 

695) Ethmia similis Sattler,i967 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): similis Sattler,ig67 

696) Ethmia suspecta Sattler,i867 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): suspecta Sattler,ig67 

697) Ethmia terminella T.B.Fletcher, 1938 (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): sexpunctella Hubner,[i8io] nee 
Fabr.,i7g4; terminella T.B. Fletcher, ig38. 

698) Ethmia treitschkeella (Staudinger,i879) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): treitschkeella 

699) Ethmia tripunctella (Staudinger,i879) (Ethmiidae) Synonym(s): tripunctella Staudinger,i87g 


700) Acanthophila alacella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): alacella Zeller,i83g 
70i)Acompsia cinerella (Clerck,i759) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): cinerella Clerck,i7sg; murinella 

Scopoli,i763; ardeliella Hiibner,[i8i7]; cinerea Haworth.,1828; spodiella Treitschke,i833 

702) Agnippe penicillata (Amsel,i96i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): penicillataAmsel,ig6i 

703) Agnippe pseudolella (Christoph,i888) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pseudolella Christoph,i888; 
cephalella Caradja,ig20. 

704) Altenia scriptella (Hiibner,i796) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): scriptella Hubner,i7g6 

705) Altenia wagneriella (Rebel, 1926) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): wagneriella Rebel,ig26; danilevskyi 

706) Anacampsis obscurella ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
obscurella [Denis & Schiffermuller],i775; subsequella Hubner,i7g6. 

707) Anacampsis panormitella (Caradja,i92o) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): panormitella 

708) Anacampsis populella (Clerck,i759) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): populella Clerck,i7sg; tremella 
Denis & Schiffermiiller,i775; populi Haworth.,1828; Stephens,i834; tremulella Duponchel,[i83g] 

709) Anacampsis scintillella (Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i84i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): scintillella 
Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i84i; brunneella Herrich-Schaffer,i854; contuberniella Staudinger,i85g 

7io)Anacampsis timidella (Wocke,i887) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): timidella Wocke,i887; quercella 

Chretien,igo7; disquei Mees,igo7; suberiella Caradja,ig20. 
711) Anarsia (Ananarsia) aleurodes Meyrick,i922 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): aleurodes Meyrick,ig22 
7i2)Anarsia (Ananarsia) lineatella Zeller,i839 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): lineatella Zeller,i83g; 

heratella Amsel,ig67; tauricella Amsel,ig67. 
7i3)Anarsia (s.str.) spartiella (Schrank,i8o2) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): spartiella Schrank,i8o2; 

genistae Stainton,i854; ragonotella Real,igg4; krausei Real,igg4; Ihommeella Real,igg4; acutiloba Real,igg4; 

pseudospartiella Real,igg4 ungemachi Real,igg4 
7i4)Apatetris mirabella Staudinger,i879 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): mirabella Staudinger,i87g 
7i5)Apodiabifractella (Duponchel,i843) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): bifractella Duponchel,[i843] 
7i6)Aproaerema anthyllidella (Hiibner,[i8i3]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): anthyllidella Hubner,[i8i3]; 

caliginosella Duponchel,i843; psoralella Milliere,i865; sparsiciliella Barrett,i8gi; alfalfellaAmsel,ig58; aureliana 

717) Aristotelia baltica A.Sulcs & I.Sulcs,i983 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): balticaA.Sulcs & I.Sulcs,ig83 
7i8)Aristotelia cupreella Zerny,i934 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): cupreella Zerny,ig34 
7i9)Aristotelia decoratella (Staudinger,i88o) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): decoratella Staudinger,i88o 
720) Aristotelia decurtella (Hiibner,[i8i3]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): decurtella Hubner,[i8i3]; 

turbatella Treitschke,i835; amoenella Joannis,i8gi 
72i)Aristotelia euprepella Zerny,i934 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): euprepella Zerny,ig34 

722) Aristotelia fervidella Mann, 1864 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): fervidella Mann,i864; #feroidella 

723) Aristotelia jactatrixMeyrick,i926 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): jactatrix Meyrick,ig26 

724) Aristotelia osthelderi Rebel, 1935 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): osthelderi Rebel,ig35 

725) Aristotelia pancaliella (Staudinger,i87i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pancaliella Staudinger,i87i 

726) Aristotelia parvula (Staudinger,i879) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): parvula Staudinger,i87g 
727)Aristotelia punctatella (Staudinger,i879) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): punctatella Staudinger,i87g 

728) Aristotelia retusella Rebel, 1891 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): retusella Rebel,i8gi 

729) Aristotelia servella Zeller,i839 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): servella Zeller,i83g 

730) Aristotelia striatopunctella Rebel, 1891 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): striatopunctella Rebel,i8gi 
73i)Aristotelia subericinella (Duponchel,i843) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): subericinella 

Duponchel,i843; prohaskaella Rebel,ig07 
732) Aristotelia unifasciella Rebel, 1929 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): unifasciella Rebel,ig2g 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

733) Aroga aristotelis (Milliere,l875) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): aristotelis Milliere,i875; astragali 
Staudinger,i879; fulminella Milliere,i882; lacertella Walsingham; hyrcanella Toll,ig48. 

734) Aroga flavicomella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): flavicomella Zeller,i839 

735) Aroga pascuicola (Staudinger,i87i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pascuicola Staudinger, 1871 

736) Aroga peperistis (Meyrick,i926) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): peperistis Meyrick.,1926 
737)Aroga velocella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): velocella Zeller,i839; affiniella 

Zetterstedt,[i839]; tesserella Zetterstedt,[i839]; brunnea Schoyen,i882; aterrimella Rebel,i889; rupicolella 

738) Athrips amoenella (Frey,i882) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): amoenella Frei/,1882; #allgunnensis 

739) Athrips nigricostella (Duponchel, 1842) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): nigricostella Duponchel,i842 

740) Athrips rancidella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): rancidella Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i854]; triatomaea Miihlig ,1864; vepretella Zeller,i8yo; superfetella Peyerimhoff,i877; cotoneastri 
Busck,i934; cerasivorella Kuznetsov,i96o. 

74i)Atremaea lonchoptera Staudinger,i87i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): lonchoptera Staudinger,i87i 

742) Brachmia blandella (Fabricius,i798) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): blandella Fabricius,i798; 
gerronella Zeller,i850 

743) Bryotropha arabica Amsel,i952 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): arabica Amsel,i952 

744) Bryotropha azovica Bidzilya,i996 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): azovica Bidzilya,i996 

745) Bryotropha desertella (Douglas, 1850) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): desertella Douglas,i8so; 
decrepidella Herrich-Schdffer,i854. 

746) Bryotropha domestica (Haworth,i828) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): domestica Haworth.,1828; 
domesticella Doubleday,i859; domesticella Bruand,i859; salmonis Walsingham.,1908; algiricella Chretien.,1917 

747)Bryotropha dryadella (Zeller,i8so) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): dryadella Zeller,i8so; saralella 

748) Bryotropha hendrikseni Karsholt & Rutten,2005 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): hendrikseni 
Karsholt & Rutten,2005 

749) Bryotropha horribilis Karsholt & Rutten,2005 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): horribilis Karsholt & 

750) Bryotropha hulli Karsholt & Rutten,2005 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): hulli Karsholt & 

751) Bryotropha plebejella (Zeller,i847) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): plebejella Zeller,i847; ancillula 
Walsingham.,1908; inexpectella Nel,i999 

752) Bryotropha sabulosella (Rebel, 1905) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sabulosella Rebel,i905 

753) Bryotropha senectella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): senectella Zeller,i839; obscurella 
Heinemann,i870; phoebusella Milliere,i876; larseni Strand,i927 

754) Bryotropha similis (Stainton,i854) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): similis Stainton,i8s4; thaleella 
Zeller,i857; similella Doubleday ,1859; stolidella Morris,i870; confinis Stainton.,1871; obscuricinerea Nolcken,i87i; 
dufraneella De Joannis,i928; novisimilis Li & Zheng ,1997 

755)Bryotropha sutteri Karsholt & Rutten,2005 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sutteri Karsholt & 

756) Bryotropha tachyptilella (Rebel, 1916) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): tachyptilella Rebel,i9i6 
757) Bryotropha terrella ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): terrella [Denis & 

Schiffermiiller],i775; inulella Hiibner,[i825]; pauperella Hubner,[i82s]; latella Herrich-Schaffer,i854; lutescens 

Constant, 186 5; suspectella Heinemann,i870; alpicolella Heinemann,i870; tenebrosella Teich,i886; sardoterrella 

Schawerda,i 936 

758) Carpatolechia fugitivella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): fugitivella Zeller,i839; 
#fugivitella Noack,i96o. 

759) Carpatolechia humeralis (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): decorella Haworth,i8i2 nee 
Hubn.,[i8io]; humeralis Zeller,i839; lyellella Humpreys & Westwood,i845; incretella Duponchel,[i854]; pisticella 
Nowicki,i86o; scabra Staudinger,i870; erschoffii Frey,i88o; buckwelli Lucas,i956; dumitrescui Capuse,i964. 

760) Carpatolechia notatella (Hiibner,[i8i3]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): notatella Hiibner,[i8i3]; 
euratella Herrich-Schdffer,i854 

761) Carpatolechia proximella (Hiibner,i796) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): proximella Hiibner,i796 

762) Caryocolum albithoracellum Huemer,i989 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): albithoracellum 

763) Caryocolum amaurellum (M.Hering,i924) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): amaurellum 

764) Caryocolum anatolicum Huemer,i989 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): anatolicum Huemer,i989 

765) Caryocolum horoscopa Meyrick,i926 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): horoscopa Meyrick,i926 

766) Caryocolum iranicum Huemer, 1989 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): iranicum Huemer,i989 
767)Caryocolum junctellum (Douglas, 1851) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): junctellum Douglas,i8si; 

aganocarpa Meyrick,i935 
768) Caryocolum leucomelanellum (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): leucomelanellum 
Zeller,i839; gypsophilae Stainton,i869 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

769) Caryocolum petrophilum (Preissecker,i9i4) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): petrophilum 

770) Caryocolum proximum (Haworth,[i828]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): proximum 
Haworth,[i828]; maculiferella Douglas,i8si; maculivicinella Bruand,i859; horticolla Peyerimhoff,i87i. 

771) Caryocolum schleichi (Christoph,i872) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): schleichi Christoph,i872; 

dianthella Chretien,ig25; hackeri Derra,ig8s 
772)Caulastrocecis interstratella (Christoph,i873) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): interstratella 

Christoph.,1873; salinatrix Meyrick,ig26 
773)Chionodes distinctella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): distinctella Zeller,i83g; striolatella 

Heinemann,i870; tristella Teich,i88g; indistinctella Rebel,igoi; latiorella Amsel,ig3g; unicolor Toll,ig48; 

deserticola Piskunov,ig7g. 
774)Chionodes fumatella (Douglas, 1850) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): fumatella Douglas,i8so; celerella 

Stainton,i85i; oppletella Herrich-Schaffer ,1854; reuttiella Heinemann.,1870; nigricans Heinemann,i870; syrticola 

Staudinger,i 871 
775)Chrysoesthia drurella (Fabricius,i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): drurella Fabricius,i775; 

myllerella Fabricius,i7g4; zinckeella Hiibner,[i8i3]; zinckenella Hiibner,[i825]; druryella Zeler,i8so; 

hermannella auct. 
776)Chrysoesthia sexguttella (Thunberg,i794) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sexguttella Thunberg,i7g4; 

auropunctella Thunberg ,i7g4; stipella sensu Hubner,i7g6; aurofasciella Stephens,i834; naeviferella 

777)Coloptilia conchylidella (Hofmann,[i898]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): conchy lidella 

778) Crossobela trinotella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i856]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): trinotella Herrich- 
Schaffer, [1856]. 
779)Deltophora maculata (Staudinger,i879) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): maculata Standing er,i87g 
780) Dichomeris barbella ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): barbella 

[Denis & Schiffermuller],i775 
78i)Dichomeris derasella ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): derasella 

[Denis & Schiffermiiller],i77s; fasciella Hubner,i7g6; unguiculatus Fabricius,i7g8; coreana Matsumura,ig3i; 

paranthes Meyrick,i g36 

782) Dichomeris juniperella (Linnaeus, 1761) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): juniperella Linnaeus, 1761; 
juniperi Haworth,i828. 

783) Dichomeris lamprostoma (Zeller,i847) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): lamprostoma Zeller,i847; 
zulu Walsingham,i88i; scutata Meyrick,i8g4. 

784) Dichomeris limosella (Schlager,i849) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): limosella Schlager,i84g; 
deflectivella Reutti,i853. 

785) Dichomeris pudicella (Mann, 1861) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pudicella Mann,i86i 

786) Dichomeris syndyas Meyrick,i926 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): syndyas Meyrick,ig26 

787) Dirhinosia arnoldiella (Rebel, 1905) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): arnoldiella Rebel,igos 

788) Dirhinosia cervinella (Eversmam-1,1844) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): cervinella Eversmann,i844; 
trifasciella Rebel,igos 

789) Dirhinosia nitidula (Stainton,i867) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): nitidula Stainton,i867 

790) Dirhinosia unifasciella (Rebel, 1929) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): unifasciella Rebel,ig2g 
79i)Ephysteris (Microcraspedus) deserticolella (Staudinger,i87i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 

deserticolella Staudinger,i87i. 

792) Ephysteris (Microcraspedus) diminutella (Zeller,i847) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
diminutella Zeller,i847 

793) Ephysteris (s.str.) promptella (Staudinger,i859) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): promptella 
Staudinger,i85g; despectella Walker,i863; petiginella Mann,i867; parvula Staudinger,i879; cacomicra 
Walsingham,igo7; chersaea Meyrick,igo8; oschophora Meyrick,igw; fanatica Meyrick,ig2i; dispensata 
Meyrick,ig2i; xanthorhabda Gozmany,ig5i australiae Povolny,ig77; #promtella Sattler,ig78. 

794) Eulamprotes atrella ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): atrella 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; quadripunctella Fabricius,i78i; umbriferella Herrich-Schaffer, 1854; aurimaculella 

795) Eulamprotes wilkella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): wilkella Linnaeus, 1758; 
merianella Linnaeus, 1758; pictella Zeller,i83g; tarquiniella Stainton,i862. 

796) Filatima spurcella (Duponchel,i843) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): spurcella Duponchel,i843; 
fuscantella Heinemann,i870. 

797)Gelechia basipunctella Herrich-Schaffer, [1854] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): basipunctella Herrich- 
Schaffer, [18 54] 

798) Gelechia dujardini Huemer,i99i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): dujardini Huemer,iggi. 

799) Gelechia hippophaella (Schrank,i8o2) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): hippophaella Schrank,i8o2 

800) Gelechia invenustella Berg. ,1875 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): invenustella Berg. ,1875 

801) Gelechia pistaciae Filipjev,i934 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pistaciae Filipjev,ig34 

802) Gelechia repetitrix Meyrick,i93i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): repetitrix Meyrick,ig3i 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

803) Gelechia rhombelliformis Staudinger,i87i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): rhombelliformis 
Staudinger,i 871 

804) Gelechia sabinella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sabinella Zeller,i839; hoffmanniella 
Strand.,1901; kalevalella Kanerva.,1936. 

805) Gelechia scotinella Herrich-Schaffer,[i854] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): scotinella Herrich- 
Schaffer,[i8 5 4] 

806) Gelechia senticetella (Staudinger,i859) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): senticetella Staudinger,i859; 
obscuripennis Frey,i88o; limitanella Rebel,i904; #senticella Rebel, 1932; nigrostriatella Zerny ,1936. 

807) Gelechia stramentella (Rebel, 1935) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): stramentella Rebel,i935 

808) Gnorimoschema antiquum Povolny,i966 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): antiquum Povolny, 1966 

809) Gnorimoschema herbichii (Nowicki,i864) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): herbichii Nowicki,i864; 
pusillella Rebel,i893; tengstroemiella Joannis,i9io; pazsiczkyi Rebel, 1913; parenthesella ToU.,1936; tengstroemi 
Hackman.,1946; sojfneri Riedl,i96s 

810) Gnorimoschema tetrameris (Meyrick,i926) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): tetrameris 

8n)Harpagidia magnetella (Staudinger,[i87i]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): magnetella 

Staudinger,[i8yi]; pallidibasella Ragonot,i895 

812) Inotica gaesata Meyrick,i9i3 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): gaesata Meyrick,i9i3 

813) Isophrictis anthemidella (Wocke,i87i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): anthemidella Wocke,i87i 

814) Isophrictis invisella (Constant,i88s) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): invisella Constant,i88s 

815) Isophrictis kefersteiniellus (Zeller,i850) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): kefersteiniella Zeller,i8so; 
senicula Meyrick,i9i3; leptidella Turati.,1924 

816) Isophrictis lineatellus (Zeller,i8so) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): lineatellus Zeller,i8so; 
albilineella Bruand,i859 

8 17) Isophrictis striatella ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): striatella [Denis 
& Schiffermiiller],i775; tanacetella Schrank,i8o2 

818) Istrianis brucinella (Mann, 1872) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): brucinella Mann,i872 

819) Istrianis femoralis (Staudinger,i876) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): femoralis Staudinger,i876; 
comedonella Staudinger,i879; gravosensis Rebel,i937; angustipennis Rebel,i94i; funebrella Rebel, 1941. 

820) Iwaruna biguttella (Duponchel,i843) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): biguttella Duponchel,i843 

821) Megacraspedus argyroneurellus Staudinger,i876 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): argyroneurellus 

822) Megacraspedus attritellus Staudinger,i87i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): attritellus 

823) Megacraspedus imparellus (Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i843) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
imparellus Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i843 

824) Megacraspedus incertellus Rebel, 1930 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): incertellus Rebel,i930 

825) Megacraspedus monolorellus Rebel,i905 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): monolorellus Rebel,i905 

826) Megacraspedus separatellus (Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i843) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
separatellus Fischer v. Roslerstamm.,1843 

827) Mesophleps silacella (Hiibner,i796) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): ?pyropella Hiibner,i793; silacella 
Hiibner,i796; silacea Haworth,i828 

828) Metanarsia (s.str.) incertella (Herrich-Schaffer,i86i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): incertella 
Herrich-Schaffer,i86i; longivittella Rebel,i9i4; halmyropis Meyrick,i926 

829) Metanarsia (s.str.) modesta Staudinger,i87i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): modesta 
Staudinger,i 871 

830) Metzneria aestivella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): aestivella Zeller,i839; carlinella 
Stainton,i85i; selaginella Mann,i855; torridella Mann. 

831) Metzneria agraphella (Ragonot,i895) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): agraphella Ragonot,i895; 
incognita Walsingham,i904. 

832) Metzneria aprilella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): aprilella Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i8 5 4\ 

833) Metzneria artificella (Herrich-Schaffer,i86i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): artificella Herrich- 
Schaffer,i86i; litigiosella Milliere,i879. 

834) Metzneria ehikeella Gozmany,i954 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): ehikeella Gozmany,i954 

835) Metzneria intestinella (Mann, 1864) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): intestinella Mann,i864 

836) Metzneria metzneriella Stainton,i85i (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): paucipunctella Douglas,i8so 
nee Zeller, 1851; metzneriella Stainton,i8si. 

837) Metzneria paucipunctella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): paucipunctella Zeller,i839; 
zimmermanni Hering,i940; confusalis Lucas, 1955. 

838) Metzneria santolinella (Amsel,i936) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): santolinella Amsel,i936; 
consimilella Hackman,i947. 

839) Metzneria tenuiella (Mann, 1864) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): tenuiella Mann,i864; infelix 
Walsingham.,1908; insignificans Walsingham.,1908. 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

840) Metzneria varennei Nel,l997 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pannonicella Rebel,igi5; varennei 

841) Mirificarma (s.str. (Interrupta)) lentiginosella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
lentiginosella Zeller,i839 

842) Mirificarma (s.str. (s.str.)) aflavella (Amsel,i935) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): aflavella 

843) Mirificarma (s.str. (s.str.)) eburnella ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Gelechiidae) 
Synonym(s) : eburnella [Denis & Schijfermilller],iyy5; formosella Hiibner,i796 nee [Denis & Schijfermilller],iy/5; 
flammella Hiibner,[i825]; rufeoformo sella Bruand,i859. 

844) Mirificarma (s.str. (s.str.)) flavella (Duponchel,[i844]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): flavella 
Duponchel,[i844]; segetella Zeller,i847. 

845) Mirificarma (s.str. (s.str.)) maculatella (Hiibner,i796) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
maculatella Hubner,iy96 

846) Mirificarma (s.str. (s.str.)) rhodoptera (Mann, 1866) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): rhodoptera 

847) Monochroa arundinetella (Stainton,i8s8) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): arundinetella 

848) Monochroa lutulentella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): lutulentella Zeller,i839; 
brunickii Rebel,i9i3 

849) Monochroa melagonella (Constant,i895) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): melagonella Constant,i895 

850) Monochroa servella (Zeller, 1839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): servella Zeller, 1839 

851) Monochroa tenebrella (Hubner,[i8i7]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): tenebrella Hilbner,[i8i7]; 
fuscocuprea Haworth,i828; subcuprella Stephens,i834; tenebrosella Zeller, 1839; parvella Heydenreich,i85i; 
fuscocuprella Doubleday,i859; buffonella Milliere,i8y6 

852) Neofaculta confidella Rebel, 1935 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): confidella Rebel,i935 

853) Neofaculta ericetella (Geyer,[i832]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): ericetella Gey •er, [1832]; gallinella 
Treitschke,i833; lanceolella Stephens, 1834; fuscella Duponchel,i844; atlanticella Amsel,i938; #amseli 

854) Neofriseria peliella (Treitschke,i835) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): peliella Treitschke,i835 

855) Neofriseria sceptrophora (Meyrick,i926) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sceptrophora 

856) Neofriseria singula (Staudinger,i876) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): singula Staudinger,i876 

857) Nothris sabulosella Rebel, 1935 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sabulosella Rebel,i935 

858) Nothris sulcella Staudinger,i879 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sulcella Staudinger, 1879 

859) Nothris verbascella (Brahm,i79i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): #verbascella [Denis & 
Schijfermiiller],i775; verbascella Brahm.,1791; lutarea Haworth.,1828; clarella Amsel,i935 

860) Ornativalva heluanensis (Debski,i9i3) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): heluanensis Debski,i9i3; 
frankeniivorella Chretien,i9i7; oasicolella Turati,i924; siculella Mariani,i937. 

861) Ornativalva mixolitha (Meyrick,i9i8) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): mixolitha Meyrick,i9i8 

862) Ornativalva ochraceofusca Sattler,i967 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): ochraceofusca Sattler,i967 

863) Ornativalva ornatella Sattler,i967 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): ornatella Sattler,i967 

864) Ornativalva plutelliformis (Staudinger,i859) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): plutelliformis 
Staudinger,i859; sinuatella Walsingham.,1904 

865) Palumbina guerinii (Stainton,[i857]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): guerinii Stainton,[i857]; 
terebintella Rondam.,1876; pistaciae Anagnostopoulos,i935. 

866) Parastenolechia nigrinotella (Zeller, 1847) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): nigrinotella Zeller, 1847; 
nigralbella Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]. 

867) Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders,i844) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): gossypiella 
Saunders, 1844; umbripennis Walsingham.,1885 

868) Pexicopia malvella (Hiibner,[i8o5]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): umbrella auct.; malvella 
Hilbner,[i805]; lutarea Haworth,i828 

869) Platyedra subcinerea (Haworth,[i828]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): subcinerea Haworth,[i828]; 
vilella Zeller, 1847. 

870) Pogochaetia solitaria Staudinger,i879 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): solitaria Staudinger,i879 
87i)Prolita sexpunctella (Fabricius,i794) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sexpunctella Fabricius,i794; 

virgella Thunberg ,1784; longicornis Curtis, 1827; histrionella Gey 'er, [1832]; zebrella Treitschke,i833; alpicola 
Frey,i867; alternella Keafott,i9o8; petulans Braun,i925. 

872) Prolita solutella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): solutella Zeller,i839; jumosella 
Douglas,i852; pribitzeri Rebel,i889; nigrobipunctella Lucas,i932. 

873) Pseudotelphusa istrella (Mann, 1866) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): istrella Mann,i866; decuriella 
Mann,i872; trifasciella Rebel,i9i6. 

874) Pseudotelphusa paripunctella (Thunberg, 1794) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): paripunctella 
Thunberg, 1794; triparella Zeller,i839; trijugella Erschoff,i877; sultanella Caradja,i920; arenicolella 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

875) Pseudotelphusa scalella (Scopoli,i763) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): scalella Scopoli,i763; aleella 
Fabricius,i794; alternellaHubner,iyg6 nee Den. & Schiff.,1775; alterna Haivorth.,1828; bicolorella Treitschke,i832 

876) Psoricoptera gibbosella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): gibbosella Zeller,i83g; 
triorthias Meyrick,i935; lepigreella Lucas,ig46. 

877) Ptocheuusa campicolella (Mann, 1857) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): campicolella Mann,i857 

878) Ptocheuusa inopella (Zeller, 1839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): inopellaZeller,i839 

879) Ptocheuusa paupella (Zeller,i847) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): paupella Zeller, 1847 

880) Recurvaria leucatella (Linnaeus, 1761) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): #leucatella Clerck.,1759; 
leucatella Linnaeus, 1761; leucatea Havoorth.,1828. 

881) Recurvaria nanella ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): nanella [Denis 
& Schiffermiiller],i775; pumilella [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; nana Haworth,i828; crataegella Busck,i903; 
unicolor Rebel,ig27 

882) Scrobipalpa (Ergasiola) ergasima (Meyrick,i9i6) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): ergasima 
Meyrick,i9i6; intestina Meyrick,i92i; mignatella Caradja,i920; mirabilis Gregor & Povolny, 1955; perdava 

883) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) acuminatella (Sircom,i850) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): acuminatella 

884) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) artemisiella (Treitschke,i833) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
artemisiella Treitschke,i833; paniculatella Novickij,i924 

885) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) atriplicella (Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i84i) (Gelechiidae) 
Synonym(s) : atriplicella Fischer v. Roslerstamm,i84i 

886) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) bazae Povolny,i977 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): bazae Povolny,i977 

887) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) bryophiloides Povolny,i966 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): bryophiloides 

888) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) chetitica Povolny,i974 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): chetitica 

889) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) divisella (Rebel, 1936) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): divisella Rebel,i936 

890) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) erichi Povolny,i964 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): erichi Povolny,i964 

891) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) fraterna Povolny,i969 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): fraterna 

892) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) gallincolella (Mann, 1872) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): gallincolella 

893) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) grossa Povolny,i966 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): grossa Povolny,i966 

894) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) indignella (Staudinger,i879) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): indignella 
Stauding er,i879 

895) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) nitentella (Fuchs,i902) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): nitentella 

896) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) obsoletella (Fischer v. R6slerstamm,i84i) (Gelechiidae) 
Synonym(s): obsoletella Fischer v. Rdslerstamm.,1841; miscitalella Clarke,i932; calaritanella Amsel,i95l. 

897) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) ocellatella (Boyd,i8s8) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): ocellatella 
Boyd,i858; submissella Stainton,i859; horticolella Rossler,i866. 

898) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) pulchra Povolny,i967 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pulchraPovolny,ig67 

899) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) remota Povolny,i972 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): remota Povolny,i972 

900) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) smithi Povolny & Bradley,i964 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): smithi 
Povolny & Bradley, 1964 

901) Scrobipalpa (Ilseopsis) vladimiri Povolny,i966 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): vladimiri 
Povolny, 1966 

902) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) anatolica Povolny,i973 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): anatolica Povolny ,1973 

903) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) aptatella (Walker, 1864) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): aptatella Walker,i864; 
heliopa Lower, 1900 

904) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) halophila Povolny,i973 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): halophila Povolny, 1973 

905) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) heretica Povolny,i973 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): her etica Povolny ,1973 

906) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) lutea Povolny,i977 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): lutea Povolny, 1977 

907) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) meteorica Povolny,i984 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): meteorica 
Povolny, 1984 

908) Scrobipalpa (s.str.) nana Povolny,i973 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): nana Povolny, 1973 

909) Scrobipalpula psilella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): psilella Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i854]; cacuminum Frey,i870. 

910) Siderea superbella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): superbella Zeller ,1839 

911) Sitotroga cerealella (OHvier,i789) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): cerealella Olivier, 1789; hordei 
Kirby,i8i5; arctella Walker, 1864; melanartha Lower, 1900; palearis Meyrick,i9i3; ochrescens Meyrick,i938 

912) Sophronia consanguinella Herrich-Schaffer,[i855] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
consanguinella Herrich-Schdjfer,[i855]; marginella ToU.,1936 nee marginella Thunberg ,1794 non Den. & 

913) Sophronia finitimella Rebel,i905 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): finitimella Rebel,i905 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

914) Sophronia humerella ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): humerella 

[Denis & Schiffermuller],i775 
9i5)Sophronia illustrella (Hubner,i796) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): illustrella Hubner,i796 
916) Spiniphallellus fuscescens Bidzilya & Karsholt,20o8 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): fuscescens 

Bidzilya & Karsholt,20o8 
9i7)Stenolechia gemmella (Linnaeus, 1758) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): gemmella Linnaeus,i758; nivella 

Fabricius,i794; nivea Haworth,i828; lepidella Zeller,i839; nigrovittela Duponchel,[i839]. 

918) Stenolechia sagittella Caradja,i920 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sagittella Caradja,ig20 

919) Stenolechoides pseudogemmellus Elsner,[i996] (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pseudogemmellus 
Eisner, [1996] 

920) Stomopteryx detersella (Zeller,i847) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): deter sella Zeller, 1847 

921) Stomopteryx remissella (Zeller, 1847) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): remissella Zeller ,1847 

922) Streyella anguinella (Herrich-Schaffer,i86i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): anguinella Herrich- 
Schdffer,i86i; ostentella Zerny,i934. 

923) Syncopacma captivella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): captivella 
Herrich-Schdffer,[i 854] 

924) Syncopacma cinctella (Clerck,i759) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): cinctella Clerck,i759; vorticella 
Scopoli,i763; ligulella [Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775; vittata Four croy, 1785; vittatella Villers,i789; albistrigella 
Stephens, 1834; cincticulella Heydenreich, 1851 nee Br. ,1850; sircomella Stainton,i854; finlandica Gozmany,i957 

925) Syncopacma cincticulella (Bruand,i8so) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): cincticulella Bruand,i8so 

926) Syncopacma coronilella (Treitschke,i833) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): coronilella 
Treitschke,i 833 

927) Syncopacma maraschella (Caradja,i92o) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): maraschella Caradja,i920 

928) Syncopacma patruella (Mann, 1857) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): patruella Mann,i857 

929) Syncopacma polychromella (Rebel, 1902) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): polychromella Rebel,i902; 
rebeliella Caradja,i920; argyrobiella Caradja,i920 

930) Syncopacma sangiella (Stainton,i863) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sangiella Stainton,i863 

931) Syncopacma semicostella (Staudinger,i87i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): semicostella 
Staudinger,i87i; albicapitella Bidzilya,i996 

932) Syncopacma splendens (Staudinger,i88i) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): splendens 

933) Syncopacma syncrita (Meyrick,i926) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): syncritaMeyrick,i926. 

934) Syncopacma taeniolella (Zeller, 1839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): taeniolella Zeller ,1839 

935) Teleiodes cisti (Stainton,i869) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): cisti Stainton,i869 

936) Teleiodes luculella (Hiibner,[i8i3]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): luculella Hiibner,[i8i3] 

937) Teleiodes vulgella ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): vulgella [Denis 
& Schiffermiiller],i775; aspera Haworth,i828. 

938) Teleiopsis bagriotella (Duponchel,i840) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): bagriotella Duponchel,i840 

939) Teleiopsis diffinis (Haworth,[i828]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): diffinis Haworth,[i828]; tristis 

940) Teleiopsis latisacculus Pitkin,i988 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): latisacculus Pitkin,ig88 

941) Teleiopsis rosalbella (Fologne,i862) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): rosalbella Fologne,i862 

942) Teleiopsis terebinthinella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i8s6]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): 
terebinthinella Herrich-Schdffer, [1856] 

943) Telphusa comedonella (Staudinger,i88o) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): comedonella 

944) Telphusa mersinella (Staudinger, 1879) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): mersinella Staudinger,i879 

945) Telphusa praedicataMeyrick,i923 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): praedicata Meyrick,i923 

946) Tila sequanda Povolny,i974 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): sequanda Povolny,i974 

947) Turcopalpaglaseri Povolny,i973 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): glaseri Povolny,i973 

948) Tuta absoluta (Meyrick,i9i7) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): absoluta Meyrick,i9i7 

949) Uliaria rasilella (Herrich-Schaffer,[i854]) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): rasilella Herrich- 
Schdffer, [18 54]; insulella Dumont,i92i; occidentella Zerny,i927. 

950) Xenolechia aethiops (Humphreys & Westwood,i845) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): aethiops 
Humphreys & Westwood,i845 

95i)Xenolechia pseudovulgella Huemer & Karsholt,i999 (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): pseudovulgella 
Huemer & Karsholt,i999 

952) Xystophora carchariella (Zeller,i839) (Gelechiidae) Synonym(s): car chariella Zeller, 1839 


953) Abraxas (Calospilos) pantaria (Linnaeus, 1767) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): pantaria 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

954) Abraxas (Calospilos) sylvata (Scopoli,i763) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): sylvata Scopoli,i763 

955) Abraxas (s.str.) grossulariatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): grossulariata 
Linnaeus,iys8; cuneifera W.Warren,i8gs; memorabilis Inoue,ig46 

956) Acanthovalva inconspicuaria (Hubner,[i8i9]) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): inconspicuaria 
Hubner,[i8ig]; pumicaria Lederer ,1855; osyraria Guenee,[i8s8]; cinerascens Butler,i8ys; perturbata 
Bastelberger,igo8; cinnamomaria Rothschild, igi4- 

957) Agriopis bajaria ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #aerugaria 
[Denis & Schiffermuller],iyy5; bajaria [Denis & Schijfermiiller],iyy5; vittaria Sulzer,iyy6; rubrostriata Goeze,iy8i; 
ligustriaria Lang,iy8g; sericearia Borkhausen,iyg4; cineraria Esper,[i8oi]; sorditaria Hiibner,[i8og]; legrasi 

958) Agriopis brumaria (Borkhausen,i794) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #leucophaearia [Denis & 
Schiffermiiller],iyy5; brumaria Borkhausen,iyg4; nigricaria Hubner,[iygg]. 

959) Alcis repandata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): repandata Linnaeus, ly 58; 
consobrinaria Scriba,iygo; repandaria Borkhausen,iyg4; bistortae Vallot,i8o2; destrigaria Haworth,i8og; 
conversaria Hiibner,[i8og]; muraria Curtis,i826; dealbata Turati & Verity, lgn; fasciata Albers,ig4g nee 

960) Aleucis distinctata (Herrich-Schaffer,[i839]) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): distinctata Herrich- 
Schdffer,[i83g]; pictaria auct. 

961) Aleucis mimetes (Wehrli,iQ32) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): mimetes Wehrli,ig32 

962) Aleucis orientalis (Staudinger,i8Q2) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): orientalis Staudinger,i8g2 

963) Alsophila aceraria ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #aceraria 
[Denis & Schiffermiiller],iyy5; quadripunctaria Esper,i8oi nee Pda.,iy6i 

964) Alsophila hirsutaria (Fabricius,i78i) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #aescularia [Denis & 
Schiffermiiller],iyy5; hirtaria Fabricius,[iyy6] nee Linn.,iy6i; hirsutaria Fabricius,iy8i; murinaria 

965) Amorphogynia necessaria (Zeller,i849) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): necessaria Zeller,i84g 

966) Angerona prunaria (Linnaeus, 1758) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): prunaria Linnaeus, iys8 

967) Anticlea badiata (Lang,l789) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #badiata [Denis & Schiffermuller],iyy5; 
badiata Lang,iy8g; radiata Spener & Spener,i843. 

968) Anticlea derivata ([Denis & Schiffermiiller],i775) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): derivata [Denis 
& Schiffermuller],iyy5; nigrofasciaria Goeze,iy8i; separata Thunberg,iy88. 

969) Apeira syringaria (Linnaeus, 1758) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): syringaria Linnaeus,iys8; 
jaspoides Fourcroy,iy8s; circularia Thunberg ,iyg2 

970) Aplasta ononaria (Fuessly,i783) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): ononaria Fuessly,iy83; rubellata 
Villers,iy8g; rubicapraria Hubner,iyg3; sudataria Hubner,[i8iy]; ononata Bellier,i86i 

97i)Aplocera annexata (Freyer,[i830]) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): annexata Freyer,[i83o]; 
boisduvaliata Duponchel,i83i 

972) Aplocera columbata (Metzner,i845) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): columbata Metzner,i845; 
nomadaria Herrich-Schaffer,i848 

973) Aplocera efformata (Guenee,[i8s8]) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): efformata Guenee,[i8s8]; 
pallidata Staudinger,i8yo 

974) Aplocera fraternata (Herrich-Schaffer,i86i) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): fraternata Herrich- 

975) Aplocera fraudulentata (Herrich-Schaffer,i86i) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): fraudulentata 

976) Aplocera guneyi Riemis, 1992 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): guneyi Riemis,igg2 
977)Aplocera musculata (Staudinger,i892) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): musculata Staudinger,i8g2 

978) Aplocera numidaria (Herrich-Schaffer,[i852]) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): numidaria 
Herrich-Schdffer,[i 852] 

979) Aplocera obsitaria (Lederer,i853) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): obsitaria Lederer, 1853; 
pseudopallidata Bytinski-Salz & Brandt, ig3y 

980) Aplocera opificata (Lederer, 1870) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): opificata Lederer, i8yo; kawrigini 

981) Aplocera plagiata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): plagiata Linnaeus, iys8; pallidata 

982) Aplocera simpliciata (Treitschke,i835) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): simpliciata Treitschke,i835 

983) Aplocera uniformata (Urbahn,i97i) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): uniformata Urbahn,igyi 

984) Apocheima hispidarium ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): 
hispidaria [Denis & Schiffermiiller],iyy5; ursularia Donovan,i8o8; tauaria Newman,i833. 

985) Apochima diaphanaria (Piingeler,i904) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): diaphanaria Piingeler,igo4 

986) Apochima flabellaria (Heeger,i838) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): flabellaria Heeger,i838; 
marmararia Buresch,igi5. 

987) Archiearis notha (Hiibner,[i8o3]) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): notha Hiibner,[i8o3] 

988) Archiearis parthenias (Linnaeus, 1761) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): parthenias Linnaeus, iy6i 


ISSN 1015-8227 Centre for Entomological Studies Memoirs Volume 6 

13 12 2012 

989) Artiora evonymaria (Hiibner,[i799]) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #evonymaria [Denis & 
Schijfermiiller],iyy5; evonymaria Hilbner,[iygg]. 

990) Ascotis selenaria ([Denis & Schiffermuller],i775) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #selenaria 
[Denis & Schijfermiiller],iyy5; dianaria Hiibner,[i8iy]; #seleneris Okyar & Aytaq,iggg 

991) Asovia maeoticaria (Alpheraky,i876) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): maeoticaria Alpheraky,i8y6; 
decoloraria Alpheraky,i88g 

992) Aspitates ochrearia (Rossi, 1794) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): ochrearia Rossi,iyg4; sulphuraria 
Fabricius,iyg4; trifoliaria Haworth,i8og; citraria Hiibner,[i826]; laetula Hulst,i8g6; parvularia Lempke,ig53 

993) Aspitates quadripunctata (Goeze,i78i) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): #gilvaria [Denis & 
Schiffermuller],iyy5; quadripunctata Goeze,iy8i. 

994) Asthena albulata (Hufhagel,i767) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): albulata Hufnagel,iy6y; candidata 
[Denis & Schijfermuller],iyy5; candidaria Hiibner,[iygg]; candidulata Haworth,i8og; albularia Boisduval,i840 

995) Biston achyrus Wehrli,l936 (Geometridae) Synonym(s): achyra Wehrli,igs6; engonia Wehrli,ig4i 

996) Biston betularius (Linnaeus, 1758) (Geometridae) Synonym(s): betularia Linnaeus, ly 58; p- 
graecum Poda,iy6i; marmoraria Sepp,iyg2; ulmaria Borkhausen,iyg4; alexandrina Wehrli,ig4i. 

997) Biston stratarius (H